MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 9)


So how was the twist. Ab yeh Nesam and Ardhika ka love story hai…will see how it goes and even i don’t have any idea how it will go..just writing in a flow. Vl c how it comes..and many thanks for supporting me a lot. Lets get into the chapter

MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 9)

Arjun meets Sam and Radhika meets Neil in a cafe day which specified by their dad’s. Unfortunately both the couples landed in the same place and just sitting right opposite to each other. Ardhika already messaged each where there are now.

Neil, “BTW, you look beautiful and elegant too.” he is smiling all over seeing her.

Rads just gives him a fake smile and looks at her folded hands on the table.

Neil continues, “You know, i just came to India last week and immediately my dad starts searching a girl for me…he and my mom spreads some bunch of pics and asked me to select one…i was like what nonsense..Are we doing any purchase or what? Selecting one in 12. I just hate that kind of behaviour and told my parents that whatever the girl they chose i accept it but i need to talk to her and understand her first before say yes and finally we are here.” he pauses his convo and stares her for a while and asks, “What happen Radhika? Y u look so tensed?”

Rads just gives him a look and says, “What will you do if i say no to you?”

Neil is shocked, takes a sip of water and sits straight now asking, “For what reason?”

Rads looks at his eyes and says, “I don’t like you”

Neil couldn’t believe it that from his teen none of the girl refused him and never say this statement to him. He tries to speak something but due to shock words are not coming from his mouth but manages somehow saying, “You don’t like me..but why?”

Rads leans on her chair and says, “Coz i love some one. My dad also knows and he only forced me to meet you otherwise i don’t even have zero percent interest to meet you”

Neil is like he don’t know what to do now but simply stares her.

Arjun and Sam sits opposite to each other and Sam is continuously starring him like she gonna eat him now itself. Arjun feels awkward seeing her stare on him and he avoids seeing her face and looks everywhere except her.

Sam, “So Mr. Arjun Mehra, y u r not looking at me? Just see me once na then only you can decide whether to say Yes or No”

Arjun, “That’s not required and i am coming to the point directly..that i am not interested in this alliance”

Sam, “What? Then y the hell u accepted to meet me”

Arjun, “Sorry..a small correction. I did not accept and my dad did all this on behalf of me. He made me meet you forcibly”

Sam gets irritates and asks, “So what do we do now? What’s your problem now? Can you tell me why u r not interested?”

Arjun gives a sigh relief and says, “Coz i am already in love and i will marry her only”

Sam is shocked but at the same time she gets calm down knowing the reason.

Sam, “Well..that’s acceptable. So if you don’t mind can you show me your lover?”


Neil Stares her for a while and asks, “Fine..then. I can’t do anything on this. I wish you get succeed in your love and BTW i want to see that lucky guy..can you?”

Rads gives him a gentle smile and says, “He is sitting just behind you”

Arjun smiles at Sam and says, “She is right behind you”

(Actually Arjun & Sam sits in the opposite to each other and Raneil sits opposite in the table infront of them. Arjun and Rads able to see each, Nesam sits right behind each showing their back..i guess could imagine)

Nesam is shocked and gets up from the table and immediately turns to see who it is, instead they encountered each other and blinks. Ardhika comes and stands close with each and says, “He is the lucky guy Arjun” and Arjun says, “He is my angel Radhika”.

Nesam actually did not listen them but lost in each others forget what they supposed to do.

Ardhika stares them and Rads whispers in his ears, “We don’t need to do anything i guess..everything is going automatically”

Arjun signs her to stay quiet and adjust his throat to make them come to sense. Nesam composes themselves and looks at Ardhika who is smiling at them.

Neil rubs his hair and winks at them. So finally all 4 introduces each other and sits in a same table..this time Ardhika sits close to each and opposite to Nesam.

Nesam laughs like anything after hearing Ardhika’s story and how they fallen in love…they both admired them and wishes them good luck for their life.

Sam, “Achaa Radhika…so how you gonna manage your dad? You too Arjun?”

