MMZ – That one thing (SS )– Prologue

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? Below is the prologue and blurb of a new SS…
Please ignore any typos or grammatical errors… I’ll talk to you all at the end… Happy reading… 🙂
But Radhika you will have to marry him, he loves you so damn much.’ Said Samaira fuming.
I love you him too Sam but that doesn’t mean that I’ll have to marry him.’ Said Radhika.
You will Radhika.’ Sam.
But why Sam, I didn’t pose any threat to your love life and interfere in your marriage proposals. Then why are you after me on this topic?’ asked Radhika with the same tone as Sam’s.
Sam!! You know the pain she has gone through because of marriage. You cannot force her to do this.’ Said Neil.
I know Neil. But there is no rule that it has to happen to her again. She should give him a chance.’ Said Sam.
Sweetheart!! Why don’t you understand? I love you, please agree to this marriage.’ Asked Arjun with a hopeful gleam in his eyes to Radhika.
Sorry De… Sorry Arjun….. I love you too but I cannot do this and you know why.’ Said Radhika and walked out of the room followed by Neil who gave a glare to Sam and left from there.
Arjun who was shocked to listen to his name instead of his nickname from his Sweetheart (Radhika) stood like a statue with Sam beside him.

This is the story of contemporary college life, masti and love. Four different people, four different paths, four different destinations but ONE journey to find that ONE thing they want the most… This is not a story of friendship that turns to love; instead the four characters are crystal clear about their feelings towards their partner from the start… Meet Arjun Mehra, Radhika Mishra, Neil Malhotra and Samaira Khanna and join them in their journey to find that ONE thing they want to achieve… Will these people be able to achieve their respective goals or they will get to know the smell of dust by falling hard on the ground??? Let’s see their future… To know more I need to continue this SS based on your comments… 😉

There will be no negative characters here as the lead characters are themselves grey shaded… This is a short story of not more than 5 shots; it may extend to 7 max if I start to become lazy and give you short updates… No mooshy-mooshy scenes until the four leads are out of the college… If the romance between the pairs reached its voltage; toh samjho SS has reached its end… Every pair will get their importance… It’s not only Ardhika and NeSam’s story but also ArNeil, ArSam, RaNeil and RaSam’s as well…

Okay now my questions—- Why do you think Radhika is opposing to the marriage proposal put forward by Arjun to her?? Doesn’t she want to marry only him or anyone in that case??? When she loves him so much, what is it stopping her?? Why did she say that she didn’t come in between the love life of Sam?? What is the nickname she has given to Arjun (any guesses)?? Why is Sam pressurizing Rads to marry Arjun when she knew the pain Rads has endured through a marriage?? Why didn’t Neil support Sam in this matter??? Why is Rads more important to Neil than Sam??
Guess the answers to the questions and do let me know them from the comments section…
As I’ve already informed my next shot will be late, this is a filler to cope up for that absence… The next shot may take more time than I expected because of some personal commitments lined up now… So please bear with me through these days’ guys… 🙁
And thank you so much for those positive words and encouraging things you’ve shared with me in the previous shot regarding my problem… I don’t have any words to thank you guys’, please know this I’ve come out of that situation now as that matter was settled and the main reason for all those blabbering of my relatives’ was jealousy… Poor boys got an ear bleeding lecture from their respective parents for choosing engineering instead of law… Phew!! Now they want the guys’ to take up a career which they don’t want… Enough of my blabbering about this matter here… 😀
Now again a question to all— What is that ONE THING that you want most in your life??
To start off with me, there are many “one things” in my list; besides being a computer engineer and a future lawyer, I want to become an IAS officer; learn horse riding, sword fighting, archery (in short I want to learn every art form of war I can get my hands on), rifle shooting (my favourite of all), sky diving, scuba diving, and list goes on and on… Hehe… Pretty long list, eh? Sorry, Can’t help it… 😀

