MMZ – SERVED COLD (Chapter 3)

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After so much struggle hope was just above the horizon, they had ploughed their problems, planted a seed of success with the new investment and it was just a matter of time till they taste the fruit of their labour. Things were going well for the Mehra’s, it seemed as if the dark cloud of trouble had drifted away leaving a beautiful sunny day before their eyes. Siddharth couldn’t be happier, Radhika’s investment had proved to be more productive than he ever anticipated, her reputation in the industry did wonders for them, customers were flooding in and they were getting one project after the other.

Standing before the dressing table mirror Siddharth did his tie while talking over the phone which he had kept on speaker, he was finalizing a new project for the company that Radhika had brought before him a week ago. “things are looking out for you, huh?” said Anita when the call was held. She walked up to him and helped him with his blue tie that matched his blue suit “who knew listening to your son Arjun could be this beneficial”

“what do you need?” he asked annoyed as if he couldn’t stand her close to him.

“so we can’t even converse now?”

He sighed “it’s hard for me to see you this affectionate, especially towards me”

She laughed humourlessly “we have a child together and you are questioning my affection towards you? Are you going through menopause or something?” Siddharth laughed, Anita was never this humorous before “how about we have lunch together today?”

He collected his wallet from the drawer “am working during lunch”

“no problem, I can swing by the office with take away and we can have lunch at the office itself” He looked at her amused and burst into laughter “what’s so funny?” she asked annoyed.

He walked up to her and cupped her face “trying to rekindle the marriage?” he asked softly with love and she smiled placing her palm on his hand that was on her left cheek.

“I miss you Sid, I miss us”

“I miss you too, Annie” he placed a gentle kiss on her right cheek and she closed her eyes when his lips touched her skin. He looked all over her face and his hand that was still cupping her face slowly moved down. Anita gasped when he suddenly gripped her jaw forcefully “do I look like a fool to you” he gritted “rekindle the marriage, bullshit” he spat venomously. Anita’s both hands held his to stop him from hurting her further “who do you really want to see, me or…. Arjun?” Anita kept tapping on his hand as his grip grew tighter “I see the way you look at him, you make excuses to come to the office only when you know he will be there…. I don’t see you there when he is out of station…. Am damn sure if he wasn’t my son then you would be rolling in the hay with him since how long”

He finally released her from his hold and she coughed compensating the loss of air “what the hell is wrong with you?” she managed to choke out still coughing.

“that’s exactly what I want to ask you…. You claimed to love me and then desire to sleep with my son?”

Anita sat on the edge of the bed “you are crazy”

He huffed “you can’t fool me Anita, I know you want him” he chuckled sarcastically “it’s funny how life turns to be right?…. Arjuns mother…. You hated that woman so much but look now…. You ended up being attracted to her son” He fisted his hand to calm his anger “do you know why I don’t touch you…. Because you disgust Anita, you disgust me” He gave her one last hatred filled glance and left.

Anita smirked to his retreating back “an eye for an eye”


The last year of college was the craziest one, especially when exams were on their way. Sam was constantly running between library and study groups, it wouldn’t matter to her family if she passed or failed but she wanted to do good for herself, it’s a promise she had made with Maya to ace their exams. Following Maya who was sitting on the grass next to the benches she slumped hard on the surface “am so tired” she mumbled.

Maya was on the phone messaging and didn’t hear what Sam said, when she talked for a minute and didn’t get any reply Sam turned to her only to see her smiling to herself with her eyes glued on her phone screen. She bit her lower lip in anticipation of executing the idea that had just struck her mind, she slowly crawled towards her without making any sound and grabbed the phone running with it “Sam give that back” she muttered running behind her.

Sam giggling ran around a big fig tree with Maya on her tail “I won’t” she teased failing Maya’s attempt to get a hold of her. When Maya gave up Sam read the message and gasped “when am I going to me this hunk of yours, girl?”

Maya took her phone back “not now Sam”

“what are you hiding?” she asked suspiciously.

Maya stammered “no…nothing”

“we share everything with each other then why don’t you want me to meet your boyfriend, not fair” Maya chuckled at her pouting face “at least show me his picture”

“It’s best that you don’t see him Sam” she cooed tapping her shoulder.

