MMZ-Written on Stars!! (Chapter 13)


Chapter 12 : A Night to Remember

Today, the day that I was supposed to go dress shopping with Radhika and Nandini. I couldn’t help but to remember that day when we promised each other.

I remember sitting around the watching seniors, trying to find their dates for farewell dance party when we were freshers. They were frantically asking everyone to go with them.Even Neil got few offers to go to the party.

“ They are gone crazy…” Neil muttered while taking seat in cafeteria. I was seating next to him.

“LOL..This is so funny…I’m not going to do this when we are seniors………….”

“I think we can do one thing….If you want…” he said, mischief was dancing in his eyes.

“ And how we gonna do that…” I was confused about what going in his mind

“ If we aren’t dating anyone, I would like to make you my partner….”

“Oh God……C’mon Neil…You know…Girls actually throws themselves on you…so you must be in relationship with someone by then….” Of Couse he would be dating someone by that time….

“Saminder singh…you have more belief on my look that I do….This is promise…I’m giving you… If I don’t have girlfriend by then, you will be my partner….Plus , I think we would have more fun together than going with someone else….” His voice is full of something, I don’t know what it was but now I was a promise….

“I doubt that day will come..but alright….”
That day came, he asked me, but now situation was different. The offer was pure, innocent and full of friendship but now..i don’t know how I gonna behave when he was around me…My acting skill was losing his pace day by day…it was going to be tough challenge for me…

After few months I was going to say good bye to my friend as I was going leave Goa…I had hidden this truth from him. Secret was killing me…

I was checking my mail that consisting my application letter for NYU. My parents were the only people that knew I was going to leave. I couldn’t have courage to tell Neil, Radz and others.

My phone’s buzzing sound brought me back from my reverie; I saw Radhika’s name was flashing on the screen.

“Bolo ,Radhika (Yess, Radhika)??

“You ready? “ Her voice was chirpy like always.

“For?” I really don’t want to go shopping so I thought playing dumb would help.

“Don’t act dumb..i know you very well…come down immediately ….” She said annoyed

“Radz….i don’t really feel like going today…can we g….” I said trying last attempt to save myself from this unending shopping trip but she cut me off

“Samaira Khanna, you better get your butt up quickly and get downstairs right now…..Or I will be there within a minute….” And at the next moment line went dead.

I quickly glanced at my cloths which wasn’t appropriate so I grabbed simple black tank top and a pair of capri.i quickly pulled my hair in messy bun and slipped into my pair of flip flop. As I reached to bottom step I saw Radhika entering into the house.

“Come on ..Let’s go we are actually running late Sam….” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the house.

We drove in silence I decided to break the silence..” where is Nandini….aren’t we going to pick her up….”

“She is waiting for us at city mall already….Sid Bhai dropped her there….” She answered me…but she looked at me with like wanted to ask me something…

“What Radz…??”

“why aren’t you happy to be going farewell party with Neil?” her voice seemed worried

“I think maybe it’s because of a promise that we made to each other when we were freshers…not because he really wants to go with me….”

“Sam, he told me about the promise. He also told me that if it wouldn’t have mattered if he would have any girlfriend, he was going to go with you…..”

I looked into Radhika’s eyes to search that she wasn’t telling me lie but I found truth in her eyes. I know that Neil and Radz had always been close to each other and she would know the truth..

“why he wants to go with me as he has queue of girls waiting to become his partner…..”

“Sam, you may think that your love for him is one sided, but know this, my idiot bro really does loves you, even though he doesn’t realize it yet….he is just bull-headed..and you know that…..”

The bull headed part was true, but he loves me was completely false. I heard him what he feels for me…sighing I left that thought and concentrates on things that we are passing as we drove.

We finally pulled into the parking lot of the city mall and I could see Nandini standing near the front glass door of Mall waiting for us.
As soon as we reached Nandini, they both started to drag me inside the mall. I was drug into the numerous clothing shops that were located throughout the mall. I wasn’t finding anything which would suit me. Plus I don’t have much money with me as mom give little money to shop.

Both Nandini and Radz found dresses quickly. As they were very much dertermined about what kind of dresses they want and on other hand I was confused. As this year theme was classy and fancy, as our college going to celebrate its golden jubilee. When I saw them in their dresses, they were looking like princess and I think they can give any model a tough fight in fashion industry.

Radhika’s dress was faint lavender in color and flattering against her skin. The bodice of dress perfectly fit to all curves of her. she was looking like Barbie doll.

Nandini too was looking like fairy princess. Her dress was very shiny and strapless one. The border line of dress with shimmering material around her neck making her look s*xy like she was.

After we had done with their dress, my turn came to choose one for me. I sat on stool , Radz and nandini picked through racks and racks party dresses. I hated shopping more than anything so it was like nightmare surrounded by pile of party dresses around me.

It was then I looked up at the front window of the store, that I saw it. It wasn’t anything very fancy , it was simple and elegant. I walked towards the mannequin and started examining the dress. It was brilliant royal violet. The bodice was very stunning and it was covered in very beading. The bottom of dress was very full and was similar to Radhika’s dress.

