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I got up in the morning to find my side of the bed empty. I scowled as I sat up and pulled my knee length hair that was already in a mess from the bun I had tied at night before I got to bed. I wanted to chop them off so badly, but I couldn’t. Just for my mamma. She loved my hair so much. We both were known for our hair and good looks everywhere. I smiled at the mention of her. No one can be like her. She was my everything. Paa and I never had an attachment. He never stayed at home. He was always out on business. But mamma loved him. I hated him for staying away. He was never there for us. All the memories I held from childhood to now was filled with my mom and her five best friends who were always there for us. There was no Paa in my life. He has never come home for my birthday. But he visits once a year. Stays at home for a night and then vanishes.

It’s only I who know how it’s to live without a dad when I have one. From school to graduation in high school and college. Every single person would have their dad drop them school in the morning with a goodbye kiss and a smile that will give you hope to rock the day. The afternoons will have moms to pick up. Graduation in high school, every person would be the happiest seeing their dads fly down for them not to miss their big day. All dad’s smiling and proud of their children. And when I got the best college and got a medal for my performance, I didn’t have my dad by my side, watching me as I received all them all. He was never there to boost me up. I always felt let down. It was mom everywhere. Right from scratch. Everywhere. She pulled me up with a smile. She was my only backbone. And she calls me her backbone. I don’t why I call him Paa, but I have to for mom.

She says “whoever it is, we have to respect them as they’re elder. And in your case, it’s your dad.”

And I can never say a “NO” to her.


I’m twenty three years old and I have only grown to hate him with every breath I inhale and exhale. I will always hate him.

I scolded myself inside for remembering that man early in the morning. I sighed as I found the left side of my bed empty. I always wanted to look at mamma’s face when I wake up. It would always be my lucky day. A happy day. But today she woke up early. As always. On this very day every year.

It Was Her Birthday.

“Shreemayi!! Will you wake up? Or do you want to be late for work?” she called from downstairs.

“Do you have to get your voice on your birthday? Uff.. such a decibel. I’ll go deaf” I shot back.

“Now get up. You can dream of Rajiv later” she shot back. Her voice having a mischievous tinge.

I facepalmed myself. I blushed. Damn. Is she my mom? Which mom happily accepts a guy who her daughter is dating for six months? He is a good guy, but… umm… mommy accepting in the blink of an eye was a shock for both of us.

Ok.. sorry there… I forgot to introduce myself. Im Shreemayi. Shreemayi Mehra. I hate this Mehra tag. Daughter of Rosie and Aman Mehra, who was a twin of my uncle Arjun Mehra. The exact opposite of him. Arjun uncle was a down to earth person with a golden heart. He loved his family.. his wife Radhika and his son Ardhik, who is three years elder to me. Both the husband and wife be my mother’s best friends. And yes.. Granddaughter of Hitesh and Savitri Mehra. I be the only daughter of the family, so pampered by everyone.

A graduate from Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. But I work as I teacher in a pre school. I live kids. I and Rajiv met at our recent alumni meet and clicked well.

Living in Manhattan, one of the most densely populated areas of New York City. All relatives around us. Ardhik bhaiya be a pain. He snoops around always, knowing everything of what I do. Being a bone when I’m with Rajiv. And I end up being a bone in his case too. When he’s with Tanya. Tit for tat. But he’s the best brother. I be this kid to him, though we have only three years difference.

“May are you out of bed?” called out Vidhya aunty. The one who was the closest to her. Called her her soul mate and twin.

But… but but but.. I hated it when she called me May. What is She doing her now? Oh maybe to help her best friend in preparing something big for me. It’s her birthday and acts as if it’s mine.

“I’m out if bed aunty” I scowled as I pulled my feet to the bathroom for a shower picking my clothes.

I came after my shower dressed in my track pant and tank top. Mom and aunty looked at me as if I’m an alien.

“Why are you not in your work clothes?” mamma’s eyebrow cocked up.

“I’m on a day off” I said casually as I entered the kitchen and took the coloured Bell peppers from my mom and I pushed her out of the kitchen.

