MMZ – That one thing (SS )–Segment 1

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? This is the first instalment of “That One Thing”… As I said this is a story based on college life, the conversations and writing style can go little informal compared to my other shots, so you people have to bear me through this… Please ignore any typos or grammatical mistakes… Happy reading… 😀

A girl of 18 years is teaching in a class. Then an office boy along with a guy tries to enter the room. The girl who saw this stopped the office boy and yelled at him.
How dare you enter my classroom without my permission? And who is he?’
Madam!! He is a new student, joined only today, so Principal Sir asked me to drop him to the class. I didn’t know you will be so annoyed with this.’
Oh!! Okay. He may be a new student but he is late to my class, so he will have to wait till the class session is over.’

But Madam!! Principal Sir….’
Principal Sir ko mai bataa doongi. Now your work is over and you can go (pointing her index finger to the new student) and YOU stand outside the classroom itself.’
Office boy made his way to Principal’s office and the new student obeyed the girl’s word, stood outside the class and thought “How can she be a lecturer? Kya pataa, these days’ people are finishing off their studies at a small age, maybe she belongs to the same category. But she is damn gorgeous; if she is not a lecturer then I would have definitely made my way with her.”
The girl resumed the class and asked the students….
So where are we?’

In class.’ Came a voice.
She knew the owner of that voice and so she answered…
Oh really!! I thought you were on moon and I need to bring you back here and continue my lesson.’
The whole class knew how sarcastic she can become if they didn’t leave the topic there, so kept mum.
After the class the girl allowed the new student into the classroom and class was dispersed for the break. She came to the boy who made the comment earlier and spoke…
So brother!!How was it?’
Never mind.’
This conversation was disturbed by a voice from behind.
Ms. Radhika Mishra!!!’
The girl jumped from her place and turned to see Principal Sir fuming in anger.
Ms. Radhika Mishra. What do you think you are doing?’
Sir!! I’m just talking.’

(Flabbergasted) What??(Coming to sense the meaning of her words) I’m talking about the scene you have created to allow the new student in to class.’
Sir!! He is late to class, so I told him to wait outside the classroom.’
Look who’s talking. The person who comes to class in half sleep and sleeps all the while in the first session of the class. Do you know who he is?’
Radhika with a pout on her face murmured “Human.” It was audible only to the boy beside her. He listened to the word and laughed.
Principal who is out of patience now shout on the boy.
Neil!!What’s so funny in it?’

Sir!! Nothing… She is responsible for this.’ Said Neil pointing his finger towards Radhika like a KG student who was caught by his teacher for a mischief with his partner.
Radhika now gulped hard and glared Neil. Then a weird and naughty idea struck her mind.
OMG!! Carrot!! Jaadooo…’ exclaimed Radhika and winked at Neil.
No one understood those code words except Neil and Radhika. Neil took the cue and at once both Neil and Radhika jumped in their places, reached the new student and started searching him. As Radhika was unable to reach his height, she stood on the nearby chair and started searching his hair. In the meanwhile she shouted at Samaira, her best friend and roommate to open the curtains and windows. Sam did the same. Now Principal Sir is totally out of patience and shouted at the trio.

What are you people trying to do?’
Sir, you asked us right “Do we know him?” we don’t know him and moreover our doubt is he may be an alien. You gave us his intro in such a way that he is Rajni Kanth. To clear our doubts we are searching him. And Jaadoo needs sunlight to survive Sir.’ Said Radhika earning a chuckle from the new student whose hairstyle was ruined completely by Radhika. [Note: Radhika is still standing on the chair 😉 ]

Impossible. You guys’ are really impossible. Tum kabhi nahin sudharogi… Anyways he is new student Arjun, he got the transfer from other state due to some personal reasons. Hope you guys’ will receive him properly. (Hitting his forehead with his right hand) What am I even saying!!Right now I saw how you guys’ received him. (To Arjun) Arjun!!! This naughty funky girl is Radhika, this boy (pointing to Neil) is Neil, her brother and best friend. The girl who opened the windows (pointing to Samaira) she is Samaira, partner in crime for these two idiots. Over all they are named as 3 idiots by all of us and they all are your classmates. Some lecturer assigned Radhika to give a seminar and have gone for some other college work. And she spoiled all of that.’
Arjun who got a relief from Principal’s words by listening Radhika to be a student thanked God million times in his heart.

There is no need to worry Sir. I absolutely loved Radhika’s punishment. In fact I liked her seminar too.’
RaNeSam who didn’t expect this turned to Arjun with a shocked expression on their faces and mouths opened wide in a way an elephant can fit in that.
Don’t worry guys’… I’ll not eat you and you can close your mouths or else bacteria may enter your mouths and Jaadoo should have to help you clean that.’ Said Arjun and winked at Radhika.
Okay then!! If you have no problem with it, then I’m tension free. But I’m warning you please be careful with these three idiots.’ Said Principal pointing RaNeSam.
Okay Sir… Don’t worry I’ll take care and they are my friends now, how can I stay away from them?’

