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Hola everyone.This is my first ever fan fiction story..Hope you like it.Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors. Happy reading.. 😀

A young lady of 23-24 years is running in a hotel lobby in search of someone and lands up in the entrance of the hotel. At the same time, a BMW stopped in front of her and two handsome hunks along with two ladies one of 50 years and another of 24-25 years come out of the car. The young lady is still searching for someone or rather something. The old lady comes to the girl and starts a conversation.
Hi Ma’am.’
Don’t call me Ma’am. Call me aunty.’
Ok aunty. How can I help you??’
Beta, we need to find our rooms but the person who was supposed to receive us didn’t show up yet. So can you help us?’
Yes, of course aunty.’
Thanks beta. By the way who are you?’
Well aunty! I’m Radhika and am bride’s friend. I’ve the list of guests and their room numbers. So I think I can help you out.’
Thank you so much beta.’
No problem aunty.’
Meanwhile the younger son of the lady joins their conversation. The lady introduces him to Radhika.
Radhika, this is Neil, my younger son. And Neil this is Radhika.’

Hi Neil.’ Radhika said.
Hi Radhika.’
By the way aunty I didn’t get your name.’
Oh ya!! I totally forgot. I’m Prerna Vincent.’
OMG!! You are Prerna Vincent, MD of Vincent group of industries. Pleasure to meet you Ma’am.’
Pleasure is all mine beta, but what is this, back to square one, why are you calling me Ma’am again. Call me aunty.’
Prerna Vincent, MD of Vincent Groups, a widow, an Indian born but married a British guy named Marcus Vincent during her Uni days.
This whole conversation is going on while they were walking towards the room allocated to Vincent’s. They finally reach their room.
There you go aunty, your room. And Neil, the adjacent room is yours.’ Radhika said.
Thank you Radhika, it’s a pleasure meeting you.’ Neil
Same here Neil.’
Neil receives a call and so he go to other side of the aisle leaving Prerna and Radhika.
Radhika beta, why don’t you come inside and grab a cup of coffee with me.’ Prerna.
Huh! No aunty.. Actually I’m fine; I think I need to go. I’ve some work.’ Radhika said in a hurry.
Don’t worry. I won’t take much of your time. It’s just a cup of coffee. Think this as a treat from me.’
O..Okay aunty.’
After disconnecting the call, Neil also joined the duo for the coffee. While they were having coffee someone rings the bell. Radhika goes and answers the door. There stands a man who is 6 ft tall, chiselled body and a Greek god reincarnation. He is mesmerised by seeing our Radhika.
Yes sir?’
Um.. Ah.. Isn’t this Prerna Vincent’s room.’
Yes it is.’
Then who are you.’ The man asked her by narrowing his eyes.
I’m their guest. By the way who are you?’

Sebastian Vincent, Prerna Vincent’s elder son.’
Although Sebastian Vincent is well known name in business world nobody ever knows how he looks like as he keeps very low profile.
Oh sorry Sir. Please come in.’
Thank you.’
When he is entering, the same girl of age 24-25 years also enters the room calling him ‘Bhai’.
Choti, where were you?’
Ha busy with a phone call, but where is my jaanu?’
I’m here honey.’ Neil said.
The girl hugged Neil, entered the room with both the brothers and was surprised to see a girl in the room.
Who’s she?’ Asked choti.

