MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 9) Final dedication to Jaazzzz & Dipu


Thank u guys for the amazing response. Here is the next chapter.

MMZ – Must Be Love (Episode 9)

Radhika is silently sitting inside the car, whereas JeNeil chatting loudly to disturb her and even the kids joins with them. Arjun adjusts the front mirror, so that he can get the view of Radhika. JeNeil noted this and Neil winks at Jessie and she immediately sits facing front and adjusts the mirror to her side to look at her face. Arjun glares her while she is doing that but he stays silent . Jessie s adjusting her hair and checks her make up and all and again turns back to chat with Neil.

Radhika keeps her hand on her ears and looks outside.

Arjun looks at her sideway and again turns the mirror to get the view of Radhika. He keeps his one eyes on radhika often while driving. JeNeil observes this and chuckles seeing his angry look. Neil turns to Radhika and takes her hand in his and hold it tightly saying, “I am so happy today after a long time. And it happens because of you only. Thank you so much Radhika…i am very lucky to have you n my life as my life partner” by saying this he kisses on the dorsal part of her hand, which makes Rads jerks and takes her hand from him and this was noticed by Arjun also..who puts sudden brake due to this unexpected kiss from Neil. All are started starring him with a question look and he composes saying, “Actually woh…there was a dog crossing the way. Sorry”

Jessie chuckles saying, “Dog? Really?”

Arjun stares her and just nods his head. Jessie laughs saying, “I thought you were talking about Neil”

Neil gives her an angry glare at her and scolding her silently. Jessie makes faces and again turns the mirror to see her face..but this time Arjun turns back to its old position when Jessie looking at her face..she is shocked and immediately she too turns it back to her and Arjun again turns it back to him. Like this Jessie and Arjun indulged in Mirror Fight. Neil and the kids are moving their heads from right to left wherever the mirror turns.

Soon Neil & Kids makes faces…making a curve on their lips and blinks seeing the mirror gets broke and comes into Jessie’s hand when she turning it. Jessie is blinking having a puppy face and looks at Neil who is hardly controlling his laughter seeing her face. But the kids couldn’t control and burst out laughing badly which makes Neil also to laugh. Jessie is still blinking and really she did not know what to do but gulps seeing Arjun glaring her with red shot eyes…he grabs the mirror from her hand and throws it outside. She closes her eyes when he did that and turns to sit straight by keeping her palm on her cheeks for the support and he drives off to Radhika’s home fastly. Till they reached…no one dare to utter a word after seeing Arjun’s angry bird avatar. Radhika who was the silent spectator of all this…controls her laugh seeing the pin drop silence in the car.

Arjun stops the car infront of Radhika’s home and the first gets down from the car is Jessie..she literally jumped out and runs from there before Arjun gets down. Neil chuckles and the kids giggles seeing Jessie in fear. Neil goes to her quickly and stops her saying, “If you are running like this then how can we make Rads jealous and makes her confessing her love”

Jessie joins her hands(as if saying namaste) and bends down till her knee saying, “Enough for today…you people made me mad within a day and now your friend is ready to kill me anytime. Coz of your fiance…today my relationship was at stake. Ufff…so much happened today. I can’t come there now”

Neil did not even mind her words and drags her to the car again..meanwhile Rads get down and helps the kids to come out and Arjun comes to her side. Exactly at the same time Neil brought Jessie there and he gives her a dare look. Jessie after seeing his look again steps back the way she comes..but Neil holds her shoulder and stops her from moving. He smiles widely saying, “Arjun…Jessie wants to greet you before you leave”

Jessie turns to look at him in shock but he did not look at her and stares only at Arjun & Radhika. Jessie looks at Rads reactions who is smiling seeing her scared face…her ego peeps out from her head and smiles evily with a horn at its head by looking at Radhika. With lot of courage..jaazzz takes a deep breathe and goes close to Arjun..who now shocks seeing her coming close…moves back and stops by the car. But Jessie is still moving close with him and rolls her fore finger on his face saying, “Bye Handsome. I will be missing you a lot”. Arjun is stumbled and more than him Rads who is shocked to the core and stands with open mouth. Before Arjun reacts..Jaaz place a kiss on his cheeks makes him shocking more and turns to Radhika with a killer look. She raises her one brow and smirks at her. She walks towards home by crossing Neil who becomes Statue seeing the antics by Jessie…before passing she pinches Neil hard and walks fastly inside the home.

