MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 6)


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MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 6)

Recap: Arjun surprises Radhika by coming to her home with his family and teasing her. Radhika mixed Spicy coffee to take a revenge.

Arjun wonders seeing Rads smirks seeing him and walks to kitchen. Rads hide behind the wall and looks at him praying all the gods to make him drink the coffee.

Arjun suppose to drink the coffee but gets distracted by Nandini who asks him about the marriage functions date and his availability. Rads is extremely desperate seeing him getting his cup near his mouth and taking it out…it happened thrice and she banging her head in the walls seeing the elders and prays god to make him drink atleast a sip.

Now Arjun again gets his cup near to his mouth, Rads expression is priceless seeing him and without making more delay Arjun takes a sip and spits out the very next moment. Radhika squeals and jumps continously expressing her happiness seeing his facial expressions and move inside the kitchen…she starts dancing like a mad girl thinking about him.

She again comes to watch his activity, but she finds his stare on her on the kitchen door, he glares her and continues drinking the spicy and salty coffee. Radhika widens her eyes seeing hims drinking the full cup like a bottom sip. She has mixed feelings, she wants him to drink that coffee but now she feels bad seeing him…whether she is worried for him or happy? Even she couldn’t categorize it but just stare him without blinking.

Arjun finished the cup and kept it on the table and did not even take his glance from Radhika. Rads immiediately goes inside the kitchen and feels restless thinking about him. She talks to herself, “Why i am feeling so restless? Infact i should be happy seeing him drinking that but i was happy when he sipped it but i never expected that he will drink the whole cup. Oh god, how he would feel now? I don’t know what will happen to his stomach now. But why i should worry abot him? How he is torturing me? Let him suffer to the extreme” she changed her mind to a happy mode and continues her work.

Unfortunately she slips the water on her and it becomes so wet she screams, “Argh…what’s this now?” she sighs and goes out but finds only Prerna, Nandini and Samrat still talking about their children marriage and finds Sam on phone with a blushing and she knows it who is on the other side. She smiles and finds Arjun no where in the hall, she sticks and just rolls her eyes everywhere on the surroundings to find him but he is no where and to herself, “He’s gone or what?” she just stands there for a min by curling her lips and finally shrugs her shoulder and runs to her room.

She enters inside and locks the door, looking at herself in the mirror and the wet dress, she gets another set from her wardrobe and starts removing the dress she wears. She tries removing the dori of her salwar but it got twine with her hairs…she struggles a lot to separate it but she couldn’t succeed it and it gets worse than before.

She gets frustrate and stretches her hands more to her back and she murmurs, “God, why r u doing this now?” looks aside to her back.

For a minute her body gets freeze, she stops breathing and just lifts her eyes & moves her eyeballs to her back to see what she feels on her body. Yes and there he is, ARJUN.

She gulps and immediately tries to move step forward but she is pulled back by a strong arms around her waist and she hits her back to his chest. Her body just fits perfectly to his and starts melting to his touch without her knowledge. She tries to move again but she couldn’t and his palms on her waist pulls her back to him again and this time he whispers in her earlobes in a dangerous voice, “DON’T MOVE A BIT”.

Radhika’s vision gets gloomy and she closes her eyes tightly of unable to bear his touch. Arjun blends his body more on her back making her more nervous, she finds hard to breathe and somehow gathers her strength and mutter his name “Arjun”.

After hearing his name from her mouth, his madness goes beyond, leans more and kisses on her earlobes and blows his hot breathe on her. Radhika starts breathing heavily holds his hands tightly which is on her waist.

She keeps muttering his name and he leans more towards her neck and moves his lips sensously on her. She gets goosebumps and once for all she forcefully takes his hands from her waist and moves forward hastily, but Arjun already blends his body on her, moves forward with her and pins her to the wall from her back.

He holds her hands on top of her head and mutters, “You want me to be a spicy man isn’t it? You made that coffee specially to me right? See i knew it you made it very special and that’s y i drank it fully. Because i knew that you would have been very happy while preparing that for me…i don’t want to spoil your mood and that’s y i had it …just…Just to give you happiness.”

He hugs her from back tightly by burying his face in her hair muttering, “I made you happy right and now it is your turn to make me happy” while saying this he seperates her hair from the dori and removes the knot.

Rads in a shivering tone, “Arjun…pls leave me”

He removes the knot of the dori and slides her dress from her shoulder and planting a wet kisses saying, “Naaahhh…i can’t leave you like that. You know are just making me a wild man. You just arouse my emotions and making me a crazy man.” he keeps continuing his kisses on her shoulder and Radhika is completely lost her control and melts in his each touch on her skin.