Well she’s Radhika, she is the one who helped us to find our rooms over here.’ Neil said.
Oh! Thank you so much Radhika. (forwarding her hand) Samaira Khanna.’
My pleasure dear. (shakes Samaira’s hand) Radhika Mishra.’
All the time Sebastian is adoring Radhika. Neil brought Sebastian to earth by clearing his throat.
Bhai! This is Radhika and Radhika he is my elder brother Sebastian.’
Hello sir! Pleasure to meet you.’
Pleasure is all mine and please don’t call me sir, that kinda makes me feel old. Call me Sebastian.’
Neil is trying not to laugh hard by seeing his elder brother’s antics and jumped in the conversation by quirking up an eyebrow.
Ok, as of now introductions are over, why don’t we resume our coffee.’
Sebastian and Radhika as a union said “Sure!!”
Samaira while hugging Prerna said “ Yeah! Much needed.”
Ok Radhika what do you do??’ asked Samaira while relishing her coffee.
Well! I own an IT company named ‘Exito’.’ Said Radhika.
Oh!! Isn’t that the same company that generated highest profit margin in this quarter?’
Radhika with a broad smile on her face nodded her head in approval.
That’s great. What does ‘Exito’ mean?’
It’s a Spanish word for Success. ‘
After some time Radhika turned to Neil and asked him how he is enjoying India. He said he is enjoying very much and also he got to see some beautiful and magnificent places.
This is first ever tripping of Neil and Sebastian to India. They were settled in London looking after Vincent groups but the death of their lovable father pushed the whole family into a black hole. The person who suffered the most was Prerna. So on the advice of their family doctor they have shifted to India 6 months back and took over the Indian branch of Vincent groups into their hands.
Radhika is happy to know that Neil is enjoying his stay in India and started to talk with Samaira.
Um Samaira.. Can I ask you a question?’
Yes sure.’
Do you by any means wear that make up on your own?’

Sam who didn’t expect this question all of a sudden fidgeted with her answer for a while and answered yes. Radhika is now smiling widely and asked her a favour.
Yeah sure!’ said Sam.
Can you please help me out with the makeup skill of yours? Woh kya hai na, the beautician whom we hired had met with an accident yesterday and as this is a marriage season I’m unable to get my hands on another beautician and there are hardly 5 hours to the marriage. If I didn’t go with the beautician to my friend she will kill me.’
So is this the work you were talking about beta?’ asked Prerna.
Yes aunty.’
Sebastian who was silent all the while jumped into the convo and rejected Radhika’s request.
But why sir, this is a matter of 1-2 hours, after that I’ll personally drop Samaira to her room.’ Said Radhika controlling her anger.
Even then I’ll not allow her to come with you.’ Said Sebastian

Aise hi, I’m not bound to give you an explanation.’
Radhika who knows this matter cannot be solved with her anger, controlled herself and pleaded Sebastian to send Samaira for humanity sake.
What do you mean by humanity sake, do you think I’m an animal?’ asked fuming Sebastian.
When did I even say that? By the way you cannot be compared to an animal; they are much cuter than you.’
What? How dare you say that? Now she definitely will not come with you.’
Yes she will.’
No she will not.’
Yes, she will.’
No, she will not.’
Samaira who is watching this like tennis match had had enough and asked the duo to shut their mouths. Radhika and Sebastian stopped their blabbering and turned towards Samaira.
Enough, ho gaya aap donon ka? Now listen both of you I’m going to help Radhika in this matter. By the way Bhai why are behaving like this? I didn’t see you like this before. Anyways Radhika come on, we have lots of work and do you have any makeup kit with you?’ asked Samaira.
Radhika gave a triumphant smile to Sebastian and answered Samaira in positive.
Radhika first time I’m going against my Bhai’s word, you should keep your promise of dropping me to my room.’
Yes of course my dear. Don’t worry about that.’
Sam after bidding bye to Neil, Sebastian and Prerna started her walk with Radhika to reach the bride’s room. Radhika who cannot be quiet for a moment started her conversation.
You are Neil’s fiancé right. Then why are you calling Sebastian as ‘Bhai’.’
Actually I’m the only child of my parents. When I started dating Neil 2 years back in London, I liked the way Bhai took care of Neil. As Neil calls him ‘Bhai’, I’ve started calling him Bhai too.’ Said Samaira all the while smiling.

They reached the bride’s room and were startled to see the room’s position. It was all messy, Radhika gave a sheepish smile to Samaira and they both reached the other end of the room. There stood the bride hurling curses to Radhika.
Radhika! You idiot. You’ve gone an hour back to find a beautician and now you’re here with empty hands. And who is she?’
Radhika introduced Sam to Jasmine(the bride) as her beautician.
Really! Is she a beautician? She herself looks like a page 3 model man.’ Said Jasmine.
Jas! Do you want answers to your questions or your makeup done?’
Obviously my makeup yaar.’
Then chup chap baith and get your makeup done.’
Yes ma’am.’ Said Jasmine in saluting pose.
Sam has finished her work efficiently in like 1 ½ hour. Jasmine was really impressed by Sam’s work and thanked her. And now it’s time for Sam to return to her room. Radhika keeping her word dropped Sam to her room.
After getting ready by herself Radhika took Jasmine to the marriage hall which is in the ground floor of the same hotel. Dropping Jasmine to the bride’s room Radhika was going to her other friends in the marriage hall.
Sebastian who is just entering the hall saw Radhika and bowled by her beauty all over again. Neil who’s standing beside Sebastian brought him out of the trance.

