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Shot 7: Aitbaar {Trust}
Mr. Karthik Vincent, you are under arrest!!!’ shouted the police inspector from the entrance of Vincent mansion.
Vincent’s, Singhania’s and Khurana’s who were seated in the hall and having a family time were stunned to listen this. Why do police want to arrest Karthik? When asked they were informed that Karthik is being arrested on attempt to rape charges. The girl on whom he tried this heinous crime is his PA and they also informed that she is in a bad condition on hospital bed. Shock would be an understatement for all the charges imposed on Karthik, because he is not only a good son but also good employer and an employee in Vincent Groups. All the employees have a highest regard for him in the office. Then how can he be arrested for such a cheap crime. This is not true, either the girl who filed the complaint has falsely accused him or she mistook some other person who tried to rape her with Karthik. Either way the girl is on the wrong side, he is innocent in all this.

The family members tried to give explanation to the police, but no, police are not in a position to listen to any of their words. As it is Saturday evening, the chance to get a bail or an anticipatory bail is out of question. This means Karthik should spend a day and half in the police station which is not a digestible thing to any of the people there. Even after Monday, there are fewer chances for his bail because usually the people who were charged with rape attempt were not given a bail before 3 months. This all information is reeling in the heads of the family. Police were too not in a position to do anything, even though they trust Vincents, the case filed cannot be ruled out easily. So the only option left is to arrest Karthik. All the male members were consoling their family to stay strong as it is time for them to stay strong and not to fall prey for false charges. Police arrested Karthik and left with him.
Neil called Joseph (Radhika’s soul brother, he is a lawyer) and informed him about all these things. Joseph assured him that he will take care of all the things and also said to stay strong.

In all this, Karthik was shocked as hell because he didn’t understand a bit. He always respected his PA and was cordial to her. But he didn’t expect his goodness will cost him jail for three months or more if he is not proved innocent. What has he done to her to deserve such a punishment? Is it a crime to be cordial to his employees? He should have behaved as some of the bosses who were arrogant with their employees, but he was not given those values. He was raised with a conception that all people are equal and they should never discriminate people based on their work. Only then he has treated his every employee with utmost respect even it is an attender in his office. When he has given that respect to a peon, how can he lay a finger on a lady without her permission!! These all thoughts were making him go crazy and the only thing he can do now among the four walls of the jail is to think. Think where he went wrong. Think where he has given wrong signals to his PA that she mistook him as the one who attempted rape on her.
Joseph tried all the ways he can to get bail for Karthik, but the police cannot grant him bail considering the health of Pooja (Karthik’s PA). She was struggling with all the nightmares and the bruises on her body were also giving them the reason to not to release Karthik. Karthik resigned to his fate and started to think that his life is over. But his sisters were not the ones who will take this issue lightly. Even though they have gone through so much in their lives individually, they were the people who never give up on life. They tried to boost his confidence saying he is not the one at fault and he will be out of the jail very soon. Karthik was indeed lucky to get sisters and brothers like them in his life. They stood as rocks TRUSTING him in every way possible. He has seen many people who were blamed by their families when police arrest them and drag them to police station. His brothers-in-law were no less; they were the ones who consoled his sisters when they were falling apart. He will fight for them and for the sake of justice. Pooja may not know what she is doing but he very well knows that he should stay strong for him and his family.

The first trial of the case in the court is two days from the day his sisters came and met him. The two days passed by in a wink as he is preparing himself for the inner and outer battle of his life. First trial didn’t yield any result in his favour because all the proofs provided by the prosecutor are against Karthik. His phone calls in majority have a single number that is of Pooja’s. Karthik didn’t know what to make of it; of course he will call his PA to get the information of his schedule, right? But the thing is entirely different there, another number was registered on his name that he has no knowledge about and the duration of calls to Pooja’s number actually lasted from 30 minutes to an hour. How can that be possible without his knowledge? When the flat of Pooja was searched all the things which were displaced during rape attempt had his finger prints. This new information knocked out the air from his lungs. His case was postponed to another 5 days and this time Joseph had to make sure he is ready with all the proofs against Pooja if any.