“do I know him already?” she asked mischievously “God! Don’t tell me it’s Neil?” she asked surprised “Girl, you know he is a player” she added concerned.

Maya laughed “relax, it’s no one you are related to”

“then why so much secrecy?” Maya shrugged and started to walk away.

“aren’t you hungry?” Maya asked when Sam wasn’t following her, hearing the word hungry Sam’s stomach grumbled in agreement and she ran towards her friend. They walked to Sam’s car and just then Radhika’s car pulled up in front of them. They greeted her cheerful and asked her to join them for lunch and Radhika agreed. She had become really close to the girls especially Sam.

While having a hearty lunch at one of the restaurants that was near their college, Radhika spoke “I need a favour from you guys” they looked at her keenly waiting for her to continue “remember I told you about my brother?” they nodded “well, he is coming over this weekend but I will be travelling tomorrow for business and I didn’t want him to be alone…. So I was wondering if you guys could give him company, show him around the city”

“Of course, we can do that” said Maya

Radhika smiled “thanks” and they smiled back at her “Besides he is of your age so am sure you will enjoy each other’s company”

“But I never told you how old I was” Sam said playfully.

Radhika smiled like she was waiting for Sam to say that “I don’t do business without investigating the family first” she said looking at Maya who was shocked to hear that.

Sam squeaked “really?… Does that mean you found out that I was adopted?” And Radhika nodded confirming her question. Sam smiled a sad one “did you by any chance find out who my real parents were?”

“I only gather the information relevant to my business” Sam sulked hearing that “but if you want I can help you find them” she added making Sam smile.

Before Sam could answer Maya chimed in “we are getting late Sam, let’s go” she got off the chair and Sam reluctantly had to stand up too and bid Radhika goodbye.

“My offer still stands, think about it then you can answer me”

“Thanks” said Sam smiling.

They got into their respective cars and drove away, reaching their college Sam’s phone beeped with a message, Radhika had sent her, her brother’s photograph. The two girls smiled wide seeing the handsome guy in the photo “what a hottie” Maya remarked.

Sam smirked “I think I just found myself a boyfriend” Maya looked at her puzzled and they burst into laughter a second later.


The ocean lazily lapped it’s calm waves on the sandy beach of Miami, the water was so clear that it could tempt anyone to jump in especially in that sunny afternoon. Radhika watched the empty shore from the glass window of the restaurant she was in. The blue water meeting the white sand just a couple of feet away from the green palm trees was a picture perfect treat for sore eyes and she let herself get lost in the colours before her.

“Miss Raichand” she heard being called along with Arjun’s tap on her hand.

“Huh..?” she asked looking oblivious as if she had just awaken from deep slumber.

“Miss Raichand, if you are not okay then we can reschedule the meeting” said the man in a grey suit sitting opposite her, they were meeting him for the new project with Emax. She must be tired, Arjun thought for they had come straight to the meeting from the airport.

She shook her head apologetically “am sorry, so where were we?”

Arjun took the chance to explain the details of the projects and in no time she was back to that fierce businesswoman Arjun knew discussing every detail with so much conviction that the men in the meeting with her felt honoured to listen to her. They had lunch afterwards still talking about the business and finally they came into an agreement. Shaking hands with the man and scheduling another meeting for tomorrow with him in his company they parted ways.

“shall we go to the hotel?” asked Arjun.

“I have a place here, you can stay with me if you want” she told him her eyes fixed on the beach again.

“sure” he answered quickly, talk about being lucky. Arjun felt that he was the luckiest man on earth, first he saw and get captivated with her beauty and just like that she shows up at their office, becomes their investor and work hand in hand to revive Emax. And if that wasn’t enough he gets to go with her on a trip, alone, no Flynn no nobody for whole three days and she invites him to stay with her at her house, he was damn lucky.

“what is in that beach?” he asked when his patience grew thin.

“nothing” she replied without turning to him.

The car that had picked them up from the airport took them to her apartment in South Beach. It was a spacious two room apartment with a kitchen and a breakfast bar covered in granite marbles. It was a well packed kitchen with all the necessary stainless steel equipments that looked new or as if they don’t get used very often. The sitting area had white sofas and right adjacent to it you could see a crystal chandelier hanging over the dining area, it overall had that open apartment feel to it especially with the glass walls surrounding them. She showed him his room and retired to hers. After inspecting what was going to be his room for the next three days, Arjun took a shower and changed into clean clothes before sprawling himself on the soft white bed for a nap.