Okay this SS got its shape because of Suga [she’s the first person who asked me to start an FF in the first shot… I’m fulfilling it now…lol… BTW where is she? Didn’t see her commenting in any of the FF from the past few days]; Sv[my Jaan, she suggested me to write an SS in every update of mine]; Sreee[my cutie]; Nupur[meri pyaari behna, crazy as me, haha]…
So guys’ here it is; an SS by a crazy cum lazy friend of yours… 😀 😛 😉
How do you like the prologue and blurb of the story? Is it okay enough to pass on as an SS? As this is my first attempt to write an SS, you people have to forgive me my mistakes… Will update one shot series as soon as I can… Love you all… Have a nice day… Do let me know how you guys’ liked this story line from the comments section below… Waiting for your reviews… Till then bye my lovely beautiful friends… 🙂

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  1. Brin

    Interesting concept, waiting for the update. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Brin..Thank you so much for the lovely comment.. 🙂 Will try to update soon dear..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  2. Sammy

    Pls do continue . Sweetie awesome plot …and yeah that one thing I want the most in my life …is to become a choreographer …realli I just love dancing . But still family wants me to do medical …so I am stuck in that and I am happy with that too ..and about your questions ..may be radhika had some problem or. Because of her past she is denying his proposal or may be Neil and radhika were couple and they got divorced …bcoz Neil fall for Sam …I know wired guess ..and may be Neil had still soft corner for radhika so he don’t want her to get married …lol …but pls continue ..for mmz ..we all are in:-) 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Sammy..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 All the best for your future endeavors.. 😀 I just love dancing but only love to watch..Hehe.. 🙂 Will see how many of your answers are correct in the future dear..Till then keep on with your weird guesses..LOL..Sammy!! Seriously my mind didn’t go such far yaar..Keep going.. 😀 Will try to post next one soon.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  3. Lakshmi05

    Nice prologue dear..I guess arjun’s nickname is devil…??…waiting for next one… Luv

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Lakshmi..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Oh wow!! You are way smart yaar..Yes,Arjun’s nickname is Devil,why did she name him with that word will be explained later.. 😀 Will update next one as soon as I can..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  4. Rg2015

    Hi sweetie. This one sounds gud. It’s interesting to note tat all d 4 characters r grey shaded. Am looking forward for this to shape up.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rg..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Hope I can keep up to your expectations,it’s just a simple story you see..Will update next one as soon as I can..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  5. Sreee

    oh di wow,superb…atlast my dream is coming true…u r going to write an ss…am jumping….oh god…..the story line is kinda diff….i like it…..and i think now by answering ur question itself i have to write a ss in coment section lol…and seriously di, i thought of saving this one for later and when i was giving it a glance..i read the questions, and something told me it is my sweetie di….and to be honest for the first time in my history, my sixth sense has been correct in guessing u…hurrrray……now before answering ur question, tell me one thing…ardhika, nesam okay..samarj and raneil okay no problem…but how di arneil and rasam…..?????…..oh my god…dirty me, but what to do when i read it ,i can only think of this……and now my answers(di u have to give us good treat , for my this answers..coz am writing here answers bigger than the one i have written for my exams?….)…1.maybe i think rads was a divorcee like married to a ninsense unknowingly by her parents, so hurt…but arjun loves her after knowing her secret ,i wish…..2.i think anyone in that case….3.the commitement a girl blindly gives her husband when taken for granted, it will shatter her inner even though she has found someone to love truely after that..doing commitments r pretty hard, coz her inner self wouldn’t be ready to bruise itself another time when it hasn’t been cured from the previous itself…..4.maybe sam too has facedc similar situation, where rads wanted her to make a clear decision herself ,instead of pushing into the one that others may find best for her..5.dont know why but i think it is devil…(but dare she call our arjun devil..hehe…)..6. maybe sam thinks its the best way rads could move on from her past with the help of a true love…7. coz he thinks the older scratches needs to be cured first,and he may want rads to be more happy in her upcoming new life without any pressures but by will and also neil is a big sweet heart..hehe..8. maybe he could understand her pain that she still has in a close view or a diff view……like my ans?…but di actually i have answered all this on the basis of a story i thought of, but as it seemed to me that i couldn’t express others pain well in words ,i simply dropped it……and di congrats that u r catching ur dreams……it is so a blessing to live a life like that….and yes jealousy ,just destroys many beautiful relations….human fate ,u see…..and my one thing is too a big list di…first of all ,i wanna make my parents proud…..and yes i love to be authoritative and to do help to someone who asks u rather than standing helpless, also i wanna serve my country ,by manifesting patriotic feelings and humanity in large scale…coz di i believe lack of this things only cause all problems in the country…in one way or another u can link any petty to huge crime to this topic…thus di iwanna become IAS officer, i wonder sometimes how it would help me but feel that it will definitely do…also i love human minds…hate mechanicals, comp too…though i have taken it as a career due to parental pressure and as i knew comp r imp in these days…..i personally has always admired the way human minds work..its emotions ,feelings, outburst,confusion, abandonce, crave…am a big admire of these things…i always have wanted to just understand their heart in one glance ,so that i could help them in wiping off their own tears….not a professional one but atleast one onay i will become a amateur pshycologist…also i wanted to learn archery(due to the historical adventures i read in tamil….every one of them would just praise and elaborate archery..wowww)…also flute, hypnotism(non threatinening one..), graphology…….so di now tell me,who is a big blabberer…..haha…..i know its me….always i love to talk about things i love…motor mouth…have a coffee di before reading the next one coz definetely ur hairs would have stood straight by now……… u till no bounds di……….muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….bear hugs…take care….keep smiling……..

