MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 4

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? As promised, here comes the next shot of THWH series… 😀 Please expect a love story in this shot, you guys must be thinking “Sweetie always writes love stories right, then why is she mentioning it exclusively”—you will get to know the answer very soon… While you are reading this shot, at one point of time you people will be on the verge of murdering me, so I’m going down my rabbit hole, slay the dragon and come back after your feedback… 😉
Please ignore typos and grammatical errors… Happy reading… 😀
This shot is from the timeline where the kids of both our pairs are of ages—Dia(17), Shravan(10)[Ardhika’s children]; Karthik(18), Monica(15)[NeSam’s children]… You may have observed I’ve changed the names of the children—it’s because Ritu asked me to do so, I think it is okay dear? Brin wanted me to write on children as well… So girls, here it is… 😀
^^Shot 4: The Northern Star^^
In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. —Francis Bacon.
A girl is chatting with her friends in a restaurant. After their lunch, all were headed back to their school but the girl felt dizzy as she is very behind to her gang no one noticed her absence. When she’s about to collapse on the floor someone grabbed her and took her to some other place in a black van. The girl is none other than Monica, NeSam’s daughter.
Monica was kidnapped; Vincent’s filed a case; investigation is going on but no one called Vincent’s for any ransom. This issue is causing a panic among all the Vincent’s and Singhania’s. Someone has to call them but why it isn’t anyone called them.
Investigation started with the restaurant from where Monica was kidnapped. The car in which Monica was taken had a false registration. Next Dia’s lecturer who tried to attack her with an acid bottle because she rejected his proposal was investigated. This incident took place in the morning hours before kidnap incident. But taking his alibi into account he was released in Monica’s case but not in Dia’s matter. He is a psycho who is after rich girls for money and if they reject him he tries to burn them with acid. He is behind bars for the same reason and he will be prosecuted very soon.
Vincent family is not in their proper mindset. Business is running on auto pilot but their daughter is nowhere to be found. Karthik, Dia and Shravan were busy in their own world where they were still playing with their sister. Karthik is remembering the memories of how he taught swimming to both his sisters; how Monica being naughty girl skipped every class of his; how he caught her and bends her ears to make her learn swimming. Dia is remembering all her pranks in which Monica was her co partner; how they made fun of their brothers and how they pulled the legs of their elder brother about love affairs. Shravan is remembering how Monica and he fought over chocolate fudge cake last piece and she being elder sister gave her piece of cake to him.
Case is not moving forward in any direction, it’s like all the ways were closed and they all stood in dark. Then came a ray of hope in the form of video which has Monica being raped brutally by a man of 50 years and that was uploaded on YouTube. Children brought that video to their parents, Sam is not in a position to control herself and Radhika too is inconsolable. But Rahul being computer freak and Systems Engineer tracked down the IP address of the computer from which the video was uploaded. This operation was done with police permission. After getting the IP address and location police made their way to the desired location only to get back with empty hands. The video was uploaded from a cyber cafe that doesn’t have any CCTV camera or a register to maintain the customers list. Even if they have register that couldn’t have helped them because the culprits would have written a fake name. The cafe is in a remote area where there cannot be a facility for CCTV’s. Every path is leading them to a dead end. The video was taken down from internet.
Even after this entire scenario police didn’t stop their investigation. They enquired every possible human trafficking gang they got their hands on but all in vain. One day after a year of this case, Monica was left in front of Neil’s mansion. Samaira who saw a van leaving a girl outside their mansion from her room window ran outside only to find Monica like a lifeless soul with bruises all over her body. She informed all the other people about this matter and in no time all were in Neil’s place. Doctor checked Monica and told Vincent’s that she was raped brutally for N number of times and after getting consciousness she may behave weird due to the torture she had endured from a year. As doctor said Monica did behave weird, she didn’t talk to anybody; she flinched when her father or Arjun or Rahul or even her brothers touched her. She was okay only with the ladies touch. She didn’t come out of her room for the whole day and wept slowly so that no one can hear her cries. She understood that she cannot take any pitiful looks directed to her or her family and so tried to commit suicide. Same time Samaira reached her room to give her some snacks but to her horror, she found her daughter with a wrist cut and a knife in other hand. She took her to a hospital and was relieved to find her alive as the cut is not so deep. Radhika who reached there was unable to control herself and slapped Monica hard. Sam knew what Radhika must have gone through while slapping Monica; even she was not in a position to explain anything to her daughter. So she left everything to Radhika…
