MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 6


Salaam everyone… Finally I’m able to keep my word for this series… Below is the love story of Ahamica along with Dia and Goutham…

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^^Shot 6: Love you My Northern Star^^
Goutham promised Dia that he is going to plan a date for her and kept it as a surprise for almost a week. Dia is on verge of slaughtering him for this suspense he is building up in her. Finally after a long week of suspense Goutham took her to the place where he planned the date by blindfolding her. When she got to see the place, surprise will be an understatement because the place he took her is none other than the NGO ‘Starke’ that is co-owned by her mother Ms. Radhika Mishra Vincent. He took her inside and the people of the NGO greeted them and both of them had a hearty talk and lunch with the people in there.
She was unable to comprehend the person who is seated in front of her. Is he the same person who tried to woo her with his silly acts; came to her house with a marriage proposal and got bullied by his own father? No, this person is different; he is more mature than she’s ever thought, he is enjoying his lunch with all the people in NGO like he has known them for years and they in turn were pampering him like their own son. Can this happen? Can he be her perfect and imperfect match at the same time? Will he be able to fill those gaps in her life? The only answer she got for all these questions is a big YES.
What will he do when he get to see her broken self where she is unable to accept any other person in her life except her family after Monica’s incident? Or he’s already made his way to her heart? When did she realise that she is brewing all the thoughts of snuggling in his arms and forget the world around her? When did she come to trust him so much that she came out for a date with him without any person accompanying her? Is it then when he proposed her with all the love he has for her or then when he brought a marriage proposal to her house stating he is serious about her? Whenever may be the time, but she has fallen for this person deeply and irrevocably.
When she thought he is preparing for a normal date with all the flowers, candles and beach set up; she get to see he has bigger plans than that. He came to know where her heart lies. He has seen through her like she is some transparent material. How can she leave him for any reason? Will she be able to leave him? The answer is a NO.
She came out of her thoughts with the loud clapping around her where Goutham stood on his one knee and proposed her with a beautiful, simple yet elegant ring in his hand. He is waiting for her response. She looked here and there to tease him but the sad expression on his face took away all the restraints of her heart and she said YES. He adorned her finger with the ring that’s perfectly fitted to her. After taking leave from the people of Starke, they headed to their respective houses.
Before they reach their houses, she has few questions that were to be answered by him.
How did you know I like to spend my time in Starke?’
He stopped the car at some place where she got to see an ice-cream parlour. He took her hands in his and answered her with utmost sincerity in his voice.
Jaan, I know I can plan a date with all those flowers, candles, beach set up, full moonlight casting its shadows on us and we taking our stroll in the beach with our hands entwined together. All those things and your happiness will be momentary if I plan our date in the conventional manner. But the happiness I got to see in your eyes at the moment you landed your eyes on Starke premises is priceless. How can I ever take away that happiness from you when I perfectly know where your happiness truly lies? That doesn’t mean we are not going to have our date in the conventional way but I wanted our first date to be special. And moreover I need to make a good impression on your mind (winks), isn’t it?’
You will never change, right?’
Never ever. And by the way why should I change myself? When the girl sitting beside me has fallen deep for this personality?’
Wh… What?’
Don’t act sweetheart, if you don’t love me then you would have never accepted my ring. I know you have fallen for me way before but the fears in your heart after Monica’s incident didn’t allow you to accept me completely. It was only then when I came to your house with marriage proposal, you took my proposals in a serious way. Am I right?’
A slight blush covered her cheeks with all the words he has spoken to her. How is it he can understand her feelings so perfectly? Is he some mind-reader?
I’m not a mind-reader, but I can understand your heart Jaan.’
She was boggled to listen to the words.
As I said, I can read your thoughts. You are MINE forever and it’s my duty to understand you completely with all your strengths and flaws.’
