MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 5

MMZ – A painful Revenge (The Reporter’s Diary) – Shot 5

Precap: Venu shouts at Radhika for her article and finally supports her. Ardhika gets Sam help to trap Adi.

Sam blinks seeing her mobile on the table and looks at Ardhika sitting opposite to each other and nods her head as big No.

Radhika, “How long you are saying this? Can’t you do a favor for ur friend?”

Sam makes faces, “You are not asking any favor but putting into a pit. I understand your plan but i don’t know why you are doing this”

Arjun, “Listen Sam. We are not going to put you in trouble. We will always be with you but now only you can do this”

Sam, “Don’t give all these cheesy words”

Radhika, “What else you want Sam? I am your friend na…pls Sam call him na”

Rads starts pleading her to make her accept for this and finally Sam gives up seeing them and calls him.

Sam’s hands started shivering and she holds it tightly with both hands and waits for him to pick up the call.

Adi, “Hello”

Sam gulps and extends her phone to Radhika and nodding as No. Rads bangs her head and puts it on the speaker and signing Sam to speak.

Sam is sweating badly and stammers, “He..Hello”

Adi, “Yes, who is this?”

Sam, “Me…Sa..Sam”

Adi excites, “Wow…Sam? I couldn’t believe it”

Sam rolls her eyes and looks at Radhika, she signs her to continue and Sam says, “Hope you remember me?”

Adi, “Haan can i not remember the hot and s*xy girl whom i met on the Airport”

Sam widens her eyes hearing him, Arjun chuckles silently and Radhika too joins with him.

Adi continues, “BTW am so happy that you remember me. Ok to enjoy this happiness shall we meet somewhere?”

Sam is shocked and Ardhika signs her to accept it.

Sam stammers, “Yes”

Adi, “Wow..tht’s another surprise. Ok then i will call it as a Date.”

Sam makes a crying face and says, “Hmmm…you can say it as anything. I don’t have any problem”

Adi, “You sound so cool Sam. I am so excited to meet you today. I will message you the address, its my resort..we can spend as much as time we want”

Sam quaffs listening him and Rads signed him as No and she immediately said, “No Way”

Adi, “Why? What happened? R we meeting tomorrow right?”

Sam, “ We are meeting but not in your resort” sam says all this by seeing Rads actions on her.

Soon, Arjun extends her a notepad with the address he mentioned and the text what she should speak.

Sam grabs it and with lot of difficulty she says, “Listen Adi…i want to meet you but in my place. I want to give you a surprise..sweet surprise” she makes faces in a disgusting way while saying this.

Adi, “That’s so cool Sam. I ready to meet you anywhwere. Give me the address or msg me”

Rads nod No for messaging and signs her to tell.

Sam, “You just note down my address now.i will tell you”

Sam dictates him the address and he noted down in a paper and keeps it in his pocket.

Adi, “I am so excited and eagerly waiting to meet you my sweet & s*xy doll. Tomorrow is ours. Bye”

He disconnects the call leaving her shocked, soon he cuts the call, immediately Sam faints on Rads lap. Ardhika bangs their head seeing her.

After an hour Sam woke up and looks them in a shock saying, “I am so scared now to go there. You people are planning against me i guess. Radhika are you jealous of me in my work? You gonna kill me or what?”

Rads is jaw dropped listening her and Arjun starts laughing hearing it and side hugs Sam saying, “Sam, you are now doing a great help for us. Infact, you are helping us and i promise i will not let anything harm you. It’s my promise. You believe me na?”

Sam somewhat nods her head half-heartedly and suddenly hugs him hiding her face in his chest. Arjun is also shocked and the most shocked person is Radhika seeing her hugging him.

Sam whispers, “Arjun, Stay like this. You wanna see Radhika’s reaction na. Will see how she reacts for this?”

As she told Arjun also kept quiet but Radhika is burning in jealous right now seeing Sam tightening her grip on him, Radhika pressing her hands in tension seeing them, Arjun also notices her reaction and smiles seeing her. He then seperates Sam from him and cups her face saying, “You know Sam…I like you so much then how can you think that i will put you in danger. Till i am here, i won’t let anything happen to you. Ok?”

He then kisses on her forehead making Radhika burns in more jealousy. Radhika did not stay there more and storms in to her room and locks the door.

