MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 2


Hola everyone.. I’m going to extend the one shot which I’ve written earlier into series. So from now on it will be “That’s how we happened series”. Every shot has an ending of its own but the characters I’ve used in the first shot will appear at one place or the other in the succeeding shots. Thank you for the amazing response on the previous shot. Hope you enjoy this too. 
^^ Shot 2 – You loved me at my weakest. ^^
Below is the legend of the characters I’ve used in this shot.
Anjali Mishra Singhania- Sanjeeda Sheikh aka Durga of Ek haseena thi.
Rahul Singhania- Varun Kapoor aka Sanskar of Swaragini.
Zaroon Junaid- Aamir Ali Malik aka Neil Bhattacharya of Ek Hasina thi.
Joseph Solomon- Jason Tham aka Teji of Manmarziyan.
Caution: If I have any readers who are sensitive at heart and intolerant to abusive language can ignore this one shot. If at all I carry forward any characters from this shot, I’ll explain their characters in that shot. And if you belong to either of the categories mentioned earlier and still want to read this shot to know the harsh reality of society, please go ahead and read it at your own risk.
Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors. Happy reading.. 😀
A lady of 27 years is cooking dinner in the kitchen. Suddenly someone came from behind and hugged her. The lady who didn’t expect this all of a sudden screamed her lungs out.
Shh!! Honey!! Why are you shouting?? It’s me.’ Said a man closing her mouth to stop her from screaming any further.
The lady took his hands off her face and shouted on him.
Rahul! You idiot! You almost gave me a mini heart attack. Why would you do that?’
Because I’m missing you from a year honey.’ Said Rahul.
Rahul, it’s just some couple of days more, after that we can be together again.’ Said the lady.
Anjali! You don’t understand I miss you every time I go to bed. The distance you have put between us is killing me. Why don’t YOU understand?’
Anjali Mishra Singhania, younger daughter of Mala Mishra, younger sister of Radhika Mishra Vincent (owner of IT company named ‘Exito’), wife of Rahul Singhania and a mother of 1 year old daughter Anushka. Working as marketing manager in Vincent group of Industries London branch.
Rahul! You are not trying to understand. Doc said that we need to be separate for at least another 15 days. This caesarean operation really took a toll on my body.’
Ok fine. But only 15 days more, after that no more excuses, alright?’ said Rahul.
Sure! And I promise I’ll make that day very special.’ said Anjali blushing crimson red.
Fine! I’m going to check on our Angel. Come soon.’

Anjali started thinking how her life has changed to the best of the best after Rahul’s entry into it.
Rahul Singhania is the only son of Abhijeet Singhania and Kusum Singhania. Abhijeet Singhania worked as a manager in Singh group of Industries, India and Kusum Singhania is a house wife. Rahul joined ‘Exito’ right after his graduation. That is where he met Anjali. His love for her is love at first sight when he saw her during one of her visits to ‘Exito’. One day she didn’t take her car and while she was returning from college in her college bus, some goons attacked her. Rahul who was going on the same way saved her not by fighting goons but by fooling them around. She did like his wits there. He dropped her safely to her house. Their relationship started that day. It turned to friendship and later blossomed to love. After her graduation, Anjali left to London for her Masters. The physical distance between them didn’t affect them a bit. Their love grew every day. After her Masters and fetching a job in Vincent groups, Anjali revealed her relation with Rahul to everyone. After thorough investigation and research by her elder sister Radhika, her family accepted for their marriage. Rahul being a gentleman didn’t want her to give up her job because of him; instead he proposed to join Vincent groups. Arjun who doesn’t want to show any partiality towards his employees tested Rahul on all grounds and posted him as Systems engineer in his company’s London branch. All is well that ends well. Rahul and Anjali were happy in their marital life. They were blessed with Anushka one year after their marriage. Anjali has undergone caesarean operation to get Anushka out of her womb. It is painful process but Anjali gladly invited the pain for her baby. After the delivery, Anjali had complications in her body due to the C-section and so doctor advised her not to have an intercourse at least for 6 months. That period elongated to another 9 months. Rahul was unable to bear this distance between them. Now there’s only 15 days for the deadline. After that if the doc gives her a green signal, she can move ahead. She is praying to God everyday to her family safe and sound.
Anjali came out of her thoughts by her maid’s call. She quickly wrapped her work in kitchen, prepared milk for little Anushka and made her way to her room. There she saw her handsome husband lying on his side of the bed. She kept the milk bottle on the table, snuggled in her husband’s warm embrace. He kept stroking her hair and broke a news to her.
Anjali! I’ve decided to return to India. My parents are alone there and want me on their side during their last years. I’ve talked to Sebastian Sir on the same and he said he’ll speed up the process as fast as he could. I know I’m a bit late to inform you but please can I get your support in this matter.’
Rahul! Why are you talking so formally with me? I’m your wife and I support you in every decision of yours. I’m happy to know that you want to stay by your parents’ side at this time. Really proud of you. Even I thought to discuss a matter with you.’
What is it?’

I want to resign my job so that I can give my undivided attention to Anushka and who knows I can even regain my health quickly when I keep myself away from office matters.’
Of course jaan! You can do that. So tomorrow’s gonna be big day for both of us. So sleep tight darling.’
Anjali was so happy to hear such supportive words from her husband, snuggled closer in his arms and slept peacefully with a content smile on her face unaware of the storm that’s gonna hit her in the form of Rahul’s parents.
After Anjali’s resignation and Rahul’s transfer; Anjali and Rahul along with Anuskha landed in India. Although Rahul’s native is Mumbai, his parents got settled in Kerala, God’s own country due to its serene nature. Anjali and Rahul went directly to his parents’ house. Though Anjali want to call a halt to visit her two sisters(Radhika and Sam),three brothers(Arjun, Neil and Joseph),her nephews and nieces stopped herself to voice out her wish because of the excitement of Rahul. After all the introductions, kisses and hugs Anjali went straight to her room. Rahul left Anushka with his parents and joined Anjali in their room. He hugged her from behind and hid his face in the crook of her neck.
So darling, can I get my gift now?’

