MMZ- A Rockstar’s Love Story (OS)

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Radhika stood in front of the mirror beautifully dressed in her red dazzling wedding attire…she was decked with jeweleries from head to toe but she wasn’t even a bit happy with her marriage which was supposed to happen in few hours….Her eyes welled up,” Arjun…I wish we had met in some different circumstances… I wish I wasn’t brought here to marry your brother but you… I couldn’t even confess my feelings for you…” She sobbed clutched his Rolex watch in her hands.

Her mind travelled to the past remembering how she met him that day and how she lost her heart to that man who can never be hers.

6 months ago..
Radhika stood holding her luggage on the airport…She was told that her fiancé will receive her but the big problem was they had never met each other…Still she was told that he had seen her pic so it won’t be difficult for him to spot her in crowd…her forehead ceased with lines worries…it was almost an hour but still she was standing in one corner….

She was lost in her thoughts and gulping her vanilla latte in her goplet just then someone tapped her shoulder….Her eyes opened wide seeing a man clad in jeans and jacket….But the real shock was that he didn’t wore anything inside the jacket which was hardly covering his bare torso….his chest was covered with lipstick marks and nail marks….

Radhika stared at him with a awful expression…She gave him a disgusting look and tried to walk pass him But he caught her wrist and inquired in a firm tone,” Radhika right?!”

She glanced at him at him with fury and spoke in a harsh tone,” So you are ayush….my so called would be husband….Do you have any idea how much time you wasted of mine….I am standing here for almost 1 hr now….all people are giving me weird unreadable expressions only because of you….When I was busy torturing my legs here you were enjoying with some random female in your bed….if you wanted to sleep all around with chicks then why you brought your alliance for me….why?!….She asked again with tears in her brown eyes,” Why Ayush?!…why?!”

He stared at her for a minute and burst out laughing,” Oh God such a big confusion….” He controlled his giggles with much difficulty,” Radhika…I am not Ayush….I am Arjun, his cousin brother…..He was busy in a meeting so he asked me to pick you up from airport….I am sorry for the being late.”

As the realization dawned her….She cutely brought a guilty expression in her brown crystal orbs which were burning with rage few seconds ago….

Radhika politely apologized,” I am so sorry….I thought you are Ayush….I am really sorry.”

Arjun smiled,” Its OK…Well its quiet surprising that you never saw your would be husband’s face….”

Radhika mumbled,” Its shocking…But we have talked over phone for couple of times.”

Arjun,” Yah I know….He talks about you at times.”

Radhika eye pupils enlarged like a curious kid,” What he says about me?!”

Arjun chuckled,” He z sophisticated but he says you are his total opposite and you both are like chalk and cheese.”

Radhika pouted,” What a weird stupid comparison…..was he hit straight in his brains?!”

Arjun giggled at her innocence,” I felt he was never born with brains.”

Radhika laughed like a kid…Arjun lost himself in her smile….he had never met someone so lively yet cute…her animatic gestures made his heart skip a beat…
Arjun tried to catch hold of her luggage but she retorted nodding negatively.

Radhika,” I am capable enough to drag my luggage on my own….I don’t need your help at all.”

Arjun,” Superwoman we have to rush….so we’ll have to pick it and run….my dadi and your would be grandmother in law has arranged a Pooja( Hindu ritual) for you and Ayush….So please hurry up.”

She tried to lift her luggage but however hard she tried it would fall to the ground again….She didn’t gave up nor did she ask his help…He finally snatched it from her earning a death glare from Radhika…

Arjun,” Radhika Mishra you are a sparrow but you have parrot’s mouth and ego as big as king Kong.”

He guided her to his car and she took the passenger seat while he took the driver seat and drove off…

Radhika stared at him from top to bottom,” Can you please cover up yourself?!…I am feeling awkward.”

Arjun,” Radhika its not a big deal here….And you are my brother’s fiance so don’t feel awkward…I don’t have any clothes in my car to put on….”

Radhika inquired,” Why all man are so shameless?!”

Arjun laughed,” Radhika how many man you have dated that you are passing this judgement?!”

Radhika retorted,” Not even one.”

Arjun,” Look I am not shameless in fact I wear my heart on my sleeve….I am honest…..I don’t hide and do things.”

Radhika,” So you have a girlfriend?!”

Arjun spoke in a careless tone,” Girlfriend…wife…marriage z not my cup of tea…I believe that signing a marriage certificate takes more than it gives you….why I should change myself for someone?!”

Radhika,” So you won’t even change for the girl whom you’ll fall for?!”

Arjun,” That day won’t come….I am a free bird…I can never stick at one place or with one girl.”

Radhika confidently replied,” One day your whole world will revolve around that one girl who will be the one affecting you the most in this world.”

Arjun spoke in a playful tone,” Madam you wanna marry me and ditch my brother?!”

Radhika’s jaw dropped on the floor hearing that statement….She glared at him,” Don’t even say this in jokes… are my would be brother in law.”

Arjun made a lip movement of sorry holding his one ear with one hand while the other kept rotating the steering” Chill hot head….I was just kidding.”

Radhika nodded and gave him a small smile and shifted her attention from him to the view outside the window…

He brought her to the magnificent mehra mansion which was decorated like a new bride….Radhika was astonished and her eyes sparked with shock,” Arjun why z your house decorated so much?!”

Arjun,” Two reasons….First z to welcome their would be daughter in law and second we have a function after that Pooja.”

Radhika with a befuddled expression, “ Which function?!”

Arjun,” Your to be husband won a contract worth 55 cr….so this function to acknowledge his achievement.”

Radhika with a ‘o’ shaped mouth stared at the house which was shining like the brightest star in the sky..

Arjun held her jaw and closed her mouth,” Radhika….so let’s go in.”

He was about to move inside just then She caught his hard wrist and stared at him with earnest eyes full of hope,” Arjun….I am scared….I have never been with so much people at a time….This all z a drastic change for me….I don’t even know why I am sharing this with you….But I feel like doing it….So I am….” She paused and continued lowering her gaze,” Arjun….I don’t know how to deal with your family….how to fulfil their expectations…what if I displease them?!” She asked like a cute kid who just watched some horror film….Arjun giggled inside but maintained a serious face in front of her….

He walked to her and cupped her face,” You can never displease anyone….And my house z not Jurassic park that we all dinosaurs will eat you up….And if any problem arises then I promise I’ll be always there by your side…Alright?!” He reasoned with her in a assuring soft tone he could pronounce.

Radhika nodded her head like a kid who was just bribed by giving her a lollypop….He held her hand and walked inside along with her….

Radhika was charmed by the beauty of house….her mouth opened with aww expression…The interiors were so classy and elegant….even the curtains were made of satin silk…The chandelier was the most beautiful thing…Whole house looked like some king’s palace….

Everyone was busy in the preparations of Pooja…they looked like celestial beings….Radhika felt embarrassed because she was clad in jeans and top….She stared at Arjun who looked like someone robbed him off his clothes instead of money….

Radhika asked,” Arjun don’t you feel awkward?!…They all are dressed up so elegantly and we both look like beggars in front of them….My situation z way better than you….Have you participated in some ‘No clothes’ strike?!”

