MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 3)


Hi my fellow friends…thank you all for the response you gave me…here is the next chapter.

I dedicate this chappy to Jessie who suggested me something in this plot and i really liked i implemented here and want to give the credit to one and only jessie. Hope Jessie you like this episode and pls let me know your comments for the same..Love you..take care


My Favourite lines,

“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful
than a woman being unapologetically herself;
Comfortable in her perfect imperfection.
To me, that is the true essence of beauty.”

—– Dr. Steve Maraboli

Arjun in his room, falls on his bed starring the ceiling and lost in some thoughts. He gets a beep sound in his mobile and looks at it…immediately he gets up and squealed in surprise saying, “What…he is coming next week? What the hell?”

He starts replying to his message and forgot about his tension, worry and all.

@ Sunshine Residency,

Radhika watching chota beem cartoon sitting in between with Akhil and Sahana…her eyes are on TV but her mind is not present there. Akhil & Sahana immersed in Chota Beem and sharing the popcorns to each other. They heard a knock on the door….radhika is completely lost and the kids ignores it and continues watching the TV.

Again they hear a knock, this time both looks at radhika once and looks at the door once…when it becomes silent..again they watch TV but not in mood to go and open the door. Now they hear the calling bell sound continuously which irritates them and makes radhika comes to sense and makes Mala also to come running out from Kitchen.

Radhika immediately opens the door and gets shocked seeing the person standing with so much anger in her eyes. Rads stammers, “Jess…Jessie…You?”

Yes it is Jessie..her best friend…always comes often to visit her. Rads stands at the entrance and starring her keeping a puppy face.

Jessie, “Haan…Jessie, Madam were so busy it seems…took this much time to open the door”

Mala smiles and get the girls inside. Akhil and Sahana winks at each other by looking Jessie and saying chorusly, “Haaaaiiiiii….JAAAAZZZZZ”

Jessie is already at peak in her anger and now these twins adds more fuel into it…she glares them saying, “Shut up…Its Jessie”

Sahana giggles saying, “It’s ok JAAAAZZZZZ”

Rads and Mala smirks seeing the trio’s conversation…actually it is not new for them…Akhil and Sahana loves to tease Jessie and they got to know from Rads that JAAZ was her nick name in their college days which doesn’t encouraged by Jessie. So the day they met her..they started teasing Jessie calling as JAAAZZZ. Jessie does not like the name but she likes the kids a lot and everytime she comes to meet Rads…the trio endulge in a cute pillow fight with each for this.

Jessie now kneels down infront of them and starts her fighting with them by pulling their hairs, pinching them..and they are not less than her…they too starts pulling her hair, tickling her and Akhil goes one step forward, he goes behind her to jump on her…after a loooooong fight the trio are resting in the floor by lying beside each and breathing heavily. Jessie is now full of tired and screams, “CHASNI….pls save me from these two chota beems”.

Rads is helping her mom in kitchen comes running to see the state and bursts out in laughing seeing Akhil & Sahana on top of jessie again and tickling her. Radhika made them away from her and lifts Jessie. She is breathing heavily to calm down herself and makes faces seeing the twins and they also makes faces on her and continues their chota beem. Radhika takes Jessie to open terrace because she wants to spend some time alone with her bestie.

Jessie feels the fresh air and enjoys the cool breeze but did not miss to notice Radhika’s face which is very confused and dull. She comes to her and turns her to face him, “Oie Chasni…what happened? Y u look so upset? Any problem?”

Rads nods and says, “Yeah Jessie…actually not a big problem..but it was my past and now it is infront of me daily”

Jessie, “Seriously…i don’t understand anything…Oh meri maa..pls tell me clearly..don’t put these kind of riddles..i am very poor in solving that”

Rads tells her everything about Arjun, his rejection on 2 years back reasoning her physique and his comeback on the function and now as her boss. Jessie leans on the wall opposite to her and says, “You loved him Radhika?”

Rads gets jerked and replied spontaneously, “Cha cha…never”

Jessie, “I mean..when he came and saw u for alliance…was it like love at first sight?”

