MMZ- An Unknown Number OS

TRing..Tring..Tring..who am i?? lol…This is os..Astha dear its dedicated to wanted me to write os na….so this it….happy reading…

One day I got call from unknown number. I was in meeting. So I couldn’t attend the call. Later I was busy with my works. I totally forget about the call and thought that it may be some telemarketing call. In the late evening around 7.30 pm , I left my office…while driving I got a call gain. Usually I won’t attend the calls while driving. So I couldn’t attend the call this time too.

After a long drive I reached home, refreshed myself and had dinner. When I entered into my room and took my mobile. I noticed that I got four times call from that same number. The time was almost 10 pm. It wasn’t looking good to call at that hour so I sent a message saying…

“ Hi…..i was travelling so I couldn’t attend…can you call now ??”

I thought that if the person really wants to talk to me they will call me back or if that Is just a telemarketing call then no problem.

I was very tired and eventually dozed off in bed. Morning I woke up very late. So left the home in hurry..without glancing at my phone. When I reached office I checked my mails and then checked my mobile with had a notification “ 1 new message “ ..Yess from the same number.

Unknown number : Hi Arjun….No problem….

I replied back

Me : May I know who is this?

Unknown number : really? You don’t know who I am”

Me : Ofcourse I don’t know ..that’s why m asking you…

Unknown number: I’m very upset..catch you later..

I thought that some of my friends or cousins were playing with me from their new number. So I didn’t give it too much of importance and started to do my works..the day was filled with a lot of works and I didn’t even get a time to see my mobile once..

When I reached my home and saw my mobile notification “ 100 new messages” from the same number..i was shocked and took it seriously…All messages were same stating “Hi, please reply me…”
It started to bother me and replied back

Me: hey who are you??

Unkniwn number : still you didn’t identify me….

Me : hey idiot..who ever you are..i’m already in tension..don’t play with me like this…

Unknown number : Oh should take rest then..i’ll catch you later

Me : first tell me who are you?

But then no reply and even when I made a call but it was left unanswered …..the next day morning, I woke up soon and reached office..

Unknown number : are you alright now??

Me: Yess..Please tell me who are you? “ I replied this time lil bit in pleadingly..

Unknown number :Guess in three chances

Me : hey what do you think of yourself???? I’m not in mood to play…” I was hell irritated and annoyed

Unknown number : (silent)

Me : hey Neil..If its’s really you..i will not think even for a sec before I killing you…

I replied as My bestie Neil was known for this kind of mischief…that bastard had tortured me like this many times…

Unknown number : I’m a girl….

Me: what???

I have very less friends in female category and none of them changed their number so far…I was damn sure I was in touch with most of them daily…so still felt that someone is playing…

Unknown number : why this shock???

Also I had concerned that if I start believing that it’s a girl and later at the point if I came to know that it’s any of my friends then I will be teased to death..My friends will broadcast the conversation to my whole group of friends….so, I was very careful as I have undergone a similar kind of embracement few years ago…

So I didn’t reply further and made a call….as usual the person left it unanswered

Unknown number: sorry I can’t attend call right now..but I will talk to you later…

Me : okay..whats your name???

Unknown number: remember ..i told you to guess it

Me : I’m very weak in you tell by yourself

Unknown number ; okay ..dont cry now..

Me; I m not crying

I got frustrated and sent the message with the full of “ XXXXXXX” language I know…

I didn’t get any reply from that time and I was very happy..Finally I pissed off the person who was annoying me…but in the corner of my heart there was an eagerness to know who it was..

No messages or call from that number for two consecutive days..i was very much relived but at the same time I enquired all my friends about that number and even checked their mobiles and whatsApp number…but no one had that number…I was very much confused and also felt ashamed for the way I behaved to unknown person…so I messaged…

Me : I’m very sorry….i thought that my friends were playing …so only I frustrated

And instantly I got reply..i quickly checked it

Unknown number : No problem

Me : thank god you forgave me..

Unknown number: I didn’t mad at you…as you got frustrated ..i didn’t disturbed you for sometime…that’s it

Me: least tell me now…who are you??

Unknown number :we met long back in a road

Me: in a road?? Sorry but I don’t remember it…

Unknown number : but I can’t forget your help

Me ; first tell me your name..its your turn to help me now…( winked emoji)

Unknown number : Radhika

Me: how did you got my number?

Unknown number : that’s secret…

Me : okay…

Unknown number ; friends??

Me ; yeah sure ..tell me when you are free..i’ll call you..

