MMZ-That’s how we happened series–Shot 0.9

Assalam walaikum everyone. How are you all?? This is the next shot in “That’s how we happened series”. This is a prequel to the first shot. Please ignore any typos and grammatical errors. Happy reading..?
^^Shot 0.9— Jab We Met ^^
A young lady of 23 years is interrogating a man of 50 years in a glass cabin of her office.
Who sent you?’
That I can’t tell you Ma’am.’
Because that is my job. First rule of my job is not to disclose any secrets.’
So this is your final word?’
Yes Ma’am.’ Said the man with determined voice.
Okay!! I’ll leave you now as I’m unable to extract any info from you.’
Thank you Ma’am. I cannot disclose who sent me but one thing I can assure you is he loves you so much. He can never in his dreams think of harming you.’ Said the man smiling.
That will be decided later mister. You can leave now.’
The man stood up and left the cabin. The lady signaled her bodyguard to follow the man. She knew the man will not contact his boss immediately instead he’ll take his time. She is just waiting for that time. And she started thinking about the man.
So now Radhika!! How are you going to find the person who is investigating about you? Shukar hai today you got hold of his man or else what would have happened to you?? Wait a second. Didn’t he say the man who sent him loves you?? OMG!!? A stalker!! I should find who this stalker is very soon.’

Radhika got a call from her bodyguard that the man didn’t contact his boss and he is following him. At last she got the info of her stalker after 3 days. Her stalker/lover is none other than Sebastian Vincent, owner of Vincent group of industries. She was surprised would be an understatement because the man whom she started liking is actually trying to find about her. Not bad!! Now the game begins Mr. Vincent.

Radhika Mishra is the owner of an IT company named ‘Exito’. She had seen Sebastian one month before when she was discussing about a project to the hotel manager. He was sitting in the lobby waiting for someone and engrossed in his work that is checking his files. She felt she has some connection with him. When he saw her she quickly averted her gaze and started explaining about the modifications that can be done in the hotel’s software. When he left the lobby, she asked the hotel manager about him. He said that the man is Sebastian Vincent and he is the owner of Vincent group of Industries. He came there for a meeting with a client of his company but the client is an elderly man who is not in a position to come out of his room because of his health problems. She liked his personality that day and started researching about him. The only info she got is about his family and his bank balance. He has a younger brother named Neil who recently joined the Vincent groups and mother Prerna who is the MD of Vincent groups. He lost his father 6 months ago.The second piece in the info is not of her concern. And now she got to know that he is gathering info about her. This piece of info really intrigued her. She thought ideas to meet him but none are constructive, so she gave up the idea and waited for the fate to turn the tables to her favour. She came out of her thoughts and reached her home to calm her nerves.

