MMZ – Unexpected Friend (Part 1)


Hello all this is the short ff . It will be around 3 to 4 updates. Please do read and say me your views as how the update was.

There was a huge scene in the airport. A big family was biding bye for the smallest member of the family. She was going for her higher studies to Boston . A guy just watched the scene and smiled at them .

Mother ; Choti stay strong stay healthy and dont eat anything unnecessary and take head bath twice a week . Apply oil to your hair. Study well ok. Radhika nodded her head.
She took the blessings from her dadaji who too came for her send off.
Mala and Radhika hugged and Radhika was sobbing as she is leaving her family for her studies for 2 years.
Neil ; Chashni here your fav and gave her fav chocolate and she cried and hugged him. Ankush also hugged her . The three were friends from child hood. Neil and Ankush were classmates and Radhika was their lil angle and they make a team to do all naughty things.
Radhika wiped her tears and broke the hug ; At least say your heart to Sam before she goes back to her home town.
Neil (with an angry glare) ; Chashni is this the time to speak these things what if anyone other than us hears it.
Radhika (smiling mischievously) ; Followed her like a dog all these years, the whole collage knew your love story and smiled.

Dilip gave a protective hug and all with tears waved their hand towards her and she too reciprocated them with a bye and tears in her eyes and went inside. She was standing in the queue and a tall 6 feet guy was just busy with his phone. Radhika was continuously sobbing and her tears were just coming out. Just then he shouted a bit loud.

Guy ; Oh god why the hell are you painting red for the horse it should be brown black or white. Other side some one spoke something. He banged his head again and again and said “ If that got hurt then it should be in some parts not the whole body. Radhika who heard the conversation giggled, he too smiled and said ok now paint something but not red……. no not green . She started to laugh a bit big and saw him. He was closing his eyes and sometimes pleading and sometimes shouting and making her to smile for no reason.

Radhika gave the passport and Visa to the officer and after the verification she took the documents and saw him pleading and begging and gave his passport to the officer and was continuously pleading saying “ Ok i’m sorry, sorry …… sry sry sry …. after few seconds nandhu please i did not say anything to her . Oh my god she said she is painting red for horse. Ok sorry give the phone to her…….. raksha i’m sorry ok now smile my princess . Mammu will come soon . Ok just 1 month.
Officer ; Arjun ????
Arjun ; Yes ….
Officer ; Here is your passport . Thank you and saw radhika was walking but she made sure that she heard his name.
Radhika to herself ; Arjun nice name …. what am i thinking shameless radhika stop this nonsense and she headed towards the flight.

Radhika finds her seat and she keeps her hand luggage in the space provided over the head and she hears a voice and turns and sees the guy whom she saw minutes back.
Guy ; can you pls move miss ??
Radhika ; Arjun ???
Arjun ; Do you know me ??
Radhika ; No no i mean who are you Arjun ?? and bit her tongue and banged her head.
Arjun ; Take a breath , now can you please leave my space pls i want to sit, my legs are paining . She moved and gave his , his seat. He sat and saw her struggling to keep her bag as she was small and not enough to reach that height. He saw her and smiled and when he came near her the bag fell on Arjun. She laughed and Arjun was rubbing his head and saw her laughing her heart out. He just saw her and she gave her hand to make him stand. The flight was about start , Radhika and Arjun saw each other and he asked her to sit and she sat as per his words and he kept the bag on the space and he too sat and the airhostess asked them to fasten the seat belt.

Radhika was struggling with the belt and he smiled and he demonstrated her how to put and the flight started . She was first cried and then when the flight started she was chanting something with the eyes closed. Arjun who heard her murmur came close to her and when she opened her eyes she jerked and shouted as she saw his soo close. Radhika jerked and asked what ??
Arjun ; No i thought you were saying something to me ??
Radhika ; Well i was chanting hanuman chalisa of course as this is my first time flight and i’m the only daughter for my parents so i have to live long. He smiled and said “ Dont worry nothing will happen and they started their journey talk and they became a good travel friends.

Guess me who am i .

Credit to: Guess me

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  1. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thank u

  2. Sathya

    Hey dear I Don no who u r… Actually sorry to say… I am already writing one ff in thw same title mmz unexpected love. Can u pls change the title… Though it s ur first episode it shows as part 4 just because I m already completed 3 parts in it.

    1. Dear my title was different but I donno how did it came to be like this. I’m sorry for that from next part I’ll change the name.

      1. Oh.. I dint read this b4 commenting..btw wats d title of ur story yaar…?

      2. S.v

        I kept as manmarziyan my unexpected friend but came out like this.

  3. Nice story… and y u mentioned it as part 4 unexpected love, tats another story.. this is 1st chappy of ur story isn’t.eager 4 nxt update.. bring it soooon

    1. S.v

      Thank you so much Jessie

  4. Sammy

    Sv is that u ? ..I think so the way nice start pls continue 🙂 🙂

    1. Sammy

      Iam damn sure sv this u only …hehe fan always recognise her star

    2. S.v

      Yup u found me

  5. Sweetie

    Nice one dear..Sv jaan..Is that you??Waiting for the next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. S.v

      Yes jaan im ur jaan only

  6. interesting .pls cont..

    1. S.v

      Thank u subha

  7. Amazing start..but can’t able to guess who is u??? I thought its satz as title is same to her ff..

    1. S.v

      Thank u dipika that was a something which I too even did not expect dear.

  8. Hey I really thought this was Sathya 🙂 but now I think its SV 🙂 awesome

    1. S.v

      Didi mein hoon didi .

  9. Twin awesome dear…u r rocking with fresh stories…always calm n coolness…i liked this quality in u most…not much serious but feeling happiness is ur story theme…n me a big zero at that…continue soon..

    1. S.v

      Decided itself ahh its me ?? He he he because serious plot which never comes to me

  10. Sathya

    This is very cute episode SV..dear..actually radhika’s fer is genuine and i did the same thing when i travelled in flight for the first time. But i missed to see my arjun 😛 LOL….

    Hey u know what..when i see this episode in the early morning i was in half sleep…after seeing this i rubbed my eyes more than thrice to check whether am seeing it correctly or not…i was into thinking whether in sleep have i uploaded the 4th part or not? 😛 😛 😛

    1. S.v

      he he he sathya let your wish of seeing your Arjun come soon, lol and i can understand the effect of the title made to you. Seriously you know when i saw the update i started to read thinking that , that was you then when i was reading i found that those lines were known to me. Then i saw your comment and then i realised that the update was made by me but the title was yours. He he he love you lods.

  11. Too good Sv dear..each and every part I felt was so real..jst loved it…though I also got confused with the title..whats the title of ur story…?? Love

    1. S.v

      Thanks a ton ritu . Well the title which I kept was my unexpected friend. Love u lods .

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  13. Sv my sweeeeeetheart. ..mind blowing start….loved it to the core. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

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