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*******Chapter 15 : Saying good bye

“You ready For this, Nandu?”

Nandini and I sat in her bedroom as she was groomed as Bride. We were waiting for arrival of groom. I had to ask her this question.

“I never been more ready for anything in my life, Sam” she said, her voice is full of joy and excitement. “ How are you though? You seem distracted…What happened Sam?”

“I’m fine…Just little stuff is your don’t need to worry about me….”

“Sam, if you think I am not blind to notice you have been stressing about something…I am going to bet it has to do with my soon-to-be Brother in law…”

I tried not looking at her..i wanted to avoid last part of her comment

“Sam..I know you love Neil…We all know it. It’s clearly visible in your eyes…but don’t let him hurt you…I know he loves you too..but if he can’t able to realize it soon then he don’t deserve you at first place….”

I kept silent…what should I speak on that….

“ Sam…I haven’t mention this to anyone..but you are hiding something from all of us…..I think you have hide it from Neil too….Sam trust me…I will help you in everything….i don’t want anything to happen to you….I will do anything in my power to support you…keep this in mind….” She said holding my hand.

“Thanks Nandu….” I said…It was first time we were sharing this close talk..and I felt overwhelmed

Soon someone called us for marriage ritual….As the day proceed my two friends got tied in loving bond. I really enjoyed this summer. Neil and I were always busy spending and riding on his new bike throughout the Goa beaches. It was best summer ….

July 2012

Sid and Nandini were gone on their honeymoon. Arjun and Radhika were always together and I really don’t know what happen with Neil since I never seen him anymore from Sid and Nandu’s marriage.

I asked Radz but she was just as confused as I was. The fact that Neil was being secretive lately. I didn’t notice before as I was busy with Nandini helping her in marriage preparation.

“ Hey Bacchaaa….”

I looked up to see dad coming down from upstairs. I looked he was a bit worried

“You came early today…”

“Yeah baccha..but you are looking in deep thought….” He asked patting my shoulder

“Just thinking..i am just thinking about how to tell my friends about me going to Newyork in two days…I still can’t bring myself to tell them that am leaving…”

“You know you can’t keep this secrete for longer…honestly..sam I am surprised Neil hasn’t figure out this yet..”

Dad was right. Neil should have known something disturbing me..but he hadn’t even notice .

“I don’t know dad where that idiot is busy lately…he seems got disappeared…I don’t know…I have to pack the stuff for hostel and then the small bag during travel..and I….”

“And you don’t want to say good bye to your Idiot, right?”

Dad cut me off from my senseless blabbering and made me realized why I had been so restless. Yeah I was restless..I hadn’t seen Neil lately and he seems to be okay with it..My secret of leaving already killing me and adding guilt to my conscience.

Sighing, I looked up to my Dad’s dark deep eyes…I could feel comfort in them at that moment.

“Dad, can I say something?”’

“Ofcourse my sweetie…I always ready to listen to you….”

“Dad…I’m scared. I am very scared that how to deal with this….If I fail in outer world and returned home defeated…Or ..I will end up wanting to stay here…..”

“Bacchu….that’s nothing to be scared of….If you think you can change the world….but it’s going to be this world change you….Just know that you can make a change..even if its not big..but let that change come to you..and be woman you destined to be…”

I stood up and wrapped my arms around my father..I was going to miss him..He is more than dad…. A friend to me…

“I love you dad…”

“I love you too..Bacchu…”

I went upstairs to sleep..then I heard ringing of my phone. I swiped to attend it.

“Hey Sammy…I heard you are looking for me that you were driving crazy to radz asking several questions about my whereabouts….”

“Yeah…You seems to be LAPATA (Missing)..I was about to go to Police to file a missing complaint….” I chuckled.

“HAHA..Very Funny Saminder Singh hey I want to share a news with you..i was waiting for Sid and Nandu to arrived..So they are reaching by tommarrow morning…so plz come home tommarrow…it will be surprised for you….”

“okay…I too want to share something….See you tommarrow….”

“Yeah..good Night Sammy….”

“Night Neil….”

I snapped my phone on table and pulled one of my fav books to read and in no time I felt asleep in deep slumber.

As woke up in the morning I wanted to go back to sleep but I quickly pulled myself and went to the bathroom. After taking relaxing shower, I went to kitchen to have breakfast.

“Sam, do you need any help in packing..” Mom asked as she came to the kitchen

“Nope..Almost done…just few books and cloths left….”

As I finished my breakfast I went to my room to done some packing. Within a half day or so I had most of the stuff packed in the boxes. I looked around the room , I saw how bare it actually was.

I remember the day I move in into this room..This room holds so many memories of mine..I still can see my nail paint painting on wall when I was in fourth std.

The fact that my life was going to be change in good way..but the person I feared more was Neil..