Next three weeks flew by with the projects at her hand. After three weeks one day a handsome young man came to visit her.
Hello Ma’am.’
If you are not busy, can we talk in some place private?’
Yeah!! Sure.’ Said Radhika unable to comprehend who this stranger is and why he wants to talk to her and moreover his accent is totally different. Then she put two and two together and concluded he can be Neil and so she asked him.
Are you by any means Neil Vincent?’
I’m with all means Neil Vincent. But how did recognise me? So you are aware of the research my brother did on you? ’ asked Neil smiling.
Huh!! Yes. I know about his research.’
Ok Bhabhi.’
Yes. My brother loves you and wants to marry you. And when he marries you that’s obvious I’ll call you Bhabhi right. So started calling you.’
Oh!! How did you get to know your brother loves me and why are you here?’
One question at a time Bhabhi. Okay answer for the first is I heard him talking to the PI about you and confronted him. He said he likes you so he started investigating about you. And answer to the second question I’m here to make a way to your love story. If I leave everything to you guys, you’re never gonna confess your feelings. Now my question is how come you know about the research my brother doing on you?’
Haa, woh actually I caught the PI when he’s trying to collect info about me from one of my employees. He said that the person who gave him this job loves me. My men followed him and we got to know that the person is your brother.’
So how come the PI didn’t tell your meet to Bhai?’
I asked him to keep it a secret so that I can surprise your brother and he accepted by seeing my enthusiasm to meet your brother.’
So de diya SURPRISE?’
Because I’m blank in these kinds of jobs.’
You are here to help me right. So give me some ideas.’
Oh Hello!! Wait a second. I’m not a love guru to give you ideas instantly.’
But I heard you have a girl friend.’
Yes, that doesn’t mean I can give you ideas at this moment yaar. Give me some time. I’ll get back to you.’
Ok sure.’ Said Radhika smiling widely.
Ok bye bhabhi. See you soon.’
Sure. Bye.’
Neil left her cabin and reached his home. He knew Radhika will not believe him easily. He observed the mirror of his car and got to see the car which followed him this entire time made its way to another lane. After reaching his room, he called Radhika.
So bhabhi!! Now did your doubts get cleared?’
Bhabhi please trust me on this. I really want my Bhai to get his love. I’m helping you for the same reason. My brother is too shy to initiate these kind of things.’
Ok we’ll work together. But how the hell did you get my number?’
I stole your business card which was on your desk while we were talking.’ Said Neil grinning.?
Yes Neil. Good day bhabhi. I’ll call you later. Bye.’
Bye.’ Said Radhika smiling.
The friendship between the duo started that day. They both came to a conclusion to get Prerna Vincent into their confidence. Radhika used to give some weird ideas to make the way to her love story. Neil used to reject all the ideas. One such weird idea is….
Okay I’ll come to your house as a sales girl. I’ll try to woo Aunty by saying all the other things and finally will bring up my love matter. What say?’ said Radhika with a twinkle in her eyes.
Girl!! Are you serious??You are going to come to my house as sales girl and bring up your marriage proposal?’?
Yes!! Nice idea right. I know.’ Radhika said patting her shoulder.
Neil gave a big pat on her shoulder and said that is a foolish idea he ever heard.
How come did you think my mom will allow you inside my house? She will show the exit in a refined manner as she doesn’t buy any items from sales persons. Such a foolish idea and here this girl is dreaming to become DIL of Prerna Vincent. Hahaha.’
Ab kya kare?’
Right now we’ll feed our hungry stomachs and call it a day. We’ll think of some more ideas afterward.’
Saying this both had their lunch and left to their work places. They were unable to meet for the next few days but were in contact through phone calls. Radhika used to give her weird ideas and Neil used to reject them as always. When Neil gave her ideas, she used to reject them.

One day Radhika’s friend Jasmine came to her and informed about her marriage. When Radhika got to know about the groom, her happiness knew no bounds because the groom works in Vincent group of Industries. She bid bye to her friend and called Neil to inform this news with a new idea in her mind. She said Neil about the groom and if they are able to manage groom to invite Arjun to the marriage, they can meet officially. Neil was amazed by the idea and asked her how come she got such a brilliant idea because all this while she gave his head a literal headache. Radhika brushed it off and asked him to focus only on the mission now. Radhika convinced Jasmine to push the groom to invite Arjun to the marriage. And now they needed a reason for the meet. They were brain storming on some ideas. Next few days Radhika became busy with Jasmine by helping her in all the nuptials. Only a day before marriage Neil introduced Sam to Radhika. Then Radhika popped up this brilliant idea of makeup as makeup is essential for the bride in the wedding. She said that she’ll cancel the appointment of beautician and they should reach the venue at least 5 hours before or else the bride will eat her alive. They agreed to the plan and left to their places.

That night Neil talked to Arjun about reaching the venue some 5 hours before. When Arjun asked him the reason he said that Radhika will be there too and he can see her to his heart’s content without any disturbance. Listening Radhika’s name Arjun immediately accepted for the plan.?

That night both souls that are destined to be together slept peacefully thinking of the morning that’s gonna change their lives forever and ever.

This shot is from the timeline very near to the first shot, so I named it as ‘Shot 0.9’. This is actually a dedication to my lovely friend Dipika who gave me this idea to write about Ardhika’s meet and the planning of Rads and Neil.

This shot is not planned earlier so if you find any loopholes, please inform me.

