MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 3

Salaam everyone. How are you all?? I’m really sorry for this very late update. I’ll give my explanations at the end of the shot. As usual this is gonna be another emotional shot, so brace yourselves and enjoy the ride. Please ignore any typos and grammatical errors. Happy reading.
^^ Shot 3 — Mere qatil mere dildar. ^^
Below is the legend of the characters used in this shot.
Rahul Singhania—Varun Kapoor.
Rivannah Banerjee—Helly Shah.
Sahil Saxena—Anuj Sachdeva.
Priya Kapoor—Samina Peerzada.
Siddharth Kapoor—Fawad Afzal Khan.
This shot starts from where Anushka slaps Rahul and leaves him behind in the park.
After getting slapped by his own blood Rahul is unable to understand what wrong he did except forcing himself on Anjali. But isn’t it his right to use Anjali to his heart’s content as she is his property?? “No I didn’t do anything wrong, Anjali is wrong all along… How can she think me forcing on her is a crime?? Mom said to me that the girls are born only to pleasure the guys’ right… Then how can a judge give me punishment for 3 long years without a parole?? How I suffered there without proper food, accommodation and a woman to warm my bed… This is entirely Anjali’s fault and now she turned my daughter against me, how can she?? I’ll definitely turn her life into hell again.”

Rahul’s train of thoughts were disturbed by a young lady standing in front of him asking if he wants to have an ice cream. “Who is she?? God!! She is so beautiful. Why didn’t I meet her before??” Again his thoughts are disturbed by the same lady.
Sir!! Do you want to have an ice cream? I think you need it. I’ve seen what happened before in the park.’ Said the lady.
No thanks. I’m fine without any ice cream. By the way when you saw the scene, why are you here asking me out for an ice cream? Aren’t you wise enough to evaluate me as a bad guy when a 6 year old girl slapped me?’
No sir!! Everyone has their side of the story. I know I can go wrong by asking you out for an ice cream, but I want to know your version of the story as well. So I asked you out. By the way I’m Rivannah Banerjee. You are??’

I’m Rahul Singhania. And I’m the father of that girl. I served my punishment in the jail for 3 years and got released a year before. So now you can leave me alone right.’ Said frustrated Rahul. This girl’s gonna be end of him. Why can’t she leave him alone?
Nice try. But I’m not going to leave you for that matter. You have to come out with me for an ice cream.’ Said Rivannah smiling.
If I come out for an ice cream, you will leave me alone right?’
Alright then. Let’s go…’
After having the ice cream and asking Rahul a lot of questions like about his family and his career Rivannah left Rahul alone. Rahul thought this is a brief introduction to the girl who doesn’t have any importance in his life. But fate has its own plans.
Next time when Rahul saw Rivannah was after two weeks when she’s beating shit out of a man for teasing a girl in the mall. According to the people’s view over there some boys were trying to tease a girl in the mall, Rivannah was passing by the same place and saw this incident and started beating the guys, the last one she is beating now is the leader of the gang. After beating the guy to her heart’s content and warning him not to repeat the incident again, she tried to move out of the mall but instead stopped by seeing Rahul there and went to meet him.
Hi Rahul. How are you? What are you doing here?’
Hi Rivannah. I‘m perfectly fine. And yeah!! I’m here to play soccer. ’
Huh?? What?? How will you play soccer in shopping mall??’
Correct. When you know we can do only shopping here, why did you ask that question?’
Accha baba sorry. Now come on, I’m really tired with all the beating exercise, should eat something solid right now.’
No, you carry on Rivannah. Anyways I’m leaving, I came here to see what’s the fight is about.’
See Rahul, don’t be a party pooper. You are coming with me. Do you get that?’ said Rivannah frustrated with all the blabbering of Rahul when she is damn hungry.
Rahul is about to protest again but Rivannah dragged him with her to a restaurant and gave her order to the waiter. After that she started talking with Rahul. Rahul is answering all her questions and at the same time admiring her. She has such an aura around her, how come she trusted him at the first meet. He can’t keep this with him anymore, this same question is eating him for two weeks now and so he asked her.
Oh!! I don’t know why but I thought I should help you out from the problems that surrounded you. So started a conversation just like that.’ Said Rivannah eating her lunch.
Oh!!That’s it?? Is there anything else?’
Okay then… I’m leaving.’
Sure. You are not going to stay even if I insist. So it’s better for you to leave.’ Said Rivannah.
“What?? I’ll not stay if she insists?? I’ll die if she says me so… What?? What am I thinking?? What is this girl doing to me?? I need to stay away from her or else my revenge plans for Anjali will be ruined… So that’s it I’m leaving her” thought Rahul.
Ok… Bye…’
And Rahul left from there leaving Rivannah alone sorry not alone but with her lunch…
His next meeting with Rivannah is in the following week; she is running away from some goons. He didn’t know what he can do so kept quiet. But Rivannah being Rivannah started beating the goons after handing her hand bag to Rahul. But one goon was successful in stealing the hand bag of Rivannah from Rahul. Rivannah who is hell angry now started to pour curses on Rahul.
Yaar!! Why do you build such huge bodies when you can’t save a simple hand bag? Idiot you are… It’s my mistake that I gave you my precious hand bag. Do you know what’s there in that? It has the proof of a doctor who is into illicit organ trading and female infanticides… Ughhh!!! Why am I even talking to you? I’m leaving.’
Haa leave… I didn’t ask you to stay here and give your hand bag to me. You gave it to me and now cursing me. Do something useful like cooking and washing dishes yaar… You ladies can do only those things properly… No no!! You cannot do those chores properly even, that’s why you hire maids’ right?? Go learn these chores properly and leave these things to guys like us.’
What the hell!! How dare you insult me? When you think so high of yourself why the hell you stood here like a statue and let the goon get away with my bag?’ saying this Rivannah gave a tight punch to Rahul’s face and left the place.

