MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 4)

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Here is the next chapter of Mehra,

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 4)

Recap: Saral proposed Radhika. An intruder misbehaved with Rads and Arjun comforts her.

Radhika runs to her room and relaxes herself from the shock she got from an intruder. She felt disgusted thinking about his touch on her body and she immediately barges in the washroom and take a shower having the dress on her. She gets relax soon and get into a nice hot bath and comes out wearing a bathrobe. She gets her into a night suite and takes her diary which she hidden under her dresses.

She opens the first page of it and it reminds her the first meeting of her with Arjun. She gave a painful smile and turns to the next page and drowns herself in her past.

Past on Rads POV:

Ten days, i was enjoying like anything, i got new friends and we started hanging out inside and outside the college. I should say that i got a best time with my friends till i met him again. I just hate to see him but what to do, unfortunately he got to be my Senior and without any options i met him in Fresher’s party. The irritating part is, no one would go against him in his class and that’s y they arranged the Fresher’s party after 10 days of his suspension. All my happiness washed away when i met him on the party.

Seniors barged into our classes and announced us about the Fresher’s party and we all got excited to face that. We all started discussing about the dresses for the party and involved in girls talk. Next day, we got to be ready and went to the venue, there we me some of our classmates who already reached there and made a place for them. We too mingled with them hastily avoiding the glares on us and on our dresses. Soon everyone came and we were chatting with all happily and i did not know that wished for short period.

Our seniors entered in the hall with a huge applause and i was completely out of my vision when i saw the person entered lastly. Yes, i was like numb seeing him glaring at me with such a hatred in his was like if he has some supernatural powers he would blow me on the fire for sure…i could feel the sensation in his eyes. His eyes were starring at me and no where else. Now i should move my gaze and i did it by ignoring him, i felt a sharp glares on me and all were from his friends gang. I just ignored looking at their side and tried to concentrate on the events arranged on the party.

We all were enjoying the tasks given by our seniors and it was completely fun filled party. Soon, we were called by them for the tasks one by one. My friend Kritika went and she done it with little difficulty. Next my name was called and with lot excitement and hesitation i went to the stage. I took a chit from the bowl and gave it to one of my senior. He opened it and read aloud “Dance with Harsh for a romantic no” and i stood like a doll of not knowing what to do. I was blinking seeing them and soon the so called Harsh came to me on the stage. I stepped back seeing him and got a note from my senior a girl, “No back out and you should complete your task”. I felt like, “Y only me?”. But of no use, he extended his hand to me and i gave mine after a lot of hesitation. Before i composed, i pulled to him and he locked me in his arms which i don’t like at all. All were cheered and the song played which gave me more head ache now. I was controlling myself thinking it was party and i shouldn’t show my anger at any cost and that too after knowing all these were my Seniors. I tried to lot keep distance with him but he often pulled me to him and i hated that most. Suddenly i felt like the difference in his touch which was little difficult to notice by others sitting down and i moved myself once and pushed him once..but at no point he was realising what i was trying to do. He smirked at me and he did the same again…now i felt like i should react but before i did, i saw Harsh on the floor staring behind me. I saw him and his look and turned to look behind me, and i saw Arjun walking front of me saying, “ENOUGH”. I gasped a little seeing his red shot eyes on Harsh, where in Harsh was stumbling to get up and somehow he managed and said, “Arjun, what’s wrong with you? It’s just a task man. Why are you over reacting?”

Arjun looked at him once again and said, “I said ENOUGH” he raised his finger on him and after that no one dared to question him anymore. Our Fresher party got over with a small fight between the seniors and the whole sole reason for that was one and only ME. I seriously did not know how Arjun felt my uneasiness and it was a shock for me when i found Arjun pushed him and warned him. As for me, even he was not good to control others but why he did so? This question kept me hooked till the party got over but i did not find the answers for that for so many days untill i got to know his reality.



