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So finally we are into the last episode of this FF. I am so glad that you all liked..sorry sorry…loved this FF and provide me a great support till the end. I am really very happy that i did something which impressed you all. Actually this is my Second FF in MMZ series and this too creates a good impact in all your hearts. so now will get into the final chappy.

Manmarziyan – My Impossible Love (Episode 35)

Arjun wakes up and looks at Radhika who sleeps in the sitting position. He felt bad seeing her suffering so much for him. He makes her sleep properly in the bed and kisses on her forehead. Radhika smiles saying, “Thank you” in a sleepy mode and continues her sleep by hugging the pillow. Arjun smiles and goes to freshen up. Then he comes to kitchen and prepares tea for them and takes it to his room. Aditya who sits and reads the news paper silently watches everything and smiles.

Arjun keeps the tray beside the table and sits beside radhika and tries to wake her up. Radhika nods no and sleeps in his lap saying, “I wanna sleep”.

Arjun rubs her hair and tuckles it behind her ears and says, “You are my cute chubby chasni right….pls wake up my baby…I have got Tea for u..i prepare it specially for u..come on wake up wake up…” somehow he made her wake up and push her to washroom to fresh up. Once she comes, they both had their tea and spent some good time.
Radhika, “Arjun, but what special today? You did all this for me?”

Arjun, “Mmm…yeah. Today is my day and you should do what i am saying”

Rads, “Done. Now what i need to do?”

Arjun sees her naughtiness and says, “Now you need to take bath with me”

Rads, “Okay fine” but immediately she realises what she said and widens her eyes and stares Arjun who is laughing seeing her shocked face.

Rads sees him laughing, throws the pillow on him. Arjun catches it and he too throws back on her. Both starts the pillow fights and finally falls on the bed. Radhika is on top of him and mesmerises seeing his innocent s*xy smile. She cups his face and place a wet kiss on his cheeks. He closes his eyes and waits for her lips to touch his. She slowly leans on him and suddenly she bites his nose and unexpecting this, he screams loudly and rubs his nose in pain. Radhika laughs loudly and gets down from the bed. Arjun also goes down to catch her but she runs to washroom and locks it. He bangs the door to open but she is not. After hearing his scream, Aditya who sits in the hall smiles and says, “It’s time for me to run away from here.”

Arjun is continuously banging the door but stops hearing Aditya calling him. Aditya informs him that he is going to their native village to spend some time there and renovate the old house there. Arjun initially refuse it but Aditya tells not to stop him. Then he too agrees for it and gets a promise from him to come back soon.

Radhika laughs inside the washroom and thinks why Arjun stops banging the door. She opened a little bit and peeps her head out to look for him but the room is empty. Then she slowly comes out and searches him in the room but Arjun is standing just behind the washroom door and that she did not notice it. He slowly moves to her and wraps her waist by his strong hands. Rads gets jerked off and tries to removes his hands saying, “Arjun..leave me”

Arjun, “No way. You should get the punishment for beating me”

Rads, “Punishment…no pls….i am very innocent na…pls leave me”

Arjun, “Innocent? You? best joke of the year. You should bear the punishment now for acting as innocent girl”

Rads, “I am not acting. Pls leave me…i am really an innocent person” to her surprise, he takes her in his arms saying, “Now the punishment is to take bath with me”

Rads face changed and begs him but he did not even listen to her and takes her to washroom.

Arjun puts her down in the washroom and locks it immediately before she goes. But still she is trying to remove the knob, but arjun pulls her and pins her to the wall and keeps her both hands at the at the top within his. Now radhika’s heart is beating faster than ever thinking about the coming scene. Arjun stares her and his eyes clearly shows what he needs now. Radhika lowers her gaze from him and says, “Arjun you are getting late for office. Leave me pls”

Arjun just nods as no and pushes his body on her. Rads feels an electric shock on her body coz of this sudden closeness, she widens her eyes and gives him an unbelievable look. He then looks down on their bodies and says, “I feel, now this dresses are disturbing us..what say?”

