Hi all, its Satz back again with OS..actually i got OS mania i guess. Something or other just keep on popping in my mind. This plot was disturbing me alot and today i thought of
pen it and so here i am. Lets get into the story and enjoy reading.


@ Central Park

Arjun, a handsome guy is walking on the grass and look everyone around there. He is finding different kinds of people. Some are sleeping, some are reading newspapers,
some kids are playing games. He smiles seeing those kids and walks to them, he is about to go inbetween them to disturb their game and doing all the stunts infront of
them. But none is aware of his presence and continues playing the games. He keeps a pout face and walks away from there.

He stands near the small pond seeing the couples enjoying there. He moves his gaze around the pool and stucks at one point where he spots a girl who stares him. When
he see her, she turns her gaze to other side. He gets a wierd feeling and thinks to tease her. He starts walking towards her with a mischevious smile on his face. She
finds him coming towards her, she passes him a sharp look to alert him, but no way he cared it and continues walking towards her. At one point when is about to bump on
her, she raises her hands upto her chest level and shouts, “STOP” which makes him to stop abruptly and stares her in shock. Yes he is boggled looking at her and he
looks down his body once and then shifts his gaze to her.

Girl, “What are you trying to do? Are you gone mad? Don’t you see that i am standing infront of you and you are walking towards like a rampwalk”

Arjun is speechless and continuously glaring her without listening her scoldings. She waves her hand infront of him and gets irritated seeing him with no expression.

She walks away from him, after a minute only Arjun gains conscious and looks for her. He spots her walking towards the butterfly park, he runs towards her and stands
infront of her by showing his hands to stop her. He is breathing heavily and speaks in between.

Arjun, “Hey, you able to see me?”

Girl gets confused seeing him and by his questions, she just nods her head as yes.

Arjun, “You able to hear what i am speaking?”

Girl again nods her head as yes.

Arjun is surprised and close his mouth in one hand and another in his hip, he looks here & there in the park.

Girl get confused and asks, “Why are you asking this?”

Arjun looks at her, “When you died?”

The question arjun asked makes her bewildered and she starts remembering the accident she met two days back.

Girl with sad tone, “Two days back”

Arjun, “How?”

Girl, “Car Accident. Spot dead”

Arjun, “I am Sorry”

Girl looks at him, “It’s ok. And you?”

Arjun, “Shall we sit somewhere and talk?”

Girl nods her head with a smile. Arjun looks around to find some place and finally found it but it is occupied by a couple. He takes her there and stands behind them.

Girl, “They are already sitting here na”

Arjun, “So what? Now they will vacate”

Girl is so curious to know what he is gonna do. Arjun sits beside the guy and starts tickling him. The guys is laughing coz of that and that makes his girl friend
looks confused seeing him laughing when she is telling about her problem. She is frowned seeing him laughing continuously, finally she slaps him on his cheeks which
makes the trio gets shocked.

The guy who got slap holds his cheek and looks on shocked. Arjun who sat beside him, immediately gets up from there and blinks seeing them. The Girl who looks all
these closes her mouth and opens her eyes widely in shock. Soon the girl who slapped, scolds him badly and goes from there, the guy who got slap follows her to
convince. Arjun keeps a puppy face and looks at her who is laughing seeing his reaction.

Arjun laughs at his mad and signs her to sit now. They both sit beside each other and maintains a good distance between them.

Arjun initiated the talk, “Hi, I am Arjun”

Girl, “I am Radhika”

Arjun, “So you were asking about me right? huh…i came to this world 10 days back.”

Radhika, “How it happened?”

Arjun gives her a painful smile, “I got killed”

Rads froze hearing him and stammers, “Killed? But who? Why?”

Arjun signs her to relax and continues, “Becoz of property. I am the only heir of my family property. I don’t know whether you know or not? I am the legal heir for
Mehra group of companies. Have you heard it?”

