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Salaam everyone. How are you all?? I’m really sorry for this late update again. As usual I’ll blabber all the things that caused this late at the end of the shot. This is a light hearted one [I think so 😉 ]; it includes some basic issues too. This update actually has two shots: One is “Shot 0.5” and another one is “Shot 0.9-Redefined”… ‘Shot 0.5’ is the love story of NeSam and ‘Shot 0.9-Redefined’ is redefined version of Shot 0.9 which I’ve posted earlier. Shot 0.9-Redefined is a B’day gift to my sweety Soumya(Sammy). No bumpy rides ahead so you can relax and enjoy the ride [but expect some jerks] 😉 Please ignore typos and grammatical errors… Happy reading… 🙂
^^Shot 0.5 — Hum he raahi pyaar ke^^ [Don’t ask me why I named it so, ‘cause I don’t know too 😛 ] ——————————
A girl is travelling on a local train in London. She has been listening to the blabbering of a girl and a boy who are presumably girlfriend and boyfriend. The boy is abusing her so badly and one of the lines he used is…
You b*tch!!! How can you enjoy with Steve when I was out of town for just two days. Did you just stay at his place or did he f*ck you too??’
The girl [girlfriend] is just crying and trying her level best to explain her boyfriend that was not the thing which he was thinking, but her boyfriend doesn’t pay any heed to her words. The girl who is listening all this had had enough, stood up, snatched the pen from her co-passenger who is solving a crossword with headphones on and dragged the boyfriend to his feet. The boyfriend and co-passenger both were stunned for a moment. The girl in a dangerous tone warned the boyfriend…
If you don’t want this pen point in your eye and my knee make its landing on your blo*dy dick, you will say sorry to your girlfriend NOW.’
Wh…. Who…. are you?? What is it with you if I scold her or do anything to her??’ asked the boyfriend.
It doesn’t matter who am I and my motive but you’ll say sorry to her.’ Said the girl bringing the pen point close to his eyes.
The boyfriend is hell scared and also didn’t want to lose his eye said sorry to his girlfriend. The girl who was really pissed off with the girlfriend gave her a little piece of mind.
Girl!! I don’t know why you are tolerating this animal when he is clearing abusing you but you should know this you are very precious and shouldn’t tolerate anyone who abuses you.’
But he is my boyfriend and he loves me so much.’ Said the girlfriend.
If he loves you so much he wouldn’t have abused you. The abuse may not be physical, even emotional abuse should not be tolerated. You are giving away your worth to his hands which is not a good thing to do. When you love someone what do you expect, you only expect loyalty, trust and honesty * and do you think these three feelings are present in your relation?? Give it a thought and have a nice day.’

With this the girl left the train by handing over the pen and mumbling a thank you to her co-passenger as she reached her destination.
The girl and co-passenger are Samaira and Neil respectively.
This is their introduction in each other’s lives.
Next meeting of Neil and Sam is in the Vincent’s head office. Samrat came there with Sam to meet Marcus Vincent and Arjun. Neil joined his father and brother to office that day. When Samrat entered the office with Sam, Neil was shocked to see his ‘theeki mirchi’ there. [Neil nicknamed her that fateful day when he was travelling in local train because of some trouble in his car. He met many girls in his life but he didn’t know why this girl took such a place in his heart].
Sam who saw Neil thought “Where did I see him? I definitely saw him somewhere. But where??? God!! Isn’t he the same one from whom I took the pen that day? Marr gayi!! If he spills the beans in front of Papa, then I’m totally dead. I don’t want any lectures from papa on how to be a good girl and how to be a perfect bahu material. [Imagines the thing happening in her mind (Samrat to be Krishna and Sam to be Arjuna listening to Bhagavad Gita)]No!! He cannot do this to me; I’ve to talk to him and sort this out, but how??” Sam is biting off her nails thinking how to get rid of this situation. Sam is gesturing Neil to be quiet for some time but Neil being a naughty boy didn’t give a listen to her pleas and started a conversation with Samrat.
Samrat uncle!! Nice to meet you. How are you? And I think I’ve seen your daughter somewhere.’ Said Neil with a teasing smile on his face.
Hi Neil!! Nice to meet you too. Didn’t get any formal introduction before with you but it’s a pleasure meeting you. How can you meet my daughter somewhere? She just reached London like two days before. She’s been in India all this while and you didn’t visit India even once.’
Sam is about to faint there with all these things but our Cutie Neil handled the situation by sensing the tension written all over the face of Sam.
Oh!! I might have been mistaken then. Glad to meet you Samaira. [Forwards his hand]’
[Shaking his hand] Glad to meet you too Neil.’ Sam thanked Neil through her eyes and gestured him that she will give her explanations later.
She is here for her Master’s degree. And she’s in the same University that you are studying. She’s gonna stay in the hostel, so I came here to finalise all the details of her college.’ Said Samrat with a peaceful smile on his face that didn’t reach his eyes. He sensed something wrong in both Neil and Sam’s gestures and thought to talk to Sam after they reached the hotel.
Why will she stay in hostel when we all are here? I think Prerna will not have any problem with Sam staying with us. Samrat!! You can trust us; I assure you that we’ll take best care of Sam. She will take the place of our daughter rather than a guest.’ Said Marcus.
Neil is dancing Tango with Sam in his head. Now he just wants Samrat to agree to the proposal his father has put forward to Samrat.
Samrat is hesitating to give his answer as he knows that he cannot leave his daughter in someone else’s house. Even though he trusts Marcus Vincent, he cannot agree to this proposal because of his family traditions. What will his family think if they get to know his only daughter is staying with strangers in another country and that family has two sons already which is not a good thing to flaunt?

