MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 18)


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Chapter 15 “Neil, She gone”

Radhika’s POV

It was average day. The sun was hidden behind the clouds and it was just the end of the irritating summer. I was in deep thought as I noticed Sam was hiding something and she was distracted about it.

Neil introduced us to the Manya Tondon…his girlfriend…..I was about to jumped out of my chair and yelled at him but Mom wouldn’t have been like that. She taught me good manners. When he introduced her to us, I noticed Sam’s expression of shock and hurt. I didn’t get the chance to talk to Sam as she ran from the house after having that awkward dinner. I watched her entire time during the dinner and I could see the conflict playing in her eyes. He hadn’t told Sam about Manya. He dropped her on Sam.. Stupid, Certified Idiot..Jerk

After Sam ran from dinner, Neil took Manya to the backyard and left everyone in the house to deal with the shock of Manya. It really looked like that Neil liked that Bimbo Girl.

We all finished our dinner and gathered in living room , everyone seemed a little upset with Manya and started giving their opinion as soon as she was out of ear shot.

“I don’t like her…” muttered Sid Bhai

“There is something wrong with that girl, that doesn’t go well, what do you think Raj?” Mom asked

“I too don’t feel good about her…” Dad replied

“She looks like cold hearted b*t*h to me….” Nandini yelled

We all stared at Nandini for a sec, it was something that you couldn’t expect from Prim girl like Nandini. After a moment of shock, we all burst out in laughter since we all knew she was right about Manya.

“Nandini, we agree with you….but Neil or Manya can hear us…I too don’t like her…” Arjun stated

“she is all wrong for him..why doesn’t he see this?” Nandini rolled her eyes as she sat next to Sid Bhai

“She is no Sam that’s for sure…”Sid Bhai exclaimed

Everyone nodded in agreement. We all knew that Sam loves Neil and Neil too loves Sam…but he brought Manya was shock. I need to have talk with my Elder brother since I had knew he hurt Sam by doing this…

But I was feeling that something slipping from my hand, I couldn’t figure out what was that. I shrugged it off and went to bed

As I woke up in the morning, my bad feelings grown bigger. Still I made myself hop out of bed. As I came from shower, I changed into my fav t-shirt and blue faded jeans, then I heard by phone ringing.

“Hey Sammmm..what’s up baby?? I’m planning shopping trip…when you are free?” I said excitedly as I want to cheer her up from yesterday’s bombarding.

She was quite for a moment on the line before she spoke

“Radz I need to tell you something after that you gonna be really mad at me….”

I got worried with that sad tone of her.


“Radhika I’m seating at airport….and in Ten min I’m leaving for NewYork… I got accepted the NYU…I’m going to be living with Kritika….I’m going to stay there..And not planning to come back until I will be on my own…”

My mind went blank for a moment….i would have heard wrong….That can’t be head started spinning that what was happening around me..My bestie couldn’t do this to me.

“WHATTTTT???? NO…..NO… can’t do this were here yesterday…..and you never mentioned about it….”

“I know Radz…” she sobbed “ I was going to tell you yesterday..but what happened…” she choked up..And then my mind mine snapped with the thought.

“Neil doesn’t know you are leaving……”

“No….And promise me Radz..he never gonna know about my whearabout..ever…..”

“No Sam…Please don’t take promise from me..he will be hurt…” I begged

I knew that Idiot loves her how much he denied. I knew this news would hurt him to no extent. He would be shattered.

“He has Manya to take care of him..he dosen’t need me anymore….I need this Radz..i want to be independent….I can’t live there..Please Radz….”

Sam’s voice split venom when she took Manya’s name. Neil had hurt her badly by taking Manya home than everyone else could have imagined. I couldn’t her let go like this. I need to stop her.

“Sam I want you stay..i will talk to him…I will tell him how much you love him..i will convince him samm….Please don’t leave” I yelled

She couldn’t leave .. I need her..Neil need her…how could someone not realize their love for their soul mate by this whole time? My brother indeed was certified Dumbo.

