MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 19)


Life beyond Goa

One year later…..

I was sitting in a hall; not just any hall, but a wedding hall in Goa. I was sitting in front row of the hall and then the sight of him broke something in my heart. I wanted to break down in tears, but I refused to cry. I couldn’t break down in front of him.

The wedding mantras began and she came through the stairs draped in red wedding lehenga and shimmering red ghunghat. Her cold eyes sparkled as she walked towards the groom. When she reached him, I wanted to ran out, but I couIdn’t..i thought I could handle this..but I was wrong…

“Neil and Manya looked made for each other Na….” A girl next to me whispered.

My heart was screaming at me..”Stop him…stop him…..”

I don’t know how I got the courage, but I couldn’t sit silent any more.

“Stop this marriage…..” I yelled as I stood from my seat.

Everyone in the hall turned to me, many glaring, especially the bride. The only Neil’s family looking with soft eyes to me.

“Neil, you can’t marry her… don’t love her…Please don’t marry her..i don’t care if you don’t love me, but don’t marry her……”I begged, tears trembling down…

Neil’s expressions was cold. The sparkle was once used to dance in his eyes was gone. Manya’s eyes were giving me death glares and I could see her inner laughter reflecting in them.

“Sam..leave…we didn’t invited you…I don’t love you….i never loved you……….i love manya and I’m going to marry her. I never want to see you again….” He yelled as he glared back at me…

“No…Neil..Please don’t..” I begged

“Go!!!! I hate you..Samaira Khanna…leave us alone…” he screamed

Tears were streaming down like a flood from my eyes and I could see Rad’z eyes was filled with tears too….

I let out a blood curdling scream and jerked into sitting position. This wasn’t a first time that I had this dream and probably it wouldn’t be the last time either. I touched my face, it was drenched in sweat. I had been dreams like this since I came here, they were getting worse.

“Sam, you okay?”

Kritika ran to my bed and her eyes showed how worried she was.

“Yeah..Just another nightmare…”

“Sam, you have to get over to your past…You are letting Neil haunts you…he doesn’t deserves this much devotion…let him go from your life…” she said her voice was calm and soothing…

The fact that I was getting hurt more and more since I moved to Newyork. I always wondered what he was doing or if he missed me or not. It was foolish but I couldn’t help myself.especially when my heart still held a hope that someday he would love me back.

“I know Kriti..But you can’t turn on and off your feelings…I know he is jerk..but till I have a hope that he will come to me…”

“You need someone who will make you forget Neil….Why don’t you give a chance to your life Sam…there are many good looking boys here….”

“No..I don’t want to date…I don’t want to get involved with anyone…”

“Sam, you need to…Neil isn’t going to come after you…he can’t even called you when he got know about your departure from Goa… he is coward. He knew that he hurted you still he didn’t call you once and apologize for being an idiot…”

Kriti was right. Neil didn’t even checked on me if I was okay.i got calls from rest of his family. Radz called me every day to let me know that what was going on. Even Arjun called me once in while.

Hearing Kriti talking about me made me uneasy.i don’t want to talk about him

“Kriti, I don’t want to talk about this anymore…”

She knew me and what I was going through. She smiled and got up from the bed and kissed my forehead. I looked up to see the clock.

“I got to get ready for college….” Krti smiled again and left the room.

As I got from the bed my eyes fell on the photo was picture of me and Neil from the farewell night.

I couldn’t ever imagine that it would ever happened to me….but some things are out of control…

After taking shower I changed into my comfy T-shirt and ripped pair of jeans, I pulled my hair in ponytail and gave myself a look in mirror. I quickly pack my bag with my books and when I was about to leave I heard ringing of my phone.

I swiped my phone to hear chirpy voice of Radz in the early can be someone be that awake so mid in the night in India.

“Hey, Sam how’s it going today?”

“Hello Radz…just leaving for college…”

I began to walk down to the kitchen and my phone still at my ear…

“Oh…yess..that’s have class at nine na…anyways, I was wondering if you were going to come home as you gonna have holidays for some 15 days na…” parents were asking me to come home..but honestly I wanted to stay was safer here, I wouldn’t have to deal with Neil and his girlfriend here…

“I’m staying here…”I told her “I have too many things going on and I have to work…..”I said..i know its’ lie but couldn’t say no to radz directly.

