MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 6)


Recap: Radhika gets kidnapped with the little girl and Arjun’s encounter on the gangsters

The little girls scream aloud seeing Arjun falls unconscious on the floor having the gun shot on his chest. Radhika shouts at his name and calls for help. The police officers runs to him and taken him to the hospital. Radhika, Nandini, Samrat and Dadaji all are waiting anxiously outside the OT. Radhika cries remembering her moments with Arjun from the day they married, they introduction to each after marriage, how he gets worried seeing her injured…she cries continuously reminding all those moments with him. Dadaji comes and sits beside to console her and make her lean on his shoulder.

After an hour, the doctors comes out from the OT and informs that Arjun is out of danger and he will be moved to Special ward soon. Once he moves there…radhika is the first person who barges into the room to see Arjun. She feels her heart is wincing in pain seeing the energetic Arjun in the bed in unconscious state. She goes near him and keeps her hand on his chest and whispers his name.

Arjun slightly moves and winces in pain…she softly rubs his body and comforts him to overcome the pain. He opens his eyes and his first sight falls on Radhika’s face and then moves to others and stops seeing Nandini’s crying face…he winks at her and smiles. Nandini is happy seeing her brother becoming normal and kisses on his forehead.

Arjun did not look at her again and talks to Nandini, Samrat and Dadaji. Radhika feels bad seeing him ignoring her and her heart desperately wants him to talk to her…atleast look at her. Soon, a head nurse comes and instructs them that only one person can stay here to take care of the patience. Before someone says something…radhika interrupts saying “I will stay with him”.

Including arjun, all are surprised and stares hearing her response. Nurse looks at her and her hand says, “Even you are injured and someone has to take care of you will handle him”.

Rads gives a sharp look at her and says, “This injury is nothing and i am alright now. And for your information…he is my husband and only i have the right to take care of him. You pls don’t worry”. The whole room is pin drop silence and the persons standing beside Arjun is like jaw dropping hearing her and gets happy seeing her concern and care for her husband.

Radhika realises what she said and looks at her family..who is starring her…she raised her eyebrows looking at them and all smiles and nods their head. Nurse gives her the instructions to give the medicines to him and leaves from there. Nandini, Samrat & Dadaji also stays there for sometime and they also left leaving Ardhika alone. Nandini strictly tells Radhika to call them for emergency and leaves from there. Radhika comes back to the ward after sending everyone…Arjun is sleeping and she sits beside him by starring him with lot of affection in her eyes. Her thoughts gets disturbed when arjun asks, “I know i am handsome”

Rads jerks hearing him, “You are not sleeping?”

Arjun turns towards her and smiles at her, “How can i sleep when my wife starring at me?”

Rads gives him an unbelievable look at him and is about to get up…but he holds her hands and makes her sit again beside him.

Arjun, “Why you said like that?”

Rads, “Means?”

Arjun, “That you will take care of me…which means you are accepting me as your husband and ready to give chance for our marriage”

Rads, “Finished? First don’t imagine too much. I said that just because you saved me…i want to take care of you and that’s y i used my wifey rights. That’s it. Understood?”

Arjun smiles and nods his head like a kid and holds her hand again when she is about to go again, rads, “Now what?”

Arjun entwines his hand with hers and places a gentle kiss on her hand saying, “I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH MY WIFE”

Radhika is speechless listening his confession and blinks at him without saying anything. She composes herself and says, “I never ever heard this kind of love confession…being in a hospital bed”. He smiles seeing her reaction and says, “But she is not ready to accept my love”.

Rads comes to sense and understands his teasing, “Because your wife is not interested in all these silly things”

Arjun chuckles saying, “My wife likes to lie a lot…and she is doing it now also”

Rads makes face and pulls her hand from him. She sits in her couch beside the bed..removing the bandages in her hand slowly. Arjun looks at her painful face says, “When you are in pain..y u want to take my burden also”

Rads without seeing him replies, “It’s my responsibiltiy and i don’t have habit of backing out from that”

Arjun smiles listening it, “Can you do me a favour?”