She closed her dairy and goes down to mingle with her mom, soon Neil also joins with them, the trio gets a nice time and finishes their dinner together and goes to sleep. Next morning, Rads gets ready for her office and comes down to meet Neil and her mom, but finds only Neil pacing in the hall tensedly having a call and he looks so worried. She goes to him and touches her shoulder, but he just shoved it off and indulged in his call and shouting on the other person in the call, “How can this happen? Do you think it is a joke? We lost contract which we won and started our work…how can this be happened? It’s a big loss and mess for our company”

Rads gasp hearing him and she worries for her brother. He holds his hairs in tension and rubs his forehead pacing everywhere on the hall and finally sits on the couch with a thud. Rads immediately sits beside him and rubs his back and composing to calm down. After he gets calm she says, “What happen?”

Neil holds her hand and says in low tone, “The contract which we won in the tender, now gone to our rival company”

Rads, “What?”

Neil, “But fine if it would have gonethe time when we got atleast we would have managed it…but now we are almost invested some amount in this project and now the clients are backed off and gave the order to another company. It’s a big loss radhu…we cannot afford it now. I don’t know how i am gonna solve it”

Rads looks worried seeing her brother and he gets a call and it is from Sam. He put it on silent and kept it aside but Rads insisted him to attend it. He sighed and attends the calls and she responds, “Neil…Neil” and her voice too sobbing.

Neil is already in tension and now she too has something, he gives a pissed off reaction and asking, “What now Sam?”

Sam still in sobbing tone, “My brother got me some other alliance and tells me to agree for him. He is convincing my parents now. I don’t know what to do. Pls do something Neil”

Neil is in his atmost anger, shouts, “Just go and marry as your brother wish and leave me for god sake” he threw mobile on the floor and it broken into many pieces making radhika in shock.

Radhika recalls what he said just now and immediately call to Sam’s number from her mobile. Sam tells her how Arjun got some alliance for her and convincing her parents. Rads understand the game Arjun is playing and comforts Sam, “Sam, just calm down. Actually Neil is in some problem and that’s y he reacted like that. Don’t loose hope ok. Everything will be alright. Pls don’t cry yar” before she finishes her statement, Neil take the mobile from her and tells, “I am sorry Sam, i was in some other tension. I try to sort out the problem..pls don’t cry…yomy babygirl never cries for these small things”

Rads smiles seeing him talking with her nicely and lost in thinking how to handle Arjun. After few mins, Neil gave her the mobile and both leave from there.

Radhika enters into her office, thinking about Neil’s problem in his both personal and official life. She very well knows it all done by the sadist Arjun and she is now ready to confront him. But before meeting Arjun, she got stopped by Saral, she gives him a fake smile and greets him. He too smile at her and says, “You look worried Radhu? Any problem?”

Rads, “Nothing Saral. I am not well” she doesn’t want to tell this to him to make him also worry.

Saral holds her arm and stops her asking, “Don’t hide anything from me. I can read your face very well radhu. This shrinking forehead itself says your are in deep thinking. Just share with me”

Rads removes his hand from her saying, “Saral, if i want to say i will definitely tell you and pls don’t irritate me more by your questions”, she is walking off leaving him and he runs to her again saying “Sorry, sorry, sorry. I won’t irritate you again. Pls forgive me”

Rads sees him holding his ears having pout face, she smiles and nods her head. He just jumps little, cups her face and plants a kiss on her forehead before she understand what he is doing and said, “Thank you Radhu”

Rads taken back shoving his hands from her face, “Saral, what’s this new habit? Be in your limits and that will be good for both of us” she just walks away from him hastily.

Saral stares the way she goes and let out a sigh saying, “I am trying to impress you in all the possible ways but looks like i need to put more effort. Pls understand me Radhu..i love you so much”

He too goes inside to his cabin and did not aware of a sharp glare on him. Arjun who watches all this after coming out from the lift, folds his fist in anger when he kissed her. He smirks seeing Radhika warned him and walked away and murmurs, “I should teach you a lesson Saral, and dare not to touch her again”

Arjun walks inside the office glaring his employees and greeting them morning, and he stops for a sec when his eyes meet Radhika who looks him angrily, he raised his one brow looking at her and goes to his cabin.