“Oh…I was wondering,,Mom and dad wanted to see you..they are missing you…”

“I miss them too…how’s everyone?”

I asked this question and she knew very well I didn’t want to know about Neil and his girkfriend..

I poured myself coffee..

“All are good…Sid bhai and Dad are busy in office..Mom and Nandu busy decorating our newly renovated house..and Arjun too joined his dad’s business I’ m all alone without you….seeing my final exams soon…”

Talking to Radhika always makes me realize how much I much I missed her and her family. When I called her after I arrived in NY, Radhika told me that the whole family basically disowned Neil, and that really hurt me…every time I talked to them I tell them to be nice to Neil that it was his choice and I was moving on in my life..but they always told that it was impossible to forgive him that he hurted me bad.

“Radz..plaese be nice to Neil…he did what he wanted and never declared his love for me..i was just melodramatic about it..he just hurt me and I am dealing with it…”

“Sam, he did horrible thing to you..n now he tried to be happy but he couldn’t..his life is miserable without you….I can see sadness in his eyes…”

I couldn’t believe on her words and rolled my eyes..i couldn’t think that Neil was unhappy at all.he couldn’t miss his nerd best friend while he having s*xy and beautiful girlfriend around…radz must be telling me this to soothe my heart.

“Neil wanted Manya..I am fine with it…”

“Ohh..really..then why aren’t you trying to find a guy for you Sam?”
This was the typical question Radz asked me always..And I didn’t want think or give damn about it..

“I don’t need any guy to make me happy..I trying to figure out my life…My career is important for me now….”

Radz was obviously rolling her eyes and I could hear her sigh…

“Though my idiot brother is roaming around that b*t*h…but still consider you as his best are always in his thoughts….”

I knew whatever I was going to say her was lie..i was missing him badly..but I have to move away from it…

“I don’t care, Radz….He made his choice and I made mine when I got on that remember, you are never gonna tell him anything about me at all…I beg you..don’t tell him anything……”

“Hmm..I know Sam..I will keep your words..okay you go..or you will be late for your class…Love you..catch you later….”

“Love you too Radz…tell everyone I love them….byeee”

Line went dead..i snapped my phone back in my jeans pocket..

“Radz is should find a better guy for yourself rather eloping yourself in Neil’s thought everytime…Its been one year Sam…” Kriti said while we were walking towards college campus.

“Ohh..Please Krti..are you two ganging up against me…keep saying the same thing….I don’t need any guy..i need to focus on my career….okay….”

“but still..why don’t you give a chance to that guy..who keeps calling you all the time…Armaan Arora? He seems to be a sweet guy…”

Armaan Arora. Kriti gave him my number on facebook and he had been calling me every now and then , and trying to talk to me since I moved here…I was keep avoiding his call telling network problem..don’t know why but I wanted to keep distance from him.after he proposed me, I felt strange around him.

“He’s is nice…but I don’t like him….and we have five year age gap….don’t you feel it strange?” I asked

“Oh god Sam….you have to be all fair in love n war…only his love towards is important…”

“how many guys do you know who walk up to girls and tell them that they wanted to date you..He must be throwing that line on me….”

Kriti couldn’t hold and burst into laughing.. I glared her to stop but when she didn’t I too joined her.

“But seriously..i guess you like him you gets nervous around him…”

Me like Armaan??..oh Please….i just saw him as friend..but his eyes when I met him in his house and at graduation make me go weak around him.

“Can we drop this topic?” I asked as we reached to the college campus..

“You just need to get your feelings together, little sis….you should talk to him…I would have talked if someone like him worship the ground you walked on…just think about him…”

“Okay I will..happy?”

Kriti smiled and we told each other goodbye and we went our separate direction…

May 2014

“Sam, got an order up” Yelled John From the kitchen

“I’m coming John…got to give these order at table no. 30…”

After placing the dish, ran back to the kitchen for my new order for another table.