Arjun laughed hearing her cute statement,” Radhika….They are used to this….I never stay at home during nights and when I come home next day….either I am shirtless or…..” Before he could complete Radhika kept her finger on his mouth,” Chiii….rest I can understand no need to say it.”

Arjun banged his hand on his head,” Oh Sherlock Homes….I was saying either I come shirtless or I don’t come home till evening….you think a lot.”

Radhika held her ears and blinked her eyes like a Disney princess and mumbled a sorry….Arjun stared at her without blinking his eyelashes even once….He was falling for her with every second but even he didn’t knew it….

Their eyelock broke when his aunty( Ayush’s mom) stepped in and hugged Radhika welcoming her in family…

She took Radhika along with her and turned to Arjun,” Go put on some clothes Arjun.”

Arjun also left for his room to get ready for the function…His POV,” Ayush z very lucky….Radhika z just what he needed in his life…A fresh breeze came along with her.”
But he had not even dreamed of what was in store for three of them….

Aunty introduced Radhika to every family member and she got praised for her choice….All blessed Radhika and appreciated her looks and values her parents inculcated in her….But after some time Radhika started feeling bored in their company…her eyes were constantly searching for Arjun….But he had not stepped out of his room…Technically she should be impatient to meet Ayush for whom she came here But she was not even a bit excited to meet him….

Aunty made her wear a pink saree with black border and styled her long tresses in soft curls….She looked like a princess who was about to head for her coronation ceremony….

She stood watching the priest doing the rituals….She yawned covering her mouth….As the Pooja was being done for Ayush and her so they were supposed to sit in it but he didn’t turn up so she couldn’t do the rituals….

Arjun was blown away after seeing her….he had just walked out of his room dressed up and he was greeted by the most beautiful scenery he had ever seen….Her midnight dark hair created a spell on him….her big brown orbs charmed him…her luscious red lips created riffles inside him….His insides shook by her mere presence….he instantly cursed himself for this fatal attraction towards his brother’s would be wife…..His POV,” Arjun what the hell are you thinking?!….She z different and moreover she z your brother’s would be wife….its terribly wrong to think about her in that way.”

His trance of thoughts broke when Radhika snapped in front of his eyes,” Hey….where you got lost?!….I was searching you.”

Arjun composed himself and spoke,” Why you were searching me?!.”

Radhika,” Because you are only person who falls in my age group and you are my first friend here.”
Arjun,” Yah right.”

He gawked at Radhika who was busy adjusting her hair on one side….He loomed on her and brought her hair in front and mumbled,” Beautiful.”

Radhika with a aww expression,” Whhatttt?!”

Arjun in a stammering tone,” I mean the night z very beautiful.”

Radhika gave him ‘ have you lost it’ look,” Arjun….its evening and curtains are closed.”

Arjun,” You talk a lot….time to stuff your mouth to close it.” He took a laadu from the plate which was lying on the table of delicacies and stuffed in her mouth the whole laadu in one go….Radhika couldn’t speak as her mouth was filled but spoke a lot through her eyes which was the dead cause for the newly changed Arjun….

Radhika after finishing the whole laadu spoke in a complaining tone,” Arjun….how can you stuff one whole laadu in my mouth?!….you know one contains about 120 calories….”

Arjun laughed,” So what?!….you’ll look more cute if you will grow fat.”

Radhika nodded negatively shaking her head left right like a stubborn kid who creates fuss for his favourite pencil,” No I don’t want to grow fat….I don’t want Ayush to get all the attention.”

Arjun,” he z anyway not a attention seeker….he hates females going gaga over him….”

Radhika,” Then why you love it?!”

Arjun,” There z no reason I could give for this question….its just that me and Ayush are too different.”

Radhika nodded and shot another question,” Arjun don’t you feel your bro lacks basic manners of informing me that he won’t come to receive me and he’ll be late too…”

Arjun,” Radhika….its quiet difficult to understand him but he z good reliable guy.”

Both them turned their heads to their left when they heard footsteps approaching towards them…

It was Ayush….He threaded towards them and spoke,” Wow….what a perfect timing indeed….I made a entry when my brother who curses me upfront was praising me today that too in front of my would be wife.”

Though Radhika talked about even nevertheless complained about him but now she felt incompetent and uncomfortable in front of him….

Ayush,” Radhika I had two meetings lined up at the last minute…so couldn’t inform you that I won’t come to pick you up.”

Radhika thought that instead of explanation he would have just mumbled a plain sorry…

Arjun noticed the cold air between them and decided to do something for both of them…

After the Pooja got over….function followed…Environment was filled with galore…Ayush introduced Radhika to his business delegates but she felt left out when he got busy with them in a discussion…Arjun pulled her aside,” Boring…isn’t it?!”

Radhika,” Yes but what can I do?!”

Arjun,” Let’s do something then together…”

Arjun took a mike,” Good evening ladies and gentleman…Today we all have gathered here to celebrate the success of my brother and there z also one more reason which adds to our celebration….My brother….Mr Ayush Mehra z soon going to tie knot to Radhika Mishra…..So all of you please shower the couple with your best wishes and blessings to start their life together.”

He took Radhika’s hand and walked her to Ayush who was a bit taken aback by the sudden announcement which Arjun made….Arjun took his hand and attached Radhika’s hand to him,” I may now request the would be bride and bridegroom to enlighten the night with their first dance….And I also request others to joint them on the dance floor.”

Ayush smiled and placed Radhika’s hand on his shoulder and held her by waist gently….He led her to the dance floor and asked her permission for the dance…She nodded in affirmation…

He initiated the conversation,” So how was your day?!”

Radhika in a small voice,” It was good.”

Ayush,” So did you like your new family?!”

Radhika,” Yah all of them are very sweet especially Arjun.”

Ayush,” Yah that he z….I should be thankful to him for being with you throughout the day….”

Radhika,” Ayush if you don’t mind can I ask you something?!”

Ayush,” Radhika we are going to share our lives….you can ask me anything.”

Radhika,” Was this alliance fixed against your will.”

Ayush understood that she asked this question because he couldn’t devote his time for her…he felt guilty for making her feel unwanted and undesirable…

Ayush,” No not at all….the first time when I saw your picture…I really liked you and then we have talked for couple of times….you are just different from me but we both get along well, right?!”

Radhika,” Yah we do.”

Ayush,” Radhika…I know I couldn’t make time for you but I was really very busy…I feel my parents always chose the best for me….So I can never doubt or go against their choice.”

Radhika,” Same here.”

He was about to say something else but his PA interrupted them and informed him that there was a call for him….So he had to leave…He spine her to Arjun who was busy eyeing the chicks in figure hugging dresses….

Arjun-Radhika danced beautifully never breaking the rhythm…

Radhika,” Arjun you are such a cheapo?!”

Arjun made a innocent face,” What I did now?!”

Radhika,” You were busy doing filthy gestures to those girls.”

Arjun,” I am a man.”

Radhika,” When I said you are a gay?!”

Arjun chuckled,” Radhika….I love attention and when its female attention then its like icing on the cake.”

