MMZ- Rossy’s Hero!!


Hey Rossy darling…Today is special day for you so…Special gift for you

Bar Bar yeh Din aaye….Baar baar ye Dil gaaye…
Tum Jiyo hajaro Saal ye meri hai AArajooo..

Happy Birthday to you..tada..
Happy birthday to you ..tada
Happy birthday to you My rosy darling…

This is special OS for you..
PS: John Abraham is playing Arjun’s role here..As our Rosy like him in Force2 trailer.( last moment casting is done so pls don’t blame me…)



A panic voice of women disturbed the usual routine going around the city market of Bhubaneswar. Local vegetable vendors were busy yelling to attract their customers. So a guy took advantage of these crowded place by snatching handbag from one lady and her screamed for help catches others attention.

“Arjun……Go and help that lady…..” Sahil said while sipping tea from his cup.

A guy who was leaning on his jeep’s bonnet stood and yanked spreading his arms.

“No Thanks Bro…..I’m in no mood to chase anyone….” He said while enjoying tea

“You called yourself Hero…And Hero supposed to help Needy I guess….” Sahil said sarcastically….

“Yeah..You are right..But Now this Hero is on his vacation so Let me enjoy this world’s best tea with this pleasant weather…” Arjun said raising his glass of tea to tea vendor..Poor Middle age vendor smiles wide with that compliment where Sahil rolled his eyes.

“At first place because of you am at different state on Diwali rather enjoying with family in Mumbai…….N you throwing your attitudes to me….wahhh..that’s called taking advantage of Friendship…..” Sahil remarked in mocking tone.

“Chillax..You should be thankful to me about saving you from that ghisa peeta Diwali celebration…I loved to enjoy seeing different culture and visiting the new places when India celebrates its biggest festival…Icing on cake we are in of temples….to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty….” Arjun raised his shirt’s collar.

Enjoying the view , Arjun eyes fell on person whose Face is covered with hoodie jacket cap. He removed his aviator glasses to find out the person’s Face. He was continuously staring to get glimpse of the person.

The person must be a girl because her hair starts emerging from her hoodie jacket across her shoulder to her front.(Guys refer Rossy’s Dp on Tu)..She is looking mysterious with that Jacket. A younger boy than her was walking with her. That girl brilliantly put her leg across the road at nick time that Thief fell straight on his face while crossing that mysterious girl.
The girl spontaneously did some karate moves and knocked him out and handed to the people. Public cheered for her.

“Wow..Rossy di..That move was far better than Jacky Chan …” A boy said to her while smiling wide

She removed her cap “ Sibu….really….I will teach you that move….”

That’s when Arjun heart started beating at the rate of Rajdhani express when he saw Rossy’s glowing face with sun rays falling on her..Her long straight hair were floating with breeze..Her eyes were dancing with spark on happiness. But soon she got vanished in that crowd.

“Forget your position of hero…because that girl possesses all the heroic qualities….” Sahil said patting Arjun’s shoulder..where Arjun was still engrossed in Rossy’s thought.

“I need to find her….i really want to meet her…” Arjun murmured running towards the direction rosy went.

“Buddy enough of searching for that Girl…Let’s go to my uncle’s place..I never been to there home since childhood…Today is Dhanteras..First day of Diwali and I don’t want to spend this day with you roaming like marketing excutive….” Sahil said again when he saw Arjun still was engrossed in his thoughts.

“AS if I have any choice Sahil…I’m too starving for homemade food….” Finally Arjun spoke

After half day ride around the city they reached the one bungalow which was decorated with numerous lights for Diwali.The bunglow was illuminated with different colored lighting. Sahil entered into the house followed by Arjun. They greeted His uncle and aunty. After chitchatting for an hour and eating special dishes from aunty, sahil’s uncle asked them to relax.

“ Sibu, beta Go upstairs….show them guest room….” Uncle said to his son

Going upstairs Sahil got call so he stayed back downstairs while Arjun continue climbing the steps with Sibu. As they reached to the top most step power went off.