I liked my job, even though it was serving job. I never thought that I would be good at it , as I was always clumsy. One my classmate’s parents owns this restaurant and they needed Kriti and I joined this..we got jobs. We had been working here since eight was an amazing experience to work by yourself and earn ,,especially when I never had a job before.

I finished my first two semester with “A+” and I was ready for the summer semester to start…there was so much time in my I was excited about this job. Though I didn’t come over Neil completely, now I was just happy with my life without Neil..

“Can I get anything else ?” I asked as I put down the plates on the table.

“No thanks” customer replied

I went to talk to Kriti at her section but she wasn’t there..Michelle, one of the server was standing there.

“Hey Sam, you got one at table no. 31..dark hair, dark eyes, great body…”said michelle


“he asked for you…”

I wonder who was aking about me except regular customer at my section of Italian food. Though I didn’t know many people around here..according to his appearance description I didn’t knew who would waited for me.

I grabbed my order book and I walked toward the table and as I approached, I felt running back to the kitchen. The person’s back was towards me. His eyes were scanning the menu and his dark locks pulled towards nape of his neck.

“Hello..” I mumbled as I stood beside his table holding my order book to take his order.

“Hello beautiful..” his voice as smooth as silk.

“Armaan? What are you doing here?” our eyes met..I felt gush on of unknown feelings in my stomach.

“I live around here.I got project here through my company….Samrat uncle didn’t told you?” he chuckled

“I guess not…” I mumbled as I felt my heart rate accelerated

The thought of Armaan living around me made me worried..not like that he gonna hurt me but still….i just wondered why he would pick this place to work, especially with all the places in the world a person could have a place to work. Why he have to do this?

“Yeah, I work for Penguin Publication here… Plus I’m doing my master’s in creative writing here in NYU…”

“That’s long have you been lived around here…”

“About two years…two years in September…”

He lived here before I came here..that makes me feel better.

“That’s why when I got to know about your arrival..i tried getting in touch with you..i wanted us hang out sometimes…but you seems to be a very busy person…”

“Sorry, college and work keep me pretty busy…how did you know I work here through?”

“I have a six sense….like GPS…” he chuckled but I didn’t “ Oops sorry..Bad PJ…actually Kriti told me when I asked her….”

Oh my god..That’s why Kriti keep pushing me for armaan..I should have a word with her.

“I see..I guess I need to get your order now…” I said, trying to cover up my uneasy feelings.

“Iced tea and cheese sandwich….”

“Okay..i will be back soon..”

I turned and basically ran for the kitchen. I was so nervous and I didn’t know why. When I went through the swinging door of kitchen I stand in front of window to clear my nervousness and to feel relax..

I wasn’t used to face my past here in Newyork and seeing him was causing me panic and bringing back memories of past.

“Sam, are you alright?” Sheila ,one of the older servers asked me as she came into the kitchen.

“I don’t know…may be….” I said with pause..” No I’m not I guess…”

“What’s up Sam? Why you looking freaked out?” Kriti’s voice came from other end

“Armaan..He is here…” I eclaimed

Kriti’s eyes went wide in surprise as I said his name. she went to look out the glass door and turned with smirk on her face.

“That’s Armaan…Armaan Arora who told you that he wants to marry you….”

I nodded.

“Why are you so lucky?you don’t want guy and you have them falling on your feet..”

Lucky huhh? I didn’t think so.

I sighed and took a deep breath…I took trey containing glass of iced tea and sandwiches and headed back to the table.

Placing the trey on the table, I turned to meet his eyes. His eyes were so dark and deep , but you could see sparkle in them that would make any women’s heart flutter. I reached into my apron for my order book and when I looked over to look at him, he caught me staring, and this caused me to drop my order book. I leaned down to pick it up but before I could get there, a muscular hand reached it and handed it to me.

For a moment our eyes locked, and felt caught in his gaze. I was mesmerized by his eyes. They were dark and mysterious, everything that Neil’s wasn’t. I finally broke the gaze and stood up. He moved to sit on the chair.

“Sorry, I’m clumsy..”

