MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 7)


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MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 7)

Episode 6

Recap: Ardhika spicy romance

Past continues……. Arjun’s POV

I stayed in Sanjeev’s hostel room for the rest 10 days coz of my suspension. If it was any other time, I would happily staying in my Guest house, having a gala time with my friends…of course, I would never allow my partners in crime to go to college…even if I allow, they won’t.

But now the situation is different….even I myself want to be inside the campus, just to stalk her. Yes, just for her I am staying in Sanjeev’s room. I was all the time watching her without her knowledge, her all cute antics, her behavior with her friends and others, her smile, her hovering long straight hair but curls at the gives a cute look for her, her sweet giggles, chuckles hearing the jokes from her friends…

My thought was ceased when sanjeev spoke, “I don’t feel like you are planning to take revenge on her…instead you are planning to abduct her for lifetime” he looked at my face for an answer and I starred him without any reactions.

Sanjeev, “So Silence tells the truth”

“Stop your nonsense talk and leave me alone” I scolded him

Sanjeev, “ the truth I said is nonsense for you?”

“What’s your problem? And Why are you disturbing me?” I asked irritatingly for distracting my thoughts.

Sanjeev, “We have to keep the Welcome party for the freshers. What say?”

The next moment my admire on her gets stopped and I remembered about her and her slap on my face, I close my eyes tightly keeping my left palm on my left cheeks where I got that. I hear the chuckling noise and it is none other than Sanjeev smiling at my antics saying, “Remembering the slap isn’t?”

“You are the root cause for all that” I started beating him mercilessly by dumping him on the cot and he is in short of breath but he continued his speech, “OK…I am sorry Arjun…now listen me…when can we have the party” he finished in between his heavy breathe.

I parted myself from him and lights the Cigar which was in the table, I took some few minutes and giving a smoke rings on the air saying, “Have this party once I rejoined”.

Sanjeev exclaimed saying, “As expected. So keen to see her again” he gave a sheepish smile at me.

“Of Course, the daring one who gave me a big shot on my cheeks, I should see her once again and let her face me straight…I wanna see her reactions” I finished my sentence having my stare on the open ground. Sanjeev snatched the half burnt cigar from me and he continued it. It was a common thing between the boys.

It was my last day of the suspension and now am all set to give my re-entry with a bang…after 10 days, the welcome party arranged on the 11th day and we all seniors were involved in doing the arrangements.

Some unknown excitement occupied my heart and mind together, but both have different thoughts and I shoved it off simply. The next day looks very important for me too… I don’t know why, I felt so.

I left to my mansion the previous night and next day I got up early and get ready well to face her. I selected the best dress from my closet, and do all the styles on my hair rooting in front of the mirror.

It was definitely a bizarre etiquette from my side, which I never did in my life. I hardly spent 5 mins in front of the mirror just to arrange my hairs through my fingers, but now when I looked down the dressing table having the comb sets in different sizes….i feel like today my hair is not obeying me and testing my patience a lot.

Before I break the mirror, I got a call from Sanjeev, I slide it and put it on speaker, “yes Buddy”

Sanjeev, “Arjun, we all are waiting for you at the venue and you still did not reach it…you never make it late. What happened today?”

I literally snapped by forehead and looked at my face once again in the mirror, messed my hair and I did what I usually do…just running my fingers on my dark locks and replied, “Meet you there buddy” I disconnected the call and drove off to the venue.

I reached the Venue and get down after parking my car, I met my friends waiting anxiously for me. I walked to them giving a cool smile but all were bombarding me with their angry bird looks.

Sanjeev, “You are ½ an hour late and our juniors all were arrived already and we made them sit in the hall. What happened to you? You never come late right?”

I ignored his question and I knew very well that he is anytime ready to pull some or the other things from my mouth, so I made them get inside the hall, and I placed my line at the last.

Once we entered, the fresher’s stopped their gossips and chatting & gets excited for their best day. My eyes popped out when I saw her, looking at other with a smile on her face but it faded away when it falls on me. I kept on starring her, but her stare immediately moved away from me when she notified my glare on her.