To earth Bhai. Please don’t look at her like love struck puppy. If she gets to know that you are here for her, she’ll kick your balls out. Remember she’s a black belt in Karate.’
Sebastian thought to reply him but kept quite as he know Neil is right. If at all Radhika gets to know of his true intentions of coming to this marriage, also that he is following her from 3 months and has every detail of her, she will definitely kick his balls out. He did want to have kids with her some day. So he took his seat in the front row and started thinking about his journey of love.
Sebastian saw Radhika in a hotel where his meeting was going to take place in an hour. He fell for her at the first sight. She was negotiating her terms to an employee oblivious of the person who is staring her. After that he started his research on her through the picture he has clicked without her notice. He got to know that she is the owner of Exite, one of the leading companies in IT sector. She is a friendly and warm person. Her office environment is next to home. No dress codes and no particular office timings. The employees can run to their work at any hour of the day. Office has a gym and more refreshing activity rooms. In simple words it is a second home to the employees. But she has trust issues, she did appear to trust everyone she’s associated with but couldn’t trust anyone completely. She trusts only the people whom she knows from her childhood. Those include only her mother, her younger sister and her soul brother Joseph. Joseph is junior in her school. Both bonded well in the school, although they are not related by blood their bond runs deep than the blood related siblings. Her mother is a divorcee and her younger sister is in her graduation first year. No one knows about her father.
Sebastian came out of his thoughts and went to greet the couple. The groom was super excited to see The Sebastian Vincent in his marriage. He is just an employee in Vincent groups and casually invited his big boss to the marriage. He didn’t really expect him to be here in his wedding.
After greeting the couple, Vincent’s family headed back to their room. Radhika who forgot something in her room also headed to her room but was dragged to a dark room by some unknown hand. When she came to see who the person is, shock would be an understatement for her situation. The person who is in front of her was none other than Sebastian.
Radhika gaining all her confidence spoke to him, after hearing what she spoke now it’s time for Sebastian to get shocked.
What are we doing here ARJUN?’ is the sentence she spoke.

