MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 6)

Hello lovely friends….here I’m again came up with another chapter…new entry in Sam’s life….Thank you for your support and love….

Chapter 6: Armaan

“ Radz, I don’t think so….”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Kriti come out of changing room. Radhika had picked out this overly fancy one piece party wear for her and it was clearly written on Kriti’s face that she was ready to have panic attack. Kriti gave me death glare when I wasn’t rescuing her but laughing.

“I hate you Sam….”

“You love me Darling…” I blew a kiss and she gave me smug smile.

“You look so beautiful Kriti. You should be more Lady like and you would have queue of guys behind you…” Radhika exclaimed

“I’m very much happy with my life, Radz..thank you very much…” Kriti stated

“C’mon Sam..Tell her..”

“Ohh..No..I’m staying out of this Radz…”I said shaking my head at two of them.

Couple of hours went like this. I too had my fair share of cloths to try on too, which was to my annoyance. Thankfully, after spending almost a whole day in shopping mall we left with 10+ bags in our hands.

As we pulled the car in front of Malhotra mansion, I noticed Neil, Arjun and Sid where sitting near Neil’s garage.

“ Hey Sam, looks like you survived another Radhika’s shopping trip…” Yelled Sid

I rolled my eyes and started trudging towards Radhika’s room followed by Kriti and Radz. We were headed up the stairs when I heard Neil

“Sammy, I need to talk to you.”

Sighing, I handed the bags to Kriti and descended the stairs back to where he was standing at the bottom


“ You seemed annoyed” He stated as he took my hand in his hand led me out of the mansion.

“I just spent so many hours with your sis shopping, what you expect….”

Then he made me stand in front of garage door and he pushed open the door..and..there I saw my scooty all fine and having decorated with shiny stickers and painted in my favorite pink color. My mind flooded with happiness.

“It’s an “I’m sorry gift for broking your scooty…” Neil handed me the keys with his normal smirk.

Jumping out in excitement I wrapped my arms around Neil “ Thank you Neil “ I wasn’t any more angry on him by what I was given

“You two need to get a room or something” Sid exclaim spoiling nice friendly moment.

“ We don’t need any room bro…we are just friends…”Neil rolled his eyes as he spoke.

“Whatever….” Sighed sid.

“I need to tell this to Radz and Kriti. You guys have fun…”

I turned and walked out of garage and then I heard Arjun talking

“Damn..Neil..Sam turned out to be beautiful girl babe. If I wasn’t with Radhika, I would have gone for Sam…”

I chuckled when I Heard Arjun’s scream as Ouch as Neil hit him. Typical Neil, he never let any guys talk about me that way.

After that we all spent night around bonfire…singing and dancing…I loved this people around me and don’t want to lose them ever.. Kritika leaved the town after spending few days with us..Life again went back to its normal routine.

Few months later…..

I was reading my book leaning on couch at Neil’s garage where he was again pampering to his car. The silence broke when my phone rang which shows Mom calling.

“Hey Mom”

“Beta, you need to get home. You know Arora’s invited us for hangout at their place. Raj wants your dad to come up with family..”

“Okay Mom..I will be in home in few minutes..byeee….”

I swiped the button to end the call and turned to find Neil’s annoyed face.
“Leaving? “ He asked

“ got to go…family trip to candolium“

“Going to Arora’s ?”

“Yeah..can’t say no….” I sighed as I thought about the thought of being at Condolium.I always got bored in this small parent’s friends get together.

“ Okay. I will catch you later…Bye…”

“See ya..Sammy…”

After an hour journey Dad pulled car in front of Arora’s house, I could see lot of people gathering and chit chatting. I got out from the car and went toward the house. I was met by many happy faces while crossing the hallway then I met the owner of house, Mr Raj Arora.

“Sam, I’m very happy to see you beta”

“It’ nice to see you too Uncle” I said as I leaned down to touch his feet for blessing. Raj uncle smiled and gave his blessings to me.

Finally, Mom and Dad come down to greet him so I was allowed to move on and get somewhere out of the way. I found the most remote place I could find and settled myself. I started reading my book from the page I had stopped reading on last time. My peace was disturbed by the laughter of some people that were walking in my direction.

I saw group of youngster chilling out. I dropped my eyes back down to my book when they kept getting closer to me.

“I can’t believe Sam…is that you?”

I looked up to meet the very nice looking mysterious pair of eyes. I was in shock too. Most of the time good looking guys don’t notice me except that creepy Tony.

“You don’t remember me do you? “

I felt my skin went crimson. I want to hide myself in deep pit.

“It’s me Armaan”

I turned my eyes back to his and find a person to whom I hadn’t expected to see. Armaan Arora. He had gone to Delhi for journalism and was working with some renowned publishing house.