I hardly controlled myself seeing the angelic beauty in front of me but my mind again alerted me thinking about her slap in front of many people, my hidden anger again aroused without any prior information. Now my glare on her is completely on Revenge mode.

They all were playing the games and giving tasks to the fresher’s who did that diligently, and now it was her turn, she hesitantly came to the stage and picked a chit from the bowl.

She has been asked to dance with Harsh, I was like “WHAT THE f**k?” but I refrained myself in reacting overly, I just sat silently and watched their dance. Only I know how my blood boiled inside me, but I couldn’t control my patience anymore seeing him moving his hands on her body, I look at her face, she felt malaise, and after that I couldn’t place my butt on the chair, I stood up and walked to the stage just only to push him down and I did so.

She blinked at me in shock, everyone including Harsh were looking at me in shock, I just simply warned him, “Enough” but he got up and questioned me for my doing, I shouted him back to stop all this. Sanjeev came forward and did the peaceful agreement between us, and I gave her a way to get down from there, she walked silently and mingled with her friends.

Everything looks new for me, I couldn’t differentiate the feeling I have on her whether it is Revenge or something else.

Past ends…

After the Mehra family left, RaNeil & Prerna sits together and started putting the estimation for the marriage purchases and other expenses. After spending a hard time, Radhika falls on her bed having Arjun’ s thoughts on her mind.

She feels a tickling sensation on the places where he kissed her. She holds her neck in her hands and rubs it forcibly to get out of those feelings and slaps her forehead saying, “God, how can I get out of this crap?”

After having long thoughts she murmurs, “Let NeSam marriage happen first, then I will handle him” she hugs her teddy and sleeps peacefully.

Next day, she gets ready and as usual Neil drops her in office and he drives to his. She enters the lift and press the close button, but the lift gets stop closing when it finds a leg in between the door. Radhika looking down gets shocked and lifts her eyes to see who it is and without any surprise it is none other than the person whom she hated the most….MR.MEHRA

Arjun gets into the lift and smirks looking at her expressionless face, he leans so close and whispers, “Good Morning, Mrs. Mehra “he paused for a sec but continues when Radhika lifts her eyes and stares him, “To be” he finishes his sentence.

Rads let out a heavy breathe and turns her face to other side. He smirks and stands beside her having his hands inside his suite pockets. He keeps hitting her by his hands and she keeps moving aside.

She storms out once the door opens and he follows her amusingly with a cute smile on his face but it gets vanish immediately when he see Saral walking to her.

Radhika gets shocked seeing Saral having bandages on face, especially on his nose, a small plaster on top of his nose, and his head has small bandage.

Radhika panics seeing him and is about to hold his hand but Saral steps back from her saying, “Don’t touch me Radhu”. Radhika is shocked and her hands rooted in air, and she continues, “Why? What happened to u Saral?”

Saral winces in pain saying, “I got these wounds because of you”

Rads confused, “Coz of me? What are you saying? Tell me clearly”

Saral then explained her everything and by now Radhika understood that all this was done by Mr. MEHRA. She watched him angrily when he walks across them whistling.

She looks at Saral with pitiful eyes, “I am Sorry Saral”

Saral nods his head saying, “I came here to see you once and tell my lead about my leaves. I am leaving to home. Take Care Radhu” he is about to move but again stops and looks at her sadly and radhika feels bad seeing him and he continues, “I will always love you Radhu…My love on you will not change because of this” he completes by pointing is wounds.

Radhika gets teary seeing him going and now her anger turns to Arjun, he marches to her place, throws her bag to her seat and barges inside his cabin.

Arjun expected this from her, so did not react much and she continues, “What do you think about yourself? How can you beat him so mercilessly? Are you insane?”

