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Hi…. My first try on one shot……. May be this is the worst one you have ever read…… Please bear with me and give your reviews….. It matters a lot to me…… silent readers please give me your reviews…..

Life has many things hidden in it which we aren’t aware of. My life too took a turn which was never expected. I was 19 when I lost my elder sister, bonnie. Bhavya was her name. Bonnie was what we called her at home. We had a happy family. She was married by then. Her husband showed himself very loyal to him. But one day when we came to know that he married my sister just to sell her off overseas and make some money, we tried protesting him and as a result we lost our parents…… my life wasn’t easy since then.

My sister took care of me after getting divorced from the monster, saral. He was a very good friend of her. My parents liked him too and just got her married off to him when the proposal was opened up. he was caring initially and later we would hear them quarreling and shouting at each other. Once he blurted out everything when he was drunk and that day my father got a heart attack. We all tried our best to get rid of him. But didn’t get succeeded in it.

We lost our parents in an accident which was planned by saral. Later after the divorce confirmed, I and my sister left hrishikesh and came to Mumbai. We had enough money to start our life in this busy city. Dad had a central government job and his pension would work out for the needy things. We bought a single bedroom flat for ourselves. My sister got me admitted to a event managing course. It was my dream to have an event managing plot for myself. College started and after a few days saral showed up. He was in Mumbai but we had no clue until he barged into our flat. My sister, who was enjoying my college stories which I was telling her, lost her smile. She never expected him there. He came to her and pulled her by her hair. When I went to her rescue he shoved me so rashly that I hit the wall and fell unconscious. I could hear my sister pleasing him. My vision went blur.

Later when I got up, all I could see was my sister’s dead and naked body. He had forced himself on her. I saw him sitting on the chair and having coffee. He had the nerve to force my sister, kill her and sit in the same house enjoying coffee. My blood shot up with anger. Suddenly I screamed pouncing at him with the vase nearby and smashed his head. People from neighboring apartments came to ours and their eyes stuck. I went to my sister and covered her by her sari and hugged her crying my heart out. She as if gained conscious opened her eyes: radhu, promise me that you will make me proud. I promised and she closed her eyes in my arms. Police who were called by someone came there and arrested saral.

I saw him off then.
My life went on…… I had my dads money for my education and I finished my education when I was 21. Its been three years I completed my education and started working with a close friend of mine. She is my everything, now. Samaira khanna…… daughter of samrat khanna…… she wants her own image in the world. I met her in my college and since then she is my close friend. She is sick terribly and we have to work for a marriage today. Everything should be done my me now.
Third person’s POV

Radhika has a busy schedule to be managed and sam was sick. Radhika was supposed to be in the plot by now, but this blo*dy traffic is drinking her blood. Finally green shows up and she fires the engine of her two wheeler. She reached the venue late by one and a half hours. The person who was managing till now gives her the report of pending work and she plans out things to be done. There she hears commotion in the living hall and walks over there. People were speaking about the famous director and actor Mr. Arjun Mehra. It seems he would be arriving in the venue as it was his friend’s marriage. she didn’t care now. Whoever arrives, all men are same. Even sam’s guy friend neil had the idea of dumping her. All men are same was all she wanted to shout at times whenever she remembers her BIL. She cares about none.

Radhika’s POV
Its evening. Now reception would start. I don’t know why people get married. Once their thirst is finished, they get separated. My foot. But I can’t help. Let them die. Seems arjun mehra will be arriving now. I don’t care damn to behave myself around him. There he comes in his red car. Girls here are drooling over him. They are looking at him as if they are gonna eat him up. Poor guy, don’t know what he’ll do after seeing these many girls drooling over him. Well, guys aren’t poor. Girls who go behind him are poor. My phone rings disturbing me. its Sammy. I received it.
Sam: hello chasni, where are you? Are you free? Can I speak to you?
Me: sam, cool down…. Yup I’m free tell me….
Sam: neil wants to meet me,……

Me: no sam. You are not meeting him. I showed you that day itself. He isn’t that good at his character.
Sam: chasni what we saw was only a part. Who knows what happened? Please yaar….. I love him….. once I’ll speak to him and after that I’ll decide. I promise I’ll take a right decision.
Her voice shook at last. I don’t want her to cry. I accepted and she squealed. That guy was romancing some other girl in a club a few days back. I caught him red handed. I showed this to sam also. Since then I held her from meeting him. But today, taking advantage of my absence he has called her. I don’t want her to go alone. But cant help. I need to manage here.