Radhika sits at her place and thinks how to confront him. Luckily she gets a call from him asking her to meet him. She sighed and goes to his cabin to get ready for the cold war. She knocks the door and goes in and he says, “You can enter in anytime you want…no need of knocking”

Rads rolls her eyes but stands with expressionless face and asks, “Can you pls tell me the reason for calling me here?”

Arjun lifts his eyes to give a mocking glare and smirks saying, “Nothing. Thought of getting a full view of you and that’s the reason” he said by looking at her from top to bottom by making her feel odd and she tied her hands across her chest and passing him a stern look.

He smiles seeing her getting awkward and stays silent. Rads knows this guy a stubborn so she herself started the topic, “If you don’t have anything, then i have something to ask you. shall i?”

Arjun leans on his chair and he very well knows what she gonna ask, he casually signs her to say and gets ready to listen her. Rads avoids his glare on her saying, “Why are you playing with your sister’s life? you very well know she loves my brother and you are asking her to marry some one else? How could you do this to your own sister? Just for your own selfish motive, you are spoiling two innocents life. Don’t you feel ashamed of it?”

Arjun gets up from his chair walking towards her saying, “Yes, i am a selfish person. I agree and i very well know what is good for my sister. She will be happy with the person whom i choose for her and not with the one who lost the huge contract in his business”

He stands infront of her having his hands in his pant pockets, Rads looks on him shockingly and stammers, “You..did..that..loss?”

Arjun keeps a puppy face seeing her and snapping his eyes saying, “Too late”. She glares him angrily and tears in her eyes, it will flow down anytime, she did not expect that he will stoop so low to do all this.

Rads in choking voice, “Why are you torturing him like this? What he did to you?”

Arjun feels bad seeing her tears but controls his emotions and turn around by showing his back to her saying, “I have nothing to do with him except you”

Rads, “You are doing the same blunder again and again which just gives me only the hatred Arjun”

Arjun, “I don’t mind all that till i get what i want”

Rads, “I am not a toy or some things to get it replaced as you said”

Arjun turns to her saying, “I am not treating you as a toy, you are my precious gift. I need you Radhika. I told you already to give me a chance but you are not listening me and i won’t do the same mistake once i did by missing you for this hell 5 years.”

He changed his reactions and looks stern at her saying, “I am repeating it again, Marry me, i will set everything right. Neil’s business, his marriage with my sister and all this are in your hands now. Now the ball is in your court”

Rads couldn’t control anymore and tears oozing out from her eyes, she wiped it and turns to go but stops hearing him, “And listen, Maintain the distance with Saral. I won’t be quiet next time, if i see him touching you”

Rads not even look at him and rushed out withoout even responding to him.

Arjun, “I am sorry for hurting you Radhika, but i decided, by hook or crook…i will get you in my life. This time i won’t allow you to go away from me”.

Rads sits in her place and losts in her thoughts, Saral who watched her going in and after a long time when she came out with tears in her eyes, he observed all her activities and feels urge to go and ask her, but controls himself.

In the evening, Rads walks out from her office and stops by Saral who asked her to come with him. Rads shoved him to leave her alone and not to ask her again. But the adamant saral, goes one step ahead by grabbing her arms tightly and stops her from going. Rads who already in frustration, removes her grip from him and shouts at him saying, “Can’t you listen what i am saying? Y r u behind me always? Just get the hell out of here and leave me. And don’t dare touch me next time.”

She just storms out leaving him in shock and it takes time for him to get out from the shock. He slowly walks to his parking lot to get his bike, since it is dark, he coudln’t find his bike easily and search for it. But somehow find it standing at one corner, he walks towards it and gets panic suddenly when his face is covered by a piece of cloth. He waves his hands on both side and trying to get the person from back who hold him, and it is none other than Arjun who locks him from back and starts slapping his face multiple times, twist his hands to his back. After giving some good punches, he left him there and hides behind the pillar, when Saral removes the cloth from his face and starts searching for the person who hits him.

Arjun smirks seeing him from behind the pillar and says, “I will break your hand next time, if you touch her again”. He laughs seeing him panicked and leaves from there taking his bike.