“OHHHHH…How come this power went off today…Bhaiya you wait here.. I will get torch from downstairs….” Saying that Sibu ran downstairs

Arjun as he consider himself as Hero he decided to go ahead but stopped frozen when he entered into a dark room seeing the beautiful picturesque in front of him

There was the same girl (Ofcourse our Rossy) standing holding a parachute lantern and she lightens it by blowing candle below it. She had worn elegant white color lehenga having fine golden embroidery on it with cherry red border.
Her face was illuminated in the light of yellow light. Her lips curved in smile leaving Arjun lost his heart to her at that very moment. She released that lantern in air and stared it in amused with biggest smile on her face. Arjun frantically took off his mobile phone from his jeans pocket and clicked her picture…

Then she went near electric meter and pulls the knob ON position. She winked..Yess you are right there wasn’t any power cut …our rosy darling pull that knob to Off the lights.When room got illuminated Rosy saw Unknown person standing with surprised expression on his face.

“Hey hello Mr Unknown who are you? What are you doing here in my house? “ She asked in threatening tone.
Where our Arjun is lost in her beauty didn’t respond anything.

“I think he is deaf and dumb….Vaise to Banda handsome hai( though Guy looks handsome)….” She waved her hands but he still didn’t respond.

“ Should I checked his skin is insensitive too….” She winked and punched his shoulder which makes Arjun screams in loud…with that both Sahil and Sibu come running upstairs.

“What happened? “ Sahil and Sibu asked

“Nothing..Mosquito bite…” Arjun replied eyeing Rosy. Rosy frowned

“What are you two stranger doing in my house? “ Rosy asked. Then Sibu tells her about them

“Ohhh Sahil bhai you turned so big and handsome…” Rosy hugged Sahil..

“ too turned into mysterious girl…” Sahil said winking at Arjun and told about market incident…

They chitchatted for some more time and went downstairs where aunty rotates Aarati ki thali around Rosy and feed her sweet.When Sahil asked the reason they got to know that Rosy born on Dhanteras so her family celebrate her birthday on that auspicious day..

Arjun amused at this info and wished her.After Diwali when Arjun and Sahil were about to leave, uncle asked Rosy and Sibu to accompany them to show places in Odisha. Rossy was super excited for that as she loved to travel and tell people about the history and heritage of Odisha.

All the time of their journey Arjun was busy looking at her laughing while talking humorous. His eyes were shining with love and adoration for her. Rosy was unaware. Arjun would always love to talk to her as her immense and vast knowledge about the various subjects like space, arts and sculpture, arm force made him feel proud on her.

Once they began conversation they used to talk like there is no tommarrow. Arjun used to tease her and fought with her to get her attentions.

Rossy showed them The Konark Sun Temple, Hirakunda dam, Udayagiri and Khandagiri caves,Lingara Temple, Chilka Lake. Arjun loves when she talked about the places and their specialty. She is really so closed and passionate about the heritage her native possess.

Their last destination was Jagnath Puri Temple and Puri beach.

When they were driving towards their destination they halted for short brake at road side dhaba for dinner.

Staring at Rosy was Arjun’s full time job where she was enjoying food while chitchatting with Sibu.

“She knew Karate..She is rowdy…So beware before confessing your feelings to her…” Sahil said disturbing Arjun’s stance
Arjun chuckled that there wasn’t any point hiding his feeling from his friend

“You urself said she has heroic qualities..So Only a Hero like me can Prapose her..She is my heroine…” Arjun said and continued “ Wait for tomorrow morning..I have a surprised…”

Arjun went some far distance to talked on phone to somebody..He took little long to wrap his discussion….As He came back and seated on the driving seat Rosy asked him “ Girlfriend? “

“No..Boy Friend…. “ Arjun chuckled…Rosy rolled her eyes…

After driving whole night they reached to the Puri beach at early morning. They visited to the temple and took blessing from Lord Jagnath. They felt calmness by visiting sacred place.

After that they went to the Puri beach. The cool early morning breeze flowing g from sea was making environment relaxing and wanting. Orange shades spreading over the sky with rising of sun were a treat. Sun was getting up on horizon above the ocean appearing to start a brand new day. Thin line of golden lights that separates the sky and ocean appeared.