Sebastian Vincent aka Arjun Vincent is the elder son of Marcus Vincent and Prerna Vincent. When he was born he was named as Sebastian by his father and Arjun by his mother. Only the family members know his name as Arjun, for others it is Sebastian. This situation did not rise for his younger brother as he was named as Neil by both of his parents. Though they were born and brought up in London, they have Indian values in every fibre of their body because of their mother. She instilled all the Indian qualities in her children. People are easily deceived by the looks of these brothers and stamp them as foreigners. The duo surprises them with their fluent Hindi pronunciation. Arjun being the elder one took the responsibility of Vincent groups when his father was in his deteriorating health condition and took the empire to another level. In this mean time, he didn’t get a chance to meet his someone special. When Neil told about his interest in Samaira Khanna, who is the daughter of Samrat Khanna, one of the partners of Vincent groups; Arjun readily gave a green signal to his love as it is mutual interest of both Neil and Sam. After his father’s death, his mother was devastated and was on bed for more than 3 months. On the advice of her doctor who is supposedly their family friend as well, the lads brought her to India for a weather change. They do have a branch of their company in India and took over the company after reaching India. During one of his meetings he saw Radhika and fell in love with her deeply and irrevocably.
How do you know my name Radhika?’ asked Arjun.
Oh! I know much more other than your name Arjun.’
But how??’
This discussion was disturbed by the giggles on the other side of the room that are of Neil and Sam.
Radhika who is pissed off with the disturbance shouted on Neil .
Neil, you idiot, can’t you keep quiet for a moment?’
Kya kare bbhabhi ji, can’t keep quiet for long like you.’ Said Neil grinning.
Arjun who was dumbstruck with all the events and listening Neil addressing Radhika as ‘Bhabhi’ demanded an explanation.
Haa!! Neil is the person who gave your details to me.’ Radhika said.
Neilllllllll….’ shouted Arjun.
Radhika got hold of Arjun’s wrist. Neil taking this as cue ran from the room along with Sam.
Radhika, will you please explain me what’s going on here?’
Okay. I’ll start the story from the start. The meeting which changed your life also changed my life Arjun. 😉 You thought only you saw me during that meeting but the truth is I saw you too and started my research. One day Neil came to me and told the whole back drop story. After that I was touch with Neil regularly. Only because of him I got to know the real you. The whole beautician thing was a drama planned by Neil, Sam and me. He told me about Sam only yesterday and we hatched up this plan to get myself introduced to your mom in a casual manner without any business matters involved. I wanted to make my first impression the best and the rest you know.’
So this plan is all about your introduction to my mom, why did you take such a big project in your hands? My mom already know you and accepted you as her elder daughter-in-law way back.’
Huh!! That’s means mera saara mehnat paani mein pir gaya.’ Radhika said with a pout face.
Arjun who is still now trying to control his laugh laughed hard and said yes.
Yes Sweetie. That’s the truth. (Stopped laughing suddenly) You wanted to get permission from my mom, does that mean…’
Yes.’ Replied Radhika shyly.
Oohoooo!!! Sweetie, this is not a dream right.’
Radhika pinched him hard on his hand. Arjun shouted because of the pain.
What was that for?’
Making you believe it’s not a dream.’ 😉
So now, as we both are on good terms, shall we start our courtship Sweetie?’
Sure, but Arjun, ummm…’
I know you need some time to accept this relation. You’ve to trust me completely and you need time for that. (Cupping Radhika’s face) Sweetie, I know your limitations. Even though I don’t know anything about your past, I surely want our future to be bright and beautiful.’
Arjun!! If ever I would share my past with anyone, that person will definitely be you.’
Arjun overwhelmed by this confession hugged Radhika tightly.
Radhika who was overjoyed by Arjun’s feelings thought “Arjun I don’t know why I want to trust you. When I saw you, deep down I knew there is some connection between us. But to open up my past to you, I’ll need some more time.”
This cute moment is disturbed by our devils Neil and Sam.
Bhai aur Bhabhi, aapki baatein khatam ho gayi ho tho kya hum chale?’
Ok we’ll leave. You just wait outside for a moment.’ Said Arjun.
Kyun? Bhabhi ko bubyee kissy dena hai kya??’
Neil ke bache, tu tho gaya aaj..’
Ok..Ok.. I’m waiting outside. Bye bhabhi.’
Bye Neil.’
Bye Radhika.’ Said Sam hugging Radhika.
Bye Sam and thanks for everything.’ Said Radhika hugging her back.
Sam gave a curt nod to Radhika and NeSam left the place.
Bye Sweetie. Take care and call me after reaching home, alright?’ said Arjun hugging Radhika.
Aye aye Sir.’ Said Radhika saluting.
Arjun smiled,kissed her forehead and left the room.
As promised Arjun did give time to Radhika for sorting her trust issues with Arjun and his family. All this time their relation was limited to hugs and forehead kisses. Their courtship grew from love to soul connection in a span of 1 ½ year. In this 1 ½ year, Radhika’s company is ruling the profit charts and Arjun’s company grew three time more.
Prerna has accepted Radhika as her elder daughter rather than daughter-in-law. Arjun’s bond with Radhika’s mother and sister grew stronger. They all are a single family rather than two families. NeSam got married 8 months before and Sam is 2 months pregnant now. She is pampered by all but mostly by Prerna, Mala (Radhika’s mom) and Anjali ( Radhika’s younger sister). Mala was happy to get a third daughter in the form of Sam, Anjali was excited to welcome the person who is younger to her.
After 1 ½ year, one fine day Radhika wanted to meet Arjun. Arjun who sensed urgency in Radhika’s voice accepted immediately and deep down knew that this urgency is related to her past.
Hi Sweetie. How are you?’ asked Arjun hugging her.
I’m fine Arjun. Umm.. Shall we sit?’
Both took their seats in the private room of the restaurant.
Yes Sweetie. What is it that’s bothering you? Is it related to your past?’
Radhika who didn’t expect this was shocked beyond limits as how could he guess the reason so accurately.