“What does everyone think of my face yaar?? Does it look like punching bag?? First Anushka and now Rivannah.. Uff.. Rivannah….Rivvanah…..This girl is going to be end of me.” Thought Rahul and left the place. That day evening Rivannah landed up in front of Rahul’s house. She asked Kusum(Rahul’s mother) about Rahul. She didn’t answer Rivannah properly and started asking various questions. Rivannah got bored of all these questions pushed Kusum to a side and entered the house forcefully. She started searching for Rahul’s room and finally found him lying on his bed reading a magazine. She asked about his shirt which he wore in the morning. Rahul who didn’t understand anything started questioning her like his mother. But Rivannah who’s out of patience now shout at him and asked him about his shirt again. He gave her his shirt and saw Rivannah taking out SD card from his purse. When he asked about what it is, she said proof…
What??? Proof?? But you said the goons took the evidence with them and the evidence is in the hand bag.’
What do you think I am?? A fool?? Right… You think every lady is a fool, isn’t it?? That’s why you gave me a baashan about doing chores properly. But I’m not at all the girl you think you can win over. You wanted the truth right. So listen. Yes!!! The bag had the proof but in this SD card, when I was escaping from the hospital I changed the card in the bag to an empty card so that those loon heads doesn’t get any doubt on me. I know they are running for my hand bag, I gave it to you so that I can handle them. But you being a weakling let the goons get away with my hand bag… They were listening to our convo from the other side of the wall. So to make them believe that the footage is in the hand bag I started cursing you. But YOU… I can’t even curse you now; you have such low opinion about girls. If I start cursing you, then it will be an insult to the curses. I punched you for the same reason.’
How dare you call me a weakling???’ asked Rahul fuming.
Yeah!! Of course you are a weakling. Only a weakling can force himself on his wife and get arrested under marital r*pe. What did you think I will not know all this if you won’t tell me? I’ve my sources to get the info for me.’ Said Rivannah smirking.
When you think me of a weakling, why did you get along with me every time?’
Just to see if you’re changed or not. You will not change your mindset right. I should have known this before, when a woman like your mother had trained you, how can you change overnight.’
Rahul had had enough from Rivannah and tried to slap her but Rivannah caught his hand in the middle and warned him to keep his hands to himself or else he will not be able to do any work with those hands in his life time.
What should I do to prove I’m not a weakling?? You hurt my ego now and I’ve to prove it to you that I’M NOT A WEAKLING.’
Fine!! Work for me. As my bodyguard. You have to punch all those guys who try to come after me that include even you.’
How can I punch myself?’ asked Rahul innocently.
I didn’t say that. (Smirking)That shubh kaam will be done by me. As you have raised your hand to slap me now; you will get your share of punch right now.’ Said Rivannah and punched him hard in his ribs.
Rahul who didn’t expect sudden blow fell back with all the force and injured his back.
So now you should have understood how it’s going to be to work with me, right? Think twice and answer me “Do you really wanna take up this job of my bodyguard”.’ Rivannah
Rahul whose ego and body was hurt by this little lady stood up and accepted the challenge.
Alright then!! You are going to work for me for a year. If I find you unfit for the job at any instance I’ll remove one of your body parts and parcel you back to your home. Now pack your bags and get going; you’ll not stay here.’ Said Rivannah exiting his room.
Mrs. Singhania who heard all this was shocked to see Rivannah’s behaviour towards her son. She knows better that she should keep quiet or else Rivannah will punch her too.
Don’t worry Mrs.Singhania. I’ll not punch you; I don’t want my hands to touch a creature like you.’ Rivannah said with a disgusting look on her face.

Rahul heard this all while packing his bags but cannot do anything right now. He thought, “Rivannah Banerjee, your time starts now, you will see what Rahul Singhania is later on.” Poor guy doesn’t know that his life is going to change upside down within this year.
Rivannah and Rahul left Rahul’s place. Rivannah gave him servant quarters in her house and made him to do all the chores of the house like cooking, cleaning utensils, washing clothes etc. So now Rahul knows what it takes to do the chores of a house. This is the reason Rivannah made him do all the chores. If he tried to disobey her, Rahul used to get a punch on some part of his body as a gift; so he stopped to disobey her and started doing all the jobs without a question.
After 1 year, it’s time for Rahul to leave Rivannah’s place and shift to his parents’ house. But he didn’t want to return to his parents’ house. He is not the same Rahul who Rivannah brought to this house a year before. He’s changed now naah she changed him by her witty replies and taunts that pierced his heart. How her foundation “Starke[German word for ‘Strength’]” is helping all the needy people around the country. He knew she’s trying to hide something from him. Every time she’s home, she locks herself in her room and when she came out of the room her eyes were fluffy and bloodshot red. He tried to ask her many times but she taunted him again and again to mind his business. As this is his final day in this house, he tried to ask for the last time.
So, why do you want to know about my past?’
Because I want to know.’
That’s it?’
No there is more to it. What is it? Are you trying to bring me down with my past? You will never be able to do that. Understand?’ said Rivannah red with anger.
Rahul caught hold of her shoulders and shouted on her…
I want to know about your past because I LOVE YOU dammit.’
Oh right!! Now you want my property too like you wanted Anjali’s once. As I’m letting you go today you are trying this trick on me. But I’m NOT Anjali to fall into your trap and knee down before you. GET THAT.’
How can I prove you I love you yaar. I do love you. I really do.’ Said Rahul slumping down.
You can prove that. If you can do that I’ll believe you.’
What is it?’
Beg absolution from Anushka and Anjali’s family.’