Rads, “Yes, i heard it”

Arjun, “Hmm…i am the only son of Aditya Mehra who is the Chairman of Mehra grp”

Rads, “But how it happened? I mean….who killed you?”

Arjun, “I din’t finish it yet. I said legally i am the only son but my dad had one more son from his illegal affair with a woman. My dad was having a long time
relation with her and coz of that they have a son also whose name is Saral…and yeah now he becomes Saral Mehra”

Rads makes faces and he asks, “What happened?”

Rads, “Actually Saral is fine…but Mehra did not suite for him”

Arjun laughs seeing her reaction and he continues, “Ok..he is Saral. My so called Step brother. You know what though my dad loves that lady he loves me more than
anything else in the world. He always protect from that b*t*h from my childhood. mom died when i was 5 years old due to some health issues. He brought me up as
a responsible father but still he also got some weakness and there she came in our life. Due to that relationship, she was pregnant when my dad married her and got her
to my home. Her Name is Nandini and She was good with me though she delivered her own son but the truth is she never liked me. I was yearning for Mother’s love and
when i was informed by dad that she will be my mom…actually i was happy but god has some other plans. She was acting all her life just for the property sake. When
saral was a baby i loved him a lot but she filled his ears against me and dad. We both grown up together and his hatred on me also grown up with him. That day, i can
never forget that, where my dad tells me to take over the company responsibilities and announced me as the heir for all the property, which wasn’t liked by Nandini &
Saral. They fumed inside seeing me but i was not aware of her intention. Their calculation was if am not there then obviously the whole property will go to them and
Saral can be owner of all and thus they decided to kill me. They got succeeded in their plan…they poisoned the food given to me and somehow managed the police saying
tht i was having love failure and i did suicide. They belived them and closed the case.”

Rads eyes are dwelled with tears and rolling on her cheeks hearing his story. Arjun looks at her and moves his hands to her cheeks to wipe it but he couldn’t do that
and with a smile he said, “Sorry i couldn’t even wipe your tears. Pls do it yourself. You are not looking good while crying”

Rads smiles at him and wipes her tears saying, “No punishment for them is it?”

Arjun, “I believe in god. Now they are working in a textile industry as a daily labour”

Rads gets curious, “How how how?”

Arjun, “They thought that property will come to them when i am not there alive but my dad wrote a will long back saying the property will go to the trust and orphanage
home if i die. This information they did not aware but soon after i gone my dad gave the property to them as per the will and he too went and joined in one oldage home
to spend his rest life. When Nandini & Saral questioned him about this he said, “My son is a pure he don’t like if i punish you the same way you did to my
son. Just coz of that i am leaving you now..don’t ever come infront of me again.” after that he handover all the properties and went from there leaving them alone.

After that they also left from there and joins as a daily labour.”

Rads, “I am sorry that so much bad happened with you”

Arjun, “It’s ok. But you know what..i am very happy here but onlything is i am missing my dad. but that’s ok he also forgets everything and living a normal life now
with his age people. So you tell me?”

Rads, “What to tell? Mine is a very unfortunate death. I too miss my family a lot. Still my mumma is crying and not eating anything. Dad also broken down inside and
somehow managing the household things and dadaji…he is my …sorry he was my best friend. He too missing me a lot now. I can see them but unable to tell them
anything that i am fine and not to worry about me”

Arjun, “Leave it. If you think about this again then you will have only pain…nothing else. So just forget about everything and live your pending life here”

They both have a nice talk for sometime and discusses about their likes and dislikes. Soon they both understands each well and become a good friends.

They hear someone is talking to them saying that, “Arjun, Radhika our leader is calling you both. come fast”

Rads confused, “Leader?”

Arjun, “Yeah…for souls like us , they have one leader in this world and some nonsense rules also they kept. I think they got to know what we did to that couples and
that’s y he is calling us. Come on will see what happens”

Rads nods her head and walking with him.


@ Courtroom,

Radhika blinks seeing so many members standing in the queue to get punishment for the mischeif they did. Arjun also stands with her and comforts her. Now it is
Ardhika’s turn, radhika is looking scared but Arjun is not.

