MMZ : Ultimate Jerk or Prince Charming : One Shot


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My life was pretty. I had everything a girl could dream of. I still remember the day I first met him. Once as I walking back home from my work, I feared a little thinking about the lone lane I had to walk. It was dark already and I was alone. I clutched my bag under my arm and fumbled through it to find my pepper spray.
As I was walking down the lane, a heard someone whistling.
I didn’t dare turn around as I knew about those goons. I tried avoiding them and increased my pace.

“What’s the hurry sweetheart?” one of them asked as he approached me. I tried to run but he caught my arm. So I grabbed the pepper bottle and sprayed it on his face. He grunted and left my arm. I started running ‘cause I knew all of them will be after me now.
But they cornered me. As I was thinking of some strategy of get out of this mess, a bright light shone on us. It was a headlight. I saw a car approaching. I shouted asking for help and the car screeched to a halt. A guy clad in black t-shirt and black jeans came out of the car. He eyed me for a second and turned to the goons.

“Leave.” He ordered as if he owned them. But the goons laughed at his face. One of them caught his collar and barked, “You can take her after we are done.”
I gasped. How dare he?

But man, that was a wrong move. I could see that the man was well built and he had his fists clenched at the sides. It was as if he was controlling his anger.
The goon laughed at his face and turned towards me, “Sweetheart, come let’s play.”
That was it, I thought as the new entendre grabbed the collar of the goon and punched him straight in the face.

And then you know what happened. Our hero bashed the goons. When he was done he came near me and cupped my face and I jerked off his hands. Then I felt something trickle down my cheeks. I touched my cheek and when I saw blood on my fingertips, I fainted.
When I opened my eyes, I was in grey room. Seriously, the walls were grey and all the furniture was black. While the bed I was lying on, was covered in white.

What the heck! I know, right.
This person must be crazy to be drowned in monochromes. I tried getting up. But I was suddenly pulled back and a weight fell on me.

There he was, the same guy from last night. He was shirtless, that’s what I perceived when my hands were on his chest.
He had those black eyes which pulled you in like a black hole with no escape.
“Um. Thanks for saving me yester night. Not that I needed your help…..” He raised his brow at that but I continued anyway. “..I could have saved myself. But since you helped me and since I am a great person, thanks.”

He kept on staring at me while I kept on blabbering on about how he didn’t need to save and that I could have punched those bastards myself. When he seemed to have had enough of my blabbering, he clamped his hand on my mouth and my eyes turned wide.
How dare he? It’s impolite to stop a lady from speaking. Right? I glared daggers at him while he uttered the first few words.

“Shut up. Will you?” and then he nuzzled my neck.
And that’s how we fell in love and today I am a married woman at the age of twenty five. I am happy with my husband my two little bundles of joy.
Cliché. Right?

It is ‘because it never happened. None of it.
My life isn’t pretty. It’s dark. Way more dark than anybody else’s. I am f**ked up. I know it. And I am f**ked up pretty bad. I have a messed up life with nothing to be happy about except my friends.

I had a good childhood. But not good parents. My dad was a well-known fraud and my mother was his mistress. Sometimes I think, I was born when after one night of pleasure, my parents found that my dad had finally popped the cherry or the ball. Whatever you say.

Now now, don’t go on an overdrive and start all that melodrama about how disrespectful I am. I know what I am saying. Though my parents weren’t the perfect ones, their upbringing was.
I was told never to lie or steal. I was taught the difference between right and wrong. And I was taught to support the truth till my last breath.

But I respect them for that. I love them.
They had told me about their pasts, and they wanted me to a better person than them. That’s why I was currently working my ass off at ‘Swap, Snap and Shine Enterprises’. I had earned my way here. Being the topper of my college did prove fruitful when the Principle decided to get me an internship at his friend’s company. I had completed the internship about six years ago. Mr. Sudhir, the owner of the company, i.e. SSS Enterprises came to me and asked me to join his company.

What could be better than that? Having interned at the company, I had made many friends there. And they were my first bunch of friends.
I had readily agreed to join the company and he along with our principal was very happy about my decision. According to them, they were very fortunate to have a gem like me in their company. Their words.

Four years ago, Mr. Sudhir’s daughter had joined the company. And she was my intern. Imagine my surprise when Mr. Sudhir himself came to me and told me to treat his daughter as I would treat any other intern.
Four months she had been my intern and those four months were not that bad. Her last day at internship, she came and hugged me thanking me for my help. That was the start of our friendship.
While others treated her different because she was boss’s daughter, she was herself with me and we had hit it off.
“Radhika, it’s been an hour since you are in there. Do you want me to bring you your breakfast there itself?” My mom, Mrs. Mala Dilip Mishra yelled from the downstairs.
Yucks. Who eats food in bathroom?

Since you know my name now, let’s stop playing hide and seek. I will introduce myself properly.
[That’s what we were waiting for, b*t*h.] Alright. No need to cuss.

I am Radhika Dilip, the only daughter of Mr. Dilip Mishra and Mrs. Mala Mishra. The infamous fraud and his mistress. I work at ‘Swap, Snap and Shine Enterprises’. And I work as the senior head in the creative department while Samaira, Mr. Sudhir’s daughter, works as my assistant. And I am currently working in the finance department too. Two departments at a time, and that’s why I work longer than anyone else. Being the head of both the departments makes it hard to get an ounce of rest while in the office. Checking the month’s expenditures and profits, and simultaneously scrambling my brain to come up with something new yet attractive, wards off my energy. I feel pissed off at the end of the day. You think what the need to do this is. Leave one department. Easy.