Don’t be shocked Sunshine. I know you more than yourself. Now tell me what is troubling you?’
Arjun.. This is really hard for me to go back in memory lane and tell you all the things that hampered my trust quotient on people.’
I understand.’
Arjun.. I was s*xually abused when I was a child. He is my chacha, my parents used to leave me with him and went for their jobs. One day I was not feeling well and didn’t go to the school. I was 7 years then. Maid took Anjali to the nearby park. He took this as a chance and tried to touch me at inappropriate places when I was trying to sleep in my room. My mom who forgot a file came back home and heard my cries. She rushed to my room and saw the incident. Later when my chacha was being accused, my father couldn’t take it anymore and slapped my mother hard. He blamed my mother to be an irresponsible mother and blamed me by saying I was responsible for this heinous act. I was shattered beyond limits by this blame that was put on my head by none other than my father. My mother couldn’t take it anymore, divorced my father and left his house permanently by taking Anjali and me with her. Anjali was only 2 years old then. My mother single headedly brought us up and now I’m in this position only because of her. My father didn’t once give a back glance to us. I lost my trust on people that day. My mother always said that all people are not same but I used to fight my inner demons and one of which is trusting people completely. But when I saw you and learnt about you from Neil, I was amazed to see the same dedication in you which I saw in my mother. I decided to court you in every way possible.’
By the end of this both Arjun and Radhika were in tears. Arjun immediately got hold of Radhika’s hand, disconnected the call which was on during the whole conversation and took her to his car. He seated her comfortably in the back seat of the car and closed the door behind him. He hugged her tightly, let her cries subside and thought how he ever got hold of this fairy in his hands that came to fill colours in his monochromatic life. Although his life is blissful there used to a hole which needed to be filled and in real he didn’t actually know what it is until Radhika came to his life. After her cries subsided to silent sobs, he gave her a water bottle and asked her if she is alright. She gently nodded her head in a yes.
Arjun, what will be Prerna mom’s reaction after this?’
Sweetie, my mom already knew about your past, Mala mom told her already. And more to that I was on call with our family all this while of our conversation. Mom has no objection in accepting you as her daughter. Do you mind now?’

Radhika quickly nodded her head in a big ‘NO’ and hugged him tight.
Waise Sweetie, can I get my gift now?’ said Arjun pointing to his lips.
All yours Arjun.’ Said Radhika by lifting her head.
And then they shared their first ever kiss.
After 3 months Ardhika got married in a simplest way possible in registrar office. But the reception was grand as the two people who became ONE that day were titans in the business empire.
And THAT’S HOW WE HAPPENED’ said Radhika closing the album in front of her. The person who is listening to this story is her 7 year old daughter. Even though little Dia has many favourite stories, the love story of her parents is her most favourite.
Mumma. Till today you didn’t tell me your past but you told me today because I’m a grown up girl right?’
Yes my baby, that’s right.’
Now I understand why you were always protective towards me, you didn’t want the same to happen to me. You taught me about danger areas only because of this right.’
Yes jaan.’ Said Radhika hugging her daughter to her chest.
Mumma. You are the best mumma in the world. I love you mumma.’
Love you too jaan.’
Arjun who came back from office saw the angels of his life and smiled.