Leader, “Why u did that to them?”

Arjun, “We were looking for place to sit and talk? They were sitting there for so many hours but did not talk only..that’s y i made them go from there”

Leader, “Do you aware that all this activities are prohibited in this world and if you did you have punishment?”

Arjun, “I am aware of it and ready to bear the punishment”

Leader, “No one can change you. Your punishment is you have to hang upside down in that tree for whole day. you can go now”

Arjun makes face and goes from there. They did not punish radhika since she is new here and don’t aware of the rules. But she feels bad seeing Arjun.

Next day, they both go to the same park and Arjun is hanging upside down in the tree. Below Radhika is standing looking him up.

Arjun, “Radhika, you go and sit somewhere, i will manage it. Y r u standing like this…your neck will be paining”

Rads, “It’s ok. I won’t leave you alone and go. Because of me only you are having this punishment right”

Arjun, “Nothing like that. How long you can stand like this?”

Rads, “How long ever i can..i will”

Arjun smiles seeing her and she too smiles back at him. They both are spending their time in talking so many things. Without her knowledge Rads likes him and Arjun
also likes her. He finished his punishment and going back to their world and while going they met a pair who is fighting with each other badly.

They both calling them as Neil and Sam.

Neil, “Shut up Sam….you are so insecured and always doubting on me”

Sam, “You are behaving like that Neil. If you are not doing anything wrong then what are you hiding from me”

Neil, “I am not hiding anything and i don’t need to proof anything to you”

Sam, “See this adamant only makes me to think a lot about your behaviour. You are cheating me Neil”

Sam starts crying badly and cursing Neil for cheating on her. Arjun & Radhika watching them and looks each other.

Rads, “Why they are fighting like this?”

Arjun shakes his shoulder saying, “Don’t know”

Rads, “I am feeling bad for them”

Arjun, “We can just only feel for them. Now come with me..we wil go”


Rads is unable to come out from that couple’s fighting. She even tells this to Arjun but he convinces her that they can’t do anything. Rads somehow manages to go out
alone without arjun and peeps in to Nesam’s house. She saw them sleeping in the same bed but showing their back to each other.

Rads, “ they are husband and wife. It will be easy then to make them one. but how? I don’t know what to do? If i ask Arjun he will stop me definitely”

Rads gets shocked hearing Arjun behind her and saying, “Definitely”

Rads, “Arjun..u here?”

Arjun, “I should ask u. what u r doing here? See if the leader comes to know about this then he will punish you also”

Rads, “Punishment only right..i will have it no pbm”

Arjun smirks, “He will give the same punishment to you also which i had. Just imagine…how it will be ” he smiles and makes faces.

Rads gets furious and starts chasing him inside their house. They couldn’t touch anything but their force blows a strong wind inside the house wherever they are
running. Due to that the screens are waving fastly and it makes the vase fallen down from the table.

Nesam both wakes hearing the noise and Sam looks scared. She looks at Neil who is going to hall and kitchen to check what is that. He came and told that, “Nothing Sleep”

Till they sleep, Ardhika sits on their bed silently like a innocent kids. Sam is not aware that when Neil went out to see what is that…from that time Ardhika were
sitting on the bed and looking at Sam who was scared and worries for Neil. She was continuously praying to save both of them. They go out once Neil comes and Rads
tells to Arjun, “See…they are still love each other. but some misunderstanding is there. We can help them to sortout the issue na”

Arjun, “Nothing doing. Come it’s getting late. We will go now”

Next coming days, Ardhika become so close with each other and always be together where ever they goes.

One day, in the same park Ardhika sits on the bench and watching the kids playing. Rads often looks at Arjun and moves her gaze when he sees her. She feels so nervous
inside and thinks to open up her feelings to him.