“You’re going young lady” mamma scolded.

“Will you stop acting like a hyper impatient kid on your birthday at least. You’re quiet on all the days and God knows from where you get the josh and energy to be like a fireball” I blew out a big breath.

“May can you please help me with sweating the onions?” Vidhya aunty pleaded from the kitchen.

I scowled and mamma held my hand indicating me to go help her.

Mamma came close “I don’t want her to burn down my kitchen” she whispered and I felt her smirk against my skin.

“Right, I’m on it” I chuckled “oh yes, happy birthday mommy!!” I sang as I hugged her tight.

“Thank you baby!!” she whispered.

“May!!” aunty called out. This time she sounded frightened.

“I’m coming” I said back and ran to the kitchen.

I saw that she had the onions on the heat with less oil. I added more oil and stirred it up. Good that she didn’t call it after she had burnt them all. I let out a relaxed breath and covered it with a lid. I removed the lid after five minutes and stirred them again and covered it. Repeated the process till the onions were translucent. I turned around and looked at me with a sheepish grin.

“You have a cook at home don’t you? So you don’t know how to cook? Please don’t experiment with my mom’s kitchen. Do you know the meaning of sweating the onions?” I asked her all calm.

“No” she nodded.

“It’s adding little extra oil. Stirring it up till the oils coated on it and put the Iid over. And keep repeating the stirring and covering every five minutes till the onions are translucent” I explained.

“What you were trying to do was sauteing” I chuckled.

“Oh God!! This kitchen and cooking is so not my thing” she threw her hands up in the air and ram out of the kitchen making me and me laugh out loud.

I thought of making pizza and got the base ready kneading the dough. I roasted the bell peppers a little and let it cool. I prepared gajar ka halwa and went back to the hall and sat down with the two soul mates who were talking about something i couldn’t understand. Just then the door opened and Rajiv entered with a big flower bouquet.

“Happy birthday mom in law” he grinned wide.

“Mom in law to be” I corrected.

“Whatever” he rolled his eyes.

“You…” I started off but was cut off in between my mamma.

“Not today. Baabu it’s k. Anyways he’s a son to me” she smiled.

“This is why I love you more than my mom” he grinned wider.

“Ok I’m hungry now” he smiled.

“Gajar ka halwa?” I asked.

“Sure wifey” he jumped.

“You’re a kid. I don’t think I’ll need kids. You’re more than enough” I sighed.

“Shut up. I need my grandkids” mamma snapped.

We sat for breakfast and Arjun uncle and Radhika aunty too joined us. Ardhik bhaiya came with Tanya. Neil and Sam aunty came with the twins Piya and Jiya. Neil is more of a friend than an uncle. I wonder how Arjun uncle and Neil are such good friends. Uncle is short tempered and rude at Times, but Neil is not like that. He’s the calmest and takes things slowly. A person who never gets angry. I think if there’s a person who exists like him. I saw Ardhik and Tanya moving close to each other.

“Get a room you both” I said out loud and every head snapped to the two lovebirds who flushed in embarrassment.

I gestured Arjun uncle to come with me to a side as I noticed everyone busy in their own world of gossip.

“What is it baccha?” he asked.

“I need your brother’s phone number” I said in an emotionless voice.

“Aman?” he gasped.

“Yes. I want Mr. Mehra’s number” I clipped.

“Not Paa?” he asked. I called him Paa in front of all, but when we were alone I called him Mr. Mehra. No one knew it.

“I call him that only for mamma” I snapped.

“I hate calling him that word. He’s not worth it at all. Why did he leave mamma? He was with her till I was born. Then left. He didn’t want a daughter or what? What did he feed mamma that she’s still in love with him like a teenager?” I whispered as I could no more hold back my tears.

“He doesn’t even text her. It’s her birthday today. Not even a word” I went on and he kept watching me.

“Listen baccha, I have no clue why he left. Maybe there was a reason” he sighed.

“He’s your brother isn’t it? Part of your company? So you need to know about his whereabouts. Tell me” I snapped. I know I was being rude. I hated it. He was a at this side of mine. I will apologize later. The best thing will be not being a bone in Ardhik bhaiya’s love life.