After many requests Samrat agreed to the proposal and now it’s finalised that Sam is going to live with Vincent’s.
After taking their leave from Vincent’s Samrat and Samaira headed to their hotel. After reaching the hotel Samrat started pouring his questions to Samaira like “Why you and Neil are gesturing each other?” ,”What’s going on between you both?”
Samaira tried her level best to explain that there is nothing like that between them both. They just met in the local train while she was touring London with her friend.
You should not bring down the respect we have in our society, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I didn’t want to turn down Marcus’s proposal because I just hold micro shares in his company. It takes him only minutes to throw me out of his company. So I accepted his proposal of you staying in their home.’ Said Samrat fuming.
Papa!! Please believe me. I’ll not do anything wrong to bring down your respect in our society. I love you papa and I cannot see any injustice happening to you.’ Said Sam in between her sobs.
You better remember these words till the end of your studies.’
Yes papa.’
Now go and take rest. We will have to leave to Vincent’s house tomorrow.’
Okay papa.’
Samrat and Sam went to their individual suites and took rest. Rest is far away from Sam as she drifted back to her childhood where she was taunted everyday for being born as a girl. How her mother and father are always fighting like cats and dogs and avoided her. If not her chacha she would have been dead by now. She escaped a major accident from a school bus coming in her way while she was walking aimlessly thinking about her family. Someone dragged her away from there. It’s none other than her chacha who came to check why she was taking hell lot of time to reach home from her bus stop which was just 10 minutes away. He asked her problems that day, of course he knew what her problems were but venting out the pain actually lessens the burden of our heart. Sam hesitated for a while but said all the things that were troubling her to her chacha. Her chacha gave an advice to her that day—“Sammy dear!!! Be bold and confident. Never show anyone that you are scared or you were facing some kind of problems in your life,* that will be a pro for the other candidate to bring you down. Remember this every time when you fall weak. Now come on cheer up, I can’t see my little girl crying like cry baby.”

That day Sam thought how she got so lucky to get a chacha like him in her life. After that she became close to her chacha as her parents were not in a position to take care of her. Even after his marriage, her chacha gave her the same importance in his life as he had for her earlier. Her paternal and maternal side relatives were always in the taunting mode. She didn’t give any importance to her relatives who were always on the verge of breaking down her self confidence, and she is not a kid any more. She knows how to handle the things but the only weak point she has is her parents. Even though her chacha is loving and caring her, she found a massive hole in her life due to the lack of her parents’ love. Years passed by but her parents were not in a position to love her. They always had time to give her lectures about how a girl should behave in society; how she shouldn’t answer back any questions some nasty people ask her etc. She became so sick of these lectures and decided to complete her Master’s degree in some foreign country, away from her parents. So she applied to Kingston University that provides all the facilities for her landscape architecture course. She opted for full time course (2 years) because her father was very eager to get her married to some wealthy businessman and she didn’t want to marry so soon. After many requests Samrat and Piyali(Sam’s mom) agreed for her studies in London. She had landed two days before in London and one of her childhood friends who was settled in London accompanied her to tour London leaving Samrat in the hotel as he is too tired to go on for a tour. That’s when Sam met Neil and other two people who were responsible for the entry of Neil in her life.
She had slept with all the thoughts in her mind. Next morning Samrat and Sam left to Vincent’s house. Prerna is a charming lady with a warm attitude; she took instant liking to Sam and gave her daughter’s position. After tying up all the loose ends and warning Sam to be in her limits, Samrat left to India.
Sam is treated as a Princess in Vincent’s house. Marcus is always pestering Prerna to take care of Sam. Prerna understood his concern towards Sam. Marcus always wanted a girl child, they were unable to make it, and so he is pampering Sam now. Sam is overwhelmed with all the love that’s being showered on her. She didn’t want to leave Vincent’s family and return to India. But she can’t do anything she should go back to India, marry a wealthy businessman, make babies with him and raise them like her parents did to her. Unknowingly Sam is falling for Neil. He rescued her from bullying in their University many times, even though she can handle all those who were trying to tease her, she felt protected whenever Neil saved her. One day she was talking to her friend about her marriage…