Rads, “Arjun”

Arjun, “Hmm”

Rads, “I want to say something”

Arjun, “Say na”

Rads with lot of hesitation, “Arjun, i want to feel your touch on me”

Arjun is shocked and did not expect it that she will ask something like this.

Rads determinedly says that, “I really wanna feel your touch Arjun”

Arjun stammers, “But…how”

Rads asks him to follow her. They finally go to NeSam’s home and finds them still angry on each other. Sam murmurs, “How many days i have to wait? Can’t he say that he
loves me? Y he is expecting me to say it always?”

They Neil’s murmuring also, “She only started the fighting and y she is expecting me to talk first. She only doubted me and let her come and talk”

Ardhika looks each other, Rads smiles and moves forward towards Sam but Arjun stops her asking, “What you gonna do?”

Rads, “I said na, i wanna feel your touch. Now i m going to Sam’s body and you too go inside Neil’s body”

Arjun, “You know what you are doing?”

Rads, “I know what i am doing. Will you do what i am saying?”

Arjun sighs and goes towards Neil. Simultaneously Ardhika enters into NeSam’s body. After 5 mins, NeSam looks each other and gets up from the bed and walking towards
each. NeSam looks each other….Tears drops from Sam’s eyes, Neil raised his hands to wipe the tears. When he touches her cheeks, Sam closes her eyes tightly of unable
to bear his touch, she holds his hands tightly saying, “I LOVE YOU ARJUN”. She opens her eyes and looks at him with lot of love.

Neil is shocked for a min but soon he also realises his feelings for her and says, “I LOVE YOU TOO RADHIKA”.

He cups her face and kissess on her forehead.

Immediately Ardhika souls gets out from NeSam’s body and stands little far from them.

Nesam gets conscious and surprised seeing their position. Neil stares Sam’s face and Sam too looks at them surprisingly and she gets happy seeing him.

Neil is about to take his hand but Sam holds it saying, “WHy now? I am yearning for your touch”

The very next moment Neil gives a bone crushing hug and planting a kiss everywhere on her face then he takes her to bed and they both make love and starts their life

Rads closes her eyes due to shy and run out followed by Arjun.

They both are walking on the center of the road, Arjun often looks at her and smiles.

Rads noticed it, “Why are you smiling at me?”

Arjun, “Finally you made them one”

Rads smiles and pats her shoulder herself.

They both gets into a laughter but a voice over disturbs them and tells them to meet the leader immediately.


Ardhika stands in the courtroom where their leader is sitting infront of them starring them angrily.

Leader, “How dare you both can do this? You both broke the rules and crossed your limits”

Arjun is about to talk but Rads interrupted, “It’s all because of me only. If you want to punish then give it to me”

Arjun, “No..she did not do anything. Everything is my mistake only. Punish me”

Leader watches them silently and says, “You both did two biggest mistakes being in this world. 1 is pushing your souls into others bodies and 2 is..” he pauses seeing them.

Ardhika watches him tensedly and he continues, “You both loves each other nd that is the biggest mistake you have done. So you both will get punished for this sins”

Ardhika chorusly asks, “What is the punishment?”

Leader smirks seeing them and says, “REBIRTH”. He stops seeing their shocked face and continues, “You both will born as human again and suffer in the earth. This is
the punishment”

Ardhika pleads him not to do that but the leader did not listen them and says, “It is decided and no changes in your punishment. So you both will disappear from this world in another few mins…so i pray god that you both will get a good family and surroundings”

Ardhika looks each other with tears and before they could react, they get disappeared from there.


@ Sunshine Residency,

Piyali Khanna gets labor pain and her husband Rakesh Khanna makes her sit in the car safely. At the same time, their neighbour Prerna Malhotraalso gets labor pain and
her husband Raj Malhotra keeps her safely in the car and drives off.

@ Fortis Hospital,

Both Piyali and Prerna screams coz of labor pain and they taken to OT immediately. Rakesh and Raj waits outside the OT respectively.