Of course!! Let’s freshen up first as we’ve a long night ahead us.’
Anjali did get a green signal from her doc this time.
Rahul who is really happy with the words of his lovely wife freshened as quickly as possible, came to bed and was waiting for his wife to join him in the bed. As Anjali said that was a long night for both of them. She woke up in the morning and got to see a serene and contented smile on her husband’s face. She can do anything for that smile. She gelled up with all the family members very quickly. All this while she didn’t observe the hatred looks her Anushka got from her in-laws. But one day when she was preparing meal to Anushka, she heard loud cries of her daughter from the hall and what she got to see turned her blood all cold. Anukshka was holding a knife in her hand on the dining table and her blood is oozing out. She took Anushka in her hands, ran to the nearby doctor for the first aid. After returning from the hospital, she demanded an explanation from her in-laws who sat in the hall watching television as if nothing happened in the house.
So! What do you want to listen from us?’ asked her mother-in-law with a bored expression on her face.
What do you mean by ‘What do you want to listen from us’. I left Anushka with you guys so that I can prepare her meal.’
I’m not a baby sitter to YOUR daughter.’
What? MY daughter? She is your granddaughter too.’
She is not my granddaughter. I can never accept a girl to be my heir. The problem is you. How can you give birth to a girl when your mate is someone like my son?’
Anjali was dazed by all the events unfolding in front of her eyes. She was unable to believe her MIL who herself is a woman spoke such awful words to another woman. After gathering her wits, she spoke to her MIL.
Aunty! It’s not me who determines the gender of my baby, the chromosomes carried by the sperm of my husband determines that. I think you should’ve known this as you hold a Masters degree in Science.’
I don’t want to hear your bl**dy speeches about mating and gender issues. If you were with me during the pregnancy, I would’ve aborted the child right after s*x determination test. But No!! You were with your pyaari mothers and what I got to see, you giving birth to a girl.’ Said Mrs.Singhania with a disgusted look on her face.
Anjali who cannot take this anymore ran to her room, closed the door behind her and cried her heart out by looking her Angel’s hand. Anushka was sleeping because of the sedative administered to her. Anjali waited for Rahul to tell the day’s events and how his mom wanted to kill their child just because she doesn’t want a girl as her heir. She knew Rahul will support her no matter what as he loves his angel too damn much to hear any awful words directed to his daughter.
In the evening Rahul came to their room, closed the door with a thud, held Anjali by her shoulders and started screaming on her.
How dare you badmouth my mother?’
What? Me? Badmouthing your mother? Are you nuts? She was the one who badmouthed our daughter and said she would’ve aborted the child after s*x determination test if I was in India.’ Said Anjali struggling to release her hands from the strong band of her husband’s hands.
What? Did she actually say that?’ asked Rahul releasing her hands.
Yes Rahul. (cupping his face in her hands) Why would I badmouth your mother? Isn’t she equal to my mom?’
Yes jaan. I’m sorry. I should’ve known this better. My mom doesn’t like to have a girl as her heir. I’m sorry that hurt you.’
No worries. I can understand your position. Anyone in your place would’ve done the same thing. Chill out and get some sleep. You need to go to office tomorrow.’
Rahul took his daughter close to his heart and slept peacefully that night. Anjali is really happy to see her husband’s care and concern towards their daughter.
Next few days flew by happily for Anjali though she did get the cold vibes from her in-laws’, she’s not in a position to care much about them. One day Rahul came home fully drunk and forced himself on Anjali. Anjali didn’t expect this kind of behaviour from Rahul but brushed it off by considering his state. That was the first mistake she has done. Next few days too Rahul kept forcing himself on her no matter him being drunk or not. Rahul again made his advances one day but Anjali pushed him away. Rahul who had enough of her drama got hold of her hair and slashed abusive words to her.
Why are you flinching from my touch you b**ch. Did you ever flinch when your so called ‘Jiju’ touched you and feasted on your body or when that Neil touched you? Did you ever flinch, haa??’
How dare you say those words to me? My jiju, Neil jiju and I share a pure relation of brother and sister. How can you even think of us that way? You can never become Sebastian Vincent or Neil Vincent in 1000 years.’
You know them very well, eh? Now you’ll see me as well.’ Saying this he thrust himself into her. While Rahul was on his work of abusing her soul and body, she remembered the words of her elder sister Radhika and their discussion they had a very long ago.
But ladoo, why don’t you want to register for martial arts classes?’
Bass di, I don’t want it. Why should I ever learn that art when my darling sister is there to protect me from all the evils?’ said Anjali smiling and hugging Radhika.
Achha bas bas, maska mat lagaa. Go and do what your heart desires. But I do want you to join in martial arts classes’ ladoo. You know martial arts are not only used for self defence but also to enhance your self confidence. Anyways don’t worry I’ll talk to maa about your cultural club.’
Yayyy!!! Thank you di. You are the best.’
I know.’

Coming out of her thoughts Anjali thought she cannot fall weak. She is the sister of Radhika Mishra Vincent after all. She had enough of this torture and so she thought to escape from that living hell as soon as possible. Her plan should be executed very carefully so that no one can doubt her till the plan works.
The other day Rahul tried to force her again. This time she needed to know the reason why he became such a ruthless beast. So she asked him about that directly. The answer did give her a shock of her life.
Darling! You don’t know how many schemes I’ve made to trap you. You know the goons that surrounded you that day were actually sent by me. I played my role so well that you started to love me and thought I loved you too. But the truth is I never ever loved you. I loved your bank balance which was earned by your darling sister. I did try to trap her in many ways, but that b*tch is stubborn as hell and moreover is a black belt in karate. That didn’t stop me from trying. I kept on trying but that b**tard Sebastian Vincent came in between and spoilt my whole plan. Your sister married a person whose business is considered to be ‘Whale’ in the business world. So I trapped you after getting all your details. You are an easy catch and very easy to fool around as you are not that mature as your sister. Even when you revealed our relationship to your family, that b*tch had to poke her nose again in my matter and started investigation about my family and me. Luckily we passed that litmus test by bribing our neighbours. After that I got married to you, I didn’t want you to quit the job because I wanted to live in one those lavish houses. I wanted to feast on your money and body by making wild love to you. But you got pregnant. I used protection and you b*tch said you are on your safe period. I didn’t understand how the hell you got pregnant. After that there is no turning back as I cannot force you to abort the child. That would’ve raised an alarm in your family. And you disappointed me again by giving birth to a girl. Even after that I’m trying to be happy because I can use your body again. But you had to develop these complications and so let me remain celibate for more than a year. I had enough in London and so brought you back. I know you fools will melt easily on the word ‘family’. I used the same weak point and hit you again. You were bowled all over again and landed in my lap. Here in India, no one I mean absolutely no one is going to raise their voice on forced intercourse. Now shut your f**king mouth and let me love your body.’
Rahul! Please! One last question. Did you really remain celibate in that year?’
So you wanna the truth, eh? Fine. Listen then. No I didn’t remain celibate. I’d my way to get myself s*xually satisfied. So as your ‘one last question’ is answered, can I continue my work?’ saying this he again feasted on her body.
This time Anjali didn’t struggle not because of the pain he is giving to her body but because of the pain he has given to her soul. She shed many unseen tears. But now this is not the time to cry but get into the action.
After Rahul was exhausted and slept beside her, she carefully took out her video camera which was hidden in the room that got his confession. She edited the video so that no wild act of his is included and only his confession is remained. Later that day, she copied that video in a pen drive and walked out of her room determined to get herself out of this hell. She lied to her MIL that she’s going to buy some items for Anushka. Her MIL who’s least interested in Anushka or her things let her go. Anjali had to go to other side of the house so that she cannot be noticed by any of their in-laws’ friends. She went to an internet cafe, wrote a mail to her elder sister and attached the video in the mail. She knows her elder sister is always up to date with her mail inbox and so will come to her rescue. After buying some items for Anushka, she returned home. She lied to her MIL that Anushka got her late in the park which is half truth as well. She did want some evidences to prove that she has taken Anuskha to the park.
Next day she did want all her culprits under one roof, so she mixed some sleeping tablet powder in the dinner. She got the tablets while returning from the net cafe. Those tablets were prescribed to her by her doctor for sound sleep. Arjun, Neil and Joseph reached her house early in the morning. Anjali hugged Joseph tightly leaving Arjun and Neil behind. She didn’t even give a glance to them. The trio took her to nearby police station, filed a complaint on Rahul’s family charging them on domestic violence and left Kerala in the private jet of Vincent’s. After reaching Mumbai Anjali broke down in front of Radhika and Sam. They tried to console her in many ways but she is inconsolable. In the mean time Anjali didn’t talk with either Arjun or Neil like she used to talk with them previously. The guys didn’t understand her problem but gave her space to sort out her issues. One fine day Anjali broke her decision to leave India and shift back to London. She divorced Rahul and Rahul is imprisoned for 3 years without a parole because of domestic violence charges on him. The video which Anjali took did serve as evidence after passing a forensic test to prove it is genuine and there’s no tampering of the video. Ardhika and Nesam respected her decision and sent her back to London. And there Anjali raised another objection; she didn’t want to work in Vincent groups anymore so she started searching for a job in another company. She did get a job in one of the reputed companies based on her qualification and she is happily working in the company.