Nah. Not at all. You see I was working in the creative when I joined the company. Mr. Sudhir wanted me to join the finance department, but I had politely ignored. Four years ago, as I was working my ass off as usual, there was an unusual commotion outside my cabin. Apparently the boss had fired the finance head when he came to know about him stealing point five percent of every deal that we cracked. That may seem a small amount, but as they say, every drop counts.

We had an upcoming deal, an important one, and that bastard had not yet calculated the probable costs and expenditures. With a little time left, we couldn’t possible hire someone. Since Sam was still an intern, she couldn’t help. So I stepped up and offered to do the task. Mr. Sudhir was overwhelmed and had thanked me a numerous times. He trusted me. But he had me signed a contract. A contract which bounded me to the finance department for the next five years. At that time, I thought I could handle it. But reality was a shock.
And since, my contract for the creative was for five years too, I had no choice but to accept it. When Mr. Sudhir came to know about it, he had politely offered to help me out. It was against company policies and even though I was practically family to them, I had declined his help.

And about that happily married at twenty five, that was my dream. And it is ridiculous as is the thought of getting my prince charming and having a happy ending. I am twenty nine now and am sans prince charming.
“Radhika, your office starts in half an hour.” Mum yelled and that was enough to get me out of the washroom.
I hastily put on a blue jeans and a grey top. Prince charming. Remember? I pulled my hair in a ponytail, grabbed my bag and treaded down the stairs. Dad was already gone. He worked now. And worked honest. They say old habits never die or whatever, but he changed himself. For mom. And more importantly for me.

And mom was standing in the kitchen. Getting me my plate.
“You have to take an off today.” Mum said as she sat beside me on the dining.
“And why do I have to?” I asked as I raked those scrambled eggs.
“Mmm. Mum this is so yummy.” I said popping another piece in my mouth.
“Uh. Uh. Radhika there’s a guy coming to meet you at nine.” She said fumbling with the edge of her saree. She was beautiful. Is beautiful.

But then her words registered in my mind. And I spat those eggs out and screamed at the top of my lungs. “What?”
Kidding. Nothing happened. I am used to it. They want me to marry and live happily. But I am content seeing them happy. Besides I don’t want to get married to someone I barely know. All in all, I am still waiting for my prince charming. I know sound childish. But this is me we are talking about.
“Alright. I will be back before seven thirty.” I said and grabbed my bag.
“No. Wait. He is coming in five minutes.” She stopped me.

Ugh. This is so f**king shitty. I pulled my hair out of the pony and tugged them. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
I nodded and she went away.
Taking out my phone, I messaged Sam about my sudden absence from the office. I would have to work late for the coming days to cope up with my leave today.
Her reply was immediate.
‘I know it sucks. Best of luck. And call me if you need any help. 😉 ‘
Sam and her ideas. She knew about my unwillingness to marry. And she used to say that I will definitely find my prince charming. That was because she had met her own and they both love each other dearly. Moreover, they were already married for three years now. They had married when both of them were twenty six.

He is a cop. Sam’s husband. Neil Malhotra. But God, he is a goofball. A darling. Funny. Friendly. Outgoing. And with all those qualities combined, he is her idiot.
The doorbell bought me to the present. He must be here. Wait. What’s his name? Ugh. Mom didn’t tell me.
“He’s here mom. We are going.” I said opening the door and stepped outside.
There he was, dressed in a blue shirt and faded blue jeans, eyeing me up and down. He wasn’t the one. How, you ask? Simple. He wasn’t wearing black which my prince charming did.
“Hi.” I said confidently, not minding his eyes still on my body. Must say, I am used to it. Used to guys checking me out shamelessly.

“Hi. I am Saral.” He said when he heard my voice.
“Radhika.” I clipped.
He kept on staring me. Ugh. Stupid guy.
“CCD or Starbucks?” I asked as he wasn’t here at all.
“Huh?” he asked, coming out of his trance.
“Starbucks or CCD” I asked again.
“None. We are going to Cassidy’s.” he said moving towards his car.
Rude. Already rejected.

Sam greeted me with a hug the next day I reached the office. I smiled and hugged her back.
“Mam. Boss wants to see you.” Said Rosie, my junior.
“Coming.” I said and turned to Sam. Before I could ask her about what happened yesterday, Rosie cut again, “He wants to see you right now.”
Weird. Sudhir Sir wasn’t like that.

“She said she is coming. Now woo.” Sam answered for me.
When Rosie was out of sight, Sam pushed me towards Sir’s cabin grinning widely.
“All the best. There is something different in there. And someone’s waiting. So good luck.” And she was off.

I entered the cabin and saw a guy of about thirty years of age. Clad in a black coat over a white shirt, he was sitting on the boss’s chair. Nice choice of clothes. But what the heck was he doing in here.
‘..Something different in there.’ That’s what she said. So, she knew.

He was busy straining his eyes over some file. His left hand, rubbing his stubble. While the right one was busy twirling the pen. He was good looking. Yeah. And now, don’t expect me to go gaga over him and start jumping internally, saying, “Oh my God. Oh my God.” Cause seriously, I am me.
He still hadn’t noticed my presence, so I knocked the already open door. His head jerked upwards and he eyed me for a second before raising his brows in question.