Radhika,” Arjun…why are you so different from your brother?!”

Arjun,” Some other time I’ll answer this….Now someone z waiting for me.”

Radhika cocked her eyebrow,” Who?!”

Arjun signalled to her right…She turned and saw a girl who was desperately waiting for him folding her arms to her chest….

Radhika,” Your girlfriend?! “

Arjun,” Why do you keep asking me this same question!!?….She z not my girlfriend nor one of the girl I can bed….she z a guitarist and we work in band together.”

Radhika,” Finally you introduced someone who you aren’t interested in.”

Arjun,” I’ll go now…catch you later.”

Arjun tiptoed to his room silently after his practice session and slept after a tiring day…

Next Morning….
Radhika threaded to Ayush room and knocked twice on the door….He opened and greeted, “ Morning.”

Radhika mumbled,” Morning…Ayush can we go out….I mean it’s Sunday so can we tour somewhere…”

Ayush,” I have to go for work…why don’t you ask Arjun…He z anyway always available for unimportant things like campaigning and roaming on the streets with a guitar and few creeps to watch him perform.”

Radhika,” Ayush….I know you both are too different But he never badmouths you like you did now….He aspires to be a successful rock star and I don’t think dreams are categorised small or big….Respect his work like he respect yours.”

Ayush folded his hands in front of her,” OK…Now stop preaching me like my mom…” He patted her cheek and spoke,” Now let me get ready….you go and search that rockstar…We’ll go out some other time.”

Radhika nodded and left to search Arjun…She got to know from the servants that he z always found in the gym at this time….She entered inside his personal gym…There he was running on the treadmill…He wore only track pants….Streaks of sweat were running down his torso which made him look like a hot sizzling male model on the magazine cover page….Radhika walked in but turned around seeing him shirtless…She spoke in a stammering tone,” Arjun can we talk?!”

No Response….

She again mumbled,” Arjun please can we talk?!…please put on your shirt.”

Still No Response…

She again spoke in a little loud tone,” Arjun we need to talk.”

No Response…

She got irritated now….So she turned around and walked to him…In her fuming anger she forgot that he was shirtless….He had put on headphones so obviously he couldn’t hear a word she spoke…

He got shocked seeing her early in the morning…He got off the treadmill and tried searching his shirt…

Radhika in a high pitched tone,” Who the hell do you think of yourself?!”

Arjun stood folding his arms to his chest…he loved her cute anger which made her nose and ears bloom red….If it had been some other girl with this quality….He would have kissed her hard….He answered,” Rockstar…any more questions?!”

Radhika took two steps towards him and showed him her forefinger,” What you both brothers think of me?!…Am I some person who z not worthy of his time…I am your guest and you both are not even treating me like a human….No one has time for me.” She complained like a small kid who wants his mother’s undivided attention..

Arjun smiled,” Correction…you are going to be a family member soon…So you are not guest.”

Radhika,” Still but its future…The present z I am new here…I don’t know any places here…Your brother z the most busy person living on this earth and he thinks I am the most available person…”

Arjun walked two steps back and spoke,” Why are you yelling at me then?!….Go and pull his hair instead of eating my brains…”

Radhika stomped her foot and bantered angrily,” FINE…I’ll go and won’t disturb you again..” She saw that her anger had no impact on him as he was smiling at her….So she started emotional blackmail,” I thought you are my first friend here…But No one z there for me….you don’t know how scared I was to sleep alone at night….I always sleep with my pink teddy But I couldn’t bring it here….You all are very bad.”

Arjun was biting his cheeks to control his simmering laughter….His POV,” She z hell cute.”

Radhika tried to walk pass him But he caught her wrist…He pulled her back and cupped her face,” Radhika…Its kk…you’ll adjust to your new family and we will take care that you don’t miss your family that much…especially your pink teddy.”

When her anger flew away…Just then she realized that he was shirtless…His proximity affected her and her face bloomed pink…But she hide her blush in the dark curtain of her hair…There was only some inches gap between both of them…She stepped back and turned her face away,” Arrrr…jun…Please wear your shirt.”

Arjun laughed throwing his head back,” You are so cute….all while you didn’t realize it when you were lashing out at me But now….”

She cuts him off,” Stop giggling…wear your shirt.”

He didn’t teased her more and puts on his shirt…He walked towards her…He puts his hand behind her to grab the water bottle kept on the table behind her But she closes her eyes in fright thinking that he might pull her in his arms….His hand slightly touched her waist while grabbing the bottle…He took the bottle and stepped back….When he kept it back with a thud sound…Just then she realized that he wasn’t touching her and he just took the bottle behind her….She felt embarrassed of her own assumed thoughts…She couldn’t meet his eyes which were naughtily staring at her…She decided to talk something to avoid this awkwardness,” Arjun can we go out?!”

Arjun,” Yah we can…Give me 30 mins…I’ll go take a bath and will call you when I am ready.”

Radhika nodded and left…As soon as she departed…Arjun burst out laughing remembering all the events that took place…

Its was almost an hour since she left him alone…But he wasn’t ready still…it was hard to kill time in a house where hardly anyone talks…She missed the giggles of her younger brother and the tactics he did to irritate her…She terribly missed the motherly affection and her father’s protective embrace…

Mehras and Mishras were old family friends so they decided to turn this strong and beautiful friendship into a everlasting relationships…So they decided to get their children married to strengthen their bond more….Arjun was two years elder to Ayush…But he wasn’t settled while his singing career was still not established Moreover he didn’t believe in love and marriage…For him his life was all about music….His living included pubs…loud parties….hot chicks at night…car racing and bikes….singing on streets….Rock concerts….The moral of the story was that he was a complete bad boy….But he had a heart which craved for love though he couldn’t express that need….He was always compared to Ayush in everything since childhood….His grades were good but Ayush was way better than him in studies….For their family Ayush was obedient son who was at home before 10 pm….a family oriented guy who was a firm believer in arrange marriage….He had never back answered anyone till date…..Arjun loved to stay out as he knew that he was only going to get hurt by the comparison his near and dear ones made…..He loved silence too But it only made him more lonely…no one found it necessary to give him a helping hand and pull him out of the darkness and loneliness which always targeted him…..He loved singing and that was the only thing in this world which truly made him happy….But his dad thought it was not a prestigious career so he kept on discouraging and taunting him that being a Mehra….How could he sing on roads like beggars!!!…That really hurt Arjun….This created a rift between his dad and him….Even his mom was helpless though she always wanted him to be a singer But she was unsuccessful in supporting him and going against the family….

He still clearly remembered the day when he lost that one person who was the only one who believed in him….He had a big fight with his dad that day and he angrily left the house taking a oath never to look back….But all this took a toll on his health and his mom was admitted in hospital for a massive heart attack….She couldn’t make it and she breathe her last in Arjun’s arms But before closing her eyes never to open them again, she took a promise from him that he won’t leave his dad or the family or the house….Arjun gave in seeing her begging in front of him to fulfil her last wish…But his dad always held him responsible for her death and accused him to be the world’s worst son ever….Arjun had stopped feeling vulnerable as he had completely drowned himself in music….

