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HI all…am Satz back with halted FF. MY SECOND LOVE. I am resuming it from now and as you all know it is Few shots only. I won’t stop this again inbetween and will continue till it gets end. I was having my handful of ffs and that’s y i halted this and now am little free and resuming this again. Fine no more is the next chapter and i have given the previous chapters link below to recall previous episodes.

I am dedicating this to my dear sissy Rosie…who pestered me like anything to resume this. In all my other ffs..she will make sure to leave a comment saying about this story. Rosie and this is for you dear 🙂

Episode 1

Episode 2


Radhika is walking inside the graveyard and prays infront of the Cemetery..she looks sad and cries looking at it. While going to her office, She meets a Guy Arjun who turns out be her college friend and gets shocked seeing her in India whom supposed to be in abroad and he gets doubtful seeing her pale face. After lot of hesitation Radhika tells her painful past to Arjun, how she and Neil met each other, fallen love, Neil’s parents support and her family’s refusal for the marriage, Rads stubborn decision to marry Neil, Neil’s accident while doing a shopping for their marriage and how she hidden all her past from her family. Arjun felts bad listening her past and tries to ease her mood. Then Arjun tells about his life, his love and job related stuff to her. Finally they spent a nice time with each other and Rads informs a day off to her office and Arjun offers her a drop to her home. Both leaves and reaches her flat and there they met Ankush, Rad’s brother came to meet radhika and her husband and mistakenly assumes Arjun as her husband and hugs him happily. Where in Ardhika tries to explain him but Ankush is not ready to listen anything and tells them that their dad is now agreeing to get them to their village. Rads feels happy listening her papa agree to meet her but now the problem is, no one knows in her family that Neil is died and she is still single…as per them when she took a stubborn decision to marry neil, from that day itself Dilip her dad stops talking to her and strictly instructs others also to do the same. So everyone in her home thought that she is married to her love and living happily. Now that’s the reason Ankush misunderstood that Arjun is her husband. He then immediately leaves from there to meet his friend. Ardhika is shocked due to this confusion and does not know what to do. Rads gets scared to tell them the truth about Neil’s death and thinks if they know it then they will force her to marry some one else. She shares her worry to Arjun and they goes out to think about some plan to avoid this but unfortunately they caught by Police who does patrol in the beach at the late night. To escape from his insult, Arjun tells him that they are husband and wife and to check that the police officer takes them to the flat which radhika stays. Luckily Ankush also came and waits for them there and gets scared seeing the police vehicle there with Ardhika. Police also gets to know from Ankush that they are he wished them and leaves from there. Ankush tells Rads that he spoke to papa and he wants them to travel to village next day itself. Ardhika s startled listening it and gets confused of not knowing how to handle this. Arjun comes forward and says that he will join with him tomorrow after his work done. He goes from there leaving Radhika appalled.

Here continues the next,

MMZ – My Second Love (Few Shots – Epi 3)

Radhika is shocked seeing Arjun’s behaviour and her mind does not accept for this. She thinks to tell the truth to Ankush and looks for him but before that she gets a call and it is none other than Arjun. She picks the call, “Arjun?”

Arjun, “Radhika…i am sorry to stop you in telling the truth. I know it is hard for you to hide this but think well and decide. We just stuck up in a bad situation and you have to handle it carefully.”

Rads, “I know Arjun but i am scared now”

Arjun, “Why?”

Rads, “I wanna tell the truth to bhai but…”

Arjun, “but what?”

Rads, “What If they plan to make me marry to some one else after knowing the truth about Neil?”

Arjun, “It’s good na Radhika. How long you will be staying alone? You also should need a family yar”

Rads, “Arjun pls. For now i can’t think anyone else other than Neil. I will not be able to handle my family’s pressure if they get to know it”

Arjun, “Radhika…try to understand. You need someone to hold you in your life. You cannot lead a life without having anyone. I really want you to consider it”

Rads in a firm voice, “No Arjun. I can’t do this. I can’t tell the truth to him after knowing what they will do”

Arjun stops his car aside, “So what you decided?”