Its been two hours since the reception started. And these people here are dancing like mad. I hate this kind of things. See these guys, they are drooling over the girls there… and even girls are drooling over that Arjun Mehra. Aaahhh….. I’m getting mad. I held my head closing my eyes. Once after o opened I saw a hand extended towards me. he…… Arjun Mehra was extending his hand in front of me. wow…… see again guys will go to any extent to get girls to bed them. I refused and tried walking away. He stopped me.
Arjun: hello miss. I guess you are my dancing partner in the game.
Game which game is he speaking about?
Me: excuse me….. which game are you speaking about?
He opens my fisted fingers and there I have a paper chit in my hand. Ahhhhh….. while planning the events I was the who planned the game and when sam called me I was about to put the chit in the jar and while speaking to her, I forgot….. f**k man, I hate things like this.

Me: I don’t want to dance.
Arjun: well, neither I’m interested. I just am forced. If you don’t dance with me, then you will have to dance wit him.
He pointed to a old man. He is damn old to stand and he wants to dance with me. See him, his white beard. Saliva falling from his mouth. He is totally off from his conscious. He is so drunk. It was better to dance with arjun. I agreed placing my hand on his. Soon we were on the dance floor between the people dancing madly… suddenly the song changed and people around vooted.
This song was so irritating me…..

Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb
Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

(O my good luck,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..
(O the one) Near me, my beloved,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..)
Suddenly our eyes met. I was hesitant to look into those black eyes of his. But soon I forgot myself in those.

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe hum ko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete us pe aitraaz hai
Is kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

(I am proud of every moment passed with you,
I have an issue with those which didn’t pass with you..
Such secret is our meeting together..)

We were just swaying looking into eachothers eyes. The feeling was so lively. Those eyes hid a smirk of making me drown into it. still….. I was sooo drowned in them.

Hua ameer dil gareeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehanaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

The poor heart is rich now,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..
O my good luck,
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..

Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai
Teri ankhiyon ke shahar me
Yaara sab intezaam hai
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham khurchane
Yaara tere mere kharche mein
Dono ka hi ek daam hai

(I have nothing to do with the world,
I have to do with you alone..
In the city of your eyes,
there is all arrangement (of my happiness) O beloved..
Whether I get a piece of joy,
or remains of sorrows,
In our transactions,
Both are equally priced..)

I wish to remain the way we were. He has his hands around my waist and mine around his neck. I felt this place was perfect. I love being this way.

Hona likha tha yoon hi jo hua
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb

(Whatever was written in fate should happen, has that happened
or did it just happen unknowingly, just like that..
Whatever happened, was strange..
I love you beyond limits, O my good luck..)

Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahoon betahasha zehnaseeb…..

We were dragged to reality by a big round of applause. I was embarrassed. How did I lose myself in him? That wasn’t right. I should not fall for his gimmicks. But those black eyes attracted me like none did. I loved his touch and this development took place within 5 minutes. No way….. I should stop thinking things. This is what di said about saral. But what happened late on……. I should control myself on relationships…… they aren’t meant for me. I must go home before something stupid happens.

I came out guiding the manager about things. I sat and drove off with my bike. After reaching home, I rang the bell. I was invited by a laughing sam. The apartment which was messy was cleaned up by now. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw neil standing there with broom in his hands and face blackened. He pouted. But suddenly I was angry. What was he doing here? I shouted at him.
Me: what the hell are you doing here neil? And sam what is this? you said after meeting him I won’t talk to him right. What are you doing now?
Sam: cool chasni, what we saw that day was wrong. The girl who was hugging neil was his neighbor. He thinks her as his sister. and that day she was drunk and her parents were worried that’s why neil came there to take her home.
I saw his face. It was reflecting his honesty and love towards sam. I stood quiet. He spoke up.
Neil: radhika, I cleaned all your apartment just for a approval from you. Just nod your head please. If want I will broom your house daily before going to my office.
I made a face: that is not enough. You have to listen to my ranting, prepare coffee for me, send sam with me whenever I call and last but not the least, as you stay in the same building you need to open your flat door, even if I knock at 2 a.m. in the midnight.
Neil: accepted….
He squealed. Sam jumped at me hugging…..
Sam: thank you chasni….. Thank you sooo soooo much….. she kissed my cheeks….. I made an annoyed face.
Me: even after having someone for things like this, don’t kiss me sam….
Her jaws dropped down…. I and neil gave hi-fi……
There was a knock on the door…. I said I would see and opened the door….. there stood Arjun Mehra in front of me. was he following me? my eyes met his and again I lost myself. His eyes are so warm. I was disturbed by neil who just came. He voted….
Neil: bro…. whats up? how are you? Long time…… get in……
I was confused. A stranger asked me to dance with him, followed me till home and now, he seems to know my newly found friend….. there is something wrong…. Dal mein kuch kala zaroor hai….. I went inside closing the door….
Neil: radhika… this is my friend….. Arjun Mehra….. director and an actor.
I avoided him. I went upto arjun.
Me: are you following me?