Spice is not always away in Anjali’s life. A handsome hunk joined as her assistant. All the girls in the company were fanning themselves seeing this guy but he is lost in the beauty of Anjali. She gave him tonnes of work and he completed that work without a word. The guy knew she is trying to hide something, so he thought to open her heart to him. He asked her out for a coffee. She is not willing to go with him, but he insisted her and she gave in.
Yes Mr. Zaroon Junaid. What is that important thing you wanted to talk with me?’
I love you.’
Anjali who is drinking her coffee spit that out and looking him with a blank look on her face.
Yes I love you Anjali, I don’t know why but I love you and want to marry you.’
Do you think I’m a fool to believe you?’
What do you mean by that?’
Because you are a Muslim and in addition to that you are a Pakistani. How can you even get that idea of marrying me in your head?’
What’s wrong me being a Muslim and Pakistani? Why can’t I get the idea of marrying you?’ asked Zaroon with a frown on his face.
Because you people are responsible for all the clashes that are happening in my country. I hate you for being a Muslim. And I came here to warn you to stay out of my life. You wanted to know about my secret right. So listen I’m a divorcee and have a daughter of 1 ½ year. If you keep your b*tt off my life that will be a great blessing for me.’
Zaroon who had enough of her rubbish talks dragged her out of the restaurant and made his point very clear of marrying her.
See Miss.Mishra, it’s the truth I love you. I love you as a human not as a Hindu or Indian, get that in your tiny head of yours. Now no matter what I’ll make you mine. And moreover my parents are pretty excited to make you their bahu after listening about your personality. Now I’m damn sure they will want only you as their bahu. So be ready to become my dulhan and Mrs.Zaroon very soon.’ said Zaroon with a winning smirk on his face.
Anjali didn’t expect such words from Zaroon so she stood like a statue in front of him. He took her hand, dropped her to her car and drove off to his place leaving behind bewildered Anjali.
Anjali reached her house, took a long shower to cool her nerves and started thinking over the words of Zaroon. Is she blaming an innocent? Did the hatred she got from Rahul and his family make her heart a stone? She dozed off with all these thoughts in her mind.
As promised Zaroon didn’t leave a single chance to change Anjali’s mind. Finally he did succeed in his mission of making Anjali change her mind on his religion. One day while they were walking on a lonely street some tugs surrounded them and asked for their wallets. The duo started their run towards their car but lost their track, Zaroon who is not in a position to understand what’s going on took Anjali to a narrow tunnel and hid there. The tugs came searching for them, to hide from them Zaroon cupped Anjali’s face and kissed her. Anjali protested at first but later gave into the kiss. The kiss became fierce and deep, the duo forgot about the tugs and the world itself. After coming up for oxygen Anjali asked Zaroon to explain what was that kiss for.
Aah!! I just wanted us to be safe. See the tugs also didn’t get a glimpse of us. By the way madam you responded for the kiss. Can you explain me about that? ’
Anjali who was flushed with embarrassment thought why did she respond to the kiss when she hates him the most? Why didn’t she push him away? The kiss was so different from the kisses Rahul used to give her. This kiss is soul searing and touched her soul at many places. She didn’t want to answer him immediately and so kept quite. They reached their car and left to their respective houses and Anjali started thinking about day’s events. Did she fall for him? Hell YES.
She wanted to propose him the other day but she got another shock of her life. Arjun and Neil came with Zaroon and were talking like long lost friends. She didn’t understand a bit of what’s going on. Then Arjun said that this is their plan and Zaroon is one of the famous psychiatrists of London. They called for his help when she is unable to tell them her problems. And he is the best student of their family doctor Dr.Simon Hunt. Dr.Hunt suggested them to take the help of the psychiatrist, and so Zaroon came into the picture. Anjali was hurt to know that the man she fell for deceived her. She didn’t want any explanation from Zaroon and so left the place. But Zaroon being a stubborn guy asked for a last chance to explain about the events. Anjali accepted it and came to meet him.
So, tell me Mr naah Dr.Zaroon, what do you want to talk with me? Do you want to tell me how you deceived me by acting as my assistant? Or is there any other piece I’m missing in this puzzle?’
Anjali! I know I’ve hurt you. But I didn’t have any intention to hurt you. Trust me I thought to drag you out of the depression and leave to my world. But you made me to fall for you so deep that I don’t know the depths of it. I love you and want to marry you. That is the truth. If you have any problems you can leave me right here.’
So you are saying that fell for me by chance?’
No! I fell for you by choice.’
Okay then, I will forgive you for cheating me if only I get another mind boggling kiss.’ Oh she loves him so damn much to let him go for a silly reason.
Huh? What?’

