MMZ – A Relationship Of Guilt – two shots

MMZ – a relationship of guilt.
Two shots.

I don’t know why….but I juat felt like writing it. It is really messed up….sorry for that….hope you like….let me know.
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You’ll find your love, eventually.

Radhika jerked up from sleep. She was sweating badly. Her anxiety level had reached the maximum….she ran to sam’s room and relaxed a bit after seeing her to be okay.
Radhika had just seen the worst nightmare of her life…..she thought…she had failed her friend….she couldn’t help her even though she knew the truth. She knew she had to do something and had to do it soon.

It was the day of samaira and arjun’s wedding. Sam was swooning over Arjun and hence, couldn’t be convinced of the truth without any concrete proof.
Arjun didn’t want to marry sam….he loved Radhika…..he was marrying sam for nandini…to fulfil her revenge….he never understood it…..but he didn’t care as long as it made nandini happy. He just wanted this chapter of his life to be over soon, so that he could start over with Radhika.

Radhika was frantic in her search for proofs, it was already afternoon and the marriage was in two hours. She prayed for a miracle. While going to the personal files of nandini, an ex-employee of BS. She found the name rana mentioned numerous times. She got hold of his address. And just hoped for the best.
She rang his doorbell…not once…not twice…but thrice…but no one came. She assumed that no one was at home and she was in a desperate position, she couldn’t over look any possibility. So, Radhika climbed over the back window and entered the house. She searched and searched all in vain. Finally, when she was about to leave her eyes fell on a door knob which was partially hidden. She opened the door and look around. There it was….all the proofs she needed in one room……pictures…..diaries…..videos….tapped phone conversations. She gathered everything around and started to leave. But before she could, nandini’s men came…they spotted her…they already had been warned about Radhika and her noising around in their affairs. They caught her and she was locked up in a room. Since, nandini would be at the wedding and they couldn’t call her. They called rana.

Rana was a father figure to Arjun. At the same time he was like a best friend….arjun shared even his deepest secrets with him without any fear…he knew about Arjun being uncomfortable with all the revenge drama…and he also was aware of the fact that Arjun was in love with Radhika. Rana, who knew nandini’s truth, was guilty of betraying Arjun. He knew the entire drama was pointless…he knew samrat never betrayed nandini…it was a one sided thing initiated by nandini, and when samrat refused to betray his wife. She sworn revenge. She for this pointless revenge had made a terrible mess of relations.

Rana still remembered with moist eyes, the day when nandini had brought Arjun home from the orphanage. He still remembered the glow on nandini’s face….the glistening sparkle of her eyes…arjun….whose tears which were ready to jump out…that happiness on arjun’s face. Sadly, nandini had become so possessed by her vendetta against samrat, for a mistake that he hadn’t even committed that she had forgotten all her love for Arjun. Now, Arjun was just a sacrificial goat for her who’ll be the fall back person….who’ll make his own life hell for nandini who didn’t even care anymore.

When the goons called rana and informed him about Radhika being In his house. Rana immediately rushed back. Rana entered his home and the goons directed him to the room where they had tied Radhika up.
Rana cursed himself a million times for not listening to his conscience……Arjun didn’t know the truth but he did…yet he didn’t do anything about it. Rana remembered all those times he had kept quiet…he had not uttered a word when nandini had targeted sam…neil…piyali….samrat. But not today…Rana knew that if he didn’t do anything today…he wouldn’t ever be able to look at Arjun. Rana, who didn’t have any child himself, was determined not to let anything happen to Radhika, his arjun’s life. Nandini had crossed all limits… today was the day when he needed to draw a line. He willing to go any limits for saving the pure beautiful bond he shared Arjun.
He took a deep breath and opened the door. He saw Radhika tied to chair. Just By looking at her…rana just reached new levels of guilt….he was as guilty as nandini for not setting things straight when they had to be.