Does Papa get the space in that hug angel?’
Papa!!! Yes Papa!!! You are most welcome.’
The trio hugged and Dia went out to play with her friends for some time.
Sweetie!! Don’t you think Dia should get a younger brother of her own?’
But how Arjun? Doc said that I will not be able to conceive again.’
Sweetie! I know that and I also know that you wanted to adopt a child which is opposite gender to the one whom you gave birth and rise that child as your own. We are going to do exactly that.’ Said Arjun cupping her face with his hands.
Oh Arjun! What would have I done without you?’ asked Radhika tears brimming in her eyes.
Pata nahin, but ye jaroor pata hain ki we are meant to be together.’
Yes!! So are we going to share this news with our family?’
Mumma, Papa, if your romance is over, ready ho jao jaldi, we need to go to Neil chachu’s house for dinner.’ Said Dia while coming back from her play time.
Aye aye milady.’ Said Arjun and Radhika in unison.
Neil’s house is only two blocks from Arjun’s. Prerna and Mala along with Anjali were settled in London They went there for the Masters degree of Anjali. Anjali completed her Masters, worked as an intern in Vincent Groups, got a job and is settled with her husband Rahul and her 1 year old daughter Anushka. Prerna and Mala were taking care of business in London.
Arjun, Radhika and Dia reached Neil’s house. Dia became busy with her elder brother Karthik( NeSam’s son) and younger sister Divya( NeSam’s daughter). Arjun gave the good news of adopting a son to NeSam. Both were happy with Ardhika’s decision. Later Arjun shared this news with Prerna, Mala and Anjali. All were happy and excited for the new addition of their family.
Author’s Note/References:
*Sebastian Vincent is the name of fictional character in Wallflowers series written by Lisa Kleypas. He is my most favorite character in the entire series.If any of you are interested in historical romance novels, I suggest this series.
*Marcus is another favorite character of mine in the same series mentioned above.Originally it is Marcus Westcliff in the novel.I changed it according to my story line.
*Child s*xual abuse is a topic that is close to my heart.Very close friend of mine suffered this and came out of the trauma recently.So wanted to write something on that.
*Danger areas are those areas on our body where other people should not touch the child. For more details please watch Satyameva Jayate’s 13th May 2012 episode.
This is it friends..Hope you enjoyed the story and shoot your views in the comment section.Waiting for your reviews.. 🙂

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      2. Sweetie

        Thank you Di..☺

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      Hi Bhabu..Thank you so much for the compliments dear.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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    1. Sweetie

      Ritu dear..Replied to your lovely comment dear..But I don’t know why it got posted in the end.. 🙁 Love yaa..❤

      1. Sweetie

        Hi Ritu..Thank you for considering it a master piece dear.. ? Really don’t have any words to thank you..Yeah Arjun is my fav and I do want to add as many shades as possible to his character.. ? Oh My!! Ritu is angry on me..So sorry dear but this story just came out of blue while watching the episode of Satyamev Jayate again..Thanks again for those lovely compliments and I do love you a lot..❤ Will surely come up with another story,have a topic in mind and I’ve to frame a story on that.. ? You too take care..?
        This reply was intended to be here,so posting it again.. 🙂

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for the lovely compliments dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you liked it..?Yes I do agree child s*xual abuse and child adoption are untouched and taboo topics in our society..All the thoughts of the story are compilation of real life incidents which I heard and seen..Thank once again yaar..I definitely will not hesitate to share this story dear..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Heya my Cutiepie!! Thank you so much for the lovely words junior..Really obliged..☺Will try to write more,another topic is on my mind and have to frame a story for that..Will see how much time it will take to finish it..Surely will write on Swasan as well..Aye aye honewali bahu..?For time being I’m gonna modify the same story for Swasan..?
      Lots of love to you too cutiepie..????Take care.. 🙂

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      OMG Rosie sweetheart..So many compliments..I’m unable to frame my words right now..?I know you love these type of concepts..Even I’m in love with your FF for the same reason dear.. 🙂 Gem???Now I’m totally bowled..Don’t be sorry and you are not late alright..You have commented,that’s enough for me..?Haa this concept came out of blue while I was watching Satyameva Jayathe episodes again..Will surely try to write more,got another topic in mind and framing the story for that right now..Can’t tell how much time will it take but I’ll be back soon with the same couple..☺Thank you so much once again..Stay blessed and lots of love to you too..❤?

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      Hi Supriya..Thank you so much for those lovely compliments dear..I’m really obliged..?S*xual abuse is treated as a taboo topic in our society..But in my opinion there should be open seminars for these topics so that people will become aware of what’s going on in our society.. I’m afraid by seeing the comments now..I’ll have to keep up with the expectations of all of you next time..Will surely write another one pretty soon dear..Have a topic in mind and framing a story for that..?Stay blessed and lots of love..❤Keep smiling.. 🙂

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      Sv jaan..Thank you so much for those lovely words my dear..?Haa this story came out of blue while watching one of the episodes of Satyameva Jayathe again..Will surely write another one pretty soon..Topic is ready,need to frame a story for that..?I don’t know how much time it will take but I’ll be back pretty soon..?Stay blessed and lots of love jaan..❤?

