MMZ-And the saga continues–One shot

Salaam everyone… How are you all? Me as usual late latifini is now going to wish my jaanu her birthday with this gift…

Jaanu, wish you many more happy returns of the day and this OS is dedicated to you… Even if it is not nice, say it is nice, okay?? Just kidding… Go on and happy reading… ?
A young girl got down from her college bus dreaming about her first day of college. Seniors surrounded her and some other juniors and started their work that is ragging. The girl had a bored expression on her face because of the spice-less ragging done by her seniors. The boy who is beside her was sweating and it looks like he’s going to pass out any moment. All the others are answering the seniors except our heroine. A senior who was unable to bear her silence asked her name.
Shri Vidya.’ Said the girl proudly.?
This girl doesn’t even have a status and she is proud of her for no reason.’ Mocked a girl in the senior batch.
Shri had had enough now.?
I know I don’t have a status to talk to you because I belong to top class and can please spell the word ‘Status’ for once?’ asked Shri innocently.☺
The senior girl really wanted to prove herself to her batch. So she started her spell-bee competition.?

Before the senior could complete the spelling Shri signed her to stop and said…✋?
Arey I was just joking. But I must say you really are very intelligent. [Note the sarcasm]’ Said Shri.?
As it is time for the classes, all got dispersed. But the boy who was sweating earlier became fan for Shri from that moment.
After reaching classes, all the first year students were assigned to different houses. [As in HP series the students were given house names and they should work as a team in that house.] Shri was assigned to Griffyndor and the boy is assigned to Slytherin. This didn’t stop the boy from getting smitten by Shri. He is continuously eyeing her with such awe that he can accommodate an elephant in his mouth. ??
Next few days flew by with all the introductions and all. When the competition for hockey was announced, Shri was jumping up and down because the game is her absolute favourite and this year she is even going to participate in the game. ??
As usual there is a tough competition between Griffyndor and Slytherin houses. The game is at its peak and Shri has this final opportunity to win or lose the cup for her house this year. She did a fantastic job scoring the goal and the boy again became lattoo for her game strategy. He introduced himself that day.
Arjun.’ Said he. ?
Shri.’ Said she. ?
I know. Nice meeting you and good strategy by the way.’ Said Arjun and left from there leaving her to enjoy the victory with her fellow house members. ??
Even though Shri is very good at sports, she is absolute negative when it comes to the subjects like geometry, physics etc., [Jaanu maaf kar de yaar] ?? And Arjun is topper of course, he took this as a chance to stay close to her and so voluntarily gave his word to help her in these subjects. With the help of Arjun and also her kurafathi dimaag help [you guys can understand what it means ? ?] Shri did pass all her subjects with flying colors. She thought to treat Arjun for his help. As she is not that fan of street food, she asked him to meet at her place for lunch. Humara lattoo nau jawaan readily agreed for this. He reached her place even before time. Seeing her cooking all the dishes by herself, he asked her…
You cook?’
Nahin, actually my stove cooks, I only help it by chopping the veggies and tossing them in the pan and keeping them on stove.’ She said.?
Arjun doesn’t understand a bit of what she is saying. He is such a geek, you see. ?
What huh? That was supposed to be a joke and you should be rolling on the floor laughing by this time. Are you sure God gifted you glands that was supposed to make us laugh?’ asked Shri incredulously. ??