I knew Prerna aunty and Raj uncle would be sad for me going far, but they would love to see me explore the world. Sid and Nandu would support me no matter what I chose to do. Radz would be upset that I kept her in dark and no matter Arjun would support her..But Neil…I don’t know how he will react….

I wanted to roam in my city before I was leaving it…So I grabbed the key and went outside.i stood and walked past the local restaurant where we used to hang out daily. The library, My high school , collge, and every place in town that held memory of me. Even the insignificant places where coming in my mind..I already started missing this city and I hadn’t even left yet.

My trip to memory lane broke down when my phone was buzzing with ringtone from my pocket. I pulled it out and swiped to received.


“Sammy, done with packing? “ Kritika, my cousin from other side

“Almost….” I said with sad tone which came unknowly

“what happened?”

“I haven’t told everyone that I’m leaving….I am going to tell them tonight…”

“Sam, you shouldn’t have delayed it this long…hey I have to go…see you tommarrow when I will peak you at airport…”

“Byee..see ya…”

“Bye Sam…see you tomorrow…”

The line went dead. Tomorrow I was leaving Goa.

Then my phone rang flashing Neil’s name on screen.

“Hello Idiot….”

“Sammy, are you free about in an hour….”

“Yess..i was roaming the town..will be heading at your place in an hour…”

“Okay come soon…bye…”

The line went dead as soon as he done talking. That’s strange..Whats’ wrong with him…He was behaving weird…

I came home and changed quickly and headed towards Neil’s house.
When I entered into the house, I was greeted by newly weds… when I asked about Neil, they told me he was in his room and will be back in a minute.

Neil came downstairs in Normal Neil Appearance. He sat on couch and started blabbering crazily until he heard bell rang..

“I’ll get it…”

He rushed to the door and I could hear he was talking with someone while walking through hall way..It was woman’s voice coming in respond. A moment later he entered in dining room with hand in hand with woman. She was tall with shining black hair..she was beautiful like Nandini except that cold look in her eyes.

“every one, I would like to introduce to you Manya Tondon…..My girlfriend….”

Everyone in the room was utter shock.this wasn’t what any one of us had expected from him, especially me. He started introducing her to everyone and when he mentioned me as his best friend she looked into my eyes glaring me…with cold look in them.

Prerna aunty made dinner and made me sat next to Neil, Manya sat on his other side. I was far from being comfortable sharing same table with her. I started thinking about everything. He never introduced any of his girlfriends to his family… I always used to knew if he would have any girlfriend, he used to tell me except telling her name…but this time he kept me in dark too.

I listened Neil talking about how he met Manya after our graduation and that they were together from two months and finally Neil decided to bring her home to meet everyone.

The whole time I was thinking how I missed this…How I didn’t get any hint about it..

My heart was screaming inside. I was in shock and couldn’t able to register what’s going on around. I watched her clutch his arm and laugh when he talked and looked at her lovingly. His eyes were looking her only..the look I craved for myself from him.

Then something snapped in my mind. He was in relationship from past two months and he purposely hid it from me. I knew I had kept a secret too..but it wasn’t that big…my secret was eating me alive from past few days but he seem not affected about his keeping secret.

“Sam, you okay…?”

I turned to look at Nandu whose eyes were filled with concerned.

I nodded but I was far from being Okay… I was angry…….I was furious. He told me he will stay as my friend and kept his girlfriend hidden so he couldn’t hurt me…did he think that I was that much weak that I will not able to handle it…. if he would have told me straight wouldn’t hurt that much..that it was hurting at this moment..he betrayed me…my faith…My friendship…Our Friendship…

I couldn’t sit there anymore..tears were begging to come outside to burn me…I couldn’t cry in front of him..

“I have to go guys…I have some stuff do look after..Nice to meet you Manya…” I lied through my teeth and walked to the door without waiting for any response.

As I came outside to my scooty I saw Neil coming from front door. I didn’t want to talk to him…. I quickly pulled my scooty…I was angry…I pulled my scooty on driveway… tears started flowing from my eyes…My heart, that was repaired from my confession..was now shattered into tiny pieces.

The tears were falling hard, I had to stop by driveway… I cried my heart out…I sobbed.. finally got myself together and drive to the home.

Wanting to be alone I headed towards my room.

“What’s wrong Sam….” Mom asked as she saw me..

“Nothing Maa…leave me alone…”

“Stop Samaira Khanna Right at the moment..” she said in stern voice.. I sat quietly. I had no energy to protest. I sat wiping my tears from my cheek.

“what happened? Did Neil take this news badly?Did they all were angry at you”

“I don’t want to talk about them..i want to go to the bed…”
She stared but I kept my mouth shut
“Answer me sam….or I gonna call prerna and ask her”

I didn’t tell them and I’m not going to tell them…” I snapped

“but why not?” her tone getting angrier

“Plz mom….leave me alone.. I want to sleep….”