Neil rubs his hand and blinks thinking what happened just now. He passes a look at Rads & Arjun who stands shocked and did not come out from it. He then shakes Arjun and makes him sit in the passenger seat and bids bye to Radhika & Kids..leaves with Arjun from there.

Radhika stomps her foot and barges inside home searching for Jessie. Finally she finds her in Kitchen having the cold water like bottom sip to come out from the trance. Radhika walks to her and Jaazz observes her but pretends to be unaffected and goes back to hall and switches on the AC and leans on the couch.

Radhika is utter shocked seeing her antics and questions her, “Why u did like that Jaazz?”

Jessie, “What i did?”

Rads stammers, “You..Ki..Kissed him”

Jessie, “So? What’s ur problem?”

Rads blinks and did not know what to reply and is searching for words and finally speaks up, “He is friend and..yeah my boss too”

Jessie, “That’s it right? He is not your boy friend or he is not your hubby right? so why u worried if i kiss him?”

Rads, “What happened to you Jaaz? You never spoke to me like this na”

Jessie looks at rads puppy face..she melts for a sec but soon she remembers Neilmantra and changes her face saying, “Ya i never spoke but…i don’t know how…and now i started liking him”

Rads screams, “WHAT?”

Jessie jerks hearing her scream and says, “What? Don’t scare me”

Rads, “How can you like him? Then what about your Arjun?”

Now its Jessie’s turn to blink and thinks what to reply. She rolls her eyes left and right and says, “I ll think about it. But leave me alone now for sometime”

Rads gives her an unbelievable look and goes from there leaving her. Jessie looks at her and leaves a heavy breathe and cuddles herself in the couch.

She stays with rads in her home that day since Dilip & Mala went out for some relatives house.


In the night, Neil messages her about tomorrow’s plan..she bangs her head for joining hands with neil and gets worries for her love life. Soon she slept after agreeing to Neil’s plan.

Next day, Rads gets ready to leave for her office and Jessie stays in home itself. In office…Ardhika did not even look at each other and a huge awkwardness occupies them and stops them in talking with each other.

In the evening, Arjun gets call from Neil and Rads from Jessie respectively. They both left seperately but reaches the same destination. Ardhika gets shocked seeing each other there and gets inside the hall which is full of occupied by the youngsters who enjoys their time with their friends. JeNeil welcomes Ardhika respectively and joins in the gang. Neil pushes Arjun to Jessie and He takes Rads in his arms and starts dancing. Arjun is also shocked seeing him in Jessie’s arms and Rads in Neil’s arms..he looks helpless. Jessie is laughing inside hardly but she suppress her emotions somehow and manages to dance with him. Inbetween to take revenge from Arjun for scaring her yesterday..she often stands on his feet making him scream little. He controls his pain and feels prestige issue of shouting in the crowd. She chuckles seeing him but Rads who is ready to burn jessie by her red shot eyes. She simply stands with Neil but her concentration is fully on Jessie only. Neil notices this and takes her to other side which makes both Ardhika gets panic. It’s very very hard for Jessie to control her laugh but still does it.

But always luck did not favours her…she feels some one is touching her shoulder when she dance with Arjun. Initially she did not even bother to turn back but when she feels the touch again on her shoulder and this time she turns with lot of irritation and gets shocked seeing the person standing infront of her.

LOL…it is her Arjun..Arjun B standing with jaw drop seeing her with Arjun A.