    1. Sweetie

      Hi my cutie!!!Yaar I’m ogling at your comment like a love struck puppy..God!!Now I need to correct your answer sheet.. 😀 I accept you are full time blabberer..Jahapana tussi great ho…LOL.. 😀 Congrats for your sixth sense yaar,and I’m glad that it worked for my SS.. 😉 ArNeil and RaSam in the sense their friendship and the depths of their friendship cutie..Tum bhi naa,dirty thoughts abhi se,what will you think when we reach the end??No!!! I just can’t imagine.. Will treat you with the first chapter as soon as I can.. 🙂
      Choo sorry cutie(puppy face),but your brother’s nickname is Devil itself,kya kare kaam hi aisa kiya hai tumhari bhai ne.. 😛 About your other answers,Cutie!! I just can’t imagine such ideas dear,you are too good in that..After revealing the reasons for their pain,tum sab log mujhe peet naa de.. 😛
      Cutie!! Really awesome things you have in your mind..Being an IAS officer helps us in many ways dear..You have a whole district under your control..Even I’m after IAS for the same reason..Want to change the mind sets of my district people.. 😀 Authoritative!!Hmm..Me too belong to same category.. 😀 Psychology is one of my fav subjects,was unable to fulfill my dream of studying that subject but no regrets because when there is Google,everything is possible.. 😉 Hifi for archery..Even I watch and read most of the war sequences,fascinated from those stuff actually.. 😀
      Had coffee dear,but not because of your comment,it’s because of the work I’m in right now.. 🙂 Love you to eternity and back my dear.. 😀 Stay blessed and lots of hugs.. 🙂

  6. Starz

    awesome i loved it. interesting concept. pls update it fast. i am eagerly waiting …love u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Starz..Thank you so much for the lovely comment dear.. 🙂 Will update next one as soon as I can..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  7. Rossy

    Sweetie geethu m always in for ur story…my guess if radz went through something very serious in previous marriage,so she doesn’t want now…might be Neil her bro or bff that’s why his priority is rads..I love u told that u will show each bonding…very nice…
    And ME,,” I JUST WANT TO BE A TRUE HUMAN BEINGS,FOR Which WE R CREATED”… that’s my wish…

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Rossy..Your DP is so cool yaar..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Hope I can keep up to your expectations dear.. 😀 About your guesses,will see how many are correct in the future.. 🙂 Haayeee!!Maar daala sweetheart with that ONE THING of yours,love you so much for that line..Hope your wish be fulfilled..I think you already are a true human.. 🙂 Loads of love..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  8. Jessie

    Manasaaaa… am happy u r writing SS… and itne saare sawaal..!! Clever of u.. if u dint ask these we wud hv been asking in commentcomments section..
    Guess.. okay.. Rads is already married under sum pressre else RaNeil is married..n they gt divorced under mutual.
    Rads is neil’s he wants her 2 achieve tat one things b4 marriage..may be tat could heal d wounds she gt thro 1st marriage..Sam is saying out of love n affection..Arjun’s nick name starts with DE??!! Let it be by nt devil expecting a new nick name from u..