What did you think Monica? If you die, we all will be happy and lead a happy life? No dammit!! We can’t. We all were in a zombie state when you are not in our family and now when you are here alive, how do you think we can leave you?’
Badi mom!! You are unable to understand. I’m a scarred person now. No one will respect me because I’m like a used tissue. I cannot bring down the respect of Vincent’s.’
And you think your death will solve the matters baby.’ Asked Sam.
Yes mom… Kam se kam you all will be happy after some years if I’m not in front of you ALIVE.’ Said Monica with silent tears in her eyes.
This will not end here; you will come with me to a place tomorrow. Mini aunty will join us too. You need to learn your lessons dear. You should live to make those people suffer who made your life a living hell.’ Said Radhika.
Samaira knew the place Radhika was talking about. It is Starke—NGO founded by Priya Kapoor and Radhika.
Next day Radhika along with Rivannah took Monica to Starke, even though Monica knew every inch of Starke from before, this trip is very new to her like she’s is reading her entire life in a different way.
Monica!! See the people around you; everyone has some or other problem. Some were acid attack survivors, some were rescued from human trafficking gangs and some don’t even know their name. They were leading their lives for a purpose. Do you know what that purpose is? (Monica nodded her head in negative) Life is that purpose. If you are given this life that means it has a purpose. You know the challenges we faced in our lives, I know your problem is bigger when compared to ours but please beta… For our sake, for your family you have to live this life.’ Said Radhika.
Baby!! I know saying is easy but living through that is difficult but you need to be strong to face the demons life has thrown to you. And you have to fight for justice where the culprits get their punishment for what they had done to you. Please don’t panic. We all are with you baby. Please don’t do this again. Your kidnap got all of us crippled but your death may lead to our deaths too.’ Said Rivannah with tears brimming in her eyes.
Monica may not come out depression that easily but now she knows her death may lead to deaths of all those people who love her so much. She should live for them and she will live to make her culprits pay for their deeds.
Monica told all the incidents from her kidnap to her arrival to Vincent’s house in front of police. It took a great deal of effort for her to remember all those she has gone through. After getting kidnapped, she was taken to a third grade hotel where a man used her body to his heart’s content. After that she was taken to an elite hotel where she spent the previous year. There were bids to the girls every now and then, the man who bid higher amount will get the girl and Monica was considered as one of the valuable assets. She was kept in a dark room till the bid on her was over and then handover her to the man. She has been through a living hell, she once tried to kill a man with all the force she has got but that backfired. After one year she was thrown in front of Vincent bungalow.
Police didn’t understand one thing in this matter. If this is a case of human trafficking the girl would never have seen Sun again but this girl was taken in a well planned manner and left in a well planned manner too. This appears to be a revenge saga but who can it be? Police investigated every single person who had connection with Vincent’s in and outside of India, but found nothing. It is appearing like the culprit vanished in thin air and living a lavish life somewhere.
Crime never pays. One day when Monica was going to some place, she got to see a man who used her body every single time that is who bid huge amount of money on her, who cursed her to be a sl*t. All those things came back to her again. This time she is not weak, so she told her driver to follow the man…
But beta!! Are you sure we have to follow him? Because Sahab and Saheba gave your responsibility to me, I don’t care whatever happens to me but what happens to you really matters.’ Said the driver Ramu kaka.
Ramu kaka!! I’m 110% sure that he is the man. Please follow him so that we can find out his hide out. In the meanwhile I’m going to inform papa and bade papa.’
Monica informed all this matter to Neil and Arjun. They sprung to action and called the police. Neil and Arjun along with police reached the man’s hideout following Monica’s direction. Police arrested the man and the man turned out to be a well known businessman of Kolkata.
So now are you going to tell us the master mind of this human trafficking gang?’ asked a policeman to Mr. Sharma, businessman.
I don’t know what you are talking about officer, I came here for a business purpose and you people arrested me just like that and now started asking questions in a puzzle.’
Okay you may remember everything after seeing a person.’ said the officer and went to fetch Monica.
When Mr. Sharma saw Monica again, his eyes sparkled with lust.
Oh! This girl!! She was my personal pr*stitute from a year. But how come they left her, as far as I know they doesn’t leave anybody who were taken to their place…’ Mr. Sharma asked.
Who are those people and whose gang is this?’
Why will I tell you? To ruin my respect with my own hands. (smirks) Do you think I’m a fool officer? You will never know about those people and you cannot arrest me based on this girl’s statement. She is a sl*t and will remain forever.’