I started to imagine so many things..but I still I had doubt I waited for her call to confirm that she was a girl but not any of my stupid friends

One day..she called me…

She : Hiiiiiii…
Her voice was so melodies, sweet and chirpy…

Me ; hi…

She : how are you?

Me : I’m fine…

She: good…then??? At least do you belive me now??

Me : yes…but no mimic and use of any app, right??

She “ hey really its my original voice…why this much doubt???

I explained the reason of my doubts and within few minutes of our talk ..i was able to understand her…she was very positive person..i could sense that vibes from her…my lips were always in curved of smile when I talked with her…

We talked for almost an hour..but when my phone beeped with message of low battery I had to put back my phone..

Me; hey radhika, I have to end this call as my battery got low…

She : your battery ? you runs on battery…

She was so magical and I couldn’t resist but to laugh at my stupidity..

Me : I mean my phone’s battery got low….

She ; I got it..i was just kidding…see you later..byeee…

Me : bye…

From then on , we started to speak daily over phone and chat regularly over WhatsApp…Day by day..she becomes close to my heart and I saved her number in the name of “GF”

She was very innocent . very kind. Very caring. And very affectionate. I totally got impressed and almost fell in love with her without seeing her. but as every guy wish to see his girl , I also wanted to see her….hence , I messaged her with a lot of hesitation and asked

Me : please don’t get me wrong but can I get your picture??

She : but why do you ask suddenly.??

Me : just want to see you..nothing else..

She : won’t you talk to me if I am not good looking?

Me : hey its not like that?

She : then?

Me : just wanna see you

She: Get lost Arjun…at last you proved that guy will give preference only to the appearance..don’t talk to me…

I tried reaching her through phone many times ..but failed…she neither attended my calls nor replied to my numerous messages…I was very much worried and didn’t know what to do…

After two days..

She : (blank message)

Me : I’m very sorry Radhika

She : I’m sorry Arjun

Me : for??

She : I scolded you a lot ..though your expectation is correct..its natural but I over react….i am not that beautiful girl..I’m average girl..till one cares for I looks..what I thinks…I have very few friends….no guy came to me…

Me : don’t say like that..its all my fault..and don’t think ever that you aren’t are the most beautiful and innocent person I ever came across..

She “ okay ..forget it…

Me ;

She : stupid…

Me : I sent blushing smiley

She ; one minute..i will send you my pic

Immediately my face glows up in to thousand volt bulb…with every round of that buffering circle my excitement increase to see her..and finally the picture downloaded completely…she was very cute and pretty..

Me : are damn cute…

She ; enough don’t blush much…

The very next day was her I decided to surprise her .. after a long struggle , I found her address through one of my friend who worked in BSNL office. Luckily it was in her name..

On her birthday without informing her. I went to her house. I wanna give her surprise and wanna propose her…she has become my life…My soul..I wanted to make her mine..and live my life with her…like it happily ever…

A middle aged lady opened the door and a middle aged man was stood behind her and enquired me..After I told them that I came to meet Radhika…they took me to the room around the hallway….there….she posed with cute smile and carried a naïve look in photo hanged over the wall with a little diya lit infront of her…

I threw a puzzled look to her parents. They explained me everything as that happened…yes….now only I remembered …As she said earlier….i met her in road…only her face with full of blood…..

At that moment, I felt being carried away miles back to the day when I met her….i was able to see only the faded part of my memories but still I could clearly saw her face covered with blood.

Suddenly my body jolted out of fear and I was already sweating here and there all over my body and I came running out of the room…only them I remembered to breath but still I was suffocating to the death…when the all unanswered questions that running through my mind through the thick and thin of my nerve starting killing me slowly. I decided to leave the place…..

That’s when I saw that two old faces followed me with puzzled look for second and then the old lady went in back to her room again asking me to wait…the man was standing besides me kept glaring at me blinking his eyes often but his glare seemed to carry thousands of meaning for which I couldn’t interpret…After a couple of minutes she came with envelope in hand handed over to me…

I got hold of it with shacky hands and I rushed back to my bike without turning back even once and without informing them that I’m leaving..i quickly kick-started and drove back to my house..on my way , her face kept coming back to me even while I didn’t make any effort to remember her. I literally ran to my room to avoid her..slammed the door and slid down behind the door….but her thoughts haunted me…


I was on the way to my office via one of the calm roads of the city early in the morning and suddenly heard a loud noise…..the truck which over took me hit the bike that was going infront of me and the girl who was riding the bike fell aside…before I got down from my bike she lost huge amout of blood…she was gasping for breath when I went near her and she slowly looked at me…immediately , without wasting time I informed ambulance and gave her the first aid with kit I had with me…

