MMZ – You and me (Three shot) First part


Hey guys sriya it’s been so many days I wrote three shot! So here I present three shot first part on ardhika Hope you guys love it?!


A girl is seen shouting for help but nobody listened she was begging for help! But no one came as she was kept in the godown!!

Suddenly the door opened! She was frightened a person went towards her after seeing his face she get to know he was the same person who kidnapped her! She bursts into tears!!

‘Hey you lady don’t cry I don’t like to see tears in anyone’s eyes stop crying or you will be dead’ the kidnapper said in bossy tone!

‘How dare you to talk like that with me! You bl**** kidnapper!!’ Said the girl angrily!

‘Oh you lady! You have so much proud on yourself! I can destroy you within seconds!!’ Said the kidnapper.

‘Let’s see who will win and who will lose and about destroying me! You can’t do touch me also!! I am radhika khanna daughter of piyali khanna and vikram khanna !!’ Said radhika with attitude!

‘Oh you are ms radhika khanna ! So what I am not scared of anyone I am Arjun Mehra !! Said Arjun

‘Oh so you are the most wanted criminal ! Once I escape from here! Then you will be jailed mr Arjun Mehra !!’ Said radhika with determination.

‘Do you think so that would happen! They will never able to find you and from now you will stay with me in my house!’ Said Arjun smiling devilishly!

‘How dare you Arjun I never thought you would be the cheapest person I ever met and I stay with you it will not happen in my wildest dreams !! Radhika said warningly.

‘You have no option ms radhika Khanna if you leave then you will see your parents dead ! Arjun said.

‘No no please Arjun don’t do that I will stay with you till whenever you want ! Said radhika with scared face.

‘That’s good I am glad you understood in short time ms kapoor ! Said Arjun with a smirk.

‘You bl**** bastard I will not leave you. You will surely pay for this.

Part 1 ends!

So guys how was it? I will post my other ffs shortly! Love you all ??? bye take care!

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  1. What a terrific episode .waiting for next.thank you so much

    1. Sriya

      Thank you ?

  2. Wow good start…. Wait 4 next….

    1. Sriya

      Thank you saran ?

  3. Loved it……..waiting for the next one… soon

    1. Sriya

      Thank you ? Will post soon!

  4. Jessie

    Where were you girl??? Missed you….. I loved it…when is the 2nd part…twinnie…post soon…TC and loads of love

    1. Sriya

      Hahahaha:D I was roaming in Mars lol ??? I was busy with exams and projects will post Tom ?? Love you ???!

  5. This was great… A completely new plot….. Continue pls…

    1. Sriya

      Thanks we ? Will post soon!

  6. Sulbi

    Amazing… waiting for next part… post soon dear…

    1. Sriya

      Thanks sulbi ? Will post soon!

  7. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sriya

      Thanks kavina ?

  8. interesting …..update next one

    1. Sriya

      Thanks subha ?

  9. arti viswanathan

    Wow superb yaar sriya… I loved it… Ardhika finally meets….. I loved the scene where radhika comes to arjun’s office for job.. But without taking interview he has appointed her as pa in his company hehehehe…. Excellent episode sriya….. I will be waiting for next episode dear….

    1. Sriya

      Which story you are talking about dear as this is the first shot of my Ts and I didn’t post any kind of story which you are talking about anyways thanks ?

    2. arti viswanathan

      I am talking about this part only dear… That why i wrote as story…..

  10. different story line. Liked Arjun as kidnapper

    1. Sriya

      Thanks moni ?

  11. that was very short and nice big one next plss

    1. Sriya

      Thanks neetz ? Will post bigggg one teddy hugs 😀

  12. Brin

    Good start, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sriya

      Thanks brin ? Will post soon!

  13. Jewel

    Sriya, this is really nice, liked it. Why he kidnapped her?? Waiting for next part….

    1. Sriya

      Thank you jewel ? You will get all the answers soon next part Tommorrow ? Sorry ? I have exam tomorrow so today I have to prepare for it and caught up with so many projects love ya! ??❤️

  14. Rossy

    Wow girl…u come back with another ff…update ur ff too….Arjun is kidnapper…awww

    1. Sriya

      Thanks Rossy ? Will update by today!

  15. _Ritu

    Nice one Sriya..loved different shade of ArDhika… 🙂 desperate to know y Arjun kidnapped her .post soon 🙂 loads of love 🙂

    1. Sriya

      Thanks _ritu ? You will get to know in next part will post tomorrow loads of love ?:)

  16. Gauri

    Sorry for being late Sriya …just loved it…keep it going

    1. Sriya

      Thanks ? I am on cloud9 you are my inspiration dear:) I love your ff a lot mmz-crossroads is the first ff on mmz which I am reading from starting love you ? Will post ASAP ?

    2. Sriya

      Thanks gauri ? I am on cloud9 you are my inspiration dear:) I love your ff a lot mmz-crossroads is the first ff on mmz which I am reading from starting love you ? Will post ASAP ?

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