Yaar Sammy!! What are the qualities you want in your future husband?’ asked her friend.
I don’t have a list with me but I think that person would have got bored of waiting for me and got married to another girl.’ Said Sam with a teasing smile on her face. She knew that’s not the truth, one day or the other she has to marry a pot bellied businessman.
Neil who is passing by the same corridor heard this conservation. He went to the duo, kept his hand on Sam’s waist and said…
What if he didn’t?’
It took several minutes for Sam to analyze what Neil has spoken. God!! This can’t be true. Neil can’t love her. This is so freaking awesome and awkward too. What if her father gets to know all of this? What will he do? Moreover how will Neil cope up with a broken girl like her? He has a perfect life, perfect family. She just couldn’t walk into his life and spoil it.
So she did the thing which she thought better for that time, ran from there leaving behind bewildered Neil.
Neil is unable to understand what got into his Theeki mirchi. He knows she likes him, but trying to be distant from all her feelings. He thought to bring out her feelings in a dramatic manner by planning a fake accident drama. That idea became filmy and so he dropped the idea. He thought to speak to her directly but first he has to talk with his brother Arjun. Only he can bring him out from this trouble of Sam’s aloofness.
Arjun who listened to all that Neil wants to say to him and popped up a brilliant idea. The idea is to make an announcement of Neil’s love during dinner that night. And that sounded like a better idea for Neil too. After all Sebastian Vincent is best in all senses.
When Neil announced about his love during dinner Marcus and Prerna were in seventh heaven. But listening to this Sam’s face became pale. She thought “Is he talking about me or some other girl? If he’s talking about some other girl, then what was that he spoke a few days earlier in the college? That means he is teasing me all this while. Neil Vincent!! You made a fool out of me.” And she left the dining table as quickly as possible.
Marcus and Prerna didn’t understand what is it with Sam but the devil brothers Neil and Arjun knew what it is with Samaira. Now Arjun was damn sure that Sam also loves Neil and decided to make them ONE. So he gave Neil an age old funda that is jealousy. He knew girls are super possessive about their boyfriends and made Neil agree on this matter. The next day Neil tried to flirt with a girl but it backfired. The girl who is super interested in Neil took this flirting as cue and tried to kiss him in front of Sam. Sam, who is hell angry now, caught the girl by her hair and warned her not to show her blo*dy face again. Neil is again dancing Tango in his mind [this is never ending scene in his mind, whenever he is away from Sam the only thing he does is to think of different Tango moves with his Theeki mirchi]. Sam after warning the girl turned to Neil and slapped him hard.
How dare you to think about another girl?’ asked Sam fuming.
Why? You aren’t interested in me, that’s why you ran away from me that day and now why are trying to claim me?’
Because YOU ARE MINE and no other girl will touch you. I’ll brand you as mine right now.’ Saying this Sam kissed Neil in front of everyone.
Some gasped at this scene, some were happy and some didn’t give a damn.
Neil is so happy and sad at the same time. She loves him but doesn’t trust him enough to share her problems.
Sammy!! Honey!! Do you trust me?’
More than myself.’