“Sir called for me.” I answered before he could ask anything. I still don’t know why he was here.
“Radhika Dilip?” he asked and I nodded my head.
“Have a seat.” He said and I just ignored his command as I looked for Sudhir Sir.
“Where’s sir?” I asked him.

His eyes, pitch black, seemed to be amused by my question. He laid back on the chair flexing his biceps. But trust me, I need more than that to start drooling over him.
“Sir?” he questioned.
“Yeah. Sudhir sir called me. Rosie said the boss wanted to meet me.” I said air quoting the word boss.
His amusement heightened but then he gave me a news.

“I called for you. And I am the new boss.” He imitated the way I said boss.
“What? But how? Where’s Sudhir sir? What have you done to him? Is he hurt? I swear if you did something, I am gonna chop your balls and dump them in a landfill.” I rambled on.
Having had enough, he stood from the chair, “Shut up, will you?”
How dare he ask me shut up? Jerk. Douche bag.

“Now, listen here Ms. Dilip, I don’t care about your questions. I called you here to bring me last month’s reports from your department.” He said sauntering towards me.
“Huh.” Was all I could say when I saw him wearing those black pants. I wasn’t thinking dirty. Promise. But all I could see was ‘black’. And my dream. He was wearing black coat and pants, but the shirt was white. Nah. Didn’t sit quite well.

“Everyone has submitted their reports for the last month, except for you and another girl, the head of the Creative. And I want those reports by noon. Understand?” he asked leaning on the table.
Ugh. I had to submit those reports yesterday, but Saral happened. And look at him, the jerk, he didn’t know yet that I was the ‘another girl’. Dumb. Rude. Scumbag.

“Alright sir.” I said marching out of his cabin. A lot had happened yesterday. And Sam didn’t tell me.
I need to talk to her. As if my prayers were finally answered, she came giggling, into my cabin.
“How was the boss? He’s hot. Right? Right?” she nudged me wiggling her brows.
“Yeah. Indeed. He is the most hot-headed person I have ever had the misfortune to meet.” I said slumping on my sofa-chair.

She sat herself on my table and looked at me. Other than humiliating me by shutting me up, and being rude, the guy wasn’t at fault. At all. And yeah, other than imitating my actions, he didn’t do anything to irk me. But I was already pissed off for no reason. Sarcasm intended.
“What did he do?” She asked bewildered. She knows it takes a ton of annoying gestures to irritate me and poke my calm. But this guy in there, didn’t ‘do’ anything and I was already mad at him.
f**king shite-eater.

Ugh. I hissed irritated and pulled my hair out of the bun.
“Jeez. Calm down woman.” She said getting down the table.
“I can’t. I can’t understand why I am mad even. I don’t lose my cool this early. But I don’t know why I just want to rip off somebody’s head. Ugh. It’s just… It’s just…”
“PMS.” She offered.

I shook my head and replied, “Nah. It’s just him.” I said pointing towards his cabin.
“And do tell me when this shit happened. Isn’t uncle coming here?” I asked her.
“First off. This shit happened the same time when ‘Saral’ happened. Second, no dad isn’t coming. He decided he would check on us once a month.” She said.

“Of course.” It was uncle’s company after all. He had worked hard for it. Now that we had a new, rude, C.E.O. didn’t mean he would leave his company unsupervised.
“And third…” she breathed a little. “The new boss, the jerk, is Arjun Mehra.”
The name sounded familiar. Sensing my confusion, she continued, “My brother and the new C.E.O.”
Internally, I was like, holy mother of f**king hell.

But on the outside, my reply was, “That doesn’t make him less a bastard.”
Sam giggled, but continued anyway, “I don’t know what happened in there, but I assure you, he is a good guy. Stubborn but kind hearted. He is sweet. But not more than Neil.”
“Oh trust me. With Neil, he doesn’t stand a chance. That piece of shit.” I muttered.
“My brother. Remember?” she questioned, probably not wanting to hear anything against him.
“Yeah. Sorry there.” I mumbled. It wasn’t soon before she enveloped me into a hug. More like squished the life out of me.
“You don’t need to. I know he can be a jerk sometimes.” She said sheepishly letting me go.
I rolled my eyes. ”Sometimes.”

“Alrighty. Most of the time. But you know, I totally ship you guys together.” She squealed delightedly. And then Gauri, Myra, Jessie, Sweetie and Sammy jumped in my cabin asking about the ongoings. We all have been friends since ‘forever’. While I and Sam are more closed off, none of has any secret we all don’t know. With us, it’s like the ‘bad girl gang’.
I rolled my eyes again as Sam went on and on about how she shipped me and the bastard together. Suddenly I grinned, realizing I had a perfect name for him. Bastard.
“Yeah. He is too hot.”
“And handsome.”

“Girls, he is my brother and your to be brother in law. Stop drooling over him and go find someone else for yourselves.” Sam said in mock anger and all of them burst in sprouts of laughter.
Idiots. But my friends nonetheless. I could die for them. And they could too, for me.
“They’ll look great together.” Sammy chimed.
“Both are stubborn, so will be their kids.” Jessie piped in.

“I totally ship them.” Myra squealed.
“He is in black right. Her prince charming.” Gauri sighed dreamily.
“They are gonna be the ‘it’ couple.” Sweetie claimed.
“Yeah. Ardhika rocks.” Sam fist pumped.