These words blew off patience in every person over there, Radhika reached the man grabbed him and trashed him black and blue. She was held back by Arjun, Neil and Sam.
Mr. Sharma was dazed to see all the Vincent’s over there. He doesn’t understand anything. How come this girl related to Vincent’s—No idea.
Ok Mr. Sharma. Don’t give stress to your pea sized brain now. The girl you were calling names is none other than our daughter and now you will open your mouth or else your family will be on road this very moment. Your respect will be ruined no matter what because we can go to any extent to get you behind bars. So think wisely and blurt the truth. If you give us the truth, I’ll make sure your family will be taken care of every matter or else…’ said Arjun with a fury that made Mr. Sharma flinch.
Mr. Sharma told the truth about how elite events will be conducted and girls were on a bid in the hotels. But for some reason that he didn’t understand Monica was always given a dark room when the bid is going on. When Mr. Sharma told the name of the master mind of human trafficking gang everyone eyes and mouths were opened wide in utter shock.
The owner didn’t leave any trails behind, so police have to hatch a master plan to catch him. As per Mr. Sharma’s statement the people who were registered are not checked at the entrance, so they handed over a pen camera to Mr. Sharma and told him to record every scene possible as the next event is in the coming week. Mr. Sharma agreed to do the same and he is taken in to custody.
The day of event arrived and Mr. Sharma collected all the proofs of the owner as per the plan and the owner with all his gang was arrested. [Head of that gang always visit to these events]
Master mind of this entire thing is none other than Danny Varma, younger brother of Dr. Srikanth Varma. Dr. Srikanth Varma is the same doctor who was arrested due to the footage collected by Rivannah on that fateful day. Danny is into illegal business of his brother from a very young age but he kept his paths clean every single time. This time he wanted revenge, he wanted whole Vincent and Singhania family to suffer for sending his brother behind bars. He did his research on both Vincent and Singhania family, what he got to see made his blood boil. All the children are strong in every sense, but he can break them by making one of their daughters a sl*t. Dia is not an easy catch because of the security outside her college. Monica isn’t an easy catch either but she has a habit to visit restaurants with her friends. He took this as cue and kidnapped her by bribing the waiter and mixing sleeping powder in her food. As per his plan he made her a prized possession to all the wealthy people. He thought to teach them all a good lesson by releasing her after 6 months, but the girl is feisty and tried to kill one of his customer and so she had to endure another 6 months of that pain.
Both Danny and Mr. Sharma were arrested and their case will be on trails very soon.
Rivannah was devastated to listen to the news that her one evidence has thrown Monica in to a living hell. Everyone tried to make her understand that it is not her fault but she is nowhere consolable. Monica being the strong girl she is now consoled Rivannah. All were happy to see the broken yet strong girl consoling another person.
*This is a love story of siblings/cousins, father-daughter and mother-daughter. {If I’m wrong in any way please correct me.}
*The North Star, often coined as the Pole Star, is a highly visible star to the naked eye, and furthermore is deemed often as being aligned with the Earth’s axis of rotation. The North Star’s other name the Pole Star is given due to the geographic location, being located above the north pole, hence North Star. In the early 20th century, researchers found that the Northern Star was actually a member of the Cepheid variables pulsating class. This meant that the star would pulse in its brightness going from a super bright light to a less bright light, however, the Northern Star has very small pulses so they are less visible to the naked eye. In the early 1990s, scientists noticed that the Northern Star was beginning to get darker and lose a bit of its brightness. Yet, by 2000, the star was on the rise and the brightness was returning brighter than ever. The scientists set out then to study the brightness of the Northern Star and have continued to this day. —Monica is Northern star here. Some may have thought she would lose her brightness and perish forever but she being phoenix rose from the ashes to make her culprits pay for their sins.
*This story has got inspiration from many stories. I will list a few— Crime shows I watch; Evie Harper’s “You loved me” series; cases I’ve heard from my father about human trafficking.
*I thought the quote I’ve used at the starting of this shot will be apt to the life of Monica. So written it there. What do you people think?
Suggestions about the topics chosen in this shot were given by:
*Human trafficking —Nupur.
*Acid attack— Brin
*Obsessive love— Sheetal, Hima, Jessie.
*Cyber crime— Dipika.
—*Obsessive love is the major cause of any attack on girls either it may be acid attack or murder. So I just wrapped these two issues under acid attack on Dia. Unfortunately I was unable to explain the pain of acid attack victims as she was rescued by her classmates from the psycho lecturer.
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This shot is a dedication to Nobel Peace Prize laureates Mr. Kailash Satyarthi and Ms. Malala Yousafzai.