What is it that troubled you all this while and you were unable to accept your feelings until I created this drama?’ asked Neil and mentally face palmed himself for blurting out the truth.
What do you mean by drama? That means she is just acting. You made a fool of me Neil.’
It’s not like that honey, the girl is real and my flirting is real. Arjun bhai gave me this idea of making you jealous and so I tried it. But it backfired. Kya kare?’ finished Neil with a dramatic sigh.
Now it’s time for Neil to get his share of beatings from Sam and he got them too. Neil didn’t expect this from Sam and tried to dodge her every punch but all in vain.
After all the punching and cursing session Neil took Sam close to his heart and asked her problem. Sam told him how her family is ashamed of her being born as a girl. How she escaped her father’s clutches and landed in London for her studies. Neil felt a pang of pain for his girl. He decided to talk with his family about this matter. As decided Neil discussed about Sam’s matter with Marcus, Prerna and Arjun. Marcus assured Neil that he will talk to Samrat about this matter and so he did. Samrat, who is not in a position to turn down the proposal of Marcus Vincent, agreed to Sam and Neil’s relation.
After all this, Arjun was in the queue to get beatings from Sam. Sam didn’t punch him but hugged him tight. Neil made a drama again about how he got his beatings for implementing a plan by the master mind and master mind himself got a tight hug from her.
Because she is my darling sister.’ Said Arjun.
Honey!! This is not done. You have to beat Bhai too.’ Neil
Oohooo!!! Honey and all!! Not bad Neil. Nice going.’ Teased Arjun. {Now you people would have understood why Neil teased Arjun so much when he met Radhika face-to-face.}
I’ll not beat Bhai because he’s the reason we both are standing here as a couple Neil.’ Sam
Alright then… What can I even do? Lage raho with your bhai-behen bond. I’m going to take a long shower.’ Neil
Don’t you want Sammy to accompany you?’ teased Arjun.
Listening to this both Neil and Sam turned crimson and ran from there. Arjun laughed his heart out seeing his brother and sister (SIL) running in different directions.
Next few months flew by happily until Marcus turned really ill. His deteriorating health condition pushed all the family into a void. Arjun looked after the business single headedly. Neil is in his final semester so he was unable to help his brother. Sam took care of Prerna. And one day Marcus took his last breath pushing all his family to a permanent void.
Sam was unable to understand what she can do; so she contacted her chachu to give her an idea about how to cope up with this situation. He told her to talk with Dr. Simon Hunt, who is family doctor of Vincent’s. She did the same and he told her to take Prerna away from London for a while, as Prerna has many memories of Marcus in London she is unable to get herself together.
Sam discussed this with Neil and Arjun. They agreed readily as they didn’t want to lose their mom too. So there started their journey to India.
Here we come to the end of Shot 0.5… Next shot starts from where shot 0.5 got its end…
Sammy dear—- Now scroll down and open your B’day gift… I’ll talk to you at the end of the shot…
^^Shot 0.9- Redefined— Jab we met. ^^
Vincent’s and Sam reached India after the final exams of both Neil and Sam. Sam went to her parents’ house as she wants to meet her chachu.
˃>>Arjun(POV)<<>>Radhika(POV)<<>>Arjun(POV)<<>>Radhika(POV)<<>>Arjun(POV)<<>>Radhika(POV)<<>>Arjun(POV)<<>>Radhika(POV)<<>>Arjun and Radhika [Ardhika’s] (POV) <<<
And you guys know HOW WE HAPPENED…. 🙂 😀
Sammy— I hope you liked your B’day gift… Sorry yaar, I thought to post it as earlier as possible but some issues caught up my mind and I was unable to concentrate on writing the shot.
Footnotes and References:
*I think emotional abuse by the partners is the first crack in a relationship. People should have equal importance in a relation, why do boys think that girls should be given less importance?? I’ve included this issue because of some incidents from my college days (B.Tech life). But it’s the other way round. Girls used to emotionally abuse their partners and the boys gave them looks like “It is your time baby. When I get mine you are going to be so dead.” This issue is inspired from the stories of two of my idols: Mr. Nick Vujicic and Ms. Lizzie Velasquez… These two people are one of the main reasons of what I am today. I used to have a positive attitude earlier too but after watching these two people’s videos my personality got a 180 degree change over.
*” When you love someone what do you expect, you only expect loyalty, trust and honesty”—this line credit goes to Gianna. I liked this line so much from Gianna’s FF, I thought to use it in any of my shots. Thank you so much Gianna dear for giving me permission to use your line in my shot. Hope I used it properly?
*As you all know I like my girls to be feisty and tough, Samaira is no exception. I thought to make her character strong too but didn’t get any plot for NeSam’s love story earlier. This plot got its source from the chats I had with two of my beautiful friends ‘Jessie’ and ‘Neha_Priya’. Some outlines of NeSam’s story were suggested by my younger sister Madhu. Thank you so much girls for sharing your views with me and helping me in developing this plot.
*” Be bold and confident. Never show anyone that you are scared or you were facing some kind of problems in your life”—This line credit goes to Jessie’s father. She shared this line with me in one of our chats. Jessie dear, please convey my thanks to uncle…
*My craziness for Lisa Kleypas’s books doesn’t leave me. Simon Hunt [family doctor] is another character in one of her novels (Wallflowers series second book). 😀
Okay now my explanations for posting the shot late are firstly I’m super lazy girl. Next I’ve this bad habit of reading novels when I’m writing my stories. If I find any interesting topic in that, I just stop writing altogether and engross myself in that novel. 🙁 Most important thing that caught up my mind is a function in one of my relatives’ house. People are trying to give me advice not to study law. When I asked the reason they were saying that I will not get a nice groom if I study law. Like really!!Why should I give up my dreams for some man who didn’t even enter into my life? And why will I give the driver seat of my life to him and take the passenger seat myself?? I’m mature enough to take my own decisions for god’s sake. Oh God!! I had a horrible debate with all my relatives… When I come across such situations I reach my home as quickly as possible and watch Mr. Varun Agarwal (Author of ‘How I braved Anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company’); Ms. Emilie Wapnick’s videos and calm my racing heart & mind. Sorry for blabbering so much but just wanted to ask your opinion about the advice that was given to me by my relatives. Don’t you think we alone should be driving forces of our lives?s Hilarious thing was the people who advised me not to study law are the same people who are giving their own children the freedom to take up any course that their children were interested in. When their children (obviously boys) can get their freedom why can’t I get that freedom too? Is it just because I’m a girl? Finally I gave up the idea of making them understand my point and told them not to interfere in my matters because my parents are very happy with all my decisions. That sounded very rude but can’t help it as I was unable to take that shit anymore… 🙁
The following are the links to the previous shots:
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And one more thing please don’t say sorry to me when you were unable to leave a comment on any of my shots. I can totally understand why you were late to comment or unable to comment. So take a chill pill and relax.
Aastha— You asked me about books right. I’ve replied to your comment in the previous shot. I recently finished reading a book named “The Princess Bride” written by William Goldman. It’s a pretty good book.
I think you people experienced a jerk at the starting of the ride itself, kya karu? Ride ko starting problem hai naa, isliye… 😉 Next shot will be late too as I have some travel commitments in the following week and individual replies will take time too as my wifi is giving me a tough time.
From next shot, we’ll move on to the present heirs of Vincent clan that is Dia and Karan (Ardhika’s children); Karthik and Divya (NeSam’s children). Let’s see how the issues in these people’s lives have an effect on Ardhika and NeSam. I’ve planned this from a very long time. Do you want me to write on the children or stop it here and start afresh? Personally I think as we all are connected to the characters now; it will be good if we move forward in this way. Rest depends on your opinion. Let me know your suggestions about this matter.
Hope you guys enjoyed this shot or should I say shots. Do let me know how you like them from the comments section below. Waiting for your reviews. 🙂 Till then it’s a bye my beautiful lovely girls. 😀

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        I have some similar concept like dark against corruption in my mind but have to hold it for now…u know I have already two ff which I discontinued a…ok my blabber enough..hope i didn’t bore

      3. Sweetie

        #Sreee—Hi cutie!!oh wow!!Lovely kingdom we have here..I just love everyone of you..?Haa yaar,even I wished the same..When I got to know about Aham’s new show from one of the FB pages,I was on seventh heaven and when I got to know that it is Ekta Kapoor’s serial,mere khushi ki tho band baj gayi.. 🙁 ?Yaar,we should expect every weird thing on Ekta’s serial..Whenever they are dragging Aham’s scene,open hotstar and watch our MMZ serial..Problem solved..?All my sisters here on this page are full time blabberers,I got a you too cutie..?good night.. 🙂

      4. S.v

        Dont leave me when it comes to ardhika so lets catch up the jet and travel to the wonderful island where ardhika is always for us. He he he i know we all are of same type…….