Later when the ambulance arrived . I went with her in ambulance as she was holding my hands and I didn’t want let her hand go…on the way..i saw how desperate she was to liveher tight hold on my hand was stating that she didn’t want to die……At that moment..i understand what’s life….when there are people on the earth who always complaint how complicated life is and even decided to end it….there are also people like her who knows the value of life…how pretty it is and wants to live it deseperatly… I admitted her . informed her parents with the number in her mobile and left the hospital

Tears started flowing down my cheeks and I was gasping for breath..then I realized that I was holding something in my hand …I slowely opened the letter that the old couple gave me and it reads

“ thank you so much…it’s only because of you that I’m blessed to see and talk with my parents for one last time..i will never forget you even after my life and I wish you wonderful life ahead…Drive safe….”
When I just ended up reading the letter ..i got a call…my hands were trambling with fearand I slowely reached for my phone in my pockets and attended the call..

She: hey idiot…wont you even wish for my birthday???

—the end of the new beggning—

The end

How’s it guys?? First time I tried something different than happy end..Actually twoincidents in my life made me write is funny that one of my friend prank me by texting me from unknown number and teased to death n other is death of my stub staff’s son in truck accident..i collided them n made this things…so plzz do share your reviews….

Love you loads…

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  1. Brin

    Awesome OS, very spookie, love it. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ?

  2. Wow dipika… Loved os… Radhika death….

    1. Dipika

      Saran darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ?

  3. How is she using the mobile messaging
    Will u change the ending or give another part
    I really liked the concept

    1. Dipika

      Arey she was ghost na so its easy for her.. Lol.. Yeahhh i m to thinking abt rewriting the ending…. Thank u sooooo much.. Love u lots ?

  4. Jewel

    deepz, this is amazing…. a different story….. and beautifully written…. loved it…. the phone conversations, the part when arjun realize the truth, everything is really nice…. really an amazing story….

    1. Dipika

      Jewel darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me n loving me… Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  5. Dipika di.its amazing.Superb

    1. Dipika

      Chashni darling thank you sooooo much

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Kavina darling thank you sooooo much

  7. Its good but little confusing for me.if she die then messages?is that illusion?

    1. Dipika

      Angel thank you sooooo much ? ?

  8. Rossy

    I can give you non stop mukka for making me read it in midnight….but I must say heroine u tried different and u succeed…so always try different n hatke….i love all your stories…but never let u go has a secret place….and write down another OS……plzz…plzzzzz….puppy kitty eyes nose

    1. Dipika

      Rose my unstoppable Queen thank you sooooo much.. Hahaha.. I scared u.. Lol.. This is surprising.. Thank u sooooo for encouraging me always darling.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  9. It was great n awesome, and I would like to have another part becoz its bit confusing at last

    1. Dipika

      Bella dear thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ?

  10. Gauri

    Dipu 🙂 I have gone into mute mode after reading this …you gave me goose bumps today….I don’t know what to say….his interaction with unknown no. for so natural…..his curiosity wow…youpenned it beautifully…..but why kill her….well I am emotional now….hats off….head bowed …I loved it 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Awwww my darling angel thank you sooooo much..i was soooo eager to read from you yarr… Thank u sooooo much.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

  11. arti viswanathan

    Dipika darling superb n excellent episode….. I loved it… I liked all scenes…. I felt sad that radhika died on an road accident….. Tc loads of love from me to u………and teddy hug….

    1. Dipika

      Arti darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words.. I love you tooo
      ? ? ? ?

  12. Swathi

    This was new n different.
    Their phone conversatn part was lovely..And the accident part where rads was holding Arjun’s hand…you conveyed value of life in through your simple words so beautifully..but sad thing is she is dead!!!I wished his realisation was not true.

    1. Dipika

      Swathi darling special thank you to you as u felt the very thing i wanna convey.. Importance of life.. Desepration for life.. Thank u sooooo much for supporting me n loving me.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  13. Mica

    aaww lovely story..

    1. Dipika

      Mica darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ?

  14. Superb dipu. ….awesome. ….loved their conversation. ….even I got emotional like arjun. ….pls write one more part of this. ….too good. ….