Jessie is like anytime ready to faint and starring him. Arjun identifies him and greets him..but Arjun B & Jessie stares each other…Jessie with fear face and blinking eyes..Arjun B with accusation look. In the meantime..rads excuses herself from Neil and moves towards them but gets surprised seeing Arjun B there again. She murmurs saying, “This is what i expected”. She goes to Arjun B saying, “Y so late. I thought you will come little early”

Jessie turns to rads in shock and rads replies cooly, “Yeah Jaazz…i only called him here. yesterday you both did not get time to spend right that’s y i called him here. How is my surprise?” she looks at jaazz blinking and continuously raising her eyebrows with wide smile.

Arjun B glares jessie and walks away from there leaving her shocked. Rads makes sad face saying, “Jaazzzz run run run..he is going see. Go and get him”

Jessie is now thinking how to pacify him immediately runs towards the way he went and starts searching for him. Rads chuckles and turns to Arjun who looks amused seeing her. She composes herself and turns to other side.

Jessie goes into the crowd and finds her Arjun with another girl…she fumes in anger and jealous..storms towards them and drags the guy towards her and is about to shout but stops seeing his face and asks, “I am sorry..i thought you are my man”

She gets interrupted by a girl, “Oh hello madam ji…he is my boy friend. How can you drag him like this?”

Boy, “it’s ok Dipu..leave it. It happens by mistake. It’s ok Miss..i don’t mind”

Dipu, “You keep quiet Arjun. How dare she touch you?”

Jessie’s world is now running backwards hearing the name Arjun and she asks, “What? His name is Arjun?”

Dipu, “ He is my Arjun”

Jessie in a comforting way, “Actually dipu ji…you know what…even my boyfriend name is also Arjun only. That’s y i was surprised”

Dipu now smiles at her, “Oh is it? That’s really nice..but he is my own edition of Arjun”

Jessie chuckles saying, “Haan..haan…you keep your edition of Arjun safely. Coz so many girls are now going behind the name Arjun” Dipu also agrees and both the girls gives hi-fi to each other. For few minutes Jessie forgot what she supposed to do and gets panic of not seeing her Arjun B.

She prays, “Oh god…pls help me. I just thought of helping my friend to get her love but what ever happens seems that i will lost my love” she cries saying,

“Mommy..mein kya karoon…i am not seeing him”

She bids bye to Dipu and goes in search of Arjun B. She feels sad of not seeing him anywhere and sits on the table sadly. She covers her face in her palms and is in verge of crying but feels some one knocking her fingers on the dorsal with a sound.

“Tak Tak…anyone there?”

Jessie removes her hands from her face and gets surprised seeing her Arjun B kneels down infront of her having the flower bouquet of having Red Roses with a cute smile on his face.

He holds his one ear and says keeping pout face, “Sorry darling…i got angry on you. Now I got to know everything”

Jessie stands up and he too gets up moving to her..but she pushing him badly and beating his chest saying, “How dare you doubt on me?”

Some how he holds her hand and hugs her saying, “Arey…how can i doubt you…i just got angry and jealous seeing you with another person. You know na i am very possessive about you. How can i be so calm seeing you with someone else when am here”

Jessie hides her face n his chest and smiles & hugs him tightly, “How you know and who told?”

He too hugs her, “Your friend Neil only caught me and told everything that you both are doing this drama to make rads confess her love”

Jessie just nods her head in the same position and he continues, “ i am also on your side. I will support you”

Jessie jerks saying, “No way…everything is katham katham. Just for two days i am getting all gaga and mad. I can’t continue this drama again. Let her decide her life on her own. I am not gonna do anything”

Neil seperates them from their hug saying, “How can you step back from your mission Jaazz?”

Jessie glares him with her red shot eyes, “Enough Neil…by now she should realise what she feels for Arjun…if not then i can’t help it. From now i won’t be interfere in her life. I will busy with my life” she looks at her man asking, “what baby?”

Arjun B, “Whatever you said Correct baby”

Both giggles and continues their hug. Neil rolls his eyes and goes from there in search of Ardhika. He finds them sitting on the table opposite to each other. Neil rubs his forehead saying, “What i am gonna do with this dumbos now? God pls help me”

Precap: RaNeil Engagement. Arjun gets upset and jealous seeing RaNeil exchanging the rings. Finally Confession. (Might be last episode)

That’s it for today guys. I scratched my head a lot to make jessie scenes more in this chapter hope you all like it.