I love you too idiot. Do I have to say it loud every time?’
Better do that, because I can’t read your mind clearly.’ Said Zaroon recovering from the shock Anjali gave him.
There started their love journey. Zaroon and Anjali got married in both the traditions and Zaroon’s family accepted Anushka as their own.
In these happy moments Ardhika remembered how they introduced Zaroon in to Anjali’s life.
After receiving the mail from Anjali, Radhika couldn’t gather herself from the shock. How could she let her younger sister go through all this? How can her investigation go wrong? Arjun, Radhika, Neil and Sam met at Neil’s house to discuss what can be done in Anjali’s matter. Radhika is unable to control her tears and her failure as an elder sister. Sam tried really hard to control her, but it became next to impossible. Neil said Anjali has double quota in everything like two brothers, two sisters and two mothers as her support and there is no need to worry. Radhika smiled a little bit and hugged him. Sam and Arjun who adored their relation thought her they got these two angels in their lives. After some family moments Radhika told ArNeil about Joseph. Joseph Solomon is the soul brother of Radhika. He is a Chartered Accountant and financial advisor of ‘Exito’. He is a lawyer as well. So Radhika told them to take Joseph with them so that there will be no legal problem in all this mess. ArNeil took their leave from their respective wives and started their journey with Joseph to Kerala in their private jet. Taking Joseph did fetch good results. He filed a complaint against Rahul under domestic violence act, got forensic reports of the video and warned the local police to not to tamper the video as they have lots of copies with them. After that they took Anjali back to Mumbai.
One day Arjun came back from office and opened his bedroom door and what he got to see made his mouth go all dry. His wife is standing there with only chemise on her body. He came out the thoughts and told her to cover herself.
Kyun? Acchi nahin lag rahi hoon kya?’
Aisa nahin hai Sweetie. I’ve some important matter to discuss with you. Aur waise bhi I can never get enough of you. Even when all my teeth were gone, I’ll kiss you the same way I kissed you for the first time.’
Shameless. You are father of two children idiot.’
Haa toh?’
Okay okay you want to discuss something important right, you freshen up first and we’ll talk.’
Arjun came all fresh and sat beside Radhika.
Sweetie! Don’t you think Anjali needs a doctor to get out the depression?’
Haa Arjun, even I was thinking the same.’
So what is your plan?’
As Anjali is shifting back to London, why don’t we contact with the doctors from London itself?’
Dr.Hunt suggested me a doctor. His name is Zaroon Junaid, very efficient psychiatrist in London.’
Yes. Koi problem?’
I don’t have any problem but Anjali has a problem with Muslims and Pakistanis. She thinks that they were all born to destroy us. After 26/11 blasts she became so sensitive on this matter. She didn’t make any Muslim as her friend just because of this reason.’
But not all Muslims are bad and not all Pakistanis are bad right.’
I tried to change her mind but unable to succeed jaan. What can I do?’
Sweetie! I’ve another news too.’ Said Arjun gulping hard.
What is it?’ asked Radhika narrowing her eyes.
Zaroon Junaid is a Pakistani.’ Arjun said in a breath earning a loud gasp from Radhika.
Arjun!! Tu tho marvayega.’
No Sweetie! Listen she should get out of this shell and I think Zaroon has a bumpy road ahead.’ Said Arjun chuckling.
I agree.’
Both the husband and wife took an oath that day to get Anjali out of her shell and were succeeded in it. They came out their thoughts with the shouts of Anjali who is running behind Anushka. Anushka is 6 year old now. Anjali, Zaroon and Anushka came to Mumbai for enjoying holidays. They have a 3 year old son named ‘Ashr’. Anjali started talking with Arjun and Neil as before. Anushka being a naughty girl is making her mumma run in the entire house. So Zaroon and Anjali took Anushka to a nearby park and started playing oblivious of the hatred looks they were getting from a person. His eyes were heated up with hatred as how Anjali can be so happy. So he decided to teach her a lesson. When Anjali and Zaroon were in their discussion leaving Anushka with her friends, he reached out to Anushka and took her to another place. Anjali and Zaroon were hell worried on not finding Anushka in the park. After a long search they came to the same place where they left her. There she is talking with some stranger having an icecream in her hand. The duo ran to that place and Anjali was shocked to the person who is with her. There stood Rahul with a wicked smirk on his face.

Rahul got released from the prison after serving his punishment. His parents sold all the properties in Kerala and shifted back to Mumbai where they don’t have people taunting them daily. Rahul came back to Mumbai as well. When he was going through the same park he got to see Anjali and Anushka with some other man and Anjali seems to be very happy. So he wanted to destroy her happiness as she destroyed his. So he took Anushka with him and told her that he is her real father and came there to take her back.
Now Anjali moved towards Rahul and took Anushka in her hands and then turned to go away from there but Anushka stopped her.
Mumma! That uncle told me that he is my real papa. Is that true mumma?’
Y..Ye..Yes beta.’
Please mumma,mujhe neeche utharo naa, I want to talk to him.’
Anjali cannot say NO to her daughter, so warned her talk should only be 5 minutes and not more than that. Anuksha complied and went to talk to Rahul. Rahul with a gleam in his eyes bent on his knees to make his height equal to his daughter. Next moment he got the biggest shock of his life. Anushka slapped him across his face and told him not to show his face to her again in his life. She told she knew that he behaved very badly with her mother, so only his mother left him. She waited for her parents to find her and so kept listening to his rubbish. As of now she found her parents, she will not fear for anyone. Saying this she left the park with her parents leaving behind shocked Rahul.
After reaching home, Anushka became busy with her cousins and her brother. Anjali and Zaroon moved to their room. There are many questions of Zaroon which needed to be answered by Anjali and so he asked her.
Why did you ignore Arjun and Neil during that tough period?’
Rahul accused me of having affair and physical relation with both Arjun jiju and Neil jiju.’ Said Anjali tears brimming in her eyes.
And so you didn’t talk to them. Why?’
I don’t know. I’m unable to meet my eyes with those two angels. And moreover Rahul had some control on my mind.’
Zaroon softly wiped out her tears and asked her another question.
Why did you love me back?’
Because YOU LOVED ME AT MY WEAKEST.’ Said Anjali hugging him tight.
Oh!!!’ said Zaroon holding her in his warm embrace.

Author’s Notes/ References:
*’You loved me at my weakest’ is the title of second book in ‘You loved me’ series written by Evie Harper. This series deals with human trafficking, big guys involved in this market, lots and lots of money and cute love stories amidst of all this mess.
*Zaroon Junaid is a fictional character and male protagonist in Pakistani drama ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ written by Umera Ahmed. Ashr is a fictional character and male protagonist in another Pakistani drama ‘Humsafar’. I so love Fawad Khan in these dramas. I wanted to use his character names once in any my stories. So used it. ?
*Gender discrimination is a social evil in our society. An incident was narrated to me by an NGO which I visit every now and then. A person left a girl child in front of their building on one of the summer days. You know summer heat right; the child started crying because of the heat. The nuns who heard her cries came running out of the building to see where these cries are coming from and found an angel there. This incident really f**ked up my mind (sorry for the abusive language). In this story I wanted a strong reason for the utter hatred of Anjali’s in-laws toward her. When I was brain storming about some issues I got this idea. S*x determination test is a crime in India. If so anyone of the people you know are practicing this, please take a stand against this issue.
*Marital r*pe refers to unwanted intercourse by a man (or woman) with his wife (or husband) obtained by force, threat of force, or physical violence, or when she (or he) is unable to give consent. There is no separate law for this crime but it is considered as a crime under domestic violence act and imprisonment lasts from 3-7 years based on the intensity. As many cases we get are only from women’s side this issue is linked under domestic violence. I did want Rahul to get a real closure in my story, so cut short his punishment to 3 years. This is inspired by the real story as well. The woman who I know suffered this for a whole lot of 25 years.
*Religion discrimination or race discrimination is very bad practice according to me. I’ve this friend who developed an utter hatred towards Muslims and Pakistanis after 26/11 attacks. I tried hard to change her mind that all Muslims and Pakistanis are not bad. In fact they were also facing problems in their day-to-day life because of the bunch of people who are master minds of these attacks. But she being a stubborn mule didn’t agree for my point. But I can’t stop trying right; so am trying to change her mind even now.
*26/11 attacks are dreadful attacks our country has ever seen. National geographic channel has telecasted a program on the same. If anyone of you are interested in the program, I’m giving the link below, please do check that out.
*Varun Kapoor fans, please don’t bash me for giving this negative role to him. Even I’m a big fan of his, but what to do I wanted a person who looks angelic but have a devil mind. I didn’t get any other person in mind so assigned ‘Rahul’ character to him and moreover I want Varun to play a negative role that doesn’t have any redemption as shown in the serial. If you guys want his redemption track and his search for true love, please do inform me [except my FFY kingdom members, I know you guys want me to write on SwaSan]. So if you guys want this shot please note that shot will be exclusively of Swasan with cameo roles of all characters present in my first shot.
*I’m really sorry for torturing Anjali’s character in this way. I wanted to see her character grow mature, so did these all things.
Something about me:
I’m Geetha Manasa. Sweetie is my nick name. You guys can call me with any of the name. I’m perfectly fine with all the three names. I’m a computer engineer by chance and a future lawyer by choice. So now you guys should have understood why I am including social evils in my stories. And also why I’ve given a role of tech savvy to Radhika. I’ll include as many issues as possible in the upcoming shots because I’ve very less time to pack my bags and run to my college so one shot may cover one or more issues. After tying up all the loose ends I’ve left in the story, I’ll wrap up this series [only if you guys want me to continue].
Please share something about you in the comments section like your job specification/educational qualification. I would love to know about you guys.
Please let me know if any of you has guessed any twist in this shot. Did this shot meet your expectations? Is it good/bad/worse? If you have any negative comment on any of the issues mentioned above please do inform me in a subtle way, I’ll reply to you guys my opinion, but don’t bash me on this.
My footnotes length has become equal to the length of my article. Hehe..?Hope you enjoyed this shot as well. Do you want me to continue this series or I should stop it here. Please let me know. Please drop your reviews in the comments section below. Waiting for the reviews.

