MMZ – Unexpected Love (Part 1)

Hi All,

This is a small FF on Manmarziyan and hope you all will like it…please let me know your comments..both positive and negative are welcome.

The mandap hall is full of chaos and everyone is blaming each other. Bride family and Groom family blames each other. It becomes a severe argument which leads into a big fight and after sometime they all left the mandap sadly. The workers there starts gossiping and one of the person asks another about the reason of this fight.

Worker: Both Bride and Groom eloped from the marriage.

Another: What? Y they eloped when they are getting married.

Worker: Because they don’t want to get married to each other, they written the letter that they are not interested in this marriage and they eloped seperately.
Because of them their parents are fighting.

After that they gone to do their work.

A girl who is of mid 20 is sitting near the window seat in the plane and thinks, “Thank god..finally i have escaped from that marriage otherwise they would have tied me with that unknown person. How can i lead a life with the one whom i don’t evven know and i haven’t met him also. My parents are really dumb and now they are only suffering. I m not gonna return to them…when they are not ready to hear my concerns, then i am also not”.

Her thoughts get disturbed when she feels the some one in her adjacent seat. She turns to see but stuns seeing him. Her mindvoice, “ dashing he is. So handsome and what a manly look. Oh god that brown eyes.. i wanna steal it. It looks at me…staring at me ..oh god…oh god…i am shivering now… i couldn’t see him eye to is hypnotizing me…Oh he is smiling too and that too at me…What is happening here…morning was a very bad day and now i am getting all the happiness together..he is smiling at me still.. what should i do now? Smile radhika..idiot…Give him a pleasant smile so that he should think about you the same way you thought about him”. She smiles at him slightly.

He finds his place and sits at his seat and looks at his adjacent and finds a beautiful girl who lost in her self thoughts. He admires her and he likes her at first sight. She did not look at him and he wants her to see him, he starts adjusting his seat and intentionaly he is moving here and there to grab her attention. To his surprise, she looks at him and starring him continuously. His mindvoice, “Yes..yes…she sees a face. she looks so adorable , some charming is there in her face. Her eyes tries to say something…thoses dark black eyes it just attracts me. Her long wavy hairs and she is trying to tuckle it behind her ears..tht’s so cute. She is smiling at me seeing me smiling. She looks so beautiful while smiling, i want to capture this precious moment in my heart. I will make her friend”.

He extends his hands and says, “Hi i am Arjun”.

She gets shocked for a min and thinks, “No no…is there only one arjun or what? he will not be the one”. Then she too gives him her hands and says, “Radhika”

Arjun also shocks for a sec and thinks, “No defintely she cannot be the one..”

Arjun: so where are you going in US?

Radz: New york. ANd you?

Arjun smiles broadly and says: New York

Radhika is in full excitement and it clearly shows in her face.

@bride home

Mala cries seeing the picture and says: Choti..where are you. I will not force you for anything now. pls come back to me.

Dilip is in angry mood and says: From now on no one should talk about her in this house.

He grabs the picture and tears it and puts it into dustbin.

@Groom home

Nandini tries to calm down Samrat her husband but he is going out of control. He calls his managers and tells them to remove his son name from all his properties and he asks his family lawyer to make a will saying there will not be any share for him in my property. Nandini looks at him and holding her head in disbelief.

Precap: Ardhika lands in US and bids bye to each other.

Hope you all liked it. Let me know the comments and then i will think to continue this or not.

Credit to: Who am I?


  1. shreya

    Were they’re the bride and groom ………I mean radz Arjun…….it was awesome yaar ……stay blessed

  2. Myra


    |Registered Member

    Its amazing dear….ardhika were about to get married to just other…they ran away from each other…only to fall in love with each other….and to get married to each other….woah..we have weird….lol..jk..loved it!!

  3. S.v


    |Registered Member

    Now this is called ulta seedha. Lol they are the bride and groom but ran away and admiring each other. Super. And no guesses as im really bad in that. Who so ever u r it is superb . Next one soon pls

  4. dipika

    Satzzzz its youuuuu….i guesss m right…n storu is so lovely… they elope frm their marrige n landed in same plane..haha..loved it…excited for nxt one.

    • Sathya

      Yeah dipu… This plot came to my mind suddenly an di thought of write it as a one shot then thinking to write it as a short story may be 5 episodes…

  5. Jessie


    |Registered Member

    Oh wow..they are d bride n groom n they eloped… haiyo.. haiyo…. is this Sathya.. guess so.. now I started thinking abt climax.. how wud it be whn they realize d truth.. gosh..??? pls continue.. its gonna be awesome..

  6. Ritu

    total blast..aradhika escaping from their marraige and then again inclining towards each for nxt..I think its sathya..

  7. Roma

    Satz… lovely sweeeeeetheart. …it’s really superbbbb n mind blowing story. …just loved it from the bottom of my heart. …both eloped from wedding…n now met in plane….wowwww….loved their pov’s for each other….lol…soooooooo cuteeeee. …soo sorry honeyyy for late comment. ….plzzzz continue this lovely, amazing story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh. .. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

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  9. ankk

    its really funny I was laughing when I came to know they r t same bride and groom woww…sounds interesting..

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