This is another big blow to the three idiots, but there is some pain in Arjun’s eyes and Neil noticed that, so he thought to make Arjun his friend and also to clear that pain.
Sir!! Please be at peace. As Arjun said we are his friends now. So we’ll handle this matter.’ Said Neil to the Principal.
Principal Sir knew Neil is a sensible guy, and now he assured him of Arjun’s safety, so he can be free of worries.

Okay Neil… Now I’m leaving. Take care of him and save him from these two devils.’ Said Principal Sir pointing toward RaSam.
Sure Sir.’ Said Neil grinning by listening to the word “devils.”
Radhika is on the verge of breaking something by listening to the same word but controlled herself.
Principal Sir left the classroom, after that all the four (Arjun, Neil, Radhika and Samaira) formed a group and chit chatted till the next class started.
There started their beautiful bond of friendship which is going to last forever and stay strong even after a big storm that’s gonna hit them after some years.

Okay this is the first instalment of this SS, I know it’s short but kya kare I’ve to stop it here as next one is somewhat crucial and has to be in the same chapter. In the next chapter you will see how RaNeSam bond has got its foundation; Arjun’s new avatar and also why Rads named him “Devil” [Many of you guessed it correct… I’m really really proud of you girls… 😀 😉 ]. Radhika calls Neil as “Carrot”, why?? (Any guesses) Why did Arjun have his transfer from another state??

For those who didn’t understand what “Jaadoo” is—Jaadoo is a fictional character in movie “Koi Mil Gaya”. He is an alien and was accidently left behind on Earth by its spaceship members. He survives on sunlight and also an intelligent being. So Radhika being naughty girl thought to escape the scolding from Principal Sir by diverting him in this way. 😉
About the course these people are studying is the integration course of B.Tech and MBA of 5 years and they all are in second year. This is a teenage love story but their love runs deeper than one can imagine. [I had to say this because I got black and blue from my little sis for making it a teenage love story…Poor me… 🙁 ]

I’m going to start writing my next shot of THWH series after posting this chapter… So sorry for making you all wait for a long time. 🙁 For the upcoming shot I’ll post only the story and the facts will be posted in the comments section some other day as my life is going to be hectic for a while…

I want a suggestion— Do you want me to write translations for Hindi sentences I use in braces? I write only few sentences in Hindi to maintain the essence but if you want me to write the translations, I’ll write from next shot for sure… I thought of asking this from a very long time but forgot every single time… 😛

Below is the link to prologue and blurb of this SS:

How did you like naughty RaNeSam[Of course Arjun is no less and how can I leave him alone, you guys already know my fascination towards this character… 😀 ]? What are your opinions about Arjun’s thoughts?

And I’m really sorry if it is not up to your expectations…

Hope you guys liked this segment of ArRaNeSam’s life… Do let me know how you liked it from comments section below… Waiting for your reviews… Love you all… Have a nice day… Bye for now my beautiful friends… 😀

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  1. Rg2015

    Am excited for this. I really don’t, mind it being teenage love story I have always loved love stories. So I will love this one too. By d way if possible for ur writings in Hindi pls do give eng translations as and when possible.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rg..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Will surely write translations from next segment on.. 😀 Take care and lots of love.. 🙂

  2. Brin

    Outstanding episode, very interesting story, continue with it. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar.. 😀 Will update as soon as I can..Take care and lots of love.. 🙂

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Kavina..Thank you so much dear for your lovely words.. 🙂 Take care and lots of love.. 😀

  4. Sammy

    It was awesome ..aahh they fooled arjun and after that arjun saved them .. this was nice sweetie …3 idiots …lol cute 🙂 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Sammy..Thanks dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Yes!!Arjun has some pain in his heart,he desperately need a friend for that,and so he saved them..You will get to know it later..Take care and lots of love.. 😀

  5. Rossy

    Loved everyone here…m happy my guess was correct regarding raneil…yay…yipeee…i liked naughtiness…in short I love the story..?? ? ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rossy sweetheart..Yes!! You were right in RaNeil matter dear.. 😀 Thank you so much for those lovely words.. 🙂 Take care and lots of love.. 🙂