“it’s been a while Armaan. How have you been? ”

“Busy….I have been working on editing of many books for my company and I finally got some free time to come back and hang with old ‘pack’ of friends. How are you? “his eyes sparkled as he spoke, and strange chill ran down from my spine.

“College.Presentation. PG applications. Final Year project…nothing interesting..”

“I have always thought you were interesting Sam…” he whispered

My eyes turned to meet him again and they filled with something that I really didn’t understand at the moment.

“C’mon Armaan…let’s get some food….” Yelled one of his friend

“Yeahhh I will be Jerry…..Sam I will see you in a bit” He smiled as he ran back to his friends

I was completely puzzled with this understatement by every possible way I could. I watched as he walk with his friends, but he turned back to look at me for a moment and I saw his incredible smile and his dark mysterious eyes. I blushed and quickly look down at my book. I hoped that I could never cross his path again, but my intuition giving me the feels that it wasn’t last time I was seeing him.

For while, I actually thought that I was going to have quite peaceful evening. After having good food everyone was going to head down to the beach for a bonfire. After arriving at beach I found myself alone spot that I couldn’t be bothered and began to stare at water. Cloud had parted and moon was shining brightly over shimmering water. The sight was completely mesmerizing and I was enjoying it a lot.


I turned to find tall and muscular frame of Armaan standing so close behind breath caught in my throat.

“can I joined you? “ he asked

I couldn’t able to speak anything so I nodded. He slipped down and sat next to me very close I actually thought. He sighed and continued observing waves that touching the beach. From corner of my eyes I started to observe him. His hair was pulled back down the nape of his neck and his face had every masculine feature that women desire to be in men

“Sam, you know me from so long, why you always feel nervous around me?
I turned my gaze toward water

“ Not really…just curious….”

“about what?”

“why you want to talk to me…you have whole group to talk to…then why you want to talk to average girl….I’m not special…”

“then you do not seen yourself Sam…”

I turned my gaze towards water again. I want to push hard his response out of my head…his eyes possess strange fire.
Then I see a very large bug crawling on my leg so I squealed out in terror.


I jerked a little and noticed Armaan grabbed my hand and pulled me to his chest in my moment of panic. When I noticed he was holding my waist in his strong grip. I turned and sees that fire again in his eyes.

Moving a littile, he released me

“Sorry. I quite afraid of bugs..Neil always played prank on me when we are younger “

“Neil… your boyfriend?” He asked

Oh not again..but Armaan didn’t met Neil before so he don’t know about our friendship

“No..My best Friend”

“He must be lucky to spend so much time with you..” he smiled

I laughed. I couldn’t imagine Neil being lucky. It’s me who was lucky having him in my life.he was my rock, my protector my everything. A friend any one can ask for.

“What’s the funny? It’s true roaming with a beautiful creature on this earth one should have luck with him. I would have passed every test to be with you…”

I felt my blood rushing with high speed across my veins with his response. He picked up his hand touched my face. I moved enough to get away from his reach. I was feeling weird.

“I think I need to go Armaan..”

I stood and started to walk, he reached out to stop me.

“ Sam, I’m sorry. I thought I scared you…but I have had always feeling for you from long time….i have always wanted to say that to you since when we are younger…..”

I blushed and then I remember Armaan watching me many times oddly. I make my eyes to meet his and I saw that they were filled with remorse.

“It’s okay Armaan..but really I need to go…cause it’s getting late….”

He released my hand and let me walk few steps away from him and yelled my name that I was surprised. I turned back to look at him.

Sam, I know you may feel it weird but I have feelings for you from long time. I would die for one chance to make you happy..I’m planning to marry you one day…”

The bold rushed to my face which made me blush. I thought he was kidding and would laughed in a minute..but I found no such funny thing in his eyes. But then I replied him as I would replied to Neil’s prank many times..

“In your dreams Armaan… don’t you think you are too old for me…”

“No need strong man to take care of you…and I would like to be that man….when you finally give me chance to be…”

I felt my heart flutter…not because I started feel something for him. I had no feelings for him ever and never would be…but no one said such things to me which makes me blush.

“ Keep dreaming Armaan..Bye…”

As I reached to my mom I pestered her to leave for home. I saw him still staring at me hiding behind the trees.

After some time we leaved for our home, pulling car in front my house, I was ready to crash on my bed. Freshening up I pulled my pajama shots and tank top on and was slipped into the bed and got ready to sleep then my phone rang.

