MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 5)


MMZ – Unexpected Love (Episode 4)

Radhika wakes up and blinks at the cop. She stumbles to stand straight inside the car, but arjun drags her out and supports her to stand properly. The cops checks their passports and enquired them about why they parked the car in wrong place. Arjun explains them everything and finally he paid fine and looks at rads who is still dancing here and there. He puts her in car and goes back to the hotel where they stayed.

He reaches the hotel and struggles to get her out from the car, but she is not and beats him. Then he literally takes her in his arms and moves towards their rooms. The people there in the hotel looks at them smilingly and murmurs saying, “Cute Love Birds”. Arjun hears them and gets blush seeing radhika in his arms who holds his shoulder in one hand and doing drawings in his chest, pulling his cheeks, his nose and doing all the naughtiness. But Arjun enjoys her each and every act and holds her softly like a flower. He then first goes to her room and puts her in the bed, while doing so he missed his balance and both falls on the bed. Arjun is on top of her and looks at her lovingly. He looks so nervous seeing her so close, he looks at her rolling eyes which is piercing his heart. He closes his eyes to control his emotions and immediately he gets up from her and covers her with the blanket and goes to his room.

He falls in his bed with a thud and remembers their first day moments , he laughs remembering the moment when she teases the guys in the pub after drinking and says, “She is definitely something special..yaarrrr I LOVE HER”. He turns opposite side and dig his face in bed and falls asleep. Its been 3 hrs and radhika gets up holding her head and says, “Ouchhhh…yar..why my head is paining like this”. She jerks up listening a voice near her, “Because you drank that much and were out of your control”. Radhika gets up and looks at him surprisingly and asks, “You here?”

Arjun, “What are you asking? I am here with you from yesterday..don’t you remember what we did yesterday?”

Radhika is shocked and asks, “What are you saying? You were in this room?”

Arjun, “Don’t be silly, i was in your bed…with you”

Radhika opens her mouth in a shock and widens her eyes. She is about to cry, tears already formed and asks him, “What happened between us?”

Arjun, “ many..which one u want me to say?”

Radhika keeps silent and stares him, tears drops in her cheeks slowly…Arjun is shocked and stopped teasing seeing her tears. He moves close to her and wipes her tears saying, “Hey why are you crying …i thought you are a very strong girl and you are crying for this small things”

Radhika jerks his hands and says, “what are you saying? Its not a small thing…its about every girl’s respect. Do you think that i will take this so easily. I believed you and came here alone with you but you cheated me…you also behaved like a normal person. You are very bad…i don’t want to talk to you and see your face. I will go from here” by saying this she is about to get down but arjun holds her both hands and stops her from getting down and says, “So you don’t have any trust on me right?”

Rads stared at his eyes and finds something fishy. Arjun continues, “Actually i thought of teasing you and that’s y i told you the fake story, nothing happened between us and I was not here but in my room. I am sorry if i hurt you…but i never thought that you don’t have trust on me and judged my character very badly. I am not a womanizer you know to go behind everyone and doing wrong things…even i have a respect for girls. I am not that cheap to behave wrong with a girl when she is not in her senses.”

He drops her hand and leaves from there. Radhika is shocked and becomes speechless. She feels guilty of hurting Arjun badly. She thinks to convince him at any cost. She freshen up and gets ready, she knocks arjun’s door and wait for him to open. After 3 to 4 times knocking the door, arjun opens it and stares her her without any reaction.

Radhika gets upset seeing him sad and when she is about to speak Arjun interrupts her and says, “I ll come in 5 mins, pls wait in your room till i call you” and is about to close his door, radhika stops him and says, “Y u behave so rudely? I know you are angry on me but what’s wrong in my reaction…not only me everyone will behave like that only. I am sorry for hurting you but pls don’t behave like this”

Arjun just gives her a look and goes inside without talking to her. Radhika still stands in the door step only and gets worried about his behaviour. She is about to go inside but arjun comes out before her wiht his luggage and locks his door. He turns to her and says, “Yes..u hurted me and i cannot forget or forgive that so easily. Because it is about my character. Come we are getting late and have to vacate this hotel now.” he walks front without listening her.