  6. S.v

    Carrot jaadooo he he he i guesed it right . She was making him alien. Gosh i was laughing at that time and she was standing in the chair to reach his head. He he he funny. And the way she made arjun scared and principal i feel pity on him coz he is the principal of the 3 idiots. Gosh u made my day. Thank u and love u soo much jaan.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jaan..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved those nicknames.. 😀 Really,poor Principal..In our college we too did some kind of stuff to irritate our Principal as she was giving us unnecessary lectures..Hehe.. 😀 I’m really happy to know those scenes made you laugh Jaan.. 🙂 Oh!!Don’t thank me..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  7. Dipika

    Sweeeiteeeer my girlllllllll…… A tight n warmmmmm hug for yhis cutest chappyyyy..m sooo in love with it….jaadooo, carrots… Hahahaha….woooooo…its completely college katta…reminded me of my clg days…offggg naughty rads i too thought she is lecturer.bechara princcyyyy…3 idiots ne Pareshan kr rakha hai..n arjun too is not less..his answers.. Haha..i loved it..yeahhhh u r posting THIH nxt shot..m excited…. Love you sweetie darling.. Tc

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Dipika sweetheart..A tight and warm hug to you too darling.. 😀 Aww!!Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved those nicknames.. 🙂 I used to be a big shot in giving weird nicknames to people in my college,so used that experience here too.. 😉 I’m super duper happy to know this episode made you remember your college days dear.. 😀 Yeah!!Fantastic Four are on the move,will see how they will eat others brains in next update.. 😉 Poor Principal,haha.. 😀 Love you too sweetheart.. 🙂 Take care and keep smiling.. 😀

  8. Yaar why so short, am in a good reading mood and u do this to me. Not fair. These ppl are crazy already, Devil, Carrot, Jadoo omg am laughing hard. Update the next one soon. Love u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gianna dear..Sorry sweetheart,next update will have some major revelations so it should be in one episode,or else you people will be after me with broom sticks,so cut short this episode.. 😀 Aww!!Glad to know you loved their nicknames and craziness too.. 😀 I’m really happy to know that this episode made you laugh hard.. 🙂 Will update as soon as I can..Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  9. Myra

    Sweetie….it was amazing….i loved the way ranesam handled arjun….their masti…it was a fun episode…..i can understand the depth of their love….please update the next soon….really excited about it….love you..take care ?

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Myra..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you enjoyed their craziness.. 😀 Will update next one as soon as I can..Love you loads and take care.. 😀

  10. _Ritu

    Manasa dear it was an amazing start…Princii still laughing at him 😉 😀 RaNeSam ..3 idiots were superb..Jadoo..Carrot awesome.. 🙂 now waiting for Arjun to join their gang.. but I felt it was short.. 🙂 nxt time long one plz. 🙂 😀 waiting for nxt..plz post soon and waiting for ur shot as well..will keep pestering till u update 🙂 😉 love

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Hehe..Poor Princi.. 😉 Arjun will definitely join them.. 😀 That idiot will be more dangerous than all these three I think.. 😀 Of course it was short,and I’m really sorry for that.. 🙁 Next one will have major revelations dear,so I need to wrap that in one episode so cut short this one.. 🙂 Will update next one soon sweetheart..Oh Yes!! Keep pestering me.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  11. Sreee

    Hiiii didi…u gave my treat…yaaay…and what is mean my teenage love story?…it is too love story only na?..y ur sissy beating u blue-black (any serious injusy di?..need any help???? )….and the chappy was naughty…arjun thinking her not to be a lecturer…gosh…she yelling the office boy…poor man..he too should have joined the princi when he came to class..i thought with her dialogue ,that she is really a prof ,(bhai ka jaise hi mai bi hu na…? )…..first with jadoo ,i couldn’t understand anything…but when she said it needs sunlight only then i understood..where do u get these ideas bhabhi….omg….she standing in the stool for his height, his dishevelled hair….his answer to princi, that bacteria will be inside their mouth and that jadoo will have to help her get rid of it…my gosh…u really r planning to get me spanked by my parents, for laughing like hell seeing my tab screen…really its too much bhabhi……and u r planning for ur next shot right..AM WAITING…haha…..arjun transfered maybe coz he have no one there for him, like family issues..and rads calling her bro neil carrot may be…hmmm..i dont know di ,so u itself say in next chappy?……and about diagulos give both di, coz everyone cant uderstand hindi(including me,sometimes..?)…and di also update your account in tu..u r now author of that one thing too..okay?….lastly, muahhhhh…love u BHABHI?????