    One thing..Actually there is many things ..same pinch for those self defense n martial art ones..swimming riding.. u know my love 2 learn all this..kya kare no permissions.. woman entrepreneur.!A trust 2 help d needy at ri8 moment so tat i don’t want 2 convince n beg ppl 2 help d needy.. I believe self defense will make u more tatctful in unexpected situations..tats y..u wanna be IAS..superb! Kill this terrorism.! I wish future gen shld NT know wat does tat word mean..
    Rifle shooting..pls learn. Yesterday oly I got severe scolding for I was abt 2 get tat form..I dint even get a chance 2 visit tat club.. I thought atleat like enquiring I wud get a glimpse .. bt No..? . Soon I want u 2 learn it my sis.. a amazing one.. and archery.!! I hav admired it when watching Olympics telecast! TC dear.. live ur dreams.. coz everyone doesn’t have a same dream.if u have a dream it means u are born for never let it go! (Patting myself) will be waiting 4 ur worries..keep smiling.. TC dear.. and do u know 2 play any musical instrument.? Bear hugs..!

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jessie..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Yaa,when I have so many witty readers like you over here,I need to come close to them in intellect right,so posed those questions myself.. 😉
      About your guesses,will see how many of your answers are correct in the near future.. 🙂 Choo chorry sweetheart,but the nickname of Arjun is Devil itself,because my small brain can only think of that and it has a reason too.. 😀
      Yeah!! I know your interest in defense arts.. 😀 Wow!! If ever you open that trust,I’ll join you too because that’s my dream to help the needy.. 🙂 God Jessie,my sweety!!Emotional kar diya mujhe,will definitely learn rifle shooting dear..Now going to change my DP to the same.. 😉 Will live my dreams for sure my sister..No dear!! I don’t know to play any musical instrument,you see in childhood I used to be with my grandparents actually and they didn’t allow me to go out and learn something new.. 🙁 What about you??Love you to moon and back..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂 Bear hugs.. 😀

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Hemalattha..Thank you so much for that lovely comment dear.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  9. Dipika

    Sweetie dearyyy m really very excited for ss of just by prologue u bombarded so many questions that probably increased my interest… So try to answer few ones..i think rads gonna thru something bad..really bad.may b its her ex marriage…..thts y she is saying no to arjun..n i guess arjun’s nick name is Devil….don’t knw how much i m right….so now m hell eager for whole u r amazing writer story must itself b amazing… N hey that one thing for me changes always.. But i want to do many adventures things in ma life..skuba diving n all..roaming whole world.. Want to meet different ppl n want visit new places… I always love to read ur thought which u write aftr ending ur u

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Dipika sweetheart..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 I just can’t thank you enough for calling me an amazing writer(really I’m still learning).. 🙂
      About your guesses,Yes!! Arjun’s nickname is Devil itself and about other guesses will see in future to which extent your guess is correct.. 🙂
      Your one thing list is superb yaar,chalo saath mein chalthe hai world tour,what say?Will update next one as soon as I can dear.. 🙂 Love you loads..❤Stay blessed and lots of hugs.. 🙂

      1. Dipika

        Sweetie darling neki aur puch puch..chalate hai world tour pe..bag kab pack krna h bata do…n u knw m jumping in happiness that i atleast guessed arjun nick name right..hehe…chlo nw going u

      2. Sweetie

        Oh come on..I’m ever ready for world tour..Chalo chalte hain..Par ek bhi paisa nahin hain mere paas.. 😛
        Hehe..Lovely dear..Will update next one by tomorrow morning..I think you’ll get some answers.. 🙂 Bye and love you too sweetheart.. 🙂 TC.. 😀

  10. Myra

    sweetie…..I like your concept….its a fresh one…..I like the idea of yours of giving equal importance to each character….please do continue!

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Myra..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 Hope I can keep up to your expectations.. 😀 Will post next one as soon as I can..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  11. _Ritu