Is this idea really yours?’
Umm… Partially.’
I took papa’s help in this. He gave me a clue to take you to a place where you can find your true happiness. So I planned it in Starke where you want to make your future.’
Your Papa is really romantic. Wish I could get a partner like him!!’ said Dia with dreamy eyes.
Oh hello!! I’m not talking about my Papa; I’m talking about your Papa. “Sebastian aka Arjun Vincent” (air quoting the name). And my papa helped me in selecting the menu. ’ said Goutham with a sheepish smile on his face.
And can you enlighten me what was remained for you to do after all these things.’ Asked Dia sarcastically.
Arey!!! I did propose you by going on one knee.’ Said Goutham in a boastful manner.
Wow!! (Clapping her hands) You did a great thing, seriously. (By seeing smile on Goutham’s face) Anyone can do that proposal thing, you know. (Dreamy look) How I wish to get a man like my papa, he is so romantic and the love he has for his family is immeasurable. And your papa, he is so supportive; he is not a bad match either. What do you think?’ Teased Dia.
Then you have a good competition sweetheart, my mom will fight tooth and nail for my papa.’ Said Goutham with a smirk on his face seeing the expressions of Dia that turned to horror after his reply.
I said a guy like them not them, you idiot. Now come on, I want to eat an ice-cream. Dare you reject me! I’ve got an official permission from Varun papa (Goutham’s father) to torture you to my heart’s content.’ Said Dia and got out of the car without waiting for his reply.
He got out of the car smiling at the impossible nature of his girl who is so serious about their proposal only moments earlier and now acting like some teenage girl and demanding him for ice-cream. After having ice-cream, they left to their houses.
Their next meeting is during a family dinner. Vincent’s invited Khurana’s for dinner on Dia’s acceptance for marriage. Mr. Varun Khurana who cannot keep silent for a while started conversation.
You did a right thing son by proposing her at your first date itself, or else I was thinking that you will take forever to propose her.’ Said Mr. Varun earning a warning look from both his wife and his son.
As if he’s proposed in a very romantic manner.’ Murmered Ms. Amrutha Khurana.
Mom!!Now you should say how papa proposed to you.’ Asked Dia.
Really!! You want to listen to his proposal?’ asked Amrutha flabbergasted.
Yes.’ Said all the people on the dining table in unison.
Now it’s time for Mr. Khurana to hide his face in his palms. He wanted Mother Earth to open up and swallow him for a moment.
Taking a deep inhale and exhale, Amrutha started her love story.
In those days, I was a very studious student. He, as usual flirt, came to me, placed a red rose in my hand and said “I love you, you have to marry me”. See!! Can anyone believe that he is biggest flirt of all the time after his proposal?’ finished Amrutha.
All nodded their heads in negation and laughed at Varun’s antics. He rolled his eyes and said
Sweetheart!! I did make up to that bad proposal, isn’t it? That’s how we got Goutham.’ Said Varun with a wink.
Amrutha turned all red now; her husband is flirting with her publicly and that too in front of the in-laws of their son.
All stamped me as the biggest flirt till now, but I think I got a company.’ Said Neil and got a kick from Sam below the dining table.
What!! Honey!! I was right, isn’t it?’ continued Neil.
Of course Neil, you are always right.’ Said Radhika defending Neil.
If he is a flirt, then what am I Sweetie?’ asked Arjun earning oh’s and ah’s from the people on the dining table.
Radhika gave a glare to Arjun telling him to shut his mouth. All the fathers have become shameless today, they are flirting in front of their children and the children are enjoying their banter.
All this while Aham’s eyes didn’t leave Monica for a second. It’s been three years that he stocked up his emotions for her and now he was unable to keep them at bay. His love for her is visible in his eyes. He wants to make her HIS forever, but he knew it is not an easy path. He has to carve the road by removing all the thorns, shrubs that blocked his way to her heart. And he will definitely do that. He craved for her one look and one smile that will brighten up his day.
After reaching home, it was Goutham’s turn to chase his father.
Dad!! You are so dead today. How dare you open up your flirty remarks in front of my in-laws!’ said Goutham and started chasing his father who is running in the whole house to never get caught by his son who is now in a position to beat him black and blue for his audacity.
Finally both son and father gave up and took their seats on the sofa in the hall. Aham and Amrutha are laughing their heart out watching the antics of both son and father. Amrutha gave them water and asked them to calm down. Varun who was jovial all this while became serious.