Rads, “Not love n all..but i just liked him..that’s it”

Jessie, “So what’s the problem in seeing him daily? I mean…be practical Chasni…nowadays we are seeing so many break ups in love and marriages. After divorce also so many are still in touch as friends…and you also witnessed so many ppl addressed them as friends after their break ups in our college….y don’t u befriend with him?”

Rads looks at her in surprise saying, “Friend?”

Jessie, “Hmm..ya…friend? Y not? It’s all common Chasni…i am sure…he feels bad of hurted yu and that’s y he is running behind u…if that’s the case our job will be esy…if you forgive him then i hope he will stop chasing you…its just my wild guess”

Rads, “Jessie….you are not understanding my point here…He is having all rights to reject a girl if he doesn’t like one can force anyone to like someone…but his rejection made a scar on my heart and i couldn’t take it out”

Jessie, “Chasni…listen me carefully. If you dumping everything in your heart…it will be burden for you only. So better take my suggestion and befriend with him.

Forget everything and talk to him freely…it will ease your pain. You will feel so light.” she said by closing her eyes

Rads smiles seeing her reactions and hugs her tightly saying, “Love you so much for clearing my confusion….you are my sweet JAAAAZZZZZZ”

Jessie removes the hug and stares her with pout face…radhika laughs at her and both shares a tight hug.

Radssie comes down and had some more fun chats with the twins and finally jessie bids bye to them and left to her home.

That day radhika gets all answers for her confusion and sleeps peacefully.


Next day, rads feels so fresh and peacefull, dilip gets happy seeing her doing all naughty with mala in the morning itself. Radhika leaves to her office happily and thinks to sort out everything.

She sits at canteen and having her chocolate milk shake, thinking how to talk to Arjun..but she gets disturbed by a known voice…Arjun comes infront of her, “If you don’t mind…shall i join with you?”

Rads lifts her eyes up and looks at him with her big browny eyes and still have the straw on her mouth. She gets cough suddenly and pats her head politely… she nods at him and he takes a seat opposite to her.

Both keeps silent for few secs and says together, “I want to say something”… both blinks at each other and Arjun smiles seeing her and says, “You say first”

Rads, “No are my boss…you say first”

Arjun, “I am not here as your boss…okay fine..let me say it…Actually i want to ask apology from you for hurted you 2 years back…i am really sorry for that”

Rads gets happy inside and thinks, “Wow…he also came here to ask apology only..that’s not bad” and arjun continues, “I know…the reason i gave was not at all acceptable…and i realised my foolishness when i met many people and they taught me that physique is not the matter but the character means a lot. I realised my foolishness. Can you accept my apology?”

Rads feels bad seeing a big business man…her boss saying sorry to her and she immediately stops him, “It’s ok sir…actually there is nothing to ask apology n all…but i have few questions..shall i ask you?”

Arjun nods and she continues, “Actually it is not only you…now so many guys and his families rejecting the girls stating that she is fat, dark, bla bla bla…but y don’t you think that all these are just a show off … and to marry a girl, character is more important than anything else? When you men will be understanding these things?”

Arjun is shocked..actually dumb hearing her and really lack of words to reply her. Radhika smiles seeing his reactions and says, “And one more….the girl is in zero size when you marry her, but after marriage..if at all she gains weight and becomes fat due to the family responsibility…will you divorce her of not being in the same zero size figure?”

Now Arjun is totally flat infront of her…he can realise all his male ego, attitude are breaking into pieces after hearing her accusations..not really but it is there in every girl’s mind and she spoke out.

Radhika looks at him and she know he cannot answer her question and says, “It’s ok no need to answer me…i just thought of asking these as a representative of many girls who were rejected by stating their physique as a reason. Pls don’t mistake me”

He don’t know how to react but simply stares her and he feels that she is looking differently today in his POV. Radhika makes him come to sense by extending her hands offering, “Friends?”

Arjun just smiles slightly and shakes hands with her. Immediately rads bids bye from him and goes to her work leaving him in appalled state.

The whole day goes as usual…Rads feels so fresh and happy..mingles with her team well…and finishes her work correctly and gets appreciation from her team.

Ardhika now became friends and shares a lighter moment when they get chance to meet each. They even met outside sometimes coincidently and spends the day out happily without having any second thought.