Yes. That is the work you can do to prove you love me. If you do this job sincerely and gain forgiveness from all of them I’ll definitely share my past with you.’
Sure!! For you, a thousand times over.’ * said Rahul smiling and tears brimming in his eyes.
Good. Anjali and Zaroon came down from London for a holiday. Finish your work in front of me and we will end your game of love with my past.’
This is not game Rivannah.’
I’ll decide that. Now come on keep your a*s moving.’
Yeah!! Sure.’
Rahul with a fear in his heart entered Vincent’s mansion along with Rivannah. All were shocked to see Rahul there and didn’t understand how he trespassed into their mansion. But the next words of Rahul to Anjali and Anushka surprised all.
Anjali!! I know I did wrong things to you in the past and tortured in all the ways possible. Now I know how it feels like when your love doesn’t acknowledge your feelings and see you like a piece of shit. I’m really sorry for all the things I did to you in the past. Please forgive me. (To Anushka) Beta I know I’m a bad father but can you give me a chance to become good again?’
All were in a trance about what is happening and Zaroon broke the silence.
How can we believe you and also you are not here to take revenge from Anjali and Vincent’s? Only because of them you were imprisoned for 3 long years.’
I know I don’t have any substantial evidence to prove my truth. But believe me I’m not here to take revenge from anyone. I’m here to prove my love that I’ve become a man who is worthy to love someone and be loved back.’
Who is your love Rahul?’ asked Anjali.
Me.’ Came Rivannah’s voice from behind.
All turned to the direction of the voice only to get another shock of their life.
Mini.’ Exclaimed Radhika and Arjun.
Hi Rads. Hii Arjun Bhai.’ Said Rivannah smiling.
What is all this?’ asked Rads.
I’ll explain it later after Rahul’s apology and you people’s answer to him.’
Anjali excused herself and left with Zaroon to her room and came to give her answer.
Rahul!! You know it was really hard for me to forgive you because of the pain you gave to my heart. The scars of the pain were left behind even today but I forgive you. (seeing Rahul coming forward Anjali stopped him by gesturing with her hand) I’m not the one who wants to forgive you, it is Zaroon who wants me to forgive you because he thinks true redemption is when guilt turns to good.* I can see in your eyes that you love Mini so much. And I can read people better now. So I think you need this forgiveness to move forward in your life.’
Thank you Anjali. Thank you so much for all of this. (To Zaroon) Zaroon I’m really thankful to you for making Anjali to accept this.’ Said Rahul.
Rahul!! It’s just we cannot gain anything by developing grudge on others. It’s like carrying a load on your shoulders for your entire life. But remember one thing “People may forgive but will never forget what you have done to them.” * You need to work real hard to mend all those relations you broke earlier.’ Said Zaroon.
I’ll try my level best Zaroon.’ Said Rahul smiling.
Now all the confessions are over, so we’ve a very important person over here who have to explain what this is all about.’ Said Radhika pointing towards Rivannah.
Yeah!! Right!! I’ve my part of confession remaining.’ Said Rivannah fidgeting with her fingers.
Yeah!! Can you explain this entire thing Mini.’ Asked Arjun.
Sure Bhai!!’ said Rivannah.
Rahul was amazed to see all these revelations, all calling her ‘Mini’[which he don’t know why they are calling her] and Rivannah calling Arjun as ‘Bhai’ and the closeness of Rivannah with all the Vincent’s, Anjali and Zaroon. He is waiting for her part of revelation now.
Rivannah took a long breath and started her side of the story.
Rads!! I was there in the park when Anushka slapped Rahul. I understood from Rahul’s expression that he is not going to leave Anjali this time. He will take his revenge more than before, so to divert his mind from revenge to some constructive thoughts I entered into his life. Fate created situations so that we can meet very often. And one day he crossed all the limits by insulting me. (Listening to this Arjun fisted his hands) Bhai!! No need to pounce on him now, he got his share of beatings from me (winks), after all I’m the shishya of Radhika Mishra Vincent right. So after that I made him my 24×7 maid in my house and bodyguard too. According to this he needs to follow me everywhere I go. He got his lessons that were overdue all these years in the previous year. I saw the change in him in this year, only then I asked him to ask forgiveness from Anjali and all of you. Of course now he claims that he loves me which I’m going to rule out entirely.’ Said Rivannah to all the people over there.
Rahul’s face lost all its color by listening to the last sentence Rivannah spoke.
But Mini he loves you, we all can see that.’ Said Radhika.
But I can’t love him Rads, you know that too. I can love only HIM. I can’t love anybody.’
But he’s no more Mini. Why can’t you understand that?’ said Arjun.
Bhai!! He’s not dead. He’s alive in my heart.’
Mini!! Please don’t ruin your life. You too know that he’ll not be happy seeing you like this. Please accept Rahul.’ Said Neil.
Bhai!! It’s easy for you to say that. But I can’t let him go out of my heart.’
We’re not saying to let him go out of your heart yaar. But to make a place for Rahul over there.’ Said Sam.
Sam is right yaar Mini.’ Said Anjali.
You guys are unable to understand my position right now. I’ll talk with all of you some other time. See you guys later.’
Yeah!! Hopefully we’ll get good news then.’ Said Zaroon with a teasing smile on his face.
Rahul took his leave from all and followed Rivannah to the car. Their journey back to Rivannah’s apartment was silent. After reaching the apartment Rahul dropped Rivannah to her flat and started to leave by taking his bags.
You don’t want to know about my past now?’
I want to know. But I think you are not in a mood to share your past.’
No!! I need to spit it out today.’
Ok then. Go on….’
I’m basically from Kolkata. I ran from there to escape a situation.’ Started Rivannah.
******** FLASHBACK********
Rivannah is born in a poor family. Her father has to work like a mule to get the daily wages. He is blessed with two angels; Saranya and Rivannah. Saranya who is only 13 years old is married to a rich man of 25 years who belong to the same village. The man promised Biswajeet(Rivannah’s father) a lump sum of money in exchange to his daughter, so Biswajeet put the hands of Saranya in this man’s hands. As promised the man used to give some amounts of money to Biswajeet. After 3 months of marriage Biswajeet got to know that Saranya is pregnant. Biswajeet is so happy and shared this news to his wife Rupa. All were celebrating for the good news. But Rivannah is in fear thinking what will happen to her sister after the pregnancy. She is only 11 years then and she learnt from her teacher that the girls who become pregnant in a young age will face complications and in the worst case scenario they will die. So she tried to explain to her parents and her jiju, but the people ignored her pleas and finally the same thing happened which Rivannah feared the most; Saranya took her last breath while delivering the baby. The baby is still born because of the complications in Saranya’s pregnancy. The man who married Saranya doesn’t stop his atrocities there. Now he wants to marry Rivannah and put forward the proposal to Biswajeet. Biswajeet who was accustomed to take money from his son-in-law immediately accepted the proposal and informed the same to Rupa. While he was discussing this with Rupa, Rivannah heard all this. She knows her father will go to any lengths to get her married to that beast. So she decided to end her life by committing suicide, but at the last moment she came out of that idea, took her pocket money, ran from her house at night and reached the railway station. She got into the first train which she got to see and bid bye to Kolkata, her birth place. She reached Mumbai the next day. A woman came to her and started talking sweetly and when she was about to take Rivannah with her, police came there and arrested the woman. She is from a human trafficking gang. The woman from an NGO who came with police took care of Rivannah and introduced herself as Priya Kapoor. She said she runs an NGO where girls who are victims of human trafficking, rape, and elderly people who were ousted from their families are taken care of. Priya Kapoor took her to the NGO but her son Siddharth wants Rivannah to live in their house because he got to see his little sister in her. So Priya adopted Rivannah and brought her to their home. From then Rivannah became the member of Priya’s small family that has only Priya and Siddharth. Priya’s husband died a few years before due to kidney failure.

