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Story begins
A dashing young man is seen with a wine glass in his hand . Suddenly he receives a call and he goes out to attend . While he goes out suddenly BANG … he hit with something he looked for wat he was hit with their he see’s a hazel colored eye but wait y is anger in that eyes then he realizes that the wine and wine glass is on her dress and the beautiful cream color dress

The girl whom he hit with is none other than Radika Avanthika Joshi and young man is none other than arjun mehra

Rad: Wat hey u cant u see ? are u looking to sky and walking and scolding him
Arjun:(He is not hearing anything just watching her eyes)
Rad:Hey u Mr am talking to u and she pat arjun’s shoulder
Arjun:(looking here and there and smile at her)Me are u talking to me
Rad:Are u deaf can’t u hear anything Khadoose
Arjun: Me khadoose hey miss panothi watch your tounge
Rad :Panothi!!! me u call me panothi u mr i will u sue you u dont know who i am
Ar :And u also don’t know whom i will….

again arjun’s fone rings and he go from their and also radika

Here avanthika is waiting for her in the party

Rad:Hiii ma love u and hug and kiss av
Av:Were were u i was waiting for u radu and u were coming now
Rad:mom a khadoose crossed my way when i am comming
Av: khadose whose that?
Rad:leave it mom .wait y u cal me in this short notice u dont goes for parties na y today
Av: Actually i want u to meet some one.He is Young business man Mr Arjun Mehra We are having a joint venture with him in textile industries and we are creating new Phase in fashion world
Rad:Y mom suddenly this decision we already r first in the fashion world na
Av:Ya Rad but it will take us to other level so please dear.
Rad:ok mom for u i will do anything

(flash back)
Av:Mr patel i want to tell u something
Mr:ya Av anything for u
Av: Radu must dont know that we are showing arjun for marriage proposal for her it must only be a joint venture descision okk
Mr:I also under stand but sorry to say u even arjun is not known about this proposal .I have talken this matter with his sister nandini and she said that she will talk and for now allow them to meet
Av:ok Mr patel c u then


Av:come radu i want to show u some one
Av goes and meet Mr patel
Av:radu this is Mr patel our patner and friend of dad
Rad:Helo Mr patel
Mr: Hii Radu Y this formality dear call me uncle
Rad:Sorry uncle but its business meeting so we should follow its rules
Mr: Av in business she is like u itself cut and straight nice
Av:Thanks mr. patel. wait where this arjun i have not seen him in this party
Mr.He was here itself wait i will look him

Before he goes to call arjun arjun came at that time to party and radika was talking with some ladies and she dont see arjun as she was standing by showing her back

Mr:P: Arjun come and meet Mrs avanthika Joshi and her daughter Radika joshi
Av:Hii arjun nice to mee u
Arjun :Hii Mam
Av turns and call radu
and radu turn at that time arjun was having wine by seeing her he spit the wine again on her and both are shocked

Radu And Ajju in chorus
YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not again

And scene Freeze on Av and Mr patel confused face and Others shocked face

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