After a week, on saturday Radhika is getting ready in sky blue gorgette saree with stones work on the saree border. She wears matching white stone earing and bangles and a cute elegant chain with heart shaped pendant.

She comes down, Mala and Dilip stuns seeing their daughter and mala takes drishti from her before she steps out. The trio reaches the hotel Taj Coromandel and sits at the lounge waiting for someone.

After few mins, Dilip notices some one and welcomes her, “Namste Prerna ji…pls come. She is my wife Mala Misra and She is my daughter Radhika”

Radhika greets her and gets blessings from her. Prerna, “Sorry for making you wait Dilip ji…i stuck in traffic.” she smiles seeing radhika and she too smiles back at her.

Dilip, “Ji…your son?”

Prerna, “He is parking the car…he will come now”

Before she completes her sentence, a cute, dimple guy comes and says, “Sorry for joining late”

He greets Dilip and Mala & gets blessings from them…and moves radhika by extending his hand saying, “Hi..I am Neil…Neil Malhotra. How do you do ?”

Radhika is getting some unknown feelings and gives her hand hesitatingly and says, “Hi..I am Radhika. I am Fine..Thank you”

Neil, “Well…i have one more special person in my life..i invited him here..coz today is the most important day in my life and i need him to be with me”

He looks here and there and finds a guy standing behind Radhika, he shows hands to him to come there. He comes and stands beside Radhika and Neil introduces him to Dilip, Mala and Radhika as, “He is my Friend, Mr. Arjun Mehra..the great business tycoon in the city”

Dilip & Mala looks at each other without any reaction and greets him. Radhika is utterly shocked coz of her unknown feelings…she feels something odd..awkward..but don’t know what it is. She simply stares him.

More than her, another shocking person is Arjun..he didn’t even expect that the girl whom Neil gonna see is turned out to be Radhika. He is in lack of expression now..his face looks blank.

Neil shoves his hands infront of them and says, “WHat’s up guy? You both know already?”

Before radhika says, Arjun replies, “Yes…we are friends and additionally she is my employee”

Neil, “Wow..that’s great man”

Prerna interrupts them , “Ok ok..enough now…so Neil..she is the girl we came to see…do you need to speak to her alone? If u want you both can go and clears your concerns n all”

Neil, “No mom..i don’t have any…”

before he completes radhika says, “I need to talk”

Neil raises his hands saying, “All time ready. Mom..we will be back” while going he takes arjun also with him though he refused.

Neil and Radhika sits opposite to each in the table and beside him, Arjun seated. Radhika feels somewhat odd seeing arjun there and often looks at him. Arjun understands her uncomfortable and moves to the table behind them.

Rads slowly, “I want to ask you something”

Neil, “Yes..please”

Rads, “Do you feel odd seeing me?”

Neil gets shocked and says, “Why so?”

Rads, “No actually..y i am asking is…i am fat right…nowadays..guys are liking only Zero size girls. You were in US and should have some imagination about your future wife..taht’s y i asked”

Neil smiles seeing her hesiation and says, “Who said boys only like slim girls? The real beauty lies in heart not in size. And yeah as you said..i was in US and have imagnation also..but all got vanished after seeing you…you want to know why?”

Rads looks on confused and he continues, “Coz i got to know about your activites you are doing for orphan kids in your leisure time and your helping nature…all makes me fall for you before seeing you itself and after seeing you i am very happy…you know why?” he gives gap and observes her reaction..she simply stares him and he finishes saying, “Coz…you are looking so cute, bubbly and chubby…i love this” he said by pulling her cheeks.

Rads gets shocked and rubs her cheeks where he pulled and he says, “I am ready to marry you and i hope you also likes me…after all i am a normal look guy” he winks at her and hugs arjun standing behind them.

Radhika turns and finds Neil hugging him and Arjun facing her without any expression in his face. He feels that something is going out of his hand.

Precap: Arjun hugs nandini and she feels wet on her shoulder. Arjun ignores Radhika in office which irritates her.


That’s it for today and hope all nd like this episode…pls let me know your comments for this episode.

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  1. Myra

    Yay! Akka you posted…..arjun screws up always he should have spoke before neil started feeling things… know, i was thinking at the end of the chapter, ki let radhika marry neil….arjun ko sideline kardete hai…..bahut ho gya uska….he gave a pretty stupid decision two years….let him suffer…
    Off course, just a thought….author’s decision is always respected…
    A fab job as always…love you ?