“How’s It?” Rossy asked still looking at the picturesque beauty of nature

“Beautiful…….Breathtaking..Enchanting” Arjun replied watching her…

“Yeah….Let me show you sand art by famous Artist here..This beach is famous for Sand art…” Rosy said while pulling Arjun to the right side of beach…

When Rossy saw the sand art she was astonished…It was Sand art which displaying the Rossy holding parachute lantern with her beautiful smile and below the sand art it was beautifully written
“Happy Birthday Rossy….” Covered with fresh roses…

Sand art was done by award winning local sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik.

Rosy was out struck and mesmerized.

“How come you know it’s my birthday today…An…And how did you did this arrangements?” She asked still gulping the surprised in amusement

“Divya drushti…lol..i learnt it from your pan card when you showed it to the security back at the temple….And you remember I asked you about the this very famous sand artist beforehand and yesterday u asked me about talking to someone over phone..who is none other the very sand artist…I send him you picture that I clicked when I saw you at your home….” Arjun replied

“Smart..huhh..” Rossy winked “ Thank you..I never imagined such beautiful gift for myself from a person I merely know….Thank you so much….”

Arjun paused and then spoke…

“ I love you Rossy…You walked into my life at the moment you walked into that room from balcony. You stole my heart when you looked at me first time. I like the way you always listen to your heart and set rule by yourself instead following the forced one. I like when you smile while talking. Whole world stops at that moment for me….
I like the way you look positively to every aspect of life and enjoys every bit of it….I want to be part of your life. Will you allowed me to enter into your life to make it OUR’S??? will you let be Your Hero??” Arjun confessed

“Ohhh..Finally you confessed. I was waiting eagerly…” Rossy ran and hugged Arjun

Arjun couldn’t resist but to smile wide

“You knew it already? “ he asked taking her in embrace

“Ofcourse..I’m not blind and dumb..Dumbo!!….I loves you too….” Rossy scremed in happiness where people around them started clapping for them was including Sibu and Sahil.

Rosy darling how’s the gift? Don’t punch me if you don’t like it because you know na I have done facial recently….

Rossy darling you are one of the pure soul here I got to know..You always inspire n motivated me with your threating yet confident tone when I feels low..When I get sadden over my weakness, you always brought positivity from that weakness and makes me feel proud on myself ..You scold me when I lose track of writing for receiving less comments… You made me realized what it means to become own self.

Thank you soooo much for being Wonderful friend and philosopher.

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Mind blowing dipika I liked it

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much Aarti dear.. ?

  2. Brin

    I love it, Rossy is one lucky girl, Dipika you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Brin darling thank you soooo much for your Awsome words ????

  3. Jewel

    Dipika this was nice… A very beautiful gift to rossy…

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much Jewel … Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  4. Bhabya

    Dipu di I think rossy di is surely going to like it And rossy di happy birthday

    1. Dipika

      Thank you soooo much Bhabya darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  5. Sathya

    Dipu…i told you already…but still i am telling it again. Superbb shot…I love the intro Hero Arjun and the bold and dashing Heroine intro Rosie…Wonderful….They way Arjun oogling her and always thinks about her…so cute to read. Aaaahhh John Abraham ..i like him too. My sissy so perfect and fit for this heroine role..bold n dashing girl. LOL…she waited for him to say it first…ha ha ha buddhu….good that hero proposed heroine otherwise she would have punched him of not telling overall it is super se bhi uper wala OS dear. Best gift for Rosie…Love you dear 🙂 Happy Bday Rosie my dear sissy…

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhoooooo datz darling i’m smiling ear to ear yarrr.. Yeah she would have punch him.. Lol.. Thank you soooo much darling for proof reading n support… U r truly my swt frnd.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  6. Jessie

    Judwa behnaaaaaa…..(neil’s tone)…this is chumeshwari!! Super se upar…!! Aur kya kahun…u proved 2 be my judwa…why..and how…read my story too..there is a similarity..heheh…I loved the lantern scene and sand art of the same…banda…bahut acha hai..!! U gave a precious gem for her birthday yaar….Deepzzzz…Arjun is totally flat seeing her…hai to aise hamari Rosie..!! Hero and heroine dialogue was superb…

    Sahil dialogues was too good ya…then…that hoodie thought…???Arjun’s cool!!! The places and puri beach…fantastic one…U brought our Rosie here…we think alike…am happy with that…love u girl…the wonderful gift I loved … Lucky Rosie!!! Happy Birthday….Iss Arjun ko punch mat1 karo…lol sahil warns she is rowdy…????