      5. Sweetie

        #Rosie–Really you are a punyatma..Wah!!Kya dialogue hai yaar..Snake,tiger,lion,bird..LOL..I’m ROFL now..That’s the truth..I think they didn’t leave any animal in the serials..Recently I read somewhere that they used housefly too..God!!This is the starting of another era of using houseflies as heroines and heroes of the stories..After reading that news,main tho marr gayi..
        I’m feisty in the same sense,I usually don’t go for violence until it demands(I didn’t get a chance for punching till now,will see in future.. 😉 ) I keep my face as neutral as possible when I’m in a problem,my friends used to think I’m not afraid of anything(especially when we were going to our HOD for some important matter)..Haha.. 😀
        Yaar,first finish “reincarnations” dear,I just love that one..Not that I don’t like the other one,this is my most fav.. 😀
        I don’t feel bored when my friends are sharing something to me,don’t think like that and you can share everything that’s in your heart with me.. 🙂 Love you loads..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

      6. Sweetie

        #SV–Jaan!!How can you think we’ll leave you here..You are my jaan naa..Chalo chalo sab log,we are going to take the jet and fly to Ardhika’s land..Ushhh…Now we all are on Ardhika’s land..Hehe.. 😀

  11. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Kavina..Thank you so much dear for the lovely comment.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  12. Neha_priya

    Hey MIL this was really light hearted…. Regarding the jerk in starting well it didn’t seemed such.. Bcoz when you see around you’ll find it happening in next corner… Any partner bullying other… And these happen when the relationship lacks trust and loyalty… Unlike you I got the best definition of love from San’s character…. And the family in which Sam is born… My dad’s family has the same thinking… They weren’t happy with my birth as a girl child but my mom’s family they’re delighted… But yeah now the things have changed I don’t know thinking changed or not bcoz I don’t live with them n my father well he has too much restrictions n sometimes he says of being the elder child as son… I don’t say anything now but will prove myself in future and then will ask him isn’t he proud of his girl child now…. I like Sam’s character I liked this feisty nature n frankly speaking I don’t like this bf gf drama… I do have boys as friends or u can say best friends more supporting than girls… Vincent family is something a girl always wish to have one…. Arjun is also sweet person….

    N regarding ur relatives… U did something which I wouldn’t have done i.e. answering relatives regarding my choices I’ve my parents for this… Yeah I’ll take their words as to know something regarding the profession but only positivity otherwise I’m too much to ignore it… U gave up at last making them understand and glad you’re not going to dig out ur dream for some anjan… I’ve already told you abt my di and that’s the decision every girl should make… No one.. No man has rights to make us dance on their tunes… Will they give up on their dreams for us… No… Well I don’t wish for it too rather want someone who gives me liberty to fulfill my dreams and I’ll give him a promise to standby him always….

    N I’m glad to know that there’s some contribution of our chats to this shot… I would like u to proceed with the current shots only but their children.. Umm I don’t wish to go that far rather show their journey in professional world too…. With the blessing of family….. Laziness ahh I’m more than you…. And late latif too… ?

    Love you sweetie do write more and never give up on ur dreams bcoz when when u do ur only left with afsos….. But this thinking of getting their daughter married to some wealthy person after completing graduation… It’s in almost every present home… Nothing to say on this bcoz I think it’s too impossible to alter….
    Good night saasu mom… Rahul papa ke sapne dekhna

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neha..Thank you so much for that lovely comment yaar,I read it last night itself but was sleepy so thought to reply now..Even I don’t like this possessive GF-BF drama,that’s why I don’t have a BF till now.. 😉 Keep up the good spirits and show your paternal family what you can you achieve being born as a girl.. 😀
      About answering the relatives,I usually keep my cool dear..I just don’t give a damn about what others are thinking,I take people’s advise if it is constructive..But these relatives’ of mine are badmouthing my career and stamped it as waste of time and linked it to my marriage which is my least concern now..That’s it,I snapped out from my cool avatar to my feisty self..Well well I too want my man to take me as the person I am but not like the person he wishes..Let’s see what’s in my fate.. 🙂
      Thank you so much for the suggestion dear,but the next shot has already took its outline in my mind,and this shot is linked to the previous one,so you will have to bear with me till next shot..After that I’ll take your suggestion for sure..Late latif!!LOL..Me too same,my college bus driver used to halt the bus everyday for 5 more minutes just for me..All the other fellows used to think me as a crazy girl and my driver to be over possessive father.. 😛
      Love you too dear..?Will never give up on my dreams..I don’t want any regrets in my life,for that I’ll have to live my life on my own terms..And that’s the upbringing I got from my parents too,they don’t buy any explanations from anyone(about marriage)when I already took my decision..?
      Good morning badi bahu..Rahul ki sapne dekhkar hi jaagi hoon.. 😉