He woke up around five in the evening, he walked to the kitchen and drank some juice to energize himself. He knocked on Radhika’s door but didn’t get an answer so after a few more knocks he opened the door and checked inside but she was not in her room nor the bathroom, he checked other possible places but his host was nowhere to be found. He worried, could something have happened to her or could she just have gone somewhere, he tried calling her but her phone came as unreachable. “maybe Flynn knows” he mumbled but he didn’t have his number, should he panic, should he go outside to look for her or should he just wait, he thought to himself.

Sighing his eyes fell on the glass wall before him and there she was sitting at the beach by herself gazing at the ocean “what’s with her and the ocean?” he muttered and walked down to the beach.

He was about few meters away from her but she looked so lost that she couldn’t sense his presence near him, still having her back to him she stood up wiping the sand off her dress before taking it off. Arjun knew that he was supposed to look away but he couldn’t, his eyes stayed glued on her as his heart thudded in his chest “she will be the death of me” he thought still not able to avert his gaze from her. She was wearing a swimsuit inside her dress, it looked as if she had come prepared to take a dip in the ocean.

He watched her as she walked slowly towards the water his heartbeat increasing with her every step, she halted just as the waves touched her feet and turned “are you coming or will you just keep staring?” she asked him and smirked seeing his surprised look.

Embarrassment was a pitiful word to describe how Arjun felt that moment, she knew he was there and she knew he was shamelessly checking her out, he wanted to magically disappear for how was he going to face her after that. “Play it cool, Play it cool Arjun” his mind told him and he took a deep breath calming himself. He walked to where she was sitting and took her dress in his hands “I will wait for you here” he said trying hard to behave like it was nothing and stood watching her swim with the sunset and when he thought she wasn’t looking he captured her form in his mobile phone.

Later they ordered food from a hotel nearby and had dinner together, there was a lot of things he wanted to ask her, a lot of things he wanted to share with her but words became a vocabulary of their own to him and every time her gaze met his he became tongue-tied so the only topics that came into conversation between them were business, business and more business.

“what?” Arjun asked noticing her constant gaze on him.

“am trying to find the man who challenged me in the conference room that day”

He chuckled “that’s only at work, when am outside work am this Arjun you see right now”

“Well I like that Arjun more” she said smiling and he blushed a little.

Just as dinner was over Arjun ran to his room and dialled Gerald, he told him everything that had happened between Radhika and him “what should I do Godfather, I like her but I don’t want to blew it”

Gerald laughed over the phone “make a move boy, she wants you to make a move”

“are you sure?”

“son, she confessed she liked you in the conference room what more proof do you want?” Arjun stayed quiet, he was still unsure “look at it like this…. She is rich, she is smart and she is powerful…. And a woman like that wouldn’t want a lap dog for a man…. She wants a man who can take charge and you are that man Arjun so go and take your woman”

Convincing himself that Gerald was right Arjun stepped out of his room with only one motive in his mind, to get his heart out to Radhika. He saw her standing by the glass wall staring at the shimmering city lights with her right palm touching the glass. He sauntered towards her without making sound until her back was just an inch from his front. She didn’t turn nor did she show any sign of resistance or hesitation with his closeness, placing his right palm just next to hers he covered the already non existence distance between them touching his front with her back. He was expecting her to shut him out but she leaned back into him instead boosting his confidence so he placed his left palm on the glass wall too completely trapping her in his arms. His heart had gone ballistic in his chest having her in his arms, he was sure she felt the racing of his heart or his breathing that had turned laboured while inhaling her scent but he didn’t care, he had the woman he loved in his arm and what more could he ask for. Love, he smiled as his heart had already defined the feelings he had for her.

“It’s beautiful right?” she asked with her gaze still on the city lights.

He leaned closer brushing his cheek on hers in the process “very beautiful” he replied but they both knew he wasn’t talking about the yellow lit city.

She turned facing him “what happened?…. I thought this Arjun comes only at work?” her eyes ran all over his face as if trying to find her answers.