After her graduation Rivannah joined a prestigious company. One day Siddharth’s business partner cum friend Sahil Saxena visited their house. [Siddharth’s business has a branch in Australia and it is managed by Sahil]. Sahil took instant liking to Rivannah and after learning her past from Siddharth, his respect towards her raised to a notch higher and so wanted to marry her. Rivannah didn’t accept for the relation because of the distance that’s gonna take its place after marriage. So Sahil put forward a proposal, he will move to and fro and manage the business. And Rivannah agreed to the marriage. One day Rivannah announced her decision of quitting the job. Siddharth, Sahil and Priya didn’t understand anything. They tried their level best to make her understand that it is not a wise decision but Rivannah stood firm on her decision. The back drop story for this decision is Sahil’s mom doesn’t want Rivannah to work after marriage and so she ordered her to quit the job before marriage. Rivannah who started loving Sahil accepted her future MIL’s order and quit the job.
Marriage was done. Sahil and Rivannah were happy in their marital life. Sahil gave her time to adjust to the new surroundings and also to take their relationship to next level. When Sahil left for his office, Sahil’s mom and younger sister used to taunt Rivannah for not bringing dowry when her mother and brother are millionaires, also used abusive language and sometimes physical violence. Rivannah didn’t inform any one of these to Sahil as these issues can create a rift in relationship with his mother and sister. Truth doesn’t stay silent for a long time; it finds a way to get exposed to right people at right time. The next day when Sahil reached his house a bit earlier he listened to the abusive words slashed to his wife by his mother and sister. So he got a separate flat for Rivannah and him in another apartment. [The one which Rivannah is living now] After putting some distance between Rivannah and his family, Sahil was happy now. He used to visit his family every now and then and tried to change their mind, but they being stubborn didn’t get his words and so remained the same.
Sahil went to a business trip and was returning. Rivannah wanted to give surprise to him by accepting to take their relation to next level but she got the shock of her life that day. Sahil met with an accident on his way home. Rivannah immediately reached the hospital only to see Sahil in his final moments.
Mini!! Please don’t lose hope on life. And when you find true love, don’t lose him. Please promise that Mini and I love yo……’ Said Sahil as his final words.
Rivannah is unable to comprehend what has happened and went into shock. Sahil’s family taunted Rivannah for being a bad luck to their son. First she ran away from her parents and now she has eaten their son alive.
It was then Sid Bhai and Priya mom introduced me to Zaroon Bhai who is a famous psychiatrist in London. Rads is our family friend, she is the co-partner of ‘Starke’ but she keeps her profile low to avoid unnecessary attention of media. Priya mom breathed her last only a few years before and she divided her properties and business equally between me and Sid bhai. I don’t know how I became so lucky to have these angels in my life. Sid bhai left to Australia to look after the business over there. I wanted to stay here and take care of NGO which Priya mom considered as her second home. In the meanwhile I became so close to Vincent’s and they are my family now. When I saw you again in the park with Anjali and Anushka I didn’t know how but I analyzed that you are planning to take revenge on them, so I jumped into your life and the rest you know.’ Said Rivannah finishing her past.
But your love for Sahil is not any hindrance for my love Rivannah. I totally understand why you entered my life but this is also a truth that I love you.’
Please don’t take your habit of living with me as love Rahul. Alright let’s keep this aside, even if you love me, I can’t love you back. I can love only Sahil.’
Alright then I’ll wait for you to change your mind and acknowledge my love. Till then please don’t try to enter my life again Rivannah. And one more thing I don’t want to take Sahil’s place in your heart, I just want to make my place in your heart. Bye.’
Rivannah broke into tears after Rahul left her place. She doesn’t know why she is crying for Rahul. But her heart knows only to love a person, her heart already gave away some place to Rahul and only her mind should acknowledge this fact. Next weeks were torture to Rivannah without Rahul in her flat. She tried many ways to ignore his presence but was unable to do that. Finally she gave up and called Siddharth to get her doubts cleared. Siddharth is living in Australia with his wife Aisha.
Hello Bhai.’
Hi choti.’
I need to clear my mind from some thoughts. Can you help me out?’
Sure jaan… What is it?’
She explained all the incidents with Rahul and how her thoughts were drifting back to Rahul every time. Siddharth smiled listening to all this.
So my choti jaan is finally in love!!!’
No bhai. It’s not that you were thinking, I can’t get him out of my mind.’
Choti jaan your heart is already in love with him, only your mind is denying that. This conflict between your heart and mind is the cause of all the problems. Calm your mind and give it a thought why you want Rahul in your life. I’m sure you’ll definitely get the answers.’
Ok bhai… Bye. Will talk to you later.’
“Why it is everyone are giving me the same advice… First Rads, next Arjun bhai, Neil bhai, Sam, Zaroon bhai and even Anjali did give the same advice. Do I really love him? But how can that be possible? We can love only once right. I need to clear my mind by talking this out with Rahul now. Only he can pull me back from this puddle. Ahh!! Rahul!!!! Why did I enter your life man?” thought Rivannah.
She called Rahul and fixed up her meeting with him. They were meeting in her place. Rahul reached her place as soon as he got her call and asked for the reason she called him. She explained about the advice everyone gave her and which obviously draws out the same conclusion that is she loves him. Rahul is overjoyed to hear all these words from Rivannah but he wants to know why she is trying to back out from this love and so asked her.

