MMZ – SERVED COLD (Prologue)

Hi all, this is the prologue of my new story pls don’t forget to drop ur precious views and suggestions about this one. Love u all n Enjoy…



It was raining heavily, the heavens poured furiously. The small wooden cabin in the middle of the vast sugar cane plantations stood defencelessly against the storm, the wooden walls soaked in water reeked of the danger to come. The woman inside the cabin was going through a storm of her own, her peace was gone. She looked at the child meticulously trying to cover the leaks, her eyes filled with tears thinking about their fate. Her trance broke when a bright yellow light flashed inside the cabin through the small window, they were caught she thought and hurriedly pushed the child inside a small wooden cabinet “what’s wrong mum” the child asked innocently.

The woman hugged her child one last time planting a warm kiss on the child’s forehead “you have to be strong” she said “no matter what happens don’t come out, don’t flinch don’t scream don’t move, not a sound” she warned and closed the cabinet ready to face her fate. The weak cabin door was broken and the demons stepped in, the demons of death who mercilessly tortured the poor woman, but she was as strong as the storm she didn’t succumb to the pain. Outside lightning and thunder ferociously lashed out at each other it was impossible for a soul to hear her screams and who would come to the middle of nowhere amidst the storm to help her, there was no saving her now. Through a small crack on the cabinet door the child saw and heard everything but frozen the child stayed afraid of what the demons will do. With an ounce of life still left in her the demons left but the child stayed frozen still afraid of what the demons will do if they came back.

Drenched it tears

Bound with pain

Shadowed with fear

Pregnant with memory

A loud thunderous sound broke my dream, I was sweating profusely it was normal every time I had this nightmare. Lightning stroke and it came to my attention that it was raining again, it has been raining for the past week. I used to love rainy days when I was young but am grown now, rains reminds of her. It was raining that night too, the night she breathed her last I was only ten then. My little heart felt her every pain and that pain grew up with me, it’s the inflicted deep down in my bones. I watched her the whole night as she unwieldly laid on the pool of her own blood she must have been so cold but I didn’t flinch. I saw her in anguish but I didn’t scream she was writhing in agony but I didn’t move, I didn’t make a sound mum but you did, you wailed and I can still hear you so vividly even after all these years.

Numb was my body

Sweaty were my palms

Freezing was the impact

Tears kept me warm

My phone buzzed and I was forced to see the time, it was 6:12 and I hadn’t slept through the night, again. I rolled off the bed and walked to the window, it was quiet now it had stopped raining. I closed my eyes and her face came to me, I remember every detail of hers. Her sharp nose, her big round brown eyes, her chubby cheeks. Her smile, I miss her smile the most, her smile was magical every time she smiled at me I felt complete. I opened my eyes and my gaze fell on the calender kept on the table near the glass window, it was the 18th, seven days remained to reach the marked date. August 25 is a very special day for me, it’s her death anniversary. This time am going to make this date more special, it’s the date I have chosen for my revenge. It started on this same date 16yrs ago and am going to initiate the end on that same date, the demons should feel honoured am giving them such an important date. I have waited for this day all my life, finally am going to find peace, just seven days till I quench my thirst for revenge.

To complete the circle

The past I will repeat

To defeat the demons

I shall unleash the beast

Have you ever wondered why they say revenge is a dish best served cold? If no, then let me tell you. Revenge isn’t only about returning pain to those who hurt you, revenge isn’t just about setting the scores and it’s definitely not about getting over the bad memories, revenge is a way of giving the perfect end to a sad story. Revenge isn’t child’s play, it a challenge that only the strong headed can take, it a religion that only those who dare to persevere can worship, revenge is a game that only the cold hearted can play.

What happiness can one get from someone’s tears if you ask, none. Revenge isn’t about getting happiness, it’s not about right and wrong, revenge is the fight for peace, inner peace. When you have nothing else to lose, when only your enemy’s sobs can kill the voices in your head, when only destruction can construct the the walls of relief around your heart, that’s when you are ready for revenge. When revenge is your only way out you need to be cold, every sense in your body has to be numb, every emotion known to man has to be alien with you. You know only one feeling, you live for only one feeling and strive for only one feeling, vengeance.

The beast is here

With sharpened claws

With roars of wrath

The beast warns

“It’s time” I said and roughly packed my suitcase, taking all that I had prepared. I caressed my mum’s old picture and my eyes gleam with an unyielding determination that even death can’t break, it was time for revenge. Days later I was walking outside LAX, I had reached my destination. My feet weren’t trembling like my will they were firm, my hands weren’t shaky like my mind they were composed. My heart was steady just like my plan, my vision was clear just like my goal. Los Angeles was the same way I left it, laid back and calm. But that was the calmness before the storm, my every breath warned of the hurricane I was bringing that will turn this peaceful city into chaos. I smirked at my own thoughts. I glanced at my phone and smiled, it was August 24. A soothing chillness ran down my spine with anticipation, it was time to put my plans into actions, I have every detail carefully planned out. So demons beware for hell is about to fall, vengeance shall be mine.