Radhika, goes to beach and spends sometime there alone to get herself relaxed and recollects the first meeting with Arjun when she went to talk about NeSam’s marriage.
Neil’s worry, his loss on business, Sam’s tears everything shaking her alot. She close her eyes..let out a sigh breathe and calls some one from her mobile.

Once the call attends, without saying anything she tells to the person, “I AM READY TO MARRY YOU” and before getting response she disconnected the call and starts walking.

Arjun who smiles happily listening Radhika agreed to marry him and he feels bad too for hurting her and says, “I am really sorry to hurt you Radhika, but i left with no options to get you back in my life.”

Screen freezes with Radhika’s sad and Arjun’s smiling face.

Precap: Neil hugs Radhika and sharing the happy news about getting the contract back to him. Prerna informs RaNeil,”Sam’s brother accepted for the marriage” Neil gets happy where in Rads gives a fake smile to him.


How is the chappy guys? Like or not? Now tell me Who hates Arjun now?

Hope you all enjoyed it and thanks for reading. Now it is time to comment.


  1. Jewel


    |Registered Member

    sathya, this is really nice. rads agreed for marriage…. this arjun is really selfish, he hurts every one. what he thinks, after doing all these cheap thing, he can makes rads love him back very easily after marriage?? and that saral, he is really irritating, both are troubling rads a lot… waiting for next chapter, eager to see neil and prerana’s reaction when they know about ardhika marriage…. post next soon…. sathya what about painful revenge when u will post that??

    • Sathya



      Jewel darling…thank u so much yar πŸ™‚ LOL yep he is selfish but loves her madly na. Well you are right but our Arjun is so clever na…will see what he does to make her love him back. lol bechara Saral got dumped by Arjun badly πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D. About Neil & Prerna it will be a twist and u it takes little more time for them to know about this. loe you dear πŸ™‚

  2. Brin


    |Registered Member

    I actually like this Arjun, he knows what he wants and he wants Radhika, I just so badly want to know what he did in the past that upset Radhika, eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

  3. KK(Krishna)

    way to go…i knew it…i just love arjun’s one side possessive love…getting into it…thanks and waiting on your net one…

  4. Vasuraj


    |Registered Member

    I dont hate arjun at allπŸ˜‰.. He s not doing this ad revenge
    He madly loves Radhika… So excuse himπŸ˜†
    Nice episode

  5. Meen


    |Registered Member

    Nope…..I definitely don’t hate Arjun……how could I……..he is damn good……I don’t care what happened in past….but I could see how much he loves her……well there is this saying- everything is fair in love & war…..& I totally agree with this..

    Sathya dear….this one was awesome …I loved it….totally loved it…..I’m sure sooner or later I’ll fall for this Arjun……truly amazing…….& I’m sorry for not commenting lately….actually my Mac is not working…. Right now I’m commenting from my phone…. Will b back soon….muuuuuha

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Meen dear πŸ™‚ yep he is too good that every girl wish to get aman like him who madly loves his lady πŸ™‚ Right exactly everything is fair in love and war and he just follows the same too πŸ™‚ by hook or crook he will get her. No pbm dear…i know the mac pbm and i am also eagerly waiting to read My mafia king Arjun and his queen. i too pray god to solve ur mac issue. love you πŸ™‚ muaahhh

  6. Naaga

    Noooooo radhu nooooo pls πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Arjunnnn i want to see some more torture, satz first tym torture scence enjoy panren. Enjoy panna vidu maaaaa.

    First i hate u satz, don’t use word like Sadist, Arjun is my Sweety 😜

    And today i read ur “Realization of Love” Story , Really that ws an Advisable Story for failure ones.

    Thanks satz ☺

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Naaga dear πŸ™‚ adipaavi, torture ah rasikiriye..paavam radhu. but it is a sweet torture u know. Don’t worry marriage ku sari than solli iruka…marriage nadakka innum neraya time iruku. neraya masti iruku. lol arjun sweety ya unaku than radhu ku illa. and many thanks for reading that OS. thanks dear πŸ™‚

  7. Priti

    I used to be a silent reader.. but your story is awesome loved it.😘.. I had read all of the parts in one go they all were amazing waiting for the next part..