    1. Dipika

      Likli darling thank you sooooo much.. Sorry for kate reply.. Yeah i will come with nxt part.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  15. Aasthu

    Deepuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thanks for this spooky OS……I’m confused over the last part… she dead or did he save her?????? I was under the impression that she was saved…and then was chatting with Arjun….but then the nostalgic feeling of her room and her words “….one last time…” confused me….plzzzz give its 2nd part and clear my doubts……

    oopsy forgot to say about the ff……at 1st I tot the receiver to be Radhika…..and then when the msg came saying her name, I understood I had understood wrong and I RE-READ FROM THE 1ST…….the confusion over who it mi8 be to the anticipation of her reply…..everything was written so perfectly…..the same thing that we experience under similar circumstances…..though it was quite an ordinary theme,( ordinary in the sense it’s a chapter from everyone’s life) the way it was presented was really good… hats off to u Deepuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………………..

    love u a lotttttttt………..thanks for the dedication…………uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhhhh thank you sooooooo much my darling… M sooooo happy u liked it.. I was terrified abt ur reply.. Sje was dead in accident na.. I will chnnage ending once i get free time… Thank u sooooo much for supporting me n loving me darling. Everytime ur words gives me strength.. Love u lots asthuuuuuu darling
      ? ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Aasthu

        Why were you terrified??? but if she was dead how can she text him??? don’t tell me ghost…..when will you be free????? ohhh I never knew my words had the capacity to strengthen someone……love u toooooooooo…………..mmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh……….Deepu when will you post next chapter of “Written On Stars”?????? spare my nails and break the suspense…..what will be Sam’s reply and NeRo’s reaction????? I’m not sure if that is the name of her bf…..I know u’ll not break my heart….but after reading this I am having second thoughts…….

      2. Aasthu

        oopsy…it is NeAr….

    2. Dipika

      Lol…. Asthu she is ghost actually there.. Lol.. Thts y i said u tried different this time apart from happy ending.. But don’t worry i m thinking to change the ending… N yess wos next chapter got posted dear.. Where nesam saw. Each other.. Tell me how it is…. Armaam reaction.. Umm.. Didn’t think abt it yet.. Lol… Kinda suspense… Yess darling ur words makes me sooo happy m. Inspires.. How’s u?? How’s college going on.. Sorry darling.. Tjid days i was busy lil bit.. Love u lots ? ?

      1. Aasthu

        Happy that u’ll change the ending….I’ll read it later…..I’m good…just…well u know how a student will feel when she has exams up the sleeves….I have a lot to study bcoz of my dirty habit of procrastination….but I’m lazy and I’m spending too much time online………clg….arghhh….I hate it now….no freedom… a new rule was imposed….to bring mob phone to clg, pay 200rs per semester….what the hell is that??? feeling like punching the directors…..

  16. Sulbi

    Dipu darling…. its fantastic… unique one… loved it dear… no words to express… u r brilliant girl… love you alods n tc… 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Sulbi darling thank you sooooo much for lovely words.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  17. Gianna

    Dipu dear you took me to a beautiful flight of romance only to crash me with the reality. Awesome story Dipu, I enjoyed reading it so much in fact I have read it twice though I knew of the ending. Just beautiful as always, you are an amazing writer.

    1. Dipika

      Awww sorry darling for crashing ur beautiful heart.. But don’t worry i will make it up to it.. M thinking to change the ending…. Thank u sooooo much darling Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

  18. Sathya

    Cheri…whats this? i am so emotional now…yar..i loved the scene of the phone conversation, her msgs, arjun’s restless ness and his excitement knowing that as a girl, interest to talk, msg, see her face..all r so naturally expressed. Dipu u r proving that you are a natural writer…all scenes comes so well and looks very natural.

    The way he falls for her, searching her house to give a surprise, getting shocked seeing her pic on the wall…his shock, his scare, tension everything is portrayed so beautifully. I loved it dipu..the flashback is awesomest one…the will to live, was clearly written in your words…arjun’s help to her, her strong grip on one chance to survive is … i felt very bad yar… you so so sos much for writing this wonderful piece.

    1. Dipika

      Awwww my senorita u made my day.. U knw i was so restless to know ur words about this.. N finally m. Relieved in happiness.. Thank u sooooo much for understanding every inch of the story.. N making me soooo happ by ur awsomest words…. Love u lots darling ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  19. _Ritu

    Dipika…it was too beautiful dear..u left me spellbound at d end.. Msgs..their convo..were superb nd brilliantly d end..well to be honest it brought tears to my eyes.. I wish she was alive..plz do continue dis if possible..nd the thing u said on lives..that was so true dear..hats off to u.. 🙂 love u loads.. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ritu darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ? ? ? m soooo happy to see ur comment.. N sorry for making u cry.. I will vhange the ending… I too was restless.. Thank u sooooo much.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

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