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  1. Sammy

    Hey sweetie that was mind blowing …it had everything …evil ..good ..bad ..and trust me rahul as varun was perfect for it …pls do continue further

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sammy..Thank you so much yaar..?You know I was so afraid to post this shot because of the issues in it..And thank you for simplifying all the issues covered in this shot..?Sure will continue further,but next shot may take a week or two to get posted as I’m stuck up with some personal work..Stay blessed and lots of love dear..❤

  2. Jessie

    A big thanks 2 u for this OS..And Never.. stop this series.. pls don’t stop.. u have a. Amazing writing skill n u bring everything in real.. gender n religious discrimination is such a stupidity I wud say.. I usually discuss abt such topics when situation arises.. if God wud hav thought only one gender is enough he wudnt have created d other one.. I don’t get why they consider a boy 2 be a heir n not a girl.. one of my frnd.,she is muslim used 2 say hindus always blame their religion for any mishap..I have tried many times 2 make her realize.. bt nt she won’t mingle n wont pick our calls when she is with family…I dont know how many are like her.. but Manasa.. I just thought to share it.. and I liked the zaroon part.. good move n abt Anjali… there are many Anjalis is wat I cud say… a girl shld be clever at any position instead of weeping on her situation… ur way of spreading awareness m sharing positive thoughts is fantastic.. I wud say u had got d ri8 thread so y u think 2 stop it.. lawyer by choice!! Wish u d best.. am still one stupid girl struggling 2 make a career of my own..

    I wud request u to share ur thoughts on girls rights as heir n the other side of d coin of discrimination where ppl try to mingle n get insulted as a story oly if u wish.. one of my senior’s lil sis got married at twenty n faced a hell n she is divorced still nt recovered frm d mental trauma.. when will
    this stop??? And.. request from ur fan n order from ur new found frnd is never stop writing n sharing these kinda valuable articles.. Spread d awareness n seeds of postiveness u may not know who n when someone will get benefited..Take care Manasa.. loads of love..Wishing u success in d career of ur choice…will be eagerly waiting for more OS like this…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for liking the OS yaar..?I agree about your point of creating only one gender. We’ve these mythologies and histories where women are given utmost respect..When I state such incidents people think that I’m a gone girl and give me pitiful looks..But I keep trying to change their minds you see..Trust me dear there are many people like your Muslim friend,light is focused on only some people when they come out of the shell and tell their problems,but no these guys have to keep their views to themselves..About Anjalis in our society there are many,you know every hour at least 6 women are r*ped inside the wedlock..I don’t know when this will stop and women would gain courage to take a stand for their problems..Women are considered as a property not as human being when they get married,so only these incidents are taking place..

      About stopping this series,I don’t know I was so afraid to post this shot as it has many issues which are not taken in a positive way in our society..Thank you so much for calling me ‘Manasa’ yaar,only my family call me that and now you are not only my new found friend but also my family..?Thank you for the best wishes to my career,the credit goes to my younger sister because she is the one who suggested to take this career as my choice when I was lost about what career to choose..No you are not a stupid girl,because everyone doesn’t realize their purpose at the same time,it may take time but you’ll definitely get a career of your choice..I wish you get to see that day very soon..?

      I’ll definitely write about girls rights as their heir dear,thank you for giving me the idea..I thought to add that in my footnotes section to give me some suggestions,but silly me forgot to add that..?Yaa I’ve seen a similar case of getting a girl married in a younger age because she is a girl..I will definitely write on that..

      Next shot will take a week or two to get posted dear as I’m stuck up with some personal stuff..But will try my level best to post it soon..The main purpose of me starting this series is to spread awareness,many people may not be given accurate info about what to be done when you face a scenario,so to give that info I’ve started this..Thank you so much again for those wishes..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤?

  3. amazingggg!!!

    1. Sweetie

      Hi RituM di..Thank you so much for liking the OS dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  4. Brin

    Sweetie please don’t ever stop writing, you are really amazing at what you do and I love the message your story brings. Keep up the good work and Sweetie you nailed it today, well done eagerly waiting for your next story. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin..Thank you so much for those lovely words and loving the OS dear..?I promise I will not stop writing,pinky promise..?Next shot may take a week or two Di,as I’m stuck up with this personal stuff..Will try to post it soon..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  5. So ur name is geetha…one of my good friend name also geeta…m feeling blessed sweetie for this OS series of ur…don’t stop yaar…u r took goood…totally awesome n mindboggling series…I love realistic plot more…first is was one of my fab like this…keep continue dear…never stop…n yes I wrote a story about karna from Mahabharata in my comment section of my ff…pay a visit n see how great he is even more generous than yudhistir….

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rosie..Thank you so much for those lovely words and loving the OS dear..?I will not stop writing yaar,pinky promise..?
      Just now read the story you’ve written about Karna,amazing one dear,how can one be so generous!!And most shocking one everyone knows it but it’s my all time fav,how he donate his kavach kundalas to Lord Indra..And the insults Karna bore in his life is unimaginable for any person alive..He being Shresth of all got insulted by Dhrona for being a soodh,and then got a curse from Parashurama,then got insulted by Draupadi during her Swayamvar,insult from Arjun for being a Soodh and on his archery skills,left alone by Kunthi(I don’t like this character for what she’s done to Karna)..I am eagerly waiting to know about the previous birth of Karna dear..?You know I can never say NO to Mahabharat mythology or to know something about Karna as he’s my favourite..?
      I don’t like yudhistir because of many reasons,I don’t know why people call him Dharmaraj when he doesn’t have dharma in any single part of his history..If he is Dharmaraj,he should stop the insult that his wife is getting because of Kauravas,you can never insult any woman that way..But no he being Murat will stand there and enjoy the insult of his wife..?