  8. Dev


    |Registered Member

    Osm satya….gr8 dat arju did 2 saral if radu comes 2know…..she wud b doubl angry ….n wats d point she accepted his proposal…anyway waiting 4 d nxt buddy

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Dev dear πŸ™‚ Radhu will come to know about that and as usual she fight with him and as usual he shuts her mouth lol :P. She accepted to make her brother’s life peaceful and happy. But she too is little clever na…you will know the Romedy in future episodes.

  9. Amore


    |Registered Member

    sathya I’m waiting to know their past… there are many misunderstandings between them… ardhika are married but secretly and Γ rjun’s behavior shows that he loved her even past as on harsh’ s case u see.. he must have committed mistake that’s why they are separated.. looking forward dear

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Amore dear πŸ™‚ u r right…many misunderstandings and the big wala …sure dear…u wil know it parallely with the present

  10. Nayan


    |Registered Member

    Wow .. this is really interesting … arjun was very angry with harsh’s deed and he punch him for that was treat to watch .. after all harsh deserve that punch … but in present arjun is total jerk … he take neil’s contact away and make neil suffer .. also he arrange some proposals for sam just to give pain for neil .. he is sooo rude and selfish .. I never imagined that he will do these kind of things just to get radhika .. he punished saral … poor saral .. waiting for the next update eagerly .. it’s going to be really thrilling to read up coming episodes .. stay blessed β™‘ β™‘ plz update soon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Nayan dear πŸ™‚ you always makes sure to give me a wide smile on my face by ur lovely words. lol harsh deserves more than this…:@ Obviously yar Arjun is a jerk but a mad man too πŸ™‚ He did all this just to corner Radhika not to torture Neil..but the point is emotional blackmail and it worked out too. You know he is a clever business man so he knows all the tactics to make his work done. lol poor saral…ha ha ha if anyone else did this to rads ..they also be poor one only. πŸ™‚ love you dear

  11. Dipika


    |Registered Member

    Satzzzzzz darling what got in to you.. Must be something good huhhh.. This is…. God m speechless.. This is AWSOME.. SPLENDID.. OUT OF THE WORLD.. You know m soooo in love with this arrogent n rude guy…. Senior junior.. I was about to slap that harsh..but apana hero hai na.. Lol.. He sense her uncomfortable situation n thrash tht vile..n y tht saral keep touching her.. I think he learnt her lesson now.. Arjun is so stubborn to make her his na.. God i love tht madness… I barely can’t wait for next… Loads n loads of love senorita..
    😘 😘

    • Sathya



      Dipuuuuuu darling…lol so many things got into my little brain πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :P. Good or bad i don’t know but am happy seeing ur comment. lol Saral is also one torture…ok will make him more to learn something from our Arjun. He is deep mad person to get her by anyways…its just so cute na..if someone wish to get you lilke this.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› love you dear πŸ™‚

    • Sathya



      Thank u for commenting Zoya πŸ™‚ okay…so u r hating him..fine vl see ur reaction in upcoming epdisodes…actually u r right he is selfish but he is madly in love with Radhika.

  12. Crazy Girl

    Wow… sisy u always rocking… i really dont no how u people r ths much talented yaar… i am dumbstck… may god bless u people more talent n good for evryone…

    The episode was amazing… u know i read it twice… i am gonna read it again and again… it was awsme… i love this arrogant and adamant arjun… watever he does is everything to get back his love, life and most precious lady in his life… so nothing is wrong… i agree with meen evrythng is fair in love and war…

    Ahh that saral idiot why he always behind Radhu.. and Arjun gave him a nice punch for touching his Radhu… so sweet of him… and regarding past Arjun couldnt bear it Harsh touch in Radhu… dat means he fall in love with Radhu or again its a bet to fall Radhika in love with Arjun… OMG am going mad thinking abt future chapter… it was amazing satz…