Arjun, “It’s very easy yar. We already planned it”

Nesam together, “Plan?”

Ardhika together, “YES”

Neil, “What’s that? Do you need any help from us?”

Radhika spontaneously started laughing but control seeing Arjun staring her. Nesam did not understand anything but just starring them.

Neil, “Can you tell us clearly what you want to do from us?”

Arjun explains them what is the plan (muted). Nesam gives an unbelievable look at them and nods No for their planning.

Rads holds her hand and says, “Sam pls yar…we don’t have any other way now. Pls na”

Sam, “Radhika…R u serious? You know my papa will chop me into pieces if he comes to know all these dramas”

All 3 look at Neil who is silent and thinking something seriously. He comes to sense and looks at them once by saying, “Well…what will happen after that?”

Sam is like, “What you want?”

Neil looks her straightly and says, “What is the benefit for me yar? Guys, see i can’t do any help unless i get something”

Sam, “Oh hello Mr. At first place i am not ready to do any help. And you are thinking what you will get to help”

Neil ignores her words and looks at Ardhika and says, “You guys tell me…what you gonna return me if i help you”

Arjun, “As you wish”

Sam interrupts and says, “First stop this. What you guys are thinking? I can’t take this up anymore and i m leaving now” she gets up and takes her bag to leave but stops hearing Neil’s words.

Neil, “I wanna go for a date with Sam”

All are like dumb for a sec and composes themselves. First is Ardhika is surprise seeing Neil himself is falling for Sam and wonders what sam will reply.

Sam did not speak anything but stares Neil angrily and says, “I am not interested” and is about to go but Neil holds her wrist and says, “Fine..No date but atleast help this love birds na. See they are very poor..they need us. If we say the truth then their parents will give another 2 people..why all these nonsense and all..just say yes and chill”

Ardhika and Neil smiles brightly and expects a positive answer from Sam. Sam gives them a damn look and finally agrees to do it.

They sit again and discuss about their plans and finishes the food there itself. Within those short span, all 4 developed a nice bonding with each specially Sam & Rads.

Precap: Dilip and Samrat encounters each other in a business party and scolds each. Dilip introduces Raneil and Samrat shows Samarj and tells about their alliances.

Hope u all liked it… Let me know ur comments in the box n eagerly waiting for it

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  1. S.v

    it was small sathya yet lovely. He he he i love the way Ardhika introducing each other to Nesam. Lovely sathya. Love you so much…. Muhhaa….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear.. Yeah I couldn’t write much.. Felt very tired… Next one is spl episode… Vl update long one for sure

  2. Amazing satz.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  3. Myra

    Lovely update sathya…..neil ko toh love at first sight ho gya ? update soon….tc..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra

  4. Brin

    Awesome episode, I wonder what they are planning, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin ? vl update soon

  5. Awsome dear ..loved it 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much neetz

  6. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  7. Dev

    Osm sv…..neil fell

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  8. Jessie

    Sathya.. lovely cover pic yaar.. Aham is hell cute in tat.. n neil d Choco boy..!!
    Precap is funny.. rendu perum appaku periya aapa kuduka poranga.. sweet epi.. Neil.. love at first sight..hmm.. curious 4 nxt epi to know d plan..

    1. Sathya

      Yeah Jessie when I found that pic I was like dumbstruck seeing him… So cute… ??? u r correct… Rendu appakum perisa aapu than

  9. Dipika

    Satz darling its was so fabulous.
    .what a twist..haha..nesam started to fall for each othr in one at first sight.. Lol…awesome… U r khajana of ideas….but to convince dilip n samrat lookd quite hard…omg hows this four going to crack it..i wanna see nesam love story…ohhh..u r such a lovely girl yarrr…love u dearr..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dipu darling ??? yeah it’s very hard to convince then but thwy r not gonna convince instead shock treatment s awaiting for them

  10. Shree

    Akkaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Semma!! Sooper ji sooper!! Ungala madri mulai yaarukum illai… Kadavule thank you so much!! Sathya ka madri oru writer anupi vachadu ku… Update super duper!! Kalakureega ji!!