I cried buckets while writing this shot; proof reading is another pain altogether. What are your opinions on this shot? Should I see any chappals and broom sticks coming in my way? I didn’t come out my rabbit hole yet, so keep your reviews coming in.
Love you all… Stay blessed and have a nice day…

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  1. Sammy

    Sweetie …oh my god …I was crying badly …poor monica …really man when girls stuck in these kind of things …I mean I cant even imagine with what pain they go through …really I am crying bad …I want to suggest something .. I mean if you have time. …u can write it in this issue …where girls put false blames on boys ..that they rapped her …this also a major issue because I have heard many times that 70% rape cases filed in India …are false ..its just a suggestion ….waiting for the next 🙂 .update it soon …sweetie ..and this really make me cry .. now I am reading it again 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sammy..How are you now??I’m really sorry for making you cry.. 🙁 I tried to make Monica normal as this is an FF,but people will never be able to come out of that trauma in real.. 🙁 Sure will frame a story on your suggestion and post it in very near future.. 🙂 Oh!! I’m so happy to know that you were going back to read it again..I’m honored with that line dear.. 😀 Will update next one as soon as I can.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  2. Jnana

    Its mind blowing

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jnana..Thank you so much for that lovely comment dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the shot.. 😀 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

  3. Brin

    Outstanding, I am glad that you brought the issue of human trafficking in your story. My heart goes out to those innocent girls who has to face this injustice. Will Monica and Dia find true love, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Will Dia and Monica find their true love??Hmm..Let’s just hope it happens.. 😀 Human trafficking is such a dark truth of our society that even one tries to ignore it,it comes back with double intensity..Will update next one as soon as I can dear.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  4. Sreee

    Ohh my sweetie di, always a good girl in keeping words…and di it should follow in that one thing tooo…varna mein bhai se complain karungi…?..and thank god ,am commenting after sometime of reading the story…or else i couldn’t have gulped the pain i felt in those words…..u really r a social awaker di…rather then many lawyers nowaday s ,u r surely going to maje a fine and sensible one for others trouble..i willl be proud of u then….and di one q, what is uncle doing? I mean u said na he shared some incidents with(hope the q wasnt personal.. )….he should be really amazing right?….and coming to chappy, i know none of my tears, understanding, pity…or anything else could describe those people’s state..and as all they could then for them is their self confidence, without which they couldn’t survive..and di i think when am big enough to have my own money ,am definitely going to be any part of some ngo…all hail to u …love u till infinity…muahhhh….tight hugs…

    1. Sweetie

      Oh my cutie!!Thank you so much yaar for those lovely words.. 🙂 Bhai se kya kahogi tum,woh toh Rads se romance mein busy hai..LOL.. 😉
      You made me really emotional by calling me a social awakener..It’s just a small thing I can do to make people know the dark secrets of our society..Thank you so much for those positive words..Papa is in police department dear,whenever I seat myself to watch crime shows he accompanies me in that and makes me understand the legal terms..Yes!!He is an incredible person,only because of him I’m what I am right now.. 😀
      Oh!!Glad to know that my stories are having such an impact that you want to be a part of an NGO dear..It’s really an amazing decision.. 🙂 My role model for this dream is again my dad,he is the one who introduced me to the needy,I have all the things I want at my feet,but there are people who have to work hard to get that one morsel..So I help the people of an NGO.. 🙂
      Love you too to infinity and beyond.. 😀 Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂

      1. Sreee

        Ohhh uncle in police dept, seems ur whole family is out to serve people…great to know..god ,i could see y u needed rifle shooting…mein ab bhai ko warn karna hoga, apke bate mein….poor he is going to be right?… u?

      2. Sweetie

        Haha..Yes dear..Our family is out to serve the people.. 😀 Rifle shooting is one of my dreams and I will fulfill it in near future(fascinated because of Bond movies and Matrix trilogy)..Bhai ko kyun warn karogi??He is my sweetheart right,so will not do anything to him.. 😉 Love you too.. 😀

  5. Ok! I generally don’t cry reading a story, no matter what a tear-jerker it can be! But these real life incidents always manage to sting my heart and ur story did too…How a beautiful innocent flower was crumpled by Satans of the cruel society! Really Sweetie di hats off for writing such a beautiful one shot depicting the hardships of Monica…My heart goes out to the victims of human trafficking and acid attack. I seriously want to work towards helping them someday, and will surely do!

