MMZ – MUST BE LOVE (Few shots – Part 10) – Last Chapter


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MMZ – Must Be Love (Episode 10) – Last Chapter

Neil finds Ardhika sitting in the table opposite to each other and starring on other directions. He rubs his forehead seeing them and murmurs, “What i am gonna do with this dumbos?” he makes faces and goes to them.

He joins with them and stares both alternatively for some time and breakes the silence saying, “Radhika, i am planning our engagement tomorrow. What say?”

Radhika jerks when he calls her name and after that she becomes dumb hearing his information. SHe blinks at him of not knowing what to reply for him. Arjun who tried a lot to hide his emotions on his face…he excuses himself from them and leaves from there. He message to Neil saying that he is leaving from there.

Neil reads his message and smirks, then he turns to Radhika who is still in shock…he holds her hand saying, “I know it is a shock for you..but i feel like it would be good if we keep our marriage also ASAP” by saying this he takes her with him and leaves from there. He drops her home and informs Dilip & Mala about his decision which makes them also to get shocked and looks at Radhika who is lost at any feelings.

Neil informs Prerna also about the same and after that he dials to Nandini, “Di, i have taken a step to make radhika confess her love and yes that idiot Arjun also..did not react for anything.”

Nandini, “I seriously don’t know what to do with these dumbos. He thinks that his job is finished after proposing her”

Neil, “I feel like to slap them hard on their faces to come out from their own dreamland”

Nandini, “Neil, seriously they need a big shock to realise what they feel for each other”

Neil, “Hmm, especially Radhika. Atleast he confessed..but this girl..she has somethng in her heart but she is not ready to open up”

Nandini, “What we can do Neil?”

Neil, “I already did it. Tomorrow is my engagement in Radhika’s home. You get Arjun also there. I will make them finish the drama tomorrow”

Nandini, “R u sure will it work?”

Neil, “It will definitely work”

Nandini, “Even i wish the same Neil.”

After that they talk for sometime and he disconnects the call. He goes to his home and tells Prerna about everything…initially she worried but later she too agreed for it.


Radhika sits in her room on her bed hugging the pillow by leaning on the big size Teddy Bear on her bed. She lost herself in Arjun’s thoughts, she couldn’t distract her thought from him though she tried a lot. Her message beeps with a message and it is a whatsapp message, she looks at the name and it is from Neil…she makes irriated face seeing it and keeps it aside but again she gets the message from Neil and this time she gets irriated of hearing the noise, she opens it and finds the pictures of him with 2, 3 sherwanis on him…he questions her, “Which is good on me?”

Rads rolls her eyes looking and replied, “Nothing is looking good”. She keeps her mobile aside and again leans on the teddy by hugging the pillow.

Again she gets a message and she reads it..same from Neil, but she gets shocked seeing Arjun in the picture wearing some new sherwani on him and Neil asks, “How is it looking? Good or bad?”

Rads stunned seeing Arjun suddenly and all her hidden feelings are arising in her heart seeing him in a shining dark blue sherwani with white stone patches on it. She abruptly replies saying, “Too Good”

She simply stares Arjun on that picture and she again gets a message from Neil, “Are you saying about the dress or the man?”

Rads trance gets break seeing the message and blinks thinking what she was doing. She immediately replies saying, “About the dress”

She gets a reply as, “Thanks”

Rads let out a sigh relief and opens Arjun’s picture again and stares it continously.

@ Shop,

Neil smiles seeing her reply and looks at Arjun who comes to him after removing the dress and said, “Why the hell are you trying all this on me? I am not gonna wear anything tomorrow”

Neil chuckles, “Man..Arjun, beware of girls…you can’t come to my engagement without anything..i mean Naked. Our guests will get scared seeing you”

Arjun hits on his shoulder saying, “I mean to say, I will come in my suit not this dresses”

Neil, “Suit? No way. You have to wear what i am giving you. And no more discussion on this”

Neil drags Arjun with him and he drops Arjun in his home after their shopping is over. Nandini observes Arjun’s upset and thinks to talk to him but as per Neil’s instructions she stopped herself from going in.