Even now Arjun didn’t understand her words, so he kept calm. Shri shook her head in disbelief and completed all the chores and served him the lunch. They both enjoyed the lunch and the four years of their college was spent with such cutie cute moments. They were graduated and it was the time to leave to their respective hometowns. ?
Arjun and Shri belong to same town and so they boarded same train. Arjun is in dilemma to propose her or not. If he proposes her and she has feelings for him that is good and they can move forward in their life, but if she doesn’t have any feelings he will be doomed. ?
After getting down from the train and before Shri leaves his life forever, he gathered all his courage and proposed her by going on one knee. This is done in front of railway station and also before crazy cousins of Shri. All her cousins were so excited to know her answer. But our Shri beta is in shock and so she stood frozen. ? ?
Hoyeee hoyee hoyee, hatta katta nau jawan!! Shri, if you are not going to accept his proposal then I’m going to take it.’ Chimed in our Punch Parvathi aka Jessie. ?
And why will you do that when I’m here.’ Interrupted Sweetie [yaa yaa of course it is me] Jaan!! Yaar bandha is too handsome to handle, I’ll take his proposal, what say!!’ jumped Sweetie. ?
Arey tum donon chup raho. When Sammy is here, no one will take away this hot munda. I do have a jet and we can leave this paagal planet earth and can elope to Pluto, there we can romance to our heart’s content.’ Said Sammy with dreamy eyes and fanning herself. ?
Arjun who is silent all this while interrupted Sammy and brought her back to Earth.?
Even if we want to elope, how can we even survive the space travel? It will take years and years to reach Pluto.’ Said Arjun innocently. ?
Trust Arjun with his geek attitude. ? ? ?
Sammy ki toh bolthi bandh ho gayi. Don’t worry, we will elope to Kerala, God’s own country and settle there hero.’ Came in Aadhia.?
Bhaiyaaa. Don’t worry I’ll save you from all of these crazy girls.’ Said Sreee. [Our cutest writer of MMZ planet]
Only she has seen Arjun as her brother in this paltan of females. ?
On the other side; Gauri di is standing holding back her husband Neil who is ready to pounce on Arjun for proposing his sister-in-law in front of railway station. ? Rossy di is no less than Neil jiju, and she was held back by Gianna di. ?
All of a sudden a cute little girl jumped off her mother’s lap and ran to Arjun. The girl is none other than the daughter of Brin di. The Princess made her way to Arjun and said…
If you are not going to marry any of these girls here, we will get married when I grow up. Deal?’ said Cherry cutely and forwarded her hand to finalise the deal. ☺
Dipika and Myra who went to bring in some snacks for them as they can’t stay hungry for a while got to see the commotion and made their way to the group. Dipika di has gone to La la land with Arjun.
Dipika di, I think aapki mehnat for changing your name from Dipika to Radhika favoured your luck. See you got this handsome hero here.’ Said Myra. ?
Haa yaar, I’m going to kidnap him and elope to my private island.’ Said Dipika with love struck puppy face. ?
If you failed in that mission, I’m going to kidnap him.’ Thought Myra. ?
Shri had had enough now. How dare all the female species of her family are full-on line maaring on her guy? This is not so happening. So she jumped on Arjun, hugged him tight and kissed him. Don’t run your horses wild, kiss on cheeks rey. ?
All the faces of the girls were fallen but they were happy for their cousin who got her true love. Neil jiju and Rossy di are not in a position to accept this, they formed a team to kick and test Arjun. ?

Hello girls… How did you like this shot? Please give your honest comments…

Brin di—I know you have a daughter but I don’t know her name, so used Cherry here. I’ve an army of females in my house too. Sometimes I fear I may forget some of their names, so I use Princess or Cherry as their nicknames. I took this liberty to use your cutie because I wanted some cutie cute girl in this shot. Hope you don’t mind. ?

Dipika—Sweetheart!! See I used your private island idea here… ?

Sammy—Sweety!! I think I fulfilled your dream of eloping with Arjun… Do let me know your views… ?

Gauri di—Please keep our Neil jiju busy, or else he is going to pounce on our innocent Arjun… ?

Rossy Di—Hope you don’t mind for giving you rebel rani kirdaar, I’m your cute little innocent sister naa…??

Jessie—Darling sister, how’s the punch power going???

Aadia, Sreee, Gianna di and Myra—How did you like your character?Sorry, could come up with only this much for your characters..?

Shri and I are super crazy fans of HP series and that is the first reason how we formed our bond too… I used the house names and segregation for the same purpose. I can’t bring Quidditch here right, so Hockey it is… Remember ‘Chak De’ movie???