What? Ardhika? What is it?
“Your ship name, dumbo.” They answered simultaneously.
“I am not dumbo.” I stated sullenly.
“Sure you ain’t.” Another voice said. We all looked at the entrée. Bastard. There he was, leaning on the door, with an amused smile on his face.

They all said their good mornings and left. Sam muttered, “See you sugar plum, and you too Bhai.” And she was off again. Traitor. I know she left me here deliberately.
He invited himself in.
“Why are you here?’ I asked annoyed. Minutes ago, I was with my besties and now this bastard. Ugh…
“I see you have been ignoring your job and fooling around.” He said sitting on my sofa-chair.
“And you strained his majesty to get out of his royal court, just to announce a petty thing about your servicemen? Ah. In my case, service woman.” I mocked as a plopped myself on the sofa across the table.
“I hope you know that this is an office, not a circus that you can sit around, laughing to your heart’s content.” He said.
“Anything else?” I questioned and he got up to leave.
“Ass.” I muttered.
“Heard that. Ms. Dilip.”
When he saw me in the noon, with both the files, he just asked, “Where’s the another girl? I asked her to submit the files herself.”
Indeed he had, when his secretary, none other than Gauri, came into my cabin at ten thirty, she had told me that he wanted me to come with the files. And then asked if he didn’t know that I was both the girls, to which I had grinned.
“Oh. Did I not tell you?” I asked innocently.

“What?” he snapped.
“That I am the ‘another girl’.” I said sweetly. He looked confused for a second and then asked, “How can you be supervising both the departments simultaneously?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” I stomped out of his office but not before I heard him calling Gauri into his office. I smiled as I passed her on the way while she just shook her head at my antics.
It has been a year since that day. Everything is fine now. Except for that bastard. He is still the same cocky, ungrateful bastard. Gauri now works as his personal assistant and both of them have grown close over the year. Sometimes I think, she has started liking him and for him, I don’t think that he likes her back.

Myra is with Teji now. He is our colleague. He had joined SSS Enterprises ten months ago. They both had instantly hit it off. They both make the ‘it’ couple.
Jessie is with Jai, our marketing head. They got married last month. Sammy is with Karan, Jai’s younger brother. Sweetie is with Saral, the same Saral whom I met an year ago. I must say, that guy is now whipped. He has changed so much over the year. He recently proposed her.
Today is Dusshera and I am going to meet them all. Our group which now includes all the girls and their princes. Yesterday, Gauri said something about having met her prince. It seems that it’s just me who has not met my prince charming.

“Mom, Dad, I am going.” I said running down the stairs.
“Be at home by five.” Dad said, ruffling my hair.

“Someone’s coming?” I asked as I made my way towards the door.
“My old friends.” He replied smiling.
“And a surprise for you.” Mom said standing beside him. He leaned in and kissed her on her cheeks while she blushed.
“Guys, you are so whipped.” I shouted while going out. There were sounds of laughter behind.

“Mom, Dad, I am back.” I shouted as I entered my home sweet home.
I had a great time today, with my friends. I am sad I couldn’t meet Sam and Neil. But they promised they are coming here tonight. I am so happy today I can’t even explain. Maybe it’s the day. Maybe something that’s bound to happen. Donno.

Well, over the year, my thoughts for marriage have changed too. I have seen mom and dad worrying for me and now I am so tired to see them like this that I could marry a dummy if they want me to. I still wait for my prince who’s gonna sweep me off my feet. But somewhere, I have the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I won’t meet my prince in this life. That’s why dummy.

The sound of giggles bought me outta my world. I went towards the kitchen where I saw a lady around mom’s age, working on the dishes. She seemed familiar. I coughed and they saw me then, and feeling the need to introduce us, mom said, “Radhika, this is Nandu. You remember.”

As soon as she said ‘Nandu’ a squeal left my lips and I ran towards the lady, squashing her under my arms. Nandu is mom’s bestfriend and next to mom for me. She and Suddhu, her husband, had left India when I was ten. She had a daughter and a son my age. Maira and Ajju, her children and me were best of friends and the pranksters of our school. After they left, I never contacted them ‘because I was angry at them. But when I realized it wasn’t their fault, it was too late to call them.
“So this was the surprise.” I asked mom still hugging Nandu.

Mom smiled mysteriously and I knew there was something else too.
“I missed you so much, Nandu. And where are Suddhu, Maira and Ajju?” I asked as I broke the hug. Suddhu, Maira and Ajju aren’t the real names. They are short for something else. But since I was very small when I had first met them, I called them by these names. Suddhu uncle had no problem with it and neither did Maira and Ajju. It’s weird how I don’t remember their real names now nor their faces. I have calling them these names since forever.

“I missed you too honey. And Sudhir is in the study with your dad. Maira will be here after an hour. She is with her husband. And as for Ajju, he is in your room waiting for you.” She answered smiling. So Suddhu uncle’s real name is Sudhir. And as for Maira and Ajju, I remember, everyone, even mom and dad, used to call them Maira and Ajju. Maira’s married. But Nandu didn’t say anything about Ajju being married.
“Alrighty. I am going upstairs. Will meet Suddhu later. I am still upset with him.” I ran upstairs while they both laughed.