Arjun refreshes himself and stands in his balcony starring the full moon. He remembers radhika’s face and her cute antics…an unknown smiles appears on his face saying, “My bad luck, i missed you two years before but at times i feel that luck favours me when i saw you again in the stage…i really don’t know what happen to me but something was attracted me towards you and that made me to run behind you..i made my mind saying that i hurted you and seeking apology but the truth is i always liked you from our first meeting. And that’s y i was behind you to talk to you…and the most happiest thing is i met you as your boss and inturn you made me as your friend. I feel like my position on your life is going higher at each turn. Something makes me like you and i consoled it saying i was happy being your friend but the reality is i started loving you the moment i saw you after two years. I am a big idiot and realised my love when some one else comes and takes you from me. The time when i got to know about you and Neil…there i felt like you are going far from me. He is my friend but still i can’t see you with him…it aches me but i still i can’t hurt Neil coz of my love. Now again My bad luck, i am gonna miss you forever. I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”

He closes his eyes and a drop of tears escapes from his eyes, he comes to his sense feeling the warm touch in his shoulder, he turns and finds Nandini there with worried face. With no secs, Arjun husg her tightly and hides his face on her shoulder, Nandini did not expect her brother to be heartbroken like this…she pats his back consoling him. She feeds him food and makes him sleep after a long struggle.

She comes out once he goes into his deep slumber and she messages to Neil as “Success”


Next day Morning, Radhika gets disturbed by a continuous knock on her door, she gets irritated by that sound and opens the door with sleepy face. Soon she opened the door, she falls on the floor with a thud and thus makes her to open her eyes widely to see who makes her to fall. It is her friend Jessie, Two little devils Akhil & Sahana, they immediately fall on Radhika making her more into the floor hugging her. Rads struggles to breathe and somehow moves them away from her and immediately gets up and runs to her bed before they fall on her again. But they also run behind her and hugs her from 3 sides and statrts tickling her. Radhika has enough and shouted at them to stop the atrocities.

Jessie and the kids looks her blinking their eyes and Rads turns to Jessie saying, “What’s the matter? Y u 3 are trying to kill me?”

Jessie, “You don’t know or you forgot about that?”

Rads, “What?”

Jessie rolls her eyes saying, “Idiot, today is your engagement with Neil. You know that right?”

Reality hits Rads and soon her the brightness on her face gets dimmed hearing her and keeps quiet. Meanwhile Jessie sent Akhil & Sahana down to watch TV. After they went she asks, “Radhika, what is your problem?”

Rads with sad face, “What problem? I don’t have anything as such”

Jessie, “You want me to believe it? I know what is running in your mind”

Rads lifts her eyes and passes one look at her and moves her sight away immediately. Jessie cups her face saying, “Rads, why r u punishing yourself? What is going on yar? Why can’t you open up ur heart?”

Rads couldn’t control anymore hugs her saying, “I really don’t know yar. I know today is my engagement but still i can’t be happy thinking about that. Infact, i am not happy with this marriage at first place”

Jessie, “Why so?”

Rads hides her face more into her shoulder without saying anything, Jessie seperates her from herself asking, “Radhika, i asked you something”

Rads stammers, “Actually, i…i think…i think”

Jessie, “Say fast, what you think?”

Rads still stammers, “I think…i am not in love with Neil”

Jessie face becomes pale hearing her stupid idiotic confession, she continuously banging her head with both hands saying, “Ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo ayo”

Rads blinks seeing her and holds her hand saying, “Y u r banging your head?”

Jessie, “Because i cannot bang your head na..tht’s y doing for myself”

Rads keeps quiet and Jessie continues, “Are you really innocent? or acting to be like that?”

