MMZ-One Day-That One Thing spin off – Chapter 6

Salaam everyone… How are you all?? I had this plot in my mind from very long time but was unable to type because I’m lazy… Anyways this is a spin-off shot of ‘That One Thing’, so if anyone of you didn’t read TOT, please read it before you proceed on this shot…

First I thought to write a sequel to TOT but my time doesn’t permit me for that, you know with two other stories in hand and research for them and not to forget my studies, so this shot is also like compensation for the intense shot of THWH and my inability to write a sequel due to time constraints, hope you like it… Meri dhukh bari kahaani ends here… Happy reading peeps…
It is one of those days when Yukti and Mukti, twin girls of Ardhika had a lot of time in their hands as they are only 4 years old and their parents are at home, so obviously our naughty girls are planning something for their parents. They both dragged their dad and mamu (Neil) to their room saying they have a secret mission that needs to be accomplished. How can the fathers reject when their princesses are ordering something? So they followed them to their room. Ayaan (NeSam’s son) became a spectator in all this. He was saved in this mission because he already became a victim for the pranks of these devils from a very long time. Not that he doesn’t give anything in return, but the girls are devil reincarnation for sure when they make up their mind. Aakhir betiyaan kiski hai!!! 😉 Ayaan maintained his distance because if ever the girls cross their boundaries, he can alert the mothers. So the girls better be in their best behaviour this day. Ayaan sighed and took his seat in front of the daughters-fathers quadro. After getting a fair idea of what the devils are up to, he very slowly made his way out of the room and landed in the kitchen where his mother and Mami are preparing breakfast for them. Yukti and Mukti grandparents are involved in some oldies topics and his grandparents were due to join them in the evening. So he did what he has to do and also why he came down from the girls’ room. After listening what Ayaan said both Radhika and Samaira made their way to YuMukti’s room followed by Ayaan who had an evil smirk on his face. After opening the girls’ room, both the mothers were rolling on the floor laughing. Yukti and Mukti decked up their fathers as girls with a plait on their heads and bindi on their forehead. ArNeil didn’t understand a bit why they are laughing because they thought their princesses are giving them head massage when the girls’ mothers are capable of only eating their heads off. When they asked about the reason, RaSam controlled their laughter and placed mirrors in front of them. ArNeil jumped from their places seeing themselves in the mirror. RaSam thought to tease guys more, of course, how can they leave their husbands when there is a good opportunity to tease them!
Yukti and Mukti, where are the people with whom we got married? See!! We need them to dust off the high roofs of our rooms, right? Search for them in every nook and corner of the house.’ said Radhika.
The girls giggled and went to search their fathers along with Ayaan. They made their way to their grandparents and explained everything what they did to their fathers. Dilip and Leela were laughing like hell in the living room. Here in the bedroom, RaSam were having gala time teasing their respective spouses and brothers.
Look at you Devil!! You really look like a cute girl.’ Said Radhika in between her giggles.
Haha… Very funny sweetheart. I didn’t know the secret mission of girls is this.’ Said Arjun pointing at himself from head to toe.
Rads!! Leave bhai, see your brother is no less. He is looking like a girl in the advertisements, nahin!! That girl who comes and says ‘Mummy’ in one of the advertisement.’ Continued Sam ignoring the glares she is getting from her dimple husband Neil.
Not now ladies, I don’t know what came in to us when we accepted the girls’ proposal.’ Sneered Neil.
Not our fault Neil, the girls are very good at making people bend to their knees when they want something. All the credits go to their lovely mother.’ Chimed in Arjun.
I agree Avocado.’ Said Neil adding more fuel to already raising rage of his sister. He blo*dy hell know the consequences of his words but he can’t help it, alright.
You are pampering your kids and spoiling them. And now blaming us for their behaviour. What a father’s diary it’s gonna be if we allow you both to write your biography.’ Said Sam sarcastically.
Meanwhile on the words of Leela and Dilip, Ayaan came upstairs to see why his parents are taking so much time to reach downstairs.
I don’t know what will happen when they grow up and get their boys. I pity those guys who ever get to date the girls.’ Said Radhika with a sigh.
Don’t worry Mami, the guys will never get a hard time from dad or mamu.’ Said Ayaan. When RaSam were feeling proud of their son, Ayaan added…
First they need to pass through me to get Yukti and Mukti after all. Only then they will be able to come to dad and mamu, right?’
Both the ladies are watching Ayaan with their mouths open, he is only a year elder to both the girls but his protective instincts are no less than his father and Mamu. They knew he warned many children who tried to bully his sisters but didn’t know his limits till now. Alright now, they knew his protective nature has no limits like his father who kicked the shit out of a guy who tried to molest Radhika when they were in college. Later then Arjun and Neil made a guy bold headed because he tried to badmouth Radhika.