“ I think our company enhanced Sam’s taste, Nandu….” I turned to find Nandini and Radhika standing behind me.

I stepped away from the dress and sat back on the stool. They both continued to the look at the dress and after some moment they called the clerk and pointing at mannequin and pointing at me they said something to her.Tthe lady clerk smiled at me and began walk towards mannequin and unzipped the dress and walked back to me and handed me the dress.

“Go on Sam..try it on…..” Nandini smiled and spoke.

I walked to the trial room, I pulled my clothes off and slipped into that dress, I called that lady clerk to unzip the dress as I was unable to do that. She slipped in and helped me zip up the dress. I stepped out from the trial room.

By the squeal that came from radhika, it was either I was looking good or horrible.
Radhika dragged me in centre and make me spun around. Nandini sequeal as well and I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked at myself in mirror and found that shimmering material around my curves perfectly fitted. I could see that it was exactly the dress I wanted for myself.

“ Neil is going to love you in this dress…might get faint” whispered radhika

I blushed when I found few other customers and clerk in the store observing keenly.

“We gonna take this…….” Nandini said in firm tone

When I came out after changing my cloths, I found nandini and Radhika already standing at payment counter holding that dress in hand

“I have to pay for the dress , Radhika, they don’t take it kindly for stealing it….”

“Already taken care of” she said smilingly

“ No Radz..that’s not fair yarrr…..”

“Aunty already told me to take care of it..she gonna return me later so leave it….” Radhika retorted

I didn’t respond as I know there wasn’t any point for that. I continued followed them for shoe and jewelry shopping. After like forever we finished our shopping trip.

It was dark when we stepped out of the mall. I had spent entire day inside that damn mall!! Argghhhh…..After saying bye to Nandini we drove towards my home. I was silent. I was getting chill across my spine thinking about farewell party with Neil.

As I got down from the car Radhika said she wanted to keep my new dress with her get matching other accessories with it. I sighed and wished her good night.

Last week of April 2012- The week of Farewell party

I was worried for my last semester exam, not for the party. I was continuously reading books and preparing notes for exam.on other hand Nandini and Radhika were continuously blabbering about party.Neil didn’t spoke about the party, maybe he forget about it..

“Sam, I will pick you up by 4 for our hair appointment. “
I nodded. I don’t want to go for it but I couldn’t say no to Radz…So when we reached to the salon, my hair went in hot sticks, bobby pins, and hair was done. It was actually looking beautiful, not like something I can do anything by myself.

My normally straight black hair had been swept into partial ponytail of cascading spiral curls with the rest of the hair pinned to make it appear as crown on top. Many diamond looking clips settled on my black hairs as stars shinning in black sky. Most favorite part was two spiral curls framing my face. I was done.

We drove to Radz house to get ready. I was starting to get nervous.

“radz, Neil hasn’t forgotten about party , has he?”

“Nope..He brought tuxedo for himself to match with your dress. I heard him talking to he went Arjun’s house to get ready….” Radz provided the info.

I nodded. As soon as we got upstairs , we started putting our dresses and jewelry. Nandini did my makeup and she was very careful on putting little amount of it as I don’t like that much of it.

I enjoyed watching Radz and Nandini getting ready..they were fighting on what to wear or what to not. They both were looking extremely gorgeous.

Both of them helped me to put on my dress. I put on my heels.Radhika stopped me looking at mirror handed me pair of gorgeous earrings and she make me put on bracelet and necklace around my neck.
After putting earrings, I saw myself in mirror.

I was seeing New me..which very beautiful

“Neil is going to faint….”Nandini chuckled

There was slight knock on the door and Prerna aunty entered into the room…

“Girls you are looking preety…Your partners are waiting for you…” Prerna aunty said

Radhika and Nandini squealed and went downstairs. I stood there staring myself in the mirror

“He is going to mesmerize, Sam”

I startled when Prerna aunty whispered behind me.

“ I know my son dear…..I hope soon he realizes his feelings for you….”

“ I don’t know what you are talking about…” I lied

“Don’t lie Sam, I have always knew that you will fall for my idiot son one day…” her voice was so soft and soothing… “ Go..he is waiting for you….”

After taking deep breath, I walked from the room and walked towards the stairs. I could see them talking. Neil’s back was towards me. I could tell that he was looking handsome without looking at him.

I paused at the top stair when Radhika noticed me

“ Sam, come fast…..We gonna take selfie….”

When he turned around, I felt my breath caught in my chest.and his eyes went wide…I stood there for a moment to let my body get over the shock of seeing him like that and to concentrate on not falling down due to high heels.

To be continued..

This is it for now….I’m extremely sorry that I couldn’t come with whole chapter as I was badly busy in counting money..LOL..I’m Banker and you guys know already that what’s going on our country due to surgical strike..

So I will try to come as soon as possible…with half part of this chapter…

Please let me know how’s it?

Thank you so much for your amazing response to this story..don’t forget to share the words with me..Love you..Take care..!!

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