After 40 mins, a nurse came to Raj Malhotra and said, “Your wife delivered a baby boy and both baby & Mom are doing good” He gets happy and hugs Rakesh who is waiting
for his good news.

After another 30 mins, a nurse comes and informs Rakesh Khanna says, “You got an angel….girl baby. Both are good now”

Rakesh and Raj shares their happiness by celebrating with sweets and distributes to the entire hospital.

Both the babies kept in the seperate labor ward.

Nurses keeps them nearby in the cradles and goes from there by tagging their number.

Soon, both the babies starts squealing seeing each other, smiling at each. They are continuously squeals seeing each till the nurses comes and gets them to give to
their parents.

(Only god knows what they were talking in the name of squealing)

After that they did not get chance to squeal. After a week, both the ladies gets discharged and takes to home.

Once they steps infront of their home, babies again started squealing seeing each other. Elders from both the families are smiling and kissing the babies hearing their
sounds. But only those two souls knows what they are talking.

Life goes on smoothly like this and it’s been 10 years now,

The babies are grown up now and their parents named them as Arjun & Radhika respectively. It can say coincidence or not but the name too got matches with them.

Ardhika grown up together and they always stay together. One will not be in peace if the other is not there. They are like two bodies and one soul. Even their parents
are surprised seeing their bond and gets happy for them.

Again 10 years leap,

Now Ardhika are grown up and studies in same college but in different department. They both are in deep love and the whole college knows it very well. They are the
evergreen and the best love birds in their college.

Even their parents knows about their relation and decides to get them married after their graduation.

And that day also comes, their graduation gets over and their marriage also gets fixed.

They happily get married with their parents blessings and so excited to step into their new life.

A voice over says,

Actually the leader did not punish them, he gave them a chance to make their love possible in earth. He purposely sent them to earth to get a new life, new parents,
new friends and ofcourse NEW LOVE. So now on what purpose he sent them .. it becomes true and he also gets happy seeing them there.

*********************The End*****************

So that’s it guys. How is this OS? Pls pls tell me and so tensed and curious to know your views on this. Pls pls don’t scold me if you don’t like it.

Note: The plot of the story regarding the Souls is an inspiration from a short film but the entire narration and scenes and dialogues are solely owned by me.(:P)

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  1. Devga

    Superb…. Specialy the title glued me til the END of os dear…. I shld say this u make mmz stil alive… U r a saviour… Today i was badly missing mmz… And was viewing old episodes…. U came as a saviour wit ur os…. Thnku sathya…

    Enna kapathita dear….

    1. Sathya

      Thank I so much sv. Love u too dear Hey devil where were u dear… Long time been seeing in mmz comments section. Well u r back n thank u so so much.

      1. Devga

        Awww am i devil… ๐Ÿ™
        Kk no prbs dear.. Actually enaku mmz pathi many stories varudhu so ellam padika mudila… Rarely os padipen….

  2. S.v

    Super awesome cute connection of their sould awee soo cute arjun sooo soo cute i live these kinds of plots and the way they confessed the love super awesome u are my darling arjun i love u soo much arjun i love u ???????

    1. Sathya

      Thank I so much sv. Love u too dear

  3. Jessie

    Satzzzzz…. I literally freaked when I realized he is not alive.. gosh.. u brought it upside down n made them love each other…wow…!!! Ardhika souls inside Nesam was Some thing so different… The longing n love of souls…wat could I say.. more than Google now u have more words to appreciate.. !! A unique plot..! Nice…loved the end… TC n loads of love

    1. Sammy

      Yeah even my jaw too dropped ..they are not alive ..haha …ardhika seeing Nesam kissing ….waise …yeh bhi roz roz dekhno ko nahi milta hai….awesome sathya akka .. baby ‘s squealing ..only god can understand. .hehe right ..i loved it ?????

