Many many more happy birthday SV dear. A lots of love and kisses for you dear. LOVE YOU πŸ™‚

This OS is only for you as my bday gift. Enjoy reading n hope yo will jump after reading this.



Arjun, he is the hero of our story. A small description about him, “6 feet handsome hunk, kind hearted person, loves to make friends, love to dance and he used to have a beautiful dream about a girl. He couldn’t see her face till now but always dreams like he is dancing with her. He loves to touch her curves in his dreams and that time unknowingly he used to smile while sleeping…all this are recorded by his one only friend Neil and will tease him to the core till his face gets crimson red coz of blushing. Arjun has some determination that he will definitely find his dream girl one day for sure and he is waiting for that beautiful day”

So now comes to reality…Arjun and Neil are the only sons of a well known established business family. They are cousins but they behave like a siblings and loves each other immensely. Neil will do anything for Arjun’s happiness and same as with Arjun. They both are doing their MBA final year and never shown interest on the girls who is falling on them just for the sake of their family and money.

In the same college only our heroine and her close friend also studying BBA final year. We already gave intro for our hero then how can we move to the story further without having heroine’s introduction.

She is a beautiful, charming, talkative girl and mostly gets excited often for even a small things but that’s the most beautiful quality in hers. She loves her dears unconditionally and never ever allow others to bad mouth about them..if so then that’s it. That will be the last day for them. She cannot sit quietly in a place for a min except for one thing and that is nothing but while having food. She will take max an hour to finish her food and the most suffering person coz of this is her dearmost friend Sam. She used to force her to eat fast but our heroine will never bulge for this and continues her eating without even listening her but at the same time she will never allow Sam to go anywhere till she finishes her food. ha ha ha lol..bechari Sam. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :P. I think this is enough now for the heroine introduction. So she is none other than our cutie, lucky charm my darling SV.

SV and Sam are also studying in the same college where ArNeil are studying. As i mentioned already ArNeil never shows interest on girls but SV and Sam often watch ArNeil by hiding themselves behind the trees or pillars or from somewhere else. They both used to admire them a lot…whenever they think to go and talk to them they will hear them scolding the girls running behind obviously they will back off and till now never shows their face to them. Soon Sam composes herself and stops thinking about Neil but SV is completely lost herself in Arjun and automatically her heart is started beating for him without her knowledge. She is a silent lover of Arjun…who loves him without any expectations. She has his pictures in her room everywhere on the wall. She even has his picture printed on the bedspread and pillow cover and sleeps hugging him. She collects each and everything what he used like Coke tin, his shirt button (one day Arjun’s shirt button broke and fell down on the ground which was unnoticed by Arjun…but SV collects it & keep it safely) like this kind of small things she has. Sam used to bang her head by seeing her madness on him but she also worries for her thinking what if Arjun hurts her and decides that whatever the situation she will stand for her support.

Like wise, one day SV pulls Sam to the auditorium and Sam wonders why she brought her here but soon understood that Arjun is there and doing rehersal for the Annual function. Sam rolls her eyes seeing SV is mouthwatering starring Arjun…she laughs seeing SV’s eyes which is forget to blink. There in the stage Arjun is practising his dance and Neil is doing the job of playing the music. He looks at Arjun who is tensed of not able to pick up the steps..he cheers him up and encourages him more.
While doing so…he gets disturbed of some noise which is nothing but Sam and SV where in Sam is talking to SV who just lost her sight in Arjun. Neil gets angry on Sam and shouts “Shut up…can’t you see that we are practising here. If you wanna talk go out and talk…don’t disturb us.” He turns and murmurs, “Cheap girls..just doing al this to take our attention” actually he murmurs little loudly which was heard by SV and Sam. Sam is shocked and becomes dumb hearing his allegations and couldn’t talk anything. Tears forms in her eyes but more than her SV who stars Arjun got disturbed by Neil and gets angry seeing him scolding her Sam. She immediately goes to Neil though Sam tried to stop her…she goes and stand infront of Neil and says, “Excuse me Mr.”

Neil is shocked seeing a girl who calls him Mr. though the whole college knows about him and Arjun very well. He gets up and gives an attitude look at her who looks at his eyes straightly without any hesitation. SV, “How dare you can talk about my friend?”