I don’t know Rahul it’s just I’m unable to get myself together for this love and marriage concept. Although I’m out of depression, my previous experience with love and marriage is not letting me to get what I want.’ Said Rivannah tears brimming in her eyes.
Rahul now understood her fear of losing a person whom we love, being taunted by almost everyone when there is no fault of hers.
Rivannah!! I know what you are going through right now and I promise I’ll try my level best to get you out of this shell. Please trust me once on this.’
Rahul I trust you. It’s me I don’t trust. What if someday you get bored of me and leave me?’
Aisa kuch nahin hoga. And I love you more than myself to leave you half way. So please smile and accept what’s in your heart Mini.’
It’s the first time Rahul called her ‘Mini’; only her closed ones call her that.
I like you Rahul.’
I know and I’ll turn that ‘like’ to ‘love’ in a couple of days.’ Said Rahul grinning.
As promised Rahul changed the feelings of Rivannah from ‘like’ to ‘love’. Rahul cracked a hard nut by changing the mindsets of his parents about the girls and their importance. After blissful three months of courtship Rahul and Rivannah got married and a year after blessed with a baby boy. That day Rahul promised Rivannah that he will inculcate all good qualities in his son and make him a better person. He will also discuss his mistakes with his son and try his level best that his son will not repeat the same mistakes.

Author’s Notes/References:
*”Mere qatil mere dildar” is the name of a Pakistani drama. It’s a tale of love and revenge. I imprinted some of the qualities of Maham(female protagonist)of this drama on Rivannah’s character. —Qatil means murderer/enemy. In this shot the worst enemies and murderers of Rivannah’s soul were her parents. Dildar means sweetheart which is obviously Sahil but finally turned out to be Rahul.
*Rivannah Banerjee is a fictional character in Stranger trilogy written by Novoneel Chakraborthy. —This trilogy is psychological thriller.
*”For you, a thousand times over” and “True redemption is when guilt turns to good” are famous quotes from the novel “The Kite Runner” written by Khaled Hosseini. It is a tale of friendship, betrayal, love and redemption. —It’s the most emotional book I’ve read till date. Give it a try if you want to know the atrocities done by people to destroy their own country and many more emotions.
*The words about forgiveness told by Zaroon to Rahul are an excerpt from the book “You can win” written by Shiv Khera. It also has a glimpse of words written by Robin Sharma. —These two authors are my most favourite personality development speakers.
*Child marriage is a formal marriage or informal union entered into by an individual before reaching the age of 18[woman of age below 18 years and the man is below age 21]. Most child marriages involve underage women, many of whom are from poor socio-economic conditions. —-The plot around child marriage and the complications involved due to pregnancy at a young age in this shot is an inspiration from true story of Memory Banda who is a tireless leader of girls’ rights around the world. I’m linking below her speech about child marriage and how her one step towards ban of child marriage and educating the girls brought a change in her country.

*Suicide is illegal in India and a survivor can face a jail term up to one year and a fine under section 309 of the Indian Penal Code. The National Crime Records Bureau’s statistics on suicides is grim, with 49,259 deaths under the age of 29 reported in 2013 and 55,833 deaths (under 30) in 2014. The largest number of suicides among adolescents aged 18 and below was due to unspecified causes, unknown reasons, illness (including mental health), family problems and failure in exams. Other causes included issues related to career, love affairs and marriage. {Source credit: Reader’s digest July 2016 edition}— In this shot I wanted to show Rivannah to be vulnerable but not weak at heart so in the last moment she stopped herself from committing suicide.
*Human trafficking is another significant problem in India. —I’ve given only a glimpse of this issue in this shot because more is to come in the upcoming shots.
*Domestic violence is the violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of spouse or partner. —I didn’t want another Anjali in Rivannah, so Rivannah is abused by her in-laws’ and not by her spouse.
*Elderly people were ousted by their own children from their families. Out of 10 families 6 are committing this sin/mistake, whatever you name it. —This issue also has only a glimpse but I cannot promise this issue will be included in any of the succeeding shots.

Credits to the suggestions:
->Female infanticide issue was suggested by Bhavika. — The doctor I mentioned in this shot was arrested and the footage Rivannah tried to grab served as evidence.
->Human trafficking and harassment regarding dowry were suggested by Nupur.
->Shutting down of intelligent girls from their jobs after marriage was suggested by Ritu.
->Girls rights as heir and unity in girls during risk times was suggested by Jessie. — Regarding girls’ rights and other side of the abuse girls suffer from families will be included in one of the upcoming shots dear.
->Dowry issue was suggested by Rosie. — The atrocities faced by the women in this issue have got a glimpse in this shot. Rosie dear I know you suggested some other issues as well; they will be included in the upcoming shots.
I know I’ve many issues to be covered suggested by all of you my friends. I remembered all the issues and trying to frame stories around these issues. Every issue suggested by you guys will be included in the upcoming shots.
Sammy — You wanted me to write a love story on Ardhika right. Please give me some details so that I can frame a story around that.
The following are the links to the previous shots:
Shot 1:
Shot 2:
Shot 0.9 [This is a prequel to the first shot and a light hearted one]:
I don’t know the reason of posting this shot late is me being lazy or the cases I’ve studied addled my thoughts. I was physically and mentally exhausted all this week, so please forgive me for this late update.
And if you want to give any suggestions for some cute love stories, please free to inform me so that I can run my horses as wild as possible and give you those shots. In my defence I’m very poor at these kinds of plots, so you guys will have to suggest some outlines too.
Hope you guys enjoyed this shot. Shoot your views in the comments section below and let me know how you guys liked this shot. Waiting for your reviews.