    1. Dipika

      Jessssd meri judwa behena… Neil tone.. I actual imagine it.. Lol…. Chumeshwari.. Wowwwwwww.. Thank you soooo much for lovely wordd yarrr.. M soooo dancing ?.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  7. first of all heroine insted of thank u …i prefer to give u some punches and kicks though u did facial recently….lol…kya yaar….sach me rulaogi kya….in the whole chapter i never feel like its a story….its me…of course the real me…except that karate moves….now i understand why u asked my bro name…lol…tune meri saare ploe khul diye….and and no matter how much i told u , threaten u ; u will never stop ur gaga praises…

    apart from that thank u very very much for such special gift dear…m feeling like heavenly, happiness surrounded me…our sweet naughty banters…u will always have that special place….lots of love for u dear…and tune john ko kyun liya…u r really making me feel joyful through this os….m laughing whole heartedly and happiness has no bound

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhhh rossy darling thank you sooooo much.. I’m sooooo happy… You i was nervous… Yeah thts y i asked u about sibu.. N whim u like between arjun n neil.. N. Other gk question.. M sooooo happy tht u liked it.. Tere liye punches bhi swikar hai.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Very well and awesome?and BTW

    1. Dipika

      Thank you do much we dear.. Love u lots ? ?

  9. S.v

    oye oye oye dheepsssssseyyyy super super superrrrroooooooo super ayyoo john abraham aka arjun with my twin aka rossy super awesome dandanaka naka naka dandanaka naka he is flat when he saw her for the first time ha ha ha ha it is obvious coz she is an angel with skills and then jumping from balcony and everything his only work is to stare her lol he was blown when he saw her super saaley u should coz she is our preciosu. he he he i am laughing like all maniac donno why and dont ask me either i am going all gaga when my sis is in love mr jiju u will have to face us coz she is our precious gem. lovely one dheeps. love u tons

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh wowww.. Dv darling i’m happily dancing as read thid.. U made my evening.. Ohhh u enjoyed it so much… Thank u sooooo much darling.. Love you loads????????

  10. dips seriously you are just awesome girl. and what john ahraham cool jodi hain na?? loved it. rosy rowdy. knows karate. arjun got stuck with her for lifetime to get beatings. lol. sahil taunting. arjun and sahil starting dialogues. frinedship ke khate meethe pal. superb. then rose entered being hero. haha. nice one. rosy naughty tooo. power cut. arjungot mesemerized. bdaY GIFT. sand art supe ridea. loved the pyaar bharee lines. so giddy feeling.

    superb. rose. baar baar ye din aaye
    baar baar ye dil gaaye
    tum jiyo hazaro saalon
    happy bday to you
    my lovely rose

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh god manhuuuuu u read it… M soooo happy.. U knw m literally smiling wide.. N pinched myself to believe .. THANK U SOOOOO MUCH darling… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ????

  11. Roma

    Wowwww. …beautiful, gorgeous. …outstanding shot…..u explained Rossy’s nature very brilliantly….her likes…her rowdiness, bravery, confidence, knowledge, loving, soothing, unconditional friendship bond with all of us….wowww…it was really awesooooomeeee story….I loved it to the coreeeee. …u used her dp image in her intro…her karate n rowdy avatar…then her beautiful gorgeous avatar as lovely pretty girl with parachute lantern….her expressions n her different stories content about space, art, sculptures n army….wowwww even all the lovely places in Odessa….n arjun’s confession n her sand art was superbbbbb….mind blowing shot…rosie will be soooo happy to read this unique amazing story. …I’m feeling sooo blessed n proud to have u in my life….Rossy my sunshine….once again…Happy Birthday to you my sweeeeeetheart. ..coz of you we r reading all these beautiful n outstanding stories….love you loads my sweeeeeetheart darling dipsss. ..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug tight wala ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉 😀

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