“Yes. He is. He’s in London now” he replied.

“Can I have your phone?” I asked all calm as I asked his phone stretched my hand out.

He gave his phone to me and I scrolled through his contacts. Uncle had no password. He has nothing most of the time. I finally found Mr. Mehra’s.. my so called dad’s number. Now one big confusion. He had four numbers. I looked at uncle and both of us sighed together.

“You know, you get angry just like me and your dad. Just like your grandpa. Your nose is so red” he chuckled as he pinched my nose.

“Stop it” I scowled as I snapped his hand off.

I tried the first number, it said number does not exist.

Second number, the ring kept going. No one answered. I tried three times and brought my hand up to throw the Nexus 5 in my hand. I stopped as it was uncle’s phone and looked up at him with a small smile. He gave me a “don’t you dare” look.

I went on trying the third number. The call was disconnected immediately, giving it a busy line.

Fourth one.. switched off. I went mad at the man that I was forced to claim as my dad. I looked at uncle and he had his jaw sharp and it was stiff. His teeth gritted, I knew it. Fists balled.

“Lol uncle. Looks like you’re going to punch someone. But who?” I laughed.

“My so called senseless brother” he hissed.

“Wow!! Promise me that you’ll skin him alive” I winked.

“Non veg talks. Who you want to skin alive kiddo?” Neil pulled my cheeks.

“Aman” uncle clipped.

“Are you serious? So violent. Do you think Rosie will agree to this?” he asked like a kid.

“Stupid Neilu. Like I’m going to let mamma know. Like I’ll do it even if I want to. I don’t want both me and uncle in jail. You can accompany us if you help” I pouted.

“Bad idea” he shook his head.

I snatched Neil’s phone and went on through his contacts. I found only one number. I called, but it was a switched off. I scowled as I gave back his phone. I took Arjun uncle’s phone and took the second and third number. I called up immediately. The third one was cut.



I called the second number, it started to ring. The call was answered after a few rings.

“Hello” I heard a voice and I had to suck in a breath to keep myself composed. Hearing his voice after a year. Holding back on emotions was not an easy thing.

“Is it Mr. Mehra on line?” I asked in a cold voice.

“There are a lot of Mehras that exist. I’m one among them too” he chuckled.

“Cut the crap. Are you Aman Mehra?” I hissed as I felt anger course through.

“Yes that’s me. May I know who I’m talking to?” he asked as he started to sound a little serious.

“Your so called daughter. Shreemayi” I snapped.

“Shree?” he gasped.

“Oh please. Shreemayi sounds better from your mouth. Stop being a dad and all loving” I snapped again. Neil and Arjun uncle kept watching.

“How are you? How’s your mom?” he asked.

“Oh it’s my mom now. Not your wife or Rosie?” I snapped. I myself was tired with the snapping. I have never spoken so many sentences in this tone.

“Congratulations. You got a record” my mind mocked.

“Shut up” I scolded myself.

“It’s true” I heard my mind again.

“Will you shut up?” I screamed out loud as my anger had hit it’s peak. I looked up at Neil and uncle who were staring down at me.

“I just called out to your name and you want me to shut up” he sighed.

“I don’t want any of your crap. But yeah I do want something. It’s for my mamma. It’s her birthday. Do you atleast remember that?” I asked.

“I forgot. I’m sorry” he said in a small voice.

“Wow!!” I let out a humorless laugh.

“Ok listen. I want you here for her birthday. Please. It’s the first to I’m asking you something. Not because I claim you my dad. It’s because I’m my mamma’s daughter. I want her happy and smiling on her birthday. So, I request you to let her husband meet her. For humanity sake you can help me in this” I spoke.

Those were the longest amount of words I had spoken in a go.


Aman Mehra what and all you make me do?

But anything for my mamma.

“It’s for you to decide” I clipped and cut the call before he could reply.

“You hate him so much?” uncle asked.

“Yes. The one and only person I’ll hate all my life” I replied.