That’s it…radhika gulps it and says, “What you gonna do? Leave me na…let me go. Is this the time to do all this. Its morning. All are in home. Arjun pls leave me”

Arjun, “So if now is not the right time means, then when we can do this?”

Radhika, “That we will see later. Now you move”

Arjun smiles and pushes him more on her says, “Something is burning inside me…how long i have to wait for that”

Radhika gets shy realising what arjun is asking and she replies, “Not now” she pushes him and runs outside. Arjun laughs and gets into a thinking.

Radhika goes into another room and gets ready, in the meanwhile arjun also got ready goes down. Aditya set everything to leave now, when rads comes and stops him, he convinces her and Arjun goes with him to drop him.

Radhika finishes all her work and sits in the room. She feels bored and thinks to re-arrange Arjun’s wardrobe. Exactly at the mid noon, she gets a call from Arjun and he gives her the address of the Cafe day and asks her to meet him there. Radhika gets surprised and asks him the reason but he says surprise and disconnects the call.

Radhika gets ready and leaves home. She waits in the cafe day which Arjun told. Time is passing but Arjun did not come yet its been an hr now. She called him but no response. She thought of leaving from there but then again thought that if he she continues waiting for him. She feels odd seeing the waiter often comes to her and checks for her order. Now he stopped coming and stares her from the counter. Radhika stops seeing his side and starts scolding arjun for making her wait her like this.Now she is losing her patience and its been 2 hrs now, she again tried reaching him and he attends the calls and tells her to come to another place, she scolds him and leaves from there.

Now the clock ticks 6 PM and she is waiting for him from past 4 hrs and he is saying some nonsense reason of coming to meet her. She calls him again, he attends it and says, “ARJUN…What the hell are you doing? If you are busy then y u called me to roam the city. It’s not fair Arjun. I hate you” she cuts the call and leaves to home.

She reaches home and finds it dark. She enters inside and feels so soft in her feet. She turns to switch on the light but before she does, lights switched on and she just stands like a statue with her mouth open and scans the home. She is stunned seeing the decorations in her home. The full house is decorated with heart shaped ballons and candle lights everywhere. It looks so beautiful that she forgot about her angry on Arjun and sees him coming from stairs like a prince. She mesmerised seeing him and lost in his handsome and his s*xy smile.

Arjun comes to her and takes her both hands and kisses on it says, “Sorry for making you roam and wait for long…how is my surprise? do you like it?”

Radhika nods as no and says, “Actually….i love it” she hugs him and kisses on his cheeks and says, “So this was your planning is it and that’s y u sent me out”

Arjun nodded like a kid keeping a pout face. Radhika smiles and kisses him again in his cheeks. He rubs it and says, “Enough of here now..i want here” he shows his lips. Rads glares him and is about to give but arjun keeps his finger in between and looks at her. Rads gets surprised and asks, “Now what?”

He hands over her a parcel and says, “First go and change in this…then i won’t stop you” he winks at her. Radhika smiles and goes to change it. She opesn the parcel and finds a beautiful designer saree. She loves it and says, “Not bad have good taste”

She wears it and finds the matching jewels also in that parcel…she loves everything and gets ready. She checks her once in the mirror and comes out searching for Arjun. She finds him arranging the dining table for dinner.

Rads slowly, “Arjun…how am i looking?” she raises both her hands besides and gives a s*xy pose to him.

Arjun lifts his head up and stuns seeing her…really she looks like an angel. He smiles seeing her posture and comes to her. He just keeps on moving to her and wraps her waist by his one hand and says, “Beautiful…Shall we?” he points to the dining table and takes her there.

Radhika sees all her fav dishes cooked well and decorated too..she gets so many excitements in a very short time. Rads looks at him and says, “how do you know all this are my favs and how u cooked it?”

Arjun, “All this praise goes to my mala aunty”. Both of them smiles and starts having their dinner.

Ardhika feeds each other and forgets themself in each other’s embrace. Arjun did not allow her to move anywhere…he only arranged everything after their dinner and takes her to their room.