“This Arjun is only for the woman he loves” he answered looking straight into her eyes, letting her see all his secrets and desires.

She raised an eyebrow “love..?” He nodded “We just met Arjun”

“It only takes a second to fall in love” he told her sincerely.

She smiled “you don’t know me”

“But my heart already know it can trust you”

She smiled but this smile was different and who would know more about her smiles but him who had been observing her all these days, she looked genuinely happy. “am not a teenage girl who will be impressed by words”

“Neither am I a jerk to play with your heart”

“what do you want?” she asked in her usual businesswoman like tone.

He leaned closer “you” he told her with all honesty and saw the top of her ears to turn red and that made him smile. Their faces were a lips distance from each other and he covered that too brushing his lips on her gloss smeared one, getting her approval he moved his lips on hers first gently and then faster. A jolt of electricity passed through him when she kissed him back and he wrapped his hands around her showing her that he had not intention of letting her go, their lips melded together moving in perfect rhythm like they had been trained to do that for years and Arjun couldn’t have been happier.


The temperature had risen a few degrees higher than the normal, her moans and his groans filled the room as the headboard squeaked for dear life ready to fall on them at any moment. It was an intense session of love making and the two people entangled on the bed seemed not able to get enough of one another. Getting off his high he rolled off her crashing on his back catching his breath “that….was….amaz….amazing” he struggled with the words due to the loss of oxygen in his lungs.

“I… I know” she answered equally out of breath. “all thanks to Sid” she added when her breathing had returned to normal supporting her back on the headboard.

“Why do you have to bring him up?”

“It’s the truth, the more he angers me the more energetic I get with you”

“Anita..” he said displeased raising his voice.

“Why are you getting so hyper?” she said casually and he turned more annoyed “Okay, am sorry” she added still with humour in her voice. He raised himself up resting on the headboard like her “What’s wrong Gerald?” Anita asked concerned, the humour leaving her voice.

“I feel guilty that we are cheating him” he sounded low, Siddharth and him have been friends for years, since none of them had married or had children. He felt guilty that he was throwing away years and years of friendship just for desire.

“He is no saint, he is cheating on me am sure and once I find that b*t*h am going to bun her alive” Anita gritted with so much venom in her voice that Gerald got scared a bit. She chuckled “do you know what he thinks?”


“He thinks that am attracted to Arjun” she laughed.

Gerald was puzzled “what made him think that?”

“Who knows” She shrugged “But let him think that, let him burn”

Gerald shook his head “you are a devil”

“Any doubt?” She smirked.

“I thought you said you love him?” he looked at her with accusing eyes.

Anita smiled a sad one “Siddharth is the only man I love and will ever love, to think the things I did to gain his love but he just tossed it all out of the window because of his stupid desires” She closed her eyes for a second and smirked “I love him but if he can’t give me what I want I will get that somewhere else” she said looking at Gerald and smiling at him seductively.

Gerald sighed “sometimes I think you are with me because am his best friend, you want to rub it in his face that you cheated on him with his best friend…. I feel like am being dragged between this war you have with Siddharth” That was precisely the truth, Anita knew one day everything will come to light and she wanted to show Siddharth that if he can cheat on her then she can not only do the same but make his best friend do that too. She wanted him to feel the pain of loosing the loyalty of his wife and friend at the same time.

“I didn’t force you Gerald, you willingly agreed and it’s not like you are my boyfriend or anything we are just f**king…. So don’t get it twisted…. What you and I have is strictly physical so don’t get your emotions mixed in it” Gerald sighed defeated, Anita got off the bed and walked to the bathroom, she stopped by the door and turned “want to join me?” she asked him seductively and Gerald followed her smilingly. His friendship with Siddharth or his family forgotten his mind ruled by his body that wanted nothing but lust.


Siddharth was going to retire in his room for the night when he noticed Neil’s bedroom light to be on so he went and peeked in, Neil laid on the bed on his stomach with crumbled balls of paper scattered all around him, his eyes circled with dark rings like he has been staring at his laptop for hours. He shook his head looking at the mess “what are you upto son?”