Radhika gets upset and follows him without saying anything. It’s been 1 hr they started their driving and both did not speak up a single word. Finally radhika breaks the silence and shouts, “STOP THE CAR”.

Arjun stops the car and sits silently looking at her without any reaction. Radhika fuming in anger and looks at him angrily and asks, “What is your problem Arjun? I am sorry for my behaviour, but you are doing too much. I cannot take this anymore. Pls talk to me na”

Arjun, “Your words hurts me here” by showing his chest on left side and continues, “Its not so easy to forget or forgive”.

Radhika, “So that’s your decision right. Fine and thanks for your lift” by saying this she gets down from the car and takes her bag also and looks at arjun. He didnt even bother to look at her and turns other side. She gets angry for his behaviour and walks forward. Arjun looks at her and says, “It’s not safe to go alone here. Don’t make scene and sit in the car”.

Radhika, “Thanks for your care..just mind your work and go. I don’t need your favour anymore” She started walking with her bag. Arjun bangs his hand on the steering wheel and drives leaving her walking on the road. Radhika stopped there itself and curses him for his rude behaviour.

She is looking for any car or taxi on the road but she did not find anything and is in verge of crying. She talks to herself, “Idiot Idiot..i am a very big idiot. I shouldn’t have get down from the car. He warned me but i did not listen him and now am suffering. Oh god what kind of road is vehicles passing till now. It looks strange. God Pls help me.” She continues walking on the road. After a while, she sees something on the road and laughs heartly. yes it is none other than Arjun who stands near the car and looking at his engine. She runs to him and asks, “Wow…any problem in the car?”

Arjun gives her a wierd look and concentrates on his work. She leans on the side of the car and says, “So Mr. Arjun, that’s y i said you to forgive me, then you would have not fallen in this problem” He gives her an unbelievable look and closed the bannot and looks for any vehicles. Radhika also stands beside him and smiles seeing his irritated face. Rads, “You know what Arjun, i really liked your this irritated face. so sweet of you” she said this by pulling his cheeks. He jerks her hands from him and gets happy seeing a car approaching their way. He asks for lift but that driver did not stop the car. Radhika laughs seeing his angry face and moves forward. Another car is approaching them, now she raises her hand for lift and to her surprise and his shock, the car stops at them. Radhika gives him a winning smile at him and she tells the man about their problem. He offers for the help and ties their cars with rope. Radhika sits with that man in the car and Arjun sits in his car and holds his head by his hand thinking about his fate.
Radhika starts her chit chat with that man and often looks back at arjun’s car. Finally he drops them in the car service station. That guy come and hugs radhika and kisses on her cheeks to her shock saying, “You are so cute doll…i really enjoyed the travel with you. I am jealous on you man to have a girl like this. She is precious and keep her safe. Bye Bye”

Ardhika are in shock and looks each other lovingly. Arjun goes from there and gets his car repaired and both starts their driving again. Both maintains the silence and thinks about that man’s statement again and again. Arjun removes the top from their car and drives in a cool breeze. Both enjoys the drive and thinks about each other. Arjun smiles remeniscing radhika’s naughtiness. Radhika enjoys the open air drive and sits on top of the seat and starts singing her favourite songs. Arjun smiles at her seeing her actions and radhika noticed it. She jumps on her seat and asks, “Hey u smiled right? which means you forgive me?”

Arjun composes him and in a rude tone replies her, “No i am not.”

Rads, “I know you smiled..i saw you smiled”

Arjun, “Probably that’s your imagination”

Rads, “Nothing. I am sure…you smiled. Don’t hide it ok..bcoz you are blushing now”

Arjun, “What nonsense? Y should i blush unnecessarily?”