“Ajju.” I hollered in the empty corridor. When I stepped in my room, I was met with somebody’s back. And that somebody was wearing a black shirt and black jeans. Prince charming. And now cue in my blushing as I recalled my crush on Ajju.

“Hey.” I said calming my breaths.
When he turned around, I paled. What the f**k? What was this bastard doing in here? Nandu said it was Ajju waiting for me in here. When he saw me, he smirked sauntering towards me.
“Miss me, sweetheart?”

Ugh. Bastard.
I stomped my way down towards Dad’s study and there he was, Mr. Sudhir Mehra, sitting in all his glory, busy chatting with dad. They all knew and yet they had hidden it from me since this long.
Ugh. How I hate them all.
“Dad.” I whined getting in. Suddhu, my ex-boss stood up, opening his arms, calling me for a hug. I ignored him with a glare and turned to Dad.

“What is that jerk doing in my room?” I asked still whining. It was as if my dreams were shattered anew. Ajju was Arjun. Ugh.
So Maira was Samaira. Every name was familiar yet I couldn’t guess.
Suddhu chuckled behind me. I turned to him and snapped, “Not talking to you, Suddhu. Oops, Mr ex-boss.”

And then the explanation began. How they had to leave for U.S. that time and how they had returned after five years only to find that I wasn’t interested to talk to them. And so, Sudhir uncle had set up his company here, instead of U.S. it was decided that when it was time, they would come out of their camouflage. And now, they were here, giving me a surprise.
When Sam came with Neil, giggling, carrying her month old daughter, I ignored her. But couldn’t.
The revelation was shocking for me. While Sam and I were busy playing with her daughter, Dipika, the guys, Neil and the bastard were busy among themselves.

Dinner came and passed by, and soon it was time for them to leave. I missed them already. My parents and their parents, were busy discussing something. Neil was with me while Sam and her brother were talking animatedly. Whenever he saw me looking at them, he would smirk. Bastard.
“Don’t you think, something’s fishy?” Neil asked, eyeing them all.

“Definitely.” I answered as they all looked at me and smiled. They were planning something. And something big.
“Radhika, what do you think about marrying…” mom stopped to look at me. I was busy eating my favourite ‘chat papdi’. I knew she was going to suggest a guy’s name now. I took another bite of the heavenly food in front of me. It was her cue to continue.
“Ajju. You guys have been…”

She couldn’t complete because everything which was previously in my mouth, came flying out of my mouth. This time really.
“No chance in hell. I hate that jerk. And get me my papdi.” I roared recovering from the tragedy. Seriously, jerk. So this was what they were talking about last night.
Sam already shipped us. Nandu and Suddhu loved me way too much. And that bastard, that’s why he was smirking at me. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

“No, leave it. I am going outside.” I said getting up.
Dad was sitting nearby but he didn’t say a word. He knows how stubborn I can be.
Today’s Diwali, and Nandu and company, her family are coming at my place. During these few days, since their last visit, I haven’t failed to notice how Arjun gets angry seeing me with a guy. I still remember how he snapped in office when he saw me and Ankush, our company’s sales representative talking. Ankush was standing close enough. And we were discussing about Gauri. Ostensibly, he liked Gauri a little too much and was asking me about her choices. When Arjun saw us together, he was like ‘it’s an office not some café to chat and yapp about.’
He thinks he hides it too well. That I can’t see what’s he doing, but he is a big dumbo.

As we were all seated on the dining table, Nandu started off just like mom, asking me about marrying. But I didn’t let her complete. I interrupted her before she could suggest Arjun’s name and said, “Yeah. There’s this guy in our office. Joined ten months ago. He’s really cute… Ask Arjun if you want to.” Sam, who was sitting opposite to me, understood I was talking about Teji, so I kicked her signalling her to shut up.

I continued, “His name is Teji. And trust me he is a sweetheart. He asked me out just a few days ago and I said yes.” I fake squealed when I said yes. And that was more than enough to get Arjun out of the room. He slammed the door as he went outside. When he was out of sight, I and Sam giggled, high-fiving each other. When they all understood, they laughed too.

But then Suddhu asked, “So this was a prank to irritate my son. Huh?”
To which I replied, “Nah. I am serious about getting married to Teji.” I winked Sam to let her know that it wasn’t happening really. She got it and kept mum.

So it was decided, me and Teji would get married two days later, with just family. That is mine and Arjun’s. Teji’s parents weren’t here but they had given their blessings over the phone.
Teji was looking handsome. And the bride was looking way more beautiful than anyone else. When, she came out of her room, she covered her face in the veil. Which had started off as a prank, was getting serious and two lives would be joined today. Courtesy: Radhika Dilip.

When Teji put the nuptial chain around the bride’s neck, Radhika could see Arjun’s discomfort. It was clear he didn’t want her to get married to Teji. But since, he kept mum, she did nothing.
It was now time for the ‘pheras’ and the vows. As the bride and groom, were busy taking the third round, Arjun marched towards the aisle and stopped the bride saying, “You can’t marry him.”
Teji turned around, bewildered, and freed the bride from Arjun’s clutches while everyone around, kept watching the scene unfold. “Why can’t she?” Teji asked.

Arjun removed the bride’s veil and staggered a step before nervously saying, “Um. Sorry Myra, you can continue.” And ran out of the house.