      1. Jessie

        Ah.. relatives !! Yaar Manasa.. u too facing same prob.. tell come our career gets linked with marriage..they prefer if we work some where else if we take something new., where we could just develop ourselves they link it with marriage.. I dont know why ppl believe any1 girl who does or prefer business will be arrogant n full of ego n blah blah… I wud just laugh when they say so.. I wish u to get a man who wud respect u n understand u like every wish of urs gets fulfilled b4 u say.. just b4 reading this ff I listened to a ear bleeding lecture of how to be a good .. when I saw d word relatives..cudnt1 control myself.. Manasa.. u dont want us 2 say sry so.. ???2 n neha for I jumped inbtwn.take care dearies.. lets pack.these sort of ppl 2 other planet??

      2. Sweetie

        Hi Jessie..yaar,me too fed up with relatives’ taunts and tantrums everyday..I don’t know why they think girls should always be given lower position when compared to boys..You know I read in TOI Sunday edition some few months before,a lady of 50 years got divorce from her husband because he has changed himself so much that she got irritated and left him..What!!Do you people want us to do the same after some few years??If I say any of these matters to my relatives they say don’t look at negative side,look for positives..LOL..That’s the lamest reason ever..Life is a combination of both positives and negatives,how can one not see negatives!!
        Will see how I make my destiny and what my fate has in its store for me and thanks for those lovely wishes..?Don’t worry for jumping in between because we don’t mind anything and we have some crazy chats on other page,if you see them you will be fainted for sure.. 😉 And thanks for the chocolates,I’m going to take all the three..Neha bahu,no chocolates for you.. 😉
        Sure will pack them and send them to another planet.. 😀

      3. Neha_priya

        Ahh Jessie not a problem dear…. N I too don’t like this fact of always introducing the marriage matter and then giving their long live lectures…. Seriously guys plzz get a think…. Now the most important thing is being independent and to earn a living…. Like seriously will they come when our marriage will not work out or will they come when the in laws or anyone will taunt or criticise us of living on their earnings…. No…. I don’t hate restrictions…. They’re necessary but they shouldn’t be such to make us suffocate…. N regarding ur shot sweetie I just gave my opinion ur most welcome to write ur wish… I’ll surely love that… I love Vincent family a lot everyone no less to one….
        Yup I too take only those words which can help me relate to my dreams… N law… I can’t believe anyone will have a second thought on this profession… My sister is doing that only… I never thought than anyone can say don’t take such profession otherwise you’ll face problems in ur marriage…. Uff… Why??? Oh I got it they’ll be afraid na ki kahi unke khilaf legal action na le le…. Relatives I so not entertain this name… Always ready to judge and interfere but when needed their support or understand will become mere spectators……..

        Ahh haan ??Rahul papa ke sapne dekhe… Kya kya dekha…. Batao [email protected][email protected]

  13. Bhavika

    oh GOD dii how R u sooo gud at writing u explained each nd everything nicely It was a perfect one

    and for that boy if i was on the place of his gf then i wd just kick his a*s and lay him down…give him five or ten karate chops and poke that pen in both of his eyes and pull his hairs out and make him groan out with paaaaiiiin

    but what to do in india it happens everynext moment in the whole world i think
    im pretty sure it is happening even on this moment

    Nd dii sorry that u hv to tell me again and again personally 🙂

    keep up the good work i m not that much big but God will surely give u lots of blessings 🙂

  14. Bhavika

    oh GOD dii how R u sooo gud at writing u explained each nd everything nicely It was a perfect one

    and for that boy if i was on the place of his gf then i wd just kick his a*s and lay him down…give him five or ten karate chops and poke that pen in both of his eyes and pull his hairs out and make him groan out with paaaaiiiin

    but what to do in india it happens everynext moment in the whole world i think
    im pretty sure it is happening even on this moment

    Nd dii sorry that u hv to tell me again and again personally 🙂

    keep up the good work i m not that much big but God will surely give u lots of blessings 🙂


    1. Sweetie

      Hi Bhavika sweety..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?I laughed my heart out by reading your comment yaar..If girls in our world are that strong to give mooh tod jawab to boys who abuse them,then no boy will dare to abuse any girl ever..
      Don’t worry about informing personally..I just loved your comment sweety..You are my chotu sa sister naa,God will definitely bless me because of your wishes.. 😀
      Lots and lots of love..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  15. Jessie