He enters behind her and locks the door without moving his eyes from her. Radhika gets shy seeing his gaze on her and lowered her eyes. She turns to opposite side and all the scents of the room assaulted her and enjoys the fragrance in the room. She feels his footsteps nearing her. She entwines her hands tightly to hide her nervous and tension. Soon she feels a hot breathe on her shoulder and closes her eyes. He slides her hair to one side and gives a deep smooch below her ear and bites it little and radhika moans in pleasure. He the whispers in her ear, “You are killing me…my burning emotions are up now…i can’t wait anymore” saying he gives another strong kiss on her collar bone. Radhika couldn’t control anymore, turns and hugs him tightly and says, “Please make me yours Arjun” and she too kisses him below his neck which gives him the boost to proceed further. He rubs her bare waist and press it hardly. Radhika moans in pain and pleasure. She tightens her grip on him and he starts to give love bites on her neck. He then slowly moves his lips to hers and kisses it gently first and makes it harder.

When their lips finally touches each, they feel an electric current passing on their bodies and they feel it everywhere. The kiss stirs their emotions, heart and soul. And their kissing ignites a fire within them which they could feel it. He sucks her lips and bites it softly. She allows him to explore her mouth by his tongue and he too uses the chance without missing it. He tastes the sweetness of hers and starts sucking it badly and by his touch he just shows her that he needs her badly now. He seperates him from her and stares her lovingly. He then removes her jewels by himself and place a wet kiss on those places.

He makes her sees him and understands that now she is all set to give her completely to him. He unpins the saree and it automatically drapes down and shows him the cleavage of her body. He looks at her chest breathing up and down heavily which makes him go mad on her. He moves his hand from her face to her neck and then down to chest and stops in her belly and rubs it softly. Her body starts shivering coz of his touch, she closes her eyes tightly and says, “I can’t hold myself more” in a shivering tone. He immediately takes her in his arms and puts her in the bed and stares her half naked body. He then removes his shirt and throws it on the floor and leans beside her.

Arjun, “Just close your eyes”.

Arjun’s POV:

Radhika did not ask me anything and just did what i said. Soon she feels a feather touch on her cleavage which ignites her hidden emotions more than before. She opens her eyes and sees the thing which i have in my’s nothing but a peacock feather. I touches her body with that feather and makes her more shiver and it gives me more pleasure to see her moaning. I am giving her an extreme level of pleasure to her, due to that she couldn’t control her emotions and hugs me tightly and says, “Pls don’t torture me like this Arjun”. I smile at her and pecks her lips and kisses her neck. She just wants me to use her as much as possible and she gives me all the space wherever i want to explore her body. Slowly i undress her completely and leans on top of her and gives a love bites on her body.

Radhika’s POV:

Aaahhhh this arjun makes me die for each second. I couldn’t hold myself anymore, that’s it and now i should start my action. I pushes him down and leans on top of him. He gets surprised seeing my boldness and buts keeps silent to see my actions. I didn’t bother about his look, i just pecks his lips softly and kissing his neck wildly. Now it is his turn to moan in pleasure. He shouts my name in pleasure and it gives me more courage to move on further. I hold his face in my both hands and i take the liberty of him and i too gives him a love bites on his body. I moved down further and place a hot smooch on his chest. The slight half grown hairs on his chest makes me go crazy and i keeps my face on it. Awwww… god…i lost my 25 years without could it be possible…now i can’t leave him for a second. I place my cheeks on his chest and enjoys the rough touch on my cheeks. Then i move further below and kiss his belly part and slightly bites it hard. He shouts in pain and i smiled.

Arjun’s POV:

Oucchhhhhh…god..she bites me hardly. I shout in pain and i see her smiling at me. How dare she bites me and smiling? I will not leave her now. I pulled her to me and puts her under me. She did not expect this and widens her eyes and stares me. Awwwwwww….how beautiful eyes she has…i gives her a wicked smile and says, “Now you are gone”. She smiles at me and says, “I love to”. I smile seeing her eagerness and makes her full naked and puts my self completely on her. Our bodies are touching and each feel the hotness of their bodies. I feel her soft skin against my rough one and tempts me to push myself more on her. I find myself completely blend on her skin. I feel so good in touching each part of her body. She is really a diva….her every curves makes me crazy and pulls me to go beyond that. I kiss on her every curve on her body and makes her moan more and more. I entwined my fingers in her hairs and pulls it little hardly and she winces in pain though she smile at the end.
I finished our small play and move down further to push myself into her. I enter into her and initially it is little hard for me and we struggle a bit at first.