Chote!! Do you love Monica?’ asked Varun.
Chote papa!! Woh… woh…’ fumbled Aham.
Yes Dad. He loves her.’ Answered Goutham.
Why do I get to know all things this late? First (slapping back of Goutham’s head) this idiot’s love and now yours. You do know what all she suffered, right?’
Yes chote papa!! I do know what all she suffered and I want to get her out of the shell for the very last time. I know she has come to trust people outside her family but she’s not over with the concept of love. I’ll definitely push myself to eternity to get her out of the shell.’
Varun is really proud of his son that time, but the fear that gripped his heart is not allowing him to enjoy the happiness at that moment.
But Chote!! You know your parents will not accept to this proposal. Being independent from childhood and studying in other states, I got this different mentality to accept people with all their flaws. I’m not saying Monica has any flaw but your parents will never look at her as a girl with pure heart, instead they look at her as a girl who has lost her virginity to another man other than her husband. How will you answer them who are still under the influence of this mentality?’ asked Varun.
Chote papa!! Do you think I’m not doing any homework for this? Every time I visit them in holidays, I’m trying to make my point clear that I want to marry a girl who has through a lot of obstacles in her life and most importantly I made my decision loud and clear that I want to marry a r*pe victim. I think my persuasion should have brought some change in their mindset. If not I’ll run away like you did with Chote mumma. What say! You should give me shelter that day.’ Said Aham.
Varun laughed out for these words of Aham but inside he knew this is not going to be easy. Sensing his feelings, Aham continued…
Chote papa! Trust me; I’ll make her the happiest person in the world.’
I know and I’m really proud of you.’ Said Varun and hugged Aham.
Goutham and Amrutha were really happy to see this bonding of Varun and Aham. All the people used to taunt Goutham saying his father loves Aham more, but he never ever got jealous of Varun and Aham’s relationship instead he was proud of his father who brought Aham from a remote village to city and bore all the expenses for his studies. The strong reason for this love he has developed for Varun and Aham’s relation is Amrutha. She every now and then instructed him how to develop only love towards his younger brother but not the hatred or jealousy that takes place when one parent takes up more concern towards another sibling. She explained to him what all Aham would have suffered if he’s left behind in the village and what would the people in the village have turned into. A monster is for sure. He from that day developed only love towards his brother. And now he wants to marry his to-be-sister-in-law who is a victim of human trafficking and r*pe. He is proud of him and ecstatic to have got a brother like this pure soul.
Amrutha and Goutham also joined the hug of Varun and Aham and made it a group and family hug. After getting released from the hug…
Ok now, we should be able to bring her out of the shell and how will that happen?’ asked Varun.
Dad!! I heard from Dia that Zaroon that is her chote papa is renowned psychiatrist in London. Why can’t we take his help?’ jumped Goutham on his father with an excitement that he got something to help them out of the situation.
Wow!! My son has become really clever these days. I think Dia’s wit has rubbed off its influence on you as well.’ teased Varun.
What Dad!! You both father and daughter-in-law have become a group now and started teasing me to the core.’ Said Goutham with a sullen face.
Oh!! That means my daughter is my party then, not bad. We both are going to have a blast. I will make her my date from now on.’ Said Varun and added some more fuel to already fallen face of Goutham.
Now stop it both of you, what were we talking and which topic you have ended up.’ Said Amrutha.
Jealous darling? Ah!! Don’t be. I’ll be faithful to you for eternity and I cross my heart on that word.’ Said Varun while crossing his heart.
Ok now, come on, call Dia and say her to call Dr. Zaroon and explain him everything.’ Said Amrutha.
Ok Mom.’ Said Goutham excitedly as he got to call his Jaan now.
All the other three smiled at his excitement and busied themselves in other works until Goutham finishes his call.