To unleash a world of hurt

I reborn from the carnage

Reddened in blood

I swore revenge


Okay, here I am again with another story, am so nervous about this don’t know why. Am biting my nails to know your response.

As u might have known from this short prologue this story is about revenge but when lives are involved is better to once ask oneself, is it worth it?

Thinking to make it a short story but I know me, once I start writing I go on and on and on so don’t know how many chapters will this story have but will try to make it an SS.


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      Thank u Happy, now finishing next chapter of SOL will start on this story once I finish that chapter.

  1. S.v


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    Woo its really awesome. Im curious to know more……. who is the mother who was dead ?? Why was she killed ?? Who is the demon ?? Who is the child who is seeking revenge and also pls tell me is this a supernatural ff ?? Too many questions . Sry cant help it. Gianna its simply awesome. U have the power of suspense and u bring a nail biting updates. Do continue and pls come up with more twists and tunrs as u r an expert in it . Lovely .

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u S.v, so many qns indeed but I can only tell u that this is not a supernatural for ur other qns u will have to wait for the story to unfold. Take care

  2. Myra


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    Gianna babe….i havent seen a better writer than you….it was perfect….even i am biting my nails in anticipation….its arjun….right?
    Trust me, sweetie you are immensely talented….the way you wrote this prologue and the short four lines you gave in the between..gave me goosebumps…
    I am rooting for this ff of yours and i am so sure its going to wonderful!
    Love you loads and loads …take care….and please do update shades of love 😘

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u Myra, this is a big complement my dear am flying now. Shades of love is on the way, just finishing up the next chapter will post it by tonight for sure. TC

  3. Jessie


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    Oh Sweeeethearrrtt…. !!! This is Fantastic!! God.. the pain d kid faced.. and the narration.!! I froze to my place until I finished.. and The part abt Revenge..!👏👏👏 it’s really tough 2 say this positive abt Revenge.! A game oly cold hearted can play..👌 shadowed with fear n pregnant with memory!!!?👏how u think 2 write like this..I loved it !!! Eager n curious… is it Arjun or Rads..and peaceful city into chaos??? How come someone’s revenge disturb a city.. series of murders??? God.. am damn excited.! Was waiting 4 my love at first sight to launch 4 lines are fab.. seems I will turn into a fan of revenge coz of ur writing..when is 1st part..?
    TC n loads of love..

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      I fell in love with this title at first sight too n I have been scratching my head for a perfect revenge till I finally got, glad u liked it. Will post the first chap soon finishing Sol next chapter now.

  4. shreya

    Baby I really missed you …….love u ……interesting story …..let’s see were this revenge will go ……I think love will defeat it …..sorry wat to do love love stories ……love u stay blessed n waiting for u be soon

    • |Registered Member

      Missed u too Shreya, yes let’s see where this revenge will go. Will come back soon.

  5. Rossy


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    From the name,from each sentence it feels like something dangerous happened..mystery is in each line..the intensity…uffff…my god i am engrossed so much with it…the poem instead of general lovely dovely type,it create Goosebumps…and the title..i almost picturize everything..u know like sol this can be a perfect book…the way u narrate inner turmoli,the way u describe surroundings…omg…i bowled out..u just write like international bestseller books..the thing a book needed to publish,everything in ur stories..sol n this one..seriously this tu…m really angry on them for making me awake whole was posted yesterday n they update today..what’s wrong with them…aargh😠😈…anyway giu baby u should post frequently now…I’ll pester double to u now😝😝

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u so much for these lovely words. I know tu had troubled us yesterday and a lot. With the poems I wanted to show the intensity of the pain that fueled the revenge. My nerves are calm now. I know u will pester me for updates now so am getting on it as much as I can. Love u loads

  6. Gauri


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    Gianna u seriously want views….darling….u stole my heart with this amazing piece of art….now my mind craves for more …. feel in a sea looking for shore……. hope you know now hw perfect this was …..outstanding ….post soon 🙂 love you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u so much dear Gauri, I was nervous thinking it was too intense, glad u liked it

  7. Sathya


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    Amazing update gia…. Oh my God what an episode Dear… Full of suspense n no way to find out who is that? what is happening? Who is the demon? Ufffff… Me too biting my nails to know more… Pls update next soon… Awesome it s love u 😘😘😘😘😍😍

  8. kanthi

    yaar !!! superb!!!the way u explained the meaning of revenge,is simply awesome!!!!waiting for the next update!!