Arjun and Neil are feeling proud of their son. He is sweet combination of both Arjun and Neil. And they are also laughing looking at the faces of their wives. Ayaan obviously unaware of the storm that’s going to make its way ran out of the room informing them that Dilip and Leela are calling all of them downstairs.
Radhika and Sam were pissed off with the guys already because they made Ayaan too like them. They turned to their laughing husbands who stopped laughing sensing a danger looking at the faces of their wives.
Sam!! Are you thinking the same what I’m thinking?’ asked Radhika.
Sam is ever ready to torture her husband and brother agreed Radhika’s words.
The punishment for this is you both have to remain in the same attire for the entire day.’ Said Radhika.
What is “this” sweetheart?’ asked confused Arjun air quoting the word this.
Arjun jumped from his place as Neil pinched him on his forearm.
What was that for?’ asked Arjun to Neil.
Never mind.’ Said Neil unable to believe that this dumbo is his friend.
I think my husband got the reason, but bhai, you should know the reason for the punishment too right. We both are not that cruel to give you punishment without giving proper explanation. So the reason is you both (pointing to both Arjun and Neil) made Ayaan same like you. I didn’t know he became this protective towards the girls till this day.’ Said Sam.
But that is not our fault he became protective towards his sisters.’ Said Neil trying to reason the ladies.
I don’t know whose fault is that, but you both will get punishment because he became exactly like you both and that’s final.’ Said Radhika.
But Sweetheart…..’ Arjun’s sentence was left in mid way as both the ladies turned on their heels to go downstairs.
Avocado!! There is nothing we both can do now; we both know how stubborn Beetroot and my Honey are, so just go with the flow.’ Reasoned Neil.
What!! How can I go with the flow Chilli? We both have a video call to make in the evening. If they both are serious, then we have to plan something to avoid the meeting.’
Right!! What if we say that cameras of our laptops are not working?’
Yes that’s a good idea. But both the cameras!! Doesn’t that make the clients think weird?’
Do you have a better idea Avocado?’
Then go with the flow, simple. Now come on, if we didn’t go downstairs now, our little devils will come looking for us and then we cannot escape from their puppy-eye looks.’
Yeah right. Let’s go.’
They both headed downstairs only to listen loud laughs of Dilip and Leela. Radhika and Sam are glaring at them as if they will burn them with their looks. ArNeil exchanged a look and came to a decision to make their wives cool in their own way. They smirked at their decision and looked at their respective who have confused looks on their faces now.
After their breakfast, children were playing in the lawn. RaSam were discussing something about their business. Dilip and Leela were busy taking snaps of their sons. Arjun who observed this and knew where their photos will go sprang in to action before they could not be embarrassed further.
Mom and papa, I’m warning you beforehand, those photos will not be leaked to any of the social networking sites. I know your obsession with instagram, but come on you both have followers who are our employees too. So please don’t embarrass us further.’
Or else?’ asked Leela.
Or else…. Or else…. Arey Chilli!! Help karo yaar. They were even taking your snaps.’ Said Arjun.
Or else we will cook for a week and you all have to eat that food without any complaints.’ Said Neil with a wink.
Arjun is relieved now. No one are that fond of their cooking because a day cooking session of him and Neil means a week cleaning of kitchen and a month for a bad stomach. So no one will dare to allow them in the kitchen. Arjun leaped on to Neil and gave a good kiss on his cheeks. RaSam, Dilip and Leela stared them wide-eyed now.
Radhu!! Are you sure he is the same Arjun with whom you got married?’ asked Dilip.
I…. I don’t know papa….’ said Radhika blowing out the steam from Arjun’s ears.
Don’t believe me. And sweetheart, you will get your punishment for every word you utter now.’ said Arjun with a wink.
Radhika understood the hidden meaning from his words, not only her but all the other people also understood the hidden meaning and nodded their heads in disbelief. He is the one who calculated the amount of work during Radhika’s delivery after all.
Neil passed a wink to Sam stating the same.
Meanwhile the children came back from their play time and sat in the laps of their fathers playing video games with them.
Later that day, NeSam’s parents joined them and got to know the reason behind ArNeil’s attire. That lead to another round of laughing session.
This is one of those blissful ONE DAY of the four idiots’ life.
I’m keeping this thread closed for a while… I’ll continue this story whenever I get another idea… This story is close to my heart because it is my first short story… I was unable to come out of the hangover of TOT even now… Hehe… So cliché, isn’t it? But can’t help it… 😉

Do let me know your views on this shot from the comments section below…

Love you all and have a great day ahead…

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  1. Myra

    Hey soul sister…..splendid job!
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    Arjun and neil…?
    Love you ?