It was after the completion of marriage that I came out from hiding to recover everyone from the shock. Before they could ask, I explained, “This is Myra and Teji. They both love each other but these idiots were taking too long to get married. So I planned this.” I wished them both and they took blessings from everyone including Myra’s parents, whom I had already called.

When I went outside, I saw him standing in the garden, with a serious expression on his face. I went towards him and poked his nose. He saw it was me, and ignored me. I poked his nose again and said, “Aw. Arjun’s angry.”

“You did it deliberately. Didn’t you?” he asked referring to the whole marriage ordeal.
“Yeah. But it doesn’t matter right.” I asked pouting.
“Yeah. It doesn’t.” he replied and turned sideways.

Oh. He was angry. Let the game begin. I pretended calling Ankush, while I had dialled Neil’s number.
“Yeah. I am free now. Honey, can you pick me up now?” I waited for the effect, with my back towards him.
“Yay. I am so glad you remember Thomas’. You know that’s why I love you so much. Be here soon. Love you.” I rambled and Neil chuckled on the other side, as he understood my prank.
Ending the call, I turned around, bidding him bye and was going to go, when he grabbed my elbow and asked, “Where are you going?”

I replied, “Thomas’”. It was my favourite food court.
“You are not.” He ordered.
“What makes you think so?” I snapped.
“This.” He said before leaning closer and kissing the hell out of me.
“You are mine. Just mine Radhika.” He mumbled between the kiss.
When we broke the kiss, I slapped him hard.

“I am not a piece of land to own. You bastard.”
The next few days were spent mostly in the office. The jerk decided to make me work overtime and found ways to talk to me.
One night, I was walking back home. My car was at Sam’s. Everyone was home, except me and Arjun.
As I was walking, I saw some goons. Yuck. They whistled. Cliché. Headlights shone. Car stopped. And Arjun ordered them to leave. They left. Interesting. He asked me to get in the car but I argued.
“What else are you gonna do? Hire another couple of goons?” I mocked.
“I didn’t hire them.” He said.

“Oh yeah. They saw you and peed in their pants and ran away.” I snapped.
He pushed me towards the car, leaned in and whispered, “Sweetheart, I am just a step away from losing control. So if you don’t want me to take you in the middle of the road, shut up and get inside.”
Bastard. I muttered and slammed the door as I sat inside.
He started the engine. As he was driving, I could see those goons following us, in the rear-view. I tried calling him, but he wouldn’t listen. So I messaged Neil, giving him our location. A few metres ahead, those goons circled us and he stopped the car.

“f**k.” He cussed and got out. Idiot. I stepped outside too.
And then fight sequence. Must say, those biceps and triceps, weren’t just for show. But he got hurt too. His hand bled. When every goon was lying unconscious, he came near me.
“So, you didn’t hire them.” I mumbled.

“And she realizes it now.” He muttered sarcastically and I took out the first aid from the car. Bandaging his hand, I ignored his constant stare on me.
“What?” I asked when I was done.
“Are you hurt?” he asked tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.
I nodded a no and that was all I could do before he kissed me straight on the lips.
But this time, I couldn’t slap him because I heard the sirens when we broke the kiss. Neil.
“Sorry guys, got a bit late.” He rubbed the back of his neck looking at the unconscious goons.
“Can you drop me?” I asked him. But Arjun clamped my mouth before he cloud reply, “Nah. Neil, you go home. Sam will be waiting.”

Neil left and after sometime, his officers left too, with the goons in a tow. Finally, I thought as I bit his hand which was still over my mouth. I slapped him next. For kissing me. Duh.
“What was this for?” he asked pulling me close.
“For kissing me. You jerk.” I scoffed.

“Then you gotta slap me again, sweetheart.” I didn’t need to comprehend his words as his lips were on mine, the next instant. Pulling me closer, he sucked and bit my lower lip. I gasped. Jerk. And he slipped his tongue inside. His hands put mine around his neck and strolled down my waist. Pushing me into his body, he kissed me again while his hands slipped inside my shirt.

A few seconds later, he groaned, and pulled back. I was still in a daze when he picked me up and put me in the car. He pecked my lips and went towards his side. I was feeling light-headed already. Still unrecovered from the daze, I didn’t realize when we reached home.
“Radhika if you keep sitting like this, I am gonna kiss you again.” He said shaking me. That brought me out of my trance.

I immediately got up and started punching him, “You bastard. How dare you?” I asked punching him.
He dodged, and I used my bag next. “You jerk. You took my first kiss and kissed me again without my permission. I will kill you.” I scowled hitting him.
This continued for a while. Me hitting him. And him trying to save himself. All the while, he just muttered an ‘ouch’ or an ‘are you crazy, woman’.
Then for a second, he stopped seeing something behind me and pulled me closer. Kissing me on my cheeks, he whispered, “Calm down sweetheart.”

Ugh. Kissed me again. Oh how I hate him.
I was gonna hit him when mom interrupted, “What happened Radhika? Why are you thrashing Ajju?”
So that’s why he stopped dodging. Jerk.
I turned towards my parents who must have come outside hearing my shouts.
“He kissed me.” I muttered accusing him.

“yeah.” Dad asked.
I looked at him, shocked. Had he grown two heads? I just told him that a guy kissed me and he is like, so what.
“Are you for real, dad? He kissed me. As in kissed me.” I stressed the word kissed.
“I saw. It was just a kiss, Radhika. Besides, he is your bestfriend.” mom cooed. They saw him kissing me on my cheeks. Ugh. Jerk.