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  1. Brin

    Outstanding, your really an amazing writer, eagerly waiting for the next one. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Will update as soon as I can,if not I’ll give some light hearted shot as a filler..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  2. I want hug u from my heart …… buddy ……….just be urself ……..coz ur awesome …… buddy ….be soon ….I ll be waiting

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Shreya..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?A big wala bear hug from my side..?Will update as soon as I can dear..Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  3. Sammy

    From yesterday I want to read this but tu was not working properly …sweeetie …I love u for this are amazing ..the way u add something further and give us a new social msg .is awesome fact u did a superb job ..reagarding love story. ..I badly want to u to write that phase when arjun come and he looked rads and fall for her and same with rads too ..that’s means about their POV ‘s when they both met each other for the first time . I know u will modify it in your way ..which will be awesome .buy dear this one was fabulous 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sammy..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Will surely write the love story you have mentioned and I’ll make sure next shot will be on the same..?Love you too my dear..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  4. Aargh…this website seriously deleted my lovely comment…U know I always waited for ur OS series…manasa dear u portrayed the cruel reality of today’s very well…and the way u described the laws I just remembered my first phase of civil service main exam…i already knew that…i m quite honoured that u brought dowry,child marriage,n pregnancy complicacy issue at once…i hate it when people did those these things…one thing don’t mind but I don’t think people like rahul will change..its impossible..they are monsters…i really appreciate ur social message through is…geethu lots of love dear…yes m also ardhika land…anything on them make me double crazy..salute u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rosie dear..Thank you so much for all lovely words yaar..?Wow!!Civil services..?Me too going to give a shot this year..I’m still in my prelims stage though..You’ve completed your mains??You know I always have this nok-jhok with my father about dowry;me against dowry issue and he being a typical father wants to fulfill some donkey’s wish..It’s a never ending cute nok-jhok you see..?Of course my word will be final and I’ll not marry a dowry donkey..Anyways glad to know that you loved the way the issues were dealt…?

      I never mind anything dear because I know people like Rahul will not change and come back to square one even after some time,it’s just to fulfill some of my friends request I’ve made this impossible situation as possible..?

      OMG!!”Geethu”—That’s my fav nickname yaar,my besties call me with that name..??

      Ahh!!About the website,I’m waiting like forever to comment on the lovely one shot you’ve written for Roma di,but the server is under maintenance,so commented today..?

      I’m up for anything for Ardhika,Sammy wanted the one shot and it will be done..I’m always on the La la land of Ardhika..LOL..?I don’t know I can even come out of it ever..?

      Love you too dear..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  5. Tu…aahh god knows what maintenance they were doing that the site was unavailable yesterday anyways Manasa dear that was a blockbuster one shot.. The way u highlighted each and every social issues I jst salute u for that… I have waited for so long for ur post and it was worth waiting….u r seriously amazing….I really appreciate the way u make women bold and strong enough to take a stand for themselves against the cruel u for that… Keep writing infinite such stories and I would be obliged to read…and regarding love stories one request dear..if possible then plz include nesam’s love story also along with aradhika… and plz post nxt one soon as I can barely u..take care and keep rocking always 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..Glad to know you loved the shot and the issues dealt in that..?Yeah!! I want my girls strong enough to face the realities and the society by themselves..Even I’m thinking to write NeSam’s love story..I’ve to think real hard for that..?Will update as soon as possible dear..Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  6. as usual u r rocking …….mind blowing episode…….eagerly waiting next one….tc

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Subha..Thank you for those lovely words and loving the OS dear..?Will update as soon as possible..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  7. Bhavika

    it was 2222222 much heart touching story dii loved the way you expressed the things thank you soooo much for such an article I really appericiate you plz write next post ASAP till then LOVE LOVE muaaaah

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Bhavika..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Will update next one as soon as possible and let you know..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  8. Neha_priya

    Hii sweetie… Again an amazing series… You have showed the maximum problems our society is suffering from… I liked rivannah character…. A totally independent girl who knows to protect herself standby with the right and punish the wrong…. It’s a message to all those who think that a girl has that power to protect her and be a shield for herself…. I liked this idea… Even in my family they’re not so sure of letting girls step out from their place and work somewhere else…. Always thinking like ghar ke pass rahogi toh achcha hoga… N I don’t like this and I’m determined to definitely land out from parents place and work…. Suicide human trafficking girl abuse marital problems rapes domestic violence dowry… The list doesn’t stop here… It goes on and on… Although there are enough laws but the accomplishion is very low…. And ppl like Rahul aren’t supposed to be changed…. They have their whole thing based on their thinking…. It’s inscribed on the soul….. Child marriage parents being helpless or sometimes greedy results this…. Even often the sophisticated educated ones aren’t untouched to it…. And the leaving of jobs by clever and deserved girls for marriage… Ahh I’ve seen that in my home only…. But she opposed it and rejected the proposal…. She was a doctor and her father died due to heart attack but his dear wish was to see di become a doctor she fulfilled it but there came a proposal where the boy was a doctor itself but during the meeting course boy’s mother demanded Di to leave the job…. And she doesn’t want her dil to compete with her son…. She was shocked to hear this she waited for aunt’s answer but aunty told her to take decision and she refused she won’t leave her father’s last wish and today she’s living a happy life with her husband who’s a doctor too but without any demand….. These ppl are like they want a all time maid that too free of cost but too afraid to say and not possible to get so they want to fulfill their this wish from dil and get money from dowry too… It’s their logic I’m not having any doubt with this I’ve seen it happening the next day of marriage the bride is being given the responsibility of all household chores everything is her responsibility and the husband ahh he also finds fault in her work…..