      Stay blessed and lots of love dear..❤?

  6. Suga

    Sweetie it’s fabulous 😀 😀 😀 really awesome one 😀 Sat small girl slapping rahual is D amazing part 😀 😀 😀 superbbbbbbbb loved it 😀 😀 ardhika n Neil lovely 😀 😀 😀 totally u penned it fantastically 😀 😀 love u sweetie 😀 😀

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Suga..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?Yaa I wanted Rahul to know his worth(obviously which he doesn’t have) from the hands of his own blood..To know the reason why he was given that treatment by this little girl..Ardhika,NeSam and Teji are my fav,so included them in this shot..Love you too dear..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  7. amazing awesome superb mindblowing fantastic..dont have more words to describe my happiness..ur every story is amazing..the way u portray real incidents with ur thoughts in that is outstanding..Anjali’s character I loved the most today as though being tortured to such an extent she had strength to fight… loved aradhika’s planning..Anushka gave a shock to me when she slapped Rahul..this chapter had everything.. a complete movie..I felt like I was watching it for real…loved it to the core..plz continue to write many more… and dear one day u will surely become one of the most successful lawyers as u have strength to fight against injustice..and dont worry my blessings are always with continue to rock always..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?I’m overwhelmed by all those compliments yaar..Really don’t have any words to thank you..?I wanted Anjali to take a stand for her problems which many women in real are unable to do..I wanted Rahul to know his mistake from the hands of his own blood,so used that incident where Anushka slaps him..Ardhika are my cuties..Hehe..☺OMG!!!Movie!!!God that’s the biggest compliment..?(see I’m wiping my happy tears too)..Surely will write dear..Next shot may take a week or two to take its shape because of my personal stuff..Thank you for the wishes yaar..?Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  8. Hats off to u for bringing these social issues to light and in such a well written way that it touched my heart. Thank u for writing this, my respect for u have gone a higher after reading this. Loved the is n love u more

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gianna..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?I’m really happy to know that my stories touched your heart..?I wanted to do something to bring such things to light when I hear the real life incidents and so started this series..Thank you for all the respect and love you have towards me..?Love you too dear..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  9. it was sooo heart touching

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Apra..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  10. mai teri haye re jabra hoye re jabra fan ho gyi..I dont know how many times I have read this os of the best os I have ever write more and more..but I m lit jealous as today anjali stole the scenes than rads..hehe..Arjun..I was dying to read his part..I heard Aham Sharma is coming up with a project on Zee Tv with Krystal Desuza.. waiting to see him back..anyways this os was simply superb..I dont deserve to compliment on this..loads of love

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Pankh..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..Jabra fan??Haaayee main mar gayiiii…?Yaa Anjali did steal scenes,but it is her struggle naa,so OS is entirely on her..Surely will come up with another one soon dear,but that may take a week or two because of my personal stuff..?Oh really!!Aham Sharma again on sets…?Me too waiting for his come back..Sad part is jab tak serial start hoga main tho apne college mein hongi..?Arey you have all the rights to compliment or criticize the OS dear..Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  11. awesome…mindblowing fantastic,excellent………..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Subha..Thank you so much for all those lovely words dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  12. Hi sweetie (di):):):)

    First of all a big sorry as I wasn’t able to read ur first one shot. Read it now. Hats off dear! The way u have written and sprea the message about child abuse was really beautiful:)

    Coming to this os, u have so deftly dealt with marital r*pe, s*x discrimination and bias towards religion and pakistani that really I don’t have words to say how wonderful it was!

    Truly all these kind of social evils alongwith human trafficking, harassment regarding dowry, r*pe are the brutal and gutteral truths of our society. The cases registered under these move at a such snail speed that adds more turmoil and pain for the victim. We should make attempts to make people aware and also brace ourselves in the best possible way to face the worst scenario. Thank u so much for spreading the meaningful messages through ur stories. It’s truly inspiring and never ever stop this gem of a series!

    Coming to the light-hearted topics, me too a big fan of fawad khan and also of the amazing pakistani shows aired on zindagi and the ones I have watched on net. And don’t worry VK won’t be dissapointed but I can’t promise on some thick-headed fanatics who are always ready to bash a real person for a reel character. That is the reason I stopped watching swaragini because I was so frustrated with the everyday random fan fights and also of the childish tracks. Now I just read some ffs but that’s it! I prefer maintaining a safe distance from the show or its characters;)

    All the best for ur future endeavour as a lawyer! Btw which particular field of law have u decided on?
    Come back soon with another story…will be waiting…lots of love:)

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Nupur dear..You can call me Di yaar,why did you put that in braces???There is absolutely no need to say sorry,you read that shot now,that’s more than enough for me and thank you for those lovely words..?

      Thank you so much for loving this shot too dear..?

      Yaa we people need to be strong enough for any blow life throws at us,some people will go to a length of committing suicide which is a cowardly act according to me,you should fight back man.God has given you this life to live not to die for silly reasons..Snail speed will be an understatement for these cases dear,you remember ‘Nirbhaya’ case??The punishment the minor got for that case really boiled my blood seriously..?And our guys will not allow to showcase a documentary filmed on that case too because it has abusive content..Wah bhai!!!

      Surely will not stop writing this series dear..?

      Hifi for Fawad Khan dear..?I’m a big fan of Zindagi channel too,that channel actually have shown the other side of our neighbour country..Everything is same in both the countries but its only because of some lunatics we are still fighting among ourselves..?
      Thank you for supporting about VK dear,I was so afraid while writing this shot and assigning that role to him..I can’t even comment about thick headed fanatics,I don’t know why they were unable to differentiate between reel and real world..I heard that people even commented to VK about divorcing Dhanya and start dating Helly..Yaar that’s the disgusting part I’ve ever heard..?Even I stopped watching Swaragini way back,my friends are asking me to write on SwaSan too but I’m unable to bring myself together for that because I lost the connection to that serial..The tracks are childish..???That’s a small word for me about the tracks..Hehe..Me too read only FFs and keep myself away from all the fandom wars and the silly show..?

      Thank you behna for the wishes..?Aah!! I’m going to study Bachelors now so we don’t have any specialization here but I want to take criminal cases field in my Masters..?

      Sure will come up with another plot pretty soon..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

      1. Truly di…The nirbhaya case was just…don’t know what to say! The way a pious soul was brutally r*ped and the pain she endured can never be imagined. I think ther should be strong laws for the r*pists like they have in some muslim countries…
        That minor deserves the harshest punishment of all because he was the main culprit among them…the law needs to be changed that minor shouldn’t be decided based on age but on ur thinking!