Arjun’ s patience is getting decreased by her questions and worry on Saral. He holds his fist of not to lose his temper and she continues, “By doing all this what you wanna prove? He is innocent and you broke his hand just because he touched me? How dare you do that? He is my friend; you don’t have any rights to hurt my loved ones”

Arjun gets up from his seat angrily and walks to her, she steps back looking at him and hits the wall which stops her from moving anywhere. He blocks her in his arms and leaning close to her face saying, “I don’t care who he is…I just care only you. I will kill anyone who comes in front of my way. I won’t tolerate anyone else’s touch on you except me…i…i …just don’t like it Radhika…I don’t mind if you think me insane or sane… because I know who I am and if you still think that I became INSANE…then remember, it is just because of you I turned to so.”

She wides her eyes and stares him without moving her eye balls, tears dwelling in her eyes, he picks a paper from his inner pocket and hands it over her saying, “Read and Sign” then he moves back to his seat starring her.

Radhika slowly opens the paper… and reads it. She gives shocking reactions reading it and looks at him unbelievably. She gives an impossible look at him and asks, “You don’t trust me and made this”

Arjun just raised his eyebrows saying, “Well you broke my trust already Radhika…so I don’t have a choice now”

Rads waves her hands in air saying, “It is my brother’s marriage…how do you think that I will do this”

Arjun smirks, “I very well know you more than you know yourself. Just tell me whole heartedly, you never get a thought to trick me, once NeSam’s marriage gets over”

Rads becomes dead silent, she literally dumb seeing him who knows every inch of her. Arjun walks to her again saying, “Your silence speaks the truth Radhika. This time I don’t want to give you a chance to run away from me. So I made this agreement”

Rads still trying to use the situation to her favor asking, “So you don’t trust me right?”

Arjun cups her face and stares her lovingly saying, “NO”

Radhika shoves his hands away from her face and walks to the table and signs the agreement. She throws that on his face saying, “Happy now? What else you want from me?”

Arjun smiles saying, “Of course I am happy radhika. Now I can sleep peacefully believing you that this time you won’t go away from me”

He feels bad seeing her tears but controls his emotions saying, “What else I want? I just want you…only you. You are my everything radhika…why don’t you understand that? And why keep distancing yourself from me?” he comes close to her and cups her face gently.

Rads let out a sigh saying, “MR. MEHRA, if you are done…then let me go”

Arjun let her free and sends her out with heavy heart. Radhika goes to her place and does her work like a robot. Only she knows what kind of pain she is bearing now.

Post lunch, Arjun gets a call from Nandini asking Ardhika to come for purchase. Arjun agrees for it and goes out to Rads place calling her for shopping. All the other staffs looks amused seeing him, Rads feels embarrassed seeing other staffs starring her and few girls have a pure jealous look.

Arjun understands her and looks at others who starring them and says, “Why don’t you resume your work instead of starring us?”

Everyone moves their vision from them and does their work, Rads feels so bad and goes out with him silently. She could feel the gaze of them and it has only confusion and jealous.

Ardhika reaches the mall, and both the families gathered there to do the purchase. Radhika & Sam joins and searches for lehengas for Sangeet & Marriage functions. Arjun & Neil joins hands in getting a sherwanis.

Nandini, Samrat and Prerna they went to their sections and finding dresses for each. Radhika selects a beautiful lehenga for Sam and makes her trial for it. She waits for her outside the trial room and in mean time Arjun sends Neil to try his suite and comes to ladies section. He looks at the lehengas kept there, he just rolling his fingers over there and looks the shelves which have n number of dresses.

He points some lehengas and get it from the sales man, he liked few and looks for Radhika who waits outside the trial room. He walks to her with a naughty smirk, and stands in front of her suddenly giving her a jerk.

Rads, “What?”

Arjun, “Just try this” he gives her the lehengas he gave.