“Yeah, sweetheart. It was just a kiss. Why are you hyperventilating?” Arjun asked side hugging me.
Ugh. I stomped my feet and marched inside. I hate this guy. Absolutely hate this guy.
I heard my mom saying something among the lines of ‘God knows what happened to her. Come in, son.’ And that’s when she probably saw his hand. And then there were questions.
Cue in two years and now I am in here, a room with white walls. With him standing beside me, encouraging me.

“Just a little sweetheart. Just a bit. You can do it for us.” He squeezed my hand a little.
I tried and then fainted.
When I woke up, I was in a grey room. Grey room. Black furniture. White bedsheets. I tried getting up but my little finger was pulled back. I looked at the source. A baby. My baby.
I sat on the bed holding my cute little sweetheart in my arms.

“Glad that you woke up, I was worrying for you.” He said entering our room and I scowled at him.
“Don’t come near me. I swear if you touch me again, I am gonna chop your balls and dump them in a landfill.” I threatened him as he came near me. He raised his hands in surrender but continued coming towards the bed. He sat near me and engulfed me and our dumpling, in a hug.
“She’s beautiful. Just like you.” He said kissing my baby’s forehead.
“Daughter.” I asked.

“Yeah. My princess. And I already thought of a name. Anu.” He answered.
“Nice name.” I replied, smiling. I can’t believe he already thought of a name. Though he pampered me more than anybody else, during those nine months, we had never thought of a name for our baby. Neither did we check the gender of our baby. Mine and jerk’s. Yeah. We are finally married. Courtesy: mom, dad, Nandu, Suddhu, Sam and Neil.
I put my baby in the cradle as I stood up, deciding to change into something else. I was still in hospital gown. He got up too.
“Where to? You need to rest, sweetheart.” He said grabbing my elbow and turned me around.
“Need to change.” I blubbered.
He pulled me close and his hands snaked round my waist. As on reflex, my hands looped around his neck. I sighed as he kissed my forehead.

“Love you sweetheart.” He said kissing my eyes. Though he is still the ultimate jerk, he has grown on me. Proof. Our baby, Anu. What happened to the name bastard? You may ask. Well, I call him jerk now.
“Hmm.” I said as he kissed my cheeks and then my nose. I closed my eyes, snuggling closer. He kissed me near the lips. As I waited for my final kiss, he chuckled saying, “Someone was intent on chopping my balls, a few minutes ago.”
That is why he is still a bastard. Jerk.
I groaned as I pulled his collar, “Is intent to chop your balls if you don’t kiss me now.”
“Really, sweetheart?” He mocked.

“Shut up and kiss me. Will…” He didn’t let me complete my threat as he kissed me softly. My hands went into his hair as his lips moulded into mine. It wasn’t soon before the kiss turned passionate and heated.
And that’s our story. Of how I got my prince charming finally.
Please tell me how is it. And Gauri di, Myra di, Sweetie, Jessie, Sammy pls don’t be mad at me for pairing you guys, like I did. Hope you liked it. Please comment if you read this. It was my first try. I was thinking of writing it as a short story, but then decided to end it with a single chappy. Because if I had extended it, it would take me a more than a month to complete three chapters.
Gauri di. This was the surprise I was talking about. Hope it was a real surprise.
Guys. Sometimes, I think, I know nothing about you. So today, lets introduce ourselves.
About me

My real name: Anubha
A student. Eleventh grade.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Hometown: Jammu
Mother tongue: hindi
Fav. Food.: chat papdi {yumm.. it is. Right?}
Fav. Song: wildest dreams, I knew u were trouble, purpose, see no more, emptiness, ishq chada h.
Hobby: painting, listening to music, sleeping

Wanna be an author. But priorities are diff. yet. Am doing medical. Have to be a doc. Neurologist.
Am shy, introvert, crazy, idiotic, and sensitive.
What about you?
Take care, sweeties, bear hugs to all. Smile. Be happy.

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  1. Aasthu

    Hey Anu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I simply loved it……..its awesome…….is this ur 1st ff???? so how’s J&K???????? is it a place where violence is an almost daily routine???????? I’m sry bt that’s what I can think of when I think of the place……………of course it’s a heaven in Earth with the place immersed in beauty……………are u a science stream student??????????

  2. Sammy

    Thanks .anu karan ..sweetie di….saral hehe ???it was great anu …lovely ???

    1. Sweetie

      Sammy!!Don’t laugh yaar..See!!Saral’s changed for good.. 😉

      1. Sammy

        Ok di ..but still saral will be saral always

      2. Anu-Annie

        yeah sweetie di. saral has changed for good. leave sammy. she doesn’t know what karan does behind her back. 😉

        u know i just decided to make karan a big flirt. flirting with every girl except her.

        (but he doesn’t love any girl except her.)

        confusing right? take it sammy.

        hehe. (evil smirk)

      3. Sweetie

        Hehe..Anu,too good..Sammy!!See now.. 😛 😉

  3. Brin

    I really enjoyed reading this story, well done. 🙂

  4. Jessie

    Anu… aa gayi tum.. finally…bear hugs lil sissy.. nw.. a fantastic shot my doll… I really loved reading it…how many names Arjun hmmm.. U paired me wit Jai..?? tats ok. But honestly dear…am happy that u remembered my name…tats a sweet surprise…thanks!!! And wat a fantabulous writeup.. each n every part was a fun to read on…Arjun stops d wedding..Hahah finally Radz believes he dint hire those goons..??
    Had a gr8 time reading.. TC.. Stay happy and loads of love..