She was a typical mom now.. call the other parent..she still used the same card on me…It was annoying

“ neil hide from me that he was dating someone secretly…” I blurted out

“Okay dear..But still you have to tell them…” she was unaware of what going inside me.

“No mom.. I was feeling guilty that I have a secret but he wasn’t give damn about his secret…”

“He doesn’t have to tell everything to you sam…”

“ he never hide anything from me , Mom…” I sobbed

She hugged me and pulled me close

“Sam, I wanted to you to go right now to Neil’s house and tell them about you leaving…”

“No..I’m not..I can’t..” I cried

“Now..You have to sam….or you will regret it later…”

I stood up and went outside and get back to my scooty. As I ride I was calm down that I only going to tell them that I was leaving.

I reached the house I noticed all lights were off. I decided to go by back door..we alaways used to go by that door if we came late.

I came around the side of house and I saw the one thing that shattered my left over soul in me.

Neil was standing with Manya so close, her arm wrapped around his waist. I was about to speak out when she bring her lips to his and I saw him responding to the kiss with passion. He didn’t push her but accept her and returned with same favor.

I turned and ran.. I didn’t think..but ran…I came home and crawled on my bed. I wouldn’t able to sleep the image of Neil kissing her kept flashing in front of my eyes. The sight of them imprinted on my mind and I would be haunted with it forever.

I stared at the clock on the wall whole night. I saw the numbers changed as the time passed. About six in the morning, mom knocked at the door.

“Hey Samm….Get up Beta, we are leaving in an hour….”

I got up quickly and took bath and changed into pair of jean and comfy T-shirt.

“Sam, Its time….” Dad yelled from downstairs.

I stood at the door of my room and stared at it as if I was saying good bye to an old friend. I closed the door and dad grabbed my bags as I reached the downstairs.

I glanced at my scooty, I felt sad. I looked over to everything..I was gonna miss this everything. I said final good bye to my place and got into car.

I never spoke during the ride. As we reached to the airport we headed towards ticket counter. As I checked in , I was about to go to security check. I turned to my parents and hugged them.

“We love you Sam…..will see you in week there….” Mom said kissing my forehead

“Love you Bacchaa,,,Take care…” dad hugged me.

I picked my stuff and walked through security and towards the gate. After that I sat on the waiting arena for boarding the plane.

I looked at my wrist watch and I know in matter of time I will be leaving Goa. I called the one person to whom I never wanna hurt…Radhika…

“Hey Sammmm..what’s up baby?? I’m planning shopping trip…when you are free?” Her chirpy voice greeted me.

“Radz I need to tell you something after that you gonna be really mad at me….”


“Radhika I’m seating at airport….and in Ten min I’m leaving for NewYork… I got accepted the NYU…I’m going to be living with Kritika….I’m going to stay there..And not planning to come back until I will be on my own…”

“WHATTTTT???? NO…..NO… can’t do this were here yesterday…..and you never mentioned about it….”

“I know Radz…” I sobbed “ I was going to tell you yesterday..but what happened…” I choked up

“Neil doesn’t know you are leaving……”

“No….And promise me Radz..he never gonna know about my whearabout..ever…..”

“No Sam…Please don’t take promise from me..he will be hurt…”

“He has Manya to take care of him..he dosen’t need me anymore….I need this Radz..i want to be independent….I can’t live there..Please Radz….”

I heard her sobbing on other side and I too couldn’t hold my tears anymore..

“Sam I want you stay..i will talk to him…I will tell him how much you love him..i will convince him samm….Plaese don’t leave…”

Flight No. 324 to NewYork is now boarding on Gate No. 4”

“I have to go Radz..i will call you later once I reached there…”

“Sam…Don’t go!!!!…” She screamed

“I have To….I love you Radz…I will talk to you later…”

I cut the phone quickly and slide into pant pocket. I walked to the gate and handed the ticket over and stepped through the gate. I didn’t turn back..there was no point to.. I made my choice for future….my destiny…

As I sat in the plane, I looked through the window at my city…I shut the window..I was closing my life…And going to begin my new Life in Newyork….

OHHHH..I am crying now…..i wrote this chap two days ago..but scared to reread it…It was really emotional…
I want you to know that I terrified about this chapter. I am in fear now…so I hope you like it and understand that I tried really hard for this..I was hell emotional when I wrote this…had a tears…

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      Awwww arti thank you sooooo much darling.. You made my morning… I m so happy that u liked it… Yeah will post nxt one soon.. Love u lots ? ? ?

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    LOL post fast dipu…its been already more than 3 days. Love you darling 🙂

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