I could hear the background call for plane to Newyork.

“I have to go Radz..i will call you later once I reached there…”

“Sam…Don’t go!!!!…” I screamed

“I have To….I love you Radz…I will talk to you later…”

As soon as she spoke the last line phone went dead and my body started shaking..she was gone..Sam was gone..Sam was really gone….

“NOOOOOOO” I screamed at the top of my lungs…

Throwing myself on bed I continued to scream. She couldn’t do this…Sam couldn’t do this.

My bedroom door flew open and I saw Nandini and My mom standing. They look terrified. When they saw me trembling, they stood shock

“What happened Radz???” Nandini asked

“She’s gone..she’s gone….”

That was the only words were coming out from my mouth.

“Radhika Beta…who’s gone?” Mom asked holding my hand and soothing my back.

“Sammm…” I shuttered
They looked at each other in confusion. They couldn’t able to figure it out..then my mind snapped..It was all Neil’s fault.

“I’m going to kill him….” I screamed

I jumped from my bed and started running towards door, and then Nandini hold me tight around my waist and made me sit on bed.

“You have to tell us clearly Radz..what happened? Sam gone where?” Mom asked worried

“She is in plane…she’s leaving Goa..for forever….”

Both ladies in front of me stood dumbfounded with the information. I stumbled back to bed.. I felt weak as someone drained all energy from my body.

“Whattt?” Gasped mom

“ She was going to tell us last night but Neil dropped Manya on us and you know how Sam feels about Neil.. I guess she couldn’t take this and left…she called me a minute ago before boarding plane “

“Neil dosen’t know this?” Nandini gasped

“ No, Nandu…he dosen’t…and she don’t want him to know about her whereabouts ever …I want to smash that idiot…he dropped Manya like bomb..and no wonder Sam freaked out…”

“ That Insensitive Jerk..i’m going to kill him…” Nandu yelled

We sat there for a moment when I heard rumble of Neil’s bilke..

“I think it’s time to TALK to my Brother….” I exclaimed as I marched towards the door. I was out my sense.

Neil’s POV

I had just got home after seeing Manya. She was really sweet girl. I couldn’t believe she likes me.. I had heard that she didn’t normally date guys like me. She was beautiful and s*xy.

I pushed my bike keys in my jean’s pocket when I saw Radz was storming towards me with tapping her feet in anger. What surprised me was when she slapped me hard on my cheek with her right palm and I eventually fell on ground.

“What the hell was that Radz?” I yelled

“You are absolute Jerk, Neil Malhotra..i couldn’t get enough until I kill you by my hands…” she screamed

I looked up to see rest of my family standing behind her. Something was really happened. Sid and Arjun too were standing there, folding their hands across their chest and giving me death glares.

“would some one going to tell me what’s going on here?”

“You broke her heart, now she gone , you idiot” Stated Nandini

This wasn’t making any sense to me at all. Who were they talking about? I didn’t break anyone’s heart that I knew of.

“ Sam….” Sid replied as if he read my thoughts

Sam?what?Broke her heart? I didn’t get what they were saying.

“ Are you guys going to tell me clearly as I couldn’t able to understand this crap….” I yelled back

“Neil…. You are dropped bomb on Sam and what do you expect to happen…you bring your new girlfriend in front of Sam, who loves you more than her life itself.and you expect her to be fine with stupid you are. She’s gone…she left goa…honestly we don’t know if she gonna return ever….” Nandini spoke angrily

Sam’s gone?? No…That’s not possible..she promised me that she never leave me..they would have been lying to me..

“Sam called me from the airport Neil…She told me that she is going out of country for her PG…and not planning to return here….”radz explained her eyes were as cold as ice.

“She can’t leave without informing me…I’m her best friend…”

“That’s a little debatable issue now, my little brother…”Sid yelled with sarcasm

“Neil, Sam has been unofficial member of our family since she moved here…she is like daughter to me..she left without a word to us…” My dad said “ I wish we had an option to say goodbye to her….you took that right away from us….”

