MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 4)





MMZ – Must be Love (Few Shots – Part 4)

Arjun, Radhika and Neil walks towards the lounge to meet their parents. The three of them are indulge in different thoughts.

Arjun’s POV:

What is happening to me? Why i am feeling bad seeing Neil happy? No…No…i am not feeling bad for Neil’s happiness…i am feeling bad seeing Neil with Radhika… yes ..Radhika… But why? I don’t have any relation with her…she is my employee and more than that she becomes my friend. I should be happy seeing her getting married and that too with Neil my best friend. But i am not happy…actually…i am trying but unable to. What kind of a wierd feeling i have? I feel like something is going out of my hands…

He looks at Radhika who is silently walking in between Arjun and Neil. He stares her face which has only confusions and it is clearly visible to him.

Radhika’s POV:

Y my life is getting so complicated? Oh god..i really don’t know whatever you are doing with me is good or not? I am getting some strange feeling seeing Arjun…but i don’t feel anything now for Neil…but i should admit it that he is really a gentleman…i am really impressed with him for his thoughts. But when he said OK to marry me…i did not feel happy but felt shocked. What should i do now? What i will tell to my parents? Why i am confusing so much?

She looks at Arjun who walks on her left side and slowly she looks at Neil who is walking on her right side with his cute signature smile.

Neil’s POV:

So finally, i am Neil Malhotra going to get married with the girl who is most beautiful by heart and what else a girl want more than this. I am so happy to get her in my life. But…but why she asked me that question? Did she ask that question by herself or any instance made her to ask like that? Well i will ask her later. I should take her for a date soon and spend time with her.

Neil looks at Radhika who walks silently beside him.

THe three reaches the lounge, Mala and Dilip finds Ardhika’s confused face and Neil’s happy face. They get worried seeing them, but before everyone, Neil tells Prerna, “Mom…i should say thanks to you to select Radhika for me. I am so happy mom”

Prerna smiles, “So what’s ur decision?”

Neil sighs, “Mrs. Prerna Malhotra, Only you grown up..not your brain. Can’t you understand what is my decision when i said i am so happy”

Prerna folds her hand and signs him to keep quiet and turns to Dilip & Mala, “Dilip ji, We are happy with this alliance. Now you have to tell us your decision”

Dilip & Mala looks at Radhika who stares them and looks blank. Dilip decides something and says, “We are also happy Prerna ji. i know my daughter very well…she is also happy but she feels shy to talk infront of you. We will decide the engagement and marriage dates soon”

Radhika don’t know how to react and is in shock seeing Dilip, but she is not opposing him. Among those the only person who suffocates more is Arjun. He couldn’t stand there anymore, he goes to Neil and tells him that he has important work and is leaving from there. Before going he greets everyone except Radhika and leaves from there.

Radhika stares him the way he goes and thinks why he ignores her.

After having a good time, everyone leaves to their respective places. Before going Neil gets radhika’s mobile number and he shares his to her.


Arjun is driving to his home, his mind is filled with one and only Radhika. He did not even think that he will face this day. He holds his head in one head and is driving in another. He reaches his home and finds Nandini sits in the sofa reading books. He goes to her and hugs her tightly, which makes nandini in shock. She did not expect this from Arjun and gets puzzled what happened. She feels wet on her shoulder and understands that he is crying. She pats him and after 5 mins, she seperates him from her and looks at his face, he lowers his gaze and avoids looking at her eyes.

Nandu lifts his face and makes him to look at her eyes, “Arjun, what happened?”

Arjun, “Nothing di”

Nandu is surprised hearing di word from his mouth, “What..what did u say? Di?”

Arjun gets irritated and is about to go but she pulls his hand and makes him sit beside her. Nandu, “You can’t go without answering me? Now tell me what is the reason for your upset?”

Arjun tells her everything and unknowingly a drop of tear again forms in his eyes. Nandini notices it and she feels bad seeing her lovely brother and thinks he is now struck between his love and his friendship.

Nandu, “Did Neil agreed?”

Arjun just nods his head and nandini understands that is the worry arjun has and not that he loves her and unable to see his love marrying some one. She understands that Arjun is not yet realising his feelings towards Radhika…before he sees her he behaves normally but he gets changed seeing her after 2 years. And she knows that within those 2 years, Nandu showed so many girls photos but Arjun did not like anyone and he was saying some other reasons for that. Arjun goes to his room when she losts in her own thoughts.

Arjun goes to his room, and falls on his bed, he remenisces the days he spent with radhika after they became friends.