    What a opening scene yaar.. Manasa…I just loved it.. one pen is enough ! Mindblowing.. I laughed heartily..loved d feisty nature..Nesam s superb.. the story is so real.. usually tats how they look for grooms..a wealthy one.!huh.. Arjun helping n Neil n his
    I love Ardhika.. yaar.. I know u wud laugh if I say something.. I found sam’s chachu advise familiar…nw don’t kill me.. I never thought my dad’s words wud be published in a article.. God..! I had tears reading u mentioned it.. He is No more.. hope tats y am stuck 2 it.. it changed my character entirely.. Thanks n I dint expect this..
    Why often Girls boldness is tagged as arrogance.. haa.. I have tat I will accept bad criticism on me as a compliment..hw abt u..?
    I love anything on Ardhika.. loved sam’s character here..thanks 2 ur sis.. hugs n loads of love Manasa..Have a happy n safe journey.. and Thanks dear..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..Yaa!!Ek pen hi kaafi hai..LOL..Glad to know you laughed heartily while reading that..Even I enjoyed writing that.. 😀
      Sorry dear for your loss.. 🙁 Actually when I read those lines in the previous shot,I thought to use them in one of my shots,so I just used them here..Uncle!!Wherever you are,see I’ve got a great friend only because of you,thank you so much for gifting me a friend like ‘Jessie’ and I’ll be forever grateful to you for such lovely friend..Now smile meri behna!! ?I can’t see tears in my sister’s eyes.. 😀 No thanks and no sorry in my kingdom..Thanks waapas le lo.. 😀
      Yaa!!Even I’ve that crown dear..Obviously I take negative comment as compliment because we get those comments only when people are jealous with us,what more fun do we want other than making people jealous,no? 😉
      Thank you so much dear for the wishes and yaa I’ll convey your thanks to my sis..She is the first criticizer for my stories.. 😉 Love you loads..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  16. Thank u Sweetie for this, with every update am loving u more n more. My parents have 4 girls and they never showed us in any way that we are less than any boy and its bcoz of them that we are four strong women who don’t take crap from anyone but I have come across girls who went through what Sam went through in ur story and they are not even Indian, even today in developed countries like USA women still fight for equal rights. Even my sis faced the same problem in her work place, same position same work but men are paid more than women. I think now I have gone off topic, so I will stop my blabbering and leave u to have a happy Sunday. It was an amazing update, loved it very much n love u more ????

    1. Sweetie

      Gianna dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words..?Problems are same everywhere in any part of the world..Girls should face so much before getting their rights.. 🙁 I know the partiality they show in work place,see for example how many women CEO’s we have in companies?Very few right..That’s it,that’s the main reason of this OS..You are not blabbering dear,you made my sunday.. 🙂 🙂 love you too..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  17. Hello Sweetie Di..OS is Marvelous and interesting…. enjoyed to the core…. Nesam’s first meet funny…oh!!! Neil’s theeki Mirchi…☺☺☺ Arjun Neil planning… What what ideas he gave flirting,jealousy. .oh my god!!!…. But what happens to him in front of Radhika…. I enjoyed full OS very much.
    Actually the way you say at the end… That’s how we happened…. I love it very much…. 🙂 🙂

    Di it’s first time someone gave me a nickname and about that are enough..and would go through them … Thank you very much and am also fond of Sherlock Holmes books.
    Di .. about your studying as what your heart says because we know of our capabilities and we cannot fulfill everyone ‘s say…..there always been discrimination but we have to stand on our feet shut their mouths…..I have so much anger towards such people..feel like murdering..
    Di I may not turn to TU for aren’t leaving it was for your law studies…Di be in contact…I love talking to you…
    Bye love you…take care..:)???

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Aastha,my sweety!!Thank you so much for those lovely words dear..?Oh!!Arjun is tiger only in front of Neil,Sam and his office members..Radhika ke saamne tho woh bheegi billi hai..?Just kidding..Glad to know you loved the OS dear..?

      Oh wow!! Thank you so much for saying that line yaar,yaa I love it too..You know I got this idea while I was going to sleep,can you believe that?Please don’t laugh,ok???

      Thank you sweety for those positive words,will definitely do as my heart says..☺

      Hifi for Sherlock Holmes dear..Glad to know I helped you in the books matter..No one can control my tongue when it comes to books or novels..Hehe..I’m such a book freak..?

      No!! I think I cannot break my relation with TU or this family,so will show my face every now and then..And I have so many issues to cover and so many stories to write,how can I leave you all without torturing with my stories!! Haha..?Me too love talking to you dear..Will surely be in contact..Bye..Love you too..TC..?

  18. DassPriya

    Hey Sweetie! Amazing! Girl, you write so well! And most importantly, you handle certain serious issues in such an amazing manner! I really love you os! Thank you so much for introducing me to them!
    And yes, don’t get bothered about what people say! What matters the most is what your heart says! You know, when I was at school, I chose commerce. Not because I was interested in that field, but because I neither wanted to go for science, nor arts! And when I chose commerce, everybody wanted that I should go for CA! And here, I wanted to be an RJ, or a journalist, or an English professor. Though I ultimately chose English as my graduation course, still, my relatives are like, kitna easy subject hai ye toh! They used to ask my parents that how could they let me choose such an irrelevant subject. To worsen it all, my elder sister is a physics honours graduate. So, of course, my subject was ‘irrelevent’. It’s only me and others who pursue English know what an ‘eaay’ subject this is! Nevertheless, I never paid heed to what they said! Infact, what they say even now! So, even listening to them is pointless, because, kuch toh log kahenge.. Logon ka kaam hai kehnaa! I’m glad you’re listening to your heart!
    Anyway, waiting for the next one! Smile forever dear and stay happy! ?❤