Jessie my darling..this is a special episode one and only for you. Hope you like it and don’t scold me pls if you don’t.

Thank you Dipu or Dipika my darling for doing a cameo role in my FF..thanks a lot for accepting my offer hope you too likes your role. Pls let me know your comments guys.

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  1. Too cute and was funny at most point…

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sooooo much KK dear…i wanna make it funny only ..m glad that you liked it.

  2. arti viswanathan

    Excellently written satya. I loved it/ liked it. U have expressed so beautifully dear….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Arti dear…thank u so oooooo much

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, I’m sure Jessie and Dipika will love it, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear…they loved it and will post next soon.

  4. Dipika

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ohhhh god satzzzzz m so much excited from start whn u spoke abt this idea of giving me role.. It was dream which comes true… M so so so happy ?.. Here m who should say thank you.. Thank u sooooo much…

    The episode is rocking.. God m laughing like anything… U made jess go crazy.. Wht a sequence of events happening in her life.. Mirror fight.. Lol ? ?????? like seriously jess broke the mirror.. N after tht she ran away n came to kiss him. I m sure with tht kiss she gonna kiss u.. Lol.. Arjun b bhi agaya… N main b.. With my own edition.. Wow.. Of course how can dhe touch my swtheart… ? ? m excited for next chappy now.. Missing aradhika moment yarrr… Pls mke radz confess.. Love u loads
    ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Sathya

      LoL…my darling…u happy n a..but sorry for giving small role…i will make you a lead in my OS next for sure. You are my heroine in my next OS project lol. Thanks dear for the wonderful words..m smiling wide…he he he she willnot kiss me but instead kill me. lol.
      How dare she touch your edition of Arjun. lol.

      Vl post next soon. full of Ardhika only don’t you so much

  5. Jewel

    Nice update sathya… That mirror part was really funny… Poor Jessie, how can rads do that to her… Dipika and Arjun C, everyone is behind that name…. Waiting for rads confession…. Come with next soon plz….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jewel dear…yeah that was mine favourite also. lol

      Jaazzz bore all this just coz of rads Yes almost we are behind that name and the Arjun mehra character only na. Next will be the confession and final one…i ll update soon.

  6. Hahaa ha aaaahaaa haaaa jessie matniya yaarukita lol. Seee dont eye my arjun u have ur own version and dheeps has her own version lol lol yappa I was laughing like mad. Wow u r great radhika self flattering my self of course I am radhika here and neil so sorry I and arjun are stupdi so u should bear with us. Lol yappa enna plan enna plan he be he siper awesone . My arjun my only arjun my sathya love u so much dear for ur lovely update. I am sooo happy. Donno why but im jumping in super happiness. Love u so much and when are u going to say me ur love ?? Vita kalyanamey aagidum pola irukkey seekarama sollu pls pls waiting for ur proposal

    1. S.v

      haan solla marandhuten dp kalakkal sema i love this and idhukagavey i love u

      1. Sathya

        Thank u SV…lol Jaazzz epdi maati viten paathiya. ha ha ha (Villain laugh). Ipo than enaku santhoshama iruku. Anga rads badhil naaan than intha velaiyellam pannathu…i love to tease her…he he he. Hey aprama..enna nee apo paathalum love ah love ah sollu nu iruka…ipo nejama yaaru sollanum..Rads thaana..athan arjun already solliyaache….lossie….

      2. Sathya

        DP is google in maayam than.

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    1. Sathya dear sissy….even i don’t know how many version of arjun is alive…lol everyone has their own version of arjun…i just introduces two extra than real one. he he he Jaazz and Dipu rocks the floor…thank u so much dear

  8. Myra

    Arjun….arjun…everywhere….its raining arjuns!!!
    Jessie di ka arjun…..dipu di ka arjun….ardhika wala arjun….
    All in the same party….such a small world….but yet i never run into my arjun???!!!! ??

    Satzz akka….fun filled episode….jessie di ka toh band baj gya….