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Myra dear… Don’t worry arjun will suffer for sure

  2. Brin

    Wow Jessie’s in the story she must be on cloud 9, now the story is too good, Arjun is realizing his mistake, will it cause him too loose Radhika, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Brin

  3. Omg satzzzz.’s beautiful n marvellous episode. ..Jessie’s entry was mind blowing…her play with kids was so cuteeee…n her suggestions to rads to be friend n with arjun n sort out things with his was really awesome. ….I loved ardhika being friends n having lite moments together. …. wowwww neil’s entry was soooo dhamaakaedaar…he stole my heart totally. …I’m just loved his words to rads…so sweeeeeet n beautiful. …you amazed me…..kaash it become true for every girl, n they find true life partner….awwww…now arjun is feeling emptiness…n jealous….precap is very interesting….I’m loving this story very very veryyyyyyy muchhhhhh. …you’re Excellent my sweeeeeetheart satzzzz. … narrating everything so clearly n very beautifully making it soooooooo awesoooooome…..keep it up honeyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Sathya

      Thank u sooooooooo much roma… Neil is the pivot here to make arjun realized his feelings… Arjun will suffer more now of unable to c her with Neil… So many blasts r pending

  4. Abirsha

    Wow superb akka

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much

  5. Woww..nice part dea…i like ur ffs..plz updates next part of ETL asap..i never commented on ETL or it…i was a silent reader of ur ffs..but ur amzing writng skill forced me to leave comment..i almost read mny mmz ffs..but i thnk the best one is ETL(srry guys..i like all ffs of mmz..but the best one is ETL (ma pov) )….sathya plz post nxt prt of ETL asap..i knw ..this is not de right place to comnent about ETL..but i cant wait more…plz update soon yaar..i read ETL’s last3 parts 3 or 4 tyms..whnever i read that their each scene gave me a smile on ma face…there was no boring part yaar…each n evry part were amzng…plz update episd12 asap…once again srry to commnt on diz page..also like it…but the best one is ETL???

    1. Sathya

      Tashin dear…. I m sooooooooo overwhelmed dear…. I couldn’t get words to reply u… M lack of words now…. I ll post the next one tomorrow for sure dear n it will be a big one. Many many thanks for ur love.

  6. Jessie

    Sathyaaa..loved d surprise..and Thanks a lot.. I just loved d masti with kids.. I solved Radz confusion in a sec.. * patting myself., well done jessie*. Radz turned 2 herself next day.* tats my magic? * but yaar.. what’s this.. u dint give snacks 2 me..??
    And the story took a good turn.. loved Neil’s entry n Radz questioning Arjun..???” being herself is d biggest strength of a girl..”Jessie gyan baba ka wordings hai yeh..
    So I loved Radz..and chota fav.. and now.d twist..Will Radz say yes.. Arjun realizes his love!! So realistic.. it happens like tat oly..curious n eager 4 next chappy.. TC n loads of love..??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Jessie…. So u will know rads answer next episode

  7. Dipika

    Satzzzz u rocked it dearrrrryyyyy…this is my most fav ss by you….you have done this great job by putting Neil in the Frame…… I can hear Jessie squealing n dancing in other side….twins r soooo adorable.. Chota bheems…lol..bichari jessieeee…..Neil’s is chummeshwari one…soooo many kissess to you for this brilliant answer by him…thts y abha is fida on him….now our hero will realize imp of rads..hehe…i m so excited for now wht will arjun do to get her back…..Loads of Love my romance queen…muhhhhhhaaaa

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dipu darling… Neil is a darling… He steals everyone’s heart… U will have more surprises in upcoming episodes

  8. Nice one satzzz I luv it……. pls update eminity 2 waiting fr next update. …….. tc luv u. …….. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u gayathri… Vl update enemity soon