    Please come soon with another story creating awareness among ur readers!

    How r u? My classes have started and l m jam packed to even write a part but might be posting tomorrow…How r ur classes going on? And m still thinking about the mystery in ur ss, still haven’t put a finger on the correct one though…post soon:)
    Lots of love and big whale hugs!!!! Tkcr:):*:)

    1. Sweetie

      Hi meri behna!! I’m absolutely fine..How are you??My classes didn’t start yet dear..
      Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar.. 🙂 Aww!! I’m glad to know you will some day work for victims of human trafficking and acid attack.. 😀

      Will post next one as soon as I can dear,first I need to finish the next chapter of SS,only then I’ll be at peace to think about the next shot of this series.. 🙂

      Okay I’ll post next segment of SS soon so that some mist can be cleared from the story.. 🙂 Love you loads and whale hugs to you too..Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂

  6. Sweetie darlie m cryie hard now..sach me..i a really vigorously cried….how come this world be so cruel to destroy life of innocent ppl…though yhis is the ff only but this things happen in real na..omh just by thinkie wht had happen with monica i m havine shiver if fear….some ppl r so brutal…like they don’t hav family or loved ones to compare with victims… My bloow ia boilie in anger… Want to beat tht bastard like hell….Thank you soooo much dearryyy for bringing my suggested topic..m greatful to u….loads of love n tedfye bear huggg…pls come soon with

    1. Sweetie

      Hi sweetheart..Really sorry to make you cry dear.. 🙁 Yes!!These incidents do happen in real and that too with a double intensity..The mindsets of people are brutal,how come their family should be happy and others should not,for example Mr.Sharma over here..Will beat that bastard together..
      Thank you for suggesting topic to me dear,I’m really glad to know you liked it.. 😀 Love you loads and bear hugs to you too.. 🙂 Will post next one soon after finishing next segment of the SS.. 🙂 TC.. 😀

  7. _Ritu

    Manasa dear what to say yaar…u made me cry…really it was heart wrenching to read Monica’s story..what all happened wid her made me shiver…Now seriously m coming to u but not to kill u but to hug u tight for writing this one…Seriously how can some people be so much merciless….its bcoz of a women they are in this world and still they take women as a tissue paper..Dear U reminded me of Mardaani Movie…that movie was also based on human trafficking and after watching that movie I was not able to sleep for weeks..and I really admire ur ending how Monica stood up and fought to get her culprits punished…Seriously these monsters should be handed to public or their each body part should be cut and they should be left to rot in hell…but Indian law is still lagging behind in giving severe punishment in these cases..either these monsters are jailed for several years or hanged till death..Wish I can do something for them… Hats off to u dear for writing this one..U r truely a gem and one day u will surely fly very high…waiting for ur nxt shot..and if possible then plz include how Monica overcame from her trauma and found true love in any of ur coming shots ?? waiting for nxt update of ur SS as well..plz be sooner dear…love and a tight hug again ??

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved it and thanks for the hug too.. 😀 Yes Mardaani movie is also my inspiration for this shot..You truly read my mind..When I was writing this shot,I just remembered that small girl going through hell and the black market area.. 🙁
      About punishment–I can’t say anything..Laws are a pity,they take hell lot of time to finish off a single case,by that time people grow old and die too..
      Will post next one after finishing next segment of SS dear,only then I can concentrate on the other shot.. 🙂 Yaa,I just kept that thread open to you people so that if anyone asks about the efforts Monica put through to come out trauma,then I can write that..Now you asked it,so the story will be framed very soon.. 🙂 Love you loads..Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂

  8. Hey sweetie..this shot…m not getting words to express my feelings..yaar I bow my head down in front of u…this was a phenomenal is not about Monica it is about every girl who faces this trauma in her life…though they may be alive but they are lifeless from inside..I totally agree wid Ritu..punishments are really facile for such monsters in India… they should get such punishment that before even thinking to commit such crimes their soul shiver wid fear.thanks for including this topic in ur update… do write more and more ..waiting for next update…post soon…tons of love

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Pankh..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Yes the girls who face through such situations can never be able to come out the trauma.. 🙁 Law is crippled in all senses for those idiots who do such crimes..Though we have punishment for every crime,they are not implemented properly..
      Will post next one after posting the next segment of SS dear,so the next shot in this series will take some time.. 🙂 Love you loads and big wala bear hugs to you.. 😀

