MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 2)


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MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 2)

She is walking on the road soulessly and lost somewhere that she didnt even notice the vehicles approaching the busy area fastly. She is about to hit by a car but suddenly a two strong hands pulls her on the platform. She comes out from the trance and looks at him who stares her angrily and suddenly his look gets changed seeing her. He smiles at her and calls, “Radhika? You here?”

Yes, the girl is none other than Radhika. Rads also smiles seeing him and says, “Hey Arjun…what a surprise? How are you?”

Yeah and he is our cute Arjun.

Arjun, “First answer my question. What are you doing? You supposed to be in US far as i remember you were saying that you will go to US for higher studies and will settle down there. Then how come you are here?”

Radhika keeps silent for sometime and says, “Shall we sit somewhere and talk?”

Arjun, “Why not? Come lets go to that coffee shop”

Ardhika goes to the nearby coffee shop and books a corner table, so that they can avoid unnecessary disturbances.

Arjun, “You did not answer my question still?”

Radhika stammers and says, “Actually Arjun…i did not go to US”

Arjun, “That even i am knowing now seeing you here…am asking you why?”

Rads, “Let me speak Arjun. You are not allowing me to talk only”

Arjun keeps his finger in his mouth and signs her to speak. Rads smiles at his childish act and continues, “Arjun, you know me till the last day of our college..and that time i was interested to go to US for higher studies but initially my family did not accept to send me so far especially my dad. But i was against their wish and applied for US Visa and decides to work here till i get my visa. I did not go to my home coz i know if i go there then they will not allow me and even i can’t refuse their wish if i see them. Soon i got a temporary job here and continues my work. Somehow i managed to convince my parents due to my stubborn nature..finally they gave up. I went to US and joined in Cambridge University, it was like a dream comes true for me. I enjoyed each and every moment of life happily. Soon one more happiness added into my life which makes me think that I am the luckiest girl in this world. Yes, there i met Neil, who was my everything untill he left me”. she pauses there and drinks water to hide her feelings.

Arjun senses the seriousness and asks, “What happened after that?”

Rads, “We love each other deeply. He was my everything, that i did not even remember my family when i was with him. He used to be my dad, used to be my mom, he used to be my brother and all over he was my soul. He also works there for an IT firm and we both decides to go back to india to seek permission for our marriage from our families. His parents were lived in Mumbai only and we met them and got permission from them easily coz, they just want Neil’s happiness. After that it was my turn to talk to my family. I was really scared to talk to dad, Neil pushes me to talk and i called them & informed them about my relation with Neil. They were angry on me and asks me to come to home immediately. I refused it and said i will marry only Neil. Dad was broken inside, since we are the highly respected family in our village and my family scared about the society’s taunts. I did not care for it and was strict in my decision about marrying Neil. I thought they will be angry on me for some time but soon they will agree but no, i was wrong. They completely abandoned me and after that they did not ready to talk to me in the phone also. Neil ony pacified me and his parents were the biggest support for me that time. They treated me like their own daughter and i was happy to get them and expected a lot to lead a life with Neil and his family. We decided to do a court marriage, coz Neil suggested it. He did not want us to have a grandeur marriage without having my parent’s consent. We all agreed for it and started our marriage shopping. I was so much excited for my marriage and that day has come. We finished our shopping and was walking on the road, suddenly one guy snatched a bag from me and it has my mangalsutra which chosen by Neil for me. I was shouting and Neil started chasing him whereever he goes. He crosses the road and finally got the theif. He beats him badly and got the bag back from him. He was so happy and starts checking the mangalsutra in that. He picks it up in hand and shows me from the opposite side of the road and shouts in an excitement saying, “Radhu…it’s there”. While saying that he was crossing the roads and did not notice the truck on the same way. Within a fraction of seconds, before we realise what happened, i found Neil was hitted by that truck and fallen on the road as a lifeless body. I screamed him name but he was not there to hear it. I ran to him and kept his head in my lap. His eyes was just open and looks at me with hopeless. I asked the people for help but before they did something, Neil lost his last hope and left me alone as a Orphan in this world. I cried like anything and pleads him to come back to me. But he was not ready to listen me and left this world finally.”