“Neil, you brought Manya home and dropped massive bomb on her when she was going to tell us about her leaving….you hurt her…I hope that now you are very happy….but I know you never gonna be happy hurting her gonna suffer this pain…more than her….” Radz exclaimed

My mind begin to spin with the thoughts and emotions…Sam was gone..she didn’t tell me family was about to tear me apart.

I couldn’t take their yelling so I turned and hopped on my bike and kicked it.

“Runaway…Neil…Typical reaction…You let the love of your life run away from you..i think now you are satisfied….” Nandini yelled

I turned to see that everyone was glaring at me…even My mom’s normally soft eyes were hard like stone towards me…

I turned up the speed, I was actually flying with that much of speed..but I want to go away from their hatred filled glares

My mind was running as fast as I was driving insanely on road. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.the farther I drove away from home the harder it became to concentrate on road. I didn’t know where I was driving. When I finally stopped, I looked up to see it was the beach….the beach that I drove her out and danced with her back in this summer….

“ This place is amazing Neil..When did you find it? ” Sam exclaimed in happiness when I rode her to this beach which was quite secluded for public and kinda unnoticed.

“I went out driving the night I finally got my license to drive this bike..i drove until I end up here…I thought it was nice to see natural beauty of sky and sea meeting…”

Her eyes went sparkling as she saw the dark shimmering blanket of stars above us. I pulled her down on the sand of the beach and we led on it staring star above us….i watched the sky and streak of light flash across the sky

“Neil….look…it’s shooting star!!!”

“Make a wish…Sammy….” I whispered to her ears

She closed her eyes and a sweet smiled formed on her face. I could do anything for that smile to stay on her face always…I wish that smile stay on her face always….I wanted to know what she wished.

“you gonna tell me what you wished for?” I asked playfully and poked at her side.

She laughed and tried to roll away from me, but I went after her and started tickling her whole time.

“Stop…it….Haha..Neilllllll” she said between the giggles and laughter.

I stopped and looked into her brown orbs deeply

“Tell me…” I demanded

“Neil, Dance with me….” Her wish was so innocent…I smiled and gave her my hand

“We don’t have music though…” I said as wrapped my hand around her tiny waist.

“You are not a bad singer my all….” She said and giggled in my arms..I too chuckled..she looked so beautiful when that giggled dance in her eyes.

Pulling her close to my body, I wrapped another arm around her and she held me by my neck. I hummed one of my fav song.i enjoyed this moment.
Her expression was really similar to the night of farewell..her capitivating eyes hold mine….


I screamed and found myself alone on that sunny beach…I wouldn’t able to explain what was going inside me..i was numb. I wasn’t happy, or sad or mad…I felt nothing but numb. I bend touched the sand by my hand and closed my eyes…I felt universally could one person make another person hurt without saying anything? How can she leave me without uttering a word?

My eyes were still cIose,I could see Sam’s face in front of my eyes, her twinkling brown orbs, her lips..her plump, pinky lips….i still could feel brushing of her lips on my cheek. Her smiling face, her laughter, her everything…God, she’s really gone…

I finally opened my eyes and went back to my bike.As drove I couldn’t go home as my family was ready to murder me.. so I went where I could finally know where Sam was.

As I parked in front of Sam’s house, I saw her parent’s car in the driveway. I climbed the stairs and knocked

“Neil….It’s nice to see you…” Piyali aunty said in cheerful voice.

As I came in, I felt her house if those walls were lose their life.. but still I want to know was she gone for real…

“What’s brings you here, Neil? I don’t expect you here as Sam isn’t here…”

“I wanted to know if it was true that Sam was gone” I said..

I didn’t have to question. Aunty herself gave me she was gone for real….

“Ohhh…That silly girl…I told her to go back and tell you last night and she didn’t…”

She was supposed to come back to tell me? Did she came? I thought to spend some time with Manya..and……what if she had seen me kissing Manya…that would have made her to not tell anyone about her leaving…

“Neil, I’m sorry that she didn’t tell you Beta…but I did tell her she shouldn’t mind you keeping secret girlfriend…” Piyali aunty told me as she make me seat on Dinning table chair.