He just hold the nape of her neck and stretches her head back to his shoulder and keeps kissing her. Radhika couldn’t control her feelings anymore, turns to him and hugs him tightly mutters, “Arjun”.

Arjun smiles and hugs her tightly burying his face in her neck and whispers, “I LOVE YOU RADHIKA”. She tightens her grip more when she hears that words from him and he continues, “I missed you so badly you know…why you left me Radhika? Don’t you ever think about me once?”

Radhika gets her sense back and tears dwells in her eyes and she releases her grip from him and walks to door but he stops her and twists her hand to her back by one hand and pulls her face by holding her nape in another and mutters, “Where you are going? You can’t go anywhere without answering my question”

Rads tries to free her from him saying, “Arjun…just leave me pls. Somebody will come”

Arjun, “Ssshhhhhhhh…i don’t damn care about anyone or anything. Just answer my question. I will let you free and will go from here right away”

Rads just keeps starring him and waits for his question and he continues, “Why you left me Radhika? What made you to run away from me? Don’t you ever think of my situation after you went?” he keeps pushing her face to him and touches her forehead with his saying, “Don’t you love me Radhika?”

Rads closes her eyes and tears find a way from her eyes to her cheeks. Arjun feels the wet and looks at her crying, he feels bad seeing her and says, “Please answer me”

Radhika lets out a heavy breathe but in choking voice says, “You have the answers for all your questions Arjun. Only you know that” she pauses for a second observing his reaction and continues, “And now just leave from here pls….i don’t wanna recall anything which i want to forget forever”

Arjun gets furious and cups her face close to him saying, “That’s not so easy Radhika and i won’t allow you to forget me. You can’t go anywhere from me…i got you back in my life and i will not let you run again. You are mine..just mine forever. As you said, i will find everything which made you to run away from me and i will reduce the distance between’s my promise”

He releases her with a thud and storms out from the room leaving her startled.

She cries saying, “You are the reason for everything Arjun” she stares the locked door.

She changes into another dress and comes down to meet only Nesam, and the elders except Arjun. She stands beside Sam quietly and all finalize about the marriage and other pre and post marriage rituals.

Nandini looks at Radhika, “Radhika, tomorrow we have to start our purchase. So Sam will call you once we get ready. OK? You must come and don’t give any reasons”

Rads thinks to excuse herself, “But Aunty, i have to go to work tomorrow”

Sam hits her shoulder slightly saying, “Radhika, Arjun bhai is your MD right. When he is coming for shopping tomorrow then why not you? Infact, he can only pick you up from both can come together na”

Nandini, “That’s nice idea. Fine…so you both come together to the shop directly and we will get Prerna ji with us. Meet you tomorrow there”

She finished the conversation there and bids bye to all and leaves from there with her family. Radhika rolls her eyes saying, “This Mehra family has a competition in torturing me” she gulps a glass of water and falls on the sofa.


Arjun does a cat walk in his room remembering Radhika’s words. His mind echoes with her words and he goes to his past.

Past on Arjun’s POV:

A big shame for me, till now everyone respects me in the college and today all got spoiled by one person. I was punching my boxing bag mercilessly reminiscing the slap i got from the girl in college and more than that she made me to say sorry infront of everyone in the college. My rages goes beyond the limit and i anxiously give a strong punch and it falls down in to pieces. My friends gets shocked seeing me so angry and Sanjeev holds me to calm down, but i shoved him angrily shouting , “I won’t leave her”. Sanjeev again comes to me saying, “Arjun, just calm down. You already got suspended and don’t do anything to harm her. It will be again a problem”

I hold his shirt collar saying, “Do you want to keep mum bearing this insult from her? How dare she slapped me? Remember, i will not leave her and not let her live peacefully for what she did to me”

Sanjeev, “Leave it Arjun. You can do all your revenge after you get in the college. It is suspension time ….. pls pls don’t do anything to her”

“It’s all because of you and your blo*dy challenge. Just get lost from my sight first” i scolded him.

Sanjeev looks at me with sad reaction and goes out silently.

He went out silently but my rage did not even reduced a bit and automatically i murmured, “Radhika…i am coming for you”

I got to know that she stays in college hostel, and that’s an advantage for me. I got ready and goes to men’s hostel to Sanjeev room. He was surprised seeing me but i give a damn care for him and enquired about her. I know about him, after all he is my friend ..he got all the informations about her before i ask him to do.