Sha my cutiepie.. As promised I gave you next shot light hearted one so that I can make up to the heart attack I gave you in the previous shot. Hope you enjoyed this.
If you guys want me to write on any particular social evil,you can suggest me..I’ll include them in my next shots..
Hope you enjoyed this shot. Please share your views in the comment section below. Waiting for your reviews.? Eid Mubarak in advance..?

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  1. Awwww….so cute? Loved it to bits.
    The cute antics of Neil and Radhika were to die for?
    It was definitely heart melting, butterflies fluttering, soul warming….ab aur yaad nahi aa raha hai, itne se kaam chalalo didu?

    Howz u and ur studies? Coming to social evils, how about human trafficking or the rights of a girl regarding property from her father’s side…
    Lots of love and giant panda hugs?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Nupur..I’m very much fine yaar..How are you??Studies ka pata nahin,right now I’m researching for the next shot..Hehe..?Thank you so much for all those lovely words behna..?Will definitely include those social evils in my upcoming shots..Lots of love and bear hugs to you too..❤?

  2. Brin

    Awesome story Sweetie, I have an idea on social evils, I hear this in news alot when men do not get the girl they want they would throw acid on there face so that nobody will marry her, maybe you could write about this and make it a happy ending at the end. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin..Thank you so much for loving the shot dear..?Sure will include that social evil in my succeeding shot..I heard a lot of stories like that..Thank you so much for suggesting the idea dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  3. Waaliakum assalalm dear ! Eid Mubarak. And this one was too good. Will be waiting for the next one.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Mehr..Khair mubarak dear!!Thank you so much liking the shot yaar..?Sure will come up with next shot pretty soon..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  4. is really awesome…???????? can u juz write something regarding the recent attack on a techie in a railway station in was a single sided love and wen she dint accept he killed her. Juz kind of to bring awareness kind of…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sheetal..Thank you so much for liking the OS dear..?Will surely write about same kinda incident in my succeeding shots dear..Thank you for suggesting the idea..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  5. Sammy

    Wao sweetie was awesome …pls never end your series pls write …that his arjun come for meet and they both fall for each other .. that will be more cute .. amazing …iam loving it 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sammy..Thank you so much for liking the shot yaar..?Will surely come up with next shot pretty soon..Right now researching for that..Thank you for the idea,will write about that some time later..Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤

  6. So sweet chapter Manasa…no particular…which ever issue u write I’ll happily read it…u n ur stories are having great impact..u know I was waiting for the issue to come but finally came to know it was the gap shot from first OS…many people suggested many ideas…i tell another dowery issue n corruption in India…write whenever u get time…god bless…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rosie..Thank you so much for loving the OS and those lovely words yaar..?Really glad to know that my stories are actually having some impact..☺Thank you so much for calling me ‘Manasa’ dear..??Actually kya hua tha,I almost gave a heart attack to one of my friends with the last shot,so to cover that I’ve given this shot..Hehe..??Will surely write about that issue in my succeeding shots dear,thanks for suggesting the idea..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  7. S.v

    This was superb jaan . A cute love story. Sorry cute start for the love story. Omg both were desperate to meet each other. Loved it jaan. Right something of many episodes on friendship, love etc yaar. U right nice these plots. Love u jaan.

    1. Sweetie

      Jaan..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Yeah!! Both were desperate but unable to initiate their love story..Hehe..?Will try to write but I’m not sure I can pull up with FF..Right now researching on next shot..?Will meet you soon..Stay blessed and love you too..?❤

  8. RituM

    haha…its amazing….lol

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritum di..Thank you so much for liking the OS dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  9. Really awesome sorry that i couldnt comment on your other os. I also suggest Chennai issue. In my state two months ago an incident happened. A girl who was alone in her house was murdered or literally sliced by a young man. More than 30 wounds found in her body.Her neck to chest was stabbed. When the mother come home she saw her daughter’s lifeless body and she was on a mental trauma ..The murderer has been arrested but the reason for that utter violence is not yet not able to express the seriousness of the issue.please check Jisha murder case on wikipedia .here whenever a rape or molestation happens most people blame girls for their dressing ,but here nine months old to ninety years old are being attacked..pls check that incident