But now God had decided to bless him too….Radhika had walked inside his life but road was not easy….Arjun was too much broken from inside to trust anyone again….He had put on a mask to hide his pain as he didn’t wanted any one to see through his soul….Let’s see if Radhika z able to break all the barriers between them or not.

Arjun knocked on her door….She opened in a minute as if she was standing waiting for him only….She was dressed up in a blue jeans and white top which had numerous frills. Arjun stared at her from top to bottom and mumbled,” Nice.”

Radhika pouted….Her POV,” It seems praising a girl z a crime for all the males in this family.”

He led her to his car….But she stopped him and spoke,” Arjun I want a bike ride.”

Arjun POV,” I haven’t tolerated any girl’s tantrums so much….I don’t know why I am not able to refuse her.”

He was about to hop on his bike But she nodded negatively,” I’ll ride the bike…you’ll sit behind me.”

Arjun,” No I can’t risk my precious bike giving it in your hands.”

Radhika,” Arjun….I know how to ride a bike….please trust me once.”

Arjun gave in when she made a sad face and blinked her eyes like a cute kitty….She rode in a good speed…He had always heard that bike z for boys and scooties are for girls But she proved him that saying wrong….He always admired strong woman who were no less than any man….He kept instructing her the directions and she kept obeying him….He asked her to stop near the sea life aquarium which was one of the most famous places there….

Radhika was amazed finding different rare species of aquatic life….Arjun was happy seeing her smiling wide…Then they explored Crown Jewels, Tower of London, Buckingham palace and also took a boat ride to River Thames which was an unforgettable experience for both of them….Radhika was so chirpy that Arjun had to cover his ears to escape from her continuous blabbering….But her expressions were too cute to move gaze away from her….He forgot everything in her innocence….If she wasn’t his brother’s would be wife….He would have married her next minute….But he kept reminding himself that she belonged to someone else….It was getting difficult to live with this feeling which he couldn’t identify….

They were walking on the streets with a ice-cream cone in their hands…As usual Radhika was talking nonstop and Arjun was walking staring at her face endlessly….Radhika’s ice-cream melted and fell to the ground because she was opening her mouth to talk more….Arjun laughed seeing her face which fell eyeing the ice-cream on the ground….She got angry and threw his ice-cream away too; Laugh now.”

Arjun glared at her,” Why you punished me for your mistake….you should have been careful…why you threw my ice-cream away?!”

Radhika,” Because I didn’t wanted you to get bad stomach ache owing to my hungry eyes which were fixed on your ice-cream.”

Arjun laughed hearing her cute honest answer….His all angry flew away hearing her confession…He pulled her cheeks and spoke,” Did anyone told you that you are amazingly cute?!”

Radhika,” Yes?!”

For the first in his life….He felt jealous and possessive towards a girl…He fisted and asked suspiciously in a accusing tone,” Who?”

Radhika,” You.”

He smiled,” Chalo then let’s get you another ice-cream.”

They had a great evening too….Arjun promised Radhika that he’ll take her for his concert one day when she asked him to do so…Finally they came home after a tiring day…

Ayush was already home…He was feeling guilty for not giving Radhika his time….So to compensate for that he finished his work early and decided to take her out for dinner….But she was not home still so he decided to wait for her….

Finally after two hours of waiting Radhika came home with Arjun….Ayush threaded towards her and spoke furiously,” Where were you?!….Did you check your phone?!….I called you almost 10 times….you didn’t reply to any of my messages….why it took so long to come home?!”

Radhika got scared but answered,” Ayush….my phone battery was dead.”

Ayush turned to Arjun,” Arjun even you didn’t answer my calls…where were you both?!”

Arjun,” Sorry Bro…actually I forgot my phone in my room.”

Ayush held Radhika’s hand,” Let’s go out for dinner.”

Radhika,” Ayush….I had my dinner with Arjun and his friends.”

Ayush left her hand and spoke angrily,” I have been waiting for you since two hours….I even refused dinner when whole family had it together and asked me to join in…You are really irresponsible.”
He walked away leaving behind a hurt Radhika….

Arjun turned her towards him and wiped her tears; Radhika…He hardly remembers anything in the morning…his anger z like two minute noodles…”

Radhika spoke in a low tone,” I am not crying because he called me irresponsible….He was waiting for me with a empty stomach and hope in his eyes…”

Arjun,” Let him taste his own medicine then…He didn’t give you time since you came here…God gifted him a payback.”

Radhika,” Arjun…we don’t payback in relationships…I didn’t do it purposely…It just happened…I am trying my best to make this relationship work….I can’t break my parent’s heart.”

Arjun nodded but inside he felt a void in his heart…His POV,” Why I couldn’t get someone like you?!”

Radhika,” Arjun…I am tired…I’ll go get some sleep…will talk to Ayush later…Good nyt.”

Arjun,” Night.”

One Beautiful Sunset…

Arjun and Radhika were watching the sun kissing the horizon and welcoming the moon…Arjun gazed at Radhika who was playing in the water and splashing water on him…He want to lose his sanity in her giggles….her brown orbs which were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen…

Suddenly a mischievous thought crossed his mind…He spoke urgently,” Radhika watch out….there z a crab near your feet.”

Radhika laughed,” You think that can scare me…OK there z a vulture behind you.”

Arjun,” Hahahahahah…very funny.”

Radhika knelt down and picked some sand in her fisted hands and got up…She moved her hands on his shirt….He felt an heated desire after feeling her touch…He didn’t even realized when his white shirt got brown by her hand marks imprinted on it…

Radhika laughed,” Arjun it looks as if you have played holi with sand.”

Arjun lost himself in her naughty smiles….her sparkling brown eyes which shone in light….her rosy red lips which looked like lotus petals….her animatic gestures stole his heart…he went on his knees and picked up some sand in his fist and got up and applied it on her face brushing his fingers on her forehead…her chubby soft cheeks….her chin…his fingers trailed down her neck to her collarbone but stopped near her chest bone….they moved to the other side and brushed against her forearm to her fingers…..Radhika who wasn’t prepared for this had closed her eyes tight….his touch was doing million lot things in her body….she shivered under his touch and unintendedly she moaned his name,” Ar…….jun.” She then realized what she just did and opened her eyes But thankfully he wasn’t there….He had gone to fetch clean water to clean both of them…
She stood there thinking about him with a smile plastered on her face….

One Night together….

Arjun had taken Radhika along with him to camp along with his friends….They decided to explore the jungle for fun….There weren’t any wild dangerous species there as it was for people who loved to spend dark nights in forest….All knew this except Radhika….Arjun wanted to scare her a bit….

They decided to play treasure hunt and made teams…Arjun clutched Radhika’s hand tight as he couldn’t see her teaming up with someone else….Radhika didn’t mind it as she trusted him the most….

Radhika walked behind Arjun as he was pacing fast to find network to make a call as they had lost their way….Radhika was literally running to match up with his long strides….Finally she lost her temper and pulled him back,” Arjun you are a jerk….Do you have any idea how much it takes to pace up with you?!….I can’t walk more….I am tired.”

Arjun,” Radhika even my legs are paining bad….But I don’t throw tantrums like you.”