Arjun: hello, this is his house….. right neil? He looked at him for confirmation and received a no. I smirked.
Me: now, why are you here? He avoided me now.
Arjun: neil, where is your house then?
Neil: exactly the flat below this is mine….
Arjun: then what are you doing here?
Neil: I came to meet sam.

Arjun: and where is she?
Sam entered: here bro….. She hugged him…… what the hell was happening here? How did sam see him? Was he following me? aahhh….. Why would he follow me? Am I so beautiful to make Arjun mehra fall for me? no right. Huh….. But something is missing…..

They were chit chatting while I was lost…. I made my way to the room…..
From that day I met arjun several times. We just quarrel at the sight of eachother. But I would tease him and he would tease me and the third person wasn’t allowed. Sometimes, only I and arjun would be speaking while the other two would be just staring at us…..
My heart knows I love him…. But when I think of expressing myself, all I remember is saral. Him molesting my sister….. I hate being in relationship.
“everyone aren’t same chasni” comes a annoyed sams voice…. Only she had known about my feelings without me telling her….. I turn to her sitting on my bed.
Me: everyone are the same Sammy….
Sam: no….. do you think neil is also same?
The answer was no. I had seen neil taking care of her as if she was his baby. I craved for such an affection….
Me: neil is different Sammy…
Sam: arjun is also different radhika. Once you open up. yell him what you feel for him….. I feel he has feeling for you…..

Me: what kind of feelings Sammy? Lust….. this is all the men crave for…. Don’t you know what I have experienced? I have seen men. All are same…. I raised my voice.
Sam: hell you have seen…. Do you compare your dad with your BIL? No right…. Sooner you open up…. better for yourself…. He loves you and I can see that…. Why are you so blind to see that? He had been waiting for you since five years but it’s a great waste….. she yells….
Five years…… what five years? She stood up to go…. I stopped her.
Me: what are you hiding sammy?

Sam: you heard right. He is mad behind you from five years….. he got an opportunity on the wedding day and he played his cards…. But unfortunately he couldn’t get what he craved for….
Me: stop beating around the bush sam…. Come to the point…….. I was frustrated…..
Sam: he saw you in the college. He loves you since then and he is my cousin….. I’m sorry I concealed things from you…. He truly loves you chasni….. please give him a chance…. Give a vhance to your own life…. Marry my brother chasni please…….
I was caught off guard…. So this was the missing point….. I know I love him…. I wanted to give a chance to my life…. I promised sam to give her brother a chance… she jumped on me kissing my cheeks……
“yuck guys…. Sam kiss me if you want…. It seems more of a lesbo love if you kiss her” said neil making a fake annoyed tone…..
We punched him on his stomach…..

Neil: aahhh….. devils you both are…… chasni…. Go to your newly found love before he gets drunk and get my apartment clean bold……
I laughed and ran…… my new found love…… it was sooo sweet to tell that…. I reached neil’s flat….. arjun just took the whisky bottle out of the refrigerator. His toned arm…… his tensed face…… his black eyes in which I always drown……….
A mosquito troubles him…..
Arjun: yeah….. come…. You were left…… that lady of mine isn’t enough to torture me…… even you get started…… you know what it has been five years since I have fallen for her but no response…..
He says moving his thumb and curling his lips….. ayeee…… sooo cute…… nazar utare iski….. I hardly controlled my laugh…. He poured the drink to the glass…. He was about to drink when he saw me. he kept the glass aside to rub his eyes to make sure it was me…. but I hid when he opened his eyes….
Arjun: I was just able to Imagine you after getting drunk….. but now….. I’m able to imagine without drinking within few days I’ll go mad and would see you everywhere….. this time I laughed loud….
Arjun: see I had one peg and now I’m able to hear your musical laughter….. hehehe….. he laughs….
I walked to him taking the glass off his hands….. he was stunned….. his eyes widened….
Arjun: radhika…. You are really here?
I circle my arms around him….

Me: I’m here for you and only you….. Sorry was making you wait for five years…..
Arjun slowly wrapped his arms around me….
Arjun: you are forgiven…… you will have to accept my terms and conditions…
Me: I agree….. I say looking into his eyes….
Arjun: you will never think of leaving me….. and I’m not saral to behave in such fashion…..
Me: how do you know him?