Rads makes face saying, “I am really an innocent girl”

Jessie rolls her eyes saying, “whatever. Now get ready we have to go for ur lehenga trial for eveing function”

Rads gets upset again, “I don’t want to do anything. I have something and i will wear that”

Jessie gives a sharp look at her saying, “Just now you said, you don’t want to do this marriage and now ready to wear lehenga for the function”

Rads, “I am doing it my for my parent’s sake”

Jessie, “Oh pls…stop being so good. I know you are a good actor but i dint expect this much from you. Look i don’t have much time and i have to spend some of my time with Arjun…sorry My Arjun. So don’t waste ur time and get ready. We all r waiting for you and come fast” she goes from there leaving her alone.

Rads mind starts thinking about Arjun once she hears his name from jessie and now her every cell is occupied by one and only Arjun. She is now very clear that she doesn’t love Neil and not realise about her feelings towards Arjun.

She gets ready as jessie said and goes down to meet her parents. They all go out to nearby shop to pick any good lehengas for Radhika. Unwillingly she also goes with them having Arjun’s thoughts in her mind.

They all reached the shop and indulges in each direction to find a good lehenga for Radhika. Every one else is busy in selecting the dress except her. she couldn’t pay attention to them and gets irritated seeing them doing all this for her engagement.

She turns to go from there but her eyes stuck with the lehenga draped on the show case doll. she walks towards it and looks at the dress from top to bottom. Then she remembers the picture of Arjun sent by neil, she smiles and rolls her hand over the midnight blue lehenga with the combo of golden embroidery on top of the dress. She turns hearing the group of voices behind her, her parents and Jessie with some 3 to 4 lehengas in each hand. All the three asks in chorus, “Which one you like?”

Rads looks at them and the dress for a min then says, “I like this” by showing lehenga which liked.

All their faces fell and jessie fumes in anger of spending her precious time in searching lehenga for her…she makes face and keeps the dresses on the other side.

After a long hesitation they decided to take the one which Radhika likes.

Soon they reached home, Dilip & Mala gets them busy in engagement preparations and Jessie too leaves from there informing her that she will come in the evening for the function.

Rads now sits alone in and thinks, “Whether Arjun will come today?”


Nandini, “How come you cannot come for Neil’s engagement?”

Arjun, “But it is Radhika’s engagement too” with worried face

Nandini, “So what? Be Practical Arjun. Atleast come for Neil’s sake”

Arjun hides his pain and just nod his head.

Nandini gets ready and waits for Arjun but gets shocked seeing him in a business suit, she bangs her head but kept quiet thinking to avoid the argument.

Neil and Prerna reaches Rad’s home and at the same time Arjun & Nandini also reach there. Both families greets each other and Dilip & Mala welcomes everyone inside.

Jessie too come there at right time and winks at Neil and runs to Radhika’s room. She sees her simply sitting on the bed in her normal wear.

Jessie immediately close the door and shouts at her saying, “when are you planning to get ready?”

Rads, “I am not in mood”

Jessie, “So? hello madam, your mood is not considered here. Just go and get ready fast. All are waiting for you”

Rads immediately hold her hands asking, “Everyone came?”

Jessie narrows her eyes, “Hmm everyone came”

Rads, “I mean…everyone?”

Jessie ties her hands across her chest saying, “Even i mean Everyone”

Rads rolls her eyes being restless and asks again, “I mean…Neil…his…”

Jessie hardly control her laugh and replies, “Hmm..Neil, his mom…everyone came”

Rads hits on her hand hardly and said, “I am asking about…” she pauses

Jessie, “About?”

Rads bows down in sad and takes the lehenga in her hand…walking towards the washroom to change and Jessie says, “Your Boss, Mr.Arjun also came”

Rads face gets brightened hearing and a wide smile appears on her face and immediately she runs to washroom to change her dress. Jessie burst out in laugh but makes sure that rads should not hear it.

Rads get ready well with the help of Jessie…Rads completely forgot about the function is her engagement with Neil and her mind is full and full occupied with Arjun.

Her heart beat races when Jessie takes her down to meet everyone…and she gets so nervous to meet them specially Arjun.