Sam and Arjun gives hi-fi to each and Sam says, “Arjun, she loves you man..but her cold attitude and ego stops her in telling her feelings”

Arjun, “hmm i know that. But she needs something to push now i got you”

Both shares a light moment leaving Radhika in jealous.

In the evening, the trio sits together, Rads starts putting her plan on the drawing board and explains them how they gonna trap Adi and their further plans.

Sam blinks, “Are you people gonna kill him?”

Arjun, “No, but it equals to that..infact more than that”

Arjun then turns to Radhika, “Did you inform him?”

Rads nods her head and says, “Before that, we all should be inside early. I don’t know what will happen but we have to make everything right this time”

Sam holds her head saying, “I seriously don’t know what you are doing and why all this? I know that you are hiding something from me and that is a big hell truth”

Ardhika looks each other and Rads says, “You will know it by tomorrow Sam”

Next day, Sam gets ready in her short dress which makes her look so s*xy. She is not comfortable but Rads tells her, “Sam, this is the only way to trap Adi…he will just even go behind the Pole if it is covered by a Saree…Tempting is the only way for us to get him in our trap. Don’t worry, we all will be with you only and have this blue tooth and hide it in your hairs”

She gives her the bluetooth and a Pepper Spray just for the safety purpose. Arjun comes to them and says, “Car Caammmmmmmm…” he just pause his sentence and stares Sam from top to bottom and is jaw dropped seeing her. Rads finds his gaze on Sam, gets angry but stands silently.

Sam notices this and asks in a husky voice, “How am i looking Arjun?”

Arjun blinks at her saying, “You are so s*xy Sam…even i ll go mad seeing you. Why not him?” giving a sheepish smile.

Radhika is utter shocked looking at both and rolls her eyes other side to control her jealous and finally says, “If you both are done, shall we go?”

Arjun looks at her jealous face says, “You go first, me & Sam will come behind you. We have to talk in private”

Radhika shockingly, “Priv….well GO TO HELL” she gritted her teeth and goes out making them laugh.

Ardhika drops her at the place where she asks Adi to pick her up and goes from there.

Sam stands tensed waiting for him and connects with Ardhika in the blue tooth. Soon A Porsche 911 stops infront of her making her eyes widen seeing it, Adi gets down from the car and walks to her. He gives a surprise reaction seeing her from top to bottom, Sam holds her purse tightly and covers her hands across her chest.

Adi gives a lusty look at her and in a blink second he hugs her and whispers in her ear lobe, “You look damn hot babe…i seriously couldn’t control myself seeing you like this.”

Sam stands numb in his arms and her body becomes cold listening him and slowly push him back saying, “Shall we go?”

Adi takes her hand and makes her sit comfortable in the passenger seat and he takes the Driver seat and starts moving.

Sam notices some 2 to 3 vehicles behind their car following and tells Adi, “I think somebody is following us”

Adi smiles saying, “They are my bodyguards..My dad hired me..they will follow me where ever i am”

Sam gets tensed and whispers leaning on her otherside holding her ear having bluetooth, “Got it?”

Rads, “Yeah i got it”

Adi, “Whom are you talking?”

Sam comes to normal, “Woh..i said to myself.” and gives him a fake smile.

She directs him the way how to reach the place and both gets down infront of a big beach house. Adi, “Is this yours?”

Sam, “No not mine but i just booked it for us today”

Adi smiles lustly walks to her and holds her by waist saying, “I just loved it baby. Will go in?”

He nods and walks inside, sam sees the guards also coming in with them, he stops Adi saying, “I want to spend time with you alone. Why they also need to come inside? They can wait here na”

Adi holds her waist more tightly than before and squeezes it sensously husking to her, “You are right. We should be alone to play with each other na.”

Then he turns to one of the guard and informs them to stay here only. Both gets inside, and Adi just spellbound seeing the decorations.

He hugs her and buryh is face in her neck planting a kiss, Sam gets disgusting but keeps silent and when she hears an instruction from Rads on her bluetooth, she moves him from her saying, “Let’s finish the food first and then will go to upstairs to the room”

They both sit and having a talk while havig food. Then she takes him to bedroom and pushes him on the bed. He sits with a thud and lustily stares her from top to bottom and holds her from waist in his sitting position.

She somehow releases her from his grip and pours the drink in a glass and one for her too, cheers with him by crossing her hands into his and signs him to drink.