Neil, “Friend?” he looks at the way where SV points her hand where sam is standing like a statue seeing SV.

SV, “What do yo u think about yourself that every girl falls on you? Have you ever seen us before?”

Neil realises that they are new for his sight but instead getting angry he starts liking her boldness. Sam comes to her and drags her to stop this fight. SV shoves her hand away and points finger to Neil saying, “Don’t dare to badmouth about by friend? We never ever behind you guys…and think & talk before you spit any words. Understand?” Before Neil answers her, SV gets shocked seeing some one holds her forefinger which was pointing Neil. She moves her gaze to the person who holds her finger and gets shocked seeing Arjun glaring her angrily and stands infront of Neil by hiding him.

Sam looks at them and hits her forehead by rolling her eyes. Arjun, “How dare you point your finger at my Neil?”

SV’s tongue gets stuck on her upper jaw…she couldn’t say a single seeing Arjun holding her finger and blinks at him. Sam understands what SV is going through now..she laughs silently seeing SV. Neil is surprised seeing the Jhansi rani becomes silent now and he did not miss to notice Sam smiling.

SV gathers some courage and adjusts her throat to talk with attitude but when she opens her mouth only air is blowing no words coming from her mouth. Sam goes to help her but Arjun raises his hand to stop her and he glares SV again. He takes a step towards her but SV takes a step back away from him. Arjun, “I asked you that how dare you shout at my Neil and pointing finger at him”

SV with lot of efforts reply him, “I can also ask the same question that how dare he can shout at my friend”

Arjun narrows his eyes saying, “You girls are like doing all nonsense to grab our attenton right…i have seen so many girls like you who runs behind the handsome boys like us”

Actually Arjun kicks SV’s ego and angry out from her and with lot of attitude she replies, “Don’t day dream Mr. We never been behind you and what did you say…you guys are handsome is it?” she started laughing like a mad and looks at Sam saying, “Hey Sam..did you listen what he said…he is handsome it seems. ha ha ha” she is laughing like a maniac which makes Arjun loses his temper and he moves so close to her but due to this sudden move SV also moves back but got hit by a chair and is about to fall but Arjun holds her waist by his strong arms. His one hand holding her finger still and another holds her waist. SV is stopped breathing completely after feeling his touch on her body…she starts sweating badly and breathing heavily. NeSam looks shocked seeing them starring each other for a long.

Actually Arjun feels strange when he touches her body and her beautiful curves…he gets a flashes of his dream girl who is dancing with him in his dreams. Now he is getting little clear flash that her hands are holding his shoulder and he is holding her waist. Before he could think more, SV pushes him back..takes sam with her and runs from there. They both run away from the auditorium and stops near the playground and breathes heavily. Sam composes her first and walks to SV asking, “How can you lie like this yar?”

SV blinks at him without understanding anything and Sam continues, “You did not even know what you lied…you told him that we never ever running behind them. Actually we did” she keeps a pout face saying that. SV blinks for a sec and both starts laughing giving hi-fi and SV says, “That they did not know it right”. They laughed heartily and goes to their classes.

But in auditorium Neil finds Arjun lost and pats him. Arjun comes to his sense and said that, “Neil…i am getting strange feelings when i touched her” Neil smirks saying, “You first time touched a girl right..that’s y”. Arjun gives him an angry glare and goes for his practising. The dance practice goes smoothly till Arjun gets to know that he has to dance with a girl for the function. Neil convinces him and thinks to give an announcement to their department students about this.

The announcement circulates to all the class including SV’s and Sam’s class. Sam looks at SV who is day dreaming about Arjun in class. Again in the evening SV and Sam pokes themselves in the auditorium to see Arjun…but as soon as seeing him SV’s temper gets high seeing him Arjun dancing with some other girl. She storms out coz of jealous and anger..without saying anything Sam too follows her. But in practice Arjun gets irritated seeing the girl often falls on him intentionally..he gets that she did not come for dance instead fall on him. Neil laughs seeing them and Arjun’s irritating face. SOme how Arjun managed to finish the practice soon and made her practice well about the steps and leaves home with neil.