    Love you so so much! ????
    Update soon.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear…he he he you know na we three are arjun’s deewanis…Me , JAAZ and DIPU…so you cannot avoid this Arjun rain when we three are joining lol. Ha ha ha my love to make jaazzz crazy and i made it …yes 😛

  9. Jessie

    Final dedication!!!! My god…!! Naan bayanduten… Someone get me Satz address for scaring me with that…am gonna pull her ears…!! Hmmm…katham..
    katham..!! Lol…that was cute… I broke the Arjun A cold war and I kissed…baapre.. girl…???Naan aval…One man woman.!! Heheh… Satz…that’s not Radz1 ya..its you…you called Arjun B on that party…gosh…am grinning like a idiot… I just imagined u saying with those antics…paavi pulla..iva kadhaluku poradana iva enake aapu vaikra… ena koduma Arjun idhu..!!!! But Satz…love u so much for one scene where I stamp Arjun’s feet…Typical Jessie revenge..!!! You got me there…muahhhh.

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    Mirror fy8 with Arjun was super scene..he threw that…Ammadi…indha theramaiya un love le kaatu thambi…paarthute iruken….vaaya thoraka maatendran….will live his life looking rear view mirror!! Adi vanga poran…precap..!! Omg!!! Now am getting Rosie inside me…????waiting for Arjun to open his mouth…and spell his love….unnala midiyumda…Arju…kaanna sollupa… pity our Satz…I mean Rads..????? love u girl… dil khush kar diya…me and deepz with our version..jaldi se tere version ko….

    1. Jessie

      Hey wat a cover pic yaaa…lovely….Arjun is cool….now…bottomsip reading it again…red roses..bouquet..sorry…Awwie..ok…

      1. Sathya

        DP is googlein maayam dear. You are in dream land now…lol come back i m here to torture you again

    2. Sathya

      LOL…i expected this from you..and girls y arjun has to say yar…he already told his love and now it is rads turn to open up…JeNeil did all this stunts for Rads to confess not Arjun. He confessed and now he doesn’t want to hurt Neil by telling the truth. LOL i know Jaazzz u caught me correctly…epdi unna alaiya vitten paathiya. Lol Arjun ah pathi unaku theriyathu…avanuku kovam vanthuchu avlo than …kannadiya thooki pota maathiri unnaiyum thooki potuduvan. he he he…even i love that scene. lol and urs and dipu combo also funny one na…lol.

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Gauri….he he he lol yes poor Jaaazzzz…she got stuck but she enjoyed it alot. LOL finally i made Dipu also in there with her own edition of Arjun ha ha ha. God even i am laughing reading it. Thank you so much dear for your lovely words. 🙂

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    jazz antics iam laughing here 🙂 🙂
    jazz how dare you to kiss him hann iam angry at you lol just kidding 🙂 🙂 rads ah porama pada vaikiren nu cycle gap la kiss panni ta la 🙂 🙂 finally jazz dialog sema
    un love ku help panna vantha en love breakup aidum pola … inimel nee achu un arjun achu iam going with my arjun ha ha ha theri baby
    out and out rocking epi you loads xoxo waiting for next one 🙂 🙂 *.*

    1. Sathya

      Lol…. Thank u soooooo much for lovely comments dear… Enoda target eppavume jaazzz than. I love to tease her n pull her legs…. Lol. But still I made her dream true…. Avala arjun kooda Sethu vachuten… Enna irunthaalim enoda friend thaana…

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u soooooo much my lovely crazy girl. Acha what’s ur name? Lol all moms r nowadays started watching us eagerly seeing us laughing on the mobile… I too experienced it.

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      Thank u so much Sriya dear. LOL i love teasing Jessie. always pulling each other’s legs and ofc stands for each.

  15. awesome…..eagerly waiting next one……love uuuuu tc

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear 🙂

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      Thank u roma darling… Lol yeah jaaaazzzz n dipu jumped in happiness ha ha ha my dream got fulfilled in pulling jaaaazzzz legs. Lol.. Thank u so so much dear for ur amazing comments

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