Neil rubbed his eyes “nothing dad, just trying to come up with an idea”

Siddharth walked inside and sat on his bed “with this dedication Emax will reach sky rocket heights very soon”

Neil sighed “not for business dad, am trying to come up with a perfect gift for Radhika” Siddharth raised an eyebrow hearing that, Neil left his laying position sitting next to his dad “I have surfed the internet but no good ideas” he sounded disappointed.

“And why do you want to gift Radhika?” he asked though he already kind of guessed the reason knowing Neil.

Neil smiled “I like her dad”

“That is not new with you”

“I know but this is different…. She is different…. I think I might be in love with her, I think she is the one dad” he said all dreamy. Radhika was a mile of difference from the women Neil used to date or to be correct sleep with, she challenged him and that’s what attracted him more to her. Usually Neil would forgot a girl in just two days but with Radhika he wasn’t able to focus on anyone else but her, he wanted her, he wanted her for himself and he was determined to get her.

Siddharth chuckled “If that’s the case then just tell her, you have never lacked confidence when it comes to the ladies”

“She is not the type to be swooned by words, she is smart, she is beautiful, she is s*xy, she is….” Siddharth laughed and Neil stopped midway “you are no help dad” he complained picking up his notebook that had his many ideas.

“Okay… Okay…. Am sorry… Tell me what you came up with and I will help you” Siddharth offered.

Neil excitedly opened the notebook and started to read to him his ideas “flowers…”

Siddharth nodded in negative “too cliché”

“A car”

Siddharth looked at him surprised, he wants to gift a car to a woman who owns a plane, the heights of stupidity his son had “next”

“A house”

He playfully tapped the back of Neil’s head “are you crazy?” and Neil chuckled.

“A life size teddy bear”

“Life size teddy bear?”

“Yes, they make these huge teddy bears that can be taller than me” Neil explained enthusiastically.

“Unless you want to tell her that you want to adopt her, then no” replied Siddharth.

Neil sighed “A coffee machine”


“A coffee mug then, I can make her one myself”

“When you have failed you arts and crafts class, no”

Neil got off the bed “then I have nothing”

“Why don’t you try jewellery”

Neil’s face brightened with the idea “like a bracelet or necklace”

“Make it a locket” Siddharth suggested “A custom made one”

His lips curled into his signature dimpled smile “thanks dad, you are the best”

“That I am, and am very happy for you son” Neil hugged his dad who was more than pleased with his son’s choice, having a millionaire no a billionaire as his daughter-in-law was an opportunity he was ready to utilize come what may.

Next Chapter: She who calls the shots.


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  1. Rossy


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    Finally….my giu baby back….this was super….fantastic….even I am liking it more than SOL….gosh girl what are you…mera pranam…I mean I wanna touch ur feet , though I know u r younger than me….u always left me in that place after reading your chapters….aye aye holmes, ready to solve another case….hehehehe…take care and write SC as much u want…lol…greedy me…..

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    • Gianna



      OMG, it’s nice am laying down n I can’t fall if I faint, u praised me too much. I really thought that this chapter wasn’t up to the mark.

      Everyone is back stabbing the other in this one, when the truth will catch up to them they will all fall like dominos. Even I like girls in actions, but Rads have been too guiet n once she starts her game all hell will break loose.

      Love u dear

  2. Dhara


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    I Couldn’t just digest this episode Giyu.. What is this family? Which relation is true? I hope Ardhika are also not fake. Also want to know who is Radhika’s bro? Lot of suspense.. You nailed it dear.

    • Gianna



      Thanks Dhara, this is a family of black sheep’s, everyone is back stabbing everyone. Radhika’s bro will be coming up in the next one.

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    Happy new year gianna : )
    gianna, the chapter is amazing…. ardhika part, it is superb, his confession, and rads, her attitude, her character i liked everything a lot…. anitha and sid their relationships, what people they are…. neil, he is an idiot always, his choice of gifts…. sam, she is really nice, is there anything behind sam’s adoption?? is that related to rads??…. waiting for next one…..

    • Gianna



      Happy new year Jewel.
      Thanks you dear, Sam’s adoption n a whole lot more will come to light soon. All I can say for now is that everything is like a tightly knit ball of secrets, one loose end n everything falls.
      Stay blessed

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      Thank you Farjana for these amazing words, every character has a shade in this story, they are all victims and culprits at the same time. Will try n update soon.
      Love u n stay blessed

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