Rads, “That how do i know? You have to tell”

Arjun stares her and says, “Stop your blabber now and let me drive”

Rads, “No i am not. tell me y u blushed?”

Arjun, “When you blush right, that time you will know?”

Rads, “Ha ha ha..y am gonna blush? You gonna kiss me or what to make me blush”

Arjun stops the car in a jerk and looks at her. Radhika looks him confused and doesn’t understand y he stopped the car. Before she understands it, he pulls her close and puts his lips on hers. Radhika is in shock and did not move at all, she is completely frozen and her eyes are widely opened and rolling here and there. Arjun did not think and see anything about radhika, he just closes his eyes and pulls her face more close to him. He keeps on pulling her and exploring her lips with his. Radhika is still in shock and slowly she realises what is happening and gently keeps her hands in his chest. She tries to stop him but his grip on her face is getting tighten more. And about their kiss, “KISSING IS LIKE DRINKING SALTED WATER. THEY ARE DRINKING IT AND THEIR THIRST IS GETTING INCREASES”. Its been longing for a atleast 15 mins…both are really in need of some oxygen, so they get apart. Arjun opens his eyes and looks at her lovingly. She breathes heavily and looking at her without blinking her eyes. He could see the shy, love in her eyes. He continues starring her and she lowers her eyes and sits straight facing the front side of the car. she adjust her hair and composes herself. Arjun moves close to her and whispers in her ears, “Now you are blushing right?”

She did not even look at him and turns to other side and looks outside. He smiles at her and drives off. They reached Las Vegas and makes them settle in a perfect resort but unfortunately they get only one room but with 2 single beds. Arjun looks at her and raises his eyebrows, radhika comes to him and says, “I believe you”. He smiles and they both goes to their room. They both fallen on their beds respectively and soon dozed off coz of the travelling tired. In the evening he takes her out and both roams the vegas city till midnight. Radhika enjoys her time being with him. Arjun also loves each and every moment with Radhika. They fight with each other and feed each other, care for each and over protective for each. Their 30 days passes like this and in these 30 days, they become so close to each other. Both realises they are in love with each but they did not propose yet. Radhika feels shy to express her feelings but she knows he too loves her but still her girly thought stops her.
Arjun decides to propose her as soon as they reach NewYork. On 30th Day they are travelling back to newYork and Arjun feels nervous thinking about her travelling to India next day. He already calls Shalini and tells her to pack radhika’s stuff and keep it ready. He plans to take her to his home.

They reached NY in the night and goes to radhika’s flat to get her luggage from shalini and he tells her to come to Airport tomorrow directly and he is taking radhika to his home. Shalu already knows that Arjun loves her, so she didnt object him and sends them with a smile.

Ardhika reaches arjun’s flat and he makes her feel comfortable. Radhika looks at him and asks, “Arjun, y u got me here?”

Arjun sits beside her holding her hand and says, “I am feeling restless thinking about your travel to india tomorrow. I thought of being with you and don’t want to waste my time.” She smiles at him and both headed to kitchen to prepare something for dinner. They had nice time together and finishes their dinner. Radhika stands in his balcony and looks the NY city with colorful lights. She murmurs, “BEAUTIFUL”. suddenly arjun comes behind her and says, “Not more than you”

Radhika turns & looks at him who stares her lovingly. He steps back and kneel his one leg down and extends his hands to her. She is shocked seeing his gesture and says, “ARJUN”

Arjun smiles and says, “May i have a pleasure to dance with you for one last time”

Radhika happily gives her hand to him and he pulls her to him and wraps his hands on her waist and hers on his chest. At the background TERE LIYE song from Veer Zara is playing in his music system. Ardhika moves their body according to the music. They feel their bodies touches others sensuously and they both lost themselves being with each other. When they finishes their dance, he carries her in his arms and puts her in the bed. He also laid beside her but stops and looking at her face and asks, “May i?”