Secret girlfriend?Oh..No….Sam would have thought that I intensionally kept secret about Manya..i had always told her about my girlfriends…but this time I just forget to tell was just slipped from my mind….Oh god..I dropped Manya on her..I am a cold-hearted Jerk…No wonder she wouldn’t tell me about her leaving..

“I’m idiot aunty…I had always told her about my girlfriend…and this time I forget…” I hit my head by my hand

“Neil….I told her that there had to be a reson behind this happen..and you didn’t have to tell her if you don’t want her to know…”

“ it’s my fault…I let our friendship slip….and now I don’t know will she ever talk to me…”

My heart hurts so badly..why?Sam was my friend but it was feeling like I lost something valueable, precious..more than gold or diamond….I sighed and got up to leave.

“You love my daughter, don’t you?”

I stopped in my track..Love Sam? No…I can’t..she is my friend..if she still consider me her friend…she had infatuation on me…

“No aunty..I just love her as a friend…”

“Oh..Neil..I wish you could see what all we can see..the way you two look at each other…you both are made for each other…” I saw Piyali aunty’s eyes sparkles as she spoke that

“I need to go..i will come aunty..soon…”

I started to walk to the entrance when I heard Piyali aunty calling me and stop dead in my track..

“Neil….i hope you will know this someday……..i want to see my daughter smiling again…and you are the only one who can truly make her smile….”

I waved her and leave from the house..i couldn’t stay there more now…

I quickly drove back to home and slipped into my garage without letting anyone notice…I curled up on the couch where Sam used to seat..her fragrance was lingering there..

I took my guitar and started to play my fav song to clear my mind..I didn’t realize for how long I was playing when I sensed someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned to see my mom standing watching me keenly

“I thought no one notice me coming home….”

“No one..but I did….Neil..tell me…why did you did this to Sam….” She asked in worried tone..she was hurt

“I don’t know mom..but I didn’t did this intentionally…”

“You are careless with Sam’s heart and affection Neil….Sam loves you more than anything in her life…I wanna know…Manya is the person you wanted to be with?”

My mom stared at me..was manya that much special to me? Don’t know..but I like her..someday I might love her..

“Mom, I don’t know…..but she is sweet person…”

“Know one this Neil…We will not welcome Manya as we would have did to Sam..this family loves Sam…we all will stand by her and not let you hurt her more….we will be good to Manya but we will not accept her….Today, you hurt me too Neil”

She turned and left me alone.her words hurt. I had never seen my mom speak to me like that. Her words cut me apart.

Things will never going to be the same.. I have hurted Sam..I would never forgive myself for that. I was gonna miss my Samminder singh.

That’s when my phone rang flashing Manya’s name on screen.


“Hey Baby…where are you?? I had been waiting for you….when you gonna come here…”

Manya..i didn’t want to talk to her right now..

“I’m sorry Manya..but I have to look after few things….”

“Hey baby…please I want you here…pretty please na….” her sweet voice was undeniable.

“Okay..i will come in an hour….bye”

I quickly put phone on off…I didn’t want to go anywhere…I sat there staring for a while..
Then thought cross my mind..what was Manya’s fault in all that?why I was making her at fault? It was Sam’s choice to step away from my life…

She was gone but I have to deal with my life without her. Manya was perfect distraction.May be Manya could fill that void Sam created.

I don’t think Neil …a voice came from back of my mind..

I shook my head and stepped out side. I looked upward to the was shimmering with stars.Sam likes stars…I wonder if she was watching them at the same time…

I started my bike and headed towards Manya’s house. As wind touched my skin, I felt tears started flowing down…in that moment, I said good bye to Samaira Khanna..Not a final good bye…

I would never say goodbye to her…We will meet when our paths met again…she would be back someday, and I will wait for my friend to return…until the end of my life…..

Longest one na???? i too was…how’s it?

actually i am going out of town for two days so couldn’t able to write next one gave longest one…Love you..muhhaa

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