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Hima..Please don’t be sorry dear..Thank you so much for loving the OS and the suggestions yaar..?Will surely read the incident and include the idea in one of my succeeding shots..I agree people always blame about the dressing sense of girls..?I want to ask them,”what did ‘Gudiya’ wear to provoke the watchman??” There are many issues like these that have to be brought into light..Will come up with next one pretty soon..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  10. This is lovely Manasa.. a chill treat.. RaNeil.part was nice.. Rads being a business woman n always precautious kinda lady herself turns lil soft when she gets 2 know tat her interest is also interested in her..the funny ideas which popped up shows her enthu.. tats so realistic.. Hmmm.. how abt writing OS lyk dis in the same seriesin btwn ur regular ones ..jus like a break.. abt social issues I too wanna suggest d same which happened in Chennai…Manasa.. I always feel girls shld readily help another girl if they find something need tat we shld know d prsn.. I feel we lag in unity..all jus prefer 2 be spectators..they watch when a random girl is insulted bt doesnt prefer 2 help.. and parents shld let their girls 2 learn defense skills…

    I read ur reply on last chappy jus nw..feeling very happy.. Thanks for d positive words.. glad tat u won’t stop n nw tat u accepted me as family I will pester u abt social issues n laws, with all rights??ur lil sis helped u choosing career.. superb.. glad tat u liked my suggestion.. TC n loads of love …

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..?But where is your Penguin???Rads is kind of strong as well as vulnerable in this series..Will write these kinda shots when I’m unable to give you guys the next shot as planned dear..?Thank you for the suggestion..Will include that in one of my succeeding shots..?I too feel girls should help each other at risk times and yeah parents should treat girls as equal as boys,only then they will be able to give permission to their daughters to learn defense skills..I think you understood the reason why I gave a role of black belt to Radhika,only then you popped up this question,right??

      Pleasure is all mine yaar..?Yeah you have all the rights to pester me and keep pestering me because I’m a very lazy bum dear..Yeah little sis helped me,she is a future CA,so she knew what it takes to become a lawyer..In that way she helped me to sort out my career..☺Stay blessed and lots of love to you too..?❤

      1. Jessie

        Hiiii Manasa…. back with penguin.. actually dint login tat time..tats y ur sis bond?? actually am nt allowed 2 join karate class?no swimming n horse.riding too I love 2 learn such things.. more than as a exercise or defense it will make one tactful… tat was d reason mentioned abt defense skill?.. and I remember in 2nd shot where Rads ask her sis 2 learn karate n her moron husband mentioning Rads as black belt.
        But wat was in author’s mind??? Enlighten meee……why was she gn tat role???
        Love u loads n TC…

      2. Sweetie

        Hi Jessie..I like the penguin dear..?Thanks for loving our bond..?So sad to hear that you are not allowed to do all these things..?Horse riding is my all time fav..You know I’m giving my civil services exam only for that..But situations changed now,I’m going to become lawyer but my passion for horse riding stays..Will learn it in the far future somehow..?
        Coming to the role assigned to Rads,I gave the role of black belt to her because of the abuse she had suffered in her childhood,if she was strong then she would have kicked her chachu in his manhood and saved herself from the abuse,but she was so weak to fight then..After getting separated from those monsters she thought to strengthen herself not only from her heart but also her body,so she joined karate and achieved Black belt in that..You will see more shades of Rads in the upcoming shots..?I’ve planned more for her character,you see..?Love you too dear..?Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤

  11. Sweetie my sweetheart i loved this shot like anything…when i saw ur ff name i literally jump clicking read more button…. haha..they both did research.. How cute.. N Neil…he is the best bro n BIL cute..the way he called rads bhabhi n explained y he calling her cuteee..n rads weird ideas..haha.sales girl wala idea..i that only saying neil don’t accept this idea….thank god neil didn’t accept… N yess want more story frm u abt social issue…cyber crime pe kuch likh sako to pls..try it on…love youuuuu sooooooo much…tc