  5. Gauri

    Anu loved it 🙂 and yeah thanks for the lovely surprise….loved it….was fun to read, you are just too good 🙂 can’t express in words 🙂 love you loads stay blessed 🙂

  6. Anu-Annie

    @aasthu thanks for commenting. it isnt my first ff. but my first one shot. and j and k is umm. j and k. violence is more than common.

    its a beautiful place nonetheless but prople get too selfish to think just about themselves. riots and strikes are common though. what to do when terrorists decide to play us.

    a science stream student. i am.

    what about u.

    @brin thanks for commenting. means a lot. can u tell something about u

    @sammy yeah with karan. dont worry. he is a good guy. 😉
    and what about ur ff. huh. amd ur intro. not fair sweetheart.

    @jessie yaar how can i forget u. i definitely remember u. and thanks for the hugs. cmon dont be shy and tell me about u.

    @gauri thank u di. i am happy u read it. and more glad that u liked it.

    guys could u just introduce yourswlves as i did. that will be a favoir

    1. Aasthu

      Thanks for the reply……….I’m a clg student…….1st yr….so that means 2 yrs older than u…..there is a LONG distance between us with u in the extreme north and me in the south……I’m a keralite………biology or computer?????? I saw ur ff…….but didn’t read it…..I’ll read it after my exams are over which will happen only on 27………..if u r free and can spare a few minutes, do read “MY BIGGEST MISTAKE”…….

      1. Aasthu

        Oh I forgot to ask how’s everythting there????? with the trouble Pak caused in India…any problems???????? Fine??????????

  7. Myra

    Anubha….it was freakishly awesome…..loved it…..

    Thank you sweetie, you make me feel special. ?
    It was fun….and the way you write the first part and then wrote cliché was outstanding.

    Refreshing ….

    Loved it…and love you 🙂

    1. Anu-Annie

      @myra thank u di. i am glad u liked it. u r elder to me. right? i am 16. so can i call u di?

  8. Mica

    really ultimate jerk ever… love it soo much Annu!!!! ty

    1. Anu-Annie

      yeah real jerk..
      thanks for liking it though.

      take care. stay blessed

  9. Wow ..thats an amazing piece of work dear…do write more ..u have it in and u t blessed …
    My name is neethu and m.from.kerala 🙂

    1. Anu-Annie

      @neethu.. u r from kerala. wow. tea fields. right? how i desperately wanna come and meet u there

      thanks for commenting and appreciating.

  10. Sweetie

    Anu,it’s superb yaar..My cheeks are paining like hell because the smile is constant on my face while reading this shot..Absolutely wonderful..?Glad to know you remembered me and paired me with Saral..I was like,”What!! Is it true??” But no worries,if he’s changed for good.. 😉

    About me:I’m Geetha Manasa…I’m from Andhra..I’ve completed my graduation(software engineer) and on cue to take up another graduation course(law)..My fav food is my mom’s handmade food,anything she cooks is divine thing for me.. 😀 I’ve plenty of fav songs that I can’t put up the list here.. 😉 Zodiac sign is Gemini.. 🙂 This is about me.. 😀

    All the best for your studies and neurology is my fav branch in science stream.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂 Hope I can visit J&K once in my lifetime.. 🙂

  11. Rossy

    Very good dear…anu btw how r u ?? M asking coz after surgical operations hows things going on in j & k.. But I really salute u people having so much course to stay with it…n of course terrorist tried to make our heaven to hell…gud luck dear.. And this shot is superb…?

    1. thanks for asking. its common though. all these attacks and then counter operations r common. but this time I am glad that we didn’t keep quite.

      its pathetic and suffocating to know that those terrorists and even Pakistan army do hideous things to our people and we have kept mum in the past.

      and thanks too for commenting.
      take care

    2. Anu-Annie

      so sry dear.. I posted a comment and it is lost somewhere now.

      ugh. my stupidity. and thanks for the liking it.

      the situation here in Jammu is much better than that in Kashmir.

      take care.. stay healthy

  12. Anu-Annie

    thank u so much sweetie di. means a lot.

    u r from Andhra. wow. amd software engineer. thats another wow. another graduation.

    not gonna say wow as u get it.

    and i agree nothing can be more tastier than mom’s food.

    u r geminian. my brother is too.

    and fav. songs i too have many. but i wrote these. cause i have been listening thede songs repeatedly for the past few days.

    love u loads. and dont worry. saral is a good guy now. i approve him.

  13. Hemalattha


  14. Sriya

    Hey anu it was phenomenal one loved it to the core I read it 2times but want to read more u may don’t know me cause I rarely comment in mmz page keep writing more os & Arjun is a real jerk ?????

  15. awesome

  16. _Ritu

    Its fab Anu.. 🙂 hope I can call u Anu.. 🙂 waiting for nxt…nd glad to know u wanna be a too a medical student dear…completed my 5 yrs MBBS course nd now preparing for MD entrance…All d best for ur future..loads of love 🙂

  17. Awesome, wowwww, superbbbb anu….it’s mind blowing. you loads. .muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart ♡♡♡

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