When Joseph was trying to gather information against Pooja, a truck ran into his car causing a major accident. But he was saved due to the presence of mind of the people over the area where the accident took place. He was admitted in the hospital at the correct time and he was saved. Now he is not in a position to fight for Karthik in the court. So he called a person who is loyal to him and also a witty person when she worked for him as an associate. Her name is Sarah. Sarah is considered to be bad-ass when it comes to her cases, she can kick anyone’s asses to get justice for the people she defends. Usually she doesn’t take up a case if she finds any loophole and when she doesn’t find any, the prosecutor should know with whom they are dealing with. Sarah met Joseph and listened to him very carefully. She knew Vincents and their contribution to the society, she doesn’t know them personally but is a real admirer for their work. According to Joseph, Karthik was falsely accused. She was also told about the calls and the proofs of finger prints in Pooja’s flat. She accepted to take up the case and Joseph is relieved to know the case is in good hands now.
Sarah started her work on the case now. She not only wants to prove Karthik innocent and also have to find the person who planned the accident to her mentor. The two cases are inter-related, of course. Because Pooja’s flat is situated at a place where there is no permission for the trucks to pass. So this truck was exclusively hired for Joseph’s accident. And the person responsible for this is still in the shadows and enjoying his/her life. She knew how to start the countdown. For that first she should meet this Pooja’s character. She seems to be an interesting character. Boss-employee relationships are common these days but according to the office staff, Karthik was always nice to his employees and kept an arm length distance with his female employees and the same goes to Pooja as well. Then how come the prosecutor got the phone calls traced to Karthik’s number and the location is always in the area of where Vincents live? And not to forget the finger prints in her flat, how did that happen!!

When Sarah met Pooja, she was in a better position to explain what happened that day. She explained to Sarah that Karthik came to her flat at 1 in the morning and tried to force himself on her. When she refused, she threw her to a side and came over her. She with all her strength remaining got hold of candle stand and beat him with that. She also informed that they had this romantic relationship from 3 months and the phone calls were the proofs. She said Karthik registered another SIM card exclusively for their phone calls. All the things did give an insight to Pooja’s version of the case.

When she met Karthik, he told that he got the injury on his head when he slipped in the bathroom. His family maids were never that negligent of their work, so they let go of this first mistake. But the scar remains as a solid proof in Pooja’s case as the incident that took place is in private quarters of Vincent mansion and no one’s statement from the family was given that solid importance and it can be taken as manipulation of the case.

They know the coming trial will also not bring out the truth to the full extent because Sarah only took hold of the case when two days were remaining to the trail day. She assured Karthik that she will put all her efforts to unravel the truth. Karthik is forever grateful to her for this. But she ruled out those words saying she is only doing her job and she is helping her mentor who in first place is responsible for her successful career.

When Sarah checked the CCTV footage of Pooja’s apartment, indeed there is an entry of person who looks similar to Karthik and he is in a black hoody and a cap, so they were unable to make up his face from any of the angle of the CCTV camera. Next up is for the search of the phone or SIM from which the calls were made to Pooja. When they checked Karthik’s room there is a phone with the same number SIM card in his room. When Vincents were interrogated, they were unable to take in any of the information and said they didn’t have inkling for the presence of another phone in the house that too in Karthik’s room. Sarah asked the Vincents to question the maids of their house. When she interrogated all the maids, only one maid was on the verge of fainting. When she was asked for the reason of her nervousness, she blurted out the truth that she was the one who put that phone in Karthik’s room. When asked for the reason, she said someone called her and said that her family is in their captive and she should do whatever they tell her to do. She didn’t believe their words first, so she called her family and got to know that her family was kidnapped. She wanted to inform this to Vincents so that she can take their help in filing a complaint against the kidnappers. Before she could do such thing, she got a video call from the kidnapper showing her family all beaten up badly and the kidnapper is about to chop a finger from her daughter’s hand. She became selfish that day and did what they asked her to do. They told her to leave soap water on Karthik’s bathroom floor so that when he steps inside; he can slip and get a crack on his head. Next she was handed the cell phone and was told to put that phone in Karthik’s room at some hidden place. When she was asked when she kept the phone in Karthik’s room, she said the day after Karthik’s arrest. So this makes something clear, someone is helping Pooja in trapping Karthik. But who can that be? Maid said she saw a guy on the other side of the video call and was always a guy who gave her orders. The voice can be morphed in the phone call and someone can disguise them as male in the video or could have hired a male person for this kidnapping thing. Either ways she cannot determine the gender of the person who is helping Pooja.