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Cutie!!Yup..I did give you a treat.. 😀 Glad to know you loved it sweety.. 😀 Actually little sis doesn’t like the love stories with teenage backdrop,so she admonished me.. 😀 No serious injury dear,thanks for asking.. 🙂
      Aww!! I’m really happy to know that you loved all the naughty tricks dear..Hmm,about ideas,I’m a big naughty candidate and my nickname is Narada Maharshi..Hehe..Will share you the reason why I got that name some time later.. 😉 Lol..If uncle and aunty spank you,I’ll definitely come to your help,don’t worry..And why me??Tumhara bhai hai naa,he’ll be there.. 😉 😀 About Arjun’s transfer,you will get to know about that very soon dear..Carrot–simple reason,think hard,you’ll get it.. 😉
      Surely will include translations from next shot dear.. 😀 Yes cutie ma’am..Updated my TU profile.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care my cutie.. 🙂

  12. Lakshmi05

    Superb sweetie…they r really cute…n jadoo…lol..waiting for next one… Luv u…tc…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Lakshmi..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved their pranks.. 😀 Will update next one as soon as I can..Take care and lots of love.. 🙂

  13. This was very funny especially the three idiots:) Carrot and jadoo:* Want to read more. Sorry for short message, got to go have some work:( Talk to u later…
    Lots of love and hugs:)

    1. Sweetie

      Heya meri behna!!Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Don’t worry about short message,will definitely chat later.. 😀 Glad to know you loved the update.. 🙂 Love you loads and bear hugs… 😀

  14. Sweetie that was freking awesome.. u reminded me of my college days..I also wondered whether rads was a lecturer and blinked my eyes several time..waiting for ur next update..

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Pankh..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar.. 🙂 I definitely can’t make Rads lecturer..Hehe.. 😉 Glad to know I reminded you of your college days..It’s like time travel to me too,going back to college days.. 😀 Will update as soon as I can dear..Stay blessed and lots of love.. 🙂

  15. outstanding episode……..eagerly waiting next one……tc

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Subha..Thank you so much for that lovely comment dear.. 🙂 Will update next one as soon as I can.. 😀 Lots of love and keep smiling.. 🙂

  16. Hey Sweetie..though m a silent reader and first time commenting on any ff..this was life is the best part of the life and u portayed that so well..can u please mention the exact date when u will update next part??

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Aarti..Thank you so much dear for the lovely comment and lovely words.. 🙂 I’m glad you broke your silence.. 😀 College life is best indeed.. 🙂 I’m afraid I cannot give you exact date but I keep posting my articles on Thursday or Friday night so that people can read them on the weekend..Thanks once again for the lovely comment dear… 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  17. Jessie

    Yay.. finally I read ur update… was on a trip so couldnt read n comment yesterday..
    The chappy naughtiness over loaded…I loved tat omg.. carrot..jadoo hahhah..she stood in chair!! Arjun is d reason she was called she called him devil.. is it so.. ?? Phir bi.. mera Arjun is nt a devil.*sob*?. Wat does neil call her.. if he calls her bunny or rabbit n then tats d reason she calls him carrot.. u explained jadoo! Nw am already singing tat jaadooo..jaaadooo..! Song..hehe..Arjun loved d punishment..Awww.. love at first sight.. *dreamy eyes*?
    Manasa.. I was so tired.. feeling all energetic reading ur update.. I too need ur updates with subtitles?? eager 4 nxt one.. Arjun got transfer coz..he lost parents in accident (too dramatic I guess) or they got separated.. carrot is good for has vitamin A.. and Neil has dimples.. will vitamin A help getting dimples..??? okay.. nw dont get exhausted reading my silly reasoning.. loved it 2 d core… eager 4 nxt update… black n blue 4 teen age story.. kyun.?? Bear hugs sis n loads of love ..Take care..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for those lovely words my sister.. 🙂 Lets wait till the next update to know why Rads calls him devil..Rads nickname will be funny too..I guess all of you will come after me with sticks after that episode.. 😛 Aww!!You loved love at first sight scene..I’m relieved.. 😀
      Glad to know that this update made you relax dear..I’m very very happy to know that.. 🙂 Sure will give subtitles from next segment on.. 😀 Okay about Arjun’s transfer you are right to some extent.. 🙂 OMG!!Jessie!!Seriously I didn’t know the reason of dimples to be vitamin A yaar..Will it work??Oh No!! If it is then I should have dimples by now..*pout*
      I feel energized by reading your comment dear..This SS is making me to know different silly sides of all my friends..Haha.. 😀 Actually little sis doesn’t like love stories with teenage backdrop,she has seen too many instances not to believe in teenage love,so she admonished me for the same.. 😀 Love you loads and bear hugs to you too.. 🙂 TC.. 😀

  18. Jnana

    Arjuna answer was like????hmm. Three idiots nice name. May be now 4 idiots….lol… Its superb

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jnana..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Arjun is crazy as hell,more crazy things yet to come forward.. 😀 4 for that name.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  19. Wowwww awesome sweetie my dearrrrr.’s really very lovelyyyyyy n cute. …loved it very very much. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma di..Thanks for those lovely words.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the update.. 😀 Love you too.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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