MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 9)

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MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 9)

Recap: Radhika’s confession heard by Dadaji.

Dada ji holds his hand which is on his and said, “Never ever leave Radhika. She belongs to you Arjun”

Arjun gets shocked hearing Dada ji, he don’t know how to react and stands numb seeing him.

Dadaji, “What are you looking? Promise me”

Arjun hesitates for a while, Dadaji takes his hands into his and said, “Now you promised, so don’t ever think to leave her”

Arjun, “I won’t leave her Dadaji. She is my responsibility”

At the same time in the city, Sam paces impatiently in her room thinking, “Why Arjun is not contacting me? He used to send n number of messages in a day but I am not getting a single message in the last few days. What happened to him? Is he alright?”

Meanwhile she gets a call, she happily picks it up thinking it might be Arjun but it is someone else.

Sam, “Hello”

Caller, “Madam, We are calling from the Shadow Ad Company and we have gone through your profile and decided to make you a model for our upcoming project”

Sam gets happy, “Yes, I am so happy to be a part of your venture. Please let me know when and where I can meet you and discuss further”

After the discussion, she has been called to the Venture and finalized the projects she will be working on.

In the village, Dadaji is thinking deeply resting in his room on how to unite Ardhika.

He see Radhika is crossing his room, he silently follows her and finds her going inside the washroom to take bath. His face becomes bright and goes out to find Arjun. Arjun is playing with the children in the garden area. Dadaji also goes there and joins with them in their game and thinks how to make Arjun go and meet Radhika.

Dadaji finds the water tube lying beside the pot, he turns on the tap to let the water flow on the grass. While playing, Dadaji sneaks his leg while Arjun running and make him fall down on the wet grass. Arjun screams looking at his shirt with mud and glaring at Dadaji who is laughing at him with the kids.

Dadaji, “Don’t blink…before it gets dry go to washroom and wash it. And yeah better you too take bath, your skin also has lot of mud”

Arjun makes face looking at him and goes to the washroom beside his room, the same in which Radhika is taking bath.

Arjun runs there, and barges inside the bathroom to get his dress washed. Due to the sudden noise, Radhika who is already there gets scared and shouts unknowingly, holding the towel to cover her naked body.

Arjun who did not expect this, gets shocked looking at her wet skin covered by the towel and her fearful face. He stammers, “I…i…am sorry. I…don’t know. Came to wash. I am sorry…I seriously don’t know that you are here. It was open, so I thought no one will be here” .

Radhika too gets tensed and nervous, “Lock is not working and this bathroom will not be used by everyone. So only I came here”

“I am … am really sorry” by saying that he tries to open it but he couldn’t, have a puppy face he looks at her, “Door is locked outside, but it was open when I came”

She sighs and covers her body with her saree and comes forward for his help. She too tries hard to open it but it becomes difficult. She holds the handle tightly and pull it with much force.

Outside, Dadaji smirks observing the actions done by them. He slowly unlock the door and runs from there. Without knowing all this, Radhika pulls the knob handle forcefully and now it broken and came in her hand.

Unexpectedly, she is falling on the floor after pulling the knob, Arjun holds her waist from not falling on the ground, in that effort his legs too gets slipped cause of the wetness. Both fall down scattering all the things around them, He securely wraps his arms around her body and lying on top of her.

His fingers dancing on her naked shoulder giving Goosebumps to her, he moves his eyes on her body due to the foreign feelings he has. Her heaving chest gets hit his chest which is barely covered by her saree. The water droplets on his face, drops on her skin making them getting aroused unknowingly.

His grip on her waist gets tighten, and he slowly leans towards her face. She closes her eyes knowing what will be coming now. There is just an inch gap between their lips, but suddenly their intimate moment gets spoiled by a heavy knock on the door makes them move apart from each other.

They feel awkward looking at each other, and Radhika covers her body properly with the cloth and opens the door to find Mala and Riddhi.

Before they ask something, Radhika runs from there to her room. Mala and Riddhi finds it weird looking at her the way she is running and gets much more shocked and surprised seeing Arjun coming out from the same bathroom.

Arjun did not expect them there and gets speechless seeing them staring him with naughty smirk on their face. He voluntarily said, “There is nothing happened as you think”

Riddhi grinning widely, “How you know what we thought?”

Arjun, “Aaahhh….woh…actually…it’s just a coincidence. I…don’t know…”

Before he completes, Riddhi interrupts him, “How come you both in the same place and you are saying it as a coincidence. You were playing and now you are here. Something is wrong”

Mala shuts her off and send Arjun to his room to change his dress. He thanks her and runs from there. Mala and Riddhi burst into laughter looking at his embarrassing face.

Arjun hastily goes to his room and barges inside to change the dress, again he finds Radhika there who is already changing her dress. He immediately turns to other side and scolds her, “Why you are not locking the door?”

Rads, “You should have knock it first and then come inside. Don’t blame me”

Arjun, “Oh, so the mistake is mine is it?”

Rads finishes her dressing and turns to his back, “Exactly”

Arjun gets angry and turns to face her, “It’s you who did not even lock the door in both the places and you are blaming me”

Rads, “Because you don’t have patience and simply barging in where ever you go”

Arjun, “I don’t have patience. Good Joke. You should say this to your family”

Rads, “Don’t pull my family in this matter”

Arjun, “Why not? First impatient patient is your Dad. He is the best example of how to become impatient all the while”

Rads pointing her finger at him, “Don’t dare to say a word about my Dad. I will kill you”

Arjun walks to her, “Oh…you have that much dare to kill me is it? Then try…come on try now”

They both hear a noise from the living hall and it’s from Dilip, “Radhika, what happened? Why he is shouting at you?”

Radhika smiles seeing Arjun’s irritated face and he replied in the same way to make sure Dilip hear him, “We are just talking”

Radhika started laughing and said, “Dare to say anything about me…you will find a war against you” she goes out from there leaving him irritated.

Arjun, “Don’t I have rights to fight with my wife at least?”

He sit on the bed and scolding Radhika and her father in a low voice, but gets into a thought remembering his own words he spelled at the last.

“Don’t I have rights to fight with my wife?” his words keep echoing in his ears.

Dadaji sitting in his room relaxingly and thinks about his next plan.

Next day on the breakfast time, Dadaji initiates the conversation, “Dilip, I have decided something”

Dilip, “About What?”

Dadaji, “About Arjun & Radhika’s marriage”

Ardhika spits their food hearing him and looks each other shockingly. Mala, Ridhhi, Ankush and his wife all gets happy hearing Dadaji. Dilip and Ardhika are the only people who are not happy with this decision of his.

Dilip, “Why suddenly?”

Dadaji, “Because we did not get the chance to see our princess marriage. So I decided to make it again, so that we can make it a grandeur way and bless them”

Ardhika blinks at each other, dilip wash his hands without finishing his food and said, “Whatever happened is happened. I don’t want to see that again which doesn’t have my consent. Just forget this matter here itself.”

Ardhika sighs hearing dilip, but dadaji watches them curtly and thinks, “I won’t leave this matter so easily, until I make them bound together forever”

Precap: Sam’s arrival. Arjun’s change in behavior. Dadaji’s worry on Radhika’s loneliness.

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