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “I wanna go home”

Rads is shocked and looks at him saying, “Are you gone mad? It’s not even a day you got operated and you want to go home now?”

Arjun, “Actually…i don’t like this hospital environment and medicine smells…pls yar…discharge me”

Rads, “No way Arjun…just keep quiet and stay here” by saying that she comes to him.

Arjun, “If you are not arranging for it then i wont take any medicines and will die here only”

Rads gets panicked and close his mouth by her hands saying, “What are saying? I am warning you that this should be the last time you are saying like this”. She is much worried by his statement…he looks at her face and thinks to make her mood lighter, he kisses on her hands which makes her to grab her hands from his mouth. She stares him angrily and gives an impossible look seeing him smiling.

Radhika knows gets to know how stubborn arjun is..coz he did not have the medicine till she goes and talks to cheif doctor about his discharge. She informs Nandini about him and all tried to convince him but he did not bulge for anyone and stands on his decision tht he want to go home. Then finally they request doctor and arrange a special nurse to treat him in his home.

When the doctor comes and introduces the nurse as, at first place radhika did not like her at all..coz she doesn’t even look like a nurse instead she always starring Arjun and always touches him in the name of caring him. She fumes in anger and curses Arjun for troubling all.

They discharged Arjun and he is been taken to home in the morning itself. Nandini also stays there with them and radhika feels relax when nandini is there with her but soon her mood gets changes when the nurse enters their home in the noon. Nandini welcomes her and routes her to Arjun’s room…radhika is having some unknown feelings seeing her going inside and to her extreme shock..she locks the door once goes in.

Rads opens her mouth in shock and looks at Nandini with accusing look…nandini blinks at her and don’t know what to say. Rads pressing her hands restlessly and walks here n there in the hall by starring the locked door. It’s been around 15 mins…she couldn’t stand outside anymore…barges to the door and knocking it impatiently.

The door gets opened by the nurse and she just stands at the entrance only of not letting radhika inside. Rads, “Give me the way”

Nurse, “It’s dressing time for him”

Rads glares her…shoves her away and goes inside. She gets shocked seeing Arjun lying on the bed having the blanket just upto his hip. She takes the first aid box and says, “I will do the dressing”

Nurse, “Mam…it’s my duty”

Rads, “It’s ok. he is MY HUSBAND and i will do it for him” she gives a force on the word MY HUSBAND…Arjun chuckles seeing her angry face and plans to tease her more.

Radhika does the dressing for him and all the while he simply stares her and she too observes his gaze on her but she did not even dare to look at him. She finished his dressing and is about to go but stops seeing the nurse looks at her with a cute smile on her face.

Rads, “Why are you smiling at me?”

Nurse comes to her says, “I don’t know y i have to be here when you are doing my job”

Rads rolls her eyes and says, “you are here to take care of him..if at all any emergency comes”

Nurse smiles and nods her head, “Understood”

Arjun giggles seeing them and thinks to teases her more. He calls the nurse and asks for hot bath. She nods and goes to kitchen to prepare hot water. Nandini sits at the hall and smiles seeing radhika’s cat fight with her.

Nurse comes with hot water and towel and is about to sit beside him on the bed…but radhika interrupts her saying, “I will do it”

She did not turn to rads side but smirks and gives her the bowl and goes out. Rads comes to the door and close the door once she gone out.

She sits beside him and removes the blanket from him. She wipes his body with hot water and wipes it with the towel. Arjun stares her lovingly and asks, “Why u r not allowing that nurse to touch me at al?”

Rads, “ want to feel her touch is it?”

Arjun, “Not like that…but i feel that you like to touch me and that’s y u did not allow her”

Rads rolls her eyes saying, “Beyond your imagination. If you really wants her touch means…fine i will send her in”

She is about to get up and go but stops hearing Arjun, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

She lowers her gaze and says, “It’s time for you to take a nap. I will be outside…if you need anything call me”. She goes outside…sits with Nandini and losts in some thoughts.