A week back, Ardhika becomes friends and both feels so happy after breaking their cold war. They both talks to each other nicely, and rads behaves professionaly when she is in office. She never ever tries to advantage of their friendship when it comes to work. She always maintains the distance wit him in office and she becomes perfect in her work which is assigned for her and thus gives Arjun a good impression on her. His perception on Radhika is getting changed day by day.

One day evening, radhika seeks permission from her lead to leave early and she handsover the finished task to Siya to handle the pending. Arjun also comes out from his cabin and looks at her leaving in a rush. He informs his PA that he is leaving early today and tells her to call him if anything to discuss.

@ Park Sheratton Hotel,

Arjun enters inside the hotel and reaches the hall where his friend’s reception is taking place. He goes and wishes the couple and gets seated in the table near the fountain. He orders for a soft drinks and doing something in his mobile. Suddenly he hears someone saying, “Hey Radhika”. Immediately he moves his gaze from his mobile and throws his sight on the entrance. He gets stunned seeing Radhika in royal Yellow and Pink georgette embroidered half saree.

Rads saree link


Arjun just mesmerizes seeing her…for him she looks so new and beautiful. Soon he comes to senses and stares her activities. She goes to the couples and wishes them for the married life. She came with her another friend and both are searching for a place to sit. When they looks at his direction, he gets up waves hand to them. Radhika did not expect him there and it is a sweet surprise for her, she smiles at him and goes there with her friend.

Rads, “Sir…You here?”

Arjun, “No sir…only Arjun and it is not office”

Rads smiles, “ok..Arjun…how come you here?”

Arjun, “Bridegroom is my friend and i hope that bride is your friend right”

Rads nods her head and all the three takes their places and introduces her friend to Arjun. They also ordered for some drinks and spend some nice time. After an hour, radhika informs him that it is getting late so she is leaving. He offers her a drop but she denies it saying she came in her scooty. Arjun said ok and bids bye to her.
He stays there for some time and leaves after 1 1/2 an hour. He plays his favourite songs in his audio system and drives the car. He stops his car when he sees Radhika standing besides the road. He drops the car near her and enquires why she is standing there.

Rads, “The cab i came it got repaired. Driver is trying to solve it” she points the cab to him.

He asks her to come with him but she looks at the cab and him alternatively. Arjun understands what she is looking. He calls the driver immediately and gives him some amount and tells him that he will send a mechanic to repair it. He takes radhika with him in his car and both maintains some sort of silence in their journey. Radhika gets bored of keeping mum…she thinks to talk but gets happy seeing Ice cream parlor and asks him to stop. He wonders thinking why she is asking him to stop. She immediately gets out from the car and runs to the Ice cream shop and jumps like a kid.

Arjun smiles seeing her behaviour and follows her. She asks his favourite flavour and gets for him also. She offers a small walk near by and both have a good walk and talk…they get to know each others likes and dislikes and Arjun wonders that none of their likes matches with each.
Arjun, “Radhika…do u notice..none of our single likes matches with each …every thing is opposite”

Rads tasting the ice cream and tells him, “That’s why we say Opposite attracts”

Arjun stops hearing it and looks at her still walking on the road by tasting her ice cream. She looks him beside her but he stops behind her.

Rads comes to him and says, “What happened?”

Arjun, “What did you say now?”

Rads, “What happened?”

Arjun, “Not tha..but before thatu said something na”

Rads thinks by rolling her eyes and says, “Aaahhhh….i said Opposite attracts. Why r u asking this?”

Arjun, “Nothing…just like that”

Ardhika finished their ice-cream, and goes back to the car. He drops her home and leaves from there. From that day, he feels happy being with her, talking with her and but did not understand what he is feeling for her.


@ Present,

Arjun closes his eyes and says, “I should not think anything wrong now…she is going to become Neil’s wife…my best buddy..i can’t do anything wrong.” he decides something and soon dozes off.

Ardhika reaches office next day, they both spot each other infront of the lift and she smiles seeing him and wishes him Good morning. But Arjun did not wish her back and takes stairs instead of lift. She feels that he is avoiding her.

In the meeting also, Arjun avoids her contact and talks to everyone except her. When she herself goes to talk to him, he refuses saying he is busy. Radhika gets irritated and leaves from there. She couldn’t concentrate on her work coz of Arjun’s behaviour and leaves from office early.

Arjun finds her place is empty and thinks she would have left home. He also leaves to his home coz even he couldn’t concentrate on his work anymore.