    1. Sweetie

      Soul sister,that word sounds so good.. 😀 Thank you so much soul sister.. 😀 Glad to know you loved the shot.. 😀 Love you too and take care.. 🙂

  2. arti viswanathan

    Sweetie very good episode and I am waiting for next episode dear…

    1. Sweetie

      Arti,thank you so much dear,glad to know you loved the shot.. 🙂 Well about next episode,I don’t know exactly when will I post that,but I intend to see you on my other stories as well..Hope that sounds okay.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  3. Brin

    Outstanding spin off, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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      Brin di,thank you so much,glad to know you loved the shot.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

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    1. Sweetie

      Thank you so much darling sister.. 😀 I’m so happy to know I revived your sweet memories.. 😀 Aww!!Neil and culinary skills,lol,I give that threats to my family actually,so added it here.. 😉 Glad to know you loved the shot sweetheart,love you too.. 🙂 Take care.. 🙂

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    ohhhh godddddd my sweat hearttttttt…my darling sweetyyy..i wanna give you kissyyy..this is soooo damn cute yarrrrr..tune to meri eveng hi banadi…..i was so upset whn this story end…but happy now that u thought to extend it….so damn cute to listen avcodo, beetroot, devil……aradhika’s daughter just like them only…handful..but lovely..oh god they decorated there father..haha..Rasa enjyed the things..haha…ayan protective bro….bachapan se…arneil were so gorgeous….okay..u can understand now how much i liked plz next one soon..tell your swtheart heart suggested sometnig jaldi hi n come soon…loads of loveeeee..muhhhaa

    1. Sweetie

      Sweetheart!!Thank you sooooo muccchhhh… 😀 Really happy to know I made your evening.. 🙂 Yeah!! I got it how much you loved the shot sweetheart,next update will be our Politician and Reporter’s.. 😀 Lots of kisses to you too sweetheart,love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  6. Gauri

    Sweetie Awesome plot 🙂 full of fun Ioved the twins….you are a khazana of plots 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Gauri di,thank you so much,glad to know you loved the twins and their masti.. 😀 Khazana of plots!!Thank you so much for that wonderful word.. 😀 love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  7. Rossy

    Sweetie geethu…awesome dear…superb…children are soooo naughty…ayaan is sooo sweet , he took side of his mothers…lol…and instagram fever of grandparents…omg…lol…superb…fantastic…??

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      Rossy di,thank you so much,glad to know you loved the shot.. 🙂 Instagram fever,haha,yes,these days it’s increasing right,so used it here.. 😉 Love you loads Di and take care.. 🙂

  8. Aadia

    Wow sweetie Di…it was really cute…thanks for writing something on TOT again..not only children,but their parents and grandparents are also crazy… this SS became close to my heart also…
    Please update misconceptions sis…want to know how is Mr.Politician’s and Mrs.Reporter’s life…oh!of course that Mr.Spoon’s too..

    1. Sweetie

      Aadia,thank you so much sweety.. 😀 Glad to know TOT is close to your heart too.. 😀 Yeah!!All are crazy in this story as you know now.. 😉
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      P.S:Your DP is lovely.. 😀

      1. Aadia

        Yeah..waiting for that update..and about the DP,Its a developing tourist spot just 10 minutes away from my home..I love that place.. A union of sea and river..☺☺☺

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        Wow!!That’s so lovely.. 😀

  9. mindblowing..

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      subha,thank you so much dear.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  10. Awesome, very funny n mind blowing episode. ..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling

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      Roma di,thank you so much.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the chapter.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  11. _Ritu

    Manasa tussi great Ho 😉 😉 hilarious update dear…a fun filled ride 🙂 D girls…carbon copy of RaSam..nd Ayaan over protective 😉 wow..loved it. 🙂 wish I could also join Dem 🙂 do give us dis amazing rides whenever u have tym else u know my pestering habit 😉 😉 loads of love. 🙂

    1. Sweetie

      Ritu,thank yo so much sweet sister.. 🙂 Glad to know you loved the chapter.. 😀 Ooohhoooo!!Me great hoon,yeh mujhe pataa hi nahin tha.. 😉 The children are carbon copies of their mothers for sure.. 😀 I can keep up with this wish of yours,will include you in the next chappy,what say!!Will try to post soon dear,but busy right now.. 🙁 Love you too and take care.. 🙂

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