Radhika with her hands on hips,” How dare you say that I throw tantrums?!”

Arjun,” Yes you do.”

Radhika left the argument and started walking in opposite direction….Arjun caught her wrist,” Where the hell do you think you are going?!”

Radhika,” Away from you….you said I throw tantrums so I am freeing you off from the responsibility to take care of me..”

Arjun pulled her to his chest,” Dare you move away from me….Radhika its really dangerous out here….if you don’t want to become the dinner of wild beast out here then stay with me.”

Radhika got scared hearing that….she shivered in fright and clutched his bicep tight bragging her nails in his hard muscles But he didn’t flinched….He cupped her face,” I am there….till you have me nothing wrong can happen.”

Radhika nodded and clasped his arm while he led her along with him….They finally found a house in the woods….Arjun knocked on the door but no one opened….He knocked again but no response….But Radhika had no patience; Helloooooo…..We lost our way… take us inside and let us stay for night..”

Arjun stared at with his mouth flung open and spoke,” Radhika are you requesting or commanding?!”

Radhika rolled her eyes,” I am requesting, you idiot.”

Arjun mumbled in a low tone,” I doubt that.”

Radhika snapped,” I heard that.”

Arjun,” Good for you.”

Radhika ignored him and banged her hand on the door again,” Helloooooooooo…..Anyone inside?!”

She walked to the window beside the door and peeped inside….It was a empty desolate place which had no source of light except the hole on the ceiling which made a beam of light creep inside….Radhika walked to Arjun who was standing at the door,” My macho man, ….Show your strength and break the door.”

Arjun opened and closed his mouth like a fish,” Did you really call me a macho man?

Radhika,” Yes I did….you spend two hours in gym everyday so now show your strength….But I don’t think you can do it.”

Arjun spoke in a confident arrogant tone,” you don’t challenge me….you’ll lose then you’ll cry….right now I don’t even have handkerchief to give you.”

Radhika,” Go ahead make me lose than.”

Arjun took five steps and back sped towards the door and slammed in with lightening speed….It broke open and he gave Radhika a wining smirk…

Radhika tapped his shoulder,” Well done my macho man….I am proud of you.”

Arjun,” stop calling me that.”

Radhika,” I thought men love it when they are called macho man.”

Arjun rolled his eyes,” A man z a man….you think having well built body and kingly attitude makes a macho man….But a real man z the one who follows what he preaches….a guy should know to stand up for himself and his girl….It does not matter if he has a six pack abs or not.”

Radhika,” Yah true….for me the perfect guy z Brad pit.”

Arjun in a jealous tone,” Yah I saw his king size poster on your wall in your room.”

Radhika,” what’s wrong in having a crush on him?!”

Arjun,” He z almost 30 years elder to you and you ask what’s wrong in having crush on him.”

Radhika,” But he looks so hot.”

Arjun,” Whatever.”

Radhika,” So it hurts your ego that a girl z talking about another man in front of you.”

Arjun POV,” No I am not a pervet but I don’t like it when you drool over other guyzz.”

Arjun,” Do you want to spend the night standing here?!…Let’s go in.”

Radhika,” You didn’t answered my question.”

Arjun,” Did we sign some treaty that I have to answer all questions you shoot?!”

Radhika,” why are you being a jerk?!”

Arjun,” Because you piss me off.”

Radhika,” What I did?!”

Arjun snapped,” You don’t know?!”

Radhika,” No.”

Arjun’s POV,” God she’ll be the death of me.”

Radhika,” What are you thinking?!”

Arjun,” I am thinking about throwing you over my shoulder and carrying you inside….Because you are so obsessed to irritate me that I have to think something about myself too….I can’t stand here.”

Radhika hurriedly walked inside listening to his threats and Arjun followed her chuckling all while…They sat opposite to each other but now an different silence was all they could feel….Arjun had no words because she wasn’t blabbering like she always did and Radhika was speechless….

Radhika tucked her hair strands behind and spoke,” You know I don’t like this awkward silences between us….Talk something nah.”

Arjun thought for a while and replied,” But I am enjoying it….its not everyday that you are so quiet….otherwise you talk till my ears bleed.”

Radhika fumed listening to him and got up and walked to him and started heating him,” I never met someone as mean as you.”

Arjun laughed as she threw punches on his hard toned chest; Radhika stop it….you’ll get hurt.”

Radhika threw her hair in air in defeat,” Geez!!!!….What are you made of?!”

Arjun pinched the tip of her nose,” You are a little sparrow.”

Radhika snapped,” No don’t call me that…I am not a little sparrow.”

Arjun,” Yes you are.”
Radhika,” No I am not.”
Arjun,” Yes.”
Radhika,” No.”
Arjun,” Yes.”
Radhika,” No.”
Arjun,” Yes.”
Radhika,” No.”
Arjun,” Yes.”
Radhika,” Yes.” She answered spontaneously without thinking.

Arjun laughed,” You see that finally you admitted the truth.”

Radhika,” If I am a little sparrow….Then you are giraffe.”

Arjun in a little irritated tone,” No don’t call me that.”

Radhika,” Why not?!”

Arjun,” By which angle I look like Giraffe to you?!”

Radhika,” You are so tall.”

Arjun,” Yah and you are a thumbelina.”

Radhika,” Dare you call me that.”

Arjun,” I will….” He started ranting’ Thumbelina….O little sparrow like Thumbelina….”

Radhika rolled her eyes.
Arjun singed more,” O little sparrow like Thumbelina…. Thumbelina, Thumbelina tiny little thing…
Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina sing
Thumbelina what’s the difference if you’re very small?
When your heart is full of love you’re nine feet tall…..

Radhika,” Stop singing that…..what kind of song this z?!” She spoke angrily throwing daggers at him..

But he didn’t pay any attention to her and hummed more,” O my sparrow like Thumbelina…. Sweet Thumbelina keep that glow (keep that glow)
And you’ll grow, and you’ll grow, and you’ll grow, whoooa!!!!”

Radhika couldn’t take it anymore…..He made fun of her height and Radhika could tolerate any prank but not a funny song made on her height….She had even punched a guy in her college for calling her Lilliput….She got up and matched out of the house leaving behind a rolling Arjun on the floor…

Arjun got up and followed her; Radhika I was just teasing you….Come inside.”

Radhika in a adamant tone,” Now sing more….sing for the walls….doors and windows and the cobwebs inside the house.”

Arjun turned her face towards him holding her jaw; Do you know you become a beetroot when you get angry.”

Radhika in a sarcastic tone,” Wow….First sparrow then thumbelina and now beetroot.”

Arjun,” Radhika you irritate me so much….Did I ever get angry on you?!”

Radhika nodded negatively…

Arjun,” See but when I do something like this….you become a angry bird.”

Radhika,” I don’t call you names.”