      1. Sathya

        Thank I so much Sammy dear. Yes babies r gods gift so only he can know their language

    2. Sathya

      Thank u so much jaaaazzzz… I know u will react that way. Thanks u so much for the love n support

  4. Dipika

    Satzzzzz it was superb n awesome n amazing… I mean really whr u got this idea….hats off..very well narrated… Arjun got ulta latakana as punishment.. Haha…nesam fights..atadhika make thm unite…tht was superb….n rebirth.. Cutest punishment ever got…nandini n saral serves good punishment… Amazing concept… Love y loads.. Muhhha

    1. Sathya

      Dipu darling… Thank u so much for ur lovely comments. Evertime nesam United Ardhika here it is vice versa. Yes that was the cutest punishment… Babies are too intelligent to find their partners

  5. Brin

    Amazing story, you nail it, well done. Love how the leader gave them second chance to express there love, really this story is awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear.

  6. Dev

    Osm satya…..superb os….n coz of ardika nesam bcam 1……n dey had a full life 2 live….

    1. Sathya

      Thanks a lot dev???

  7. Gauri

    What a brilliant piece of work….Sathya this was magical…I felt all the emotions…the hurt of getting btrayed but step mom and bro….Rads pain about her familiy…their growing bonding…reconciling NeSam…and then rebirth…and babies squealing at each other…you know it is said a new born baby’s sixth sense is more strong as compared to adults…we lose it as we grow…babies sense many things which we cant and you bought that out perfectly…. ๐Ÿ™‚ big jappi to you

    1. Sathya

      Gauri dear… M so happy seeing ur comments. I ll sleep peacefully. Love u lot drar

  8. Suuuuuuperrrr ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u neetz

  9. Myra

    a brilliant piece of writing….satz akka….you are so creative….all these ffs and now such marvelous one shots….
    it was so creative….ghost love story……loved it to the core akka….
    keep writing and take care…
    please update ETL soon please! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      That was a lovely compliment Myra dear. Thank u so so much. ETL vl be tomoy

  10. Rossy

    Such a great story sissy. ….babies have power to remember their previous birth until they speak…souls has their own rules also..i knew it…but u portrayed these things as a sweetest story ever…u did justification to it…thanks sissy for writing this

    1. Sathya

      My dear sissy….even I just heard that babies have sense to identify… Here I just used it for entertainment… Lol. Thanks dear

  11. Sweetie

    Sathya,this is too good..First I thought Rads was alive but got shock when I got to see she is dead too..Lovely love story.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sweetie dear.

  12. Hi all I’m a silent reader here. I will read all ur ff. Neenga ellarum super writer’s. I just love all ur writings. One day koda read panama iruka Matan. Rombha pidikum. This OS was simply superb. After I read super happy. Don’t know how to express and all. But u guys all sooooooooooo cute. Without reading ff my day won’t start and end. Love u all. Thank you for giving me to read such a cute stories. Ovvoru story read panum podhum I feel like it’s happening around me. One day koda miss panamatan. Super stories. Will u guys accept me as ur friend. Thank you for writing beautiful stories guys. No words to describe. I’m so happy today.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much lavi. That’s a great compliment for all of us. Keep supporting n loving us and read all of our ffs n yes. Out importantly give ur comments. Don’t be a silent reader anymore. Of course dear you already became our friend.

  13. Abirsha

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much shan dear ???

  14. Mica

    Sathu babe!!!!! uuugghh thank you soo much to inform me…
    or else i will missed this awesome cute story of my Ardhika!!!
    love it love it love it.. thank you babe! love you!

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Mica dear

  15. Sangee

    Staz really awesome episode…. I am touched…I can’t able to express how iam feeling now… It did something to me ? see the whole day I gonna think abt the reason behind my life ? am I too punished by the leader!??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sangee… He he he i also started thinking same while writing… For my mischief

  16. _Ritu

    Wow Sathya…it was really a different nd intriguing plot…ArDhika in love in heaven …wow wow wow… ๐Ÿ™‚ loved it to the core…love u loads. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Ritu dear ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Sathya

      Roma dear ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u thank u thank u alot for this lovely words.

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