I waited till the college gets over and we both went towards the entrance of the hostel and hides behind the tree to watch out her. As expected, she goes to her hostel with her new friends, she looks so happy, full smile on her face…her face is often hidden by her hair but Vayu baghwan supports me, her hairs floats in the breeze and gives a clear picture of her beautiful face, her dark browny hazel eyes, her non-stop chanting lips, her smile…i completely forgot myself and my motive…i just keep on starring her, admiring her beauty. I came out from the trance when Sanjeev shaked me saying, “What you gonna do with her Arjun?”

I smiled a little saying, “She is going to be MINE…MINE FOREVER” i paused for a second and continues, “That’s her lifetime punishment”.

He gives me a shocking reaction and says, “So you gonna ditch her? Is it?”

My thoughts are stopped for a sec and now my revenge motive occupies my mind, i smirked at him saying, “Arjun will do anything to fullfil his revenge”

I immediately leave from there to my home. My thoughts are revolving around on her..Just on her. I felt this kinda feelings are new for me but i don’t know why and what is happening. But my mind is filled with revenge…i want to take a revenge for my insult..but my heart says different and that is……

Past end

Precap: Arjun selects a dresses for Radhika and signs her via mirror to trial it…Rads makes faces goes to trial room unwillingly. Romance inside Trial room ( 😛 😛 :P)

Thanks for reading dears….hope you like it and it might be a short but sweet and spicy one na. Love you all…pls pour comments.

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  1. Oh … finally Arjun drank spicy coffee….
    Like Radhika wanted… but she became uncomfortable thinking about his situation…soooo Munich love…
    Really liking your story n eagerly waiting for next fantastic episode..
    Love you…. Stay HAPPY always

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much savera dear… Vl post next soon

  2. Brin

    It is diffenitely spicy episode, the dori part, when Arjun kisses her, oh my too good, I enjoy reading it, Sathya the dori part you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much Brin… Ha ha ha spicy… Mmmm thanks a lot

  3. Dipika

    Wow wowwwww satzzzz muhhhhhhaaa to you for this awsome romantic update.. Girl u gave me goosebumps yarr.. I qas actually feeling the tense… Radz dancing whn je gulp tht spicy first sip.. Lol.. I was so laughing.. Yhn he gulf all of it.. N their moment.. Ohhhhjooo.. Hottyy…. Thts y u r romance queen.. U wrote it soooo naturally plus Awsomeeeeely yarr.. I. Lost myself.. But again radz last words cut.. N mehras torturing her.. Lol.. Thts true…
    Flash back.. Arjun.. Ho gaya tujhako to pya sajana.. Lol.. Vayu bhagwan.. Helpa always.. Lol.. M. So eager qht he gonna do.. Poat sooooon it darling… Love u satzzzyyyy
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    1. Sathya

      Dipu dear…love u for this beautiful words…. U r my cheri for my life time for sure n never miss to make me happy by ur words. Thanks a lot for ur immense support and love. Love u ?????????

  4. arti viswanathan

    Sathya darling outstanding yaar… I thought the past of radhika is arjun leaving her forever for his revenge, but he is back with his pov radhika….. I am so happy after reading this episode dear…. Tc loadz of love and teddy hug to u from me…..

    1. Sathya

      Arti darling.. Thanks a lot yar. I m so glad reading ur comments… U will know soon about their past… Love u ???

  5. Dhara

    Superb Sathya. You and Gauri brings out best characters of Arjun.

    1. Sathya

      Thank u so much dhara for ur amazing words… That’s a great compliment for me… Love u ????

  6. Sulbi

    I was waiting for this chapter… i got addicted to this ff… one of my fav ff and i just loved it to the core… the way you portrait just awesome sissy… from start till end it was intrstng… Arjun was stealing the show… Radhika feels for him thats cute… hot romance… i wish for more lol… past was superb… waiting for trial room romance… loved it to the core… u nailed it sissy.. love you aloads and tc… 🙂

    1. Sathya

      Merry darling… I m so glad reading ur comments… Yep arjun is the show stealer… U want more romance… Ok it’s on the way… Coz u can see them together from. Now on… Be on ur toe darling… Love u ???

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      Sissy m happy to see ur comments which is always a boost for me. Yes arjun toh arjun Hai… But we love him na. Ok coming to ur questions…. Both has done unanswered secrets with them… Rads knows something which arjun doesn’t know and vice versa.. As per him he did not do anything but rads has different thoughts n thus made their separation. Hope u must be clear ????

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