MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 7)

MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 7)

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Recap: Arjun burnt the saree which dilip bought and Dadaji convinces Dilip. Ardhika’s first plan backfired

Dadaji and Ankush takes Arjun with them and shows him their farm fields and shows him to their workers. Arjun talks to them nicely and easily mingles with them. Dadaji gets happy seeing his down to earth nature and gets proud of seeing him as his damaad.

Suddenly the workers move from Arjun and goes to their work, Arjun finds fishy and gets confused seeing them not talking to each other also.

Dadaji comes to him saying, “Nothing, Dilip came, he won’t like chitchat inbetween the work”

Arjun, “Really?”

Dadaji, “Yes, he will get angry, if they chit chat without doing the work”

Arjun smirks and goes towards the workers calling them, “Enough of working now. Come let’s play a game”

Dadaji too gets equal shock like the workers and goes to him asking, “What are you doing Arjun? Dilip won’t like all this?”

Arjun, “So what? I like it and i want to do it right now”

Dadaji, “Arjun, why you want to make Dilip angry?”

Arjun, “What is there to get angry on this Dadaji? I am just trying to encourage our workers. How long they can work without even talking”

Workers smiles listening him and Dadaji too finally agrees for it but at the same time he rolls his eyes thinking what Dilip will do.

Arjun gathers everyone and split into two teams, he joins in one team and ask Dadaji & Ankush to go in another team. Soon Radhika, Mala and Ridhima too joins them.

Now the team is like, Arjun, Dadaji, Ankush are in one team and Radhika, Mala, Ridhima in another team.

Arjun, “Now we gonna play the game Dumbcharades, means A member from the opposite team will come do an acting of a movie and their team should find out what is that movie name? If they find out they will get one mark. Likewise we also have to play and find out the movie names. All understood?” he asked looking at the workers and they too nodded their head joyfully.

Arjun, “OK, Radhika first will start with your team. I will give you the name”

Rads gets the name and started acting for the movie names and it is been finding by her team easily. Now the turns goes to Arjun’s team, they too acted well and found the movie name. The game continues with their cheers and echoes everywhere. Till now the score gets equal.

Arjun looks at the place where Dilip is standing and watching all this silently with an angry face.

Arjun smirks and gives a name to Radhika team and the movie name is “Pyaar kiya to Darna kya”. It’s Radhika’s turn and she is trying to get her team understand well but none is able to find it out. Arjun’s team started their count to get them lose.

Radhika is tensed and urging her team to find out the movie name, Arjun counts as 9 and waits for Dilip to burst out his anger but to his shock, Dilip answers, “Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya” surprising everyone.

Radhika jumps in happiness and hugs Dilip and he too smiles & hugs her happily looking at Arjun behind her.

Radhika jumps happily and teasing Arjun for losing, but Arjun drags her to a corner and hits her forehead saying, “Idiot, i thought of using this game to make your dad angry and you are enjoying it happily”

Rads gets confused, “What are you saying?”

Arjun rubs his head saying, “Dadaji told, your dad won’t like all this games chit chat in between work. So only i did all this game planning. But as usual it got backfired and this time by your dad”

Radhika, “Achacho, i am sorry, i was in a joy mood after winning the gaem, you dint say me the plan before itself na.”

Arjun, “What can you do if i said you before hand?”

Radhika, “I too would have acted with you”

Arjun, “That was you were doing. Your dad ignores all his anger and came to your rescue, to save his daughter and spoil our plan. I was thinking that he will shout on me and i can use that chance to go out from this house. Cha, all backfired”

Rads gets sad seeing him going from there.

In the evening, Rads search for Ridhima asking Mala and she informs that Ridhi went to temple. Radhika feels odd thinking what if Saral comes and harm her. She goes to Arjun and tells her worries to him. Arjun, “Okay you be here, i will go and look for her.”

Rads, “I will also come with you”

Arjun, “Ok, come”. Both leaves in search of Ridhima.

Ridhima coming to home from temple alone but stops by her husband Saral on the way. She gets angry seeing him and tries to walk past from him but he hold her wrist and forces her to come with him.

Saral, “Why are you refusing to come with your husband?”

Ridhi tries to free her from his grip, “You are not my husband. You are a cheap person and you tried to kill my kid….leave me..i won’t come with you anytime”

Saral slaps her and forcefully takes her with him. Ardhika finds them and gets shocked seeing Ridhi gets hurt. Saral gives a lustful look at her saying, “I was looking for your sister and now you too came. Good then”

Arjun holds his fist in anger saying, “Leave her and go”

Saral, “She is my wife and you have no rights to stop me”

Rads, “What nonsense rights you have? You tried to kill your own child and you are talking about the husband rights? You are not fit to be a human at first. Leave her and get lost”

Rads tries to take his hands from Ridhi, but Saral leaves Ridhi and gets Rads hands saying, “Okay, i leave your sister but will take you inturn”

Arjun lost his patience and slaps him hard, holding his collar saying, “She is my wife, you have no rights to even look at her and how dare you touch my wife”

He give a strong punch in his stomach and gives a hard blow punch on his face saying, “This is for eyeing my wife”

Rads is astonished seeing his angry and listening his continuous spell as his wife. Arjun takes Radhika and Ridhima with him. Radhika stares him emotionally, she gets some foreign feelings and gets tensed.