  9. Sammy


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god Gianna ..damn girl I am leaving the plot …but the lines …the words you used to describe each and every aspect of this update was awesome …I mean this was marvellous ..I think no one can better describe the intensity of the word ..’revenge’..better than this …and the short riddles or poems .are mindblogging ….you are amazing …you are an outstanding writer …loved it the core …and the child I was thinking may be radhika or Arjun .:-) 🙂

  10. Starz

    Gianna u rocked..the way u right stoled my heart..I am this ff fan..waiting for the next one….just want to know who is the lead, is it ardhika or nesam …love u dear and take care😘😘

  11. Brin


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    Awesome story, who is the child that wants to take revenge, why was the mother killed, eagerly waiting for the answer, Gianna, you nail it, well done, the story of the concept is interesting. 🙂

  12. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Gia darling this thrilling.. With every word n sentence a line anxiety started to build in me n i was curious to knw abt the revenge n mystery…heck..m so much excited for this new revenge drama… Update 1 st chappy soon…love u..

  13. Emz fasa

    Mindblowing 🙂 im in love with this revenge 🙂 i think you are the 1st one to write nice things about revenge 😉 you are one special piece girl amazing

  14. Chinmayi

    Sooper dear..Your way of describing the emotion and selection of words are awe..I also follow urs sol…you have a great writing skill…queen of suspense and thriiller…sry,could not comment in all your updates..but i really love your works…never stop writing,this is a request frm your fan 🙂 🙂 lub u :*

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u Chinmayi, yes I missed in Sol but u don’t have to apologize. I won’t stop writing, I promise u. TC

  15. Savera

    Hi…. Gianna…..
    Fantastic story line…
    You’ve a style of writing. ..emotion perfectly. …
    Eagerly waiting for next. ..

  16. Chandana

    OMG Gianna…you are amazing… Immensely talented…with prologue itself you created a lot of intensity and suspense…you are one outstanding writer… Waiting eagerly for both SOL n this one…tc

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u Chandana, have posted next chapter of sol already n will post the first chapter of this story soon.

  17. Jewel


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    it is beautifully written one…. i liked it very much… and the title, it is very different and catching…. who is that child?? i have lots of questions… waiting for ur next chaptr…. post shades of love too

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u so much Jewel, ur qns will be answered in time. Sol chapter 16 posted already just waiting for tu to upload.

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u so much Dhara 😍. This is my third story in tu. First one was THE LINES OF FATE which is complete it had 21 chapters. Now am writing SHADES OF LOVE and this one back to back.

  18. Lakshmi05


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    Gia dear…it’s fantastic,superb,amazing…U r really fantastic writer dear. And this prologue is outstanding dear.U should start writing 1st chappy of this story soon…n SOL too…will be waiting for ur next updates…luv…

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u Lakshmi, sol already updated but I guess tu is slow again. Will post the first chapter of this one soon. TC

  19. Sweetie


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    Gianna dear,seriously you want my view??Then here it is,you should start it as soon as you can..God!! I was so involved in the prologue and I thought I was reading a novel like as soon as the prologue is over I can turn the page and get the first chapter.. 😀 Seriously it is too good and I really love love and love revenge stories.. 🙂 The words you have written about revenge that is,revenge should be served cold,I just loved that..And one more,the way you described the man’s agony and his feelings was fantabulous.. 😀 Love you loads sweetheart..Take care..😘

    • |Registered Member

      Thank u so much Sweetie will start as soon as possible already writing the first chapter. Stay blessed

  20. _Ritu


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    Gianna…u will not believe bt m scared after reading it…my heart is beating faster.. It was a masterpiece dear… Very well narrated and with each word u wrote we can figure out its something really big and dangerous.. U want our opinion right…so now get ready to get pestered by me for this one too 😉 😜 M so eager to know further…u r an amazing writer dear 🙂 and I want to read ur stories for eternity… Wish I can abduct u…bt our Jiju will kill me if I do so 😉 😉 waiting for SOL as well…post 🙂

  21. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww giaaaaaa….in this very short prologue…you poured your heart out. …that devastating rainy night…those demons….the death of a mother…child’s fear, storm inside his heart, the scene of his mother’s death in front of his eyes…ufff..veryyyyyyy thrilling….n now present…the vengeance. …the Revenge….the definition of revenge….his coldness to every other feelings but his revenge….n the day he plan to give his enemies what he received from them…the deadly storm….bringing the hurricane of revenge with him…wowwww giaaaaa you vert brilliantly narrated each n every aspect of his mind set…I bow down to give u very huge applause….n salute to your flawless writing skills. …you took my heart…shook my brain with this mind blowing update…I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh my sweeeeeethearttt….keep it up. ….will wait for the story… you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

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