She greets everyone and when she meets Arjun, her face becomes pale seeing him in a normal suit and even he is not looking at her. Tears in her eyes are in the verge of coming out but somehow she controls it and turns to go but Jessie stops her saying, “Hey wait..where are you going? You haven’t seen your fiance yet”

All turn outside seeing Neil walking towards her and extends his hands to her saying, “Hi Radhika…i am so happy today that finally we gonna get engaged to each”

Rads did not give any reaction and simply gives her hands to him. He grabs it saying, “Won’t you see me and say how i am looking?”

Rads unwillingly looks at him but gets shocked seeing in the same sherwani which she saw it on Arjun. She looks Arjun standing behind Neil and looking at them alternatively.

Neil snapped his fingers on her face asking, “Hey i asked you something”

Rads in full angry mode replies, “Doesn’t look good on you”

Neil, “Then yesterday you said it was too good. Y u said like that?”

Rads stammers, “ was good yesteday but not today”

Neil, “How come your likes got changed suddenly and that too within a day”

Tears escaped from her eyes and Arjun holds his fist in anger seeing the tears in her eyes but somehow he hold it back and Prerna comes to Neil patting his shoulder saying, “If radhika did not like it, then you should change it. Because her wish is more important than anything else”

Neil smirks, “I know that Mom and that’s y i want to know it from her mouth but she is so adamant and hides everything in her. Am i right Radhika?”

Rads gets tensed hearing Neil and she understands the meaning of his statement, she replied, “I am getting head ache…i will wait in my room”

She immediately runs to her room without saying anything to anyone…she locks her door and leaning behind it. She could not understand what is happening to her but she knows onething for sure is that she cannot marry Neil.

She looks her in the mirror and remembers how she takes this lehenga thinking about Arjun. She wants to cry loud but she controls it. Soon she heard a knock on her door and she mumbles, “No one will let me live peacefully” she opens the door and finds Jessie & Mala with a wide smile on their face. They takes her with them and makes her stand with Neil for the ring exchange ceremony.

Rads gets shiver and tensed, her eyes are looking for someone, her sight goes every nook and corner of the place and filtering it to find one person whom she looks for it.

She couldn’t find and her eyes are dwelling with tears, her mind chanting as, “Arjun, where are you? Pls come out”

Her own thoughts gets disturbed when she feels something on her finger, she could see only a blurred view is Neil makes her wear the ring on her finger and waits for her to do the honor for him. Jessie gives the ring to her and gently hits her shoulder pointing her to make him wear it.

She is extending her hand to him slowly and makes him wear the ring and to everyone’s surprise a voice over comes from nowhere, Soon it starts speaks Radhika able to identify whose it is..Yes it is Arjun’s painful voice.

She looks around everywhere from where the voice is coming and Neil pats her shoulder and turns her head towards the opposite direction and there she see Arjun standing in his balcony showing his back. Neil looks at Nandini and she reciprocates it with a thumbs up smile and she remembers how she kept the camera in his room to record his confession…because Neil, Jessie and Nandini the trio understands that Ardhika needs to be pushed by someone forcefully to confess their feelings, though Arjun has already told her but that doesn’t look like a proper confession as Neil told them that Arjun proposed Radhika as if saying Tomorrow is Wednesday. So they made a plan to provoke Radhika by hearing his confession and let her handle the rest to reach Arjun.

Radhika is watching the video without blinking her eyes and automatically tears are rolling over her cheeks continuously listening him. She smiles happily seeing him there and is in urge to get him in her embrace. Soon they all see Arjun comes running from outside and gets shocked seeing his video and that too his confession. He did not know how it happen and blinks seeing the video. Neil looks at him who is appalled seeing everyone starring him with accusations on their eyes, Radhika takes a step to go to him but stops and steps back. Neil is confused seeing her and asks, “What happen? Still you gonna stop yourself from going to him? Just forget everything and go..go and get him otherwise he will not open up so easily”

Rads with stammering voice, “But..but”

Neil, “What but?”