Arjun,” I won’t say again….Now let’s go inside….its cold out here.”
The desire to get drenched in drizzling rain overpowered Radhika’s heart and she started jumping like a kid as the raindrops gave her a refreshment….Arjun smiled wide seeing her….his happiness knew no bounds seeing her so happy and cheerful….
He threaded towards her and made her face him….his eyes lit with passion seeing her all wet….he tucked her wet strands behind her ears and spoke,” You remind me of sridevi who looked dazzling in that super hot item number in rain.”
Radhika laughed hearing that and started humming the lyrics of the that ‘ I love you’ song while dancing just like sridevi….she started dancing sensuously enacting that actress perfectly….Arjun fisted to control his desire….his POV,” God she z testing my patience…”
They spend the whole night doing crazy things and fighting over small things….They got ready to leave and luckily found their way back to their group after roaming for almost 18 hours in jungle….
Arjun and Radhika had fallen for each other….But Radhika didn’t realized it while Arjun was head over heels in love with this chirpy beauty….He wanted to confess but he didn’t wanted to be a shock for her….Somewhere he wished that she should confess first…Ayush

The Engagement Day….
Arjun was restless and shattered that today the girl he loves will officially commit to his brother….

Radhika was disturbed too…She was chopping apples to help her mother in law in kitchen…But her thoughts revolved around Arjun and only arjun….She couldn’t realize her feelings but they made her realize that something was not right….She was lost in her thoughts and carelessly trampled knife over her finger….Arjun who came inside to fill his water jar saw that….he ran to her aid…He scolded her bad,” Are you nuts?!…Can’t you be little careful…Radhika why don’t you use your brains….Oops I forgot you don’t have any.”

Radhika just kept staring at him while he bandaged her fingers….unknowingly both didn’t realized that it was her ring finger which was bleeding….Arjun bandaged and left…He didn’t wanted to be around her anymore….

When Ayush and Radhika were supposed to exchange rings…Arjun walked away as he couldn’t bear the sight where the love of his life would put ring on some other man’s finger…But Ayush couldn’t make Radhika wear his ring as her two fingers were bandaged which also included her ring finger….So he made her wear on the finger of her other hand but little did she knew that Arjun made her wear bandage on her ring finger so she got engaged to him not to his brother….

One week before the wedding….
Arjun was packing his bags to leave….He had received a big contract of composing 10 songs for a international project….So he had to travel to France….But the real reason was that he didn’t wanted to attend the wedding….He couldn’t see Radhika with any man irrespective of the fact who the man was…His feelings were killing him inside….So he decided to never to face Radhika again….His dream was accomplished still he wasn’t happy….He wanted Radhika but he knew that it was a sin to love your brother’s would be wife….He hated himself for falling for her….He had hurt her to the extreme to push her away….he was rude to her and it pained him to see her eyes full of tears when he said that he wanted to break his friendship with her….
He closed his eyes and remembered that day…
Arjun was ignoring Radhika and was very much successful in doing it….Radhika couldn’t take it anymore so she barged inside his studio when he was recording a song….She spoke loudly to grab his attention,” I want to talk to you.”
Arjun glanced at his team and announced 15 mins break for everyone….All left them alone….Radhika walked to him and pulled him up; Why are you doing this?!”
Arjun spoke defiantly,” What am I doing?!’
Radhika,” You are avoiding me.”
Arjun turned his face away; No that’s not true….You know how busy I have been all this days….I am on the peak of my career so I couldn’t make time for you.”
Radhika cupped his face with one hand and turned it towards her,” Any one can say that you are lying….Arjun your eyes are speaking something else.”
He removed her hand and created distance between them; No I am telling you the truth..”
Radhika; And you want me to believe you?!
Arjun spoke in a careless tone,” I don’t care what you think of me.”
Radhika,” Why you don’t care?….This z not the Arjun I know….This z not the Arjun whom I befriended….He was the most sensitive person I met.”
Arjun gulped his pain and tears which were ready to flow out and spoke in a hard thick tone,” People change with time..”
Radhika couldn’t believe his words as his eyes were pleading guilty and showing her his pain; You won’t change….I know that…your eyes are speaking something else.”
Arjun fisted….He knew that he couldn’t hurt her more neither could he tell her that he loved her…He cupped her face; Radhika…society might misunderstand our friendship so I want to end it.”
Radhika couldn’t believe what she heard,” What!?” she gasped between her tears.
Arjun said,” You heard me.”
Radhika hugged him tight and kept her head on his chest and wept; No Arjun….please don’t do this.”
He pulled back; Why I shouldn’t do it?!
Radhika; You really want me to answer this question?!.
Arjun,” Yes I want to.”
Radhika,” Because I don’t want to lose a true friend like you…you are too precious to let go…you are a friend whom I can even call at 3 am in the morning.”
Arjun,” Just a friend!?” He mumbled without thinking…his heart was controlling him that time But his mind growled; No Arjun…you can’t let her know.
Radhika stared at him with hope in her eyes,” Arjun what you mean by that?!”
Arjun turned his face away and spoke,” I meant nothing….Just go Radhika.”
Radhika grabbed his bicep and turned him towards her; I won’t go till you answer me.”
Arjun lost his control over his emotions and held her shoulders tightly,” You want to burn both of us in fire….Fine hear me out then…you are my brother’s fiance and you’ll be my sister in law after your marriage…But I fell for you and now I hate myself for it.” He spoke all of it in one breath.
Radhika was shocked by his confession…She moved back and left him alone. She loved him but realization had not strike still…she was too confused with what she wanted in her life.

He opened his eyes and tears rolled down his cheek….his heart broke seeing her with Ayush…..Every time he felt like pulling her in his arms and running to some place where only he could watch and touch her….He was glancing through their pictures together in his phone….Just then he heard a knock on his door…He sped towards the door and opened it….He was flabbergast to see a drenched Radhika. He took her inside and angrily spoke,” What the f**k z wrong with you?!..its raining heavily and you stepped out of the house….I don’t know in which language should I explain to you.”

Radhika,” I came for you.”

Arjun,’ Why?!”

Radhika,” Why you said that?!”

Arjun,” What I said?!”

Radhika,” That you love me.”

Arjun was speechless….He had no words left still he answered rudely,” Its not the truth….I just said it in heat of the moment.”

Radhika,” So you don’t have feelings for me.”

Arjun,” No….Even if I had than too they wouldn’t matter.”

Radhika pulled his collar,” Don’t you dare lie to me….I know that you love me.”

Arjun,” Radhika please don’t press the matter more….Come I’ll drop you home.”

Radhika moved closer to him and he moved backwards until his back hit the nearest wall….She kept her hands on either side of him and spoke looking straight into his eyes,” You know why I walked away that day….Because I was too much shocked to hear your confession But inside I was very happy….though I couldn’t find any reason to be happy… don’t know how much I missed you all this days…I started looking for reasons to meet you But you always kept away…I love you Arjun….only you.”

Arjun jerked off her hands,” This z wrong….you are my brother’s fiance..”

Radhika,” I don’t love Ayush….I don’t want to marry him.”

Arjun,” You came here to marry him and now you have to marry him only….He z way better than me….I am not the man for you.”

Radhika,” You don’t know how good you are…you are a charming, handsome, talented and determined man who has a very good heart…I trust you and more than that I have accepted the way you are….Let’s get married.”

Arjun stared at her angrily,” And do what?!..ruin the bond our families share…you want me to betray my brother….No I won’t do it.”