Rads gets alert and looks around them to check whether Neil or others watching them or not. He snaps his fingers on her face saying, “Neil is trying his suite. Others also busy in their selections. Now only we two are free…so try this”

Rads give them back to him saying, “I don’t want anything. I will select myself”

Arjun again dumps in her hand saying, “I am not asking…just telling you. GO”

He shakes his left brow looking at her and she is about to open her mouth to refuse but her stops her again, “Just do and I don’t want to hear NO from you “

Rads stands at the same place for some time but looks like Arjun is not ready to move and before she does, Sam came out with her new lehenga and shows it to Ardhika. Both likes and suggest her to get it.

Sam looks at the dresses rads has in her hand and before Rads answer her Arjun says, “She selected for her and waiting for you to come out…so that she can try”

Sam, “Wow….ok then…you go and try. I will wait for you”

Rads gives her a fake smile and curse Arjun for this mess and silently goes inside the trial room to try the dresses.

Sam waits there for her and Arjun looks at Neil is coming out and searching for him, he goes to Sam saying, “See your life partner is searching for you I guess…go and suggest him some suite”

Sam goes there happily leaving Arjun outside the trial room. Arjun thinks, “I wanna see you first Radhika…see how you make a business tycoon as a crazy man. Only you have that power”

Radhika wears the lehenga and tries to button her blouse at the back, but she couldn’t stretch her hands more, she then slightly opens the door calling Sam, “Sam, can you pls come inside?”

She calls Sam and closes the door without locking it and turns to show her back to Sam. She heard the noise of door opening sound and thinks it to be Sam and says, “Sam, I am not able to put the hook for the blouse yar.”

Arjun who waits for Radhika to come out, just hears her voice calling for Sam to come inside, he looks for Sam and finds her very busy in selecting dresses for Neil. He then silently enters inside the trial room and locks it from inside.

He looks at Radhika who shows her back having her hairs to her front on one side, she put only last hook and rest are unhooked which she tried hard to hook it but she couldn’t.

Arjun could see the delicate milky skin of her, he raised his hands slowly to clutch the cloth, unknowingly his fingers touches her skin which gives goose bumps to Radhika, who gets shocked to see Arjun, she immediately turn to him and is about to shout but he closed her mouth by his hands and moves her to the wall whispering, “Sssshhhhhh”

She blinks at him and stammers, “I..i..called for Sam”

Arjun, “She gets busy with Neil, so I came”

Rads crawling back to the wall again and almost plastered her back to the wall saying, “I will manage it then…you just leave from here”

Arjun moves to her saying, “Why? Don’t I have rights to do all this for you?”

Rads gulps hearing him and tries to plaster to the wall as much as she can and glares him angrily, “Yes, you don’t have. Just go before anyone comes…pls”

She literally pleads him but he is standing like a rock and not bulging to her instead moving to her again and plaster his front to hers, her breathing gets stopped when she feels her chest touching his, and she closes her eyes tightly of unable to bear this sensual touch.

He keeps his hands on her waist and rolls on her bare skin to her back and with a jerk, he pulls her to him and she falls on his right front, looking at him shockingly.

He keeps rolling his hands little upwards on her skin and move again upwards to get hold of the dress hooks. He gets it and slowly fixes it of not taking his eyes off from her.

Rads gets move her body for each of his touch when he fix the hook, but even she couldn’t take her eyes off from his face.

After that, he makes her stand straight and moves little behind to look at her in that lehenga….he smiles and says, “You look gorgeous in this. Take this”

She did not say anything and he goes out immediately after that and gives a missed call to Sam and signs her to come here. Sam comes there slapping her head and calls Radhika out. When she came out, even Sam too liked the dress for her and she too finalizes it for Rads.

Rads just roll her eyes and goes to change it. When she came out, she finds the whole family waits for her and they all decide to have a dinner outside and leaves from there.
Rads feel alone in spite of having them around her, her face clearly depicts the worry of her future with Mr. Mehra. her thoughts gets disturbed when she hears Arjun whispers, “It’s a tough job for me to resist myself from you…Ready to be Mrs. Mehra soon, I am going to propose you in front of my family soon”

Precap: Past continues in Rads POV. Sanjeev entry in Sam’s Sangeet.


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