@ Annual Day function,

Arjun and Neil waits for the girl who supposed to be dance with Arjun…their are getting very tensed of not finding her and the program is about to start. Arjun is dancing for one Solo song he given the responsibility to Neil and goes to perform. Neil don’t know what to do..he tried calling her so many times but did not get any response. He comes to the audience side and checks for that girl’s friend but unfortunately he bumps with Sam who looks him angrily. Neil smiles at her and gets worry seeing her ignoring him and going.

Neil, “Hey girl…pls wait yar”

Sam, “Why should i?”

Neil, “There is a reason?”

Sam looks at him confusingly and he continues, “We lost the girl who supposed to dance with Arjun. I need to find a girl soon to dance with him”

Sam, “What? Now how come you will find a girl that too she has to dance with him?”

Neil nods his head like a kid and seeks her help. Sam gets an idea and tells Neil about SV who dance well. Neil likes the idea and accepts it immediately but both worries thinking about SV and Arjun who already fought with each other. Neil plans somethng and tells Sam to bring her to the dressing room. As he said Sam drags SV to dressing room and makes her wear the dance costume forcefully. Neil comes there and smiles at her. Before she understands what they are trying to do..he wears a halloween mask on her face and tells SV that she should not remove this till she finishes her dancing. At the front stage they are announcing for Arjun and his dance partner to perform a duet round. NeSam pushes her to the stage with Arjun…the most shocking for SV is…she should dance with Arjun. Her legs are started shivering seeing him and mostly the crowds. Before she turns and sees Sam. Arjun pulls her towards him and holds her waist tightly with so much of anger thinking her as his previous dance partner. But he feels the strange feeling again when he touches her waist and stares her eyes behind the mask. He forgets himself seeing her stunning eyes and holds her hands tightly but with love and passion and starts dancing on the stage. They both dance for the beautiful romantic number song “WAJAH TUM HO”. It is an aweful and sensual dance between them. The complete auditorium gets mesmerised seeing their dance and praises their pair. Arjun completely forgets what he practised and dances on the stage spontaenously after seeing the halloween queen.

Arjun remembers his each moments with his dream girl when he dances with SV and everytime when he grabs her…he holds her with so much of love. SV feels the difference in his touch and she also melts like an ice on his hands. Finally the dance perform is over, NeSam is dumbstruck seeing them together…and Neil observes Arjun’s face while dancing with her and Sam too observes SV…NeSam shares a smile seeing their friends with the right persons. Sam waits for SV and moves to dressing room to get SV before Arjun gets her..Neil also comes running behind her and helps both to go out before Arjun comes. Exactly the time they goes out, Arjun rushes inside the dressing room and finds only Neil. He gets disappointed of unable to see the halloween queen and gets upset.

Neil smirks seeing him but did not say anything to Arjun about SV without knowing his thoughts abot her. Next few days, Arjun gets lost thinking about the dancing girl
where in SV gets high fever after her dance with Arjun. Two days she did not get up from her bed only. Sam is getting tired of laughing seeing her friend in this state. She conveys this to Neil and they both share a cute moments. Ofcouse Neil started talking to her nicely after the function and even he starts feeling for her.

After a week, Arjun desperately zooms the complete college in search of her but unfortunately SV was in bed ridden coz of fever..he couldn’t identify her. Neil understands his feelings and thinks to check about SV’s feelings for Arjun. He contacted Sam and informed her the Sam…Neil jumps in air after hearing what Sam said. They both plan something and thinks to unite Arjun & SV.

Neil informs Arjun that he wants to keep party in their home and Arjun also agrees for it. The party day arrives, Neil tells Sam to get SV at any cost to their home and Sam also agrees for it. She compells SV to the core and takes her to the party. After seeing her in the party, Arjun glares her in anger, he is in tension of not finding his dream girl and pours his anger towards SV. SV again shivers seeing him but Sam composes her and stands with her till Neil comes and whispers something on her ears.