She stops and cries silently. She looks at Arjun who is in tears which hides his vision. He takes the tissues, wipes it and relaxed himself for sometime and looks at her says, “I am sorry for him. I did not expect that you gone through a lot. How long it has been?”

Rads, “Its been 2 years now. Today also i went to his cemetery and did my prayer.”

Arjun, “Where is his parents now?”

Rads, “They were also lifeless when their only son died and i couldn’t face them coz i am the reason for their son’s death. But still they consoled me though they were also in pain. But they decided to move somewhere and they don’t want to be in this city, they called me too. But i decided that i will stay here only with the memories of my Neil. I can’t start my work without seeing Neil here and i feel that it will be incomplete for me.”

Arjun, “You are really great Radhika. You were not the one whom i studied in college. Those chubby, bubbly girl radhika…i never forget that girl. But now you are totally different from her.”

Rads gives a painful smile and says, “Situation changes every one accordingly. You cannot even bring that old radhika back. She died 2 years back itself”

They both are silent for sometime and rads breaks the silent and asks, “So leave that now. Tell me about you? What you are doing?”

Arjun comes to jolly mood now and says, “I am the same Arjun whom you know from college, there is no change in it. I became the Entrepreneur of an Ad company here and life is going smoothly except one thing.”

Rads, “What’s that?”

Arjun, “My love. You know what…these girls na..its very difficult to understand them”

Rads stares them and he continues, “ i am not saying about you..i mean..few girls i am saying”

Rads smiles seeing him and he says, “You are looking good while smiling. Keep smiling”

Rads, “Ok more senti dialogues now. Tell me what is the problem now?”

Arjun, “She is the problem. Her name is Sam…Samaira Khanna. She is an upcoming model and i booked her for one of my company’s Ad. It’s like love at first sight. I liked her when i met her in the studio. I was mesmerised seeing her and silently observes her. Day by day i started liking her more and proposed her one day”

Rads shows excitement in her face and asks, “Hmm then what happen?”

Arjun with a sad pout and puppy face says, “She rejected me”

Rads laughs seeing him and says, “Very bad. Why she rejected you?”

Arjun, “She needs to concentrate on her career only it seems. I tried to convince her a lot that i will support her blah blah blah…but no response. Now also i followed her leaving my company in other’s hand and tries to convince her daily. But there is no improvement at all.”

Rads consoles him and they both finds that they spent a lot of time there and decides to leave. Arjun offers radhika a drop to her home. After a long thinking she accepted it and goes in his car. They reached her apartment and she invites him to come to her home. Arjun agrees and they parked the car in the basement and is about to get the lift but stops hearing the security’s voice.

Security, “Radhika madam, somebody came to see you”

Rads, “Who is that?”

Ardhika looks at the way the security points and radhika gets shocked seeing her brother Ankush there. That’s it all her emotions and pains freaked out in a moment after seeing her lovely brother infront of her. Ankush comes towards them and calls her, “Choti”.

Rads runs to him and hugs him tightly and cries her heart out. Arjun is happy and somewhat relaxed seeing radhika gets atleast one of her blood relation. He thinks to leave once they notices him. He stares them continuously, but once Ankush seperates radhika, he comes to Arjun and hugs him tightly saying, “Hi i am Ankush, your wife’s brother. What is your name? Sorry i forgot, its been a long time na”

Arjun slowly, “Arjun”.

Ardhika is shocked by his acts and rads is about to tell him but Ankush stops her saying, “Choti…i am so happy that you got a very nice husband. I am sure now that i can convince papa and now i have to go out for another important work. I will be back soon. I have to tell you lot many stories. OK bye now.”

Rads is speechless and stares him the way he went, more than her Arjun is the one who becomes statue and stands in the same position how Ankush left him from his hug. He did not move a single bit and stuns hearing his statement.