Sarah thought she would either get a phone call saying her to drop this case or at least a murder attempt as they did to her mentor. But no, the person who is helping Pooja is too intelligent for their own good. They didn’t want to leave a tail that can lead Sarah to them. Cool!! But she is not the one who will back out taking the threats of some loon head into consideration.

Sarah did a background check on Pooja this time. She knows that this is the first thing she should have done but she was so caught in the footage and phone history she was unable to make up to the interrogation in Pooja’s history. She got hold of Pooja’s resume from the office storeroom and made her way to Pooja’s college. There she and the police officer who accompanied her got the shock of their lives. They were informed that Pooja was a drug addict and also she was in rehab for 2 years, after that she joined Vincent groups as PA for Karthik.

Sarah asked the recruiting manager about how they hired a drug addict in the office, they informed her that she kept them in dark saying the gap between her graduation and the job trials was due to ill health of her mother where in real Pooja’s mom was dead years before when Pooja was a child. The graduation certificate is a forged one; Pooja morphed the university certificate on her name. Sarah reprimanded the recruiting officer for being negligent in is work. He was supposed to do a thorough background check of the person they were recruiting. He apologised to her for his foolish behaviour but that doesn’t take anything back. His boss is in jail because of his mistake.
It is the trial day again. This time Pooja graced her presence in the court.

So Ms. Pooja!! I was informed that you were a drug addict in the past, is that true?’ asked Sarah.
No!’ answered Pooja.
Are you sure about that because I have my witnesses who can prove that you were a drug addict and also spent 2 years in rehab for the same reason?’
Yes, I’m very much sure I’m not a drug addict and the evidences you were talking about lawyer sahiba, they could have been manipulated to put allegations on me, doesn’t it?’
Very well, you were saying that I manipulated the evidences. Suit yourself. Because the first evidence I’m going to present before the court is Principal of Pooja’s graduation college, can I have Mr. Sharma in the witness box please?’
Granted!’ said the judge.
Mr. Sharma! You said that Pooja, your ex-student is a drug addict and caused a great deal of nuisance in the college, right?’
Yes, Pooja and her friends became drug addicts during their second year of college. Pooja was a brilliant and she joined in our college with a full scholarship. But I don’t know where her mind went wrong, she became addicted to drugs, alcohol and every bad habit you can put your hands on.’
That’s a lie!’ barked Pooja.
If that is a lie Ms. Pooja, I have another proof. Here is the certificate of the rehabilitation centre where Pooja got her treatment and she was announced fully perfect to lead a normal life.’ said Sarah and handed the certificate to Judge.

The judge scrutinised the reports for a while and came to a conclusion that she is indeed a drug addict. But that doesn’t prove anything how Karthik can considered as innocent in here.
Milord!! I’m coming to the point by making all the things clear that caused Pooja to put this blame on Mr. Vincent’s head. So can I?’ asked Pooja with a serene smile on her face.
My next witness is Mr. Rahul Singhania, Systems engineer at Exito and also an ethical hacker.’
Rahul walked in the witness box.
So Mr. Singhania! Can you please enlighten us about the information you have got from the facebook account of Ms. Pooja and also how Mr. Vincent’s phone was traced to the location where he lives?’ asked Sarah.
Milord! The facebook account of Pooja has a friend with Karthik Vincent for sure but the IP address that was traced for this account led us to a cyber cafe.’
Here comes my question milord! Why would someone of Mr. Vincent’s calibre go to a cyber cafe only to chat with his so-called girlfriend? And when I interrogated his family they said that Mr. Vincent is always with his family whenever he gets a free time. So the person who is registered under Karthik Vincent’s name is a fraud.’ Finished Sarah.
So my next answer is the location of Karthik’s phone. Yes! Indeed the phone’s location is traced to the tower near Vincent’s house. That doesn’t mean Karthik is the one who is using the phone.’
Can you elaborate it Mr. Singhania?’ asked the judge.
Sir!! The SIM card company can never give you the exact location of a particular SIM card. It can only give the area from the SIM card was being operated. That is based on the network towers in the area. So this means the person who is using the SIM card cannot be necessarily Karthik but some other one in the same area.’ Finished Rahul.
Thank you Mr. Singhania. Milord! My next witness is Vincent mansion maid Ms. Sarala Joshi.’
Sarala gave her evidence saying how her family was kidnapped and how she was blackmailed to do things in Vincent’s house. The prosecutor gave up the case to Sarah as there is not a thing where he can raise an objection. Sarah stood with all her armours.