The lights get switched off in the hall and a voice over announces that this party concept is on halloween and he asked everyone to wear the mask and dance with anyone whom they likes. Neil who stands with Sam already, gives her the mask for her and for SV. After giving the mask to SV, Sam goes with Neil and dances with her leaving SV alone. SV wears the mask and walks in the dark..often bumps into some one and falls on the ground. She manages to get up and again bumps into the some person and is about to fall but in the nick of time, she gets hold by a strong hands around her waist. Everything is dark and no one could see anything but she feels his touch very familiar on her skin and for support she holds his hands. That person is nothing but Arjun holds SV and he gets to know that she is the one whom he searches like a mad. His grip on her waist becomes tighten when he realises that she is his girl. He just pulls her towards him and dances slowly according to the mild music. After a few mins, the DJ guy turns on the light and tells everyone that the person who is with them will be their partner for today’s party.

Arjun is again mesmerised seeing the same eyes behind the mask and rolling his finger on her face, where in SV also stuns seeing her in a familiar hand. They both completely lost themselves in each other embrace and dances beautifully. NeSam notices them lovingly and hugs each other happily..then they realised their position…Sam is about to move but Neil tightens his hands on her waist saying, “Don’t dare to move. I want to keep you with me like this forever. Will i get the permission?” Sam is happy to the core and hugs him tightly…he too reciprocates the hug.

Arjun & SV dancing forgetting everything around them..soon the music stops and SV gets senses…is about to go…he stops her by holding his wrist and twirls her to him. He removes her hairs on her face and soon removes his mask from his face ….which makes SV gets shocked seeing Arjun. When Arjun is about to remove her mask, but she holds it tightly. Arjun just moves his hands from her face and slowly removes the mask from her face.

He gets surprised seeing SV behind the mask and remenisces his moments with her from the day they fight, their dance on the annual function, his angry glare on her in the party. More over his dreams now gets a clear picture of the girl whom he is dancing with. It is none other than SV who dances with him daily on his dreams. Now he gets his dream girl as a his halloween queen and is nothing but the beautiful and gorgeous SV.

He pulls her slowly to him saying, “I feel like this is also a dream…but i know this is not. I couldn’t believe my eyes now that i am seeing my dream girl infront of me who fought with me like a jhansi rani and dances with me a like a halloween queen. How idiot i was..having you infront of me but searching it everywhere. I am so happy that finally i got my Halloween queen ….My CINDRELLA.”

He bend on his knees and extends his hands to her asking, “Will you be my CINDRELLA forever? Everyday i dreamt about you…in my dreams i danced with you but now i am asking your hand to dance with me daily in real. Will you?”

SV is like dumbstruck and stands like a statue of not realising what is happening to her. Happy tears oozing from her eyes and she slowly nods her head happily and gives her hand to his. He kisses on her hand and cups her face by blowing his hot breathe on her. She closes her eyes of unable to bear his proximity and soon feels wet on her s nothing but he kisses on her forehead after their confession.

Arjun, “OKay… Till now all knows u as only SV… Even me too… But what’s ur full name?”

SV smiles saying, “Shri Vidya”.

Arjun hits his head with hers saying, “Finally a long lasting secret is revealed”. He smiles hugging her tightly.

************THE END*****************

So many many more happy birthday my dear SV. This is specially dedicated to you for you bday as my gift. Tell me how you like it. Hope i did not make any blunder and makes you happy. Fingers crossed SV…pls let me know.

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  1. Jessie

    This is fantastic..l liked a lot..Sv and Arjun’s first meet was a fun…Nesam d cupids…hmmm.. Dance…dream proposal..Cinderella forever!!! I liked tat one…kalakiteenga sathya…Hats off satz for writing this beautiful in short span of time in spite of ur day in office.. U work like super fast u loads ..TC.. was indeed a long lasting secret…??

    Hey shri..?? Happy Birthday Girl..!! Baby ..???
    Arjun oda dance., romance..aha.. Enjoy d day .! Have a blast..!

    1. Sathya

      Thank you Jaazzzz. You are praising so πŸ™‚ Yes n that was a long lasting secret revealed finally.