According to Dia’s words after speaking to Zaroon, the only treatment for Monica is reverse therapy. [I don’t know the medical term for this but I do know that when things doesn’t happen in a straight way, we need to get them done in a twisted manner] So in this Aham should act like he is against to all the characteristics that Monica possessed earlier when she was her bubbly self. When she is trying to open up to him, Aham should make her understand how much he loves her. But this will be a very slow process as Monica was projected to this kind of torture at a very young age and so the scars will not allow her to accept Aham to the fullest. So all the people joined their hands in making this mission successful. There should be consent of Vincent’s also in this mission, so Aham made himself clear to Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam. They were very happy to see the sincerity in Aham’s eyes and the love for their daughter. That day the mission ‘Patao Monica’ started off its journey. We should see it will pass with flying colours or not.
Dia, Monica, Karthik and Shravan thought to visit Khurana’s on a fine winter morning. Aham and Goutham taking advantage of the situation planned for a cricket match with all the boys from the neighbourhood along with Karthik and Shravan. Girls didn’t want to take part in the game, so they made themselves comfortable in the lawn. They were chatting about anything and everything when a ball with full force came in Dia’s way and halted its tracks in front of her. Dia was terrified to see that ball could have hit her straight in the face if not for God’s grace. Goutham came to her immediately and checked her if she is alright. The person who made that shot is none other than Aham. He wanted to strangle him for scaring the daylights of his Jaan. Before he could do anything, someone else did the honours. Guess who? Monica. She charged towards Aham like a raged bull [okay bull is a male, but in here Monica can become raged bull too as it is my fiction 😉 ] and punched Aham on his face for the ball that could have hit her sister on her face. All were shocked to see Monica in this manner as she is always calm and composed when these matters are concerned. But she herself doesn’t know why she made her way to Aham and punched him. Poor guy held his face in his hands and ran into the house. Monica is no way stoppable there, she ran after him to pluck his hairs out. He’s running in the entire mansion to save himself from her. But she is not going to stop in any way. When they reached Aham’s room, he is nowhere visible to her. She saw that he didn’t go in any other room. Out of nowhere, Aham came out of the shadows and kissed her on her cheeks and ran away from his room leaving behind frozen Monica. A small smile crept on her face, but it is vanished as soon as it came. He may not know what all she had suffered, but she very well knows that she is spoilt for any other man. She cannot make him fall for her, for she knew that can result only in pain. And she doesn’t want anyone to go through any pain because of her. The girl who is thinking that she should not make Aham fall for her doesn’t know that he has fallen for her deep and hard.
After coming out of the shock and masking her emotions, Monica made her way downstairs. There she saw Aham with a mischievous smile on his face. She wants to erase that mischievous smile from his face, how dare he kiss her? After seeing that Monica is coming his way, he started conversing with Karthik and Shravan about sports. Shravan is overwhelmed to get a partner in basketball in the form of Aham.
Jiju, you know I want to participate in Nationals. I want to become National champion and make my parents proud.’ Said Shravan innocently not knowing his words made Monica to stop her in her tracks. “Jiju” is the only word that’s swirling in her mind now.
Shravan!! Why did you call him Jiju?’ asked Monica.
Because he is Goutham’s Jiju’s brother di, why?’ cross-questioned Shravan.
Nothing. Just wanted to make something clear to some people.’ Said Monica and walked away from there.
Aham is happy that he got to see Monica’s expression. That may be rage, but he is happy for that too.
Next day when all the gang assembled at a place, Aham was asked a question by Karthik as to which type of girl he’s interested in. Karthik knew Monica is observing Aham closely after the yesterday’s incident, so he tried his hand to make a match for his sister because he got to see Aham’s love towards Monica. Aham’s answer did leave Monica surprised though.
He said he want a girl who is calm, reserved and submissive in nature. The total opposite characteristics of Monica. She is bubbly, cheerful and not at all submissive when it comes to relationships. She demands people what she wants. That is all in the past, and here people are trying to bring back her old self. After listening to this, Monica thought it to be true and gave a mental pat for her fabulous idea. She thought she will make him go crazy such that he will leave her on his own by seeing her true nature. She cooked up this idea of making him to go nuts.