After Sarala’s statement, it is the turn for recruiting manager who gave his statement of how Pooja gave her mother’s health as a reason for her gap in the jobs. Wherein Pooja’s mother was dead when she was a child. He said he was responsible for not doing a thorough background check on her career.

Sarah also produced the certificates of Pooja that were actually forged ones because Pooja was not a graduate in real according to the University she had studied and the university doesn’t have any records of Pooja being graduated.
Now comes the main question “Why did Pooja blame Karthik for a rape that doesn’t happen in real?”

Yes there is nothing happened to Pooja because the bruises on Pooja’s body were not given by Karthik but some other person who is less strong than Karthik. When the holding capacity of Karthik and the person who man handled Pooja was compared, there is a difference of earth and sky. Karthik’s grip is much stronger. The reason for finger prints of Karthik on Pooja’s furniture is because Karthik is the one person whom she invited to her flat on a fine day and she asked about his opinion on them. He touched them so that he could feel the difference.

The phone that was recovered from Karthik’s room holds a mystery in itself. There is a voice mail in the mailbox of Pooja that was accidentally recorded and transferred to Pooja’s voicemail. The voicemail contains shuffling and incoherent voice of a lady cursing Pooja and her inefficiency. Pooja was stunned to hear the voice that was been a soothing one all this while is cursing her now. She couldn’t hold back her pain and she accepted the truth that she was the one who put false accusations on Karthik so that she could marry him. She got out of the rehab centre but her addiction to drugs and alcohol again started after her friend cum sister Preethi met her. The voice in the voicemail is none other than Preethi’s. She was the one who planned all these so that they both can live a luxurious life with Vincent’s money if she became daughter-in-law of Vincent’s. Preethi was the one who operated the SIM from a place nearby Vincent’s house so that if ever police track the number they can get only Vincent’s place as the destination. She is the same one who planned Joseph’s accident too. The one who came to her flat on the day of rape is some friend of Preethi and they both made the room as if there was a struggle in real.

The defence rests, Your honour.’ Said Sarah.
The judgement was passed that day and that is Karthik is innocent. The judge gave orders to the police department to find Preethi and the guy who helped her as early as possible. Meanwhile Pooja was given punishment for contempt of court and also for false rape charges.
The TRUST factor is the one that drove this shot. TRUST on Karthik by his family. TRUST of Sarah on her mentor and Vincents.

*Anticipatory bail is grant or release of an accused where he is apprehended by police for his arrest.
*Contempt of court means wilful disregard or disobedience to a court of law.
Okay don’t kill me after reading this, actually the false rape allegations have become common these days. Almost 70% of the cases are proved to be false rape cases according to a survey in 2013.

First I thought to write this shot on Ardhika but bechare have already suffered a lot in this series, so didn’t want to torture them more, so Karthik graced the presence.

If you have any doubt on any of the terms or if you find any loophole in the story, please do inform me so that I can rectify it or can explain the purpose I used the term there.

How did you like Sarah’s character? By this time my intelligent readers, you should have guessed that she is the ONE for Karthik I’ve chosen. I like this name ‘Sarah’ so much.

I don’t know why I’m leaving so many threads open in this series but then we cannot put all the human emotions in a single page, isn’t it?

This is a real life story that I’ve seen from very near say from my neighbours. Their boy was accused for the rape and he developed suicidal tendencies when he was locked in the jail and the pain he went through is unexplainable. So the continuation of this shot at some other point will be the pain Karthik went through when he was locked up in the jail.

Do let me know your views on this shot and feel free to suggest any topic you want me to write.

Have a great day ahead and love you all.