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Krysty..Thank you so much for loving the story dear..?Yaa sure,I got the entire series of wallflowers from ‘’.You need the download the software to read the books in ‘epub’ format..I suggest adobe epub reader..Hope I helped you in getting the series..Please do inform me how you like it after reading..Happy reading.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Baby!!Thank you so much for loving the story..?Yaa Arjun ko shock dena hi naa,he researched on Rads.. 😉 Thanks again Baby..Will surely write,the next plot is halfway through,will start writing after getting the whole picture in mind..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Dipika sweetheart..Aww!! I’m overwhelmed by all those compliments dear..?Ohh thank you so much for giving another idea..Will surely focus on prequel as well,right now I’m on some other plot..It is halfway through actually,so trying to focus on the whole picture right now..Hope I can give you all another plot soon..?Stay blessed and lots and lots of love to you too..❤

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Mandy..Thank you so much for loving the story..?I don’t know I could bring out the change or not,but I do expect a change..Those thoughts were all the compilation of real life incidents..Another plot is halfway through,focusing on the total plot right now..Will surely write as soon as possible and let you know..?Loads of love to you too dear..❤

      1. Sha

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      1. Sweetie

        Nahin rey..She is the writer of ‘Swaragini-a modern of tale’ and ‘The bond of?’

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Suga dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words..??All these days I was commenting on remaining FFs..?Yaa that’s my fav part too,when I first got this idea,Rads surprise scene is not on my mind..Afterwards I thought why should boys have all the fun,?so included that part..Rads and daughter moment..Actually that’s my dream to educate my daughter in the same way Rads did one day,so added that part..Glad to know you loved it..☺Yes Rads dad and chacha do deserve slap from all..
      I think FF will not be possible dear,because I’m going to law school in a couple of months,so I’ll be disappointed if I cannot give you guys a quality piece..But I’ll definitely focus on one shots before I leave..Another topic is halfway through,framing the entire plot right now..Hope to meet you all soon..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤
      P.S:That cutie in your DP is so lovely..☺

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Pankh..Thank you so much for loving the story dear.. 🙂 Yaa Sebastian is a mask I used to surprise the readers..Glad to know you liked that.. 😀 Even I’m a big fan of Aham Sharma..I would love to add as many shades as possible to his character ‘Arjun’.☺Sure will try to write more..Working on the next shot right now,hope I can deliver that as soon as possible..Stay blessed and lots of love to you too..❤

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      Hi Lakshmi..Thank you so much for loving the story dear.. 🙂 Will surely write more stories..Working on my next plot right now..Hope I can deliver that soon.. 😀 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Hi Aastha..Thank you so much for loving the story dear..?Glad to know you loved the plot and my vocab..It’s all because of the books I read.. 🙂 Sure will come back with another plot..Right now working on that..Hope I can update that soon.. 😀 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤You too take care.. 🙂

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      Hi Gianna dear..Thank you so much loving the story.. 🙂 Glad to hear such words from an amazing writer like you..I’m inspired by all the writers of MMZ.. 😀 Yaa working on another plot right now,I don’t know how people will like that..Will definitely update it soon as I’m caught up with some personal stuff..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂 Love you too dear..❤

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Neha bahu..Thank you so much yaar..?Love you too..?Don’t worry about the late..Hehe..I shocked myself with this OS dear..Thought to implement this OS on Swasan as well..But cannot do anything(no regrets there)..?A shot on Swasan??Cannot promise that dear..Because I’m unable to bring myself to write on SwaSan,but will definitely use their characters in my next shots(not with their character names though),I’ll assign the actors to my characters..?

      Yeah MMZ did come up with a fresh concept,but it has gone off-air due to low TRP’s.. 🙁 But it was a short and sweet journey.. 🙂 I loved the sound track too..It’s so beautifully composed.. 😀

      Will definitely come up with next shot pretty soon..I’m typing that out right now..I think it should complete by tomorrow..Will let you know after that.. 🙂

      Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Hi Krysty..Not a problem dear..I’m glad to know that I helped you..?I’ve start to reading the books which you’ve mentioned.. 🙂 Started writing my next shot..Hope to see you there.. 😀 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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      Hi Roma di..Thank you so much for all those lovely words..?I can’t explain how happy I’m right now..?I just don’t have any words to thank you..Love you loads di..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling..?

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    1. Sweetie

      Hi Urmi..Thank you so much for liking the OS dear..?If you are interested,there are some succeeding shots to this OS,please read them when time permits..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

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