I know I have missed many of our sisters, but you know my small brain can come up with only this much… ? Okay before all of you are going to get hold of me and kill me, I’m bhaaging from here…????????

Bye everyone…??

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  1. Myra

    Sweetie….superrrr….amazing…..a smile was plastered to my face all the while…fun filled one shot….beautifully expressed. Loved my character reyyy… was short….but its kay!!

    Sorry, for the short comment.
    Love you loads and am eagerly waiting for misconceptions. ?

    1. Sweetie

      Myra,thank you so much sweetheart.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved your character.. 😀 Misconceptions update will take time,so sorry for that.. 🙁 Am working on other story right now..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  2. S.v

    oh my god grifferndor i love that house and im in grifferndor more than enough for me to go all mad. Then i will also be in the team of harry ron and hermoine gosh that would be the best day of my life. Arjun in slitherine ?? Ok not bad but im all happy when it comes to arjun he he he and then the the griffenrdor wins the house cup woo that would be maniac and i would have hugged my fav ron at that time making hermoine burn coz i love the way he keeps his face when howlet comes from his mother in chamber of secret.
    Jaan no sorry as i hate those subjects very much thats why i took commerce as my main subject he he he and he is teaching me then i will seriously learn well and then in the proposal all of my family is standing and im hugging ohh see basically im a shy girl i cannot do this ok ok now dont raise ur eye brows and punch and twin dont look at me like that i can sense u will seriously look at me with a really u shy girl ?? look..Jaanu thank u so much for this os and my hp oh gosh i love i love u i love u so soo much Muhahaaa

    1. Sweetie

      Finally I’m able to make the birthday girl go all mad,haha.. 😉 Well truth to be said,I love Slytherin more than Gryffindor,because I’ve a thing for bad guys you see..But nevertheless,I love Harry,Ron and Hermoine.. 😀 You will hug Ron to make Hermoine jealous,then I’ll hug Arjun and make you jealous Jaan.. 😉 Ron’s face in that part is too hilarious to even start with,first howlet and then spiders,his expressions,ahhh,I’m a big fan of his for those expressions.. 🙂
      Okay I get it you hate those subjects,now I’m relieved.. 🙂 Shy and you???Me and Rossy di are coming for you to give punches,wait..?It’s my pleasure to write this OS dear,love you too and take care.. 🙂

      1. S.v

        Why spiders why not follow the butterflies remember and also when ron will pull harry in the dark forest and when the spell back fires him and his face god a treat to watch and what u said u will make me jealous by hugging arjun lol I will hold his hand and elope to an unknown world rofl

  3. Dipika

    Sweeetheartttttt my darling where are u…i want to give u million kissess…this sooiooo cute…i just loved it to the core..n u knw na…i can always opn to give my pvt island foe arjun only whn i will kidnap him haa..haha…jess,rosie,gauri,u,sammy,gia,brin n cherryyyy…omg…u wrote so innocently..hatta katta nau jawan..haha..sammy planning to take him in pluto..n arjun’s geek answer.. Haha…cherry’s cute praposal…n m too die hard dan of HP series..u used tht concept marvelously.. Throughout the update i was smiling wide..thanks for making me part of it sweetie darling… Love u loads… Muhhhhhaaa…tc

    1. Sweetie

      Sweetheart!!Well I’m in my house right now.. 😉 Thank you so much for those kisses and lovely words.. 🙂 Yeah!! I know you always are up to open your private island for Arjun when you kidnap him and also I remember you said you always imagine yourself as Radhika while writing their romance part and so I changed your name to Radhika,you see.. 😉 Wow!!Another fan of HP series,well I’m going all gaga with those lovely words of all of you..Now I’m dead sure people will think I’m a runaway from asylum,haha.. 😀 It was my pleasure to include you in this shot sweetheart and I’m glad to know you loved that.. 🙂 Love you too and take care.. 🙂