Arjun: some questions are better unanswered……
Me: fine, when did you see me?
Arjun: on the day you got admitted….
Me: what were you waiting for then?
Arjun: exact time….. now I have you….. if I would have told you before…. presently what’s favoring your feet would have decorated my face…..
I laughed at him kissing his cheeks….. he bends down capturing my lips in a slow sweet kiss…… I would love to be here till what feels like eternity….. the kiss filled of love,…… filled of passion for each other.
Leap of an year…..

It was our first year love anniversary and first month marriage anniversary…..
I was waiting for this lazy husband of mine….. a car arrived and the driver asked me enter….
Damn man he promised to come on a dinner date with me…. he said he would come….. urgh…. Fine……
I got into the car….
Car stopped with a jerk and the driver asked me to get inside a house…..
I entered the house….it was dark as soon I stepped down the threshold….. lights turned on……
The hall was decorated wi
th white and blue balloons….. a screen appeared playing my sweet memories with my friends, Sammy, neil and my love…… he had noticed each and everything of mine….. my eyes tear up…. I smile in tears….. neil stood there on the screen with broom in his hands…… he asked me to wipe the tears and I compelled. Soon lights were off and a spot light switched on…..
There stood my love with a guitar in his hands…..

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

you have become (my) laughter,
you have become the wetness (of my eyes),
you have become my sky
and my earth..

haan hum badalne lage
girne sambhalne lage
jab se hai jaana tumhein
teri ore chalne lage

I began to change,
began to fall, and be steady..
since I have known you,
I have started to move toward you..

har safar har jagah
har kahin ban gaye
maante the khuda
aur haan wahi ban gaye

every journey, every place,
everywhere you became..
I thought of you as god,
and you have become god only..

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye

pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
meri nigaahon mein bhi hain dhoondhte wo tujhe
hum the dhoondhte jise wo kami ban gaye
tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

now people don’t recognize me when I am alone,
they look for you even in my eyes..
the one I used to search, you have become that lacking in my life,
you have become the territory of my love..

haan hasi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye……

I run to him and hug him tight….. this was my place and I own it…. he hugs me back with the same passion….. “I LOVE YOU ARJUN” I whisper and replies “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA ARJUN MEHRA”….. yes, now I’m radhika arjun mehra who has everything once she craved for…. Nesam comes later and sam proposes neil for marriage.
Sam got on her knees and held a ring in her hand: neil I’m bored of my surname….. can I use yours….. we all laugh and neils jaw drops…. He accepts and here my story ends……
I met with three unexpected things…..
1. Meeting with sam to start my event managing business…..
2. Meeting with arjun at the wedding and
3. Life made me accept arjun……
Now I lead a happy life….. every men aren’t same….. and my arjun is distinct from everyone…… and that he loves me I’m the luckiest girl to have him…….

So here I complete it….. I know its utter non sense but it just stroke my mind…… please give me your reviews and silent readers please do comment……….

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  1. Starz

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    1. Jnana

      Awe…. Dear don’t be angry with me….. Plz……. Thank you dear…..

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    This was way too good, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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    Hey jnana…. Seriously you r so cruel for calling this beauty as worst. It is amazingly written. I loved each n every part of it. Don’t dare to say it as worst.

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      i’m not so cruel……(pouted face)……… thank you dear….

      1. Sathya

        Ohhhh baby….. Love u… So from next time don’t say anything as worst. Ok?

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  6. Rossy

    Its very nice jnana…don’t say it bad…lovely os

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  7. Jessie

    Jnana… think u read english wrong.. actually its called superb.. awesome.. not worst.. change ur dictionary!
    Me loveeed d story a lot.. oh wow!! Arjun with whiskey part..?? neil b broom.. rofl.. perfect ending…muaah…flying kiss oly..TC n loads of love…

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  9. Sweetie

    Worst??Jnana,you will be spanked if you call this worst again,such a lovely story and you are calling it worst,not done..Coming to the story,Arjun and his dialogues,lol,”if I would have told you earlier,the thing which is favouring your feet would have decorated my face”,I laughed hard at that dialogue.. 😀 Neil and his broom story will be world famous one day for sure.. 😉 So cutie cute story and love you loads.. 😀 Do write more sister.. 🙂

    1. Jnana

      thank you sweetie…… not a spank please…… lol…. tc…

  10. Tara

    one word to describe you… “crazy”
    like literally?? u felt its worst??
    oh c’mon.. it was awesome…
    i loved ur dialogues
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