    Manasa dear u back wid an SS..m so happy 🙂 …m always up to read ur stories…prologue sounds interesting..I guess rads suffered a lot in her previous marriage..nd still had not recovered from dat…Neil may be bcoz Rads had bear a painful and horrible past..Arjun’s nickname may be Devil 🙂 not making more guesses as I am too bad in that and everytime my guess comes out as a fool.. 🙂 😀 story is superb…U will focus on every…I personally felt ArNeil and SaRjun (after initial period) bonding were neglected in the m up too see their bonding…. 🙂
    My one thing…!! I really wanted to become a scientist in future but bcoz of my father’s dream I choosed medical as a stream. .Its totally by chance as seriously I dont have any interest in biology and I pity the patient who will come to me for treatment.. 😉 I always had a dream to explore space and every other planet of the solar system…I wanted to join Indian Army too but bcoz of height I got rejected in the interview.. Personally I felt really irritated that time coz the I find the reson for rejecting me was inappropriate…It is not necessary that only Palm Trees 😉 can join Army and not a short height person..but guess that was in my fate. 🙁 …now I m blabbering a lot so before u kill me 😉 I will stop myself…waiting for ur nxt shot as well..plz can u mention how much time it will take..?? sorry for pestering dear but when it comes to my fav stories I cant help my greedy head.. :)love

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Ritu..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Yes!!Arjun’s nickname is Devil and about your other guesses,will see to which extent you are correct in the near future.. 😀 Me too felt the same about ArNeil and Samrjun..Hope I can keep up to your expectations,after all the revelations aap log mujhe peet naa de.. 😛
      Wow!! Scientist!! I love scientists.. 😀 Patients–be careful when you are going to our Ritu..LOL.. 😉 Come on,don’t call palm trees rey,I’m tall too.. 🙁 Indian Army is like a dream for me,I pushed my brother to take part in that..Woh toh mera band bajaa diya without writing exam(He is my junior in school).. 🙁 I thought to try my luck too,but if you see me you will laugh,I’m thin..Hehe.. 😛 Next shot may take another week dear but will try my level best to deliver that before itself.. 😀 Keep pestering me because you know I’m a lazy girl.. 😉 Love you loads..❤Stay blessed and lots of hugs.. 🙂

  12. interesting ,,,please conti……….eagerly waiting……….tc

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Subha..Thank you so much for the lovely comment.. 🙂 Will post next one as soon as I can dear..Stay blessed and lots of love..❤

  13. interesting and different concept Sweetie…waiting for complete update..sorry dear was not able to comment on ur last shot due to my hectic works..but I do read them and they were absolutely fabulous…
    My one thing..there are many..but biggest one thing is to meet all amazing tu frnds that I have made here..Silly me

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Pankh..How are you??Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 If you read the previous shots,then why are you saying sorry??What matters the most is you read them and loved them,alright.. 😀
      Will update this one as soon as I can dear..Oh wow!!Then chalo we’ll all plan one day and meet up,what say? 😀
      Love you loads..❤Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  14. S.v

    Thank you thank you thank you a ton sweety u donno how much you lifted my mood. God i have so many people who always there for me . Finally my wish came true . My jaan is writing a ff ok short ff but i am jumping like hell and i’m happy now. Thanks a ton jaan. Love you so much and want to crush your bones by my tight hugs love you lods.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Jaan..Wow!!Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 You do have so many people who care for you and I’m one of them..Tumhe Jaan aise hi nahin bulathi main.. 😀
      Will update as soon as I can..Love you loads and bear hugs to you too.. 🙂 ❤

  15. Haaye re behna? (Bihari dialect) Ka likhti ho bitiya, intro bahutahi badhiya tha, mazza agaya;)

    Ok let’s see about the questions…hmmm Radhika had a bad experience in her previous marriage and I feel she is an ambitious girl, hence she wants to fulfill her goals this time before jumping into another marriage. Radhika didn’t interfere in Sam’s life, this question makes me think as RaNeil were married but NeSam loved each other so Rads got out of the way. So see m confused between these two theories of mine:)

    Arjun’s nickname is Devil. Maybe because once he wrecked havoc in Rads life. Sam wants to see Rads happy hence the pressure. Neil is Rads bff or ex-husband hence concerned. Actually my sixth sense works way too good for the Hindi tv sagas but clearly I lack the expertise in guessing anyone’s story so I ll leave it on u to surprise me on this new journey.