Radhika takes his hand in hers and says, “Today i also need your embrace”. They both hug each other and sleep together.

Next morning, Radhika wakes up first and looks at arjun who is sleeping like a kid. He moves him from her and goes to washroom to get freshen up. Arjun also wakes up and sees her coming out from the washroom and greets her morning. She tells him to get ready fast as they have very less time to pack and go to airport.

They gets ready and reaches airport on time. There radhika meets shalini and both hugs each other tightly and says, “Will miss you”.

Shalini pulls her leg saying, “Already you did not missed me in these 30 days and do you think i will believe you if you say that you will miss me”

Radhika gets embarrassed and says, “Nothing like that. Defintely i will miss you”. Arjun stands there silently and watches the friends talk. Shalini notices his silence and upset face, she tells radhika, “Rads…u just talk to arjun..i will be back in sometime” she goes from there giving them some time to each other.

Radhika gets restless now and couldn’t face arjun, so she not even move to his side and looks somewhere. Arjun comes to her and turns her to face him. He finds tears forms in her eyes and is about to come out. He cups her face and makes her to see his eyes and says, “Radhika, I wanted to say this for long…exactly the first day when i met you. I loved being with you because I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU RADHIKA. I want you to be the first and last person before and after my sleep. I wanna live each and every moment of my life with you. Happiness, Sorrows, Problems everything i wanna share with you…only with you. I cannot hide my feeling anymore and i opened my heart today that…”I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”.

Radhika is stunned hearing his love confession. Her tongue sticks to her jaw and she couldn’t speak anything but simply stares him. Radhika’s hands are shivering and she holds her bag for support. Arjun, “Now it’s your turn to speak from your heart”. Radhika couldn’t do anything but hugs him tightly and and says, “I LOVE YOU TOO ARJUN”. She kisses his cheeks and repeats her confession again and again. They both hugs each other tightly till Shalu comes and disturbs them.

Radhika bids them bye and leaves from there, before leaving she tells him to come soon INDIA to take her and she will be waiting for him. Radhika takes her seat in the flight and remenisceses her lovely moments with Arjun and gets happy thinking about his confession. She talks to herself, “Now my ultimate task is to convince maa and papa. God pls help me”.

Precap: Radhika tells Mala about Arjun and tells her to convince Dilip for this alliance. Arjun lands in INDIA and talks to Nandini and Samrat about Radhika.

So how is this episode guys, hope you all like it. Pls pour your comments.

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    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much dear…. Yes they r the one supposed to get married but they didn’t show interest on knowing each other… So those scenes will come as flash back when they come to know the truth

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    So cute.. loveddd Ardhika moments…!!! And d proposal wow.. i was waiting y he isnt!! Precap makes more curious.. Take care dear

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      Thank u my dear sissy…. ???yeah Rosie it will be full of fun with the parents and after that ardhika will struggle to convince them.. Hope u like it

  9. Superb epi Sathya…cute..Aradhika awesome as always..but I m desperately waiting for the moment when their parents will realise the truth..Omg m laughing now only imaging their faces?? ..plz post soon…love

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    Love you ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much shree ??????I Inspired this scenes from ddlj movie. Kandippa seekirama update pandren

  11. mindblowing episode..sathya…….as usual u r rocking da…..ardhika fight, arjun proposal super..thanks for updating….eagerly waiting next one.please update

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    .splendid.. N their kiss..simply beautiful.. N ur phrase..its truly amazing… N his proposal.. Omg
    .koi mujhe b prapose kar le aisa…m now restless to read further.. Wht happen whn they discover truth of their marriage… Ohhhh..m so eager.. Come soooooon u…tons of kissesss…n huggss

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  15. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode….ardhika romantic moments were veryyyyyyy lovely. …loved the confession…muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug. you loads ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™กโ™กโ™ก

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