Radhika rests herself on the sitout starring the full moon aimlessly, so many thoughts are running around her mind, her first confront with her friends for eyeing Arjun, then how he stops Saral looking at her, when he kept the sindoor on her forehead, and today his words, his spell as she is his wife….Radhika closes her eyes tightly, tears oozing from her eyes, she gets Neil face, she jerks and opens her eyes of sudden shock, but more than that she finds Arjun infront of her looking at her with a cute smile on his face.

Radhika gets up and extends her hands towards Arjun whispering, “ARJUN” but she gets shocked seeing him disappeared. She breathes heavily of realizing her new feelings and murmurs, “This cannot happen”

Radhika goes down with lot of confusion in her minds, and gets confront by Arjun on the stairs…gets unbalanced due to the sudden meet, Arjun exactly catches her at the nick of time.

He holds her by her waist and pulls her to him asking, “Radhu, what happen? Are you ok? Becareful while coming down”

Rads just nods her head and goes from there. Arjun finds her behavior wierd and stares the way she goes.

How is today’s chapter. Hope you all like it. Pls pour your comments.

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

  2. Sushie

    Ippo thaan sathy akka ff kanome nu nemachitu i

    1. Sushie

      Ipo thaan unga ff kanome nu nenachitu irunthn crt ah update panniteenga 100yrs ponga…?? so sad of arjun wtevr he tries it backfires… Lol dumbchardes awesome game.. It reminds me of my high skl days.. Dilip s really a grt dad can’t see his daughter struggling… I wish let all of arjun’s plans gt backfires n he will b with rads??? n finally!!!! Rads strts feeling for arjun beyond friendship Yeahhhh!!!! Awesome update love you… Tc

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, I love how Arjun said keep your hands away from my wife, and Radhika realizing she has feelings for Arjun, it’s getting interesting, Sathya you nail it, well done, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  4. Loved it akka wow arjun unknowingly had fallen for rads.this is too interesting akka.want to see their romance soon love you akka take care

  5. Sreee

    Superbbbb।. just superbbbbb.. semma akka…. superb backfire plan…lokll…and arjun’s fight and anger…woooow.. my wife,huh…. her new found feelings..awwwy sooooo beautifuly penned.. post soon others akka….Muahhh.. love u soo soo much???

  6. Dhara

    Superb. Awesome.

  7. Superb… Loved it.. Waiting for next…..

  8. arti viswanathan

    Sathya darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice,awesome,marvelous,fantastic episode….. I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes… I liked the way arjun saves riddhi and radhika from that bl.dy saral….. Tc loads of love to u from me and teddy hug to u…..

  9. wow. nice one. Both have feelings unknowingly.

  10. Gianna

    That game part in the farm was hell funny, I knew his plans will backfire but was not expecting Dilip to join the game. Now the sparks have started between the two waiting for the full blown fireworks of love.

  11. Dev

    Hey satya..nice epi….n all plans are floping poor arjun…..n sparks of feeling 4 radu….wen 4 our arju….waiting buddy
    Hugs…n love tc

  12. Sangee

    Hey satz ?. Finally my wait came to an end…. I loved it yar…. Arjuns plans back fires he he he he ?…. Though I know the story line before… Reading ur gives me different feel… Don’t make me wait more…. Next one soon… Else I will pester u as usual ? love you…..

  13. Roma

    Wowwww awesome episode. ..satzzzz…after sooooo looooooong you updated this outstanding story. …I was waiting for this. …arjun plated game with villagers. ..wowwww. ..but his plan backfired again…lol…so sweeeeeet. …arjun smashed saral….very good treatment for him….but rads got some feelings for arjun…that’s so awesome. …this is getting more and more interesting….with every plan for getting far from each other. ..ardhika getting closer….so marvellous …..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling Satzzzz ♡♡♡♡♡♡ ;* 😉

  14. Bhoomi

    Superb episode di….. Poor Arjun ?…… Haww Radhika started dreaming about Arjun??… I. Missed u and your ffs…. Update soon??

  15. Dipika

    Wowww satzzzzz
    . my senorita this is soooo beautiful episode.. N was a good treat.. I was laughing my heart out at the failure of arjun’s plan.. Lol.. Bechara.. His FIL id intelligent more than him. N tht blo*dy jerk saral.. Why he hav to come to spoil such good moments.. But i lik the our hero stands for radz.. N radz realise something is happening to hwr heart.. So i. M. Excited for arjun’s feeling towards her.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  16. Wohooooooo….. Sathya dear… Loved it..

    1. Actually it’s we…. Not ww ?

  17. Jewel

    this is superb sathya, that fight scene and rads realizing her feelings that parts were really nice….. loved the chapter, waiting for next…

  18. Gauri

    Satz I am loving reading that their plans are backfiring now….too good…loved it when Arjun smashed Saral for radhika claiming her to be his wife….ok so now Radhika is feeling kuch kuch for Arjun… Arjun feeling the same…waiting for him to fall soon….keep rocking 🙂 love u

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