MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 8)

MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 8)


Radhika goes to her mother and helps her in kitchen work to avoid thinking about Arjun. But as per the ground rule for love, she does not want to think about Arjun but unknowingly her mind is going back to him and his thoughts without her knowledge.

Mala noticed Radhika’s face who lost in deep thoughts, she smirks and told to Riddhi & Anjali who is there already helping her, “Did you see Anjali? Radhi’s husband has too much of attitude na, how he behaved that day…burnt the new saree. God, I never imagined that he will do like this.”

Mala signaled both of them about Radhika and they two also joined the conversation with her and Riddhi said, “Haan Mom, even I wondered seeing him like that. Too much arrogance he has, he can he burnt the saree which dad bought for her. Good that dad did not get much angry on him otherwise can’t even imagine what would have happened?”

Radhika already started starring them angrily listening their conversations.

Anjali, “What would have happened?”

Mala, “Leave him, even I thought to scold him but I just let him free thinking he is our radhi’s husband”

Radhika shouts, “Can you all shut your mouth?”

All the three stopped their conversation and looking at her, who is starring them furiously.

Mala, “Why are you shouting now?”

Radhika, “Maa, just stop it ok. Don’t say anything about him”

Mala, “Oh you are getting angry when we are scolding your husband is it?”

Radhika rolls her eyes, “Yes, I am getting angry and I will get angry when you say wrong about him, so please don’t say anything about him”

Riddhi, “Oh, it’s like that. Then what should we do for his act then? How dare he can burnt the saree and what he is thinking about himself?”

Radhika, “I know him very well and you all don’t need to tell me anything. And Maa, this is the last time that I should not hear anyone talking nonsense about my husband. I will become kaali then”

Mala, Riddhi and Anjali stuns seeing Radhika with her eyes widely opened and having knife in her hands pointing to them and breathing heavily.

Suddenly the trio laughed at her and Mala said, “Enough Kaali maata, enough. Little brat, you are getting so much angry when we scold your husband is it? I can see how much love you have for him. Fine…from now we won’t say a single word about your husband to you and to anyone. Go be with your husband and take care of him very well”

Radhika drops the knife listening her and realizing herself how she fought with her family for Arjun. The word husband echoes in her ears, she couldn’t face them and runs to her room.

She locks the door and leans on the door to her back reminiscing the conversation and the time she spent with Arjun. Tears rolling on her cheeks, she walks to her bed and sit with a thud saying, “Why are you punishing me god? What wrong I did? First you made me fall in love with Neil, then you made me to go against my parents for him, when I was ready to start my life happily you again ruined my life by snatching Neil from me. Why you want to kill him? After Neil I have no one in my life for me, I have hidden myself from my family for 2 years because I know that they will force me, convince me to get marry. I did not want to marry anyone else. But Arjun came into my life, as my friend who is ready to do anything for me. Why? Why he has to risk his life for my sake? I got him here as my husband just to show to my family that my marriage life is not good, so that I will get separated from my husband and live with my family. But whatever is happening currently, I feel it is not good. Though I mentioned him as my friend but now I feel different when I see him. My heart wants to be with him, but my mind stops me…warning me. I can’t cheat Neil, I love only Neil…no one else.”

She cried badly and lied down in the bed by hugging the pillow. Outside, Dadaji hears her confession while standing near the window and gets tensed seeing Radhika crying. He silently goes away from there. He walks to his puja room and prays to god murmuring, “I know that there should be a reason for your every act. If you sent Arjun to Radhika, then there should be a reason behind it. I believe you, please make my grandchild happy. She suffered a lot at this age and I wish she should not be suffered anymore and deserved to be happy. Only Arjun can do this…only he can keep her happy. I beg you, please make them together forever.”

He turns back and wipes his tears saying, “It’s time for to play now. Arjun, I coming to you my boy” he smirked and goes out.

He comes searching Arjun everywhere but could not find him, he enquired with a servant and got to know that he went to farm fields. Dadaji smiles murmuring, “You can’t escape from me Arjun”

Arjun walks left to right in front of his farm house and talking to himself saying, “What to do now? Whatever we are planning all are backfired. No good sign at all. How to make them angry on me? Day by day it is getting tougher and this girl not even worrying about it…looks like she forgot the reason why we came here. What to do?” he keeps murmuring and thinking about the plan walking here and there.

Dadaji comes to him and appears in front of him suddenly making him scared and screamed little. Arjun “Dadaji, don’t scare me like this. I will get bad dreams in the night”

Dadaji, “Bad joke”

Arjun keeps observing dadaji’s face and finds some difference in him and asking, “Why are you looking at me like a culprit?”

Dadaji, “Indeed you are”

Arjun, “Me?” with shocking reaction

Dadaji, “Haan, you snatched my granddaughter from me for the past 2 years na, then you are the culprit right”

Arjun makes face saying, “That you should go and ask you granddaughter, not me”

Dadaji, “I know, I will ask her but before that I wanted to meet you, so only I came”

Arjun, “Why?”

Dadaji smiles and suddenly he hugs him saying, “Thanks for everything Arjun. If you were not there, then we would have not got to see our Radhika here. It’s because of you she is happy now. Not only she, my whole family is lucky to get a Son in law like you. I am so proud now to say that you are my son in law. Radhika’s karma, she got you as her husband”

Arjun did not understand why dadaji gets emotional now, he separates him and asks, “What happened to you dadaji? “

Dadaji hides his tears and asks him, “Arjun, can you promise me?” he extends his hands to Arjun.

Arjun, “Why dada ji?”

Dadaji, “You first promise me, I will tell you”

Arjun hesitates but promised him and asks, “OK promise, but now tell me why you want me to promise you?”

Dada ji holds his hand which is on his and said, “Never ever leave Radhika. She belongs to you Arjun”

Arjun gets shocked hearing Dada ji, he don’t know how to react and stands numb seeing him.

Precap: Radhika goes to bathroom to take bath. Arjun also goes to the same place and gets shocked seeing Radhika there. Dadaji locks the door outside and smirks.

Hey all, so finally our second love is on air now. Okay so please let me know your views for this. Waiting eagerly. Love you all 

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  1. Am very happy to see you here akka.unga updates illama inga varave enakku pidikala.and second love is mindblowing and so you so much akka take care and come soon

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    finally you are back…. by the way did I tell you that dadajii is gonna be my crush after Jason (Teji)??? however teji is not gere yet but plz bring him… I feel mmz incomplete without him lol

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  6. Hi..Happy that you are back with a nice episode.Wanna see Ardhika scenes..dadaji is rocking here also.good..plz update fast.

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  8. Sathya… Awesome episode… Waiting for enemity to love….. Take care of you….

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    Sathya darling superb, excellent, nice, good , awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic, outstanding episode. …. i liked all the scenes. . . . . I loved it to the core. …..will be waiting for next episode. …..

  10. Nice touch to karthik sirs pooveli movie

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    Awesome precap Di. Waiting for next part. Amazing part.

  15. at last you are back with bang
    the story is really nice yaar.
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