Rads, “But…our engagement?”

Neil chuckles seeing her worried look and says, “Our engagement? You wanna witness it? Then see” he immediately keeps the finger on his mouth which has ring and starts eating it. Rads is utter shocked with open mouth seeing him eating the ring smiling at her. She is blinking at him widely and couldn’t come out from the shock which Neil gave it to her.

Neil giggles and takes her hand, removes the ring from her hand and feeds in her mouth saying, “Areh Radhika, all this is just a set up yar. There is no engagement and all…this ring is made up of chocolate…just to provoke you to know your feelings on Arjun we all have done this. Eat it…so crispy na.” he is laughing aloud including everyone there. Radhika is still in that trauma but her mouth starts eating the chocolate ring blinking at him and nods her head saying, “Mmm…it is tasty”

Everyone laughed at her childish behaviour and Neil cups her face saying, “Now go…go and get your love back. Otherwise he might run again”

Radhika changes her expression saying, “This time he can’t” by saying this she kisses him on his cheeks saying, “Thank you so much Neil”. Neil wipes his cheeks saying,

“Yuck, chocolate, lipstick” he makes face seeing her. She chuckles seeing him and gets down from the stage and walking towards Arjun who stands like an idol watching her coming towards him.

His heart is started jumping and is ready to peep his head out anytime. He smiles seeing her and keeps his hand on his chest by gently patting it saying, “Control baby..pls don’t embarrass me”

Radhika goes to him and stands silent. Both are at loss of words and she wants to say her heart out to him now but did not know how to start. Neil, Jessie and others watching them from the stage and murmuring, “What are they doing? Both are standing quiet”

Jessie let out a heavy breathe saying, “This wont work. Both are waste and our time also got waste. Oh no…i should have been with my Arjun atleast instead of standing here watching these dumbos”

Neil, “What you will do with him?”

Jessie spontaneously, “I will do anything whatever i want”

Neil with a surprise look, “What?”

Jessie blinks for a sec and moves Nandini beside and stands next to her to avoid facing him.


Arjun to himself, “Tell Radhika…i am waiting for u”

Rads stammers but slowly she calls his name, “Ar..jun” and he immediately looks at her and says, “haan” and she steps back blinking her eyes saying, “Sir”

Neil and others shouted saying, “SIRRRRRRRR” by hitting their head.

Ardhika jerks hearing them and Rads is at most fear seeing everyone and gets fainted. Arjun gets shocked seeing her falling and holds her before she touches the ground.

Radhika opens her eyes and blinks seeing everyone starring her angrily. She is on the bed now and mala & Jessie sits on either side of her starring her angrily. Not even one person looks at her caringly.

Radhika gets up and asks, “Y u all look at me like this. I fainted and you all not seem to be worried”

Jessie, “Then what u want us to do? You will not do one work properly”

Rads bows her head down saying, “You know what, if some people are over joy then it may lead them to faint”

Jessie, “What kind of Over joy u had tell me?”

Rads looks at Arjun who hardly control his laugh seeing her blinking like a kid seeing Jessie and she continues, “Ideally we should have fainted coz of over joy if you would have confessed him”

Rads rolls her eyes and bows down her head. Nandini smiles seeing her and says, “It’s ok. Let her take rest and will wait outside”

Everyone including Arjun leaves from there leaving her alone. She leans on her big size teddy bear and stares the ceiling thinking how to propose him.

Everyone sits in the hall and elders discuss about the Ardhika engagement and marriage…where in Neil, Jessie and Arjun holds her head thinking till now Rads did not even propose him adn their parents talking about their marriage.

Suddenly Arjun’s mobile beeps with a message and he reads it and moves from there immediately. Neil & Jessie stares the way he goes and looks each other.

Arjun goes to terrace and looks around as if searching someone and slowly radhika is coming out from the bush and smiles looking at him.

Arjun also smiles seeing her asking, “How are you feeling now?”