    Anyways I want something on Neil and Sam too… Do write on them too ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neha..Thank you so much for those lovely words..Glad to know you loved the way the issues were dealt..?I’m really proud of your Di who fought for her independence and finally ended with jiju who understands her so well..Hats off to her..??Why does people have such mentality when the issue is about girls,I don’t know..Even my family was against the idea of me going out for studies,but I’m stubborn girl rey,fought with them for my studies and see now going to land up on some other part of my state..Even now my family is trying to change my decision,but I’ll not listen to them this time and that was my final decision..
      I agree with the dowry and full time maids,even I’ve seen the same situation and so wanted desperately to add that part in my story..People like Rahul will never change but I wanted to show something like second chances so added his redemption part here..Biggest problem of our country is though we have the largest constitution in the world,we never gonna take action on the accused..
      Will surely write on NeSam,even I’m thinking to write their love story..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  9. Hi Manasa..hope u remember me..anyways I really enjoyed ur one shot… It was outstanding marvellous…thnx for bringing these social issues in light. I would also thnx all those who suggested these issues….one day u will surely fly high…even I watched Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar serial on Zindagi and I admire the lead of the show Maham.. And here Rivannah’s character….despite facing a horrible past she stood up and achieved something…a big hug to u from ur jabra fan…waiting for ur next shot…tons of love.. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Pankh dear..I’ve replied to your lovely comment below.. 🙂

  10. Jessie

    Manaaassaaa….*u hv 2 imagine me running towards u with open arms**lol I know.. I bookmarked this..whenever I start one or other wud come in my way..yesterday d site said server maintenance n my mob says security certificate prob.. cudnt load d full page in this site..n even nw comment is NT published.. okay.. enough of my blabber.. this is superb.. I loved d girl when she made him 2 house chores..tell me.. do guys like Rahul change??? I Hv a doubt..

    and abt dowry..I wanna ask dem y u trade ur son..seriously.. if girls are giving money means we are buying them rite…???hw is my point..then d guy shld be obedient if he asks other words we are d owners..howzZzz tat.. I told this in a family gathering where an alliance was abt 2 be fixed..believe aunt was hellbent on nt getting dowry fearing her son will.go away…????even nw my cousins wud say tat.. ppl won’t listen if we say logic.,practical terms. We need use reverse psychology.. hats off 4 ur effort to include our suggestions..
    And manasa.. why no adults indulge themselves in protecting a girl from being teased.. any one who is of our parents age shld support when.some thing happens.. they jus giv1 pitiful looks so tat d girl wish 2 tirn as ostrich.. u knw..either run fast frm der or bury ur head underground to escape frm their looks..want u write on eve teasing in public places..every girl can’t fight back.. many probs force dem 2 stay silent.. I guess focussing on one issue for one shot will help u., since u said u r trying to give suggestions tat cud ease ur work.. so tat we will get stories freq..??take care of ur health dear… if I hv said anything wrong.. correct me… I love wud love it too..Loads n loads of love.. keep smiling…??

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie dear..See even I’m standing here with open arms to engulf you in a bear hug.. 😀 Yeah!! I know yaar,I was so frustrated yesterday,whenever I open the page it’s showing server is under maintenance.. 🙁 About the people like Rahul,there is a chance they can change because Rahul is neither good nor bad,he has some loopholes in his character like he has very low opinion about girls because of his mom’s upbringing..This happens one in a million..I’ve written about that ONE you see..I’ve seen people who hated their wives because of their mother and in turn murdered the same mom in cold blood..Of course they are serving their punishment now..I’ve taken source from there..Here Rahul is not so bad to kill his own parents..So redemption track was necessary..?

      Yaar Jessie..Definitely we both have a telepathic connection..Seriously I pose the same questions to my family members whenever they talk about my marriage and the dowry they wants to give for a donkey[I call the people who take dowry as donkey].. 😉 I bow my head to you people who suggested such issues and helped me improve my writing skills..You know my little sissy liked shot-3 so so much when compared to the other shots..I told her about my family on this page who are so supportive in every way possible and she is really really happy to get to know people like you over here.. 🙂

      I’m damn sure we both are telepathic with this because the next shot[not the prequels or the light heart ones] I’m thinking to write has similar kind of plot..Love you so much dear..?Yaar you are not wrong in any way because those are the incidents which we experience daily and parents give us such an upbringing like “you are a girl,so you shouldn’t this and you shouldn’t do that..Girls should not fight back.”I want to change such thoughts of parents..I’m damn lucky to have my parents because my father is the first one who says punch the guy who teases you and rest will be handled by me[my papa is in the police dept]..Not that I’ll punch any guy,its just the support we want from our parents to handle such situations.. 🙂

      Will surely take care of my health dear..??Haa!!Ardhika is my all time fav pair after Arnav,Khushi and Maan,Geet pairs..These pairs are ever green and will stay in my heart for a very very long time..So would love to write on these cutiepies..?I’m trying my level best to finish off the prequels which include POV’s of both Arjun and Radhika and and love story of NeSam..NeSam’s story gonna be blast..I’m laughing like hell while thinking what I’m gonna write for NeSam..Lots and lots of love dear..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂 ?

      1. Jessie

        Hi Manasa.. Rahull.. okay.. nw I get wat u wanna say thro rahul.. yes.. upbringing has a major effect.. Glad tat ur family is happy abt us..n u call dem .. yay..!! We are telepathic.. !!! U love Arshi n maan n geet .wow!! GEET is one of my fav.. my frnds used to sing Maaaahhiiii or Raabbbbbaaaa veee in high pitch whn am standing away lol..Rabba ve is mostly said n Maahi.. to calm my mind..haha more shots coming!!! Can’t wait.!! AGgree wit u abt upbringing of dad used 2 say tat never show u r scared.. be bold n confident when u r alone.jus one can harm u.. uncle is a police..super! Haha I liked d way he said 2 punch d guy.. dishoom!! Nesam’s story gonna blast!! Guess u gonna give us a treat with ur shots.. Take care n loads of love…

      2. Sweetie

        Hi Jessie dear..Oh wow!!You have lovely friends yaar..I was just like encyclopedia of serials to my friends[long time back,I don’t watch Indian serials now]..Yeah!!Geet is one of my fav’s too..I used to watch that serial even I was sleepy just because of their chemistry..Uncle did give a good advice,I’m going to use that in one of the upcoming shots..Credits and copyrights will be credited to uncle definitely.. 😀 I’m a crazy girl yaar,I punch everything that comes my way when I’m angry,so my dad gave me that idea.. 😉 Should start writing NeSam’s part now..Hope I can post it by wed or Thursday..Lots and lots of love..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  11. Hi Manasa….hope u remember me..anyways ur one shot is stupendous..I wrote a very sweet comment but tu deleted is not working properly…I was waiting like mad for ur shot and when it came I just read it down in one go.. Seriously I loved it…even I watched the show Mere Qatil Mere Dildaar on zindagi and I really appreciate the character of Maham..and here also I loved the character of Rivannah.. Despite facing a painful past she stood for herself and achieved something in life..thnx to u for bringing all the taboos of society in light and thnx to all those who suggested these issues…a big hug from ur Jabra fan.. one day u will surely fly very high.. Waiting for next shot.. Tons of love 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Pankh..Of course I remember you dear..My jabra fan..But you are not my fan,you are my friend,okay???So sorry to make you wait for so long,you see the cases I’ve studied for this shot really took a toll on my mind..?Glad to know you loved the shot yaar..?Wow!!You watched the serial..I’m a big fan of Maham’s character,even though she has gone through so much she stood up and gave punishment to those who are responsible for her position..Thanks a lot for loving Rivannah’s character here..?I bow my head to those people who suggested me such issues and helped me improve my writing skills and my personality too..I’m really lucky to have people like you in my life,even though we didn’t meet in real,I cherish every one in my heart..??A big bear hug from my side too dear..?Thanks a lot for those lovely wishes..Will update next one as soon as I can..Lots and lots of love..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  12. Amazing shot Sweetie as always really liked Rivanah’s character, keep up the good work pls would want to read more from u. Love u so much for this

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gianna..Thank you so much for those lovely words and loving the shot dear..?Will update next one as soon as I can,right now working on the prequels..?Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  13. Hello Sweetie Di… how are you ??
    Sorry for being late actually I read in two installments
    OS is just superb….awesome ….u nailed it… I am short of words…Di just grab awesome words from dictionary..:) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    When Rahul got slap from Anushka ..I was worried what he will do ??? But Rivannah’s entry was at right time and awesome…she did miracle….. and the way you portraited her character is excellent,,, I liked her confidence,passion. and punches the most ☺☺☺☺… after all she is Radhika ‘s shishya… I really admire her …after so much struggle seeing her fighting for other girls and living happy….just want to salute….
    Rahul totally changed and fall for her that was a twist…. and happy that he understood real meaning of love and respects it.
    OS is awesome but felt the pain of girls.. what not they have to suffer… I know Di…you are only depicting truth…but please write one story with out pain only happiness
    Di could you suggest some English reading books for happy reading ???

    Love you ..take care 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Aastha,my sweety!!Don’t worry about the late comment..Glad to know you loved the shot dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words..?Even I fall short of words when I have to thank you people..Guess we should form a team to bring out words for praise and thanking.. 😉
      I just don’t want any negativity in my OS’s dear..Of course I show the reality but I don’t want people to turn out real bad and chase the people who spoilt their life and take revenge..I’m afraid of these revenge dramas that’s why I stopped watching Indian serials these days where we can get only negativity and nothing else.. 🙁
      I loved the way you simplified the traits of Rivannah dear..Yes I loved the way she turned out to a strong girl after what she has been through..Life is a great teacher and it teaches us the lessons at the right time..Oh!!You loved the punches the most,even I loved them,I really enjoyed writing those ‘punches’ lines and Rahul being punching bag.. 😉 😀
      Rahul is complicated character over here..He has many shades,you see he has a very low opinion about girls and used to think girls are only born to pleasure guys’ due to his mom’s upbringing..There is a real chance that people like Rahul can change when true love enters their life..Here Rivannah is his true love..Gold can only be brought to life when you are able to separate it from mud..Rivannah dusted off all the mud from Rahul’s mind and made him a better person is all I can say.. 🙂
      Sure dear..Your suggestion will be fulfilled soon as the next shot coming up has lots of masti..I just hope you enjoy that.. 😀
      About books—I just read some novels and personality development books dear..All have some emotional content in some way or other..I’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes;Gulliver’s travels;Trojan War;War of Thermopylae[it’s a war between Spartans and Persians and how 300 Spartans opposed the Persians to enter their country till their last breath];Harry Potter;Prince and the Pauper;Robin Sharma’s personality development books[The Monk who sold his Ferrari—This is my most fav one];Hansel and Gretel;The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare and the list goes on and on..Right now not able to get every book on mind..Give them a try if you are interested.. 🙂
      Lots of love to you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..Take care..???

  14. Sweetie just fantanstic….you wrote the real picture of the society loved it …. sorry for being late…I am really caught up… but will comment for sure stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Gauri Di..Please don’t say sorry,I know you are busy..If you say sorry again main gussa ho jaayongi..?You have read it and commented in your busy schedule,that’s really so sweet of you and that matters to me a lot..???Thank you so much for those lovely words di..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  15. […] and a light hearted one]: Shot 3: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And one more thing please don’t say sorry to me when you were unable to leave a […]

  16. Awesome, wowwww very interesting n lovely superbbbb shot….loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …keep it up honeyyy love you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma di..Thank you so much dear for all those lovely words.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the shot..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

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