  4. Brin

    I love it and my daughter will love it too, story is too good, SV is one lucky girl, she gets Arjun. You nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Brin di,thank you so much and I’m ecstatic to know you loved it.. 😀 Because I was like “Should I include our princess or not?”But I’m happy now..Yeah!!SV is definitely a lucky girl.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  5. Jessie

    Manasaaaa… my darling siss.. tats a sweeeet surprise for me …!!! Woohoo.. am so happy not oly cause of Arjun.. being with MMZ family….. me, u and Sammy.. warewah.. !! Sammy’s jet to pluto took a u turn to Kerala coz of our geek Arjun…??? Aadia.. u rocked!!.. U have no idea how much am laughing here… gosh!!!!

    Deepz n island.. Myra too…oh my…Gauri safe with Neil.. sweet.. brin’s cutie daughter proposes…Awwwieee…!! Cutest. And Karate kid Rosie.. ready to kick… Free advice Shri.. elope with Arjun in the same train….!! I tell u.. hamare aashirwaad tere saath hai.. lol..

    Darling sis.. this is so sweet like a diary milk choc.. Harry potter Walla idea.. woohoo.. and Shri’s counter attack ?? bear hugs… TC n loads of love…Muaaah….

    1. Sweetie

      Hi darling sister,thank you so much yaar and I’m glad to know you loved it.. 😀 LOL,yeah,Sammy’s jet took a u-turn to Kerala.. 😉 Me too thought the same about eloping,SV should definitely elope in the same train..haha.. 😀
      Diary milk choc,I’m dead now,I want it badly.. 😀 Love you too sweetheart and take care.. 🙂

  6. Gauri

    Sweetie …don’t worry I will tie Neil to a pillar….won’t let him be a bone… 😛 this was so amazing darling…full of fun loved it Rossy maan jayegi 🙂 this one made my day fresh 🙂 loved it amazing gift for SV 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Gauri di,firstly thank you so much for those sweet sweet words,you just make my day yaar.. 🙂 Second,you are going to tie Neil jiju to pillar???Well in that case I’m not the one who should bhaag,it’s him..Neil jiju…..Bhaagooo….Your wifey is hell bent to tie you to a pillar….?Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  7. Bhabya

    Sweetie di it’s amazing and sorry for not commenting on your stories earlier.

    1. Sweetie

      Bhabya,thank you so much dear.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  8. Rossy

    I live and love this rebel rani avatar of mine…lol…if I will get chance to beat Arjun I won’t leave him seriously…geethu dear u know u r superb in many things…update misconceptions and another is also on ardhika if possible ?

    1. Sweetie

      Rossy di,kya punch dialogue maara apne!!Wah!!Wah!! I live and love this rebel rani avatar.. 😀 Well I’m glad to know you loved the shot.. 🙂 You will beat Arjun,why Di??Bandha kitna sweet hai,see he proposed to SV and all the female gang came to him,such an effect he has on us.. 😉 Superb and me???What things di?I’m in fear mode now..Will update misconceptions after THWH series,was banging my head for a shot from many days,have to start writing I guess..But I’m becoming lazy these days.. 🙁 Ardhika pe likhu?Okay will surely try to do that.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  9. awesome………..

    1. Sweetie

      Subha,thank you so much dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you liked it,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  10. _Ritu

    Manasa…dear it was fantabulous one shot… 🙂 SV really got such amazing bday gifts..God y my bday is so late ?? 😉 now m so jealous from her 😉 😉 😀 loved it…loads of love. 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Ritu,thank you so much sweet sister.. 🙂 SV did get her share.. 😉 You say when is your b’day,will have to plan from now itself.. 😉 😉 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  11. Ooooo…sweetie. was soooo sweeeeeet n adorable. ..muaaaaahhhhhh. ..very cute shot my sweeeeeetheart. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡

    1. Sweetie

      Roma di,thank you so much. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the shot.. 😀 Love you too and take care.. 🙂

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