    Lol.. Seriousa… Siripu nikave matendu.. Radhika gave Neil a No on the face.. lolol… Neil shocked.. Teenage lerundu yaarum no solalena that doesn’t mean ippovum yes soluvanga.. Sam lol.. gonna eat him up.. lmao.. Arjun nervous with Sam’s looks… Arjun’s refusal.. Sam shock… inno super.. yey!! Super cool.. lalalalalalala..

    Opposite table… Sudden encounter of nesam.. tantadoi… Idhu semma.. so lost.. Arjun had to help to make them come out of trance… Plan discussion.. Sam’s no.. Neil wants a date.. so soon.. Idhu konjam fast a iruku.. but ennaku pidichiruku… again a Mo for Neil… Pavam payan.. avan feelings yum purinjikanum la… Ok finally.. Sam said ok.. nalla ponnu.. illatna ennaku romba kovam vandrukum.. I hope the plan goes will without any problems.. Success agum nu teriyum.. but problem vanam

    Ippo lam kovam avalo varudu.. phone a odachidalam nu pola iruku.. ana mudiyadu.. cause I love my phone.. phone illana eluda mudiyadu..

    Lol the precap.. Dilip and Samrat hate each other?! Lol raneil a vachi showoff.. same with samarj.. ivalo ego va.. ippo inno siripu varudu..

    Yey naa comment paniten.. so fast.. right after reading… Periya comment a irukum nu nenakiren… Amma moonji la facepack potu utrukanga.. adha vachikite padichitene.. lol…

    Sari sari… I’ll stop … Romba pesuren pola iruku.. Ippo naa chup

    Naal akkava seekrama update pannunga

    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      Thangaaaaaachiiiiii ????? apo evlo periya comment…. Romba thanks thangam… Neil pavam than… Actually Sam paathavudane avanuku pudichuduchu… He is trying to impress her n soon he will achieve it… Just wait n watch dear.. Innum neraya irukku itha Vida funny scenes…. Hope u will enjoy… Love u lot dear ?????

  11. Lakshmi05

    Awesome epi sathya di. Love at first sight for nesam..superb. Ardhika were so cute. Precap is too’ll they convience their dad’s. Will be waiting for next one.. Luv

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear ???

  12. Awesome update…waiting for next one post soon 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  13. amazing episode…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  14. Gauri

    Awesome Awesome Awesome Sathya …. Loved when Radhika says I don’t like you to Neil … Sam about to eat Arjun LOL and then Nesam lost in each other…..loved it now what is the plan they were discussing in mute I am curious ….pls post soon dear 🙂 Happy weekend 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri ?????that was a lovely comments…. Vl update next soon… Love u

  15. _Ritu

    Amazing Sathya.. 🙂 rads and Arjun directly rejected 🙂 😉 and NeSam love at first waiting to know how they will convince their Gabbar parents..plz post soon 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much ritu ???vl update next soon

  16. Jnana

    It was awesome…. I liked nesams encounter…. Waiting to see the reaction of these fathers…. In first meet itself neil asking sam for a date…. One needs to be brave to do this…. And I’m very eager for the plan….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much jnana ???? yeah Neil is very brave… Of course he asked her a date is coz he likes her.. ??? vl update next soon

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  17. Rossy

    Omg…happy friendship day sissy…why I feel like the history will repeat again…lol…me n my imagination has no bound…nesam did wonders…waiting for ardhika union by family

    1. Sathya

      Happy friendship day dear ??? what s that history dear… Vl update next soon dear

  18. Haha It was very nice ..luv to read it..Waiting 4 next chappy….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  19. Wowwww wowwww wowwww. ..satzzzz it’s marvellous . …I just loved it to the coreeeee…ardhika n nesam both spectacular. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much roma dear ???

  20. Mica

    yess… those 2 couple.. just luv it soo much
    wonder what kind of plan,,,,
    luv it so much sathya… xoxo

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