Precap: Arjun gets well soon coz of Rad’s immense care towards him. Radhika gets restless of not seeing Arjun in home.


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  1. it was wonderful update Sathya…but i think this FF is Made for each other right??

  2. Hi….recheck ur post once again dear…seems u have interchanged the title mistakenly!!

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, like how Radhika getting Jealous over the nurses taking care of Arjun, love it, waiting for the next episode. 🙂

  4. Dipika

    Satz….m rolling on floor… Cat fight…LoL…..Arjun never miss a chance to romance huhh…n yess tht was extra ordinary praposal on hospital bed..h

    1. Dipika

      Still rads restricting herself to confess back her love…n tht nurse playing good role….n really what the hell she did after closing the door for 15min satz?? With rads i too was restless… Hehe….next one looks super exciting… M so much eager…omg m waiting like anything for ur other ffs yar..etl,dbl,msl…Love you loads…

      1. Jessie

        Lol deeepz…. u r behind d 15 mins… Hahah.. guess it cud be arjun’s plan else.. else. ..wat else .. director madam ji.. reveal d story behind 15 mins door lock… ???

      2. Jessie

        Satzzz…. its superb….wat a confession… I loved those dialogues…hayyyèe…. hospital bed hahhah.. so stubborn ..!! Radz jealous.. lol…Arjun ku kondatam than… I loved her cat fight with nurse… Arjun asks 4 towel bath..!!! Romance king ….!! u are d queen of Romance… eager 4 nxt one….TC and love u loads…

      3. Sangee

        i also want too know the story behind those 15 mins 😉 jessie dear i know u are also curious ha ha ha….

  5. Dev

    Hey satya….heading mathitte pole irukku…..aana super update buddy….lovd n smiling like an idiot in bus ri8 now….????

  6. Aadia

    Awesome part akka…Arjun confessed☺☺☺Jealous Rads superb… Waiting for the next part….

  7. Gauri

    Awesome Sathya 🙂 loved the catfight….the nurse should be garlend and awarded from bringing Arjun Radhika together !!!! loved the super jealous Rads 🙂 too good ..waiting for next 🙂 loads of love Big hug for you

  8. Shubhadha

    Nice one satya..but i am confused with ur title dear…later on i guess u post in huurry..but nice episode…Rads reactions .. love it…

  9. Myra

    Satzzz akka…..amazing…….rockstar ho aap toh!!! Splendid update….you kept me hooked on for the entire duration.

    Well, ardhika moments are always welcome ❤

    Eagerly waiting…..update soon 🙂

  10. Jnana

    Awesome….. Cute rads cat fight…….. Arjun sooooo adamant……. Sooper

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    wow this is a treat to watch anga naan unakkaga azharen nee propose pandra super unakku vera edamey kadaikaliya ?? Argh aanalum enna endhendha vazhila tease panna mudiyumpo pandra arjun nee but i loved it and love u so much and what is in the precap ayyoo ovvoru angleayum(ur ffs) naan unna rasikaren. U r a gifted girl arjun. I love u for that honey. Love u so much

  12. mindblowing,,,,,……..

  13. Rossy

    Story behind 15 min…what is it sissy???radz jealously was a treat for me…let her also confess…lol…wanna see ardhika moments…hehehe

  14. Sweetie

    Treat pe treat Sathya..I loved this jealous Radhika and teasing Arjun.. 🙂 Stay blessed.. 🙂

  15. Lovely update, Arjun was so cute, Radhika ‘s jealousy was a wonderful treat to read. Loved the update

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  17. _Ritu

    Sathya… was brilliant 🙂 Rads jealousy… I enjoyed a lot…nd Arjun is so cute while teasing…no no he is cute everytime 😉 😉 waiting for nxt..loads of love. 🙂

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