Precap: Arjun Proposes her, Radhika blinks at him. Neil comes to pick her from the party.


So how is this chappy is short one..but i ll update the next as long update.

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  1. Brin

    Too good, I loved each of there POV, Ardhika are having feeling for each other and Neil is also having feeling for Radhika, it getting interesting, eagerly waiting for the next update, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin dear ? still more drama yet to happen.

  2. Jessie

    Things moving fast.. but Arjun dint realize his love… oh….! Eager 4 nxt chappy.. usual.. Choco darling… precap makes me curious…proposal!! Yay… TC n loads of love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Jessie ? yes precap is the surprise.

  3. Satzzzzz. ..wowwww honeyyy it’s really superbbbb n awesome episode. …..rads n arjun both restless. ..but neil is happy. …atur Juni n nandini bonding n convo was very soothing n emotional. ..the fb of ardhika was very lovely n rads dress at party was very beautiful. …arjun avoiding rads…both upset…not realizing their own feelings. …lol… sam exist in this story?….it’s really very lovelyyyyyy n beautiful narration my dearrrr. …precap is very interesting n exciting. …keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much roma…. Ur words always gives me a wide smile on my face…. Love u so much… ???

  4. Rossy

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      Thank u sissy…. No Neil ka dil nahi toot jayega…. U have a surprise n suspense in coming episodes.

  5. Dipika

    Satzzz can’t see arjun devastivated n shattered like this yarr..feeling bad for him..u wrote so flawlessly
    .trio’s pov n the way they looked to each other while stepping… Marvelous…. U depicted exact feelings of them… U knw dear u havr this talent to write abt small but sweet n yet very imp things don’t ever doubt on my sweet i got to knw u ur a awsome n very grounded persn…so rock thr world always with ur smile.. Which is cute one.. Love

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much for ur lovely n motivating words dipu…. I know I feel low but u made me knock it off all those feelings away… Thanks for being my side always n blessed to have u ?????love u

  6. Aasthu

    oh I now feel sad 4 Arjun……..Sathu I’m not able to see the half saree she wre….

      1. Aasthu

        got it………its beautiful…….no wonder Arjun was like a fish out of water……….

    1. Sathya

      Thanks for ur comments aasthu

      1. Aasthu

        Sathuuuuuuu when’ll you update ‘darkness bends to light’ ???????

  7. Jewel

    Feeling bad for Arjun… Both ardhika love each other but they are not understanding that…. Nice chapter sathya. Post the next chapter soon. Please post other ff also, missing Khushi….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u jewel… Actually still they haven’t fallen for each other… They have some unknown feelings n will realize it soon

  8. Starz

    Yipee …. waiting for next one eagerly….. awesome episode…lots of love and take care

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much starz

  9. S.v

    arjun super awesome een arjun nee love pandradhu unakkey theriyaliya and naanum confusedah dhan iruken posukkunu dilip ok sollitaru ayyayoo but i cannot see any one in tears i will wait for the day when all falls in the place till then let us go through it . Precap super u are gonna propose me i am all excited and i donno what will i am going to do ?? and neil is gonna take me to the party awww both side my fav arjun s proposing me and my fav neil is taking me for the party, chai all shameless aagiten and ice cream scene fffffffffff gulfi urudiduchu da…… opposite attract adadaaa physicsah vechu chemistry work out panniruken love u lods and wanna read all the updates always love u

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    1. Sathya

      Thank u savera

  11. Beautiful update Sathya, I just loved it. U r really good at these stories am your fan, give u ur autograph pls. This was just marvelous waiting for the next one.
    Love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Gia ??? ha ha ha autograph… Awww how sweet… Tell me how many u want ???

  12. Gauri

    Awesome Sathya 🙂 waise I am a Niel fan…but feeling bad for Arjun…but he deserved it 🙂 he you are going to break my Neil’s heart …not fair… 😉 see now I am demanding …too much 🙂 Ok I really loved the emotional turmoil Arjun is going through…Radhika too is confused…but Arjun is in a bad state…now I am anxiously waiting what happens next when Arjun proposes her 🙂 hats off girl..job change brought your creativity to peak… 🙂 love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri ??? yeah me too feel pity on arjun… But he should reap what he sowed…. N rads has still the soft corner for arjun coz he was the first person who came as a alliance for her… U ll get to know more abt rads soon…. N Neil no dear m not gonna do anything…. He will set everything in its place soon… Don’t worry ??? love u

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