“Hello….” I croaked

“Sounds you survive the parent’s hangout…” Neil passed his funny comment

“Yeah…but I tired like hell now…” I said as I yawn

“Sounds like it..i will let you sleep now..see you tommarrow…”

“ me..and wake me up…”

“I will.Good night Sam…Sweet dreams…”

“Good Night, Neil…”

I put down my phone and cover my head under blanket. My mind couldn’t forget Armaan’s words . I pushed them away and slipped into very deep and dreamless slumber.

Next: My feelings


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  1. Brin

    Awesome episode, only one thing, I want Sam to have feeling for Neil not Armaan? Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank u soo much..don’t worry next chappy will disclose to whom sam will feel..lil suspense…love u..muhhaa

  2. Jessie

    Deeppzzzz… Awwieee.. cute dp.. and dreamland with Arjun..!! I should be commenting abt story..but.. can’t help.. u know me.. meri judwa behen…!!! ??!! I was literally in beach…!! Armaan…koun hai tu..! Me liked this update a lot.. and Sam’s!! Arjun got a punch..! And Radz comment for… enjoyed reading…!! Thanks for a superb update.. love u loads…

    1. Dipika

      thank you sooo much my judawa knew it you would comment on my status..haha…thanks for you lovely u..muhhaa

  3. Aadia

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      Aadia darling thank you soooo much for amazing words..dont worry soon you can get to know you too…muhhhaa

  4. Gauri

    Dipu….it was just wow….Neil and Sam are only two people who cant see their feelings …and rest of the world can ….stupid duo…and the way Sam rected to ARman….OMG that was written so beautiful…this is a beautiful creation by a beautiful heart 🙂 🙂 🙂 love u

    1. Dipika

      omg Gauri darling m so overwhelmed when i read this beautiful words by my angel..Thank you sooo much..yeahh..they r stupids….love u…muhhhaa

  5. Awsomeeee:-)

    1. Dipika

      Thank you soooo much Neetz u..muhhaa

  6. Now the story is gonna be more interesting with Arman’s entry?.I’m loving this new twist???.

    Guess,Sam accepts his proposal then gonna realises her love for Neil.what will be Neil’s reaction after knowing about this proposal?
    Hehe…I’m thinking too much na?
    Loads of love for this lovely update?

    1. Dipika

      Swathi darling thank you so much for this lovely words..haha…thanks for guessing..but there is small twist befor that..hahah…love u loads..muhhaaa

  7. Rossy

    Armaan,guess he is mad about Sam…i will throw him out… So Sam saved from rads shopping…omg…la la la la…Arjun, become idiot,saying he will have Sam if was not with radz…i wish radz listened that and a gave a good utam madhyam to Arjun later…hehehe…now my time started heroine…guess for what??? Hahaha…to run after u n punch u

    1. Dipika

      hahahaha..rose its ur fav game to run after me..Thank you for this cute comment..haha..neil will punch armaan later yarr..n arjun..haha..i will punch you loads..muhhaa

  8. Jewel

    I think Sam accept arman’s proposal for marriage and then both nesam realize their love. Anyway this story gonna be more interesting. Sid teasing nesam part was nice. Arjun’s comment and neil’s reaction that was also nice one… Overall I loved this update dipika… Waiting for the next

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling thank you sooooo much for this love..yeah that going to happen but bfor that one twist is coming…Love u loads…muhhhaa

  9. Sathya

    Dipu kutty… M so so sorry for commenting late… Maaf Karo mujhe…. Episode is fantastically written n the feelings of Sam is very well narrated. I just loveed infinitely but I m angry on Armaan now how can he snatched Sam from Neil. That dumbo did not realize anything so far. Nesam r the two greatest dumbo ever of not knowing their feelings. Anyway story progressing is amazing dear. Hats off. Love u ????

    1. Dipika

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  10. Sweetie

    Sweetheart!!As I’ve already commented on Watty,so don’t want you to be bored again with the same.. 😉 And I like Arman’s character,cute hai but I need more info to love him like he is good or not,you understand what I’m saying right? 😉 Neil ab toh jalega with jealousy.. *devil smile* 😉 Love you loads sweetheart and take care.. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      hahah..sweetie my sweet heart i never get bored of ur words..rathere waits for it…Neil to pagal hai..use jalane me abhi time hai..hahah…love u tons…muhhaa

  11. _Ritu

    Wow Dipika…amazing update as always… 🙂 Sam survived Rads shopping sessions lol. 😉 😀 😀 Armaan after Sam..well m having a doubt whether he is positive or not. 🙂 now Neil will be jealous…wow…loved it…waiting for nxt…loads of love. 🙂

  12. Dipssss. …it’s very very beautiful. ..I liked Armaan soooooooo muchhhhhh. …he is so adorable n serious for sam.. …but still I would like nesam to be a pair…let’s see what you have in your mind….arsam or nesam?….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling dipsss♡♡♡

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