Rads sees him like a statue and shakes him to come to the reality. Arjun, “Radhika..wat is this new head ache yar? Who told him i am your husband? How can he think himself without asking us? I don’t understand anything”

Rads, “I am sorry Arjun. It’s because of me only”

Arjun, “Pls say it clearly”

Rads, “Actually Arjun, i informed my parents about my marriage but i did not tell them about Neil’s death. I think they are in the mindset that i have married Neil and ..and…ankush bhai thinks that you are…”

Arjun looks at her and says, “NEIL”

Rads nodded as yes and Arjun bangs his head in his car door and says, “Radhika, you know na already Sam is not accepting me, if she gets to know all these dramas na, she will never turn to me yar. Pls do something”

Rads, “Don’t worry, I will inform him”

Arjun, “Till then i have to be here na….or you will manage him”

Rads, “I will manage him Arjun. You leave, i don’t want to give trouble to you”

Arjun felt bad seeing her and says, “It’s ok. I am your friend and i can do anything for my friend”

They both waited for her brother for more than an hour. Arjun, “Yaar Radhika..where he went? I am hungry now. Shal we do onething? We will go out and come back before your brother reaches here. I can’t be here anymore”

Ardhika goes to beach side restuarant and had something to fill their stomach and spends sometime on the beach, but caught by police when they do patroling. Police catching the couples there and starts enquire them. Ardhika also caught by them and getting enquired by the Inspector.

Inspector to 1st Couple, “Where are you from? And who is she?”

They both are looking like a college students and gets scared seeing him and replies, “Sir…she is my sis..sister”

Ins, “What? You got your sister to beach and chatting with her for more than an hour is it? You both don’t have home to speak”

They blinked at him and is in verge of crying. Inspector then moved to another couple and asks the same question,

The guys replies, “She is my friend sir”. Inspector smirks and says, “You have friendship with pr*stitutes and all is it?. he then asks the constables to get their house address and phone number from both the couples.

Then he comes to Ardhika and says, “What you guys gonna tell me? Sister, or Friend or something else”

Arjun looks at Radhika once and gives a heavy breathe saying, “We are husband and wife”

Inspector laughs and says, “You want me to believe you is it? From where you got her?”

Arjun gets angry and says, “Pls mind your words sir. Really we are husband and wife”

Inspector stares them once and says, “Ok tell me your house address, i will drop you both there. Come”

Ardhika is shocked and did not expect this twist but silently they followed him. Arjun thinks about Ankush once and tells him to go the Rads apartment. They three reached there in police jeep to her apartment and finds Ankush waiting for them in the garden. By seeing them with police he gets panic asks, “Is everything ok choti?”

Ankush to Arjun, “Arjun, what happened y police and all. I just spoke to papa and he agreed for your marriage. He asks me to get you both to home”

Inspector overhears their talk and says, “Nothing serious. Don’t worry..i am his old friend ..just saw them on the way and dropped them here”

Inspector greets them and goes from there.

Arjun signs radhika to tell him. She gets them to her home first and thinks to start about the topic. Rads, “Bhai..actually,”

Ankush, “He is your good choice radhika. even if we search a groom like this, we would have not got only. You know what, papa is still angry but somehow he agrees to accept you in home , after all you are his choti right. I am sure he will accept Arjun also one day.”

Rads, “Bhai..pls listen what i am saying?”

Ankush, “What to listen? we listened you a lot and now you listen to me.” He cups her face and says, “Choti…now only papa forgets everything slowly and pls don’t do anything which make him angry”

Rads looks at Arjun teary eyes and says, “Bhai…actually”

Arjun stops her and says, “Ankush, today only we have to leave is it”

Ankush changes the topic and replies, “Yeah arjun, i planned like that onnly. Why any problem?”

Arjun, “Ya..i am doing a business na…i have to look the arrangements when i am not there. SO i need a time. Better we can leave tomorrow”

Ankush, “Fine Arjun. I am ok.”

Arjun signs radhika to be quiet and says, “Well, i can’t come home tonight. I have some client meetings at US timings. So radhika…i will stay in office only and will come tomorrow. You get ready with your stuff and will decide everything later” by saying that he leaves from there.

Rads becomes statue and couldn’t believe what arjun said.

Precap: Ardhika decides to act as a husband and wife for 3 months. Ardhika reaches radhika’s home town and gets a warm welcome by her family except her father Dilip.

So, how is this chapter guys…you like it? or not? DO you need any changes or suggestion you wanna give..pls let me know anything. Expecting eagerly for your lovely comments.

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