  9. Jessie

    Manasaaa… hugs.. this human1 trafficking happens jus lik tat1..but none is aware..ppl lack in warning their kids.. and revenge.. stupid of him.yes.. this obsessive love is a big one.. are u sharing ur works..? It will surely help many girls.. ppl take girls life as a material n valueless.. wat kind of punishment wud make these criminals 2 stop doing these things.. girls are even cheated in d name of love. I still remember when I was in high school, one of school’s old senior student was brutally ra*ed by 4 ppl n one of them was her so called lover..the fellow actually planned 2 elope n she trusted him.. this was one among many day today cases for my classmate who was frm same region used 2 say hw her elder bro turned lifeless n robotic n kept frantically advising any random young girl he come.across.. I got remembered tat incident when I read it story.. Liked d Monica character when she thought 2 live 4 her family..its like real hard.. and u wrote it all realistic.. few things turn hard though u have enough power n wealth..

    And u want broomsticks 2 clean ur house n chappals matching ur dresses? we won’t give.. go for shopping?? always I read or footnotes wit same interest I hv for
    ur update.. north star part is fab.. and why o why.. vincents all have a sad story.. hmm u make dia’s completely different.. no sad..revenge..betrayal for her.. clever n calculative..yet enjoying every fun in safe zone..not a cop yet has a detective brain.. u know like our dream replica.. howzz tat.. jus a thought popped.. bear hugs n loads n loads of love dear..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie,my sister!!!Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar.. 🙂 And that incident,I can totally understand the brother’s position,his sister was r*ped by bastards of our society..Did the people who did that thing got punished??These incidents do happen on daily basis,you know in my college,a student eloped with a lecturer,shukar hai bhagawan ka her parents found them while they both were trying to get married..Just think of the girl’s parents’ position there..Lecturer ko chodo,his parents were not here..Her father got a heart attack and her mother is bed ridden..Some girls act really foolish yaar,it’s just we can’t help it when you are in love,but we should be practical to some extent..Aise nahin hai ki you are in love,so you can do any stupid things and later regret that decision..I think I just got carried away..

      Glad to know you liked Monica’s character here,you know girls who have gone through such phases should really need a helping hand,that’s what I wanted to show here.. 🙂

      Right now I’m thinking to post these stories on Wattpad dear,will have to make some minor modifications,but I’m unable to squeeze any time for that.. 🙁

      Okay going for shopping tomorrow.. 😛 I really thought I’ll get some from any of the reader,okay no problem,I’m going to shopping..Haha.. 😀 Thanks yaar for loving Northern Star,you know I brainstormed a lot for the title and finally got fixed on Northern Star.. 😀

      Okay let’s make Dia’s love story funky then.. 😀 Yaar her man will definitely join an asylum if he gets to know all these qualities of his girl,but don’t worry when Manasa is here,everything will be taken care of.. 🙂

      Love you to infinity and beyond my sister.. 😀 Stay blessed and take care.. 🙂

  10. Gauri

    Sweetie you made me emotional….. I had tears in my eyes girl you are very good 🙂 I wish someday you write a series of short stories and get the book published 🙂 being a girl is a pride and fear both at the same time …and you expressed it so well 🙂 love you from the bottom of my heart 1000 hugs for u 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Gauri Di..You really made my day yaar..Seriously I will sleep with a content smile on my face today.. 😀 Thank you so much for those lovely words Di..You gave me the hugest compliment.. 🙂 You can’t even imagine how happy I am and I had tears in my eyes(happy tears) too.. 🙂 Love you loads and thanks again for that lovely compliment,I can’t thank you enough.. 🙂 Bear hugs to you too Di.. 😀

  11. Bhavika

    this one shot

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Bhavika..Thanks for the comment.. 🙂 But didn’t get your point sweety..Did you like it??

  12. Rossy

    Omg…plzzzz don’t make me cry more…m crying now…what is happening now a days…n me…m feeling sooo helpless…sorry for late comment

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rossy..Thanks dear for the comment.. 🙂 Yes it’s indeed the shameful truth of our society,so I’ll not stop you from crying.. 🙁 Don’t worry about late comment..Me too not active for 3 whole days on TU,so can understand.. 🙂 Love you loads Rossy..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  13. Awesome, wowwww sweetie. …your each n every story is n inspiring n motivated. .. very well narrated. ..keep it up honeyyy. you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma Di..Thank you so much for that lovely comment.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved this shot as well.. 😀 Love you loads and stay blessed.. 🙂

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