  9. S.v

    arjun super awesome true ellarumey fat ponnuna kevalama paakaranga adhey madhiri dhan olliyana ponnu na adhuvum kevalam i donno why should always a girl is called by her looks sathyama sema kovam varum theriyuma naan tall so ellarum evlo nakkal adipanga theriyuma ?? always speaking something about my height naan valandha adhukku naan enna pannuven ?? i can relate that with radhika u brought the same feel of mine and ippa dhan konjam bayama irukku dear enna nadakka pogudhu ?? arjun radhika will they join hands and my jessie is the problem solver ?? wow sema ava kalakura gethu. love you so much dear, muhhhaaa waiting for the other ffs too. Love you so much

    1. Sathya

      I can understand ur pain sv… This SS I wrote just because to spoke out my heart…. I was in frustration one day n I wrote is to take out my frustration n anger… Thus how this SS started. Ardhika will have tough time now n Neil will be star from now on

  10. I enjoyed Jess’s entry……..loved her idea of reliving Rads’s tension………but it was Neil who rocked the show……I simply loved him………..not only him but his wrds too………felt very happy to see Arjun hugging him bck with an expressionless face……….is it gonna be raneil???? oh how happy and contented I wud feel seeing Arjun’s loss…………..but anyways it is up to ur choice…….

    I’m not that fine……..I had a tooth taken out by surgeon yest… didn’t come out full and the little portion that came out was out of order……so it was mandatory to take it out…….it’s very painful…….I’m supposed to eat only soft food……….how unlucky…rest of my family will be eating beef and fish curry and fish fry…fish fry is my fav………….but one golden lining is….seeing me sad doc asked me to eat a family pack ice-cream………so dad bought me strawberry flavour(my fav) for me………….

    How’s everything going?????? All fine????? Di forgive me if it is outrageous….is this a bit autobiographical?????? Though not ur experience…but sme1 u know??????

    1. Sathya

      Aastha dear… What happened… Now the tooth problem is solved or still u r suffering… Never mind aastha… The first episode is of course my own experience n next ones r I just writing in a flow… I wrote the first episode just to take out my frustration n thus it started…

  11. Starz

    Wow di beautiful episode….

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Starz

  12. OMG Amazing, this is just a beautiful update. Ardhika became friends and Neil came into the picture now it’s getting more interesting. Love u

    1. Sathya

      Thank u Gia dear

  13. Sweetie

    My darling sister Jessie became love guru 😀 I can see her jumping in happiness.. 🙂 Very lovely episode Sathya,Neil is a sweetheart,I just loved his character.. 🙂 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much sweetie… Yes Neil is having some important role here…

  14. Shree

    Wohohohohoho… now this is a s*xy episode!! Jessie as Radhika’s bestie.. hehe.. JAAZZZ.. super name.. radz needs her advice.. pout.. cutie cute.. I’m right now imagining Jessie with a pout .. I love Sahana and Akhil… choo cute.. Neil.. wohohoho… nice I like it .. lol fat.. are you kidding me? Arjun is her friend… first strawberry milkshake.. now chocolate milkshake.. ok .. unknown feelings.. Arjun is going to be turning into devdas.. ignorance.. haha..

    Nice epi ka.. post soon.. love you ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u shree… Arjun will have tough n sad time now

  15. Another rocking one…sathya?poor arjun…sometimes it’s too late to realize and express your feelings…next one will be all full of emotions gather epi…hope you write more on this…loved it..thank you dear..Happy weekend ??

    1. Sathya

      Thank u kk… Yes I ll write long one next

  16. mindblowing….awesome…..

    1. Sathya

      Thank u dear

  17. Rossy

    I want raneil moments now to make Arjun jealous…I am impressed with Neil coz she understands the reality..rads…ufff that moment when Neil said he doesn’t have any problem with radz…Arjun will realize sooon that he loves her…waiting…

    1. Sathya

      Don’t worry sissy…. U will see more raneil moments… Arjun will burn now

  18. Gauri

    OMG that was a master piece Sathya….and Jessie’s words were so beautiful and best part was Neil’s words…..this is why he is my fav….. keep writing Sathya you have a big ptara of stories …..loads of love and stay blessed 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much gauri… Ur Neil is always a show stealer dear…

  19. Wow superb epi sathya semma stry a diff plot u r a grt writer

    1. Sathya

      Thank you so much dear

  20. Jnana

    ayee mera arjun sooo sad…… well i know it would be ardhika only but still make it fast…..

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