“Time for preparing lunch. I’ll go finish pizza” I said as I ran.

I finished preparing the batches of pizzas. We had it and got immersed with the decorations. I had planned something special for mamma. I know she’ll love it. I saw maa and smiled. She was busy troubling Arjun uncle. The punishment for looking exactly like her husband. She gets to throw all her frustration on him.

“Arjun did you get the ice cream? You know my meal isn’t a clean finish without it?” she scowled.

“I’m getting it” he fake cried.

“Which flavour?” she crossed her arms.

“Almond fudge?” he asked in confusion.

“It’s green tea you dumb idiot” she knocked his head thice. Gave a minute break and knocked again thrice.

“Ok woman. Sorry” he flinched.

“Did you inform the caterers? The ladoos? The Pooja articles?” she went in and I got lost to what she was listing on.

“It’s almost done” he replied as she finished her list.

“Almost? Are you kidding?” she pulled his ear.

“God!! Radhika is better than you” he winced.

“What?! I’m better? What do I even do to you?” Radhika aunty cane out if the kitchen with a rolling pin.

“See Radhika. What and all he’s saying. He needs a lesson” mamma smirked.

“Uh oh. Oh no. No no no. No Radhika. I didn’t say anything” he moved back as aunty came forward twisting the rolling pin with an angry look.

“Yey!! Radhika to beat the pulp of Arjun” Vidhya aunty cheered with the yellow and blue props. She was the college cheerleader at that time.

“Vidhya you too?” he cried.

“All women in a team you know” she said proudly “in these things I’ll team up anywhere” she grinned.

“No wonder your so called tiger is now a cat” I laughed out loud.

“It has to be that way” aunty Sam came out of the kitchen.

“Rajiv save yourself” Neil said loud and Rajiv froze and all of us laughed.

Radhika aunty ran behind uncle and mamma tried blocking him. Such a teenager. It was good to see her be herself. I smiled as I thought of my surprise and went back to work. I saw Rajiv and he gave me a small smile.

Mr. Mehra not be the surprise. I don’t even know if he’s coming. If he is, it will indeed be a surprise.

I had gifted mamma a designer sari, which he wore proudly. The party was on full swing. I took the stage and cleared my throat to gain attention.

“Good evening everyone. You all know that it’s my mamma’s birthday. It’s a very special one as there’s something that you all don’t know.

My mom has been a backbone. She was there ever since I know the meaning of what is what. Right from every single thing I have asked, she has never said a no to me. It was all her money. Everything she spent on me. She stood single handed and brought me up without a help from anyone. She had her friends and family to boost her and support her. Not even a single penny my father has shelled on me.

If I’m here in this position, all independent and happy it’s all because of her. No one else. And my mom without a blink agreed to Rajiv who I’m dating. No mom can be like her.

So cool. Full of fun. Chirpy. Lovely. Young inside though she’s old outside. Supporting. Helping. Caring. Everything. She be everything.

Thank you so mamma. I will always love you. You’re my Hero.

“My mamma My Hero”.

Now the surprise. Tanya bring it in” I smiled.

Tanya walked in with an envelope and everyone had their eyes on the envelope in Tanya’s hand and then me as I took it in my hands. I saw Arjun uncle. He smiled at me and looked out the window smiling even more wider. I let it go and opened the envelope.

“Mamma this is your success. Your dream come true. You’ve been accepted at the ERTU (Evidence Response Team) FBI” I smiled as I hung the sheet in air.

“Oh my!! My baby!! Thanks to you. All your credit. Yuu pushed me to do it. My daughter be the best” she smiled as she hugged me.

“Congratulations my wife” I heard a voice.

It was not Rajiv’s voice. And he called me wifey. We pulled away and looked at the person at the doorstep. It was Mr. Mehra.

Wow!! He came.

“Aman?” she gasped.

“Yes me. Happy birthday” he smiled and gave her a hug.

“Thank you” she smiled as she took it.

“Your work. You left it and came here” she said.

What kind of a wife?

“Someone reminded me” he smiled as he looked at me.