Radhika’s POV:

I want him to take me as soon as possible and finds him moving down on me. I give him a place to have a comfortable position and he then tries push him into me and i winces in pain and i see him also struggling at first and later he manages to push him and finally we reaches our destiny. Yeah…he is into me now…Woww..what a pleasure it is…though it is painful yet it gives us a happiness that we acheived something. we both are becoming one soul with 2 bodies. Now he is mine and i am his…only his. Now my life is complete with him. After having exhausted love making, we both fall into each others arms and stares each other lovingly.

Arjun’s POV:

I see her smiling at me, she is beautiful. Yes..she is and she is precious too. Finally after winning my treasure hunt, we both talk for sometime to get relax. After sometime, again we ended up in love making for all the night.

Next Morning,

I wake up when the first sun rays falls on my face, i feel very tired and stares my love who is hugging me and sleeping. I reminisces our last night and automatically a smile comes to me. We both don’t know when we stopped and slept. Now she is all been tired and sleeping like a cute angel…My angel…My princess. I kiss on her forehead which makes her to open her eyes.

—–POV ends here——

Radhika wakes up and looks at arjun who is starring her without even blinking his eyes. She too smiles at him shyly and hides her face in his chest. He hugs her tightly and whispers in her ears says, “I LOVE YOU MY PRINCESS. THAT WAS THE UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT EVER”. After hearing his confession, she pushes herself more into him.
He smiles and leans over her to make love again.

After 2 years leap,

Birdsong office seems so busy and tensed. Neil, Arjun and Teji discuss something seriously in the conference room about the new project. Three of their mobile gets a message at the same time and they all look each other unbelieveble and reads their messages.

Arjun reads his message, “Get me Anar juice right now”

Neil reads his message, “Get me an Apple immediately”

Teji makes scaring face and reads the message, “Get me leg massage cream right now”

Within a sec all the three runs to the respective place to get the items which is asked for. They gets the 3 items and walks into the room where Radhika, Sam and Mahi are sitting.

Arjun goes to Radhika, Neil to Sam and Teji to Mahi and gives the items which they have got.

All the three ladies sits in the table looks at their partners and says, “You people are not caring us only. Everytime you want us to remind you or what?”

The boys looks each other and together says, “Sorry…will not repeat this”

The girls smiles at them and gets up from the chair and stands with them. All their stomachs are big and each in different size. Radhika is 8 months now , Sam and Mahi are 6 months. They guys helps their partners to have the healthy drinks, fruits etc and murmurs, “Our small mistake, makes us as a slave now”

Rads, Sam & Mahi together says, “We heard it. How dare you” by saying this they twisted their ears in one hand and when they starts screaming they closed their mouths to stop their scream.

The screen freezes there.

A voice over says,

“MY IMPOSSIBLE LOVE”…It was impossible for Arjun to get a girl like Radhika but slowly coz of her cuteness, bubbliness, caring nature everything turns to possible for him to fall in love with her. His Impossible love becomes Possible now.

All the three are happily leading their life with their lovable partners and makes their life beautiful forever.

********THE END***********

So how is this episode..hope you all like it…I tried giving something in the last episode and not sure whether i satisfied you all or not. Hope you all like it and enjoyed the ardhika moments. I thank each and every one of you for supporting me throughout this journey…After enemity to love, i made you all love me and remember me through this ff.
So now it is your turn to give comments…and guys who are silent readers for this…This is the last episode and pls come out and give your comments for the Same.

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      Manu darling…. Love u so so much dear ???? I thought of adding some funny scenes in between and got idea…. Thank u so much for ur compliment dear… I am so glad to see ur lovely appreciation… Pls keep supporting me dear then only I can achieve success.. As u say???love u a lot

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