    1. Sweetie

      Dipika sweetheart..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..?Yes both our cutiepies did the research and unable to initiate their love story..☺That’s why Neil baba took the charge..Hehe..??Neil character is so cute and I want to make him extra cute..?Sales girl wala idea,LOL,I don’t know how that idea popped up,glad to know you liked it..?Will surely come up with next shot pretty soon,right now researching for the next..?Cyber crime,nice one,I’ll include that in one of my succeeding shots..?Love you tooooooo darling….????Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤

  12. Me like this

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gianna dear..Thank you so much for liking the OS yaar..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  13. Awesome sweetie 🙂 so aag dono taraf lagi thi …both had liking for each other …. sales girl idea funny 🙂 good one sweetie enjoyed it 🙂 stay blessed 🙂 waiting for OS from you … do write I will be waiting for more love u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gauri Di..Thank you so much for loving the OS..?Yeah!!Aag donon taraf se lagi tho thi par woh story ko initiate nahin kar paya and Neil ko catalyst banna pada..?Sales girl idea..LOL..?I really don’t know how that idea popped up,glad to know you liked it dear..?Will come up with next one pretty soon,I’ve a plot in mind but the research for the facts is taking hell lot of time..?Will try my level best to post it soon..Love you too Di..???Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤?

  14. That was a cute, beautiful and adorable one Sweetie no no Manasa coz I like that more.. Loved RaNeil bonding…rads a sharp bussiness women here..she always keep an eye on strangers… u and ur os are jst awesome…plz continue it forever… I do give us this relaxing and amazing stories in between for a change… and about social issues then I will suggest about the talented girls of our society who after marriage jst get sealed inside their inlaws boundaries… rest upto u .. whichever issue u will focus plz come back soon..m waiting…love keep rocking

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar and calling me ‘Manasa’,my family calls me Manasa..?☺Will come up with next one pretty soon dear,the research for the facts I’m using in the next shot is taking hell lot of time,so only gave this OS to compensate the time I’m going to take for the next shot..Will write this kinda shots too..Glad to know you loved it..?Thank you for the suggestion dear,will include that in one of my next shots..?Love you too..??Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤?

  15. Sree_deeksha

    Jst awsome . I liked it soooooo muchhhh

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sree_deeksha..Thank you so much for liking the OS dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  16. amazing episode…….

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Subha..Thank you so much dear,glad to know you liked it..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  17. Suga

    Raneil wowwwwwwwwwww sweetie superbbbbbbbb one 🙂 loved that cute cute part 🙂 rads awesome 🙂 loved arjun part 🙂 totally awesome 🙂 🙂 🙂 loved it 🙂 love u 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Suga..Thank you so much for the lovely words and loving the OS dear..?Love you too…?Stay blessed and keep smiling..❤

  18. More than amazing Sweetie..Neil the love guru hehe and rads ideas bhagwaan bachaye.. 😀 sorry for a short comment dear..m in a hurry

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Pankh..Thank you so much for loving the OS dear..?Don’t worry about the short comment,I’m glad you loved the OS..?Haa yes Bhagawan hi bacha sakta hai Rads ko,?isliye Arjun ko bejh diya..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  19. Mandy

    heyyy! I finally made it here! 0.9, lol! honestly was laughing at that title! I just loved all the characters, esp Neil who was trying to advice Rads! lol!! Love your work! I like the way you are standing up for social causes!! Well done! Tell me when you write your next one!

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Mandy..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..?Will surely inform you after the next shot get posted..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  20. Pallavibaby

    Awesome mil!!!
    How do you manage to write so good yaar?
    Tell me your secret na…pls ?
    And shot 0.9? Very nice thinking huh..
    The chapter is so cute..?
    Loved Neil and rads bonding ?✌
    And rads ideas were…omg! Lol…sales girl?
    God! I was laughing like hell
    You know? I take out time to read your ff especially..of course even ffy
    I love it how you stand against the social evils…I will surely suggest an idea if I get anything to my mind
    Write to read them ???
    Love you lots dear