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Dasspriya..Thank you so much for all those lovely words dear..?Glad to know you loved the OS.. 😀
      How come people judged English to be an ‘easy’ subject!! If it was an easy subject then we would get all the people learning English as toppers,no?I too wanted to do Masters in English,but band baj gayi thab tho,you know same criticism then too..Why will you do Masters in English??How much salary you will get if you join as English lecturer in any college–These were the tantrums..I was so afraid of people then,I used to think “what will people think about me if I didn’t do as per their instructions?”But the scenario is entirely different now,because if I listen to everyone then I cannot become anything..So stopped listening to people and started building my career on my terms..Glad to know you listened to your heart too dear.. 🙂
      Will surely post next one as soon as I can.. 🙂 Love you..?Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

  19. Hi Manasa ? dear the OS is stupendous always…sweet, cute , magnificent adorable, outstanding…I really loved ur start when Sam thrashed that boy…seriously it was superb…I really want to punch those girls who tolerate the harassment and abuses of their partner…they should take a stand for themselves..but again the reality is they are scared to do so due increasing crimes like acid attacks and all..I loved ur every shot dear coz everytime u highlight some really bitter serious issues..and it also shows that how much crimes have reached to peak in our society..If we will sit down to mark them then I think we will do a PHD… But again its a truth that still these crimes goes increasing and increasing… Girl child ..aah I seriously don’t know what’s the problem wid our society…Girls have reached in space and moon yet these narrow minded people are stucked up wid the same issue…Manasa dear keep writing always and it will be our pleasure to read ur stories..about the next shot dear I want u to continue this..but I have a request..plz don’t mind dear but can u plz give the names of ArDhika or NeSam kids as Aham Monica Kashmira or Shravan..coz this way we will feel that we are on ArDhika’s land also and will enjoy the shot too…its jst my suggestion dear…u r totally free to come up wid ur ideas… ? and ArDhika’s shot I will comment there tomorrow coz right now my eyes are paining a lot…love and a tight hug for this one.. ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much dear for all those lovely words..?Glad to know you loved the shot..
      Yaa,girls are afraid of the attacks that happen to them if they rebel against boys who abuse them..Acid attacks,nude videos and many more..People invented technology for a purpose and these loon heads are using it for another..Ughh..Just want to kill all of them..PhD will be less dear,we will have to introduce a higher form of education if we sit down to count all the issues..
      Your request will be fulfilled in the next shot..Lets see how I’m going to torture the kids.. 😛 Lots of love..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  20. Sha

    hey sweetie.. just now came on tu .. i read ur both one shots… it was fantastic and awesome.. no words to describe how im feeling now. . well abt last one shoti felt bad for sankus character but kya kare after all its fiction,kuch bhi chalta.. but it was superb as always.. and abt this shot,it was splendid. .
    actually im busy nowadays,tats why im coming rarely on tu.. waise how are u??
    lots of love.. take care..❤

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Cutiepie!!How are you??Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Sanku’s character is my fav too,but kya karu mere bache ko aisa villian hi nahin chod sakti naa,isliye usko punching bag banna pada.. 😛
      I’m fine dear..Thanks for asking.. 🙂
      Lots of love to you too..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  21. outstanding episode…….

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Subha..Thank you so much dear for the lovely comment.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  22. Haaye re maar daala!!! Mere Neil kitna cute hai. Mujhe ye waala Neil chahiye. Don’t think naughty stuff, I just want him as a friend, a best friend, Sam can keep him as her husband;)

    Seriously parents should never discriminate between girl child and a boy child. They should throw the orthodox notions out of the window and support their children, however they maybe because aaj kal ladkiyan kisise kam nahin he!!! Proud to be a feminist:) and even more proud of my golu-molu puchku Maa and Bapa. They support me so much!!! Also I’m a single child too:( No bhai behen, only loads of cousins to eat my brain. But I found so many sissos here:) My life is blissful now!!!

    Di, about your relatives. They do have a role too, after all without their free ka gyan, duniya aage kaise badhegi. Sorry if you feel bad but actually this happens a lot in every household. They would just keep blabbering nonsense about everyone but then they would be doing the same thing in their house! Just ignore them and follow your heart! I’m sure you’ll be the best lawyer, criminals ke toh chake chut jayenge:) And agar ladke ko aana hoga toh woh khud bhaag kar ayega apke pass kyunki~ “Kehthe hein agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho, saari kaynaat tumhe usse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai!”;)

    Lots of love and koala bear hugs!

    1. Sweetie

      Heya Nupur!!Even if you want Neil as your BF,Sam is not gonna leave him dear,you saw what she did to that girl.. 😉 Hehe..Neil jaisa friend hai mere paas,so got inspiration from his character,even he gets all the things he want by creating lots of drama.. 😀
      Agree with you on girl child..Golu-molu puchku!! Dear!!Seriously I smile like a gone girl while I’m reading your comment.. 😀
      About relatives,I felt bad that day not now,because I found out that they talked all that just because they were jealous that I’m doing Law and their boys are going to study engineering..LOL..I pity those boys now,they should listen ear bleeding lectures from their parents.. 😉 Oh!!Thanks behna for that support..OMG!!Meri chotu SRK..Lovely..Hehe..Tumhari jiju ke baare mein baad mein sochenge,now I’m off to read your FF.. 😀
      Love you loads..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  23. Mind blowing shot….loved it very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. ….awesoooooome n outstanding. ..keep it up honeyyy love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡ 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma Di..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Love you too..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

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