        I love VK since his first show but m not a fan of swasan or the show…after watching 50 episodes I predicted half of the show’s story…it is the vardhan of watching ekta kapoor shows earlier but clearly now I refrain from their nazar too…baba re too much tension;)

        Great for you di! Now the criminals ll know who they’re dealing with:)
        Thanks for considering me as a sister…TU has given me already given me a big family on other pages and m all d more happy to add another member to it…But ll be able to handle me because once I come out of my shell I’m damn

      2. Sweetie

        Yayy Nupur!!Meri mooh ki baat cheen li yaar..I do agree the punishments for rapists should be brutal like in Saudi..You know they cut the head of the accused in front of all the people and assemble that again and bury him..I just want such kind of punishment because if one get that punishment other will never think of touching a girl’s body without her consent..The minor involved in Nirbhaya case is…I don’t know what to say about him..That brute needs to be punished severely but what we get to see he is given a common punishment and a livelihood too because he is a minor..?He is the one who raped her more than once..B***tard..?

        I know VK only from Saraswati Chandra time..Vardhan of ekta kapoor..Hehe..That’s true all shows end up a same point and have plots similar to the ones before..I used to predict the story too,I stopped watching serial after Swasan’s asli wala marriage first time..And after that I decided not to watch the show because of the infinite loop of events..?I used to read the spoilers before,now I stopped even that,yaar that bhoot track and all..Uff..Refraining from their nazar is a good thing to do yaar..We’ll be out of some tensions,no?

        I’ll try my level best to handle you dear,I also have this crazy family on the other pages,so should be able to handle you once you are out of the shell..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  13. ohhhh my sweetie darling you just left me spellbound n numb yarrrr…..m just don’t have any words to praise you…i m really felt bad n got really hurt deep inside my heart wht rahul did…i mean how can some one bcum such devil..wht men thought that women r just peace of ppr…u won’t believe but this story made me cry…stll i can’t get ovr it.. n i liked the way anjali get escaped frm rahuls cage…n u right not evere Muslim is culprit.. just some sarphire log behind the name of jihad making humanity die…m so excited for nxt shot…come soo..n i like ton knw abt real name dipika itself..i m also computer engineer but now turned banker…works in punjab natiinal bank…love you

  14. ohhhh my sweetie darling you just left me spellbound n numb yarrrr…..m just don’t have any words to praise you…i m really felt bad n got really hurt deep inside my heart wht rahul did…i mean how can some one bcum such devil..wht men thought that women r just peace of ppr…u won’t believe but this story made me cry…stll i can’t get ovr it.. n i liked the way anjali get escaped frm rahuls cage…n u right not evere Muslim is culprit.. just some sarphire log behind the name of jihad making humanity die…m so excited for nxt shot…come soo..n i like to knw abt real name dipika itself..i m also computer engineer but now turned banker…works in punjab natiinal bank…love you

    1. Sweetie

      Dipika sweetheart..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..?Sorry that I’ve hurt you..?Yes you got me correct there,women should have self respect and get out from the cage when the initial signs of abuse start showing up..I wanted to show people what can be done when they were under these circumstances..And again the people who know the true meaning of jihad never insult that word or Allah by killing innocent people..These lunatics doesn’t even know true meaning of Jihad,that’s the saddest part..?Every one is human,it’s just the word we use for our God is different..This is another concept I wanted to show in here..
      Will surely come up with another shot pretty soon but I’m afraid that may take a week or two because I’ve some personal stuff surrounding me..?I’m going to increase your curiosity a little more,you’ll be either shocked or surprised with the next shot..?Devil Me..?Good to know that you are a banker,even I tried my luck in bank exams in the last 2 years but that doesn’t yield any positive results because I don’t have my heart there..Hifi for being a computer engineer yaaraa..Love you too sweetheart..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

      1. hahaha..hiiiifiiiiii darling…. yup the way you r showing the way of how to escape frm such situation is really brilliant… no worries dear take ur time we r always here n glad to read u…muhhaa

      2. Sweetie

        Thank you so much sweetheart..Will try to update soon..Stay blessed and keep smiling..?Love you..❤

  15. How it happened I don’t know ……..I love you very much it was so something which really touched my heart ………love lots ……now you have touched my heart so I want you to touch my sole by writing many stories
    ……….so keep in touch

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Shreya..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Love you too yaar..❤Will surely come up with another one pretty soon,but you’ll have to wait for a week or two to read that as I’m surrounded with my personal stuff..?Will keep in touch for sure..?Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  16. U r really really good in writing these kinda issues in stories..never quit writing give us chance for reading ur stories u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neetz..Thank you so much for those compliments dear..?Will never quit writing as it has become my passion now..?Will surely come up with next one pretty soon dear..?Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  17. Lakshmi05

    Amazing OS geetha dear…How could rahul n his family behave like that with anjali n her daughter…people like them should be punished severely…rahul got his biggest punishment by getting slapped by his own daughter…’s good anjali n anushka got someone like zaroon in their life…..everything is really superb dear…will be waiting for ur next one…luv u…tc…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Lakshmi..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?I did want Rahul to get punished properly,what can be big punishment for any person that they were ignored and hated by their own blood,so used that punishment..Glad to know you liked that part..?Yaa Anjali and Anushka are really lucky to get Zaroon in their lives but there are still many Anjalis in our society who are waiting for their Zaroon..Thank you so much again..Will surely come up with next one soon..?Love you too..❤Stay blessed,keep smiling and take care..?

  18. Hiee sweetie Di….I would call you Di as you are future lawyer and elder than me……your story is mind blowing…I liked it very much…. please continue you are only stating the truth and facts….. post next one soon .. would like to read..

  19. And yes Di…my name is Aastha Gupta
    ..a CA student and also doing bcom from DU
    ..I am from Panipat. Haryana….where are you from ??
    Update next one soon… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Aastha..Thank you so much for the lovely words and liking the OS dear..Yes you can call me di..?Will continue the series for sure..?I’m afraid the next shot may take a week or two dear as I’m stuck up in my personal stuff..?
      Good to know about you dear..You know my younger sis is a CA too and doing her B.Com..?I’m from Andhra Pradesh dear..?Will try my level best to update next one soon..Stay blessed and lots of love behna..❤

  20. Neha_priya

    Sweetie…. What an incredible job dear….. The story revolves on those issues of our society where the strength to deal with lacks….. Domestic violence that’s not a case to go with marital rapes….. Nothing can proven enough for this sin but still the laws thinks it as a domestic violence…. Vk… OK I thought to be mad for his character but yet it’s a strong one so it’s OK…. But really hate this gender discrimination and above that s*x determination…. It’s so common in India…. I’ve seen it in my life only but now for which reasons it’s over…. Muslims and Pakistani…. Well two or the same thing… I’ve my bf Muslim only…. She is the best friend for me I’ve ever have though having distances but never at heart but Pakistani well it’s a serious matter bcoz much of the destruction of India has its roots established in Pakistan so Indians hating them is normal though can’t ignore everyone is not the same…. Even I accept I do hate them too for being the reasons of the attacks in India….

    Yet there are some gems…. Nevertheless I so loved this….. Only bcoz of its concept…. A genuine concept which very much needed to come across and to dealt with…. Amazing ability of yours too much for your career…

    Info of myself….. I’m neha…. Neha Priya 3rd year bsc maths hns. student…. N one more ur elder bahu ?…..
    Awesome fabulous os…. Decide yourself carrying it or not!!!