“Dare you to smile at me. I hate you Mr. Mehra. Mamma even you can’t change this” I snapped.

“But I have come back. I’m sorry I have been so hard and a bad dad” he said.

“Sorry. Now learn to live without your daughter. Taste your own medicine” I snapped.

Mamma was smiling so wide that she hugged Mr. Mehra tight. I smiled seeing her real happiness. I did a good thing talking to him.

“Thank you for bringing him back” she hugged me tight.

“Anything for you” I smiled.

That was indeed a surprise.

A big one.

That’s all… I hope it was good.. fingers crossed.. mamma let me know.. please.. happy birthday once again mamma.. I hope the others liked it too… Hope I wasn’t a bore.. Tata babaye… tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. Bhabya

    Shree di it’s awesome. Love you. But are you continuing the story? If yes I will behappy

    1. Shree

      Thank you baby

  2. Jessie

    Shrreeeeeee…..This is rocking super one..Gosh girl..tell me…whom do you really want to scold..
    I tell you I never enjoyed a father-daughter convo this much..sarcasm! take a class here!! wat say!! Vidya aunty…you don’t know to sweat onions. and tiger into cat!! loll that was a awesome one..I loved it girl…Each and every part..Rosie makes Arjun to be on toes..hehh..Aman looks like Arjun and Vidya’s hubby name is Arjun…Arjunmania rocks!! we will rock it!!

    The dialogues are pretty cool… nexus 5 had a last minute escape.. FBI!! thats awesome…on the whole the best i would say..I read thrice before commenting.,why ..for what ..don’t ask..last part.,Arneil and shree..,and 5 friends enjoying themselves was awesome..Mamma ko pappa mil gaya..Ab paapako rassee se baandna padega..Lovec it..Rosie..Happy birthday my dear…
    Wish you all success…

    1. Shree

      Jess!! Lol… Class.. edutudalam.. Hahahahaha.. comedy paniten.. Arjun mania.. eeee.. Nexus 5… Haha..

      Thank you

  3. Very well written shree. It was marvellous. Well I always try to comment first. Cause I constantly keep checking the mmz duty just for the beautiful stories of manmarziansss

    1. Shree

      Thank you

  4. Brin

    I really enjoy reading it was fabulous, Rosie is one lucky girl, Shree you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you

  5. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode shree dear…

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      Thank you

  6. it was of the good one…

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  7. Rossy

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    Jokes apart…thanks baby for ur such wonderful gift…u r the first person from tu with whom I talked first….i still remember that day…coz of ur reply?….m super happy for making Arjun dance on my tune…and vidya…my twin playing here with me also…btw she is a good cook….lol…load of love ❤ sweetheart…thank u very much ? hehehe…now m extremely happy ?

    1. Shree

      Hehehehehehe mommy!! Rajiv is mine.. only mine.. maama be heroine.. I’ll see..

      Aww.. I’m so happy That I was the first one.. thank you so much.. happy to see you happy.. yeah I know she’s a good cook..

  8. S.v

    Shree ponney me aunty for u awww but anything for my twin and tiger he hehe he will always be my cat lol and this is a true os as when it comes to work some will forget their family u said that really cute and ur anger for aman and we all enjoying taunting arjun poor him and finally aman coming was all cutely superah irundhuchu dear ponney i love u so much dear muhhhaaaaa

    1. Shree

      Aunty ponne… Illa Chitti.. hehehe… Thank you so much!!

  9. Nyc story sissy 🙂
    neinga tamilian ah #shree

    1. Shree

      Thank you.. yes I’m a tamilian

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      Thank you

  11. Gauri

    Shree this was a raapchik update…..yaar now I am all J of Rossie….me pouting now….waise with you I expect dhaamaka and I got keep rocking

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      Thank you di!! Jealous aah?
      Lol me? No one can beat you though

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    1. Shree

      Thank you so much di!! I’m Glad you like it..

      Love you di ??

      1. Roma

        Love u tooooo my sweeeeeetheart. ..take care sweetie. ..muaaaaahhhhhh :* 😉

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