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Baby..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..?Seriously speaking I don’t know how I’m writing up these shots..It’s a mystery to me as well..Kuch din pehle tak I was to unable to form a coherent thought in my mind and now I started writing,?guess it’s all because of the books and FF’s I’m reading right now and also my childhood passion that is writing stories and painting..?
      Shot 0.9—This is inspired by the series I mentioned earlier in the first shot about Lisa Kleypas right,in that series prequel is written as 0.5,as the timeline to my shot is very near to the first shot I named it as 0.9.?
      Glad to know you liked Neil and Rads bond..Rads idea..LOL..?I don’t know how that idea popped up,but weird one right,so added it..?
      I know you have a tight schedule dear..Sha is busy right now with all festive celebrations,so she didn’t give FFY episode today..?Hey wait!!!Where is the update of your FF yaar??
      Sure!!Will be waiting for your suggestion my choti bahu..I’m afraid the next shot will take a week or more,only because of that I gave this shot..?Will try to update soon dear..Love you too baby..?❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  21. Jessie

    Glad 2 knw Rads has many shades… all curious.. yes.. u are so right of giving her tat black belt role n at ri8 age.. u too love horsee riding? happy..n civil service u too have many shades.. wish u shld soon get a. Opportunity 2 learn horse riding..??bear hugs.. Take care… love u loads…

    1. Sweetie

      Thanks yaar..Guess I’m imprinting some of my shades on Radhika’s character.. 😀 Love you too..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  22. Neha_priya

    Hii…. So sorry for being soo late…..

    Was not well… Burning with fever …. And I wanted to read it with clear mind….. But wow….. It’s so light hearted…. Especially rads and Neil convo….. A pure devar bhabhi bond…. Jovial at the same time respecting too…

    OK so arjun is a shy man…. Not bad… Beautifully written…. Happy eid…. Oops sorry belated one…. Write more on this…. Continue soon….. Would be great to read their meetings part…. What say….

    Lovely…. ? you…. Take care ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neha..Don’t be sorry yaar..How’s your fever now??Glad to know you loved Rads and Neil bond..☺Belated Happy Eid to you too..?Will give these kinds of shots when I’m unable to give you the next shot as planned dear..?Didn’t even start writing a single word for the next shot..?Will try to post soon..Love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

      1. Neha_priya

        Well I’m fine now… Little coughing u know…. Sardi bukhar and then khasi… My regular follower… ?
        Write soon…. Well u too keep smiling…. MIL ?

      2. Sweetie

        Will keep smiling badi bahu..Take care of your health.. 🙂

  23. Sha

    I’m realllyyyyyyyyyy badaaaaaaa walaaaaa sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy… I’m sooooo late.. Wat to do, festival at house. Just now checked my msgs..
    And abt the one shot..

    Awww.. My sweetie.. It was such a cute Shhot.. It was really awesome.. Lol, I actually like tat weird idea said by rads.. ? I too get so many weird ideas when I’m in tension. But not for the reason which rads have. ? just when teacher gives some work when I’m totally exhausted..

    Well it was really an light hearted one.. I thoroughly enjoyed..

    Lots of Love.. Sorry for the late comment.. Ouch silly me.. I forgot.. No chorry.. Lol..

    So, Infinite love.. Hehe. Howzzz it.. ?tc

    1. Sweetie

      Sha my cutiepie..There is absolutely no need to be sorry..I know about the festive celebrations and you being busy in them..So no worries.. 🙂

      Thank you for loving the OS yaar..?Yeah!! I think I’m influenced by your FF..But seriously speaking I too get those ideas when I have to escape from a work..Usko Rads ke character par istamaal kar diya..?

      Infinite love to you too..❤Take care and keep smiling because next shot gonna be a blast again..?

      1. Neha_priya

        Really blast…. Woo now I’m too excited… Can’t wait much….. Haha ? blasting is much more cool….. BOOM…. Rads character is totally amazing her ideas was really….. Umm words nahi aa rahe… But aisa lag raha tha…. Bas kuch bhi karke pata le… ? no actually pat jaye… Arjun

      2. Sweetie

        #Neha-Yeah!!Blast again..Started outlining the plot..Will start to write after some time.. 🙂
        Hehe..Radhika is kind of strong as well as vulnerable character in this series..She is strong in her business tactics..But vulnerable or you can say becomes soft when it turns to her relations..So when she heard about Arjun’s interest in her,she became crazy and started to give weird and crazy ideas..?

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