MMZ- A Relationship Of Guilt- fifth shot


A Relationship Of Guilt
Shot five

Hello dearies…the next is going to be the last chapter……
This one is the second last…hope you like it….enjoy…..
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Once back home, Arjun helped sam to take neil first…and then he himself picked up Radhika and took her in….
Sam tucked In neil and went to the kitchen to prepare food for the four of them….she couldn’t help but notice arjun’s care towards Radhika…

Arjun had placed her on the bed very softly…he had removed her sandals and tucked her in his blanket….
It surprised sam…his blanket and his pillow were only his….he wasn’t willing to share them with anyone….
But his covering Radhika up with them, just proved to sam that how deep her name was imprinted on her husband’s heart.
Arjun sat there smiling at her…while she jibber jabbered about a whale, she met…..
God! Was she drunk? No…..she was super drunk….

He just sat patiently listen to her….Sam was getting even more surprised by each passing second…her pov, “Arjun Mehra….I mean, The Arjun Mehra….since when is he so patient? He would have grabbed the guts out of anybody by now….but what to do….even the most ruthless tiger becomes soft when it comes to his love.”
She chuckled and her eyes fell on the reflection of her face on the steel plate kept in front…
The wedding locket she wore pinched her. She quickly washed her hands and removed it….she wiped the vermillion from her forehead….she kept the locket safely in a drawer to return it back to Arjun at first available opportunity….

She glanced at her phone and smiled a sad one….she changed her wallpaper which originally had a picture of Arjun to photograph of neil and her.
She called Ishaan, Arjun’s childhood friend who was a famous lawyer. He was aware of the entire situation and he was the only one to whom Arjun turned to whenever he needed a friend….he wanted to slap Arjun and make realise what he was to doing his life but couldn’t because he was strictly told to stay away.
Ishaan had just reached back home and had crashed on his sofa dead tired. He cursed when phone rang but was surprised to see sam’s call. He cleared his throat….and answered, “hello sam…how are you?”
Sam, “hi Ishaan….am good….actually, I wanted a little favour from you.”
Sam’s tone was impassive…Ishaan panicked, “is everything all right? Is Arjun okay?”
Sam, “yeah yeah….he is fine…actually I wanted you to prepare annulment papers.”
Ishaan pretended to be shocked In reality he was glad that she realised, “what? For whom? Is everything okay between the two of you?”
Sam smiled, “Ishaan just cut the crap….i know Arjun tells you everything…I know you know and I want you to know that even I know, also that Radhika knows that Arjun loves her.”
Ishaan laughed, “that’s too much of knowing something …”
Sam laughed back, “so….can prepare the papers?”
Ishaan smiled, “on it right away…..just one question, are you sure?”
Sam sighed, “yes Ishaan…I really am sure….* she paused a little*you know, today Radhika got drunk and seeing the care and love Arjun had for her in his eyes….i just knew they were meant to be together….and if I don’t do anything even now, I wont ever be able to look at my own reflection ever again…”
Ishaan smiled and spoke softly, “you are a good person samaira.”
They wished each other and hung up…
Ishaan sighed picked up his coat and went back to his office to free his brother from his unwanted bond. His pov, “samaira khanna… are totally opposite to what I thought.”

Sam prepared the food….placed two plates on a tray and went to Arjun’s room and handed him over, “make sure…she eats it all…”
Arjun looked at her with grateful eyes….she just patted his shoulder and walked off to feed neil…
Arjun feed Radhika with his own hands, alcohol still had a effect on her. He sat looking at her sleeping form…she looked so peaceful and calm….he hated his own self for bringing tears in her beautiful eyes.
He didn’t realise when sleep took over him, he slept sitting on the floor with his head leaned against the bed and one of his hands locked with Radhika’s.
Sam sat on the sofa…wide awake….sleep deluded her completely….
She sat thinking about her life….she sat thinking about how happy she was before she met Arjun…..all her life revolved around neil and Radhika….her childhood best friend and her chashni….
She recalled all the memories she had with them….all the fun…frolic…pranks they pulled off together…….she chuckled remembering how neil and she used to get scolded in school for ruthlessly pulling pranks on the teachers. Her focused to neil….how important he was for her……all her memories with him flashed in front of her eyes….she had tears when she remembered how she had rejected him and chosen Arjun over him….she was inconsolable when she realised that she had left one she claimed to care for the most in a totally devastated state. She went to neil’s room and one glance at his sleeping form made her realised that it wasn’t Arjun…it was neil whose name was deep engraved in her heart……she realised the soft corner she had for him in heart was because she loved her…..she realised that she cared for him because she loved him…..loved him from all these years…
she slapped the back of her head for taking so much of time and drama to realise this simple fact.
She smiled widely and her cheeks regained some of the colour they had lost….her eyes glistened again after what seemed like forever….
Finally, she was on the way to piece her life together….and to be with the one, she was originally meant to…..
Soon sleep overcame her and she slept smiling like a baby on the sofa.
The next morning,
The sun broke up…..pushing away the clouds of darkness…regaining his empire….his sky, which was solely his to rule.
The first rays fell on arjun’s face, as if enlightening him…he woke up and stretched his arms lazily….he realised that he was sprawled on the floor….and looked up to Radhika sleeping like new born baby on the bed…he quickly drew the curtains as if warning the sun to not dare to disturb his love.
He walked out of his room and saw sam sleeping on the sofa with one of legs dangling in mid air….he pushed it back on the sofa and covered her with a blanket…..he further walked to the sleeping neil and smiled…..had they met in better circumstances, neil would have been just like his little brother.
His thoughts were broken when the door bell rang…
He opened the door to find one of ishaan’s office guys standing there.
Guy, “good morning sir ….ishaan sir sent these.”
He handed over a packet to Arjun….arjun looked at it…it was unmarked having no clue what it may possibly contain. He was surprised…Ishaan wasn’t a morning person….and he wasn’t the type of guy to send random parcels or gift any time of the day leave alone early morning….moreover, Ishaan had talked to him but hadn’t mentioned any sort of a parcel.
Arjun asked, “ what is this?”
Guy nodded in his in negative, “sir, I have absolutely no idea….i was told to hand these over to only you or samaira ma’am…..ishaan sir was in the office all night preparing this papers on mrs. Mehra’s say.”
Saying so he wished Arjun for the day and left…
Arjun was curious… to what was cooking between his best friend and sam. He tore open the package.
The papers slipped out of his hand and dropped to the floor with thud….he froze…he didn’t know how to react….to be happy or to be sad…
The thud woke up sam who looked at Arjun and then at the papers lieing on the floor…she muttered a few curses and slapped her forehead…this wasn’t the way she had planned to break the news to him….damn Ishaan…he spoiled everything…she thought…
She called out Arjun name twice, asking him to sit down so she could explain…
Her voice brought Arjun back to his senses….he realised that sam was wide awake….
He ran out of the house…without even glancing at sam….leaving her to handle neil and Radhika when they wake up.
Sam was guilty….she regretted not having it made clear to Ishaan that she herself would come to pick up the papers…she so desperately wanted to run behind Arjun…to calm him and to explain it to him….she knew if properly dealt he would sign them without making any fuss….afterall, it was the best for both of them….this was the only way to break them free of the unwanted bond…so that they could turn to the ones meant for them…

It was as if a blinding light was focused something that was always half a shadow.
I think vijender kumeria would be appropriate for ishaan’s character….you may imagine any one of your choice. 
Guy, this is it… was it????? Please please let me know 

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