Radhika,” I can never love him or give him rights over me.”

Arjun,” I am leaving tomorrow…you’ll marry Ayush if you love me….promise me that.”

Radhika spoke in a loud tone,” It will be better if we don’t promise each other anything….I won’t do any such thing to prove my love.”

Arjun cupped her face and touched her forehead to his,” Radhika think about your family….can they take this big blow?!….They’ll be shattered and think about people who love you….they’ll be broken if you back out now….Think where they’ll hide their face if you risk your family’s respect and honour.”

Radhika,” Will you be able to forget me and move on?!…Because I can’t do it in this life.”

Arjun,” No I can’t….its either you or no one.”

Radhika,” Why are you doing this?!”

Arjun,” Because I care for you….I won’t be able to take it if some random person points a finger at your character…its better if we both just leave each other.”

Radhika cried,” I can bear anything to be with you….I don’t care how many accusations are thrown on my face.”

Arjun,” But I do care…Radhika please don’t make this more difficult for me….I have to leave and follow my dreams.”

Radhika,” Will you give me something if I ask you to?!”

Arjun,” Other than eloping with you….I can give you anything….even if its my life which you ask for.”

Radhika,” One last dance with you….I’ll treasure that moment forever.”

He forwarded his hand and she took it…They danced for more than 20 mins….Their eyes were locked with each other…their heart was crying in pain which had no relief…He stared at endlessly without blinking his eyes even once….In his mind he was making a image of her…He just couldn’t get enough of her….His eyes spoke his pain while his wandering hand on her back moved to her cheek and he placed a affectionate kiss on her forehead…she lifted her eyes to meet his and tears streamed down her cheeks and he quickly wiped those. He touched her forehead to his and mumbled,” Promise me you will never cry.”

Radhika couldn’t take it anymore so she hugged him tight….He embraced her back…she pulled back and pecked his cheek. He was startled by this sudden peck,” What z this for?!”

Radhika,” Good Bye kiss….I won’t see you again as I know you won’t return here ever again.”

Arjun in a pained tone,” Always stay happy.”

Radhika,” You know that’s not possible now….I have fallen for you completely now I can’t stay happy without you….But still I’ll keep my promise of marrying Ayush….I’ll also fulfil all duties of a good wife but I can’t love him.”

Arjun,” Why we both had to fall for each other?!”

Radhika,” Somethings are just bound to happen.”
She cupped his face and spoke,” Can you kiss me?!”
Arjun in a sad tone,” No I won’t…I want to do it more than you want to… But its wrong….I am going anyway…Can’t take your innocence along with me.”

Radhika cried her heart out on his shoulder until she got her calm back and Arjun coaxed her and held her to him as he knew that he won’t be able to hold her ever again.

Wedding Day….
The priest asked Ayush and Radhika to stand up for pheras….Radhika stood up lifelessly and tailed Ayush while he walked ahead….her eyes were expressing a million of things she couldn’t say….Her heart was pounding inside her chest and her body had given up…

When they were about to walk the seventh phera around the holy altar….Ayush caught her hand and pulled her back,” You still won’t admit the truth?!”

All ran to him and asked,” Which truth Ayush?!”

Ayush spoke but his eyes never left Radhika,” The truth z that Arjun and Radhika love each other and she z only doing this marriage as a compromise for all of us.”

Her mother turned her towards her and spoke,” Whatever Ayush said z a lie right?!…Tell me you don’t love Arjun.”

Radhika cried and hugged her mom,” I am sorry….I don’t know when all this happened….”

Just then her Dad was about to slap her But Ayush caught his arm before it could lash at her cheek; Uncle please….we can’t control or tame our emotions…Radhika z innocent.”

Ayush held Radhika by her shoulder and spoke,” I know you all think that Radhika did a unforgivable mistake by falling for the brother of her would be husband….But just put yourselves in her place and think….Our hearts chooses our soulmates and we can’t defy our heart…Radhika z pure and are we all worthy enough to accuse her?!…we all fall for someone and marry according to our parent’s choice breaking our dreams and hopes….If Radhika would have married me today then it would have been wrong…we can’t force love….its natural and neither can we control it….If this marriage would have happened today then three lives would have been destroyed…Arjun’s, Radhika’s and mine too….” He turned to Radhika,” I either win or lose….But I never accept consolation prize….you should be with Arjun not with me.”

Radhika gave him a smile full of gratitude and he returned it with a small smile….He patted her cheek,” Now go and stop him before its too late.”

Radhika,” But what about our families and people?!”

Ayush,” Who are this people?!…They are no one to question you…its your life and about our families…I’ll handle them.”

Radhika tried to walk away but her Dad stopped her…Ayush came in between and folded his hands,” Uncle please let her go.”
Her dad kept his hand on her head and spoke affectionately,” Beta….I was mad at you first But now I feel proud of you…I didn’t even realize when my daughter grew up some much to sacrifice her happiness for others….How can you think that we all will be happy seeing you in a compromised marriage….I and your mom always want to see you happy….if your happiness lies in Arjun then you should marry him not Ayush….I am sorry I couldn’t feel your pain being your father…..I am really sorry.” He spoke with tears in his eyes which were full of guilt…
Radhika hugged her dad,” No Papa….please don’t say sorry….you are my hero and I can’t see tears in your eyes…..This all was destined to happen by God’s will.”
He pecked her forehead,” You have my blessings….Go and find him soon and bring him here….we will get you married to him today itself.”
Radhika’s eyes lit up with hope,” Really?!”
Her Dad cradled her face,” Have I ever lied to my doll?!….Go and bring him.”
Radhika and Ayush left to find Arjun who was supposed to board a flight to France today in the evening….They searched him in every nook and corner of airport but he was nowhere to be found….
Radhika was disheartened after not finding him anywhere….She wept endlessly in pain of losing her love….Ayush consoled her but her tears were unstoppable today…
They came home with a defeated look on their face….The elders had switched on TV and their eyes popped out when they saw the news…The flight which was supposed to head to France had exploded….Radhika was traumatized…She had not found her Arjun But there was a relief that he was safe and sound But now after seeing the planecrash news….She couldn’t help thinking all horrible things that could have happened with him….She cried bitterly as if her life had ended….Yes he was her life and without him….her life was meaningless….
Even his Dad’s heard got overwhelmed with guilt and endless love for his son….He regretted all the harsh accusations he threw at Arjun….His POV,” Oh God!!!…If you really are there than please give me my son back….I promise I’ll fall at his feet and apologize for all the insults I gave him.”
Whole family was drown in grief…In all this years no one cared so much for Arjun as they all considered him a spoilt brat But today all respected him for who he was….He was a honest….charming truthful man who thought about others first….a man of words..