“I think it’s cute, Sam…” he said seductively

“So, what else I can get for you?” I asked pulling the pen from my apron hoping that didn’t drop it on floor.

I was trying to concentrate on his order but his voice making chill run through my spine. That making it difficult to listen what he wanted to eat in main cource.

“grilled chicken with fries and some cheese over it…” he completed his order

“Okay..i will get soon for you…”

I turned to walked straight into the kitchen after passing order slip to chef, when I headed to help other server Kriti caught me and pulled me in the corner

“why you have been hiding this handsome guy from me? He is Armaan, right?” she asked

“I haven’t hidden him from anyone…I had no idea he was around here until now…”

“He is soo damn hottieee..How could I didn’t seen him yet in real….you should date him….”

“I’m not dating Armaan..he is not my type…”

“Because he isn’t Neil…”

“Shushhhhh..I didn’t want anyone know about Neil here….”

“ go and date this guys..or I gonna call MR Arora to take you on date….”

“You don’t have his number…”

“I do have. Remember he gave his number to me to give you…” she winked

That’s when I heard Chef yelled my name to collect ordered food. As I grabbed his food I moved his table, I saw him watching me keenly. His eyes never realized me.

“Here your food..can I get you anything else?”

“that isn’t the best thing to ask me Sam…” he replied his eyes dancing with hidden double meaning in them.

“Okay, enjoy your food..”

I turned and ran back to Kriti, she had wide grin on her face..

“You are blushing…what did he said…” she asked

“Nothing..drop it…”

“Oyehoyeeee…Secreative little sis…I bet he gonna brake those wall you constructed around your heart by his charm….”

“No way..I am not going to date him..not if he was the last man on the earth….”

“We will see Little sis..we will see…”

After half an hour I went back to him..

“You want any dessert?”

“No thanks….”

I placed the bill on his table and turned to left, then I felt his hand on my wrist.

“Sam….go out on date with me?”

I fet my mouth go dry in shock. I never thought he would ask me that. Not at our first meeting after two year….somehow I opened my mouth to answer..

“Sorry Armaan..I’m busy with college and work…”

“Plaese Sam…”he begged

“I can’t…I’m sorry..”

He realeased my hand and I could see sadness in his eyes…when I was about to walk..he again spoke

“I’m not going ti give up Sam…”

I turned back to look at him “See you Armaan…”

I went to the kitchen..I saw him leaving in his red rover from kitchen window..after he went, I went to his table to clean and found fifty dollar lying with note beside it…”


“I know something had happened with you..Someone broke your heart. But I will never hurt you…You truly are angel and I will treasure you if you give me a chance…I was very happy to see you here..hope I can see you again…”


“You got fifty dollar tip?Damn, girl, what did you do ?” asked Michelle from behind

“He’s old friend”

I cleaned the table tried to forget what had happened here. The entire way I could hear Kriti talking about him. All I wanted was her to be silent and let me think about it. As I reached to my room I went into shower and crawled on bed as soon as came out from bed. I slowly fell in dreamless slumber away from the thoughts of two guys that were flooding my mind.

Next Day

“Sam….come here……”

I groaned when I heard Kriti yelling from living room. When I got there I found something that I never expected to see, a big bouquet of red roses.

“where did this came from?” I asked

“someone just delived them..they are for you…”

What? For me?

I walked to the bouquet and remove the card hanging on it.


Red roses represent love..I give you this as a symbol of my love..I hope to see you soon…”


I handed card to Kriti and she laughed as she read it

“He loves you”

I leaned to take fragrance of roses..i counted the roses…a dozen roses…a dozen red roses..i was completely shocked…I saw Kriti smirking at me…

“You do really like him…may be not love…but you like him…”

Do I? Do I like Armaan? How could I?

Another long Chapter…..How’s it?
I hope you guys liked it as much as I enjoyed it while writing…So some new charaters gonna come…

Guys Thank you soooo much for wonderful support…I am soo thankful to you guys to review it…they made my day and laugh…It would make me more happyyyy…

Silent readers Plzzz drop your words na…Plaese(Puppy eyes)

Love you loads!!!

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