Rads gulps and gets nervous saying, “I need your help Arjun”

Arjun understands something, “Means?”

Rads, “You said will do anything for me. I just want to you to act as my husband infront of my family”

Arjun jerks holding the steering wheel, “Are you mad Radhika? It was very tough to act infront of your brother can you ask me to do this to your family”

Rads pleads him, “Arjun pls…just for me..pls you have to do it. Only you can help me in this.”

Arjun, “Radhika…don’t be silly and pls be serious. You know my situation also right…i am already fighting for my love and you are asking me to act as your husband and coming to your village. It is not at all possible”

Rads becomes silent and only tears are oozing from her eyes and she says in sobbing voice, “I am sorry for troubling you Arjun. Bye”

She disconnected the call before Arjun responds. Arjun knows she is crying and he couldn’t stop her from crying. He holds his head and leans forward on the steering and bangs his hand on it.

Radhika goes inside her flat with Ankush and thinks for the right time to tell him. But she did not get courage to open up and decides to tell the next day morning. Both had a light talk and done with their food & goes to sleep. Radhika’s sleep went far away and she just lies on the bed starring the ceiling.


Next Day, Ankush wakes up early and is getting ready to leave. Radhika is tensed seeing him in full speed..she gulps and calls, “Bhai”.

Suddenly they hear a knock on the door and Ankush goes to open it…she gets shocked and surprised seeing Arjun standing infront of her having his luggage in his hand. He looks at her angrily and turns to Ankush with smile saying, “I am ready. When can we leave?”

Ankush with the same happy tone, “In another 1 hr we can leave. Just wait i already booked a cab..i will call and check”

He goes and Arjun comes to Radhika who is still standing in a shock seeing him. He shakes her saying in angry tone, “R u happy now?”

Rads comes to senses and whispers, “Arjun”

Arjun raises his hands to stop her, “Enough…don’t say anything. Just answer one question”

Rads looks at him and he continues, “How long we have to play this drama? Because i can’t stay more time with you..and i have given 3 months as the deadline for Sam to accept my love and i am sure she will. So ideally once she accepts me..i can’t be with you from the very next day.”

Rads smiles slightly saying, “3 months is enough Arjun. I will manage it”

Arjun with an attitude tone, “What you will do? Haan..nothing you can do. You only know how to cry and how to melt others by your tears”

Rads smiles seeing him and takes his hands in hers saying, “Believe me Arjun. Just 3 months is enough. We will try to show my family that we are not in sync and have lot of misunderstandings and will tell them that we will decide to go apart.”

Arjun blinks at her, “Then?”

Rads, “I will say to my family that i cannot marry anyone else and want to stay with them as their daughter itself”

Arjun takes his hands from her saying, “I am not happy with this decision Radhika. I am really not but i accepted to this drama just for you. I don’t know why..but i felt bad listening your crying and your sobbing voice. I felt some pain in my heart. I want you to be happy always and now i am coming with you is just to not to leave you alone and i will try my level best to change your decision”

Rads rolls her eyes and says, “Thank you”

Arjun makes faces saying, “welcome”

Ankush also comes then and they all goes down to get the cab to the station. The trio starts their journey to Radhika’s native place with so much of expectations. Radhika’s so nervous of thinking that she will be seeing her family especially her favourite person her dad after a long 2years. Arjun looks at her and holds her hand tightly which is on her lap and pats it slightly assuring that he will be with her always.

Ankush looks at them and smiles having a relief after seeing their affection to each other.

Precap: Dilip & Arjun’s First meet. Dadaji & Arjun’s jovial talk. Dilip ignores Arjun where in others enjoys talking with Arjun.

That’s it for today. Hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter. Next will be on Sunday for sure.

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  18. Satz actually indha storiya naa padikradhula sorry coz yennakku storyoda starting & ending theriyum so…

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