Radhika looked at rana, her deep brown orbs clearly reflecting fear…panic…desperation among a hundred other emotions.
Rana kneeled in front of Radhika and started untying the rope which bonded her legs, “Radhika beta….dont be afraid…I am rana.”
Radhika, “rana kaka?”
She had heard about him from Arjun a number of times but had never met him before.
Rana smiled, “ yes…arjun’s rana kaka…who is as guilty as nandini for making his life hell…for deliberately pushing him into this darkness. *his voice had started choking* Radhika beta, I am sorry…..i was indebted to nandini and couldn’t speak a thing but not today, she crossed her lines….she tried to harm you…my arjun’s love…..i will not keep quiet today. *tears had started streaming down his cheeks* beta, please forgive him….he didn’t know anything….i swear, he had no idea…nandini had started influencing him since a very tender age and he became a puppet in her hands.”
Radhika could see the deep affection kaka had for Arjun and her heart saddened on seeing his condition.
Radhika, whose hands and legs with now free, wiped his eyes, “kaka…I know….arjun sir is not at fault……I know, it is nandini di who made this mess of relationships. But kaka, we still have time…we need to stop the wedding…because if it happens several lives will be destroyed simultaneously.”
Rana nodded and they both left in his car. That day, they broke all the traffic rules…but got caught in a jam…with a minor delay, they reached the wedding venue.

Radhika ran inside and screamed, “stop…this wedding cant happen!”
All eyes turned towards her and rana.
Sam laughed, “chashni….but the wedding has happened…we are man and wife…what drama is this? Are you doing this to save yourself from my wrath for not attending my wedding…if so, you have failed miserably.”
Radhika slumped down on the floor tears streaming down her cheek….her nightmare had become real…..she had failed her friend.
Arjun’s heart broke into a million pieces seeing his love like that. He considered himself guilty for putting in that situation.
Rana came forward with the proofs and showed to all.
Sam was inconsolable and Arjun was devastated hearing nandini talk about him being only her puppet. Arjun looked at her teary eyed, “why nandu?”
Nandini didn’t reply. She received a tight slap from samrat, “nandini you knew…I didn’t love…I only loved my wife and never her….i never false hopes to you. Then why?”
Nandini replied with a smirk, “if you couldn’t be mine…you couldn’t be anyone else’s. Now you’ll the pain I went through when your own daughter goes through the same.”
Arjun couldn’t believe his ears….this was the real face of the woman he worshipped more than god? Was this the woman for him he had destroyed several lives? Was this the woman for him he had hurt his Radhika? Was this the woman for whom he had snatched neil’s love away from him?
Arjun felt disgusted. He was guilty….guilty of snatching away sam from neil…neil was the very first friend he had…he was well aware of his feelings towards sam yet he did what he did…all for nandini.
Arjun himself called the police and nandini was handed over to them with the proofs. She was booked for attempt to murder.
Sam was crying her eyes out and Radhika was in some sort of trauma or shock. She hadn’t uttered word since and neil was trying his best to shake her out of it. Emotional turmoil had taken over all four hearts.
Piyali spoke, “Arjun..what you did was terribly wrong…but I can understand that it was nandini who poisoned your heart at a tender age. But what about my daughter, whom you just married?”
Arjun wasn’t in his sense…he was overcame by his guilt, “mam, I married her….i admit I did it with wrong intentions…but I married her…and I intend to keep that relation.”
Rana looked at Arjun wide eyed…he knew the depth of arjun’s love for Radhika…he knew Arjun wouldn’t be able to love sam.

They left venue, Arjun gave Radhika a last look…neil was picking Radhika up, who still hadn’t spoken a word. He cursed himself a million times for dampening her bright light.
Sam went with Arjun and rana to his home, as his wife.
Sam went inside his bedroom to change.
Rana, “ Arjun…what the hell is this? You intend to keep this relation? Arjun why are you so hell bent on sacrifice your own life?”
Arjun quietly replied, “ because I created this mess.”
Rana gave him an believable look, “okay…fine….let me rephrase…..i know the depth of your love for Radhika…I know you be able to love sam ever…but don’t you think you are spoiling her life by giving her hopes of a happy future? What about neil, you know he wont ever love a girl again…you ruined his life…what is neil and sam were meant to end up together….ever thought about that? And ever thought about what will happen to Radhika?…*his tone softened a little* Arjun…I know you are trying to rectify your mistake…..but the way you chose, is only going to give more unhappiness to all four of you. Think about it. Take care beta.”
Saying rana left, leaving Arjun alone with sam.

Precap: Last shot

Rotten tomatoes and eggs are accepted wholeheartedly.

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