  2. Brin

    Wow this is too good, Sv is definitely going to like it, really this story is awesome, well done.?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin πŸ™‚

  3. Dipika

    Satzzzzz as i told u previously tht it is best n awesome gift ever can get for birthday yarr..i wish ki my birthday would have came lil bit late so i too would have get gift like this…koi gal yr…haha….this Cinderella story is beautiful yarr..Halloween quern n prince charming… N at first arneil shows attitude…sv gave good answer n tgrn hifi to tht they don’t knw tht thid girls already stalk thm..haha..sooooo cute….n nesam plan…haha..thy r indeed aradhika unite planner…want to see sv’s reaction… Love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Dipu dear πŸ™‚ han we missed ur bday. It’s ok … if we decide to gift then no special day is required. I will make you dance soon. Just wait πŸ™‚

  4. Jewel

    sathya… beautiful os…. a very nice cinderella story….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel πŸ™‚

  5. Super dear…….. Happy birthday sv

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Vavachi πŸ™‚

  6. S.v

    oh my god oh my god oh my god its out of world best birthday gift ever, arjun my arjun and im his Halloween queen yippieee i have the best birthday gift i have ever had im on moon i am speechless, happy jumping oh my god doing all stunts.

    Arjun and i oh my god…. im jumping and all the time blushing im pair of arjun ohh my god and yes did u ever see me anywhere ?? coz how did u made an exact of me in here as i will be the one of a rowdy kind when some one bad mouths my dear ones and i will fight the way when sam was controlling me same type shrugging my hand and i will shout and eating lol takes 1 hour and my mom will bang my head to make me eat a typical nut case is me and u made a perfect me and arjun is my Halloween trillion kisses to u arjun as u made me go all mad i have read this for say nth time.

    Im all the time smiling and my cheeks are paining u made me turn crimson and that song first time i heard this today and thats gonna be my fav. Ayyooo evlo happyah irukken theriyuma no words seriously no words at all as u made my day with ur words. Wanna hug u tight and kiss u too.

    Love u love u love u soo soo much thank u so much for this best brithday gift and Cinderella story is my fav disney picture and u made me a princess awww im damn happy and shouting like agnes of despicable me movie when she saw the unicorn in the theme park. Its soo awesome love u now even more.

    1. Sathya

      SV…finally i am so happy and relaxed seeing ur comment. I know you will jump like anything. See i kept my words that i told you that i will give you a lovey dovey episode when you cried for Memories OS. So you are happy now na..that’s what i want.

      Hey regarding eating for 1 hr…i remembered that you mentioned in Gauri’s fairy tale OS. I rememebered that comment and used it her to explain about you..LOL aww i am proud of my memory power. I love u tooooooo dear. Cinderella story is always a pleasant one .

  7. Gauri

    Awesome Sathya πŸ™‚ Cinderella is my all time favrouite story….and I am in love with this update πŸ™‚ Enjoy with Arjun SV… and we will hand the clock hand …will not let it strike 12… Sathya Big hug

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Gauri :). Clock is in our hand and she can enjoy how much ever time she wants…a bigggggg hug too you to dear πŸ™‚

  8. Rossy

    Superb sis…oooh I can understand ur heart now…u gave ur Arjun to sv twin…lol….see my thoughts are like something else…hehehe…Cinderella story and fairy tales always give us happiness like ur story…waiting for your other ff..??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sissy…ha ha ha we know na in this world 7 look alikes will be there. So i gave SV one of him but i have my arjun with me always. lol πŸ˜› thank u dear :)vl post mine soon.

  9. Sweetie

    Awesome OS.. πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Sweetie πŸ™‚

  10. awesome

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sear

  11. Fantastic πŸ™‚

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dear

  12. Abirsha

    Sathya akka sema….. No doubt its superb and amazing….. I loved it soooo much akka….. Very nice…. Sv is mad of arjun…. ?wow awesome akka…. Very very cute os…. ?

  13. _Ritu

    Wow Sathya…look lyk Sv got lot of amazing gifts on her bday nd even got Arjun.. πŸ™‚ bt m still surprised how u gave Arjun to her .. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ it was so lovely nd beautiful dear…loads of love.. πŸ™‚

  14. Awwww…satzzzz it was like a precious gem…so beautiful, so lovelyyyyyy n very very awesoooooome…..I wish everyone boy find their Cinderella n every find their prince charming. …Happy Birthday my SV….n thankssss a lotttttttttt satzzzz…for this adorable gift… you loads my sweeeeeetheart. ..muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ˜‰

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