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neha bahu..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?Shukar hai they even thought to get the accused punished under marital rape,or else people are debating that rape inside wedlock is not a crime because they are thinking wife is their personal property and they can use her body anytime..?I know you will be mad at me for VK’s character but kya karoon aadat se mazboor,I love him a lot in negative shade..Tabhi toh to be on safe side I added not to scold me for VK’s character in the footnote..?I do agree much of the destruction for our country is done by Pakistanis but not all of them right,I just wanted to state that,that’s it and moreover I was so moved by that Peshawar school attack..So added about Pakistanis in this shot..
      Thanks again for those lovely words..Glad to know about you my badi bahu..Hehe..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

      1. Neha_priya

        Hehe I too stated the same… Our country ppl hate Pakistanis just bcoz of this one sole reason that they don’t think about the good side but there’s one more thing being unnoticed is that the head of that country is completely responsible for that hate building inside our hearts or in them too…..

        Vk ahh not to worry…. I’m not mad bcoz the store didn’t allow me…. With such concept can’t pay more attention to fondness of characters indeed the story matters….. Our constitution has somewhat many useless laws than that of useful and this one thinking wife’s body as their personal property is also among worst… No law gives you rights to force upon women dignity

        ? you too

      2. Sweetie

        Yaa I agree with you about the head of the country..?
        Our constitution has some loop holes in them,people are using those loop holes instead of the righteous law..That’s why the criminals are escaping so nicely..?
        Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  21. Sha

    oh my god.. wat was tat yaar!! really i have no words to describe how im feeling right now.. when i first read authors warning abt light hearted person,i was little nervous.. but when i started reading , my nervousness increased more and more.. really im a light hearted person,i know there are lot of cruel people around us,but i usually dont get involved in those things coz,im actually scared of those things. sachi u made me hell scared by showing the true face of our society. u could easily know my character by my ff.. the thing i dont have negativities in my ff is coz im really not aware of those things..

    but hats off to ur work.. well written.. lots of love..

    1. Sha

      now too my heart beat raising like hell.. lol.. thanks alot for this fantastic n mindblowing one shot..

      well abt the introduction,u know me very well.. haha.. do u need any introduction.. then let me tell u my biggest secret,im ur sons girl friend. . ? lol..

      love u tons n tons.. ????❤

      1. Sweetie

        Sha my cutiepie..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?I know you are a light hearted person yaar..See whenever I talk to you,I actually feel more calm than ever and you are the first friend I ever made in TU..?But kya karoon as you said that’s the harsh reality of our society..Sorry for making your heart beat faster.. 🙁 But I assure you that next shot will be a light hearted one because I was so afraid with this OS myself,I need to calm my nerves a little bit to go on to next social evil..
        Well about your introduction and your biggest cheekret I know it very well rey..?
        Stay blessed and lots of love..???❤?

    2. Sha

      but let me tell u one thing,i love pakistanis.. they are the sweetest ppl i ever met on this site.. they are truly awesome..

      1. Sweetie

        Yaa Sha..I love Pakistanis too..I got this little friend of mine named ‘Misha’ who is a Pakistani in this site..She is so cute and she writes stories like a Pro..I love that little girl so much..❤Thank you for sharing your view on Pakistanis my dear..?

  22. Bhavika


    The 2012 National Crime Records Bureau report of India states a reported crime rate of 46 per 100,000, rape rate of 2 per 100,000, dowry homicide rate of 0.7 per 100,000 and the rate of domestic cruelty by husband or his relatives as 5.9 per 100,000. These reported rates are significantly smaller than the reported intimate partner domestic violence rates in many countries, such as the United States (590 per 100,000) and reported homicide (6.2 per 100,000 globally), crime and rape incidence rates per 100,000 women for most nations tracked by the United Nations.

    THESE STORIES SHUD BE KNOWN to all those men who think their wife is a thing and are totaly theirs they can do whatever they want and to all those women who think their husband have full right on them,or what the society will think or what will happen to her future or kids

    i really really appericiate u for such a nice piece of work i will try to spread this story to more and more people

    and also i request u to try to write on SAVE GIRL CHILD

    i am a student Bhavika Choudhary of class 7 age 13 living in rajasthan india studying in little flower convent school

    best of luck for your future…..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Bhavika sweety..Thank you so much for those lovely words and loving this OS my dear..?You know I thought to add that statistics part too but didn’t do that because of the length of the OS,it became so long and the footnotes section has also become long enough that I didn’t get the courage to add statistics..Thank you for sharing the statistics my dear..?Yaa many cases remain unsolved in our country because of their speed in our courts and remaining untold because of the fear in our society..
      Thank you once again for appreciating my work dear..Really glad to know you liked it..I’m so thankful to you for spreading this story..?
      Yaa I got similar kind of request from another friend too,so will surely think about that and pen it down..?
      Glad to know about you dear..You are a choti and you have so much knowledge my dear..When I was in 7th standard,I even don’t know the meaning of rape..LOL..Hey I love Rajasthan,would you take me on a tour when I visit Rajasthan??
      Thank you for the best wishes..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  23. Sweetie 1st sorry for commenting late .. not what an incredible story … truely magical… I want to see this on screen just loved it…hope you will write more of such OS in future looking forward to reading more of your stories 🙂 love you

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gauri Di..Please don’t be sorry..You are not late alright..Thank you for all the lovely words and loving the story Di..?OMG!!!On screen!!!That’s another biggest compliment I’ve received on this OS..Really don’t have any words to thank you..Will surely write and I do want to torture you guys with my stories..Hehe..?Love you too di..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  24. Pallavibaby

    You are such a great writer…don’t say no
    Its so much above my expectations!!
    You portrayed the evils faced by a woman and also the gender bias in the society
    May be the story is a bit sad…but it is the truth and we have to accept it, and try to change it
    And about varun being in the negative role?… You are absolutely right! No one can do justice to this negative role except him
    And I’m toh your sweet dil na….so no need of intro 🙂
    The story is just so awesome
    You remind me of my aunt, who was a lawyer…..fight for justice
    Omg! I’ve done much of bak bak ?
    Love you so much ?
    Keep writing… Would love to read more ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Baby!!Thank you so much for those lovely words and loving the OS dear..?Yes you are right about Varun,I so love him in negative role yaar,serial mein tho usko mahaan bana diya,so changed his role in my OS..?There is no need for your intro rey,I know you naa..?Glad to know I reminded you your aunt..Love you too baby..?Yeh bak bak hai tho hum FFY page mein jo karte hai woh kya hai bhai??Will write more..Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤


  26. Sweetie

    Hi TU admin..Why is this pingback to ‘Dilon ki dastaan’ added at the end of my post??My article doesn’t have any relation to that post..Please take that back..
    Thank you..

    1. Sweetie

      Ok sorry yaar Bhavika,didn’t know you posted my article link in your article..Got a little confused and posted this comment..

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  28. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding. …I’m speechless and overwhelmed. words to praise your amazingly awesoooooome talent. you loads. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma..Thank you so much for all lovely compliments and loving the OS dear..Stay blessed and lots of love..?

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