He drinks the wine while drinking her beauty by his eyes and soon he feels dizzy, he holds his head and starts blabbering mildly. He is about to shout but Sam closes his mouth with a cloth and pushes him to the bed saying, “Come fast”

Ardhika comes to their room from the door behind the balcony and Arjun sprays Choloroform on his face to make him unconscious. The trio lifts him and walks towards the backyard of the house.


Adi wakes up and screams in pain, but his hands are tied up on both sides, he opens his eyes and looks at the every corner of the room. It looks like a dungeon.

He screams for help and soon his vision stops at one place where he can see someone’s shadow. Slowly the shadow comes forward to him and he gets shocked seeing the person infront of him and stammers, “ come you are alive?”

Person, “When you are alive, how can i not? I took a rebirth to kill you”

Adi screams, “No..No..pls don’t kill me. I am sorry for whatever i did to you. I did it mistakenly. I am sorry pls don’t kill me”

Person laughs saying, “You will get a pain more than the death. If you die then soon your pain also will be buried with you. You will feel the pain for life long like how i am suffering. The pain which i am going to kill you is more than the death”

Precap: Adi in hospital. Adi’s father shouts seeing his son’s state and enquires the guards who went with him. Radhika worriedly informs Arjun about Sam’s missing.

***************End of 5th Shot**************

Hope you like it. Guys, pls don’t look for logic and all. I m just trying this according to my level of knowledge.

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  1. Dev

    Just off d cliff satya….damn fab…..n arjun n sam making radz jealous is a scene 2 c….worried 4 sam in nxt epi…..n who was d person…..mysteries….hmmm love dem……waiting 4 d nxt buddy….
    Lots of love…..hugs…..pecks…

  2. Kavina

    Loved it. I also love your profile pic

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  4. interesting update …. awesome …eagerly waiting next one ..

  5. Jewel

    Sathya, now I am really curious to know who is that person?? Is that rads or someone else?? And precap what happened to Sam?? Eagerly waiting for next…. Plz post soon, plz…..

  6. Vasuraj

    Fantastic one ka…
    Sooper Dooper
    Interesting mysterious plot

  7. Sangee

    Hey satz super ma… Rads getting jealous ?… Worried for Sam.. Who is that person?
    Waiting for next one

  8. Who is that person???????? Roads……???????arjune………???????Sam??????any other person……….????????? what a suspens……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz post soon eagerly waiting for next part……n this part is as usual marvelous…… Plz post soon

  9. arti viswanathan

    Superb sathya… I loved it… The way sam helps ardhika is awesome… I wll be waiting for next episode….. That precap is sam really missing or she just acting….

  10. Dipika

    Satzzzzzzz it was breathtaking.. I forgot to breathe with tge happening sequence in the story.. Sam talking to him on phn n thn fainted… So real..sam b arjun plan to make radz jealous…. Lol.. She actually gets jealous.. Sam’s s*xy avatar…. Adi… I too feeling to rip him off.. N i was looking my tempo.. But thank god he got unconscious.. Awsome.. N what yar.. Sam got missing.. Oh no… N who is tht mysterious person n wht had happened.. M so eager… Post soon darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

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  12. Jessie

    Satz…loved it ya…..sam faints…lol…Arsam plan to make Rads jealous…hahah…now am curious for next….who is that person….the one in hut got harmed by these guys I huess

  13. Jessie

    Satz…loved it ya…..sam faints…lol…Arsam plan to make Rads jealous…hahah…now am curious for next….who is that person….the one in hut got harmed by these guys I guess… may be the girl is punishing them… am guessing a lot…nice one dear….eager for next one…TC n loads of love

  14. Rossy

    Sissy is that person the same who stayed away from city in a cottage,in country side…this Adi idiot…moron creature…aweeee…and radz jealousy is a treat always…i like her most in this…i always prefer a girl to be strong, bold,knowledgeable,courageous and upper haded than boys…so I loved it completely…update soon

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  16. _Ritu

    Sathya…it was a thrilling epi 🙂 .. Finally dat moron Adi is trapped.. M so eager for his punishment…loved Sam today d most… 🙂 nd her nd Arjun’s trick to make Rads jealous…wow ?? desperate 4 nxt…post soon…loads of love. 🙂

  17. Loved it

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