Owing to her idea, Monica did make Aham’s life crazier than expected. She demanded him; whenever their gang went for outing she made him her chaperone. She made him to go round and round by dumping lots of work on his head. All the others were happy to see Monica coming back to her old self. And one fine day, Aham proposed her. She was shocked would be an understatement. He thought she will run away from that place after his proposal, but she stood there all frozen to her place. He held her by her shoulders and asked her answer. He said that this was all a drama of saying he wants a submissive girl where in fact he wants her, only her as his partner. She was in no way able to answer to his question and the traitor tears made their way from her eyes. She ran away from there as he expected. He sat there crying because of his failed attempt. But he’s not gonna lose her for one failed attempt. He will make her HIS at any cost, with that determination he ran behind her. When he asked why is she running she said she is not pure as he expected instead her body was used for n number of times by some other man. He is enraged now, how can she think that he loves her for her virginity.
Monica!! Do you really think I love you for your body? No, I love you for your heart. You are pure from your heart. And how can you think your past matters to me in any way. You were, are and will be pure for me and for all of us. Do you even realise what your indifference is making other people go through? I know you want to come out of this trauma on your own, but I want to be part of that journey of yours and help you in every way possible.’ Said Aham with tears brimming in his eyes once again.
No!! You are unable to understand, you can accept me as I am but what about your parents? I heard from Amrutha aunty that they cannot accept a girl whose virginity is lost.’
I will handle them, and by the way I was brain washing them from three years as to how I want to marry you.’
Monica is in another shock now. Three years, did he just say three years, that means…
Yes.’ Answered Aham as if he heard her thoughts.
I’ve loved you from three years, at that time people would have ruled out that feeling stating it as infatuation, but my feelings towards you only grew with time. I want to become part of your life sweetheart. Please answer me. Yes or No.’
Aham… I…. I…. I think I will not be able to pull this off.’
We will together do that sweetheart. You don’t worry. Now say Yes or No.’
Yes.’ Said Monica after a lot of hesitation.
She got to see a ray of hope in the form of Aham that day, although she’s living happily with her family, somewhere in the depths of her heart she knew she cannot get a life partner who will take her and love her the way she is. But when Aham told that he loves her after knowing her darkest past, she was unable to reject him. She wants him only for her. She wants to capture his heart with hers. She wants to give him all the happiness in the world. For that she should accept him on this path of thorns. She can take any number of cuts from these thorns but will never ever let anything happen to him. That will be her promise to him forever even if she didn’t voice out the words.
Love you my NORTHERN STAR.’ Said Aham and hugged her tight close to his heart after her confession.

All the gang reached them and congratulated the pair and planned for a party in the nearby restaurant.

Finally made it to the end of this shot, I thought to make this shot very short and sweet but I kept writing on and on like forever. I wanted to show why Dia and Monica should be given in Khurana’s family and also wanted to show their bonding and some issues that we think are trivial but weighs lot more in real life. I stopped this shot here because the actual suffering of any r*pe victim starts when her partner tries to get closer at physical level. As Aham and Monica are still in their twenties, according to my calculation, I was unable to show the other side of the pain that r*pe victims go through.

Haayee!! I’m falling for Goutham. How many of you are in my way? Show yourself… 😉 How many of you liked his date plan?

Do let me know your takes on this shot from the comments section below, I would love to read your thoughts on the issues discussed above. 🙂 Do you think I’ve taken Ahamica’s love story in very fast forward notion?

Love you all and have a great weekend. 😀

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      Rossy Di,thank you so much.. 🙂 I too am unable to understand the so-called rules of society..The girl who is a victim of rape not only have to suffer from physical pain but also the society’s taunts,why can’t the society leave her alone? 🙁 Glad to know you loved Aham’s step.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

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