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    Woahh sweetie….bang on!!
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    Love you..update misconceptions soon..

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      Hi Myra,thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 😀 Glad to know you loved it.. 🙂 Yeah!! I’m a law student indeed.. 🙂 Will update misconceptions soon,love you too and take care.. 🙂

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    1. Sweetie

      Sweetheart!!Thank you so much for all those lovely words.. 😀 You know I’m flying already.. 🙂 Yeah!! I can understand the pain that boy would have gone through when he was accused of false rape.. 🙁 Sad to know people stoop such low to put blame on other’s heads.. 🙁 Sarah-Karthik’s story is kinda related to Ahamica,Dia-Goutham stories dear..So was thinking hard to give all the pairs same space.. 🙂 Sarah will definitely not allow Karthik to lose hope on trust,but that one is tricky to a large extent,because the guy has already gone through so much..Will try to post soon milord.. 😉 Love you too and take care.. 😀

  6. Jessie

    A big round of applause to my darling sissy Manassaaa… False rape accusations.. say that happens.. yesss… !! U brought a court hearing before me yaar… wow.The way sarah ( I mean Adv.Manasa) dealt was amazing.. I did wonder on that phone part.. but brilliantly handled… The girls.. wat to say.. shame on such…and an accidental voice mail did help them.. Trust!! and Truth both dependent on each other.. Sad to hear abt tat guy you mentioned in footnotes.. MMZ ki official lawyer ban gayi ho tum.. Good that u thought to bring Karthick’s emotional trauma… Loved the sisters trusting their brother.. Such allegations are treated partially.. sad is that it happens most of the time the other way around.. Good job Ms..Manasa!! I loved it…

    Curious for next one… TC and loads of love..Now that u asked suggestion… am gonna ask u one thing.. Tell me., why does Human rights involve in death penalty of a person who commits a worst crime of killing ppl… Say..A person is found to be guilty of planning a massacre, and he is gn death penalty.,Now why HR wants to go against it.. Do we have laws supporting this..Isnt it like supporting the culprits..! and The ones who gets arrested for holding an army soldier as
    a captive.. wats the worst punishment our legal system have for them…

    ‘Now.. sissy… dont get angry on me.. you won’t..I know.. but.. this one irritates me at times.. you know.., ppl to prove themselves as a godsent angel to preserve this human race often does such odd things.. So..Milord..Here ends my doubts of the day.. I hope Manasa plans to come with THWH shot on this too… hehehehe cant help.. Love u loads Darling sissy…Muaahhh.. Now that i have troubled u enough..Tata…. 🙂 😉

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      Jessie,my darling sister,thank you so much for those lovely words.. 🙂 Yeah!!Sad to see such incidents where people stoop so low and start falsely accusing people.. 🙁 Will try to post soon,but the stories of all the other pairs will be inter-related with Karthik-Sarah,so will be late I guess..

      I’ll never ever get angry on you sweetheart,I used to wonder the same about HR interference in the kinda issues you have mentioned..But I don’t exactly know about the laws concerning to HR,will have to read and should get a fair idea on that..Will be working on this topic too.. 🙂 And thank you so much for suggesting.. 😀

      love you too darling sisso..Take care.. 😀

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    Sweetie fabulous …hats off the way you described legal proceedings ….you detailed everything so brilliantly 🙂 you really have a detailed knowledge on the subject …and the way u wrote I could see everything live in front of my eyes amazing girl 🙂 loved it

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      I watch a lot of crime shows Di,that helps me a lot in writing these shots and moreover my direct association to law and order also helps me in the details part.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the shot.. 🙂
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    Wow.. wow…wowwwwwww So so so sooooo unexpressable…..You know what’s the best part??? SARALA JOSHI… damn woman i’m imagining him as a woman in an old yellow and red combo sari with red blouse and a veil on his head….

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    Sweetie geethu…my sweetheart this is another notable work from u…sooo superb…really..i have read many false cases like that…i really hate such girls who can fall so lowy to prove innocent as guilt, in the process they forget they also smashed their character…aaargh…hmmmm…i really hate such kind ??

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      Rossy di,thank you so much for those lovely words.. 😀 Yeah!!These cases have become more common these days,law has a become a joke for these girls..?Me too hate them..
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