    Neil n Sam both doesnt know wats going on with their bro n sis… if they come to knw abt thr siblings wat will be thr reaction wat thy r gonna do.. will thy help fr thm?? And wat prerna??? Ahh so many ques going on my mind… waiting fr nxt part sisy… update soon… luv u sisy… tc…

    • Sathya



      Thanks a lot Humera for ur lovely words πŸ™‚ awww thanks a lot for ur wishes sissy :). Ha ha ha my vote is also for meen…everything is fair in love n war :). About his past behavior i did not give anything in future episodes you will know it clearly what Arjun think about Radhika. About NeSam till now they are just supporting characters, so they will get importance once their relation known to all :). Keep waiting and comment dear πŸ™‚ lov you too πŸ™‚

  13. maddy

    what a treat sathya…don’t know about the past..but still love these two angry birds..waiting for their union..

  14. Myra


    |Registered Member

    satzzz akka….you toh are a superstar….splendid ep….i am so sorry for the short comment…lil busy… u and update soon….

  15. Fanficoholic


    |Registered Member

    Ahhhhhhhhh i want to seeee the fashback soon. So many mysteriesss r making me lose my patience. Post soon akka. Not able to contain my ciriosity

  16. likii

    Kya bolu yaar….too good….finally rads is going to marry him….wanna know the past soon. …loved it dear

  17. we

    same with me…. what to say.. you leave me speechless everytime with your wonderful works… well all I want to know is aradhika past….. pls post soooooon………… I really cannot wait for the next episode… and asthma dear what about the modern Krishna?? I’m sorry to ask soooooon many things at a time but Kya Karun…. I’m really desperate to read your stories. pls pls pls post soooooon 😊

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much We dear πŸ™‚ waise what’s ur name? Modern krishna posted dear…readn and let me know ur comments for the you πŸ™‚ i am so happy to know your interests on rading my sorry pls.

  18. Aditisyam


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar no words to say cant wait fr their marriage nd plzzzzzz never let her family hurt her plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon will be waiting

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much aditi dear :). Their marriage will take place slowly but u can their tashan in nesam’s marriage. He will not leave her peacefully …lol πŸ˜›

  19. ana

    Wow….radzz agreed… Hmmm…good…now waiting for Mrs mehra….
    Di ajun is confusing me….sometimes he act as a devil nd sometimes lyk a sweetheart…. Not getting anything….
    BT feeling bad for radzz also….
    Post soon Di…
    Waiting for next ….plzzzz update fast….
    Bye love u

  20. Gauri


    |Registered Member

    Sathya first congrats and thanks…your words had effect πŸ™‚ abut this one…seriously are amazing chapter ….I am really out for words…and feel ashamed of my vocabulary as I am tired of writing word ‘amazing’….. so I have decided to write in Spanish…well I googled it so this update was ‘asombroso’ … loving mad Arjun…and I pity Saral πŸ™‚ post soon… missing my krishna πŸ™‚ love u and sorry…couldn’t comment early love u

    • Sathya



      Thank u so much Gauri…yeah i am too seeing it..hope it continues the same way :). acho i love it the spanish word more than english πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love u darling. Hope u got ur krishna back to you..i ll comment there you too so much πŸ™‚

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  22. Roma

    Awesome episode…wowwww mind blowing n superbbbbb. ….Satzzzz my darling sissyyyy. …u r amazingly awesoooooome. ….how brilliantly u narrated rads emotions n her awkwardness, her pain n dilemma….the fb was so thrilling. …arjun’s anger on harsh n his burning red eyes. ..ufff….I could feel his sneering glares…n in present saral is giving so much trouble to rads….good thing that rads scolded her badly n even arjun thrashed him out…lol…I think that hooded stranger who attacked on rads was saral……..n for ur question…I love arjun in any form…..coz he is our hero….then got to be some secret behind his arrogance n ruthless stubborn behavior. …he is not a bad person. ….he loves rads immensely n truly. …so only he doesn’t wanna miss his chance again….he wants to win rads heart at any cost. …the last part was really awesome. ..rads agreed to marry arjun….wowwww. …I know it’s going to be very tough path for rads but I’m sure arjun will comfort her n cute her each n every wound of heart n soul….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ˜‰

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