A servant came running,” Ghost!!!!…..Ghost!!!!…..I saw his ghost.”
Ayush spoke in an angry tone,” Ramesh can’t you see….How disturbed we all are….z this a time to play pranks….Just get out before I fire you.”
Ramest in a scared voice with fear in his eyes,” I am not kidding Sir….I saw his ghost.”
Ayush,” Whose ghost you saw??”
Ramesh in a stammering tone,” Arjun Baba.”
Ayush turned to Radhika,” He z alive….I knew it…let’s go and beat the pulp out of that guy.”
He pulled Ramesh up in the air by holding his collar and asked intently, “ Where you saw Arjun.”
Ramesh in a shivering tone,” I was parking one car and I saw him resting in his car….”
Ayush almost threw ramesh down and ran towards the basement….Radhika too stormed off there…..
There he was sitting on the driver seat by resting his head back….He had closed his eyes as if he was trying to sleep…

Ayush was about to wake him up but Radhika caught his hand and stopped him….
Radhika,” I have a better way to wake him up….I’ll just come back..”
She left and came back after few minutes with a bucket full of eater…She threw all of it on Arjun’s face….As the water got splashed on his face with lightening speed….He got up with a jerk,” What the f**k?!’
Radhika,” Yah the f**k z wrong with you.”
He rubbed his eyes,” Are you really here or I am dreaming about you?!.”
Radhika opened the door and pulled him outside the car and stomped on his foot….
He yelped in pain,” Ouch….Radhika are you mad?!”
Radhika,” You can’t even imagine how much I want to thrash you with my stilettos right now.”
Arjun,” Radhika listen….” Before he could complete Ayush kicked him straight in his stomach….Arjun groaned in pain and gritted his teeth,” Ayush you bastard…That really hurt.”
Ayush pulled his collar and spoke,” You thought your name will be added alongside Romeo….What the hell you wanted to prove by just sacrificing your love for me?!”
Arjun in a truthful tone,” That I loved and cared for you and my family though you all always named me a spoilt brat.”
Ayush in a fuming angry tone,” And did you thought about this girl?!” He pointed towards Radhika indicating her.
Arjun’s eyes met Radhika reddened swollen eyes….He spoke gazing at her,” Yes I did….I don’t deserve her….she z too good for me….I can’t give her the happiness you can give her….Just leave me alone and marry her.”
Radhika couldn’t take it anymore….She slapped Arjun,” You are the most heartless man I ever came across.”
Arjun,” Yah I am fine with this accusation too.”
Ayush,” But I am not fine with whatever you did with me….How can you guarantee that I’ll be happy after marrying the girl my brother loved?!… thought I am that selfish….No Arjun I am not such a person to break two hearts to mend mine….”

He pushed Radhika towards Arjun who held her as she stumbled….Radhika hugged him tight hiding her face in his hard chest….She wept.
Arjun rubbed her back by moving his head up and down,” Hey Thumbelina….stop crying….what’s wrong?!”
She broke the hug and spoke in a breaking low tone,” I thought I lost you forever…But your plane crashed down then how you….”
Before she could complete….He answered,” I never boarded the flight….Actually I was very upset so I cried myself to sleep and then I missed the flight…I overslept.”
Arjun spoke in a suspicious tone,” What about your marriage?!”
Ayush,” We almost got married…But I was continuously observing Radhika in all the rituals….her lifeless eyes told me everything….So I called off the wedding….And two things in this world can never be hidden…Undying Love and deep hatred.”
Arjun hugged Ayush and mumbled a sorry for all he had to go through…But Ayush told him to forget everything and start afresh with Radhika….
That Night gave back Arjun everything that rightfully belonged to him….He made peace with his Dad and whole family united to bless him and Radhika as they got married to start a new life together.
Six Months later….
Crowd of hundreds of people applauded Arjun for his massive success in six months….When he was about to come on the stage….every single person screamed his name in a ear piercing tone….Arjun was overwhelmed with the love he received from his fans….

His eyes started searching for Radhika in that crowd and a small smile of satisfaction crept on his face as he saw her in the first row jumping and cheering him….it seemed as if his success made her more happy than anything else….
As the fledging band announced the end of the concert….He waved to his fans who crazy behind him….Numerous females blew him flying kisses with a lot of ‘I love you Arjun’ chorus….
Arjun blew a flying kiss to them and screeched,” I love you all…you all made me what I am today.”
He pulled Radhika up on the stage and spoke in a ear splitting tone,” If I want to credit someone for the position I hold today…Than that person will be my beautiful wife standing beside me….She z the inspiration of all the songs I composed till date…I would like to tell her that without Radhika….Arjun z incomplete.”
His words touched her heart….they travelled from his lips and reached her pounding heart in her chest…Her eyes brimmed with tears of happiness.

He waved to the crowd as they showered him with love….He blew a flying kiss to the girls who stood holding a big red artificial heart…Radhika frowned seeing that…
Arjun smiled seeing her glaring at him…He took her hand in his and brought it near his lips and placed a wet kiss on each of her knuckles…He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear,” This z just the trailer….I’ll show you the whole film tonight.”
Radhika instantly turned in to a tomato hearing his shameless words…She slapped his arm lightly.
Her positivity banished all the sorrows in his life and he got blessed with unending boundless love which he always craved for since his mom left him….He loved her beyond the heights of loving someone and for him….She was his angel who brought name…fame…happiness…good fortune along with her…..He was sure about one thing that their love will always stay with them and they will never fall out in love with each other…
He took her home after the concert…As he bolted the door…he pulled her in a tight embrace crushing her body into his and spoke,” I am so happy today…you brought name….fame and my happiness along with you.”
Radhika cupped his face,” No arjun…don’t give the credit to me….You are successful because of your hard work and amazing talent.”

He swept her off her feet and placed her on the bed gently….He spoke touching her forehead to his,” Then now we really need to work hard in bed too.”
Radhika blushed and slapped him lightly,” Chiii….You are so shameless.”
He pecked her forehead and spoke,” Only for you.”
He placed wet kisses on her cheek…tip of her nose…her chin…her jaw…He buried his face in the crook of her neck and spoke between his kisses…Radhika moaned in pain and pleasure as he gripped her thighs and wrapped them around his waist while his teeth grazed on her cleavage…He captured her lips and spoke between his kisses,” Say the words.” He commanded in a firm intense tone.

She hugged him looping her arms around his neck pushing her body more into his own…He again mumbled as he bit her earlobe,” My little sparrow…I want to hear the words.”
She frowned hearing that little sparrow and pushed him to the other side of the bed and glared; How many times do I have to remind you that I don’t like this nickname.”
He smirked,” That gives me all reasons to call you that.”
She tried to get up but he pulled her back….he caressed her face drawing circles on her cheeks with his rough fingers….He intertwined his fingers in her dark locks and pulled her on top for a passionate kiss…
He spoke licking her lips,” So still angry, my Thumbelina?!”
She mumbled while placing wet kisses on his face,” No I can never stay angry at you…..But I don’t like that little sparrow nickname.”

He rolled her beneath him and inserted his hand inside her top and brushed his fingers on her soft waist while his lips teased near her neck…
She felt the sensation building down as he kept removing all the barriers of clothes that were between them…
She spoke in a desperate tone,” Please….”
Arjun spoke while unbuttoning his shirt,” No first say the words.”
She murmured impatiently,” I love you Rockstar.”
Arjun,” Love you too, my little sparrow.”
She scowled hearing that again but soon her all anger flew away as he made her forget herself in the deep drowning ocean of his love…

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