    About getting that one thing, it’s a long list~ I want to be the daughter that my puchu parents are proud of, they are but I feel I can better myself:), I want to learn archery, my fascination for that sport started from reading the stories of kings, warriors, watching some of the historical shows, which makes me want to learn fencing too:)
    I even want to learn karate or taekwondo (big dreams but m too lazy), m happy that I could at least learn singing and painting in my school days, if u had asked me now I would have slept instead of going to classes, seriously when u grow up, I didn’t know I had become so lazy for other stuff?
    And yes, I love badminton too:) Just like u I too have a dream of giving the civil service exams, will surely try for that…And di many people will be jealous and sometimes it’s hard to ignore their harsh words. It gets on ur nerves but what to do we have to be the bigger person in the picture and steel our hearts and continue in our chosen path with renewed fervour. Don’t worry ur family and well wishers are there always with u and m damn sure u ll rock in any profession or field that u choose:)

    Ok too long msg, waiting to see each of their bonding and also for ur next shot. Lots of love and big teddy bear hugs:) Tkcr and stay blessed:)

    1. Sweetie

      Hi meri crazy behna..How are you??Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar..Bihari dialect..Not bad haan.. 😀
      About your answers let’s see how many are correct and to which extent in the near future,right now preparing to write the first segment of this SS..Hehe..Sure we all are very accurate in TV sagas not in FF’s right..Will update soon dear max by today’s midnight.. 🙂
      Oh wow!! Your one thing list is superb yaar..Even I learnt painting in my school days..But now I tried my level best to enroll myself in some painting classes but was unable to make it because I’ve become so lazy to even call the institution..Hehe.. 😛
      Hifi for archery and IAS officer dear.. 🙂 Thank you so much for those positive words sweety..Yes!! What matters the most is actually the big picture which lay in front of us.. 😀

      Don’t worry about long message,I love to read them but my little sister almost fainted by seeing your’s and Sree’s message..LOL.. 😉 Loads of love and lots of hugs to you too dear.. 😀

  16. Gauri

    Swetie u are really talented sorry darling was held up but great going…its different an amazing …I loved it waiting for the next 🙂 love you

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gauri Di..Thank you so much for those lovely words dear.. 🙂 What Di!!Again sorry??Not happening..You always say sorry to me.. 🙁 Please sorry waapis le lo..
      Will update as soon as I can,first part should be up by tomorrow morning..Lots of love to you too.. 🙂 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 😀

  17. Bhavika

    interesting story do continue and no MOOSHY MOOSHY LOLZ but its ok its your ss so it would be definately wonderful so do cont and my ONE THING is to fullfill my dad’s dream-To become a District Collector exept this i wanna learn dancing,karate,basketball,shooting,horse riding too,swimming,painting,sketching oh there’s a never ending list but wanna learn em all 😛 and always want to hv my friends with me 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Hey Bhavika sweety..Thank you so much dear for those lovely words.. 🙂 Yaa,no mooshy mooshy because I’m not that fan of khullam khulla college romance,so romance part will be less when they were still in college..Only hugs allowed.. 😉 😀
      About your one thing–I just loved it.. 🙂 Hifi for IAS officer dear.. 😀
      Lots of love.. 🙂 I’ve posted next part,should be published by morning,so see you there sweety.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  18. Am jumping in joy seeing that u are writing this SS, pls do continue this bcoz in this few words u hv left me intrigued to know more. Will be waiting for this story. I think maybe Rads doesn’t have belief in the marriage institution due to something she experienced.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Gianna dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words yaar.. 🙂 Really didn’t expect you all will be this happy about me writing an SS,hope I can keep up to your expectations..Posted next part dear,should be published by morning.. 🙂
      As I said earlier,Rossy did give you an apt name–Christie Holmes..Very nice guess..*claps*Yes Rads do have a past and lost her belief in the marriage institution..That reason will be unfolded in fourth segment most probably.. 😀
      Lots of love dear.. 😀 Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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  20. Hey nice one. Ardhika n nesam clg. Cool it will be.

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Manha dear..Thank you so much for those lovely words.. 🙂 Stay blessed and lots of love.. 😀

  21. Walaikum Assalam Sweetie. …marvellous plot…I also have many one things to do…list is very long like you…keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads my sweeeeeetheart muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Sweetie

      Hi Roma di..Thank you for the lovely comment.. 🙂 I’m glad to know you loved the plot.. 😀 Hehe..No problem about the list..Mine is never ending too.. 😉 😀 Thanks once again.. 🙂 Stay blessed and love you loads.. 😀

  22. […] are the links of the prologue and Segment1 of this SS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you guys liked […]

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