Rads immediately, “I am feeling so happy now”

Arjun gives a surprise look asking, “What? You feel happy that you fainted”

Rads bites her tongue and continuously snapping her eye lashes seeing him and gives a sheepish smile. Arjun chuckles seeing her, “You look cute”

Rads blushing hearing him but still manages to say, “I always”

Arjun giggles hearing her self flattering and asks, “So why u asked me to come here?”

Some where behind the door there is a voice saying, “Good that atleast now he comes to the point” and it is none other than Neil & Jessie watching them hiding behind the door.

Rads gulps thinking now she has to confess her love at any cost and says, “Actually, i want to say is…mmmm” she starts sweating and wiping it on her face.

Arjun is about to move to her but she shouts saying, “No No..don’t come to me..if you come to me then i can’t speak only. You better be there. I will try to say what i want to ”

Arjun is surprise and controls his laugh seeing her cute antics where in Neil & Jessie bangs their heads seeing them.

Rads, “What i want to say is…After marriage, i won’t go to gym n all to reduce my weight. I will be like how i am now and you should not ask me to reduce weight, flat belly etc etc etc”

Arjun raises his brows and says, “Ok done”

Rads, “Then, you should not stop me in eating chocolates, ice creams, cakes n all. Because without these my day will not start at all”

Arjun smiles, “ok”

Neil snap Jessie saying, “What? ur friend is talking about only eating?”

Jessie, “Last few days she was with you only na..that’s y”

Neil gives her a sharp look and both turns to listen their conversation.

Rads, “Then, you should not ask me to be in diet n all. I will eat anything what i like”

Arjun, “Hmm okay”

Jessie, “My patience is going impatient” and Neil holds her hand to control her.

Rads, “Then, probably in future, our kids also might become little fat like me…you will not feel bad about it right”

Arjun now smiles widely saying, “Not all” and he walks towards her saying, “That’s it or anything else”

Rads blinks and says, “For now..that’s it”

Arjun, “Okay…so you understand why u said all these to me?”

Rads blushes saying, “Probably i have a feelings for you”

Arjun, “Feelings? so you know what kind of feelings you have on me?”

Rads smiles saying, “it MUST BE LOVE feelings”

Arjun, “So what is the conclusion?”

Rads gets irritated now and shouts, “What you are cross questioning me? I told everything detailed but still you don’t understand what i am trying to say and asking me the conclusion”

Before she finishes it off, Arjun goes close to her and cups her face saying, “You are too cute in angry mode also” she couldn’t bare his touch and is about to move from him but he holds her tight and leans on her face as if he is going to kiss her and she immediately closes her eyes tightly and is ready to have his kiss. But she did not feel anything on her lips for sometime and slowly opens her eyes to see where is he and he stands infront of her few inches away from her and smiles seeing her face. Rads faces becomes red and embarrassed seeing him teasing her and before she reacts Arjun plants a strong kiss on her lips and she blinks her eyes seeing him. It is a sudden shock for her and she couldn’t react fast when holds her and slowly she too response him passionately. He mumbles on her lips saying, “I LOVE YOU MY CUTE, FATTY, CHUBBY, BUBBLY DOLL”

Rads giggles hearing him and says, “I LOVE U TOO Mr.HANDSOME”

JeNeil closes their eyes when Arjun starts kissing her and both comes down to the hall running and breathing heavily saying, “We beg you all….pls make them marry soon”

Nandini, “What happened?”

Neil, “They are out of control now. I am saying it for family’s welfare only…pls make them marry soon”

All understand what he said and nods their head smilingly.

***********THE END*************

So that’s it from me guys. I wrapped my another FF here and thank you each and everyone who supports me and love. Thank u so so much and special thanks to Jessie who gave me permission to pull her legs in each episode and she enjoyed it too. Love you dear…Love you guys…

Another FF? So soon? Mmmm Naah… 😛

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      Thnk u so so much Krishna dear 🙂 lol i am so happy that you enjoyed it with a hearty laugh. Love you too 🙂

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